Friday, 5th June 2015

World News

Police: Man baked potato, raked leaves during break-in (CBS News)

Teen begins 57-mile walk with brother on back for a cause (CBS News)

Pumping iron and back on the streets, Baby P monster's new identity as a life coach and personal trainer after serving six years in jail over toddler's horrific death (Daily Mail)

Shanay Walker caught on video before her death at family's hands (Daily Mail)

Ladies' Day at the Investec Derby Festival see hats and tatts galore (Daily Mail)

Chelsea fan 'filmed stopping black man getting on a train in Paris' challenges match ban (Daily Mail)

This Is Why It's Hard to Boycott Israel (Time Magazine)

Back to black: Helena Bonham Carter looks gorgeously gothic in her favourite shade (Daily Express)

Performers take part in BBC Music Day (BBC)

Plague of toads descends on Chinese town in bizarre natural spectacle (Daily Express)

China pledges to end ivory trading but says the U.S. should, too (Washington Post - Paywall)

Columbia graduate who carried mattress releases video depicting 'rape' (Guardian)

Otter makes off with a 10lb salmon stolen from a fishing boat (Daily Mail)

David Gill rules out replacing Sepp Blatter as FIFA president but Manchester United director will join executive committee (Daily Mail)

Death of Bipolar Man in Police Custody Ruled a Homicide (NBC News)

Immigrants found in four port lorries (BBC)

Russia, China block proposed U.N. blacklisting of two Libyans (Reuters)

FIFA boss Jack Warner's son profited from World Cup tickets scam (Daily Mail)

Keira Knightley welcomes a baby GIRL into the world with husband James Righton (Daily Express)

Dashcam captures stolen ambulance crash - video (Guardian)

68 migrants found locked in containers (CNN)

Teen commits suicide following father's public shaming video (Russia Today)

U.S. Suspects China in Huge Data Breach of Government Computers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

5 Players to Follow in the Women's World Cup (Time Magazine)

Diplomats: Russia and China have blocked sanctions against 2 Libyans accused of hurting peace (Fox News)

Former BP Executive Found Not Guilty of Lying in Oil Spill (Time Magazine)

Nest of world's deadliest spiders found in bunch of supermarket bananas (Daily Express)

Texas Man Gets Prison Time For Trying to Join ISIS (NBC News)

Can American Pharoah pull off the Triple Crown? (CBS News)

68 people found locked in Harwich International port container in Essex (Daily Mail)

Alexis Tsipras defiant as he addresses Greek parliament - video (Guardian)

'What Is D-Day?' And Other Questions: Your Guide To The 71st Anniversary Of A Huge Day In History (Huffington Post)

Polish couple deported back to Britain after drunken rampage in Turkey (Daily Mail)

68 Migrants Found in Trucks at U.K. Border Search (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Former BP exec found not guilty of lying in oil spill probe (Russia Today)

Facebook takes flack for "baby yoga" video (CBS News)

Why are people protesting at the G7? (CNN)

Boy with cancer gets a special day (CBS News)

WorldViews: The world may be ignoring the destruction of cultural treasures in Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

Surge in ISIS using social media for recruitment (CNN)

Man Calls 911 Because His Cat Locked Him Out of the House for Four Hours (Time Magazine)

ISIS exploits social media to make inroads in U.S. (CNN)

Gold nugget worth £10,000 uncovered in Scotland is the biggest discovery in decades but the man who found it almost THREW it away (Daily Mail)

Why ISIS wins -- and how to beat it (CNN)

Search for clues to ship disaster (CNN)

ISIS Attacks Syrian Checkpoints (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Physics professor pleads not guilty to giving US secrets to China (Guardian)

A dark day for Fifa after claims of arms deals for World Cup votes (Guardian)

WorldViews: Britain has no written constitution. Meet the man who drafted one. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Adulteress who stabbed boyfriend to death on her houseboat after he caught her with another man is jailed for nine years (Daily Mail)

Doctor charged over abortion death (BBC)

