Tuesday, 7th July 2015

World News

Heroin use rising among women and wealthy (CBS News)

Bill Cosbys moralizing prompted judge to release testimony (CBS News)

Police officer in Texas hailed a hero after rescuing drowning man (CBS News)

Canadian man arrested for floating lawn chair by balloon (CBS News)

Fierce opposition from religious groups stalls California right-to-die bill (CBS News)

A historical look at why men died earlier than women (CBS News)

World Bodypainting Festival (CBS News)

Afghan official: Senior ISIS member killed in airstrike (CBS News)

US trained only 60 moderate' Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS (Russia Today)

Greece given five days to avoid collapse (Financial Times - Paywall)

Eastern Ukraine Refugees Worry They Came Home Too Soon (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Europe gives Greece 5 days to avoid bankruptcy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton: A Woman Shouldn't Have to Share the $10 Bill (Time Magazine)

Greece Gets a New Ultimatum to Resolve Debt Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece pushes for socially just' agreement by week's end Tsipras (Russia Today)

Greek debt crisis: Tsipras gets final ultimatum to reach deal or face Grexit - live (Guardian)

Cops Search Home of Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle (NBC News)

Prospects of new Greek rescue rise at euro zone summit (Reuters)

Changes urged at World Health Organization after bungled Ebola response (Los Angeles Times)

Bill Cosby scandal is the latest chapter in quaaludes' controversial history (Guardian)

Tusk: Greece crisis most critical moment in EU history (BBC)

Greece told now or never: Agreement must be reached or country will crash out of euro (Daily Express)

Greece given deadline to avoid banking collapse and euro exit (Guardian)

Afghans and Taliban representatives meet in Pakistan for peace talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU Commission president heckled by MPs over Greek referendum circus' comments (Russia Today)

Eurozone Sets Sunday Deadline for Greece Financing Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greece given new debt plan deadline (BBC)

Iran nuclear talks extended, source says 48 hours left for deal (Reuters)

S.C. State Senators vote to remove Confederate flag from Capitol grounds (CBS News)

Economic Scene: Germans Forget Debt Relief History Lesson in Greece Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

How does the Greek debt crisis impact the United States? (Los Angeles Times)

Man arrested after accusing ex of cheating on him - with cheeky bedroom toy (Daily Star)

Iran nuclear talks extended by further three days but 'clear will' exists for deal (Guardian)

Experts Say World Health Organization Unable to Handle Ebola Outbreak (Newsweek Magazine)

F-16 fighter jet collides midair with small plane in South Carolina (Guardian)

Why Greece may have won (CNN)

How did Greece get into this mess? (CNN)

Why Obama is sticking with his Islamic State strategy (Los Angeles Times)

Women Now Spend Less on Birth Control, Thanks to Obamacare (Newsweek Magazine)

White House says Iran deal is close but differences remain - video (Guardian)

Could a NYC parade be next for Womens World Cup champs? (CBS News)

Women Outlive Men Today - But It Wasn't Always That Way (NBC News)

Could a Republican President Undo an Iran Deal? (Newsweek Magazine)

Senators grill Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on ISIS strategy (CBS News)

California Drops Right-to-Die Bill Amid Religious Opposition (Time Magazine)

Afghanistan Opens Initial Talks With Taliban (New York Times - Paywall)

F-16 and Cessna Collide Over South Carolina (NBC News)

Iran nuclear talks push beyond extended deadline (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iran Nuclear Talks to Continue Beyond Deadline (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Inequality Hangs Over U.S. Women's World Cup Victory (Newsweek Magazine)

NYC Ticker Tape Parade a Possibility for Womens World Cup Champions (Newsweek Magazine)

Illinois cannot pay state workers during budget battle in light of judge's ruling (Guardian)

'No new Greek plan' as leaders meet (BBC)

BBC supporters say funding deal will cause cuts to jobs and services (Guardian)

Migrant dies on Channel Tunnel train (BBC)

Talks to avert Tube strike fail (BBC)

