Thursday, 18th June 2015

World News

Charleston shooting suspect arrested in North Carolina (CBS News)

President Obama addresses shooting in a historic Charleston church (CBS News)

Attorney General Loretta Lynch comments on "barbaric" South Carolina church shooting (CBS News)

Charleston Shooting (CBS News)

Historic Charleston church has deep roots in African-American history (CBS News)

White suspect arrested in killing of nine at black U.S. church (Reuters)

The Charleston church victims: a poet, a politician, a librarian, women of faith (Guardian)

Special Report: President Obama delivers emotional remarks on Charleston shooting (CBS News)

Woman killed in beach incident (BBC)

See Charleston Come Together to Mourn Church Shooting Victims (Time Magazine)

Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof in custody latest updates (Guardian)

Alan Johnson to head Labour yes campaign for EU referendum (Guardian)

US church shooting suspect arrested (BBC)

Suspect in Charleston Church Massacre Captured (NBC News)

Shooting Suspect Once Jailed on Drug Charge (NBC News)

State Department stays quiet about exit from Chinese-owned Waldorf Astoria (Guardian)

Man Who Shot at George Zimmerman Reportedly Charged With Attempted Murder (Newsweek Magazine)

Republican candidates reaffirm gun rights support after Charleston shooting (Guardian)

The Nine South Carolina Victims: Who Were They? (Newsweek Magazine)

Militant group denies U.S. air strike killed Algerian Belmokhtar (Reuters)

Hong Kong Legislature Rejects Beijing-Backed Election Plan (New York Times - Paywall)

Sixteen And 17-Year-Olds 'Almost Certain' To Get EU Referendum Vote, Says Top Labour Peer (Huffington Post)

New York police officer fatally shoots man who slashed him with knife (Guardian)

UK to reject EU plans to combat multinational tax avoidance (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton Calls For Action On Guns After Charleston Shooting (Time Magazine)

Hong Kong Votes Down Beijing's Election Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Charleston killings leave US reckoning with race and guns amid 'broken peace' (Guardian)

Teen Who Lost Arm After Shark Attack Leaves Hospital (NBC News)

Charleston shooting victims include "brilliant" pastor, recent college grad (CBS News)

Special Report: Charleston shooting suspect captured (CBS News)

Qaeda Branch's Twitter Posts Appear to Show U.S. Hostage Before His Death (New York Times - Paywall)

SC newspaper apologizes for placing gun ad above article on Charleston shooting (Russia Today)

'Where Can We Be Black?': Online Sorrow Over Shooting (NBC News)

Suspect in deadly church rampage caught in N.C. (CBS News)

What are the next steps in pursuit of Charleston shooting suspect? (CBS News)

Suspect in Charleston shooting identified (CBS News)

Charleston shooting: Nine victims of church massacre in South Carolina identified (Independent)

Charleston shooting: Nine victims identified of church massacre in South Carolina (Independent)

Charleston shooting: Four victims identified of church massacre which left nine dead (Independent)

Charleston shooting: Here are the victims killed in the hate crime (Independent)

Charleston shooting: Four victims of massacre identified (Independent)

Obama: Shooting Recalls 'Dark Part of Our History' (NBC News)

Charleston shooting: Two separate prayer vigils targeted by bomb threats (Independent)

NAACP president: Church mass shooting is a "soulless act" (CBS News)

Exit polls predict dead heat in Danish vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

The World's Oldest Person Is Dead at 116 (NBC News)

All Clear in Bomb Threat on Street Near South Carolina Shooting Vigil (Newsweek Magazine)

DOJ opening hate crime investigation in Charleston church shooting (CBS News)

All 50 states fail to meet int'l standards on lethal force by police Amnesty (Russia Today)

Lib Dems could use Lords power to force through EU voting age bill (Guardian)

Americans Trust the Police More Than the Church: Study (Newsweek Magazine)

Pastor: Shot fired at Memphis church Wed. night (CBS News)

Greek crisis: EU leaders to hold crisis summit after talks fail - live updates (Guardian)

Photos: Charleston Mourns After Shooting at Black Church (Newsweek Magazine)

Dylann Roof: family says Charleston shooting suspect is 'introverted' (Guardian)

