Monday, 1st June 2015

World News

Woman killed by lion in wildlife park (CBS News)

After further review, UAB bringing back football program (CBS News)

Sporting Kansas City star Dom Dwyer on FIFA scandal, soccers rise in U.S. (CBS News)

ISIS suicide bombers kill dozens in Iraqs Anbar province (CBS News)

Savopoulos family remembered two weeks after they were killed (Daily Mail)

Bruce Jenner unveiled as a woman in busty basque on Vanity Fair cover and describes panic attack after 10-hour surgery (Daily Mail)

Hedgehog found sleeping off a hangover after drinking Advocaat (Daily Mail)

US woman dragged to her death by a lion and another person seriously hurt after leaving their car window open as they went through South African safari park (Daily Mail)

Now ISIS prisoners appear to be burned alive in new video (Daily Mail)

John Kerry picked up by US C-17 plane from airport in Geneva after breaking leg (Daily Mail)

Who's that sleeping in my bed? Woman takes selfie with drunk intruder who she found passed out in her room when she returned home from night out (Daily Mail)

Nurse Cheryl Henwood ordered to pay back the £92,000 benefits she lied to get (Daily Mail)

Bangladeshi Police File Charges in 2013 Factory Collapse (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Father killed on Gloucestershire level crossing because he couldn't hear through helmet (Daily Mail)

Italian model who accused Harvey Weinstein of groping her breasts unwinds in Miami with mystery man two months after the DA threw her case out (Daily Mail)

Missouri police stop black drivers 75% more often than white drivers (Independent)

Will the New Women's Viagra' Finally Get FDA Approval? (Time Magazine)

Teacher receives death threats after being wrongly named as man behind racist graffiti (Daily Mail)

Obama Calls for End to Aggressive Land Reclamation Projects in South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

Cancer research throws up fresh hope (CNN)

Fury as rape victim's two attackers are sentenced to be hit with a shoe five times each for sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl in India (Daily Mail)

Russia shows off new high-tech tank (CNN)

Obama - land reclamation projects in South China Sea 'counterproductive' (Reuters)

ISIS Seized Hundreds of Millions Worth of Humvees: Iraq (NBC News)

Migrant boat still being held off Myanmar coast - government (Reuters)

Muslim woman wins SEVEN YEAR court battle with Abercrombie & Fitch (Daily Star)

Uber Channels Apple in its Fifth Anniversary Promo Video (Time Magazine)

Jack Warner accused of deliberately acting delusional in FIFA scandal (Daily Mail)

Fifa scandal dims South Africa's legacy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Scots fire chief plea as death rate soars (Daily Express)

Lion Kills American Woman in South Africa (NBC News)

American woman killed in South Africa lion attack (CBS News)

Drunken Blackpool woman Kayleigh Wye's vodka-fuelled rage in McDonald's queue (Daily Mail)

Virginia police recruitment video reveals department's military-style tactics video (Guardian)

41 People Charged with Murder in Bangladesh Building Collapse That Killed 1,100 (Newsweek Magazine)

Inside the Candy Man mansion: The blonde bombshell who fell for Travis Beynon and thought she would get her a modelling career... who ended up sharing a bed with his wife and crawling around like a dog (Daily Mail)

Cellphone video reportedly shows ISIS fighters torturing Syrian teen (Fox News)

Mother who would argue with her husband over whose turn it was to abuse children in their care is jailed for 12 years (Daily Mail)

Hundreds Mourn Family Killed in D.C. Mansion (NBC News)

UN-cleared refugees to Norway revealed as ISIS militants - report (Russia Today)

Virginia family says pet dog 'baked to death' after being dropped off at Petco for grooming (Independent)

Child benefit STAYS while I'm PM: Cameron slaps down Iain Duncan Smith plan to limit hand-out to two children (Daily Mail)

I don't want to force mothers back to work, just give them a choice, says Cameron as he doubles free childcare to 30 hours (Daily Mail)

Female carer shared videos of woman having sex with horse and dog via WhatsApp (Daily Star)

