Thursday, 2nd July 2015

World News

What inspires a man to play taps every day: CBSN Special (CBS News)

Cleveland police supervisors charged in deadly shooting (CBS News)

ISIS leader who aided foreign fighters killed in coalition airstrike (CBS News)

Wow, pulled back wrong side throttle': Taiwanese pilot accidentally turned off engine (Russia Today)

Man Charged With Murder In Case of Missing Arizona Couple (NBC News)

Syria rejects U.N. criticism of barrel bombs, says 'technical' issue (Reuters)

Homemade explosive wounds 5 people in financial district of Colombia's capital, police say (Fox News)

Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh murdered, police say (Guardian)

Additional details released on February plane crash in Taiwan (CBS News)

Tsipras Battles to Sway Greek Voters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Blair to blame' as one in five new Europeans now has a UK passport (Daily Express)

VIDEO: More UK dead repatriated from Tunisia (BBC)

Federal police raid office of NSW Labor MP Noreen Hay (Guardian)

Vote No, stay in euro': Varoufakis gives 6 reasons why Greece should scramble bailout (Russia Today)

? vs : Yes and No campaigns take to Greek web as referendum looms (Russia Today)

Angry scenes as more than 150 protesters gather to stop police evicting cancer patient (Daily Express)

IMF Warns of Financial Crisis Facing Greece as Country Prepares to Vote in EU Referendum (Newsweek Magazine)

Polar Bears May Die Off Unless Global Warming Is Reversed, Report Says (Time Magazine)

Afghan court rescinds death sentences in mob killing of woman (CBS News)

Suspects detained in Tunisia attack as victims remains go home (CBS News)

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kill 'many' in Nigeria attack (Reuters)

I.M.F. Agrees With Athens That Greece Needs Debt Relief (New York Times - Paywall)

Prominent ISIS Leader Killed in Coalition Airstrike, U.S. Says (NBC News)

ISIS chief of suicide bombers killed in US air strike (Daily Star)

IMF warns of huge financial hole as Greek vote looms (Reuters)

Video: Watch a Great White Shark Attack a Diving Cage (Newsweek Magazine)

Police dog hailed as a hero in Ohio (CBS News)

Teacher who praised Islamic State beheading of Alan Henning struck off (Daily Star)

Washington woman died from measles in first such death in US since 2003 (Guardian)

Former Greece PMs throw support behind yes vote ahead of referendum (Guardian)

Member of Luton family feared to have travelled to Syria stopped by police at airport and let go (Independent)

Indian celebrity politician Hema Malini injured in fatal car crash (Guardian)

Tunisia attack: Senior government figure pleads 'help us fight the jihadists' as his nation seeks weapons and military hardware to hold the line against Isis threat (Independent)

Quran killing: Death sentences lifted (CNN)

This Is the Method in the Greece Madness (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: This homeless man will make you smile (Daily Star)

UK air strikes on Isis in Syria move closer (Financial Times - Paywall)

More UK Tunisia dead are repatriated (BBC)

Bangladesh Police Arrest 12 Men Suspected of Qaeda Ties (New York Times - Paywall)

Terror-struck Tunisia Fears Fighters Coming From Libya (Time Magazine)

Woman Dies in First U.S. Measles Death in 12 Years (NBC News)

Tunisia attack: UK death toll from beach massacre confirmed as 30 (Independent)

Taiwan pilot in TransAsia crash described as "nervous" by colleagues (CBS News)

The Guardian view on bombing Isis in Syria: just say no | Editorial (Guardian)

Greece debt crisis: IMF calls for 20-year grace period before any debt repayments (Independent)

Greek crisis: IMF says no third bailout without debt relief - as it happened (Guardian)

Greece debt crisis: What happened to democracy when it's a case of 'Vote Yes or else'? (Independent)

British woman denies inciting terrorism and Isis membership (Guardian)

Afghan court reduces death sentences for four in mob killing of woman (Los Angeles Times)