Pregnant Birmingham woman found a dead lizard in a can of tomatoes (Daily Mail)

Why Walmart's CEO Wants His Staff to Be Like Han Solo (Time Magazine)

Death Plunge: ISIS throws gay men off buildings under guise of Sharia law (Fox News)

British globetrotter Lee Thompson goes around the world in 12 hours! (Daily Mail)

Paula White who lived high life in Spain off the back of £3.5million drug empire is jailed (Daily Mail)

Man in Star Wars storm trooper costume arrested (CBS News)

VIDEO: Artists on stage for BBC Music Day (BBC)

TSA Celebrates Doughnut Day After Saving Choking Traveler (Newsweek Magazine)

Among the warriors: Extraordinary photos portray the lives of the Kurdish volunteers resisting Isis in Syria and Iraq (Independent)

Former mayor killed by her own car after it rolled back on to her as she unloaded her shopping (Daily Mail)

ISIS conducts more executions of men for being gay (Fox News)

Everton sign Cleverley from Man Utd (BBC)

'Moron' gives ISIS location (CNN)

Deposits in Fifa case skirted bank rules (Financial Times - Paywall)

G7 summit: Vladimir Putin will miss out on a weekend at Colditz sister castle with other world leaders (Independent)

A Look at the Guinness World Records of Doughnuts In Celebration of National Doughnut Day (Newsweek Magazine)

Spy Star Miranda Hart: In the Back of My Head I'm Always Writing as a Feminist' (Time Magazine)

UK weather forecasters predict the hottest day of the year TODAY (Daily Mail)

Replica French ship arrives in Virginia to hero's welcome again, 235 years later (Guardian)

And on your left... the hostile Chinese navy: Vietnam launches luxury cruise to the hotly contested Spratly islands which has seen a rapid build up of Chinese military might (Daily Mail)

Aunt and grandmother jailed for death of seven-year-old girl in their care (Guardian)

'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Happened Thirty Years Ago Today (Huffington Post)

World Briefing: Frenchman in Vegetative State Can Be Taken Off Life Support, Court Rules (New York Times - Paywall)

Once untouchable South American soccer heavyweight in Paraguay embroiled in FIFA scandal (Fox News)

As FIFA Scandal Grows, Focus Turns to Its Auditors (New York Times - Paywall)

'I don't feel betrayed': Girlfriend of man with no penis says she has forgiven him after he kept his condition secret for a YEAR (Daily Mail)

Are You the Worlds Oldest Cat? Guinness World Records Would Like a Word (Newsweek Magazine)

Germany sent rocket-propelled grenades to Saudi Arabia to swing 2006 FIFA World Cup vote (Daily Mail)

Many tears, few answers at site of China ship tragedy (Los Angeles Times)

Kennedy death 'linked to alcoholism' (BBC)

ISIS jihadis force kids as young as six to watch brutal beheading (Daily Star)

Eastern Star rescue teams on Yangtze river prepare to enter ship (Daily Mail)

Rachel Riley shows off pert derri re in skintight leggings as she gets back on her bike (Daily Express)

Izabel Laxamana commits suicide after video of dad cutting off her hair was posted online (Daily Mail)

Why Glitches Are an Important Part of Gaming Culture (Huffington Post)

97 Confirmed Dead as Crews Pull Chinese River Boat Out of Yangtze River (Newsweek Magazine)

'Mbeki signed off' on SA Fifa cash (BBC)

Abuse, harassment, death threats: Social media crimes soaring police (Russia Today)

Ronald Moon: Cincinnati man posts video message showing injuries he claims he suffered trying to establish community center (Independent)

Heartbroken mother says her paralysed son has been sentenced to death' after French court agrees to wife's request to turn off his life support despite parents' objections (Daily Mail)

Workers turn capsized Chinese ship upright and recover more bodies (Washington Post - Paywall)

Baby dies after overworked dad leaves him in back of sweltering hot car for four hours (Daily Star)

