Wednesday, 10th June 2015

World News

Texas cops lawyer: He was stressed by earlier calls (CBS News)

American killed fighting against ISIS in Syria (CBS News)

Fla. man arrested for two kidnappings, robberies (CBS News)

Grand jury may probe sheriff after unarmed mans death (CBS News)

Barack Obama approves additional troops for fight against Isis in Iraq, says White House - video (Guardian)

Cop's Lawyer Says He's Sorry For Pool Party Response (NBC News)

Obama's Big Talk on ISIS and Putin Isn't Matched By His Actions (Time Magazine)

LAPD police chief silent on fate of officers faulted in Ezell Ford death (Guardian)

Developing nation growth slowing, warns World Bank (Financial Times - Paywall)

World Bank slashes growth forecast for emerging economies (Guardian)

This Man Got a Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo on His Arm (Time Magazine)

Texas Pool Party Cop Let Emotions' Overcome Him, Lawyer Says (Time Magazine)

Actor with small parts in big movies is fighting ISIS but is he helping? (CNN)

Missing mother's relative to face court accused of helping her hide with son (Guardian)

American Killed Fighting Against ISIS in Syria: Officials (NBC News)

Matthew Ajibade family files complaint after waiting months for report on death in custody (Guardian)

FIFA suspends World Cup bidding (CNN)

Pool party cop 'emotional' (CNN)

Court told of distress among asylum seekers locked in shipping container (Guardian)

VIDEO: Live: Mansion House speeches (BBC)

FIFA Suspends 2026 World Cup Bidding (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Carolina Man Gets Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo on Arm (NBC News)

Carry-on sizes may get smaller (CBS News)

US citizen killed in Syria while fighting against Isis as part of Kurdish group (Guardian)

Louisiana woman may be 7th Takata air bag-linked death (CBS News)

Man charged with murder after woman's body missing head, arms and legs found in suitcase (Daily Express)

'Dirty bomb': ISIS has enough material to build WMD, Australian intelligence warns (Russia Today)

US steps up battle against Isis in Iraq (Financial Times - Paywall)

Family releases statement after NC woman found safe (CBS News)

Man charged with murder after woman's torso found in suitcase (Daily Star)

American Killed in Syria, State Department Reports (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New app verifies eyewitness video (CNN)

Fifa IT data seized by Swiss police (BBC)

Swiss police arrest Bosnian former Srebrenica Commander at Serbia's request, mayor says (Fox News)

Porn-watching man breaks penis after motorbike fall (Daily Star)

American killed in Syria, State Department says (Reuters)

Egyptian court orders investigation of country's leading rights group, days after Europe trip (Fox News)

Man held after crash causes 'carnage' (BBC)

Officials: American fighting with Kurds against Islamic State group in Syria killed in battle (Fox News)

American fighting with Kurds in Syria killed in ISIS battle (Fox News)

US prison guards charged over death (BBC)

Kenlissia Jones abortion: Prosecutor drops murder charges against woman detained after 'taking abortion pill' (Independent)

Battle of pits: Brit women join bizarre global armpit hair growing competition (Daily Star)

Islamic State Rule Transforms Mosul (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. to Deploy 450 More Troops to Iraq to Train Forces Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi Arabia mosque bombing: Mother of man who died stopping Isis suicide attacker offers her condolences to terrorist's mother (Independent)

Obama sending 450 more troops to Iraq in face of Isis offensive (Independent)

ISIS fighters plot nuclear war after they obtain radioactive material to build dirty bomb (Daily Express)

Malaysia tourist arrests: British traveller Eleanor Hawkins appears in court for 'stripping naked and causing quake on Mount Kinabalu' (Independent)

Suitcase torso death suspect charged (BBC)

Islamic State clashes with rivals in eastern Libya, 20 dead (Reuters)

U.S. Embracing a New Approach on Battling ISIS in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Women Should Never Have an Age Limit on Fertility Treatment (Time Magazine)