The cost of ending the migrant crisis: Brits to pump £317m into Syria and Africa (Daily Star)

Couple bring migrant into UK in their camper van amid fears Calais crisis is spreading (Daily Express)

Boko Haram attack on Nigerian village leaves nearly 100 people dead (Guardian)

I.M.F. Says Greece Needs Debt Relief, but Blames Government Lapses (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain Hints It May Join U.S. Campaign Against ISIS in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Evil mum jailed: Killer suffocated 8 babies and lied about reason why for years (Daily Star)

Uber France Executives Could Face Two Years in Prison (Newsweek Magazine)

Indonesia Plane Crash Caused by Engine Failure, Air Force Chief Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Brooklyn man gets prison time in biker melee (CBS News)

Fighting ISIS in Sinai (Newsweek Magazine)

New York's Greek Community Shares the Pain of Bailout Crisis (Time Magazine)

Man Whom Police Shot in Washington Was on Meth and Likely Holding a Rock (Newsweek Magazine)

Boko Haram extremists gun down 97 people in Ramadan attack on mosques in northeast Nigeria (Fox News)

Greece needs even more money - IMF (BBC)

Consider Syria IS strikes, MPs urged (BBC)

Bombing Isis in Syria would make 'no practical difference', David Cameron warned (Independent)

Greek splits threaten Syriza coalition (BBC)

German Intelligence Report Warns of Jihadists in Europe Euphoric at ISIS Success (Newsweek Magazine)

Man guilty of killing brother-in-law (BBC)

War with Isis: Israel prepares for an attack as militants close in on its borders (Independent)

Boy bitten by shark off South Carolina coast (CBS News)

Leopard mauls guide in attack on vehicle carrying tourists in South African wildlife park (Fox News)

Isis militants destroy Palmyra stone lion (Guardian)

Man swallows live GOLDFISH in sick Neknominate-inspired drinking game (Daily Star)

Busty Salma Hayek dons low-cut vest and figure-hugging jeans as she catches flight to UK (Daily Express)

Hillsborough police officer praises absolute hero' Liverpool fan (Guardian)

Fatima Az Zahra: Italy's 'Lady Jihad' who joined Isis in Syria and then persuaded her family to follow on Skype (Independent)

China Close to Completion of 10,000-Foot Runway in Disputed South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

Greek finance chief vows to resign if voters back European bailout demands (Washington Post - Paywall)

Afghan court overturns death sentences for four men who murdered woman in mob attack (Independent)

French woman jailed for nine years for killing eight of her newborns (Guardian)

Farkhunda Malikzada: Afghan men convicted of taking part in mob killing of woman at Kabul shrine have death sentences quashed (Independent)

Tunisia attack perpetrators will be tracked down, vows Michael Fallon (Guardian)

Kenyan police detain 2 alleged Islamic State recruiters from Uganda (Fox News)

Israel Reinforces Border Amid Fears Egyptian ISIS Affiliate Could Attack Gaza (Newsweek Magazine)

Mother's bid to buy death quarry (BBC)

Greece needs 60bn in new aid, says IMF (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar move up income ranks - World Bank (Reuters)

How the Declaration of Independence Can Still Change the World (Time Magazine)

America's Very Own Greece (Time Magazine)

Watch a 93-Year-Old Man Sing a Campaign Song He Wrote for Hillary Clinton (Time Magazine)

UK authorities arrest 15-year-old girl on suspicion of joining ISIS (Fox News)

Indonesian military plane crash in which XXX died blamed on broken propeller (Independent)

Indonesian military plane crash in which 140 died blamed on broken propeller (Independent)

'Wow, wrong one': Pilot of doomed TransAsia flight turned off wrong engine before crash (Daily Star)

Whole Foods blames employees for systematically ripping off customers (Independent)

Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight to Retire at 77 Years Old (Newsweek Magazine)

Deadly ISIS tentacles spread (CNN)