WorldViews: How junk food has helped save the Iran nuclear talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Think the Iran nuclear talks are taking forever? Wait until Congress sees a deal (Guardian)

The Guardian view on the Greek crisis: time for the French connection | Editorial (Guardian)

Greece debt crisis: Angela Merkel faces revolt from the right for wanting to keep Athens in euro (Independent)

Iran nuclear negotiations extended (CBS News)

Afghan govt says direct talks with Taliban underway (CBS News)

First British soldier into Normandy during D-Day landings dies aged 95 (Guardian)

Isis in Syria: Influential tribal leaders hold secret talks with Western powers and Gulf states over possibility of mobilising against militants (Independent)

Greece crisis: Merkel and Hollande emphasise need for reforms ahead of bailout talks - video (Guardian)

Greece debt crisis: Greek future in the euro slips into deeper uncertainty as Alexis Tsipras arrives at emergency talks without written plan (Independent)

South Carolina Legislators To Debate the Fate of the State House Confederate Flag (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama, Vietnam leader discuss South China Sea in landmark meeting (Reuters)

Here's What Could Happen Next in Greece (Time Magazine)

California right-to-die bill stalls amid opposition from religious groups (Guardian)

Mixed nuts, ice cream and free miles _ US delegation finds new measures of time at Iran talks (Fox News)

At least 45 ISIS fighters reportedly die after eating Ramadan meal in Mosul (Fox News)

Whataburger to Armed Customers: Keep Your Guns at Home (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghan official: 2nd highest Islamic State figure in Afghanistan killed in strike (Fox News)

Iran nuclear talks deadline extended again (CBS News)

Afghanistan Government, Taliban in High-Level Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Helium balloons takes Canadian man up, up and away (CBS News)

Pope calls for Catholic unity in South America (Guardian)

The No Vote Threatens Democracy In Greece (Newsweek Magazine)

Greek firms fear slow death as bank freeze cuts off imports (Guardian)

Bill Cosby's Drug Admission Could Help Women's Cases, Lawyers Say (Time Magazine)

19 feared dead after people smuggler's boat capsizes off Greek islands (Guardian)

Malala Urges World Leaders to Invest in Books Rather Than Bullets (Newsweek Magazine)

'Subway fat man' Jared Fogle's home raided amid child porn investigation (Daily Star)

Ricky Gervais Goes On Epic Twitter Rant Against Dog Meat Festival, Bok Nal Days In South Korea (Huffington Post)

Greece debt crisis: Olive oil supplies threatened as banking system grinds to a halt (Independent)

Life imitating Up: 120 balloons, one man and a garden chair take to the skies (Guardian)

Raven Symon on Bill Cosby's admission to drugging women for sex: 'Now there's real facts' (Independent)

Ten things people in Greece can't do as economic confusion strengthens grip (Guardian)

Bill Cosby documents 'go a long way to crediting' allegations, lawyer says (Guardian)

Bobby Jindal: Sanders and Clinton Would Both Turn Us Into Greece (Time Magazine)

Jurassic World director criticises trailer for revealing too much of film (Guardian)

Eat olive oil and watch football: alternative ways to help Greece (Guardian)

Anarchist theatre and wild horses: how to have a Greek solidarity holiday (Guardian)

Worlds oldest man dies in Japan (CBS News)

Talks to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine end without firm results (Fox News)

Angela Merkel must act now for Greece, Germany and the world | Letters from Thomas Piketty, Jeffrey Sachs and others (Guardian)

Reflections on 7/7 and the Children Who Never Came Home (Huffington Post)

Bill Cosby Loses Support of One of His Biggest Defenders (NBC News)

Whoopi Goldberg Still Backs Bill Cosby: He Has Not Been Proven a Rapist' (Time Magazine)

Gunmen repelled in attack on state radio in C. African Republic (Fox News)

F-16 Fighter Jet and Small Plane Collide in Midair Over South Carolina (Time Magazine)

Military jet collides with small plane at South Carolina airport (Independent)

