Wednesday, 27th May 2015

World News

Flash Points: Why did the U.S. take the lead in FIFA arrests? (CBS News)

Nebraska abolishes the death penalty (CBS News)

FIFA officials arrested in Zurich over Russia and Qatar World Cup bribery (Daily Mail)

Blatter: We "welcome" arrest of corrupt FIFA members (CBS News)

Daughter of dying millionaire 'launched brutal attack on his partner of 20 years' (Daily Mail)

'They do Red Nose Day and send it to Africa but what about our country': Mother who rakes in £20k in handouts criticises system for refusing benefits to her Polish boyfriend (Daily Mail)

FIFA deny Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cups are under threat despite corruption arrests and insist presidential election WILL go ahead (Daily Mail)

FBI probe into FIFA corruption accuses officials of bribery in $150m US sportswear company deal with Brazil team (Daily Mail)

UFO-shaped clouds seen over parts of state following severe weather (Daily Mail)

Letter to Obama cited at Washington Post reporters trial in Iran (CBS News)

Nebraska's Death Penalty Repealed With Veto Override (NBC News)

Uefa wants Fifa election postponed (BBC)

FIFA arrests aim at 'World Cup of fraud' (CNN)

Timothy McDermott: Chicago police officer fired over photograph posed with black suspect in antlers wants his job back (Independent)

Islamic State sympathizers may have made airline threats - U.S. officials (Reuters)

FIFA Officials Charged in Corruption Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fifa in crisis as officials who presided over 'World Cup of fraud' are arrested (Guardian)

American Soccer Boss Sold His World Cup Vote for $1M (NBC News)

U.S. charges top FIFA officials with bribery (CBS News)

ISIS using Roman ruins for executions, activists say (CBS News)

War on the trade unions: David Cameron launches attack on funding for Labour (Daily Mail)

World's sassiest criminal: Man in bizarre make-up offers cop sex in exchange for beer (Daily Star)

Sunnis Fleeing ISIS Violence Find Few Doors Open in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Fifa arrests: Jack Warner plays down corruption allegations - video (Guardian)

ISIS issues propaganda magazine in Russian (Russia Today)

Nebraska Legislature Overrides Governor, Outlaws Death Penalty (Newsweek Magazine)

People are criticising Fifa World Cup sponsors with corrupt corporate logos (Independent)

Nebraska Abolishes Death Penalty in Landmark Vote (Time Magazine)

Charges against Fifa executives including Jack Warner date to 1990s (Guardian)

Fifa officials 'corrupted football' (BBC)

Analysis: Growing sense that airstrikes alone will not dislodge the Islamic State group (Fox News)

Nebraska is the first conservative state to repeal the death penalty in 40 years (Independent)

20st man Justin Gomersall BANISHED from marital bed for snoring drops 6st in a year (Daily Mail)

Ukip MP Douglas Carswell targeted by 'murderous lynch mob' as anti-austerity protesters clash with police outside Parliament (Daily Mail)

Despite FIFA bribery scandal, soccer's popularity still high in Europe (Los Angeles Times)

Why It Took the USA to Bust FIFA (Newsweek Magazine)

France warns Iran over nuclear deal as deadline nears (Reuters)

Al-Shabaab Clash with Kenyan Police as Group Step Up Attacks in Garissa (Newsweek Magazine)

World Series of Poker Gambles on Luring New Players (Time Magazine)

PIERS MORGAN: You're done, Blatter: Thanks, America for finally taking down the corrupt, poisonous toad of FIFA who's been sucking the life out of football for years (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Islamic State says historical monuments' of Palmyra are safe except for the statues (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kamil Dantes stabbed parents to death during psychotic episode after smoking cannabis for years (Daily Mail)

The Radical and the Realist: Photographers Paul Strand and Man Ray Exhibited (Newsweek Magazine)

Pentagon accidentally sent live anthrax to as many as nine labs, officials say (Guardian)

Russian Embassies Compiled EU Blacklist in Response to Sanctions: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Taliban fighters die in attack on hotel (CNN)