Turkey detains Russian student in Syrian border town after fears she might join Isis (Independent)

Woman jailed for 'mercy killing' of man hours from natural death (Guardian)

Tennis: Wawrinka breaks French hearts (CNN)

George Clooney takes wife Amal back to Kentucky's Augusta (Daily Mail)

Eggs of world's deadliest spider found in English supermarket (Russia Today)

'Black women unnamed': how Tanisha Anderson's bad day turned into her last (Guardian)

Tariq Aziz dead: Saddam Hussein's deputy dies of heart attack while awaiting death sentence (Independent)

Texas man gets world's first skull, scalp transplant (CNN)

Search for bodies inside capsized Chinese cruise ship (CNN)

Chinese Hacking of U.S. Data May Extend to Insurance Companies (New York Times - Paywall)

Death toll from market blast in Nigeria's northeast rises to 45 (Reuters)

Boston suspects family says he wasnt inspired by ISIS (CBS News)

FBI suspects China of government hack (CBS News)

G7 protesters gather in Germany near summit venue video (Guardian)

Court Upholds French Ruling on Brain-Damaged Man (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Meet the people who really ARE living the dream! From buying a paradise island to revamping a French chateau, these people traded in the 9-5 for a life of adventure (Daily Mail)

Fury at Facebook over 'baby abuse' video site refuses to take down (Daily Mail)

Images show women joyously casting off long black veils and abayas as they flee from Isis (Independent)

ISIS beheads Libyan soldier in front of children for educational purposes' (Russia Today)

Greece puts off 300mn IMF payment till end of June (Russia Today)

Serena reaches French Open final (CNN)

Woman dies and man hurt in fire (BBC)

Irish PM calls for Fifa cash answers (BBC)

Judge tells policeman who gave chase to petrol thief it's a 'pleasure' to clear him of dangerous driving so why did prosecutors waste £30,000 pursuing him? (Daily Mail)

Fake Willy: Fiberglass killer whale used to scare off sea lions almost sinks after being swamped by a giant cargo ship (Daily Mail)

Women's World Cup 2015 Kicks Off On 6 June, But The Only Questions Are About Fifa Corruption Scandal (Huffington Post)

Aged relative hits out at Beijing's handling of ship tragedy (Reuters)

Could Qatar lose 2022 World Cup? (CNN)

Fifa corruption crisis: pressure mounts on FAI over 5m payment as it happened (Guardian)

French kiss: Mary Pierce's power of prayer (CNN)

Dead lizard found in tin of tomatoes (Guardian)

Time lapse shows 11-year construction of One World Trade Centre (Independent)

Cappuccino is knocked off Starbucks menu by hipster-favourite 'the flat white' (Daily Mail)

68 Migrants Are Found Locked Inside Trucks at British Port (New York Times - Paywall)

Groom buys his bride-to-be a new pair of breasts for their wedding day after she was left with saggy skin due to dramatic seven stone weight loss (Daily Mail)

Huge cyberattack: China accused (CNN)

Man in Star Wars storm trooper costume causes elementary school to lock down (Guardian)

FIFA Paid Millions to Ireland to Avoid Legal Action Over 2010 World Cup (Newsweek Magazine)

Beyond Google Earth, How One Company Wants to See the World in 3D (Time Magazine)

Russia, China plan to develop joint transport navigation platform (Russia Today)

More Bodies Are Found as Yangtze Ship Is Lifted (New York Times - Paywall)

Olympic cyclist Robert Forstemann tries to power a toaster in new video (Daily Mail)

Will U.S. back new Nigerian leader's tough stance against Boko Haram? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Thousands of toads descend upon China after heavy rainfall results in biblical scene (Daily Mail)

Quest for space tourism MUST go on despite tragic death of Richard Branson's test pilot (Daily Express)

Jack Warner wanted $7m bribe to vote for us as World Cup hosts, says Egypt (Guardian)

Almost-passenger recalls wife lost in China ship disaster, determination to bring her home (Fox News)