22 years a slave in Asias forced fishing industry (CBS News)

Brazil Police Arrest Another Former Petrobras Executive (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New North Carolina shark attack is seventh in three weeks (CBS News)

Homeless man playing piano in Florida becomes instant online sensation with public performance (Independent)

Trio jailed for wheelie bin attack (BBC)

IMF says Greece needs extra 50bn in funds and debt relief (Guardian)

Cash Crunch Hits Everyday Life in Greece (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Google Unit Sorry Over Nazi Death Camps in Phone Game (NBC News)

A is for Adi s: Mar a Exits 'Sesame Street' After 44 Years (NBC News)

Letter From China: A Problem of 'Religion,' and Polling, in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan official: Taliban attack local police in province south of Kabul, kill 7 policemen (Fox News)

Harriet Harman: we must work together to stop Isis in Iraq and Syria video (Guardian)

Greek crisis a 'blip', says top Dixons Carphone executive (Guardian)

Our man in Havana (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Nathan Collier: Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling requests right to wed two wives (Independent)

Fallon's Commons speech on case for extending air strikes against Isis to Syria - Politics live (Guardian)

'Doug died': RIP Douglas Legler, the man with the most succinct obituary ever (Independent)

Labour to look 'very seriously' at plan to target Isis in Syria (Guardian)

Michael Fallon argues for UK air strikes against Isis in Syria video (Guardian)

Tunisia toll: 30 are British (CNN)

UK woman charged with being member of Islamic State, girl held (Reuters)

Same suburb, same street: Indonesian neighborhood shattered by jet disasters 10 years apart (Fox News)

Attack on UN convoy in north Mali kills 6 workers, wounds 5 (Fox News)

Tunisia attack Scots repatriated (BBC)

UN says attack on convoy in north Mali near Timbuktu kills 6 peacekeepers, wounds 5 (Fox News)

Signaling shift, UK defense minister says attacking IS in Iraq but not Syria is 'illogical' (Fox News)

Grandma guard kicked to death as she escorts prisoner from Blackfriars Court (Daily Express)

Child sex abuse investigations inadequate' police watchdog (Russia Today)

Palmyra statues destroyed by ISIS militants (Channel4)

Ferry Capsizes Off Philippines, Leaving Dozens Dead (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS brutally executes one of its OWN top leaders in panic over coup rumours (Daily Star)

Eight held over Tunisia gun attack (BBC)

Freak play sends Japan to Womens World Cup final (CBS News)

8 Are Arrested in Connection With Tunisia Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

China shows off its guns in Hong Kong (CNN)

Syria Strikes Could Go Ahead After Labour Back A Fresh 'Assessment' Of Action (Huffington Post)

Syria airstrikes would fortify UK against Isis attacks, argues Michael Fallon (Guardian)

France's Hollande kicks off 2-day African visit in Benin before stops in Angola, Cameroon (Fox News)

Capital controls squeeze Greek economy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Intruder Caught On Camera As Child's 'Nightmare' Of Mystery Man Revealed To Be True (Huffington Post)

Pilot shut off wrong engine, new TransAsia crash report finds (CNN)

Russell Brand Trews Video Calls Minute's Silence For Tunisia Beach Massacre Victims 'Bulls**t' (Huffington Post)

Yanis Varoufakis: I'd rather cut off my arm than accept yes vote (Guardian)

UK security agencies spied on Merkel's Greek bailout plans for banks, passed data to NSA (Russia Today)

Tying up economies like Germany & Greece was doomed to fiasco' (Russia Today)

Witnesses describe latest N.C. shark attack scene (CBS News)

Greek voters on eurozone crisis referendum: 'We're not afraid of fear any more' video (Guardian)

Missing Luton family were stopped by police when trying to leave UK (Guardian)

UK tribunal says UK spy agency GCHQ intercepted data from Amnesty International and kept it (Fox News)

Death Sentences in Lynching of Afghan Woman Reportedly Overturned (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan court commutes death sentences in woman's mob killing (Reuters)