Christian preacher Rob Hughes arrested and held in a cell after false homophobia claims (Daily Mail)

Bucharests Corruption Crackdown May Do the Country More Harm Than Good (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran cartoon contest makes fun of ISIS (CNN)

FIFA Arrests Come at a Time of Continued Swiss Cooperation (New York Times - Paywall)

Five espressos worth of caffeine could be damaging to health, warns EU (Guardian)

Sepp Blatter says FIFA must work to regain trust of soccer, 'root out corruption' (Fox News)

Man hurt as home collapses on cars (BBC)

How Much Coffee a Day Is Safe to Drink? (Newsweek Magazine)

Terrible twos? Why the bacteria in your child's gut may be to blame for bad behaviour (Daily Mail)

Fifa corruption arrests: Who are the 17 officials and executives accused of misconduct? (Independent)

Iran nuclear talks driving wedges in Tehran (CBS News)

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter now 'in the crosshairs' (CNN)

Fifa corruption arrests: How Chuck Blazer rinsed money from the beautiful game (Independent)

Tax-dodging millionaire wore wire to FIFA meetings (CNN)

European Commission offer to pay EU states for each refugee taken as part to plan to accept 40,000 asylum seekers (Independent)

US indicts 14 over rampant' Fifa corruption (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dutch police detain biker gang members, seize RPGs (CBS News)

Islamic State shoots dead 20 in Palmyra amphitheatre - monitor (Daily Mail)

Russia Says FIFA Corruption Investigation Is No Threat to 2018 World Cup (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain opts out of EU call to take in migrants from Italy and Greece but may still have to take in 2,300 from non-EU countries (Daily Mail)

Paedophile Alan Chater caught by Leeds police abusing two boys under 13 in car (Daily Mail)

Saudi designates two Hezbollah officials as terrorists (Reuters)

'World Cup of Fraud': Soccer Rocked by Corruption Arrests (NBC News)

Fifa elite try to put on brave face (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU officials dismiss Greek statement on aid agreement being drafted (Reuters)

Fifa arrests: how a well-placed insider and stashed cash helped US build case (Guardian)

The most historic youth hostels around the world (Daily Mail)

Death Toll Rises in Texas Flooding as More Bodies IDd (NBC News)

FIFA calls itself a victim amid corruption arrests (CBS News)

Aldi beats Tesco to become eighth-biggest retail brand in the WORLD (Daily Mail)

Eric Joyce spared jail despite being found guilty of attack on two teenage boys (Daily Mail)

Eight-year-old boy crushed to death by falling tombstone in Glasgow cemetery (Daily Mail)

Heavy Rains Hit Texas as Death Toll Rises to 13 From Storms (Newsweek Magazine)

Fifa corruption arrests: An interruption to the party, but not the end of President Sepp Blatter (Independent)

Russia Sees U.S. Conspiracy Against World Cup Plans in FIFA Scandal (Time Magazine)

FIFA provisionally bans 11 people from all soccer-related activities over corruption cases (Fox News)

Report: ISIS Takes North Korean Couple Hostage in Libya (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia accuses US of illegal overreach with Fifa corruption indictments (Guardian)

Death toll in Texas, Oklahoma flooding rises, region battered (Russia Today)

Islamic State Sympathizers May Have Made Airline Threats (Newsweek Magazine)

Fifa corruption arrests: Two separate investigations sparks biggest crisis in history of the sport (Independent)

Why the Apple Watch Will Get Way Better in the Fall (Time Magazine)

World's oldest identical twins who lived through two world wars pass away weeks apart at the age of 103 (Daily Mail)

Police 'failed' in indecency inquiry (BBC)

World football rocked as top officials held in U.S., Swiss graft cases (Reuters)

The FIFA 14 facing jail (Daily Star)

Fifa officials pocketed $150m from 'World Cup of fraud' US prosecutors (Guardian)

How the U.S. Went After FIFA Even Though Its Based in Switzerland (Newsweek Magazine)

UEFA Demands Postponement Of FIFA Election After Launch Of Criminal Corruption Probes (Huffington Post)