Colorado police car swallowed by sinkhole video (Guardian)

UK Weather Forecast: 5,000 Lightning Strikes On Britain's Hottest Day (Huffington Post)

Lionel Messi: Man with a $165M smile (CNN)

Capsized ship brought to shore, next of kin seek answers in China disaster (Los Angeles Times)

Coffee grinder explosives man guilty (BBC)

Death of mentally-ill student found dead in restraints at Georgia jail was homicide, says coroner (Independent)

Police Commissioner: Bad Old Days of Crime May Be Back (Time Magazine)

This Tim Cook Prediction May Have Been Wildly Off (Time Magazine)

Why MasterCard Should Buy American Express (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Wall of Sound: BBC Music Day heads east (BBC)

68 migrants found crammed into shipping container (CBS News)

South Africa World Cup organiser under growing pressure over $10m payment in Fifa scandal (Guardian)

Five World Cups Under Suspicion After FIFA Executives Testimony (Newsweek Magazine)

FIFA Is Being Asked to Explain Why it Paid $5.5 Million to the Irish Soccer Association (Time Magazine)

ISIS video shows seized US military equipment after Iraqi army fled Ramadi (Daily Mail)

Yangtze cruise ship refloating efforts under way video (Guardian)

With sunken ship righted, Chinas grim work speeds up (CBS News)

Greece skips paying back its debts: Athens refuses to hand over 300million euro bailout repayment due today... but promises to pay back 'bundle' of payments later (Daily Mail)

Pay and dismay: Parking machine in French town issues 500 tickets calling the scandal-hit mayor a 'thieving b*****d' (Daily Mail)

New Google Doodle Celebrates the Kick-Off of the Women's World Cup (Time Magazine)

Charles Kennedy Cause Of Death Revealed As 'Major Haemorrhage" Caused By Battle With Alcoholism (Huffington Post)

Chinese man launches scissor attack at hospital (Daily Mail)

Body of pregnant teenager found at boyfriend's family home sparks protests in Argentina (Independent)

Ghana petrol station fire: Accra death toll tops 150 after inferno during severe flooding (Independent)

Man plays guitar as brain operated on (CNN)

VIDEO: China boat-sinking relatives 'manhandled' (BBC)

If Syriza goes back on its promises to end austerity, it's finished' (Russia Today)

Facebook criticised over baby video (BBC)

US destroys Isis headquarters after 'moron' jihadist posts photo to social media (Independent)

Myanmar pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi to visit Communist-run China next week (Fox News)

Frenchman in coma can be taken off life support - Euro court (Reuters)

China says U.S. calls for Tiananmen accounting are 'unprovoked accusations' (Reuters)

Ban Ki-moon announces new U.N. inquiry into child sex claims against French peacekeepers (Daily Mail)

ISIS fighter took selfie -- here's what happened next (CNN)

Facebook Users Upset by Video of Baby Dunked in Water (Time Magazine)

Photo highlights of the day: ladies day at Epsom (Guardian)

China cruise disaster: death toll passes 100 as relatives complain of harassment (Guardian)

British jihadis are slipping back into the UK undetected posing as migrants using routes used by human traffickers through the Balkans (Daily Mail)

Heart rate machine tracks man during marriage proposal and shows just how stressful popping the question is (Daily Mail)

Galway: Paisley Sr 'not a man of God' (BBC)

YouTube video shows just how easy it is to have your drink spiked (Independent)

YouTube video warns just how easy it is to have your drink spiked (Independent)

Oregon village enlists fake whale to scare sea lions off fish but it flounders (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: Pressure from Chinese Authorities Forces Ex-Detained Feminist to Shutter Organization (New York Times - Paywall)

Chinese women's rights group collapses under official pressure (Guardian)

FBI investigates as Chinese hackers steal details of 4m federal employees (Daily Mail)

China Blasts 'Irresponsible' U.S. Over Data Breach Accusations (NBC News)