Police called over report of man with a gun at facility (CNN)

Unesco impotence takes shine off world heritage status (Guardian)

'Wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle' Pilot's words moments before TransAsia crash (Daily Express)

British Museum on high terror alert to protect priceless antiquities from ISIS fanatics (Daily Express)

New US military strategy: Russia, China - threat to unipolar domination fantasy' (Russia Today)

Lessons from Greece and other unsuccessful bailouts (Guardian)

Baltimore to install recording cameras in all police vans after Freddie Gray death (Russia Today)

Cameron asks MPs to mull UK air strikes on IS in Syria (Reuters)

Greek crisis a political gift for Rajoy (Financial Times - Paywall)

What difference could Syria IS strikes make? (BBC)

Bomb Syria, and recruits will be rolling up to join Isis | Frank Ledwidge (Guardian)

Man accused of beating pregnant ex-girlfriend refused bail (Guardian)

Man jailed for murdering NI ex-wife (BBC)

Police failed to spot that John 'Goldfinger' Palmer had been shot (Guardian)

36 dead, 127 rescued after ferry capsizes off Philippines (Los Angeles Times)

Tunisia: Confirmed 30 Brits slaughtered in beach massacre as more bodies fly home to UK (Daily Star)

Massive support for Lioness Laura Bassett after trolls blame her for ending World Cup hope (Daily Express)

TransAsia Pilot Shut Down Wrong Engine Before Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'This Year Is Different': Fears of July 4 ISIS-Style Attack (NBC News)

Nervous' Pilot in Transasia Crash Turned Off Wrong Engine (Time Magazine)

Alton Towers Crash Victim Vicky Balch Posts 'Inspired' Picture With Major Kate Philp After Leg Amputation (Huffington Post)

PM calls for British airstrikes against IS in Syria (Channel4)

David Cameron believes 'there i s a case to do more' in Syria (Guardian)

Death Sentences Overturned in Afghan Woman's Mob Killing (NBC News)

Battle for Greek Votes Under Way as Cash Shortages Bite (Time Magazine)

Jaws 7: Elderly swimmer savaged by shark in seventh attack in a month (Daily Express)

Egypt launches air strikes on group linked to Isis (Guardian)

Greece referendum: Syriza urges voters to reject bailout (Channel4)

Mexico police charged with torture (BBC)

VIDEO: Storms and hail as UK heatwave breaks (BBC)

At least eleven people killed in a bus crash in China (Independent)

Struck off paramedic now 'picks and chooses' who gets an ambulance at NHS call centre (Daily Express)

Culture cleansing' ISIS could target British Museum artifacts, says outgoing director (Russia Today)

Moving Beyond UK Aid to Improve Health in Sierra Leone (Huffington Post)

Greece faces a future as Europe's outcast a yes vote is the only solution| Christopher Pissarides (Guardian)

Minority and indigenous communities turned off own land in growing numbers (Guardian)

MPs propose granting police exceptional rights report (Russia Today)

Police facing claims that senior officers knew about spying on Stephen Lawrence family (Guardian)

The Latest: Bank guard shot dead in Egypt a day after massive militant attack in Sinai (Fox News)

Farkhunda murder: Afghan court cancels death sentences (Guardian)

World Bank urges China to hasten reform of distorted' state-dominated financial sector (Russia Today)

Mixed Messages and No Progress in Greek Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

China is Eager to Invest Trillions Abroad. Is the World Ready? (Newsweek Magazine)

Pakistan heatwave death toll rises to 1250 as public urged to abstain from Ramadan fast (Independent)

Greek crisis: no talks on bailout before referendum, says Angela Merkel video (Guardian)

Boy's 'nightmare' of man outside his bedroom window turns out to be true in New Zealand (Independent)

Boy's 'nightmare' of man with light outside bedroom window turns out to be true (Independent)

Greek EasyJet owner hands out free meals in Athens to those who can't afford to eat (Independent)