Cool Response to EU Refugee Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

FIFA Indictment Is the World Cup of Fraud (Newsweek Magazine)

Ohio police officer reportedly fired over racist tweets (Independent)

Ohio police officer allegedly fired over racist tweets (Independent)

Ohio police officer reportedly fired over racist tweets regarding Baltimore protests (Independent)

France Rejects Iran Leader's Ban on Unlimited Nuclear Inspections (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi-led airstrikes on police headquarters kill 45 in Yemen (Fox News)

Express victory on EU vote: Britons finally get a say as in-out referendum Bill published (Daily Express)

In a Five-Star Setting, FIFA Officials Are Arrested, the Swiss Way (New York Times - Paywall)

Fake degrees: Software tycoon arrested as police investigate credentials from 'Barkley' and 'Columbiana' (Independent)

Fake degrees: Software tycoon arrested as police investigate credentials from Barkley'and 'Columbiana' (Independent)

Analysis - Emboldened in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State may be reaching limits of expansion (Reuters)

Coffee limit should be 4 cups a day in guidelines on caffeine consumption (Daily Mail)

20-year-old jailed for six years over attempt to join Islamic State (Guardian)

Fifa gave money to the Clinton Foundation, report says (Independent)

Red card Swiss justice office freezes implicated FIFA officials' bank accounts (Russia Today)

FIFA head caught in firing line' of US neocons (Russia Today)

Queen Confirms U.K. Plan for EU Referendum (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Criminal probe arrives at door of Blatter's FIFA but president is soccer's great survivor (Fox News)

Isis in Syria: The Kurdish enclave still resisting the tyranny of President Assad and militant fighters (Independent)

Penn State Gives Frat 3-Year Suspension for Nude Facebook Posts and Hazing (Newsweek Magazine)

World Briefing: Tony Blair to Resign in June as Special Middle East Envoy (New York Times - Paywall)

UK weather: The summer is nearly here! Next week could see the hottest day of the year so far (Daily Mail)

Syria: Isis releases footage of Palmyra ruins intact and 'will not destroy them' (Guardian)

BREAKING: Liverpool Street Station evacuated after reports man has a GUN in back pocket (Daily Express)

Armed cops shut down Liverpool Street station as man spotted with gun (Daily Star)

FIFA Corruption: Who Are the Officials Involved, and What Charges Do They Face? (Newsweek Magazine)

FIFA Inquiry Yields Indictments; U.S. Officials Vow to Pursue More (New York Times - Paywall)

Other Foreigners Detained in Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Jason Rezaian Trial in Iran May Be More About Leverage Than Justice (New York Times - Paywall)

'I now pronounce you Batman and wife': Wedding day saved by the Batmobile (Daily Star)

Father's Day Gifts: 31 Great Present Ideas For Awesome Dads (Huffington Post)

Palestinians Hope FIFA Corruption Scandal Won't Affect Motion to Expel Israel (Time Magazine)

Fifa an embarrassment - Lineker (BBC)

EU countries' resistance could frustrate migrant relocation plan (Reuters)

Ancient amphitheatre becomes public ISIS execution chamber (Daily Star)

Angela Merkel Tops World's 100 Most Powerful Women - Show's World She's The Boss (Huffington Post)

Fifa officials arrested on corruption charges as World Cup inquiry launched (Guardian)

World War II bomb forces evacuation of 20,000 in Cologne (Fox News)

Thieves steal £700,000 of ivory and rhino horn from Mozambique police (Guardian)

Why Boycotting Israel Is a Bad Idea (Time Magazine)

Craig Robins: Meet Miami's Mr Gentrification - the man behind controversial $2bn art and fashion development (Independent)

The government's data law - an attack on encryption? (BBC)

Brit who was willing to die swimming the Channel to join ISIS jailed for six years (Daily Star)

France: no Iran nuclear deal if military site inspections are blocked (Guardian)

A recent history of FIFA scandals (CBS News)