Malaysia police chief pledges to catch remaining naked prank tourists video (Guardian)

Egyptian Police Foil Bomb Attack in Luxor (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

White House orders up to 450 more military advisors to Iraq (Los Angeles Times)

Report: Police Eye Possible NY Prison Escapees Accomplice Who May Have Changed Her Mind (Newsweek Magazine)

This Ratchet & Clank Trailer May Finally Have Pixar Beat (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: Why Scottish politician Nicola Sturgeon has been called the most dangerous woman in Britain' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rebecca Minnock search: Police investigate possible sightings of missing mum (Daily Star)

Pope Establishes Court to Try Bishops for Sex-Case Missteps (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man 'mountain' Utd: Club offers XXXXL shirts (Daily Star)

Scientist: Lab women 'fall in love with you' (CNN)

Obama approves plan to send 450 new troops to Iraq in fight against Isis (Guardian)

Tim Hunt's Comments On Women In Science Spark Female Scientist Fightback (Huffington Post)

Libyan militias scramble as ISIS seizes territory (CBS News)

Brain-injured Frenchman's family post online video in fight to keep him alive (Guardian)

White House accuses media of junior high insecurities' after claims Obama snubbed Iraqi PM at G7 (Russia Today)

Turkey's Kurdish party accuses government of inaction over violence (Reuters)

Thousands flee into Turkey from Syria as Kurds fight Islamic state (Reuters)

Texas abortion law ruling: Latinas more likely to avoid clinics and self-terminate (Guardian)

Missing Ohio Girl May Be Linked to Miami Hotel Killing (NBC News)

How Can We Encourage More Women to Study Computer Science? (Newsweek Magazine)

Undercover police evidence withheld by prosecutors, cleared protesters compensated (Russia Today)

Two Rikers Island officers charged over beating death of inmate in 2012 (Guardian)

Georgia woman who took abortion pill has murder charges dismissed (Guardian)

Saudi court sentences 2 airport employees to prison over sexual harassment of Iranian pilgrims (Fox News)

Man Dies When Car Plunges from Parking Garage (NBC News)

Texas cop resigns after pool party arrest video (CBS News)

A history of the Islamic State group 1 year after its militants swept into Iraq, seizing Mosul (Fox News)

Iraq suffers amid disarray 1 year after Islamic State group took Mosul, a third of the country (Fox News)

U.S. plans to add troops to train Iraqi forces fighting ISIS (CBS News)

Police swarm small New York town to find escaped murderers (CBS News)

Putin's administration chief warns Russia may prolong counter-sanctions (Russia Today)

Police charge Canadian man with terrorism-related charges in absentia; said to be in Syria (Fox News)

Indian police investigate state minister, 2 police officers after journalist set on fire dies (Fox News)

Salinas police chief defends 'horrific' video of mentally-ill man being beaten by officers (Independent)

Women in Iceland are changing their Facebook profile pictures to yellow and orange sad-faces to highlight the prevalence of sexual violence (Independent)

Hezbollah and ISIS Clash in First-Ever Gun Battle (Newsweek Magazine)

FIFA Corruption: 2026 World Cup Bidding Process Delayed Indefinitely (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Converts Mosul Orthodox Church Into a Mosque for Fighters (Newsweek Magazine)

Unlikely twist in saga of newly-executed Missouri man (CBS News)

Woman Who Vanished Before C-Section Found Alive (NBC News)

Why are these women showing off their armpit hair? (CNN)

Iraqi: ISIS 'worse than cancer' (CNN)

Chief Chechen mufti condemns Islamic State as enemies of religion (Russia Today)

FBI Arrests Two New York Correction Officers for Beating Death of Inmate (Newsweek Magazine)

FIFA Puts 2026 World Cup Bidding Process On Hold (Time Magazine)

EU lawmakers demand rights monitoring of Hungary amid death penalty dispute with PM Orban (Fox News)

Harriet Harman tells David Cameron to show 'a bit more class' during PMQs video (Guardian)