How Beau Biden Helped Children and Families (Time Magazine)

Lion Attack Kills American Woman in South Africa Park (Time Magazine)

A police officer who told a student his parents were killed surprised at commencement (Independent)

Kazzie Portie: A police officer who told a student his parents were killed surprised him at his graduation ceremony (Independent)

Gemma Wale is jailed for two weeks for having sex too loudly (Daily Mail)

Fifa 'culture of kickbacks and corruption' targeted by FA and culture secretary (Guardian)

Goodbye to smog, cold noodles and breakneck change: my seven years covering China (Guardian)

Supreme Court Sides With Muslim Woman Denied Job Over Headscarf (Time Magazine)

SCOTUS rules in favor of Muslim woman over head scarf suit (Russia Today)

US preparing to face down China in the South China Sea - while locals expect 'bonanza of riches' from return of American sailors (Independent)

China hospital ballot over Mers case (BBC)

Kerry injury 'won't slow Iran talks' (BBC)

US whistleblowers extend cautious welcome to NSA reforms video (Guardian)

American woman killed in lion attack at South Africa animal park (Fox News)

Nazi death notice prompts apology from Austrian newspaper (CBS News)

Former marine tased to death by police in upstate New York (Russia Today)

S. Koreans say Japan worse threat than China as attitudes worsen sharply' (Russia Today)

Fifa corruption: Executive Committee's longest serving member says he will quit Fifa 'if this atmosphere prevails' (Independent)

Body of woman found in suitcase in Tokyo Station locker (CBS News)

Fifa suspends Concacaf official (BBC)

'Racist orgy' Prem aces sent death threats on (Daily Star)

Tourist mauled to death by LION after it jumped through her car window (Daily Star)

Suspected German serial killer denies stabbing and suffocating two prostitutes and a third woman in Spanish resort of Marbella (Daily Mail)

Lion mauls American tourist to death in South African game park (Guardian)

French woman abducted by Islamic extremists in Yemen pleads for her life in video (Daily Mail)

Tourist killed in SA lion attack (BBC)

Woman dragged to her death from car by LION at safari park (Daily Express)

Kerry Headed for Boston After Breaking Leg (NBC News)

ISIS attacks with explosive-laden tank (CNN)

Migrant boat crisis: Human smugglers 'throwing pregnant women and children overboard to drown to force commercial ships to rescue them' (Independent)

Woman in contact with MERS patient dies (CNN)

Ovarian cancer drug row: 'Breakthrough' treatment won't be available on the NHS because it's deemed too expensive (Daily Mail)

Headscarf case: Muslim woman wins (CNN)

Joke's on you Jack Warner Fifa fraud suspect attacks US with SPOOF article (Daily Express)

Frenchwoman Held Captive in Yemen Pleads for Help in Video (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS propagandist ShamiWitness: Man charged in India (Channel4)

Mum so terrified of the dentist she stuck her own teeth back in with SUPERGLUE (Daily Express)

At least 20 killed in new wave of Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen's capital (Los Angeles Times)

69 killed in oil tanker explosion at Nigerian bus station (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State kidnap 500 school children to train as SUICIDE BOMBERS (Daily Express)

Too much paperwork' to cancel deadly SAS trek which killed three (Daily Express)

Fifa corruption probe: We did pay $10m to Jack Warner body, South Africa says (Independent)

'Your stares me make me feel trapped and uncomfortable': Teenager with cerebral palsy creates heartwarming cartoon video to explain her condition to classmates (Daily Mail)

Benefits Street's White Dee stars in her own fitness video (Daily Mail)

At least four people killed in fire at Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon (Reuters)

#UnitedForTahera: United Airlines boycott calls after Muslim woman denied in-flight 'weapon' soda (Russia Today)

Baby clothes found floating in reservoir after two men were overhead discussing dumping something in the water in the early hours of the morning (Daily Mail)

Exclusive - Migrant children fleeing poverty face labour, sex exploitation in Italy (Reuters)

America 'played key role in formation of ISIS by housing jailed extremists TOGETHER (Daily Express)