Woman wakes up to find her boyfriend, 37, dead in bed next to her one day after he was bitten by a poisonous water snake and refused treatment (Daily Mail)

Tony Blair Resigns As Middle East Peace Envoy, Twitter Has A Field Day (Huffington Post)

Britain's former most senior police officer is investigated by watchdog over whether he failed to tell the truth to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry (Daily Mail)

Two Edinburgh boys aged TEN dice with death as they run across train tracks (Daily Mail)

Official says North Korean couple abducted near Islamic State group's stronghold in Libya (Fox News)

Fifa in crisis amid corruption arrests and World Cup voting inquiry live updates (Guardian)

VIDEO: Lineker calls for Fifa 'boycott' (BBC)

Swiss justice ministry says 6 of the 7 arrested in FIFA probe oppose extradition to US (Fox News)

Egyptian police general killed in roadside bomb attack in Sinai (Reuters)

'It was the World Cup of fraud': US gives Fifa red card over 'rampant corruption' (Daily Star)

Desperate Migrant Hires Man to Sedate and Smuggle her Baby to Myanmar: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Police nab 175 'tomb raiders' (CNN)

Bomb blast kills senior police officer in Egypt's Sinai, home to an Islamic State affiliate (Fox News)

EU urged to match Britain's aid spending to tackle migrant crisis (Guardian)

Civilians fleeing ISIS in Ramadi rounded up and arrested in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Caitlyn Williams: 9-year-old safely returned home after police fatally shoot her kidnapper (Independent)

Caitlyn Williams: 9-year-old safely returned home after police fatally shot her kidnapper (Independent)

WorldViews: How FIFA became the world's most powerful and loathed sports organization (Washington Post - Paywall)

See Jeff Goldblum on the Independence Day Sequel Set (Time Magazine)

Moldova police find Molotov cocktails, detonators and masks at 2 sites in capital (Fox News)

Top FIFA execs arrested in soccer bribery scandal (CBS News)

'I QUIT' Blair stuns world with Middle East peace resignation (Daily Star)

Inside Kos hotel where hundreds of migrants fleeing ISIS are bedding down (Daily Mail)

ISIS Suicide Attacks Against Iraqi Army Kill 17 (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Seven Fifa officials arrested in Zurich (BBC)

Dirty deal: Boyfriend beater offers to 'lick police officer's butthole' to avoid arrest (Daily Star)

Fifa corruption crisis: the key figures in the controversy (Guardian)

The Surprising Reason Why China's SUV Sales Are Up Almost 50% (Time Magazine)

ISIS strikes back with suicide attack (CNN)

We are the damaged party': FIFA vows to go on with World Cup plans despite scandal (Russia Today)

Reda el-Fouly: Egyptian woman arrested for 'inciting debauchery' with spoof raunchy music video (Independent)

UK has largest literacy gap between employed & unemployed in Western world figures (Russia Today)

What is FIFA and what does it do? (CNN)

Here's Why People Are Freaking Out Over the Charlie Charlie Challenge (Time Magazine)

See John Oliver Take Down FIFA (Time Magazine)

Twin corruption inquiries at Fifa (BBC)

Why is Periscope shaking up the media? (CNN)

William S. Cohen: Why President Obama Should Export Crude Oil (Time Magazine)

FIFA corruption arrests: All you need to know about the scandal surrounding top officials in Zurich (Daily Mail)

Why have you sacked me? I don't know' (CNN)

EU states 'must take 40,000 migrants' (BBC)

UN chief cool on EU smuggler boat destruction plan, Libya security operation (Fox News)

ISIS hits back as Iraq tries to retake Anbar (CBS News)

World soccer officials arrested in U.S. probe (CBS News)

Here's Every Defendant in the Soccer Corruption Case (NBC News)

Who is Chuck Blazer - the high-living FIFA official who turned whistleblower? (Independent)

Isis suicide attacks kill at least 17 Iraqi troops in western Anbar province (Independent)

Social protection schemes hold key to beating world hunger, says UN (Guardian)

Jack Warner of Trinidad & Tobago denies guilt as he faces US indictment in FIFA corruption (Fox News)