Iraqi officials: Suicide car bombing at police checkpoint in Baghdad kills 6 people (Fox News)

German court nixes case against 2 men who smuggled drugs at behest of undercover police (Fox News)

Chinese Women Hosting Unshaven Armpit Photo Contest on Social Media (Time Magazine)

Alton Towers amputee making fast recovery, says brother - video (Guardian)

Amelia Earhart: Recently-discovered footage shows aviator setting off on ill-fated attempt to fly around the world (Independent)

Woman holds sign at feminist rally saying 'There is no rape culture in the West' (Independent)

Woman holds sign at feminist rally saying 'there is no rape culture in the West' (Independent)

Texas Cop Who Pulled Gun on Teenagers at Pool Party Resigns (Newsweek Magazine)

WorldViews: One year ago, Islamic State stepped into the global spotlight. Here's what has happened since. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video row in France right-to-die case (BBC)

'Lucky to be alive' Pretty Magaluf party girl rushed to hospital after balcony plunge (Daily Star)

Cookery writer Marguerite Patten, who helped Britain survive on World War II rations, dies (Fox News)

Two Women Fighting In Walmart Caught On Video (Huffington Post)

10 Irish women a day forced to seek abortions in UK (Russia Today)

Pakistan hangs 'innocent' Aftab Bahadur Masih after 23 years on death row (Independent)

British woman among those arrested over 'naked' stunt on Mount Kinabalu (Guardian)

Pakistan, Brushing Aside Pleas for Mercy, Executes Man Convicted at 15 (New York Times - Paywall)

DIRTY BOMB: ISIS has 'enough radioactive material' to build nukes (Daily Star)

Dozens of animals die in Texas animal hospital blaze (CBS News)

ISIS THREAT: Jihadists have 'enough radioactive material to build a dirty bomb' (Daily Star)

Court bans joyriding in Mumbai's blingy horse-drawn carriages to prevent animal cruelty (Fox News)

Man jailed over forced marriage (BBC)

UN peacekeepers sexually abuse hundreds of women and minors in Haiti in exchange for food and medicine, new report will reveal (Independent)

U.N. peacekeepers sexually abuse hundreds of women and minors in Haiti in exchange for food and medicine, new report will reveal (Independent)

Analysis - "Blood antiquities": a wound the world struggles to staunch (Reuters)

World Cup 2026 bidding delayed (BBC)

Woman arrested on murder charges after reportedly taking abortion pills (Independent)

'If we didn't qualify for the '90 World Cup where would US soccer be?' - video (Guardian)

Man attempts self-immolation outside BBC Broadcasting House (Russia Today)

Azelle Rodney: Met police officer fired eight shots at close range, court told (Guardian)

Georgia woman faces murder charge for taking pill that allegedly killed fetus (Guardian)

Menezes family in European court plea (BBC)

'Abortion Pill' Woman Kenlissia Jones Charged With Murder After Taking Pills To Terminate Pregnancy (Huffington Post)

Ruling party lawmakers suggest anti-globalist amendment to Russian constitution (Russia Today)

Mary Ellen Trainor's Goonies' Co-Star Corey Feldman Deletes Insensitive' Twitter Post Following Actress's Death (Huffington Post)

Man Sticks Zipper On Brain Cancer Surgery Scar 'To Show It's OK To Laugh' (Huffington Post)

Scandal-hit FIFA delays start of bidding for 2026 World Cup (Daily Star)

Woman Gives Birth To First Ever Baby Born After Frozen Ovary Transplant (Huffington Post)

BBC Broadcasting House Locked Down As Man Douses Himself In Petrol And Threats To Set Himself Ablaze (Huffington Post)

FIFA suspends 2026 World Cup bidding amid corruption scandal (Russia Today)

Fifa bidding process for 2026 World Cup postponed (Guardian)

Child bride accused of killing husband to be freed in Nigeria, another remains on death row (Fox News)