Somerset Police division only investigating 13 of 6,500 unsolved crimes (Daily Mail)

Captors release first video of female French hostage in Yemen (Fox News)

The supplements that DON'T ease the misery of the menopause: Woman taking Vitamin D and calcium suffer as many hot flushes, headaches and sleepless nights (Daily Mail)

US is using ISIS like an attack dog' (Russia Today)

Child Safety Week 2015: Charity Warns Of Dangers For Children During 'After-School Rush' (Huffington Post)

Turkey's Erdo an invites opposition to get to bottom of gold toilet seat claims (Guardian)

Sepp Blatter's credibility has been utterly destroyed, says culture secretary - video (Guardian)

Dad's pain as 'blue-eyed boy' killed (BBC)

Network Rail train strike is OFF as two planned walkouts over pay are cancelled (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Heroic woman grabs knife-wielding robber and drags him out of shop (Daily Express)

Video of French Woman Kidnapped in Yemen is Genuine (Newsweek Magazine)

Olympics Commission says China promises to respect rights as part of 2022 bid (Reuters)

Blatter, FIFA facing more criticism this week as executive committee member threatens to quit (Fox News)

National Rail Strikes Called Off After ACAS Brokers Deal With RMT Union For Pay Rise (Huffington Post)

Kerry Injury Complicates Iran Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China Factory Activity Shows Mixed Readings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Canadian driver survives after flying through the air and crashing into a wall - video (Independent)

Prince William's involvement with FIFA and the FA is a travesty, DOMINIC LAWSON writes (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Video: A French woman held hostage in Yemen pleads for help (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sophie Ogden reveals how daughter's cot death caused 14-year alcohol addiction (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Is town where 'ghost' was caught on CCTV video the most haunted on the planet? (Daily Express)

Breastfeeding Linked to a Lower Risk of Cancer in Kids (Time Magazine)

41 killed in ISIS suicide attacks at police base in western Iraq (Fox News)

Minister: We will seek Fifa reform (BBC)

Heather Rabbatts steps down from FIFA anti-discrimination task force (Daily Mail)

John Kerry breaks leg in bike accident (CBS News)

Beau Biden loses battle with brain cancer at 46 (CBS News)

Sham Mecca travel agents targeting Muslim pilgrims police (Russia Today)

Spanish police find 200kg of cocaine in hollowed-out pineapples (Independent)

Spanish police find cocaine in hollowed-out pineapples (Independent)

China kids given 'wealth education' (BBC)

KFC squawks & sues China firms over fake eight-legged chicken' stories (Russia Today)

Memo to Obama: Learn lessons of Korean War to avoid showdown with China (Russia Today)

Why is ISIS winning? (CNN)

Scientists: Random mutations primary cause of most cancer (CNN)

Austrian newspaper apologises after printing a deceased man's Nazi rank on his death notice (Independent)

Scientists combine drugs to fight cancer (CNN)

Malaysian politician plans to turn death camp into a tourist attraction (Daily Mail)

Battle for Azaz: Isis threatens yet another city as fighting reaches crucial Turkey border crossing (Independent)

Abercrombie & Fitch head scarf case: US Supreme Court rules in favour of Samantha Elauf, failed to get hired after wearing scarf to interview (Independent)

Paris police remove iconic symbols of love (CBS News)

Fifa corruption: Qatar says investigations are racist, anti-Arab and show 'ugly face' of countries who lost 2022 World Cup bid (Independent)

Slovakian woman gets back son after Britain 'gave custody to illegal immigrant father' (Daily Express)

Tracy Morgan: bones heal, but the loss of my friend won't video (Guardian)

Isis suicide bombers in Humvees attack Iraqi police base (Guardian)

Op-Ed Contributor: Will China Close Its Doors? (New York Times - Paywall)

NSA surveillance powers reined in as Senate votes for reforms video report (Guardian)

On Morgan Freeman's 78th birthday, a look back at his top-10 highest-grossing films (Independent)