Deadly shooting at S.C. church sparks manhunt (CBS News)

EU referendum: Stop blackmailing the European Union by threatening to leave, senior Brussels figure tells David Cameron (Independent)

Obama Attacks Gun Rights In Wake Of Charleston Attack, NRA Supporters Hit Twitter With Stock Excuses (Huffington Post)

EU to launch limited naval operation against migrant-smugglers (Reuters)

New York Police Department Officer Kills Attacker: NYPD (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africa abuzz over video showing apparent school segregation (Los Angeles Times)

Teen Killed After Using App to Track Phone: Cops (NBC News)

Charleston shooting: Dylann Roof's alleged killing of nine worshippers in a black church has left the city and the nation in shock (Independent)

EU calls crisis summit as Greece talks fail (Financial Times - Paywall)

Life under Islamic State rule fraught with peril for cigarette smugglers and smokers (Fox News)

Man detained by police during S.C. church shooting probe released (CBS News)

Dad sells his young daughter to older man for 15 sheep (Daily Star)

Police arrest suspect Dylann Roof in South Carolina shooting - video (Guardian)

Heniz Ketchup competition link takes man to porn site (Daily Star)

Army ambulance delayed by locked gate, inquest into soldier's death hears (Guardian)

Jewish extremists suspected of torching Sea of Galilee 'loaves and fishes' church in Tabgha (Independent)

On anniversary of Napoleon defeat, French paper warns UK that EU exit could be your Waterloo (Fox News)

Gun Range Ad Appears in Charleston Paper With Church Shooting Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Arsonists attack church in Israel; hate crime suspected (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.K.'s David Cameron Sees 'Good Response' on EU Reform (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How to Donate to the Church and Victims of the Charleston Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Was Israel church fire arson? (CNN)

Greeks take their money and run as potential EU exit looms on the horizon (Independent)

Charleston Church Massacre: What Kind of Person Attacks a Bible Study Group? (Newsweek Magazine)

Charleston shooting: Presidential hopefuls respond to the hate crime which killed nine people (Independent)

Charleston shooting: Uncle was worried about the man suspected of church massacre (Independent)

UNICEF: 129 children killed in South Sudan fighting in May (Fox News)

Confederate Flag's Place at the South Carolina Statehouse Questioned After Church Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

40 dead after Boko Haram attacks villages in Niger, official says (Fox News)

Man 'slept with rotting body of dead SISTER' for six months (Daily Star)

New York Senate Backs Wood Frog as State Amphibian (Newsweek Magazine)

UN chief criticizes Israel for death and injury of many Palestinian children in Gaza conflict (Fox News)

EU acts against German road charge (BBC)

Massacre Church at Center of African-American Struggle (NBC News)

Charleston shooting: President Obama makes statement on hate crime, race and gun control in America (Independent)

Brexit rebellion? Eurosceptic Tory & Labour MPs unite over EU referendum date (Russia Today)

PM: Good response to EU reform (BBC)

NAACP president: Charleston mass shooting is "morally incomprehensible" (CBS News)

Uber Under Mortal Attack in California (Newsweek Magazine)

Who is Dylann Roof? 'Quiet' Charleston gunman suspect was 'given gun for birthday' (Daily Star)

Hillsborough inquests hear of efforts to remove dead supporters from pitch (Guardian)

Church shooting suspect was inside for an hour before opening fire (CBS News)

Arsonists attack church in Israel; Jewish extremists suspected (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: In Facebook photo, suspected Charleston shooter wears flags of racist regimes in Africa (Washington Post - Paywall)

Caught red handed: Dumb arsonist jailed for setting fire to police car (Daily Star)

Nine killed in Charleston church shooting (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israeli Police Investigate Arson at Loaves and Fishes' Church (New York Times - Paywall)

Charleston church shooting: 21-year-old suspect captured as 'holy city' mourns (Guardian)

Syrian refugees return home after town liberated from ISIS (CBS News)

9 dead after shooting; Dylann Roof, 21, taken into custody (CNN)

President Obama Addresses South Carolina Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korean Hospital Scrutinized in MERS Outbreak (New York Times - Paywall)