Pakistan executes man who was 15 when sentenced to death (Guardian)

Jean Charles de Menezes Family Escalate Case To European Court of Human Rights Over Failure To Prosecute Police (Huffington Post)

Armed men ambush police base in southern Mali (Reuters)

BBC HQ LOCKDOWN: Man covered in petrol threatens to set himself on fire (Daily Star)

FIFA postpones start of 2026 World Cup bid process amid claims of bribery in previous contests (Fox News)

Woman charged with murder after allegedly taking abortion pills in US (Guardian)

Countering the ISIS Terror From an Islamic Theological Perspective (Huffington Post)

Pakistan hangs man who was 15 when convicted (Reuters)

Man douses himself in petrol & threatens to set himself alight in 'India rant' outside BBC (Daily Express)

Malaysia mountain 'nudists' in court (BBC)

Chinese man sues actress Zhao Wei because she stares at him too intensely (Independent)

Celebrity Nude Photo Hack May Be Larger Than Thought (NBC News)

Here's How World Cup Countries Treat Women Off the Field (NBC News)

Brazil Women 2-0 South Korea Women (BBC)

Thai police to wrap up human trafficking investigation by June (Reuters)

White House rooms evacuated (CNN)

HuffPost's 100 Most Influential Women On Twitter (Huffington Post)

Say it ain't so, Joe: Hockey's year in quotes video (Guardian)

Malaysian police detain 4 Westerners accused of posing naked at earthquake-hit peak (Fox News)

Opinion: Police brutality toward Latinos unacceptable (CNN)

Police chief responds to beating video (CNN)

We need a sexual revolution in the Middle East video (Guardian)

Murder retrial moved for former S.C. police chief (CBS News)

Blatter reign may end on 16 December (BBC)

Plane passengers may need to buy new suitcases in plan to shrink carry-on size (Guardian)

David Miliband blasts brother Ed's leadership of Labour in scathing attack on party (Daily Express)

NY state police struggle to find escaped murderers despite credible tip' (Russia Today)

How ISIS foes can reverse its gains (CNN)

Same-sex marriage vote more likely to fail in Coalition joint party room (Guardian)

NBA finals: LeBron shines again as Cavs take series lead over Golden State (Guardian)

Video of Salinas cops beating suspect looks horrific without context' police chief (Russia Today)

Watch YouTube Beauty Guru Ingrid Nilsen Come Out as Gay In an Emotional Video (Time Magazine)

Missouri Man Executed for Killing Girlfriend, Her Daughter (NBC News)

Texas pool party policeman quits (BBC)

UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls report (Russia Today)

Officials retrace path of woman with "extreme" tuberculosis (CBS News)

Burgers & billions: White House officials find lucrative corporate careers (Russia Today)

Libyan militias prepare to fight ISIS (CBS News)

More airstrikes & advisers: US claims to have a clear strategy' against ISIS (Russia Today)

Baby bird hatches from egg in man's hand video (Guardian)

'We no longer expect a new addition to our family': Pregnant woman with life-threatening condition who inexplicably vanished on day of C-section lost baby says family (Daily Mail)

Can same-sex marriage pass the House of Representatives? Voting interactive (Guardian)

The £850k soup kitchen: For sale, house that helped to launch a food dynasty (Daily Mail)

Texas pool party cop David Casebolt resigns after throwing black girl to ground in video (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Egypt: State Dept. Says It Won't Meet With Brotherhood Group in Washington (New York Times - Paywall)

Mom of Calif. Man Beaten By Police Says Cops Went Too Far (NBC News)

How Miley Cyrus Told Her Mom She Loves Women Like I Love Boys' at 14 (Time Magazine)

Texas cop at center of pool party controversy resigns (CBS News)

World Briefing: Romania: Premier Retains Immunity (New York Times - Paywall)

French woman wants £80,000 after Government failed to stop 16-year-old travelling to Syria to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