Stocks in Qatar Sink Amid FIFA Arrests (Newsweek Magazine)

Italian mafia boss Pasquale Scotti arrested after 30 years on the run (Daily Mail)

Iraq's Sunni tribes in rift over Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Briton arrested in Dubai during attempt to visit kidnapped grandchildren (Daily Mail)

One of the Worlds Most Luxurious Hotels Home to the FIFA Corruption Bust (Newsweek Magazine)

Jack Warner statement on FIFA corruption indictment (Fox News)

Syria says wants more Iraqi coordination in Islamic State fight (Reuters)

Reda el-Fouly arrested for 'inciting debauchery' in Egypt with music video (Daily Mail)

Report: Spain seeks revamp of EU monetary system, new mandate for European Central Bank (Fox News)

Heir Apparent to FIFA Boss Snared in Corruption Probe (NBC News)

Timo Soini, head of the True Finns, has railed against the EU and Greek bailouts (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU judges jail 11 ex-Kosovo Albanian guerrillas for war crimes (Reuters)

Paracetamol Challenge: Devastated mum and concerned officials warn about deadly craze (Daily Star)

Fractured EU parliament seeks unity on U.S. trade deal (Reuters)

EU countries to take in 40,000 asylum seekers in migration quota proposal (Guardian)

Aussie ISIS mom would face 'full severity' of law (CNN)

Excess caffeine health warning - EU (BBC)

Learning from Seoul's Sampoong Department Store disaster a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 44 (Guardian)

Photo highlights of the day (Guardian)

Fifa corruption probes a summary (Financial Times - Paywall)

Journalist fears for her life after duping ISIS (CBS News)

FIFA Officials Arrested on U.S. Corruption Charges (Newsweek Magazine)

Man struck by ride at fairground (BBC)

Moldova police detain alleged IS followers planning to travel to Syria (Fox News)

Afghan forces repel guest house attack as residents cower in fear (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why Employers Need to Look Past People's Backgrounds to Find Their True Talents (Huffington Post)

Man jailed for trying to join IS (BBC)

Fifa election still on after arrests (BBC)

US indicts Fifa officials with 'rampant, systemic and deep-rooted' corruption (Guardian)

The two corruption probes engulfing Fifa (Financial Times - Paywall)

Niger says arrested more than 600 people for Boko Haram links since February (Reuters)

'19 Kids': Josh Duggar's Dad Advocated Death for Rapists (NBC News)

Yemen war will end up harming Riyadh, Iran minister says (Reuters)

Fifa corruption arrests: Three things you need to know (Independent)

Axact Chief Executive Arrested in Pakistan Over Fake Diplomas Scandal (New York Times - Paywall)

Q&A: FIFA and senior soccer officials are subject to federal probes in the US and Switzerland (Fox News)

Iraq rebrands military campaign against Islamic State over fears of sectarianism (Reuters)

U.S. Accuses Soccer Officials of Decades of Rampant, Systemic and Deep-Rooted' Corruption (Time Magazine)

Twitter Is Exploding Right Now Over the Major FIFA Arrests (Time Magazine)

Malaysia detains 12 police in people-smuggling camps probe (Reuters)

Staying in 'will be Yes in EU vote' (BBC)

Chinese president and wife to make UK state visit in October; will stay at Buckingham Palace (Fox News)

EU moves to help Italy, Greece in managing Med migrants with redistribution plan (Fox News)

FIFA in crisis: The men who have been charged (CNN)

Iran envoy: Nuclear talks possible beyond June 30 deadline (Washington Post - Paywall)

Corrupt or Not, FIFA Says World Cups Will Go Ahead (NBC News)

Blackpool Dance Festival sees performers from around the world (Daily Mail)

#CNNremembers: Memorial Day (CNN)

Fifa issues full statement on corruption arrests (Independent)

Iraqi forces: Waiting for ISIS next move (CNN)

Taliban militants gunned down in attack on guesthouse in Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times)

Iraq ISIS fightback met with questions (CNN)