Military jet collides with small plane at South Carolina airport, two killed (Independent)

Husband and wife found dead at Somerset home (Guardian)

Italian ISIS convert defends beheadings as part of Sharia law (Russia Today)

Two Planes Collide Near Charleston, South Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

Acting star Cosby admitted getting drugs to give to women (CNN)

D-Day hero dies aged 95: First Briton parachuted into France ahead of invasion force (Daily Express)

Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos Attends Eurozone Talks With Reminder: 'No Triumphalism' (Huffington Post)

Release of man who plotted attack on Muslim hamlet prompts criticism (Guardian)

Fighter jet crashes in South Carolina after colliding with civilian plane (Russia Today)

'A tragic accident': Cricketer dies after being hit by ball in freak accident (Daily Star)

Bill Cosby admitted he got sedatives to give to women (CBS News)

Is Bill Cosby in legal jeopardy after sedative admission? (CBS News)

Eurogroup to Discuss Greek Request for Medium-Term Loan (Newsweek Magazine)

Cricketer Bavalan Pathmanathan Dies After Being Struck In The Chest With Ball (Huffington Post)

Mumbai train bomb coma man dies (BBC)

In Athens' street markets, a Greek tragedy plays out - video (Guardian)

Man selling eagles on Facebook arrested in Indonesia (Guardian)

Man killed in Brecon Beacons lightning strikes named (Guardian)

WorldViews: Iran talks: How to cover a story that keeps not happening (Washington Post - Paywall)

Greek Drama Puts Merkel's Legacy On The Line (Newsweek Magazine)

Feds raid the home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle in child porn investigation (Independent)

Why Greek Deal Looks Nearly Impossible (Newsweek Magazine)

1mn vulnerable pensioners struggling at home without state, community care (Russia Today)

South Carolina Senate passes bill to remove Confederate flag from State House grounds (Independent)

Amnesty condemns trial of Moroccan women who wore 'too tight' dresses (Guardian)

Sponsors of Colombian peace talks worry over escalation of war (Reuters)

Cabbie furor over Uber ride-hailing service spreads to South Africa (Fox News)

Afghan official says that government delegation are in direct talks with Taliban in Pakistan (Fox News)

Subway spokesman Jared Fogle's home raided as part of child pornography case (Guardian)

Jill Scott on Bill Cosby: I Stood by a Man I Respected and Loved. I Was Wrong ? (Time Magazine)

Iran talks extended amid deal pressure (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sunday's World Cup Final Was the Most Watched Soccer Game in U.S. History (Time Magazine)

FBI Reportedly Raids Home of Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle (Time Magazine)

Cartoonist cyber-bullied as Greek politics turn sour (Reuters)

South Sudan's Fourth Anniversary Offers Little to Celebrate (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear talks extended again; Friday new deadline (Los Angeles Times)

Afghan delegation travels to Pakistan for talks with Taliban (Guardian)

Europe's debt decision on Greece down to politics (BBC)

World's Oldest Man Dies in Japan at Age 112 (Time Magazine)

Musk aims to save world from evil AI (BBC)

Money Transfer Service Western Union Activates in Greece Amid Economic Disaster (Newsweek Magazine)

South China Sea dispute between China, Philippines heads to court (Reuters)

Rapper Shaggy reveals how to stop Islamic State in bizarre interview (Daily Star)

Brit teen jailed for supporting ISIS and saying 'all gay people should be killed' (Daily Star)

Nigerian leader approves $2 billion bailout to resolve crisis, state workers unpaid for months (Fox News)

Iran and Six Powers Continue Nuclear Deal Negotiations Past Deadline (Newsweek Magazine)

South Carolina parents sent teen to live in woods for eating a Pop-Tart without permission (Independent)

Why Did a Judge Unseal Explosive Bill Cosby Docs? (NBC News)

Balkan states fear the worst from Greek crisis amid large presence of Greek banks, trade ties (Fox News)

Iran talks to continue past deadline (BBC)