The Free Help Guy Is An Anonymous Man Who Will Help Anyone, With Anything, For Free (Huffington Post)

French government opposes boycott of Israel, after France's Orange announces pullout (Fox News)

It's official, claw machines ARE rigged: Video reveals how grabbing strength is tweaked depending on how much money has been paid in (Daily Mail)

Death toll rises in Accra floods and petrol station fire (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Week: These Are The Best Images From Around The World (Huffington Post)

See How the World Celebrates Key Historical Events (Time Magazine)

Moment security guard pushed ISIS suicide bomber away from mosque (Daily Mail)

China tightens Communist Party leadership at state firms (Reuters)

China calls U.S. hacking accusations irresponsible and unscientific' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shocking footage shows Chinese woman brutally beating her mentally ill MOTHER in the street while screaming 'I want her to die' (Daily Mail)

The man behind the world's best Indian food (CNN)

The Surprising History Behind National Doughnut Day (Time Magazine)

Manila 'gravely concerned' over reported Chinese warning shot at sea (Reuters)

Human rights court allows France to take tetraplegic man off life support (Guardian)

Meet elite fighters going after ISIS (CNN)

To Celebrate World Oceans Day Google Sends Street View To The Bottom Of The Sea (Huffington Post)

China warns U.S. over Taiwan presidential hopeful visit (Reuters)

Jack The Ripper Case Notes & Death Masks To Feature In Museum Of London (Huffington Post)

New Dinosaur in Jurassic World is Scientifically More Plausible' Than Previous Dinosaurs (Time Magazine)

China air force holds rare drills over Beijing no-fly zone (Reuters)

Turkey detains French former jihadi bride returning from Syria (Fox News)

The most expensive cheese in the world is produced in Serbia, costing £700 a kilo... and it comes from a DONKEY (Daily Mail)

China ferry disaster: Authorities right capsized Yangtze River ship and say there is no chance of finding more survivors (Independent)

FAI chief admits FIFA paid them NOT to take legal action after Thierry Henry handball kept them out of World Cup (Daily Mail)

James Corden And Elizabeth Banks Show Off Their Dance Moves For Jane Fonda On 'The Late, Late Show' (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Pervy teacher who got his kicks from watching women on the toilet is struck off (Daily Star)

Dead lizard found in can of tomatoes (BBC)

How China's 'Great Cannon' works, and why to worry (CNN)

Yemen government ground forces and Saudi-led air strikes attack Houthi militias video (Guardian)

'Beauty Is Bravery' Says Teen, Living With Ileostomy Bag, In This Powerful Video (Huffington Post)

Capsized Chinese Ship Righted as Search for Survivors Ends (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Strictly Come Dancing': Artem Chigvintsev Hits Back At Fern Britton's Claims He Mistreated Her (Huffington Post)

91-year-old man smashes car through garage door as part of bucket list (Independent)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Two teens arrested after pet cow strangled to death (Daily Star)

Ireland: FIFA paid us over handball (CNN)

China Calls Accusations of Links to Hacking Irresponsible' (Time Magazine)

One busy mother argues why she SHOULD be allowed to use her mobile while being served in a shop (Daily Mail)

Nike's Bold Push Into Soccer Entangled It in FIFA Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Glasgow venues stage BBC Music Day (BBC)

Vietnam sends message to China with bid to buy fighter jets and drones (Guardian)

Vietnam launches special 'sovereignty' cruise, angering China (Reuters)

Nearly 70 suspected illegal immigrants found squeezed into ferry cargo container (Daily Star)

Fifa paid to stop Irish legal action (BBC)

New mums in China employ 'supernanny' to care for the baby (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Map: The remarkable distances you can travel on a European train in less than a day (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why This Government Official Wants to Give Smart Phones to Poor People (Time Magazine)

Video of Mexican Prison Riot Highlights a Crisis as Elections Near (New York Times - Paywall)

Regaliceratops 'Hellboy' dinosaur discovered in Canada - video report (Guardian)