Foreign governments, non-profits press China to revise draft NGO law (Reuters)

Girl, 2, killed in Dorset crash and boy, 9, left fighting for his life (Daily Mail)

Annual house price growth slows to 5.1% but values now just £1.2k off 2007 peak (Daily Mail)

SPFL to meet police over fracas (BBC)

Ramadi fell to ISIS 'because of order to leave' (CNN)

Sunni moderates struggle against ISIS (CNN)

Concerns grow about reach of ISIS (CNN)

Police remove Jewish protesters trying to block Christian ritual at Jerusalem holy site (Fox News)

Tracy Morgan: Ill Get Back to Making You Laugh (Newsweek Magazine)

Coffee company Cafe Pele creates 'yawning epidemic' with Sao Paolo video ads (Daily Mail)

Mystery woman donates vintage Apple computer (CBS News)

Kanye West's Fashion Graduation Speech: 'When You're The Absolute Best, You Get Hated On The Most' (Huffington Post)

A battle of rival behemoths, amazing breeches and the tenderness of a birthing mother: The incredible mating rituals of humpback whales captured on video at night for the first time (Daily Mail)

Kerry set to fly home with broken leg (CBS News)

Mediterranean migrant death rate slows after search-and-rescue boost (Guardian)

Bangladesh Police Charge 41 With Murder Over Rana Plaza Collapse (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman jailed after 'loud sex noises' (BBC)

China to hold live-fire drills near Myanmar (Financial Times - Paywall)

French hostage in Yemen appears in video pleading for release (Guardian)

Two US jihadis who made ISIS videos 'are killed in Iraqi air strike' (Daily Mail)

'Rise of ISIS and earthquakes are WARNINGS before ARMAGEDDON destroys Earth' (Daily Express)

Clare Humble stabs friend to death and asks butcher chop up his friend's body (Daily Mail)

Nigeria torture victim condemned to hang at 16 gets reprieve after 10 years on death row (Fox News)

ISIS revamps Western recruitment with savvy broadcasts (Fox News)

Obama and Hillary Clinton lead tributes to Beau Biden following his death (Daily Mail)

Prostate cancer more deadly if patients eat an unhealthy Western diet (Daily Mail)

Stung by FIFA furore, Qatar's soft power at risk (Reuters)

Russia 'faked' two satellite images in attempt to shift blame to Ukraine for MH17 (Daily Mail)

Office workers told to stand for TWO HOURS a day to avoid crippling back problems (Daily Express)

Sinosphere Blog: Chubby Blue Cat Hints at Thaw in Ties Between China and Japan (New York Times - Paywall)

Mother terrified of dentists used SUPERGLUE to stick her teeth back in her mouth for 10 years - eroding her jaw bone (Daily Mail)

Watch John Oliver's Rematch With FIFA On Last Week Tonight (Time Magazine)

Fifa crisis: Danny Jordaan denies South Africa paid $10m bribe for 2010 World Cup (Guardian)

Vatican commissioner accuses Australian cardinal of 'disregard' for abused children (Reuters)

British police spy on Britons' phone records, texts and emails every TWO minutes (Daily Mail)

Up to 70 killed in Nigeria fuel tanker crash (Reuters)

Cameron finally loses patience with Whitehall: PM sets up TEN Downing Street crack squads to get things done (Daily Mail)

Norway minister: UK better off in EU (BBC)

Drunk driver is jailed after fleeing four-car smash which left his girlfriend knocked out and only giving himself up following 10-hour armed police siege (Daily Mail)

Foreign aid madness: Britain cuts police budgets but spends £185 MILLION on foreign cops (Daily Express)

Huge paradigm shift': Biggest cancer breakthrough in 40 years sees tumors disappear (Russia Today)

Tyler Blansit: Man killed mother with baseball bat after arguing over college grades, say police (Independent)

William Chapman: 'I sat here and waited for my baby to come home. But he never came home' video (Guardian)

The US can't keep track of how many people its police kill. We're counting because lives matter (Guardian)

Black Americans killed by police twice as likely to be unarmed as white people (Guardian)