Spanish Leftist Leader Says Elections a Warning to EU (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Harry Reid on Charleston church shooting: 'ultimate act' of hatred - video (Guardian)

Charleston Shooting Suspect Dylann Storm Roof Captured And Arrested By Police (Huffington Post)

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Claims Charleston Shooting Suspect Could Be 'Non-White In Disguise' (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Obama statement on church shooting (BBC)

Nine killed at Charleston church, manhunt for gunman underway (CBS News)

Third death in party hotspot Magaluf as young Brit lad's body found on beach (Daily Star)

Gunman at Large: Cops ID Church Massacre Suspect (NBC News)

South Carolina in Shock After Worshippers Slain (NBC News)

Controversial Indian film-maker seeks police protection over beheading threat (Guardian)

Shots fired into Memphis, Tenn. church (Russia Today)

Man admits murdering model-railway fan, 82 (Guardian)

Catholic church in Israel badly damaged by suspected arson attack (Guardian)

Charleston shooting: police arrest Dylann Roof (Channel4)

American soldier found dead near base in South Korea (Fox News)

Charleston shooting: Five charts that show the ugly truth about hate crimes (Independent)

Fatal balcony collapse inquiry continues as World Cup star mourns six dead (Guardian)

Bored of the Big Man (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Petition Calls For Child Destruction Past 28 Weeks To Be Charged As Murder Following Malorie Bantala Attack (Huffington Post)

Dylann Storm Roof: What we know about the 21-year-old suspect in Charleston shooting (Independent)

Charleston shooting: The nation's most storied black church is a target of another hate crime (Independent)

Special Report: Manhunt for gunman in Charleston church massacre (CBS News)

Police hunt Charleston church shooter (BBC)

Arson attack guts part of Israel's Church of Loaves and Fishes (Reuters)

Man arrested in Watford after bomb squad destroys suspicious package (Guardian)

Greek police hold former archaeologist accused of pilfering hundreds of finds from state digs (Fox News)

Missing man is dead, letter claims (BBC)

South Carolina Shooting: Who Was Reverend Clementa Pinckney? (Newsweek Magazine)

Piers Morgan goes on anti-gun rant after the Charleston shooting (Independent)

China "unwilling" to accept Hong Kongs bid for democracy (CBS News)

Charleston shooter allegedly told survivor 'You have to go' (Independent)

Charleston shooter allegedly told survivor 'I have to do this' (Independent)

Armed police in Tbilisi hunt escaped tiger, hyena, as fearful residents ordered off streets (Fox News)

S. Carolina church shooting suspect identified as Dylann Storm Roof, 21 (Russia Today)

Charleston shooting: Gunman took part in bible study for hour before opening fire (Independent)

Charleston shooting: Gunman took part in bible sudy for hour before opening fire (Independent)

Ex-boyfriend in court over baby death (BBC)

Three men arrested over bomb under Northern Ireland police officers' car (Guardian)

Theresa May: Isis luring women and children is pernicious new phenomenon (Guardian)

Hong Kong Vetoes China-Backed Electoral Reform Proposal (Newsweek Magazine)

Church on Biblical 'Loaves and Fishes' Site Is Torched (NBC News)

Hong Kong vetoes China-backed electoral reform proposal (Reuters)

Quadruple car bombing in Yemen capital killed 2, wounded 60 - state news (Reuters)

Charleston church shooting: police release image of suspect as it happened (Guardian)

S.C. Church Shooter: Youre Taking Over Our Country (Newsweek Magazine)

The Pastor Killed in Charleston Had Been State Senator for 14 Years (Time Magazine)

Britain defends invite to Egypt's Sisi after Mursi death sentence (Reuters)

VIDEO: US church gunman 'was in congregation' (BBC)

Getting rid of the other half: Man slices girlfriend's stuff in half after bitter break-up (Daily Star)

Hopping mad: Dog spat man 'wanted to kill neighbour with inflatable kangaroo' (Daily Star)

Defying Beijing, Hong Kong lawmakers reject election framework (Los Angeles Times)

Jesus miracle church 'hit by arson' (BBC)

EU Commission Critical of Hungary's Anti-Migrant Fence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nine killed at South Carolina church (BBC)