Greece must be clear about what it wants, says German finance minister - video (Guardian)

Greece Debt Crisis Explained (Huffington Post)

Tunisia hunts for Libya-trained suspects after hotel attack (Reuters)

Man injured in 'serious assault' (BBC)

Laura Bassett Own Goal: England Lose Women's World Cup Semi-Final And Kelly Smith Reacts (Huffington Post)

Illogical' not to bomb Islamic State in Syria Def. Secretary (Russia Today)

Jitters in Tech World Over New Chinese Security Law (New York Times - Paywall)

UK Heatwave 2015 Followed By Storms And Rain, But Weekend Forecast Shows Temperatures Rising Again (Huffington Post)

Greek crisis: Crowdfunder started bailout campaign because he was 'sick of dithering politicians' (Independent)

Mass evacuations in Tennessee after train crash releases toxic fumes (Russia Today)

Greece talks 'ruled out' before vote (BBC)

Laura Bassett Own Goal Ends Lionesses' World Cup... And Brings A Totally Unpredictable Reaction (Huffington Post)

Robot kills man at VW factory (CNN)

Yes? No? Greek Voters Are Perplexed by a Momentous Referendum (New York Times - Paywall)

'Goldfinger' Murder Police Called 'Utterly Incompetent' After Dismissing Gunshot Wounds For Surgery Scars (Huffington Post)

Dutch police fire warning shots during unrest over arrest death (Reuters)

China military spending probe finds 'long-standing abuses' (Reuters)

Tunisia terror: Jihadists vow to massacre tourists AGAIN in horror holiday hit list (Daily Star)

Greece is being deliberately humiliated for daring to question austerity, Caroline Lucas says (Independent)

Afghan court overturns death sentences for 4 convicted in mob killing of woman (Fox News)

Indonesia crash blamed on engine (BBC)

Tunisia terror attack: 12 suspects arrested over beach massacre (Daily Express)

TransAsia Pilot Acknowledged Cutting Wrong Engine, Crash Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

12 People Detained in Tunisia Hotel Attack Probe (Time Magazine)

Mother and child found by police (BBC)

Tunisia attack: police arrest 12 people and hunt for two trained by gunman (Guardian)

Albania braces for Greek crisis fallout (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tunisia: 12 people detained in probe into tourist attack that killed 38 (Fox News)

Britain to spend £300 million in Africa and Syria to combat Mediterranean migrant crisis (Daily Express)

Terrified Britons flee after SHARK is spotted just 25 yards off Kent Coast (Daily Express)

US man bitten and 'dragged underwater' in seventh shark attack off North Carolina coast (Independent)

Baltimore man charged with setting fire to CVS in riot (CBS News)

The Latest: As focus turns to Greek referendum, European markets open steadily (Fox News)

Tunisia hotel attack: Police arrest 12 suspects over Sousse beach tourist massacre (Independent)

Tunisia attack: Police arrest 12 suspects over Sousse beach tourist massacre (Independent)

Tunisia attack: Eights 'sleeper cell' suspects held following arrests over Sousse hotel massacre (Independent)

British strategy of not attacking Isis in Syria is illogical, says Fallon (Guardian)

A Man Got Served the Worst Sandwich Ever at Edinburgh Airport (Time Magazine)

Tunisia victim dies after last 'I love you' (CNN)

US 'blocks Middle East allies from helping Kurds fight Isis' as Britain considers Syria air strikes (Independent)

Doomed Plane's Pilot Switched Off Wrong Engine: Officials (NBC News)

Last words of TransAsia crash pilot were 'Wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle' (Independent)

Man dies trying to rescue young girl from river in Cumbria (Guardian)

VIDEO: UK family of 12 'travelled to Syria' (BBC)

Police criticised for abuse inquiries (BBC)

Indonesia plane crash toll hits 135 (CNN)

Japan makes World Cup final (CNN)