US Fifa graft probe The key players (Financial Times - Paywall)

Britain to host state visit of Chinese President Xi in October (Reuters)

Police hunt thugs who brutally hanged and killed frightened cat (Daily Star)

FIFA arrests over corruption (Russia Today)

Fifa corruption arrests: Sepp Blatter 'quite relaxed' and confident he is 'not involved' (Independent)

Danish radio DJ Asger Juhl beats rabbit to death with a bicycle pump live on air (Daily Mail)

Israel launches Gaza air strikes after rocket attack (Guardian)

Fifa corruption arrests: Watch the moment executives were arrested at Zurich hotel (Independent)

Woman accused of sorcery in Papua New Guinea hacked to death (Independent)

EU & Switzerland ink historic agreement to end Swiss banking secrecy (Russia Today)

Several FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges (CBS News)

Horrifying moment cop is set on FIRE as violence erupts in Mexico City eight months after 43 students went missing and corrupt police officers were blamed (Daily Mail)

Fifa officials charged over corruption named by US Department of Justice after Swiss arrests (Independent)

What About Sepp Blatter? And Other Questions About the FIFA Case (New York Times - Paywall) hires Laila Swann to go on dates around the world (Daily Mail)

Davies out of the Rugby World Cup (BBC)

Cleveland police promise to stop pistol-whipping people (Independent)

Tracey Cox reveals why a rising number of women are using male escorts (Daily Mail)

Staff at Chinese care home arrested after deadly fire kills 38 elderly people (Independent)

Fifa corruption probes and Swiss arrests mark a 'sad day for football' - Twitter disagrees (Independent)

Fifa says corruption probes and Swiss arrests mark 'sad day for football' - fans disagree (Independent)

Tories pledge devolution, EU referendum, but waver on British Bill of Rights in Queen's Speech (Russia Today)

'Wolverine' murderer 'cared more about his dog than family he killed': Last text message of killer told friends to take care of Jack Russell as they say 'dark secret' drove him to stab them to death (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Vicar who contracted HIV after attack (BBC)

Margam Country Park's Frozen 'rip-off' superhero fun day (Daily Mail)

Mont Blanc interactive 365 gigapixel photo is the biggest in the world (Daily Mail)

Test of Swiss prosecutors' statement on FIFA (Fox News)

Fifa corruption arrests: Swiss attorney general's statement on raids at Fifa's Zurich headquarters in full (Independent)

VIDEO: News conference on Fifa arrests (BBC)

Afghan Taliban gunmen killed after attack on Kabul guesthouse (Reuters)

Iraq army spokesman: Islamic State suicide attacks in Anbar province hit army, kill 17 troops (Fox News)

Fifa: Press conference due to take place at 10am after corruption arrests - live video (Independent)

Fifa arrests: man escorted from hotel behind sheet video (Guardian)

Death of collapsed man investigated (BBC)

One small glass of wine a day harms older ladies' hearts but men less so (Daily Mail)

Soccer Officials Arrested in $100M Corruption Probe (NBC News)

Dutch police detain motorcycle gang members in coordinated raids in 3 countries (Fox News)

Blatter: FIFA president's unbearable 'emptiness'? (CNN)

Taylor Swift Is Officially One Of The Most Powerful Women In The World After Making It On To Forbes Magazine's Power Women List (Huffington Post)

Watch Jeffrey Webb praise Fifa's 'democratic process' hours before being arrested on corruption charges (Independent)

Jeffrey Spector's assisted suicide death dividing Britain (Daily Mail)

Officials say crew have abandoned freighter off German coast amid risk of explosion (Fox News)

Meet the 'Skywalkers': Daredevils risk death by climbing the world's highest buildings (Daily Star)

Fifa corruption arrests: key questions answered (Guardian)

Why press freedom-loving Fifa and Qatar are so perfectly matched (Guardian)

Jeffrey Spector's interview one day before he died at Dignitas (Daily Mail)

Hockey weakens Abbott attack on Labor budget fairness modelling as it happened (Guardian)