OPM hack: as China blames US for huge cyberattack, new era of cyberwarfare and internet terrorism arrives (Independent)

Top School to End Dissection Class After Students Make Dead Cats Dance' in Video (Time Magazine)

How Chinese Smuggled $4.9 Billion Out of Italy (NBC News)

Q&A: Why Turkey's election matters (Financial Times - Paywall)

French prosecutor to meet relatives of victims of Germanwings crash in Alps that killed 150 (Fox News)

Divers Reach Doomed Chinese Cruise Ship's Cabins (NBC News)

China Shows the World How to Turn a Tragedy into an Embarrassment (Time Magazine)

UK weather forecasters say tomorrow may be hottest day of the year (Daily Mail)

The knives are out! Gordon moves in on French chef's patch: Michelin stars will go head-to-head in Bordeaux (Daily Mail)

FBI 'knows' China collecting personal data (CNN)

MAX HASTINGS: Why every Briton should savour this blood-soaked victory France wants to pretend never happened (Daily Mail)

Premier League footballer Papiss Cisse of Newcastle United married Diallo Awa abroad 'without telling his TWO girlfriends back home' (Daily Mail)

Off his head: Cancer victim has world's first skull and scalp transplant (Daily Star)

Alton Towers closed for third day (BBC)

David Cameron overrules on EU referendum taking place on same day as local polls (Daily Mail)

'Baby Yoga' Facebook Video Of Baby Dunked In Water Criticized By NSPCC As Child Abuse (Huffington Post)

'Sudden deaths' of man and woman (BBC)

Cyber attack hits millions of U.S. federal workers, probe focuses on China (Reuters)

68 People Found Locked In Container At Harwich Port, Seven Taken To Hospital (Huffington Post)

365,000 back petition calling for David Cameron to block MPs' 10% pay rise (Daily Mail)

US government hack: China denies responsibility for cyberattack that stole personal details of four million employees (Independent)

US government hack: China denies responsibility for cyber attack that stole personal details of four million employees (Independent)

Women's rights group says it has been forced to close after pressure from Chinese authorities (Fox News)

Fifa paid Irish FA to avoid legal case over Thierry Henry handball, says FAI chief - video (Guardian)

Fourth Death Confirmed in South Korea's Worsening MERS Outbreak (Time Magazine)

Capsized Chinese ship righted as rescuers find 97 bodies so far; hundreds still missing (Fox News)

Why a 'female Viagra' is so hard to create (CNN)

Man saves moose, rangers blow it up (CNN)

Why are fish falling from sky in Alaska? (CNN)

High-Seas Seizure: Ship With 12 Tons of Hash Captured (NBC News)

Oklahoma rodeo: 'I can be gay and I can be a cowboy' video (Guardian)

Ship sinks in China's Yangtze River (CNN)

Death Toll Climbs to 97 as China Rights Capsized Ship (NBC News)

Shinzo Abe: 3 big challenges facing the world (CNN)

Giant telescope peers back to dawn of time (CNN)

Myanmar's Suu Kyi to make first visit to China (Reuters)

Sinosphere Blog: High-Speed Rail Aids Disaster Deployments by Chinese Military (New York Times - Paywall)

Tory minister admits that Britain NEEDS to claw back powers from EU to control immigration (Daily Express)

Boston librarys missing artwork found -- in unlikely place (CBS News)

Fake Orca Goes Belly-Up in Bid to Scare Off Sea Lions (NBC News)

South Korea declares 'war' on Mers virus as death toll rises (Guardian)

Fifa payment to FAI over Henry handball was 'loan to build stadium' as it happened (Guardian)

Italy: China stymied money laundering probe; Chinese bank's commissions under investigation (Fox News)

The French take more holidays and work less but does it matter? (Guardian)

Greece economy and Fifa payment (BBC)

China rights capsized Yangtze ship (BBC)

Now ISIS bans pigeons because looking at them as they fly away is against Islam (Daily Express)