John Kerry bike crash: photo shows secretary of state and his broken leg (Guardian)

Ban women from male labs because they are too distracting and cry when criticised, says Nobel prize winner Sir Tim Hunt (Daily Mail)

Keep calm and carry on: Scientists say how we cope with stress can determine how long we'll live - especially for women (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Greece: U.N. Warns That Migrants May Overwhelm Tourist Island of Lesbos (New York Times - Paywall)

Half of women who have abortions are already mothers - while one in three have had at least one previous termination (Daily Mail)

Former commissioners attack Victoria police efforts to deradicalise teenagers (Guardian)

Queensland's Ravenshoe cafe explosion immediate aftermath video (Guardian)

Missouri Man Executed for Deaths of Girlfriend and Her Daughter (Time Magazine)

Islamic State attacks government office on western fringe of Baghdad (Reuters)

Sheep milk to boost bones, soya to beat the menopause... but which yogurt is the healthiest? The answer may surprise you (Daily Mail)

ISIS Proves Its Persistence With Attacks in Libya and Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Florida cop pulls man from burning car (CBS News)

Two on-the-run killers may be hiding near the jail they escaped from (CNN)

George Osborne's Mansion House speech to make deficits against the law (Daily Mail)

Joe Hockey's housing advice is let them eat cake sort of stuff', say Greens video (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 10th June 2015 (Huffington Post)

Inquest due on missing Amber's death (BBC)

Appeals court postpones release of "Angola Three" inmate (CBS News)

Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama Has No Complete ISIS Strategy Turkey Can Help (Time Magazine)

The Millionaire, the Model & the Hit Man (CBS News)

Pool party cop 'racially motivated' (CNN)

VIDEO: The things women don't talk about (BBC)

Immigrants should be allowed to hit their children, says High Court judge (Daily Mail)

Ezell Ford: Los Angeles officer violated policy in death of mentally ill black man (Guardian)

Port Said stadium disaster: 11 men sentenced to death for their involvement in riot that killed over 70 (Independent)

White House briefing room evacuated (CBS News)

Libyan militias prepare for fight against encroaching ISIS (CBS News)

Kanye West: 11 most memorable moments during the rapper's surprise party (Independent)

The Fappening: Feds raid Chicago man's house for allegedly leaking massive celebrity photo archive (Independent)

Texas Cop Who Pulled Gun on Teens at Pool Party Resigns (NBC News)

Dannemora prison break: Female employee may have helped inmate escape because he is very well-endowed' (Independent)

Dannemora prison break: Female employee may have helped inmate escape because he is 'very well-endowed' (Independent)

BREAKING: Texas police officer filmed wrestling black teenager to the ground resigns (Daily Express)

Texas pool party: Did the police officer who slammed a girl to the ground in McKinney know that he was being filmed? (Independent)

Police focus search for escaped inmates on small town (CBS News)

Call of beauty: model women join battle against ISIS (Daily Star)

Wannabe terror teens could be blocked from joining ISIS by specialist courts (Daily Express)

Wayne Rooney lover back in BB: Helen Wood prepares for shock return to house (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: 'I had a HOLE in my LEG' Monster spider bites woman leaving her in agony (Daily Express)

Texas Cop Videotaped Pulling Gun at Teen Pool Party Resigns (Time Magazine)

Out of control' McKinney police officer who drew gun on teens at pool party quits (Russia Today)

Texas pool party: Police officer Eric Casebolt resigns after drawing his gun on on a group of black youths (Independent)

Texas pool party police officer quits: Eric Casebolt resigns after drawing his gun on on a group of black youths (Independent)

White House unveils $34m climate plan to disaster-proof developing countries (Guardian)

Arkansas judge orders state to recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages (Guardian)

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Restrictive Texas Abortion Law (NBC News)

US weighs deploying hundreds more troops to train Iraqi forces against Isis (Guardian)

Facebook video shows golden retrievers fighting over tennis ball before a third tries to make peace (Daily Mail)