Pel backs Sepp Blatter's re-election as Fifa president for fifth term (Guardian)

Police hunt men armed with asparagus (Independent)

UN human rights office: Death toll from Ukraine conflict has risen to more than 6,400 (Fox News)

Rows of pet dogs beaten to death hanging on hooks and cats skinned ready for the dinner table: Inside the Chinese 'meat festival'... that was 'banned' last year (Daily Mail)

Brazilian binman sacked after throwing dog into back of rubbish truck (Daily Mail)

Study on brain cancer treatment reveals radiosurgery's negative effects (Daily Mail)

Pope condemns praises parents who keep children who show signs of illnesses in the womb (Daily Mail)

Sweden arrests two in raids against militant recruitment activity (Reuters)

Isis kidnaps up to 500 children in Iraq 'to use as suicide bombers and child soldiers' (Independent)

Mother-of-two stabbed her childhood sweetheart to death as they argued over her coming home late from a girls' night out (Daily Mail)

Police failing children forced into Oliver Twist' street crime, says anti-slavery charity (Russia Today)

'Mind-blowing arrogance': Anti-racism chief slams Leicester stars over racist orgy video (Daily Star)

Isis tortures 14-year-old Syrian boy and films it in graphic video for 'propaganda purposes' (Independent)

Pleased to be getting back on dry land? Moment a pet dog is rescued by a lifeboat crew after his owner's boat was swamped and capsized in Poole Harbour (Daily Mail)

Fifa World Cup Bribery Allegations Are 'Ugly' Racism Says Former Qatar PM (Huffington Post)

Cliven Bundy declares victory: 'We might be the freest place on earth' video (Guardian)

Solar Impulse 2 makes unscheduled stopover in Japan video (Guardian)

Immunotherapy hailed as 'biggest cancer breakthrough since chemotherapy' (Daily Mail)

KFC sues companies in China over eight-legged chicken rumours (Guardian)

China develops first facial recognition ATM (Russia Today)

Sinosphere Blog: Standoff Over Rescued Dogs in Northeast China (New York Times - Paywall)

Police granted personal data access 26 times every hour, study reveals (Russia Today)

Anti-slavery commissioner Kevin Hyland says adults are using children to shoplift and beg (Daily Mail)

Pilot Killed When Stunt Planes Collide Midair (NBC News)

Duke Of Cambridge Returns To Work As A Pilot After Time Off To Bond With Princess Charlotte (Huffington Post)

Yemeni captors post video of abducted Frenchwoman Isabelle Prime (Russia Today)

Video 'shows IS torturing Syria boy' (BBC)

Cattle rescued from flood waters in Texas video (Guardian)

Alba Adriatica air show footage shows two aircraft collide in mid-air (Daily Mail)

What Would FIFA Be Without Europe? (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Shia Laboeuf Motivational Speech Video Becomes A Very High Tech Meme (Huffington Post)

Cancer sufferer given £70 FINE after getting stuck in three-hour CAR PARK traffic jam (Daily Star)

Britain spent £185m on police forces in Bangladesh, Congo and Malawi (Daily Mail)

Migrants living in Paris refugee camp often used as a stop-off before heading to Calais and Britain are forced to move on by police over fears they were sparking a scabies epidemic (Daily Mail)

Mountain rescue saves 40 children after getting lost on charity fun run in Wales (Daily Mail)

Warner cites spoof Onion article in his defence against Fifa corruption charges video (Guardian)

John Kerry crashed bicycle cycling up Tour de France's alpine pass (Daily Mail)

What ISIS gets wrong about 'jihad' (CNN)

Three Ukrainian serviceman killed in separatist east - Kiev military (Reuters)

WAG stabbed footballer boyfriend to death in row after girlie night (Daily Star)

This 92-Year-Old Is the Oldest Woman to Ever Run (and Finish) a Marathon (Time Magazine)

Black Widow author says Louisa Collins may have killed a third victim (Daily Mail)

Louisiana cops complicit in man's suffocation death will walk, despite strong evidence (Russia Today)