Police Hunt This Suspect After S.C. Church Massacre (NBC News)

Hong Kong lawmakers rebuff China with rejection of election proposals (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State says shot down Iraqi fighter plane (Reuters)

Three Ukrainian soldiers killed as fighting intensifies in east - Ukraine military (Reuters)

Ohio police 'break jaw and ribs of 12-year-old girl' after visit to swimming pool descends into chaos (Independent)

KKK Is Among 19 Hate Groups Operating in South Carolina (NBC News)

France says can't confirm Algerian fighter killed in U.S. strike (Reuters)

Teenager killed after tracing stolen smartphone using mobile-tracking-app (Independent)

Mexican police remove gang cameras (BBC)

Sinosphere Blog: Reactions to the Defeat of the Hong Kong Election Plan (New York Times - Paywall)

The State of Russian Independent Media: Exiles, Enlighteners and Activists (Newsweek Magazine)

Japan, South Korea send conflicting signals on 'comfort women' feud (Reuters)

Image rehabilitation a life-or-death matter for owls in South Africa (Los Angeles Times)

France freezes Russian state assets, Moscow plans to appeal (Russia Today)

9 dead in shooting at Charleston church (CBS News)

9 dead in shooting in historic black S.C. church (CBS News)

U.S. soldier dead in S. Korea (CNN)

Police arrests 8 Bosnian Croats for alleged war crimes against Muslim civilians (Fox News)

Australian man arrested for 'punching a baby in the face' outside Sydney Central train station (Independent)

Man accused of fathering four children with his own daughter (Independent)

Israel Church Damaged in Suspected Arson Attack (Time Magazine)

Man In Court Charged With Child Destruction After Attack On Heavily Pregnant Woman Malorie Bantala (Huffington Post)

Drunk man ditches late night kebab and tucks into bucket of CONCRETE (Daily Star)

Charleston shooting: nine killed in 'hate-crime' attack (Channel4)

Canada government websites taken down in cyber attack (Guardian)

Man charged after baby allegedly punched in face at Sydney train station (Guardian)

VIDEO: Police hunt for cyclists after pregnant woman hit in the EYE with a BB gun (Daily Star)

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters welcome veto of election reform plan - video (Guardian)

Family shocked to see teen in ISIS photo (CNN)

Ex-Boy Scout: I Killed Troop Leader Who Raped Me (NBC News)

South Carolina church shooting: police hunt gunman after 'hate crime' attack (Guardian)

Charleston shooting: Five-year-old child who 'played dead' among survivors in South Carolina (Independent)

Man charged over attack on pregnant woman who lost unborn child (Guardian)

Shooting reported in Charleston church (CBS News)

Yemen car bombs: Isis claims responsibility (Independent)

Hong Kong parliament defies Beijing's insistence and rejects 'democracy' plan (Guardian)

Charleston shooting: Photo shows impromptu prayer service held outside church for victims of the South Carolina attack (Independent)

Preparing for battle against ISIS (CNN)

Charleston shooting: state senator Clementa Pinckney among victims (Guardian)

China voices regret over defeat of Hong Kong's controversial Beijing-backed election plans (Fox News)

Pregnant woman targeted by attackers, say police - video (Guardian)

Man in NSW Blues cap holds up Queensland service station with a knife video (Guardian)

Charleston Church Shooting Which Left Nine Dead Is A 'Hate Crime', Police Say (Huffington Post)

US soldier found dead in South Korea after training exercises at army base (Independent)

Charleston church shooting: we will direct all our energy and resources towards catching suspect, says police - video (Guardian)

Rev Clementa Pinckney: South Carolina state senator feared dead in Charleston shooting held rallies for Walter Scott (Independent)

Hong Kong 'fake democracy' reforms defeated after pro-Beijing MPs walk out of Parliament due to mix-up (Independent)

Isis blocks fuel to northern Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police: Multiple victims in South Carolina church shooting (CBS News)

Carter: US military can't find enough capable, motivated' Iraqis to train against ISIS (Russia Today)

Hong Kong legislators reject reform bill (CNN)

Hong Kong lawmakers reject electoral reform plan backed by Beijing (Fox News)