Video leaked on social media exposes divisions among Iran lawmakers on nuclear talks with West (Fox News)

Death Toll in India's Intense Heatwave Soars to Over 1,100 (Time Magazine)

Six Arrested After U.S. Alleges Corruption at Soccer Body FIFA (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

SEX and WOMEN: The reason Islamic State extremists want to kill ALL westerners (Daily Express)

What a dope: Pizza joint owner arrested for serving cops CANNABIS (Daily Star)

What a dope: Pizza joint owner arrested for serving cops slices laced with CANNABIS (Daily Star)

Kiss of Death and the Google Exec (CBS News)

Washington Post Reporter Goes on Trial in Iran for Espionage (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Irina Shayk wows in cleavage-baring gown as she watches Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man (Daily Express)

Woman accused of sorcery reportedly hacked to death in Papua New Guinea (Guardian)

6 FIFA officials arrested on suspected corruption charges, face extradition to US (Russia Today)

Fifa Officials, Including Jeffrey Webb, Arrested in Zurich, Switzerland (Huffington Post)

Fifa corruption arrests: Football officials arrested in Switzerland - live updates (Independent)

Fifa corruption arrests: Sepp Blatter 'not yet cleared' as football officials arrested in Switzerland face US charges - live updates (Independent)

UK government to outline plan for EU referendum, human rights reform in Queen's Speech (Fox News)

Officials fear string of plane copycat attacks after EIGHT in-flight terror scares (Daily Star)

FIFA Officials to Be Charged With Corruption Over Host Selections (NBC News)

VIDEO: World War One & the FA Cup final (BBC)

Authorities Arrest Top FIFA Officials During Early Morning Raid (Time Magazine)

4 dead in attack in upscale area of Afghan capital (CBS News)

4 Taliban militants killed in attack on guesthouse in upscale neighborhood of Afghan capital (Fox News)

Fifa corruption arrests: Several executives to face US federal charges after raid on Switzerland hotel (Independent)

Fifa corruption arrests: Six senior executives including vice president Jeffrey Webb to face US federal charges after raid on Switzerland hotel (Independent)

Indonesia sets date for final death row appeal of Frenchman Serge Atlaoui (Guardian)

Swiss police arrest 6 soccer officials at request of US authorities ahead of FIFA Congress (Fox News)

Row sparked over police helicopter (BBC)

Ex-Los Angeles police officer charged with murder arrested in Mexico (Fox News)

Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS Netanyahu (Russia Today)

Why India is captured by carbon (Guardian)

Senior FIFA officials to be charged (CNN)

Coalition MPs attack timing of Bill Shorten's same-sex marriage bill (Guardian)

Former player: 'This is not an election' on FIFA presidency (CNN)

Officials investigate threat to plane at LAX (CBS News)

FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges; Face Extradition to U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran attacks ISIS & its arrogant supporters' with caricature competition (IMAGES) (Russia Today)

Gunmen die in Taliban Kabul attack (BBC)

EXCLUSIVE: Officials fear string of copycat attacks after EIGHT in-flight terror scares (Daily Express)

Texas floods: toll continues to rise after torrential rains leave state awash (Guardian)

Thousands honor slain Omaha police officer who was new mom at funeral (CBS News)

Four Taliban militants killed in attack on Kabul guesthouse (Fox News)

Rouhani clashes with Iranian clergy over women arrested for 'bad hijab' (Guardian)

Italian Mafia Boss Arrested in Brazil (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Indonesian court delays appeal hearing of French death row convict (Reuters)

Saudi religious police 'remove woman from shopping centre for not wearing GLOVES' (Daily Express)

How eyes on the ground ? would aid U.S. strikes against ISIS (CBS News)

Iraqi Forces, Militias Launch Attacks to Drive Islamic State From Ramadi (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

DOJ, Cleveland announce changes in police force (CBS News)

4 Militants Die in Attack in Upscale Area of Afghan Capital (Time Magazine)

Iraq offensive underway to take back Ramadi from Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Clinton emails: state department offers to release next batch on 30 June (Guardian)