Governor of Gibraltar Sir James Dutton quits after two years (Daily Mail)

Fisherman Randy Llanes Killed By Swordfish He Harpooned (Huffington Post)

Turkey's Erdogan vows to punish journalist behind Syria trucks video (Reuters)

Rand Paul under fire for using Patriot Act filibuster in campaign video (Independent)

Sorry, mum! Two boys get stuck waist deep in tidal creek mud and have to call their MOTHER to get them rescued (Daily Mail)

UK Police Are Granted Access To Private Phone Calls And Emails 93% Of The Time, Prompting Calls For Greater Transparency (Huffington Post)

Protecting women and girls in India: building a toilet for a rural community video (Guardian)

China slashes tariffs on consumer goods (Financial Times - Paywall)

Italy Plane Crash That Killed One Pilot Caught On Video After Acrobatic Aircraft Collide (Huffington Post)

China's activity in South China Sea 'beyond anything previously seen' (Guardian)

Female cancer survivor sets marathon record aged 92 (Independent)

Cancer trial of drug combination yields 'spectacular' results (Guardian)

Enrique Iglesias's hand injured by drone during concert in Mexico video (Guardian)

Some North Korea-made goods to benefit from South Korea pact with China (Reuters)

Lightning strike narrowly misses police cruiser in Mississippi - video (Independent)

Floods bring the Old West back to Texas: Cowboys save 200 cattle from alligator infested waters by leading them over 70 miles to safety (Daily Mail)

Beijing rejects US criticism over construction in South China Sea (Russia Today)

'Oliver Twist' children used in crime (BBC)

Chinese internet police joining Weibo and other sites to post about what is being censored (Independent)

Duncan Smith targets new child benefit cuts as part of £12bn welfare savings: Only first two offspring could be eligible under new plan that could cost families £360 a year (Daily Mail)

Taliban attack police headquarters in east Afghanistan (Reuters)

'Spectacular' Cancer Drug Could Mark Beginning Of A 'New Era' In Treating The Disease (Huffington Post)

US Senate votes to limit surveillance powers video (Guardian)

Hamas seeks to stamp out Isis in Gaza (Financial Times - Paywall)

Vietnam, U.S. discuss land reclamation in South China Sea (Reuters)

France seeks to authenticate Yemen hostage video (Reuters)

Birmingham Police launch murder probe after double stabbing (Daily Mail)

Stars strip off to save the seas: Judi Dench, Julie Christie and Fiona Shaw pose nude with dead FISH to highlight the plight of the world's oceans (Daily Mail)

Let us campaign to get OUT of EU: Cameron warned to allow MPs to push for EU exit (Daily Express)

European football 'breakaway plan' could put pressure on Fifa to reform (Independent)

Davina McCall Hits Back At Criticism Over Comments Women Should Keep Husbands Satisfied' (Huffington Post)

Arrests as police attacked in brawl (BBC)

I spend £350 a month to turn my daughter of 10 into a beauty queen: Schoolgirl's regime of spray tans, fake nails and hairpieces to get hear ready for the latest pageant (Daily Mail)

Mystery Woman Owed $100K After Donating Rare Apple 1 (NBC News)

Woman Accidentally Recycles $200,000 Apple I Computer (Huffington Post)

Kerry grounded after bike accident, but question is how long (Fox News)

'Oliver Twist' Children Used In Modern Day Crime, Warns Anti-Slavery Commissioner (Huffington Post)

New Cancer Drug Combination Shrinks Tumors in 60% of Patients, Says Study (Time Magazine)

Muslim woman shouted down during speech by anti-Islam group in Melbourne video (Guardian)

US Camp Bucca in Iraq accidentally formed ISIS by housing jihadists together (Daily Mail)

Woman charged with man's murder (BBC)

NSA programme: Bush-era powers expire as US prepares to roll back surveillance (Guardian)

South Korea, China sign free trade deal removing tariffs on 90 percent of goods over 2 decades (Fox News)