At the French Open, Tennis Isn't Always the Main Course (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Golden State Warriors Hold Off LeBron, Cavs for 108-100 OT Win in Game 1 (Time Magazine)

Petco takes responsibility for dogs grooming death (CBS News)

Furious tramp mob topples portaloo to punish man masturbating with door open (Daily Star)

Capsized Chinese ship righted: 97 bodies found, hundreds still missing (Guardian)

Workers turn capsized China ship upright, say chance of finding survivors 'very slim' (Fox News)

Terrified man calls cops after angry cat blocks him out of house for four hours (Daily Star)

China rights capsized ship, abandons hope of finding any more survivors (Washington Post - Paywall)

China shares in fresh seven-year high (BBC)

Bieber found guilty of assault. What was the punishment? (CNN)

Hazardous chemicals found in nearly 75% of child car seats study (Russia Today)

China to make pledge for global climate treaty this month, UN official says; Xi wrote to Ban (Fox News)

China suspected in massive U.S. government data breach (CBS News)

FIFA Paid Ireland Millions Over 2010 World Cup Call (NBC News)

Chinese ship captain says he tried to 'go with the wind' during storm (Los Angeles Times)

World-first skull and scalp transplant gives Texas man 'new lease on life' (Guardian)

Video game hall of fame honours Pong, Doom and Super Mario Bros. (Guardian)

Petraeus blamed for setbacks against ISIS (CNN)

Death Toll Climbs to 82 as China Rights Capsized Ship (NBC News)

Exclusive - Vietnam eyes Western warplanes, patrol aircraft to counter China (Reuters)

Open Source: French Firm Latest Target of Palestinian-Led Movement to Boycott Israel (New York Times - Paywall)

Photo bomb: US general boasts strike on ISIS HQ based on jihadist selfie' (Russia Today)

TERROR ALERT: Millions at risk as Chinese spies 'hack government and steal secret data' (Daily Express)

Who was Man Haron Monis? Plenty of intrigue but no clear answers from the Sydney siege inquest (Guardian)

No signs of life in ship disaster (CNN)

Chinese rescuers overturn capsized ship as disaster toll jumps above 80 (Russia Today)

The day Kate Moss kicked me out of my seat, by Andrew Marr: Broadcaster tells how he was lost for words when model demanded his chair at cafe (Daily Mail)

Comparison site shares plummet as watchdog starts probe: Millions wiped off their value after they are named in inquiry into market-rigging (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Yemen: Civilians Bombed, Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Officials: China Suspected of Massive U.S. Data Breach (NBC News)

Vietnam launches 'sovereignty' cruise to South China Sea islands (Guardian)

World Briefing: Cambodia: Refugee Resettlement Begins (New York Times - Paywall)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Friday 5th June 2015 (Huffington Post)

Data Breach Linked to China Exposes Millions of U.S. Workers (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Colombia: Truth Commission Planned (New York Times - Paywall)

Izabel Laxamana: Tacoma teen kills herself days after 'shaming' video posted online of father cutting her hair (Independent)

French Telecom Executive's Remarks on Israel Incite Furor (New York Times - Paywall)

Nepal earthquake: Virtual reality film puts viewers in shoes of aid workers video (Guardian)

Greece to Put Off Friday Debt Payment to I.M.F. (New York Times - Paywall)

Manics set for BBC Music Day concert (BBC)

Terror fears as China 'steals millions of top secret government files in cyber attack' (Daily Star)

Death toll climbs to 82 as China starts righting capsized ship (Reuters)

World Briefing: Myanmar: 51 Child Soldiers Released (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Warner vows to reveal Fifa corruption (BBC)

FIFA Ex-Official Jack Warner Claims Broader-Based Corruption (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Death toll from Ghana explosion more than doubles to 150 (CBS News)

China urges no new demands at Iran nuclear talks (Reuters)

Go to war or go home: House resolution to force debate on fight against ISIS (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Recovery work begins on China ship (BBC)