Russia's strongest man Elbrus Nigmatullin pulls 30-ton house (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Penn State Suspends KDR Fraternity for Three Years (NBC News)

Lawyer: No Foul Play in B.B. King's Death (NBC News)

Israel Launches Airstrike on Gaza After Rocket Attack (NBC News)

Thief caught after wearing Man Utd shirt with his NAME on the back (Daily Star)

Police detain 12 people after 38 killed in fire at aged care home in China (Guardian)

Penn State Frat in Nude Photo Scandal Shut for 3 Years (Time Magazine)

German man loses limbs after being dragged 3km between streetcar wagons (Guardian)

World Briefing: Austria: Youth Guilty in Bomb Plot (New York Times - Paywall)

Police catch 175 looters in China's biggest recovery of stolen artifacts (Fox News)

Man covers self with 200 pounds of bees (CNN)

World Briefing: Suriname: Despite Checkered Past, President Seems Set for New Term (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Mexico: Michoac n Killings Prompt Human Rights Inquiry (New York Times - Paywall)

Israeli jets strike Gaza terror infrastructure' after rocket attack (Russia Today)

World Briefing: Brazil: After 30-Year Search, Police Arrest Italian Mob Boss (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Syria: Palmyra Ruins Unharmed Since ISIS Takeover, Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

EU to Propose Relocation of 40,000 Syrians, Eritreans From Italy, Greece (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS in Iraq: What's happening now? (CNN)

The man who hid behind a trail name (BBC)

Afghan insurgents launch late-night attack on Kabul guesthouse (Reuters)

Bipolar Man's Death in Custody Sparks Georgia Jail Shakeup (NBC News)

A careful driver who only nips to the shops - he's one of millions of elderly taken for a ride by insurers: Why was Stan asked to pay £12,000 to insure his Ford Fiesta? (Daily Mail)

The one role that could make a difference against ISIS (CBS News)

Nuclear talks bogging down as Iran balks at key decisions, envoys say (Los Angeles Times)

Mystery of missing Kansas man solved after 23 years (CBS News)

Passenger plane gets mid-air BOMB THREAT day after mass chemical terror scare (Daily Star)

RAF jets and drones blast ISIS hideouts into 'Meccano pieces' after seeking out targets covered in sand and camouflage nets (Daily Mail)

CNN at 35 -- Wolf Blitzer: The whole world was watching (CNN)

Child sex abuse victim Esther Baker claims politician assaulted her as police stood guard (Daily Mail)

Why good people do bad things (CNN)

Iran claims thwarting of US cyber attack on oil ministry (Russia Today)

Man in U.S. dies of Lassa fever (CNN)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 27th May 2015 (Huffington Post)

Actor Sam Shepard Arrested on DUI Charge in Santa Fe (NBC News)

Open Source: Danish Radio Station Defends Host Who Clubbed Rabbit to Death During Animal Welfare Debate (New York Times - Paywall)

Australian man punched in the face for defending Muslim women from abuse on train (Independent)

Iraq Diary, Day 8: Does the DIA report talk about ISIS roots? (Russia Today)

Transsexual police worker Helen Doe who hit brother with iron bar 'was sleep walking' (Daily Mail)

German man loses both legs and an arm after being dragged for miles under tram (Independent)

Rocket fired from Gaza lands near Israeli port Ashdod - police (Reuters)

Fury at French and German plot for EU tax rate than threatens British jobs (Daily Express)

Nicola Sturgeon's double lock' demand to keep Britain in the EU (Daily Express)

Is Charles planning another boycott of state visit by China's leader? (Daily Express)

Road deaths rise to five a day but UK is still one of safest countries (Daily Express)

Ex-MP Eric Joyce spared jail for shop attack on two teenage boys (Daily Express)

Why exercise is the key to fighting Britain's back pain epidemic (Daily Express)

How you can earn £1million by age 51: But only if you're a man (Daily Express)

Now bossy Brussels is eyeing up our coffees: EU in bid to cut caffeine intake (Daily Express)

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