5/31: Beau Biden dies at 46, grief outpours from both sides of the aisle; and two MVPs lead an epic NBA Finals matchup (CBS News)

How Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first elected president, ended up on death row (Guardian)

China to hold live-fire military drills along volatile Myanmar border (Fox News)

Shameless charity pestered me to give them £100,000 TWICE in a week, says cancer survivor (Daily Express)

How David Cameron scaled back European Union reform ambitions (Daily Mail)

Bangladesh set to press murder charges in 2013 garment factory collapse that killed over 1,100 (Fox News)

2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone': Iraq reveals number of US arms falling into ISIS hands (Russia Today)

New space race -- why China stands out (CNN)

Two MVPs lead an epic NBA Finals matchup (CBS News)

Bob Schieffer signs off of "Face the Nation" (CBS News)

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner Has No Idea That an Onion Article About FIFA Is a Spoof (Time Magazine)

Police say series of shootings in Colorado are linked (CBS News)

'New era' for cancer drugs and child pickpockets (BBC)

Bill Shorten introduces marriage equality bill to near-empty Coalition benches video (Guardian)

92-year-old cancer survivor sets marathon record (CBS News)

Surgeon en route to Geneva to meet Kerry (CNN)

Death toll rises from Texas and Oklahoma flooding (CBS News)

ISIS twins: From schoolgirls to jihadi widows (CNN)

Admiral: Island building in South China Sea 'justified' (CNN)

A report card: Iran and its Afghan children (Guardian)

Kerry injured during bike crash in France (CBS News)

Same-sex marriage: Australian politicians have their say video (Guardian)

China to hold live fire drills along tense border with Myanmar (Reuters)

Texas to get needed break from weeks of heavy rain (CBS News)

Solar plane takes off from China, hits snag (CNN)

Kerry hurt in bike accident; rest of Europe visit canceled (Washington Post - Paywall)

Italian pilot killed in horrific 2-plane collision ahead of airshow (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Saudi Arabia (CBS News)

Obamas visit Biden family after death of vice president's son (Reuters)

Ex-Convict Tries to Go Back to Prison, Ends Up With Job (NBC News)

The musicians fighting back against extremism (BBC)

Fighting back against helpline harassment (BBC)

John Kerry Suffers Broken Leg in Bike Accident (NBC News)

Letting the cyber-thieves get away (BBC)

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: How you can use make-up to help you get the perfect pins (Daily Mail)

Isis captured 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles from Iraqi forces in Mosul (Guardian)

ISIS Gains Syrian Area Near Border (New York Times - Paywall)

Statins can cut risk of death from a heart bypass: Taking cholesterol-busting drugs can reduce chance of dying following operation by 67% (Daily Mail)

Real-life Cinderella says her two half-sisters grabbed her share of £120,000 inheritance after their father fell to his death (Daily Mail)

It's good for children if they get bored, says Celia Imrie: Actress and author says boredom makes young more creative (Daily Mail)

Send in the troops: Jeremy Clarkson calls for action against ISIS warlords (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Outcry over Egypt's death penalties (BBC)

Cancer cure FOUND? Game-changing drug hailed 'biggest breakthrough in chemo' kills tumours (Daily Express)

Haunted by a stranger who stole my life online: How an imposter used this executive's photos to create a fantasy life and duped me into falling for the fake woman (Daily Mail)

John Kerry breaks leg in bike accident after Iran nuclear talks, will fly home (Los Angeles Times)

Recycling center ready to pay $100,000 to mysterious woman for rare Apple PC (Russia Today)

Former FIFA VP Doesn't Know Time or Place of World Cup (NBC News)

Parents are 'poisoning' their children with cancer-causing fizzy drinks and sweets and 'need to stop', warns NHS chief (Daily Mail)

Thousands let off fine for late tax returns: HMRC says taxpayers who have 'reasonable excuse' will not have to pay £100 penalty (Daily Mail)

Former FIFA exec slams U.S. over fake news article (CBS News)

92-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Woman to Finish Marathon (NBC News)