Nicole Scherzinger flashes toned midriff as she returns to work after wild Greece getaway (Daily Express)

Man crushed to death by robot (BBC)

Greece standoff keeps Asian markets off balance, but US dollar gains (Guardian)

Taiwan officials say pilot in crash throttled down working engine; colleagues say he was hasty (Fox News)

Montana man denied marriage license for second wife (CBS News)

Sesame Street's Maria Is Departing After More Than 40 Years (Time Magazine)

Sinosphere Blog: A Problem of Religion,' and Polling, in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Brac's Sir Fazle Hasan Abed wins 2015 World Food prize for reducing poverty (Guardian)

China island-building projects race ahead (Financial Times - Paywall)

TransAsia crash pilot pulled wrong throttle, shut down sole working engine (Guardian)

Indonesia to call off search for victims in deadly military plane crash (Reuters)

Syria air-strike plan, Greece latest and 'Goldfinger murder' (BBC)

Failings in police child protection (BBC)

Seventh shark attack reported off North Carolina beach (CBS News)

Shop frontiers: the rise of cross-border buying around the world (Guardian)

Robot kills a man at Volkswagen plant (Russia Today)

Fury as the US blocks plans to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq (Daily Express)

Greece offers bailout compromise ahead of default (CBS News)

74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast, report says (Fox News)

Former deputy police commissioner to lead inquiry into Melbourne prison riot (Guardian)

Greece in limbo: Shuttered banks keep lifeline while Athens, lenders wait for referendum (Fox News)

Surfer critically injured by shark off Australian town where Japanese tourist died in February (Fox News)

UN calls for ban on logging and mining in Tasmania's world heritage area (Guardian)

7 police officers formally charged with torturing women in Mexico's army slaying case (Fox News)

Pasco police officers who shot Antonio Zambrano-Montes not questioned for months (Guardian)

Robot Grabs and Crushes Man to Death at VW Plant (NBC News)

From Gazza to Bassett: 25 years of tears (BBC)

Life on a disputed island in the South China Sea (CBS News)

California woman found alive two days after car goes off cliff (CBS News)

VIDEO: Greece Yes and No 'both bad options' (BBC)

Horror as robot 'grabs man and crushes him to death against metal plate' (Daily Star)

Armada of deadly Portuguese man o' wars threatens Jersey Shore (Russia Today)

Trump sets off 'Latino Spring' (CNN)

English Loss Sets Up Japan-U.S.A. World Cup Soccer Final (Time Magazine)

Bus falls off bridge in northeastern China, killing 10 South Koreans (Fox News)

Trafficker gets 18 years in jail over Italian shipwreck that killed 366 migrants (Guardian)

Death of 3-year-old found in swing ruled homicide (CBS News)

Another Swimmer Attacked by Shark Off N.C. Coast (NBC News)

Philippine civilians claim disputed South China Sea island (CBS News)

Cancer immunotherapy approved in UK (BBC)

Crisis-weary Greece takes another vote, another key deadline in stride (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Burundi: 6 Are Killed During Protests (New York Times - Paywall)

Bloody Hell! England Loses World Cup Semis on Own Goal (NBC News)

World Briefing: Iraq: Toll From Clashes Rises, U.N. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Thursday 2nd July 2015 (Huffington Post)

England Lionesses Defeated 2-1 By Japan In World Cup Semi Final (Huffington Post)

Montana man seeks license for second wife (CBS News)

Robot Kills Man at Volkswagen Plant (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Yemen: Rockets Kill at Least 18 Civilians (New York Times - Paywall)

China Adopts Sweeping National-Security Law (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Joe Biden Helped a Man With a Childhood Stutter Overcome His Fears (Time Magazine)

Pentagon's new military strategy calls for preserving US dominion of the world (Russia Today)

Indonesia plane crash death toll 141 as search effort ends (CBS News)

Greece debt crisis: Country firmly on course to hold EU referendum as eurozone leaders reject new bailout request (Independent)