Talks to restart in last-ditch effort to head off Tube strike (Guardian)

Eurozone tells Greece not to expect debt relief any time soon (Guardian)

Greece debt crisis: Alexis Tsipras is an author of Greek tragedy, says Wikipedia (Independent)

No artificial deadlines in nuclear deal negotiations with Iran Lavrov (Russia Today)

Will Iran nuke talks drag on through 2nd deadline? (CBS News)

Scientists shed light on why women live longer than men (Russia Today)

Iran nuclear talks: Historic deal may be reached soon (Russia Today)

Batsman struck by cricket ball dies (BBC)

U.S. Seeks Mideast Shift to Follow Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Can't Buy Me Love' star dies (CNN)

Teacher 'sang ISIS song in class' (CNN)

Man soars over Calgary after tying 110 balloons filled with helium to his lawn chair for PR stunt, gets arrested for mischief (Independent)

Six powers, Iran to continue nuclear talks past deadline - EU (Reuters)

Iran talks deadline extended, again (CNN)

Iran Nuclear Talks Are Extended Once Again (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran Nuclear Talks to Continue Past 'Flexible' Deadline (NBC News)

Watch: The moment high school students gave their caretaker her home back, a year after a devastating fire (Independent)

Greek leader heads to Brussels looking for a new deal (CBS News)

France pushes for Greek bailout deal (BBC)

Nine-year-old boy dies after being beaten unconscious for taking a piece of birthday cake (Independent)

This endless quest for growth will see Greece self-destruct (Guardian)

Bill Cosby Said He Gave Woman Drugs Before Sex: Court Docs (NBC News)

VIDEO: The world's earliest home movies? (BBC)

UK Weather Forecasts Heatwave For South Of England And Rain For North And Scotland (Huffington Post)

Obama: We'll starve ISIS of cash (CNN)

Brian Wilson's Story Serves As Powerful Message For People With Mental Health Issues, Says 'Love And Mercy' Director Bill Pohlad (Huffington Post)

Meet Argentina's loneliest man (CNN)

Iran nuclear talks continue as deadline looms (Guardian)

3 North Korean Sailors Defect to South After Ship Strays (New York Times - Paywall)

Calais crisis: Migrant DIES trying to reach Britain on freight train (Daily Express)

Greece Gives Europe a Chance to Awaken (Newsweek Magazine)

MLAs draw up Nama deal witness list (BBC)

Greek coast guard searches for up to 21 missing migrants after boat sinking in Aegean (Fox News)

Indian woman 'set on fire by policemen' dies in Uttar Pradesh (Independent)

Migrant dies in Channel Tunnel attempting to enter UK (Russia Today)

Drone strikes target Islamic State fighters in eastern Afghanistan (Reuters)

Israel votes in favor of bill to force-feed hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners (Russia Today)

Iran village politics: We like Obama, don't like Congress (CNN)

WARNING: British tourists are £40m target for muggers at Greek airports amid cash crisis (Daily Express)

Forget The FA's 'Sexist' World Cup Tweet, Inspiring Advert Shows How To Talk About Women In Football (Huffington Post)

Balloon Man Daniel Boria Arrested After Flying Through Canada On Deck Chair (Huffington Post)

Syrian Kurds retake northern villages from Islamic State - monitor (Reuters)

Merkel May Make Greece A Pariah State (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrant dies on UK-bound freight train near Calais (Guardian)

Bill Cosby Admitted To Obtaining Sedatives To Give To Women For Sex During 2005 Sexual Abuse Court Case (Huffington Post)

Bill Cosby 'obtained sedatives for sex' (Channel4)

New bill to equate fast food with vodka in advertising (Russia Today)

HSBC fires staff for mock ISIS execution video (Russia Today)

Migrant dies on Eurotunnel tracks between France, England (Fox News)

World's oldest man dies in Japan at the age of 112 (Independent)

World's oldest man Sakari Momoi dies in Japan at the age of 112 (Independent)

Elderly man sought in OAP sex attack (BBC)