Charleston church shooting: State senator Clementa Pinckney 'among victims' of deadly South Carolina attack (Independent)

South Carolina shooting: State senator Clementa Pinckney 'among victims' of deadly church attack (Independent)

Greece's EU future in doubt if talks fail, central bank warns (Reuters)

'This Was a Hate Crime': Nine Killed at Historic S.C. Church (NBC News)

Four hurt in knife attack at Chinese market - police (Reuters)

Beyond the beheadings: ISIS creating culture of fear inside their 'caliphate' (Fox News)

Hong Kong Lawmakers Reject Electoral-Reform Proposal Backed by Beijing (Time Magazine)

Queensland police minister Jo-Ann Miller cleared by corruption watchdog (Guardian)

Hong Kong reform package rejected (Financial Times - Paywall)

Family claims excessive force by police at Ohio pool (CBS News)

South Korean lawmakers approve Hwang Kyo-ahn as prime minister (Guardian)

Charleston church shooting live: Gunman on run after nine killed in South Carolina 'hate crime' (Independent)

South Carolina church shooting live: White gunman on run after nine killed in 'hate crime' (Independent)

South Carolina church shooting: At least nine people dead after gunfire at black church in Charleston (Independent)

Hong Kong government's controversial Beijing-backed election reform defeated by lawmakers (Fox News)

Kelly Thompson neighbour told police he saw her ex-partner 'in the house' (Guardian)

Charleston church shooting: gunman sought after reports of fatalities and injuries in South Carolina video (Guardian)

Australia issues arrest warrant for Australian doctor recruiting for Islamic State from Syria (Fox News)

Russian state assets in Belgium to be seized as Yukos compensation' reports (Russia Today)

Moody's says MERS poses risk to South Korean economy, signs outbreak slowing (Reuters)

Turkish Town Fears Islamic State Threat (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Catholic Church Seeks 'Reality Check' After Defeat in Ireland (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

A year after its blitz across Iraq and Syria, Islamic State group creates nation of fear (Fox News)

South Sudan's lost boys: how I found peace in Melbourne video (Guardian)

Nine Dead, Suspect at Large in Shooting at South Carolina Church (Newsweek Magazine)

Vandals attack 'queen's vagina' sculpture at Palace of Versailles (Guardian)

South Korean lawmakers approve President Park's choice for prime minister (Fox News)

Nine Dead in Shooting at Church in Downtown Charleston, S.C. (Time Magazine)

South Korea parliament approves Park's pick for PM after scandal (Reuters)

Former Papua New Guinea police chief faces prison time (Guardian)

BREAKING: Gunman on loose after 'killing eight in church shooting spree' (Daily Star)

Shooting at historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina (CNN)

ISIS claims deadly Yemeni capital bombing spree (Russia Today)

ISIS claims responsibility for car bombs in Yemen (CBS News)

Police issue new image in search for escaped inmates (CBS News)

China calls on police to use guns lawfully after shootings (Reuters)

Who is the new 'Top Gear' front man Chris Evans? (CNN)

Mildura man arrested on people-smuggling charges to face court (Guardian)

American soldier found dead at U.S. Army base in South Korea (Reuters)

Multiple people killed in South Carolina church shooting reports (Russia Today)

Syrian refugees return home after fleeing from ISIS (CBS News)

Woman in critical condition after losing unborn child in stamping attack (Guardian)

BREAKING: Man charged after 'vile' attack on pregnant mum who lost unborn baby (Daily Star)

Decision day for Hong Kong vote (CNN)

Rachel Dolezal under pressure to quit police ombudsman board (Guardian)

No charges for mother whose 3-year-old killed self (CBS News)

Jordan Arrests Suspect in 1982 Attack on Jewish Restaurant in Paris (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Deadly ISIS Car Bombs Hit Yemeni Shiite Sect (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Does the EU face an existential crisis? (BBC)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Bombings in Yemen (New York Times - Paywall)

Tiger That Fled Flooded Georgia Zoo Is Killed After Mauling a Man (New York Times - Paywall)

Airline bosses in unprecedented joint assault against EU over its treatment of aviation (Independent)