James Kingston stands on top of Wembley arch in video (Daily Mail)

Indian Woman Being Treated in U.S. for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia Considers Law Allowing Women To Drive Without Man's Permission (Huffington Post)

'Out of control' Texas officer who threw girl to ground at pool party resigns (Guardian)

Ravenshoe cafe explosion: woman and man in critical condition (Guardian)

43 years in solitary: Federal court blocks release of last imprisoned Angola 3 inmate (Russia Today)

ISIS child refugees: What they miss (CNN)

Police in search for mooner who injured teen schoolgirl (Daily Star)

Hundreds of complaints made about charities after Olive Cooke's death (Daily Mail)

Ireland's abortion law violates women and girls, says Amnesty International (Guardian)

Louisiana appeals release order for man in solitary confinement 43 years (Guardian)

Islamic State learned to exploit the Internet. Activists are turning the tables. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama defiant over threat to healthcare reforms as court prepares to rule (Guardian)

The grave of Sleeping Beauty discovered: 2,000-year-old Ethiopian site reveals a beautiful' woman seeming to sleep on her side - and staring into a mirror (Daily Mail)

Court cuts Texas abortion access (BBC)

Vincent Musetto: Man who wrote 'Headless Body in Topless Bar' headline has died (Independent)

White House reporters told to evacuate by secret service video (Guardian)

Tom Hanks' son Chester surfaces in LA despite being wanted by British police (Daily Mail)

Four men accused of smuggling migrants to the UK in a shipping container where one man died were part of 'large syndicate that treated human beings like freight' (Daily Mail)

Greek leader seeks party backing as EU warns on cash deal hopes (Reuters)

NSA spying may cost US companies over $35bn & do lasting harm to economy (Russia Today)

Impact glass found on Mars may be key to discovering life, scientists say (Russia Today)

One Direction to record video message for Alton Towers crash victim Leah Washington (Daily Star)

Retired fireman Colin McSweeny battered his son to death with scaffolding pole (Daily Mail)

FIFA Suspect Turns Himself In to Italian Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Kate Moss blasts 'basic b*****s' in spoof viral video with designer Marc Jacobs... just days before THAT jibe at pilot during easyJet meltdown (Daily Mail)

ISIS Claims Attack on Government Office Near Baghdad (Newsweek Magazine)

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges (Newsweek Magazine)

Police find nothing hazardous after part of U.S. Capitol complex evacuated (Reuters)

Bomb threat led to White House press room evacuation - Secret Service (Reuters)

France women 1-0 England women (BBC)

Egypt court sentences TV presenter to 1 year in prison for slandering Islamist politician (Fox News)

Texas woman sues police after being kicked, punched' by 4 cops after tampon request (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Menopause symptoms depend on where a woman LIVES: Those in the UK, US and Canada suffer the most - particularly in the bedroom - and Italians and Sweden the least (Daily Mail)

White House press room evacuated by Secret Service on same day the Capitol received a bomb threat (Independent)

At least ten women a day travel from Ireland to the UK to have an abortion (Independent)

Mom of 'jihadi boy' sues France for letting son join ISIS (Russia Today)

Egypt court sentences 11 to death over football violence (Reuters)

Secret Service Evacuates White House Press Briefing Room Following Bomb Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

Jewish woman gets doctorate in Germany at 102 (CBS News)

Blosom: World tallest cow has died in Illinois (Independent)

Murderer 'ABSEILED away from third floor flat after killing man and setting fire to body to try and destroy evidence' (Daily Mail)

Appeals Court Upholds Abortion Restrictions in Texas (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeb Bush launches European tour with speech to Merkel's party (Reuters)

Leave our encryption alone: Top tech firms, groups appeal to White House (Russia Today)

Yosemite National Park photo shows man on Glacier Point with thousands of stars (Daily Mail)

Secretly Filmed Video Shows Life in Mosul One Year After ISIS Capture (Newsweek Magazine)