Letter From America: Germany Has Lessons for the South (New York Times - Paywall)

Calgary man flies over city using helium balloons - video (Guardian)

Greece faces economic reality after vote (CNN)

Markets steady after Greek vote (BBC)

Real life UP: Man attaches 100 PARTY BALLOONS to deck chair and takes to the skies (Daily Express)

Moroccan women go on trial in Inezgane - for wearing skirts (Independent)

Moroccan women go on trial in Inezgane... for wearing skirts (Independent)

Japan, South Korea Face Bigger Hurdles After U.N. Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Karate Kid producer Weintraub dies (BBC)

Tributes Paid As Head Of Britain's Largest Muslim Student Society Dies In Freak Accident (Huffington Post)

We'll Never Know How Many Relics ISIS Has Destroyed (NBC News)

Jill Scott admits she was wrong to lend support to Bill Cosby (Guardian)

Malcolm Turnbull: we must not amplify threat of Isis (Guardian)

BRICS bank, crises in Greece & Ukraine to top agenda at SCO/BRICS summits presidential aide (Russia Today)

Florida State QB Who Punched Woman Was Provoked: Lawyer (NBC News)

Women's World Cup breaks TV records (BBC)

Indian Woman Dies After Claiming Cops Set Her on Fire After Attempted Sexual Assault (Time Magazine)

These Are the Best Places in the World to be a Woman in Politics, According to the OECD (Time Magazine)

'A solution is not going to appear overnight': EU leader tempers predictions of prompt Greek deal (Fox News)

BREAKING: Migrant dies on shuttle to Britain (Daily Star)

BBC boss defends licence fee deal (BBC)

UN set for South China Sea challenge (BBC)

Canada scolded by human rights groups for poor treatment of indigenous women (Russia Today)

The questions Bill Shorten will face at royal commission appearance (Guardian)

Women in Higher Education: Four Ways to Build a Culture of Strong, Bright Female Leaders (Huffington Post)

Gough Whitlam's childhood home faces demolition after heritage bid fails (Guardian)

World's oldest man Sakari Momoi dies at the age of 112 in Japan (Daily Express)

This Greek Island Is Being Overwhelmed by Thousands of Migrants (Time Magazine)

Spanish police arrest woman for recruiting young girls for ISIS (Fox News)

Ancient ideas for a modern world (CNN)

Meet Argentina's Loneliest Man (CNN)

Bill Cosby: court documents open window into legal problems (Guardian)

VIDEO: Super saves from the Women's World Cup (BBC)

Spain: Police arrest woman that recruited girls, youths for Islamic State in Syria (Fox News)

Fresh talks due in ScotRail dispute (BBC)

Greece may apply for BRICS bank, but not discussed officially Putin's aide (Russia Today)

Can't Buy Me Love star Amanda Peterson found dead at home aged 43 (Daily Express)

The Latest: Germany welcomes new Greek finance minister as possibly smoothing talks (Fox News)

Greek Prime Minister Races to Restart Talks After Vote Win (Time Magazine)

Heroic Sydney man jumps onto train tracks to save 18-month-old granddaughter (Russia Today)

The world's oldest man, a retired educator from Japan, dies at 112 (Fox News)

Karate Kid and Ocean's Eleven producer Jerry Weintraub dies aged 77 (Daily Express)

Is a Deal in the Works for Snowden to Return to the U.S.? (NBC News)

Bullets banish books in South Sudan as education becomes a casualty of war | James Copnall (Guardian)

Israel arrests Negev teachers for spreading ISIS propaganda' (Russia Today)

Senegalese risk lives in migrant exodus despite stability at home (Reuters)

Fidel Castro's message for Greece after referendum vote video (Guardian)

Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub dies at 77 (CBS News)

Brothers arrested over links to Islamic State bombing in Kuwait - Saudi media (Reuters)

It's not like Argo': the trials of a tour guide in Iran (Guardian)

Greece fallout and Sunday trading (BBC)

Bill Cosby testified he obtained sedatives to give women (CBS News)