Greece debt crisis: Country on course to hold EU referendum as eurozone leaders reject new bailout request (Independent)

Man Who Saved Hundreds of Children During Holocaust Dies (NBC News)

Bodies of Britons killed in Tunisia attack arrive in UK (CBS News)

A Bankrupt Greece Is Struggling to Stay Afloat (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Dealing with death in special schools (BBC)

Police culture must put child protection first, say inspectors (Guardian)

Russell Brand: Tunisia terror massacre is BRITAIN'S fault (Daily Star)

Russell Brand sparks fury after blasting minute's silence for Tunisia dead as 'bulls***' (Daily Express)

Tunisia faces MORE terror attacks as bars and airports are on Islamic State hitlist (Daily Express)

Tunisia terror attack: More British victims of beach massacre return home (Daily Express)

George Cross medal of Second World War SOE heroine Violette Szabo set to fetch £300k (Daily Express)

Heatwave sickies will cost baking Britain £9bn after UK roasts on record-breaking day (Daily Star)

Alton Towers hit by ANOTHER rollercoaster crash as four people are left injured (Daily Express)

British death toll from Tunisia attack rises to 29 (Reuters)

Police cleared over gunshot death (BBC)

Russia and China pose largest security threats, says US military report (Guardian)

Former slave Myint Naing reunited with his family after 22 years at sea (Independent)

UK PMP Test (Huffington Post)

Elderly man trapped in a chair for up to four days after carer son died (Guardian)

Ex-Police chief warns about 'lone wolf' terror attacks in the UK (Daily Star)

Tunisia attack: Bodies of all but one of the British victims identified, according to Government (Independent)

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras Returns to Defiant Tone Ahead of Referendum (Newsweek Magazine)

Another shark attack reported in N.C., third in a week (CBS News)

VIDEO: First UK Tunisia dead repatriated (BBC)

Migrant trafficker jailed for 18 years for 2013 shipwreck off Italy (Reuters)

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon To Update MPs On Isis, Amid Speculation UK Will Expand Bombing To Syria (Huffington Post)

Brit sets up crowdfunding page to rescue Greece from financial crisis (Daily Star)

Dapper diplomat exports British style to China (CNN)

Baltimore Will Put Working Cameras in Police Vans (Time Magazine)

Europe slams the door on talks with Greece before Sunday referendum (Washington Post - Paywall)

Isis Vows to Overthrow Hamas Tyrants in Gaza (Newsweek Magazine)

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Rebellion Against Egypts President Following Death of Leaders (Newsweek Magazine)

Designers define the modern man (CNN)

Knifeman arrested by armed police (BBC)

Ex-Met chief fears 'lone wolf' attack (BBC)

Fleeing a crisis, Greek migrants flock back to Australia (Reuters)

New Orleans motel owner pleads guilty to profiteering off sex trafficking (Guardian)

Iraqi Prime Minister Fires Top Military General After ISIS Defeats (Newsweek Magazine)

Greece Police Boost Neighborhood Patrols Amidst Debt Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

Police: 6 die in clashes between police and protesters in violence-hit capital of Burundi (Fox News)

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs shows off his 'manscaped' chest on holiday (Daily Star)

What a bunch of tossers: Is this the weirdest world record ever? (Daily Star)

Isis in Egypt: Wave of attacks across the country signals frightening upsurge in militant activity (Independent)

Isis in Egypt: Wave of attacks across country signals frightening upsurge in militant activity (Independent)

Police find men pushing car loaded with explosives in Mexico border city of Ciudad Juarez (Fox News)

French teen has been breaking baseball barriers for women for years (Fox News)

Women's World Cup: Four reasons the US will win the World Cup and one reason they won't (Independent)

Women's World Cup: Four reasons the US will win the World Cup and one reason it won't (Independent)

New Greek Proposal Falls Short of Demands (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Q&A: ECB emergency loans for Greek banks (Financial Times - Paywall)