Airline bosses in unprecedented joint assault against EU over treatment of aviation (Independent)

'No shame': Charleston newspaper puts GUN ADVERT on front page hours after church shooting (Daily Express)

Police pulled ISIS sisters off Saudi plane: Family cleared for flight after checks (Daily Star)

The day I was ticked off by the Duke: Our man at the Battle of Waterloo (Daily Express)

Greece's future in EU in doubt if talks fail, central bank warns (Reuters)

VIDEO: Tiger kills man after zoo escape (BBC)

Dolezal Accused of Misconduct on Police Oversight Board (NBC News)

Melissa Rivers Will Co-Host Fashion Police (Time Magazine)

Sudden Death for Young Dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando (Newsweek Magazine)

Al Qaida terrorists brutally execute two 'spies' to avenge leader's death (Daily Star)

WorldViews: The start of Ramadan is bringing new fears of an Islamic State attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Goldman Sachs restricts intern workday to 17 hours in wake of burnout death (Guardian)

Islamic State car bombs kill or injure 50 in Yemeni capital (Reuters)

Greek crisis: Protesters demand end to austerity, with EU future in doubt - as it happened (Guardian)

U.N. slams South Sudan president for impeding civilian protection (Reuters)

Hong Kong homeless people resort to sleeping in McDonald's (Daily Star)

Staten Island Man Arrested After Trying to Stab FBI Agent With Kitchen Knife (Newsweek Magazine)

Death Takes No Holiday in Texas: Ninth Execution Set (NBC News)

Ohio police arrest women and children in pool confrontation - video (Guardian)

Palestinian Held in '82 Attack on Paris Jewish Restaurant (New York Times - Paywall)

Stalemate Looms as Hong Kong Weighs Beijing Vote Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman throws such epic tantrum after job rejection that POLICE intervene (Daily Star)

Iraqi officials say suicide car bombing at police checkpoint in capital kills 7, wounds 16 (Fox News)

WorldViews: Watch: Hong Kong soccer fans boo China's national anthem in protest against Beijing (Washington Post - Paywall)

Carter: US to fall short of goal to train 24,000 Iraqi forces to fight ISIS (CBS News)

Man claims neighbours stabbed him with a rake after he complained about their loud sex (Daily Star)

Mum's regret over daughter's death (BBC)

Greece says bailout deal is up to troika amid speculation over exit from EU (Guardian)

Meth role in Getty heir's death (CNN)

UK invites Egypt's Sisi, state media say, day after Mursi ruling (Reuters)

Migrant in container texted smuggler saying 'You've killed us all', court hears (Guardian)

Escaped White Tiger Kills Man in Georgia (Newsweek Magazine)

Souhaur Al-Abbassi arrested: Man suspected of masterminding deadly 1982 attack on Jewish restaurant in Paris is detained in Jordan (Independent)

Report: Canadian Government Websites Inaccessible Following Denial-of-Service Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Al Qaeda reportedly executes 2 accused spies in Yemen after U.S. attack (Los Angeles Times)

Killer Mike may run for Georgia State Representative in 2016 (Independent)

Islamic State kills five policemen near Iraq's Baiji refinery (Reuters)

Three sisters who travelled to Syria with their nine children were removed from previous flight out of UK, say police (Independent)

Dozens Killed and Wounded by Car Bombs in Yemeni capital (Newsweek Magazine)

EU without Britain is 'impossible' says Italy's Renzi after talks with Cameron (Reuters)

Yet Another Juror Dismissed in Theater Shooting Trial (NBC News)

Cops: Man Tries to Blow Up Home With Bowling Ball (NBC News)

NYC Man Attacks Feds During ISIS-Linked Search: Sources (NBC News)

Escaped zoo tiger kills man in Georgia (CNN)

Jordan arrests suspect in 1982 Paris Jewish attack (Reuters)

The criminalization of democracy in a Saudi vassal state (Russia Today)

Man arrested over 1982 Paris attack (BBC)

EU agrees to extend Russia sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Irish worries over UK exit from EU (BBC)

Greece and EU believe in magic money tree that produces currency from nowhere' (Russia Today)