US and Japan increase pressure on Europe to reach a deal with Greece (Guardian)

World's oldest man dies at 112 (BBC)

Fired-up Bill Shorten tells rowdy pub crowd what he stands for video (Guardian)

The Young Man Who Died When He Lit a Firework on His Head Was a Popular Actor at Disney World (Time Magazine)

Abbott says more submarine jobs in South Australia an 'absolute guarantee' (Guardian)

Bill Cosby admits giving women sedatives for sex' court documents (Russia Today)

Alabama Man Hunts Mystery Couple in Wedding Album (NBC News)

Iranians Divided Over Nuclear Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sakari Momoi, the world's oldest man, dies in Japan aged 112 (Guardian)

Documents: Bill Cosby admitted drugging women for sex (CBS News)

The world's oldest man dies in Japan, aged 112 (Reuters)

Comedian Bill Cosby 'bought sedatives for young women he wanted to have sex with' (Daily Express)

ISIS retakes strategic Syrian city (CNN)

Nuclear deadline: Protracted Iran talks near resolution (Russia Today)

Comedian said under oath in 2005 that drugs were for women (CNN)

Justice Dept. could strike deal with Edward Snowden upon US return - Eric Holder (Russia Today)

Women's World Cup Sunday Telecast Sets a New Record (Time Magazine)

Mexican Man Charged With Murder in San Francisco Slay (NBC News)

Celebrations, anxiety after "no" vote in Greece (CBS News)

Islamic State terrorists sneaking into Europe on migrant boats, top EU official warns (Daily Express)

Report: Bill Cosby once admitted obtaining drugs to give to women (CBS News)

Islamic State target Iraq's Haditha town with vehicle bombs (Reuters)

Obama: Fight against ISIS a long, slow battle (CBS News)

Air strikes kill nearly 100 in Yemen, cast shadow on truce talks (Reuters)

Greece seeks a bailout proposal that Eurozone nations could stomach (Los Angeles Times)

Greeks philosophical about uncertain future after rejecting bailout deal (Los Angeles Times)

AP: Cosby once admitted obtaining drugs to give women (CBS News)

Hazelwood mine owners GDF Suez refusing to pay $18m firefighting bill (Guardian)

Iraqi Forces Plan Offensive to Retake Ramadi From ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

'Karate Kid' Producer Jerry Weintraub Dies at 77 (NBC News)

Swarm Welcome: Giant Hive Found in Okla. Home (NBC News)

Sick bankers 'filmed mock Islamic State execution and posted it online' (Daily Star)

World Briefing: Spain: Madrid to Remove Reminders of Franco (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Syria: Suicide Bomber Hits Army Base, Monitors Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Says 'Progress Made' in Fight Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rift Emerges as Europe Gears Up for New Talks on Greece Bailout (New York Times - Paywall)

Federer talks rivalry with Nadal (CNN)

Film mogul Jerry Weintraub dies (CNN)

South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag (CBS News)

After the Greek referendum: What will Merkel do? (Los Angeles Times)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 7th July 2015 (Huffington Post)

Greece wants to be part of a democratic Europe, not one of austerity deputy interior minister (Russia Today)

Germany Stays Tough on Greece (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek No' May Have Its Roots in Heroic Myths and Real Resistance (New York Times - Paywall)

Iraq jet accidentally kills 12 with bomb meant for Islamic State jihadists (Daily Express)

South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag (NBC News)

Man sparks outrage after filming himself jumping into a random woman's car at a stoplight (Independent)

Man sparks outrage after filming himself jumping into a 'random' woman's car at a stoplight (Independent)

We don't want Western institutions to dictate us what to do' South Africa's Zuma to RT (Russia Today)

HSBC sacks six bankers who filmed mock Islamic State execution and posted it online (Daily Express)

Greece debt crisis: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande issue Athens with 24-hour ultimatum to avoid crashing out of the euro (Independent)

President Obama to discusses ISIS at the Pentagon (CBS News)