John Kerry bicycle accident: US Secretary of State cancels European tour after breaking leg on Tour de France route (Independent)

Grieving mother releases tragic picture of the only hug she shared with her baby as she calls for more screening for the bug that killed him (Daily Mail)

Kerry breaks leg in bicycle crash outside Geneva; calls off rest of 4-nation diplomatic trip (Fox News)

Closing the net: Under fire Sepp Blatter to be grilled by the FBI over Fifa scandal (Daily Star)

Britain's Got Talent': Amanda Holden And Ant & Dec Laugh Off Ridiculous Outfit Controversy (Huffington Post)

Two ISIS filmmakers killed in Iraqi airstrikes reports (Russia Today)

Drunk mother sparks holiday camp catfight when she asked teenage couple if they want a threesome but tells another woman she's too fat to join in (Daily Mail)

Rom rio drives Brazilian probe into Fifa (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dog walker who survived cancer nearly had her legs blown off when a pavement EXPLODED (Daily Mail)

Isis in Libya: Suicide bomber who killed six at Misrata checkpoint was Tunisian, says Tripoli (Independent)

Fifa corruption: Sepp Blatter's daughter issues staunch defence of Fifa president's character (Independent)

California woman sends rare Apple I computer to recycling centre (Independent)

2 single-pilot aerobatic planes collide off Italy; 1 dead (Fox News)

India warns ISIS could get nukes from Pakistan (Russia Today)

China defends island-building policy (Financial Times - Paywall)

More than two people shot every day this year by US police, says report (Independent)

Kerry hospitalized in Switzerland after bike crash (CBS News)

Muslim woman flying United Airlines refused can of coke, staff said she'd weaponize it (Russia Today)

Why Conservatives Are Shunning the Death Penalty (Newsweek Magazine)

Largest British banks launch FIFA investigation (Russia Today)

Man killed mother in row over grades (CNN)

Kerry Breaks Leg in Bike Accident, Returns to U.S. (Newsweek Magazine)

Kerry cancels Europe tour after bike crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

S Africa 'admits $10m Fifa payout' (BBC)

UK banks 'launch Fifa internal probe' amid calls for boycott (Channel4)

Leicester City Launches Investigation Over 'Racist Orgy' Video Filmed In Bangkok (Huffington Post)

Terrifying moment female circus performer plunged to floor as 'hair-hanging' stunt goes horribly wrong in front of shocked children (Daily Mail)

Wary Children Return to Schools After Nepal Earthquake (New York Times - Paywall)

Grim History Traced in Sunken Slave Ship Found Off South Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

Western Officials Alarmed as ISIS Expands Territory in Libya (New York Times - Paywall)

Farmer gored to death by Highland bull (CNN)

Secretary of State John Kerry Cuts Europe Trip Short After Breaking Leg (New York Times - Paywall)

China Says It Could Set Up Air Defense Zone in South China Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Birthday card appeal woman turns 100 (BBC)

US police 'kill two people a day' (BBC)

Andy Burnham First To Get On Ballot Of Labour Leader Race, Attacks Miliband's 'Metropolitan Elite' (Huffington Post)

ISIS fighter was trained in U.S. (CNN)

Cuba officially off U.S. terror blacklist (CNN)

John Kerry suffers broken leg in cycling accident (Russia Today)

ISIS jihadists reportedly kidnap up to 500 children in Iraq (Russia Today)

US police shot dead almost 400 people in 5 months report (Russia Today)

Beau Biden dies of brain cancer (Financial Times - Paywall)

Joe Biden Says His Son, Beau, Has Died of Brain Cancer at 46 (Newsweek Magazine)

'Meteorite thieves' held by police (BBC)

Video emerges of Chinese man abducted in Pakistan (Los Angeles Times)

FIFA President Sepp Blatter defends his reputation, downplays corruption probe (Los Angeles Times)

We Wont Touch the World Cup, FIFA President Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Powerful quake strikes off Japan; no tsunami warning issued (Los Angeles Times)

Strong earthquake strikes off Japan (BBC)

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