Escaped tiger from flooded Tbilisi zoo is liquidated' after it kills man (Washington Post - Paywall)

Farage: I'm ready to lead EU referendum No' campaign (Russia Today)

Nightmare of 3 British men: Wives, 9 kids thought to have left for Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Man proposes via Times crossword (BBC)

'Better to be dead than useless' (CNN)

Hong Kong Lawmakers Begin Debate Over Election Plan (New York Times - Paywall)

Jihadi bride: ISIS advancing on sexual exploitation (Russia Today)

Hong Kong lawmakers open debate on election plan that sparked mass protests (Los Angeles Times)

EU agrees to prolong Russia economic sanctions till January 2016 - sources (Russia Today)

Fire breaks out at South Carolina retirement home (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Tokyo man takes giant tortoise for walkies (BBC)

Police at Chinese Train Station Kill Attacker Armed With Brick (New York Times - Paywall)

College Student in Queens Is Charged With Conspiring to Support ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece likely to exit euro and EU without deal with creditors central bank (Russia Today)

WorldViews: How a death sentence in Egypt feeds paranoia in Turkey (Washington Post - Paywall)

Q&A: Hong Kong political reform vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hong Kong debates divisive reforms (BBC)

WorldViews: A new documentary asks: Did the British state collude with Northern Irish terrorists? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong braced for vote on its future (Financial Times - Paywall)

Draw Mohammed' shooting suspect wanted to join ISIS, attack Super Bowl prosecutors (Russia Today)

College student accused of plotting terror attack in New York City (Russia Today)

Death sentence upheld for Egypt's former President Mohamed Morsi (Los Angeles Times)

Sisters feared to have taken children to ISIS camp were stopped from leaving UK in March (Daily Express)

Is America falling out of love with the death penalty? (Channel4)

U.S. intelligence confirms death of Al Qaeda's second-in-command (Los Angeles Times)

Kurdish forces claim Syrian border town, ousting Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Sudan president flouts arrest warrant, returns home from South Africa (Los Angeles Times)

The dentures made from dead soldiers's teeth (BBC)

Hong Kong arrests 10 in suspected bomb plot (Los Angeles Times)

Macedonia police raids after Channel 4 News probe (Channel4)

'Marlboro Man' Belmokhtar killed - but the jihadi threat is growing (Channel4)

Bashir leaves South Africa before court decision (Channel4)

Dewsbury 'in shock over death of Brit teen suicide bomber' (Channel4)

Kurdish forces close in on Syrian border town held by Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Wanted for genocide, Sudan's president barred from leaving South Africa (Los Angeles Times)

At least twelve dead in Georgia flooding, zoo animals escape (Channel4)

Taliban claims attack that killed at least 17 Afghan police officers (Los Angeles Times)

Dallas police shooting: suspect confirmed killed (Channel4)

Iraqi veteran: ISIS will never leave (CNN)

In a rare conviction, Egyptian policeman gets 15 years in protester's death (Los Angeles Times)

Fresh attack on Egyptian tourism as suicide blast, gunfire target Luxor (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea officials say a sixth person has died from MERS virus (Los Angeles Times)

With Islamic State using instant messaging apps, FBI seeks access to data (Los Angeles Times)

Iran uses the pen and the sword against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

22 killed as Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen's army headquarters (Los Angeles Times)

Many tears, few answers at site of China ship tragedy; death toll jumps to 406 (Los Angeles Times)

Pakistan police refute report of 8 convictions in attack on Malala (Los Angeles Times)

South Koreans wary of MERS virus snap up face masks (Los Angeles Times)

South Africans taunt government in FIFA bribery scandal (Los Angeles Times)

Risking death at sea over death at home (CNN)

Rick Scott tries to clarify attack ad on Charlie Crist (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

Council contractors destroyed church wildlife haven and cut around 'do not cut the GRASS' sign (Daily Mail)

Mass shooting at South Carolina Church in downtown Charleston (Daily Mail)

'I've had to make statements like this too many times': Obama cites American gun culture as he remembers the nine dead in race attack on church that killed a pastor he and Michelle both knew (Daily Mail)

Charleston Post and Courier prints a gun store advertisement over today's church shooting headline (Daily Mail)