French telecom Orange says it 'ultimately' will pull brand out of Israel (Los Angeles Times)

Isis slaughter in the sacred Syrian city of Palmyra: The survivors' stories (Independent)

Hackers in China suspected over US breach (Financial Times - Paywall)

Owen Whitesmith rounded up mob of eight hooded youths to hack rival to death (Daily Mail)

Creating the blackest paint in the world (BBC)

Boston library's missing artwork is found -- in the library (Daily Mail)

Little fracking impact found on US water (Financial Times - Paywall)

Young teen kills herself 'after dad cuts her hair and posts shaming video online' (Daily Star)

Long Beach shoreline off limits after tar balls wash ashore (CBS News)

Will a Texan be back in the White House? (BBC)

20-Foot Gigantic Shark' Fossil Found in Duck Creek Formation of Texas (Newsweek Magazine)

Armed robbers kill French tourist camping in Nigeria (CBS News)

South Africans taunt government in FIFA bribery scandal (Los Angeles Times)

These Are the 5 Facts That Explain the FIFA Scandal (Time Magazine)

China Is Suspected in Massive Breach of Federal Personnel Data (Time Magazine)

Blatter: FIFA overhaul underway amid corruption crisis (CBS News)

Girlfriend Rachelle Graham jilted by Newcastle footballer Papiss Cisse hits back at critics (Daily Mail)

Rembrandt etching missing from Boston library is found misfiled (Guardian)

Actor Michael Enright fighting ISIS in Syria 'should be removed' says ex-US marine (Daily Mail)

South Korea confirms death of fourth MERS patient (Reuters)

Building One World Trade Center: 11 years in under two minutes video (Guardian)

China rescuers prepare to pull ship upright; hundreds still missing (CBS News)

Duncan Bannatyne's finance chief charged with skimming off £8million (Daily Mail)

Worm piles found on US road puzzle authorities - video (Guardian)

US geopolitical ploy: Surround Russia back into depth of Eurasian landmass' (Russia Today)

Death closer than you think? Quiz may hold the answer (CNN)

10,000 ISIS killed in 9 months: U.S. (CNN)

FIFA president facing FBI corruption probe (CNN)

Top Russian official: We feel no threat to our World Cup (CNN)

Chinese Leaders, in Stilted Talk, Urge Empathy for Families of Cruise Ship Victims (New York Times - Paywall)

Fifa payment to FAI over Thierry Henry handball was 'loan to build stadium' (Guardian)

Blatter 'working on Fifa reforms' (BBC)

Slovakian man arrested over brutal rape of 18-year-old in Leeds (Daily Mail)

US Air Force destroy ISIS base hours after militant posted pictures on social media (Daily Mail)

Fifa corruption: FBI investigates £295m deals handled by Brazil's ex-football chief (Independent)

Fifa corruption crisis: FBI inquiry now includes 2014 Brazil World Cup (Guardian)

Kim Jong-un watches underwater test-fire of ballistic missile - video (Guardian)

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says G-7 will never welcome back Putin (Fox News)

Inspectors find ruptured California pipeline badly corroded - video (Guardian)

Iraq says ISIS is using water as a weapon (CBS News)

'He is our Robin Hood': In Trinidad, former FIFA vice president Jack Warner remains popular (Fox News)

Rick Perry to run for president video (Guardian)

Man highlights the dangers of date rape by 'drugging' unsuspecting women in video (Daily Mail)

FIFA Paid Ireland Not to Protest Costly Hand Ball (New York Times - Paywall)

Unwell Williams in French Open final (BBC)

England could host World Cup in 2022 if Qatar is stripped of it over FIFA corruption scandal, says culture secretary (Daily Mail)

Florence mayor calls for prison sentence after vandals break finger off statue (Daily Mail)

MPs Get Serious Over Select Committee Battle As MP Releases Promo Video (Huffington Post)

Fifa Paid Irish Football Association '5 Million Euros' Not To Pursue Legal Action After Infamous Henry Handball (Huffington Post)

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