Isis in Iraq: Why Tikrit remains a ghost town two months after its liberation from militant fighters (Independent)

NSA Surveillance May Cost U.S. Tech Companies More than $35 Billion (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran may use some sanctions relief for military, proxies - Dempsey (Reuters)

Rio Olympic Park development leaves husband with half house (Daily Mail)

Iranian Women Now Allowed To Watch Volleyball - But Not Football, Wrestling or Swimming (Huffington Post)

After ISIS stormed Mosul, residents reveal the harsh reality of life (Daily Mail)

Zhao Wei sued for staring at Chinese man with her big eyes through TV (Daily Mail)

Top Gear fans get a first look at the final episode starring Clarkson, Hammond and May as BBC releases trailer showing dinner-suit clad presenters racing old bangers (Daily Mail)

Kurdish rebels use Facebook to recruit young autistic Briton to fight ISIS (Russia Today)

Instagram star Murad Osmann marries girlfriend seen leading him around the world (Daily Mail)

Peterborough woman found in suitcase with no head, arms or legs is a mystery (Daily Mail)

Britons who want to fight for ISIS in Syria are travelling via CANADA (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: The Islamic State (or someone pretending to be it) is trying to raise funds using Bitcoin (Washington Post - Paywall)

Tanks for Nothing: Why Obamas Plan to End Police Militarization May Be Dead in the Water (Newsweek Magazine)

Take a flight around Ceres: Dawn spacecraft offers close-up video tour of the pockmarked dwarf planet (Daily Mail)

NASA Releases Video of Flyby of Dwarf Planet Ceres (Newsweek Magazine)

What weaponry is ISIS using? (CNN)

Women's World Cup revenge on FIFA? (CNN)

McKinney pool party video: Protests over police drawing gun at teenagers (Russia Today)

Charlie Charlie Challenge sends teenagers into a panic across the world (Daily Mail)

Could Russia, Qatar 'lose World Cup rights'? (CNN)

Death sentences over fatal soccer riots (CNN)

West Bank Site May Pose Challenge for Netanyahu and Region's Future (New York Times - Paywall)

Surgery addict who's spent 10 years turning himself into a real-life Ken doll undergoes a hair transplant - so he can attend pool parties without his bald patches showing (Daily Mail)

Owner of dog that mauled 11-month-old Ava-Jayne to death found guilty (Daily Mail)

Eurosceptic Italian party delivers 200,000-signature petition for exiting euro (Russia Today)

Supreme Court Backs White House on Jerusalem Passport Dispute (New York Times - Paywall)

Teenage girls abducted by ISIS sold for 'as little as a pack of cigarettes' UN envoy (Russia Today)

Report: Iran court plans third hearing for Post journalist in espionage' trial (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: The unbelievable damage Islamic State has done to ancient sites in Iraq and Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Woman strips on quake mountain (CNN)

Footage from cockpit reveals pilot's-eye view as British Airways captains land plane at one of the 'scariest' airports in the world (Daily Mail)

U.S.: ISIS wives are playing key role (CNN)

Police Scotland investigates Lord Janner child abuse claims, despite Alzheimer's (Russia Today)

Football riot death sentences upheld (BBC)

Police in Eastern India Say They Killed 12 Maoist Rebels (New York Times - Paywall)

Grimsby woman walks out on her husband to marry his 74-year-old father (Daily Mail)

How ISIS controls life, from birth to foosball (CNN)

I've received death threats': Muslim air traveler targeted after soda weaponization' incident (Russia Today)

I thought he was going to shoot the kid': Teenage pool party incident witness recalls Texas cop abuses (Russia Today)

Islamic State isn't just destroying ancient artifacts it's selling them (Washington Post - Paywall)

Post reporter faces Tehran court as closed-door espionage' trial resumes (Washington Post - Paywall)

Volcker warns on US state finances (Financial Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Study: Israelis and Palestinians would be $173 billion richer with a Palestinian state (Washington Post - Paywall)