A state senator, a reverend, a grandmother and a recent university graduate named among the victims shot dead as they attended bible study at South Carolina church (Daily Mail)

26 things about Charleston church shooting that made PIERS MORGAN sick (Daily Mail)

Israel church where Jesus 'fed 5k' burnt down in arson attack (Daily Mail)

Calais anti-riot police try to stop migrants climbing into UK-bound lorries (Daily Mail)

Georgia man killed by tiger that escaped from Tbilisi Zoo as police round up animals (Daily Mail)

Woman removed by police after 90-minute sit in after being rejected for a job (Daily Mail)

Channel 5's Police Interceptors star PC James Woolerton 'punched suspect' after car chase (Daily Mail)

Arturo Vidal held by police for alleged drink-driving after wrecking Ferrari during Copa America (Daily Mail)

Tributes to Jordan Watson, 14, as police question man over fatal stabbing (Daily Mail)

Thousands line the streets of Edmonton for emotional funeral for British police officer and father-of-two killed in a shoot-out (Daily Mail)

TWENTY people found in Oldham two-up-two-down terraced house by police (Daily Mail)

Suspect quizzed by Cyprus police over child-kidnap fears at hotel filled with British families had 'video of their children on his phone' (Daily Mail)

Could your man handle the pain of giving birth? Tom Mitchelson thought so. Then he tried a machine that replicates the full agony (Daily Mail)

'I can't believe I just drove!': The amazing moment a man born without arms or legs achieves the latest feat in his remarkable journey and drives a car (Daily Mail)

Sydney man randomly punches 16-month-old baby in the FACE (Daily Mail)

Cheddar man Zack Tame died when he sped through Wedmore village and crashed (Daily Mail)

Bridgend man suicidal after birth of son is diagnosed with post-natal depression (Daily Mail)

Chaos on Etihad flight as man is strapped to his seat with cable ties by fellow passengers after 'attacking' attendant... because he wasn't allowed to smoke (Daily Mail)

A mundane workday made exciting! Man parodies GoPro camera commercial by documenting his 'extreme' office life (Daily Mail)

Berkeley balcony where 6 students plunged to their death was only 'decorative' (Daily Mail)

WWII hero kicked to death on NHS ward in Yeovil by fellow patient (Daily Mail)

Stefan Hoerdler refutes Oskar Groening's claims over Auschwitz death ramp (Daily Mail)

Quit smoking for 15 years and risk of heart failure and death 'is the same as a person who NEVER smoked' (Daily Mail)

'Despicable' thief stole handbag left behind by mother-of-three he had been talking to moments after she fell to her death from motorway bridge (Daily Mail)

Drunk tourist cheats death after scaling fence and being bitten by crocodiles in Cancun (Daily Mail)

Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof in custody after killing 9 people (Daily Mail)

Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof was given a gun for his birthday (Daily Mail)

Malorie Bantala who lost baby in Peckham attack had to wait over an hour for an ambulance (Daily Mail)

Kevin Wilson in court over attack on Malorie Bantala who lost her baby (Daily Mail)

Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after female pensioner, 85, suffers serious head injuries in attack with a paving stone (Daily Mail)

Florida fisherman removes 34 baby sharks from the body of dead hammerhead mother (Daily Mail)

Jan and Julia Tshabalala found dead on Christmas Day in 'murder-suicide' (Daily Mail)

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Pictures of tour with the biggest band never to have made it The Grateful Dead (Daily Mail)

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First American volunteer to die fighting ISIS abroad is buried (Daily Mail)

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16 and 17 year olds 'almost certain' to get vote in EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Kangaroos are left-handed according to SaintPetersburg State University in Russia (Daily Mail)

Man killed by Southeastern train at Chartham level crossing trying to save woman (Daily Mail)

All Black Jerry Collins died protecting his baby in crash that killed him and Alana Madill (Daily Mail)

'Shawshank' prison employee confirms she WAS having sex with inmate before his escape and DID plot to have husband killed (Daily Mail)

Shocking hidden camera footage reveals how stray dogs are rounded up, tortured and killed so YOU can enjoy an unspoiled holiday in Mauritius... and even the puppies are not spared (Daily Mail)