European Police to Target Social Media Accounts of Islamist Radicals (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek PM defiant amid cash squeeze (BBC)

First UK Tunisia dead returned home (BBC)

VIDEO: Cooling off on UK's hottest July day (BBC)

Tunisia attack: Parliament may authorise air strikes against Isis targets in Syria in response to massacre (Independent)

Tunisia Beach Victims Repatriated To Britain (Huffington Post)

Greece debt crisis: Angry and anxious pensioners flock to take money from banks (Independent)

World Cup Ticket Prices Soar as U.S. Makes Final (NBC News)

130 years of diplomatic ties: Russian Culture Days kick off in Argentina (Russia Today)

Tunisia attack: Armed coastguards who failed to take on killer Seifeddine Rezgui face dismissal (Independent)

U.S. women storm to World Cup final (CBS News)

Scores slain as militants attack Egyptian army checkpoints in Sinai (Los Angeles Times)

Carli Lloyd on Team USAs march to Womens World Cup final (CBS News)

Merkel takes revenge on Greek premier (Financial Times - Paywall)

Egyptian Militants Linked to ISIS Launch Attack in Northern Sinai (New York Times - Paywall)

Horrifying Indonesia C-130 crash (CBS News)

China passes law aiming at 'secure and controllable internet' (Russia Today)

UK weighs more action against IS in Syria after Tunisia attack (Reuters)

Amid Greek Debt Crisis, Pensioners Line Up for Cash (New York Times - Paywall)

Tsipras says Greece ready to accept creditors' terms with new bailout (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS Allies Target Hamas and Energize Gaza Extremists (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Three seconds to explain Greek crisis? (BBC)

Body found in search for missing man (BBC)

As Hong Kong marks 18 years since handover, many not proud to be 'Chinese' (Los Angeles Times)

Jurassic World Inspires David Cameron As He Attacks Dennis Skinner (Huffington Post)

ISIS loses another battle in northern Syria (CBS News)

U.S. Headed to Womens World Cup Final (Newsweek Magazine)

World Briefing: Victims of Attack at Tunisian Beach Resort Are Identified (New York Times - Paywall)

Tunisian Terror Attacks Could See Britain Bombing Isil In Syria Says Michael Fallon (Huffington Post)

Tunisia attack: bodies of eight victims arrive in UK (Channel4)

Analysis - Talk of Syria action may be Erdogan's latest gambit to pressure the West (Reuters)

British family of 12 may have fled to Syria police (Russia Today)

WorldViews: MAP: Greece isn't the first nation to default on a sovereign debt (Washington Post - Paywall)

63 Police Officers Have Died on the Job This Year (Newsweek Magazine)

Canada approves sale of Cirque du Soleil to US and China investors for $1.5bn (Russia Today)

What's 100 years old and still sexy? (CNN)

Fallon hint at Syria bombing rethink (BBC)

Taste of their own medicine: Syrian rebels execute ISIS terrorists, mimicking jihadists' tactics (Russia Today)

Indonesia Plane Crash Witnesses Heard Rumbling, Then Boom' (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek PM: We aim to seal deal with creditors after referendum (Russia Today)

Laugh or cry? Greek crisis in cartoons (CNN)

U.S. women make World Cup final (CNN)

Libya rendition, torture evidence should be heard in secret UK govt (Russia Today)

Syria rebels shoot dead IS militants (BBC)

Greek debt crisis a threat to UK financial system Bank of England (Russia Today)

Man comes forward over drone injury (BBC)

Alexis Tsipras and his Greek gamble (BBC)

UK outlook 'worsens' on Greece crisis (BBC)

UK and Irish leaders remember Somme (BBC)

'100 killed' in ISIS attacks on Egyptian checkpoints in Sinai (Russia Today)

Death toll from Indonesian plane crash at 142 as recovery effort winds down (Los Angeles Times)

Greece ready to put off referendum if negotiations resume PM of Malta (Russia Today)

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