In Syria, the weakness of Islamic State and U.S. strategy on display (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bill Cosby admitted in 2005 to drugging women he wanted to have sex with, report says (Independent)

Greece crisis explained: Everything you need to know about the Greek economic meltdown (Daily Star)

Another blow for Greece as Brits shun holidays over economic mayhem (Daily Star)

Eurozone crisis: Greeks clear out supermarket shelves following rejection of bailout deal (Daily Express)

Greeks Differ on the Outcome of the Greek Vote, But Not the Anxiety (Newsweek Magazine)

Edward Snowden plea deal with US a possibility, says Eric Holder (Guardian)

Barack Obama says fight against Isis will be 'generational struggle' (Guardian)

Greece prepares new bailout bid ahead of E.U. summit (Washington Post - Paywall)

Exclusive: The Dalai Lama Talks About Pope Francis, Aging and Heartbreak with TIME (Time Magazine)

Look Out World Economy: Greece Is 52 Billion in the Hole, But Chinas Stocks Just Lost $2.36 Trillion (Newsweek Magazine)

Bill to ban Confederate flag passes (BBC)

Oil price plunges after No' vote in Greece, impending Iran deal (Russia Today)

Lessons From Greece as Controversial Finance Minister Exits (Time Magazine)

Bill Cosby admitted in 2005 to drugging women he wanted to have sex with, says report (Independent)

Why Bill Cosby's Admission Should Put an End to the Era of Cosby Defenders (Time Magazine)

Obama Lays Out Next Steps Against ISIS (NBC News)

Pupils at private school quizzed in murder probe after classmate, 16, dies (Daily Express)

Eric Holder Hints at Possible Plea Deal for Edward Snowden (Newsweek Magazine)

Bill Cosby admitted obtaining sedative to use on women, documents show (Guardian)

'Our beauty defines us' Jane Fonda says it's hard for women to find work once they hit 40 (Daily Express)

Child dies after being 'beaten by mum's lover for sneaking a slice of birthday cake' (Daily Star)

HSBC Bankers Fired After Filming Mock ISIS Execution (Huffington Post)

Obama says anti-Islamic State strategy unchanged even as airstrikes increase (Los Angeles Times)

Report: Bill Cosby Admitted to Getting Drugs to Give to Women for Sex (Newsweek Magazine)

Eurogeddon: Greece told to make decision on future TONIGHT or face expulsion from the euro (Daily Express)

Man arrested for 'performing solo sex act and ejaculating into water bottle' (Daily Star)

Creditors press Greece for debt plan (BBC)

Two women die in overturned car involved in horrendous five car pile-up (Daily Star)

South Carolina lawmakers take first step to remove Confederate flag (Guardian)

FIFA hands 7-year ban to 2018, 2022 World Cup bid inspector (Russia Today)

South Carolina Senate close to approving removal of Confederate flag from State House (Independent)

South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag from State House (Independent)

Greece debt crisis: ECB tightens screw ahead of emergency eurozone summit - as it happened (Guardian)

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade Mixes Up World Cup Football With US Foreign Policy (Huffington Post)

South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag From State House (Newsweek Magazine)

'This will not be quick': Obama on Islamic State strategy (Russia Today)

Egypt anti-terror bill raises criticism with special courts, restrictions on journalists (Fox News)

Man killed shooting firework off head was "goofing off," mom says (CBS News)

Florida man sentenced to two-and-a-half years for having sex on the beach in front of a child (Independent)

Florida man caught having sex on a beach gets two and a half years in jail (Guardian)

South Carolina legislature debates Confederate flag presence at state capitol grounds (Russia Today)

Israel ramps up fears of Iran deal (CNN)

Man charged for balloon-chair flight (BBC)

Russell Brand Confronted By Man Over 'Bulls**t' Minute's Silence Tunisia Attack Comments (Huffington Post)

Greek banks to stay closed for two further days - video (Guardian)

Why Greece's No Vote May Put A Deal Beyond Reach (Newsweek Magazine)