Women's World Cup: The beautiful game (CNN)

Week in pictures: 30 May - 5 June 2015 (BBC)

Risking death at sea over death at home (CNN)

Reviewing the surveillance state (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Texas hunter shoots rhino after auction (CNN)

The melody of life and death (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

May Day mayhem (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

ISIS Video Claims Killing of Ethiopians (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

Keith Broomfield dies fighting ISIS alongside Kurdish militia in Syria (Daily Mail)

Family of Jean Charles de Menezes shot dead by police take fight to European court (Daily Mail)

Azelle Rodney shot at by police officer Anthony Long eight times in 2.1 seconds (Daily Mail)

LA Confidential's James Ellroy uses police archives to uncover LA's dark past (Daily Mail)

Princess Charlotte is 'easier on Mum than George' Prince Charles says at Clarence House tea party (Daily Mail)

What happened at Texas pool party where Eric Casebolt drew gun on bikini girl (Daily Mail)

11 Egyptian football hooligans are sentenced to death over 2012's pitch invasion (Daily Mail)

Harley Street dentist in the clear over his wife's death once 'saved her life' when she gave birth to their third child in the back of the family's Volvo (Daily Mail)

Tyler Smith, fell to his death after cannabis gave him 'inappropriate sexual thoughts' (Daily Mail)

Son of Balinese woman who paid hitmen to slash her British husband's throat calls for her to receive the death penalty (Daily Mail)

How England World Cup star Fara Williams hid homelessness from teammates (Daily Mail)

FIFA have IT data seized by Swiss authorities as investigation into 2018 and 2022 World Cups continues (Daily Mail)

Caitlyn Jenner and how hormone therapy enables a man to become a woman (Daily Mail)

BBC security alert after man threatens to set himself on fire outside Broadcasting House (Daily Mail)

The Royal Stampede video shows man after friends make him think he's KILLED someone (Daily Mail)

Missouri man Richard Strong's last words before being executed (Daily Mail)

Essex man on mobility scooter with subwoofer speaker strapped to the back (Daily Mail)

Chinese man broke his penis after coming off motorbike while watching porn (Daily Mail)

Shameless council estate Wythenshawe sees house prices soar by 60% in four months (Daily Mail)

Hero grandmother reached front door during house fire but went back upstairs to try and rescue the three young children where they all died, inquest hears (Daily Mail)

Drone video captures sneak-peek of the COMPLETED London Crossrail (Daily Mail)

YouTube's Ingrid Nilsen reveals she's gay in new video (Daily Mail)

Man shares video of himself suffering a severe panic attack online (Daily Mail)

World's most dangerous hike video shows Mount Hua's one-foot-wide plank paths (Daily Mail)

Wildlife video shows kestrel fighting off two jackdaws (Daily Mail)

Chimps smile like humans in video from Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia (Daily Mail)

What International students really think about Americans in comical video (Daily Mail)

Brit woman among tourists arrested for stripping naked on mountain in Malaysia (Daily Mail)

Drunk woman bit off part of man's lip and ATE it after she was asked to stop groping other people's boyfriends (Daily Mail)

British woman suffers serious head injuries in Magaluf (Daily Mail)

North Carolina woman who couldn't fall pregnant reversed her infertility (Daily Mail)

Police name Peterborough woman whose torso was found in suitcase (Daily Mail)

Ipswich woman who neglected dog so badly it lost a LEG walks free from court (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis lays his hand on the head of a woman with alopecia at the Vatican (Daily Mail)

BBC's John Inverdale takes to the court after reduced Wimbledon role (Daily Mail)

Study of 2k women shows fashion buys are worn just 7 times with weight and whim to blame (Daily Mail)

Chinese women flood social media with hairy underarm selfies (Daily Mail)

Why doing the crossword may NOT stave off Alzheimer's: Keeping the mind active can't target cause of disease, study finds (Daily Mail)

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond in South Africa (Daily Mail)