Approaching a final deal: Timeline of Iran's nuclear program controversy (Russia Today)

World Cup Winning Women Won't Earn Pay of Losing Men in U.S. (NBC News)

In nuclear talks, Iran renews call to end arms embargo (CBS News)

South Sudanese pastors face death in espionage trial, defense gets 15 minutes to prepare case (Fox News)

Greece debt crisis: How Europe reacted after the Greeks voted 'No' (Independent)

The Women's World Cup Scored Huge TV Ratings (NBC News)

Iran demands end to U.N. missile sanctions, West refuses (Reuters)

Four teachers among six Israeli-Arabs charged for promoting Islamic State (Reuters)

America still Iran's enemy, nuclear deal or not Iranian army commander (Russia Today)

Financial markets react after Greece bailout plan rejected, finance minister quits (Fox News)

Greece in crisis: Is traveling there such a good idea? (CNN)

Greece debt crisis: Yanis Varoufakis rides out with a final blast of invective (Independent)

Change of style at Greek finance ministry (Financial Times - Paywall)

Markets prepare for new Greek currency (Financial Times - Paywall)

Greece debt crisis: 3 possible scenarios for the nation's future (Independent)

Iran nuclear talks: Tehran tells UN - lift ballistic missile embargo or there will be no deal (Independent)

Angela Merkel Faces Monumental Test of Leadership After Greek Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece debt crisis: Trouble is, if you help the Greeks, everyone will want the same favours (Independent)

Greece debt crisis: The EU risks emboldening Spaniards, or betraying the ideal of democracy (Independent)

Man turns to gymnast to win Wife Carrying World Championships (CBS News)

ISIS claims small victory after weekend pummelling (CBS News)

Greece debt crisis: EU 'family' needs to forgive rather than punish an impoverished state (Independent)

Greece debt crisis: Britain appeals to both sides to take their 'one last chance' to resolve situation (Independent)

Iran Revives Embargo Debate as Nuclear Talks Near End (New York Times - Paywall)

Wanted: A Greek Finance Minister Who Understands Finance (Newsweek Magazine)

Greek Crisis Is Undermining the Philosophy of a United Europe (Newsweek Magazine)

Moroccan women in court over dress (BBC)

'Man Utd should join World Cup party' (BBC)

Fifa bans key World Cup official (BBC)

Isis propaganda video shows two Syrian activists being executed (Independent)

World Cup 'Maestro' joins NYC FC (CNN)

Putin's War on Ukraine Is More Important Than Greek Debt (Newsweek Magazine)

Greece debt crisis: Euclid Tsakalotos - the new finance minister with one of the most challenging jobs in the EU (Independent)

Bulgaria eyes Poland fighter deal to cut dependence on Russia (Reuters)

Pope's Social Message Puts Him on Tricky Terrain in South America (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Insight - Iranian nuclear deal set to make hardline Revolutionary Guards richer (Reuters)

The Last Time the U.S. Won the Women's World Cup... (NBC News)

Greek defiance cheered by Europe's far right and left (Washington Post - Paywall)

Inside the Saudi prison that's home to new wave of jihadis (Reuters)

ISIS: What Is Islamic State And What Does It Stand For? (Huffington Post)

U.S. Indifference Adds to the Greek Tragedy (Newsweek Magazine)

7/7 attacks: The world on a train, 10 years on (BBC)

Greek crisis: Austerity politics rejected by popular vote, new path for EU,' says UK analyst (Russia Today)

Greece to Swear In Euclid Tsakalotos as New Finance Minister (Newsweek Magazine)

Osborne's pledge after Greek No vote (BBC)

Talks in ferry dispute 'productive' (BBC)

Man fined for 'revenge porn' post (BBC)

Markets brace for turmoil as Greek voters reject bailout (CBS News)

New sticking point in nuclear talks: Iran wants arms embargo lifted (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. targets ISIS with heavy airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria (CBS News)

Who Will End Up Paying For A Greek Default? (Newsweek Magazine)

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