Wednesday, 15th July 2015

World News

NASA reveals new pictures of Pluto (CBS News)

Special Report: Obama defends nuclear deal with Iran (CBS News)

Anti-austerity protests break out in Greece (CBS News)

President Obama talks nuclear deal, hostages (CBS News)

President Obama challenges skeptics of Iran deal (CBS News)

Clashes break out at Greek anti-austerity rally (CBS News)

Spanish police rescue baby from underground trash bin (CBS News)

Greek crisis: Protests in Athens turn violent ahead of bailout vote - live updates (Guardian)

Obama: Congress Should Approve Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Resolving the Greek Debt Crisis: Crucial Next Steps (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece Awaits Parliamentary Vote Paving Way for Bailout (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama - Iran deal is only alternative to more Mideast war (Reuters)

Israel wants "permanent standoff" with Iran, UK minister says (CBS News)

Supporting the Iran Nuclear Deal Requires a Lot of Faith (Time Magazine)

Nasa releases first close-up of Pluto (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran deal 'has support of 99%' (BBC)

Paris Metro row: Chelsea fan been 'made scapegoat' by Met Police (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Video of police shooting dead unarmed man (BBC)

Iran and the New Geopolitics (Time Magazine)

Germany Finds Itself Cast as the Villain in Greek Drama (Time Magazine)

Beat the dog before the lion: Varoufakis accuses Schauble of sacrificing Greece (Russia Today)

Obama Uses Question on Cosby to Speak Out on Rape (NBC News)

NASA Releases Close-Up Pictures of Pluto and Moon (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greece Nears Vote on New Bailout Package (New York Times - Paywall)

Asked About Bill Cosby, Obama Says Country Has No Tolerance for Rape' (Newsweek Magazine)

Texas Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Over Video (Time Magazine)

Protesters clash with police before Greek parliament votes on bailout (Reuters)

REVEALED: The mountains made of ICE on Pluto as big as the American Rockies (Daily Express)

Russia to blame for why UK cannot stop Giant Hogweed, says scientist (Daily Express)

Images reveal ice mountains on Pluto (BBC)

Radical left protests across Germany over bailout deal 'coup' against Greeks (Guardian)

Obama calls Iran deal historic chance to pursue a safer and more secure world' (Russia Today)

Greece's Lessons for an Indebted World (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek Anti-Austerity Protests Turn Violent (Time Magazine)

Greek Protesters Clash With Police at Anti-Austerity March (NBC News)

Mexican drug lords audacious tunnel escape (CBS News)

Pluto pictures: Nasa reveals first high-resolution images of surface (Guardian)

Probe sends stunning closeup photos of Pluto mountains (CNN)

Pluto Close Up From New Horizons 'Amazes' NASA Scientists (Huffington Post)

Weatherwatch: Chan-hom typhoon pelts east China and Korea (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: Google Maps Changes Name on Disputed South China Sea Shoal (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece debt crisis: PM Alexis Tsipras faces make-or-break vote to agree unpopular austerity measures after day of strikes and protests (Independent)

Nasa unveils 'surprise' Pluto photos and New Horizons discoveries as it happened (Guardian)

Greek PM facing eurozone deal revolt (BBC)

Scrounger in Britain's worst benefits town: I have not been sober in 45 years (Daily Star)

Pluto and its moons: detailed new images released - in pictures (Guardian)

Israeli PM: Iran nuclear pact a "dangerous deal for the world" (CBS News)

Athens ablaze: Greek capital burns as anti-austerity protestors clash with cops (Daily Star)

Greek protesters clash with police in Athens - video (Guardian)

Here's What It Looks Like When 173 Twins on Tandem Bikes Try to Set a World Record (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Police and crowds clash in Athens (BBC)

2 Adults, 2 Teens Found Murdered in Home: S.C. Police (NBC News)

Experts shine a light on Iran agreement (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama on Cosby: if you give a woman a drug and have sex without consent, 'that's rape' video (Guardian)

Greek protesters clash with police at anti-austerity march (Reuters)

UN resolution would end Iran sanctions in 10 years (Fox News)

£1mn private school fees pricing out UK middle class study (Russia Today)

Obama: Iran nuclear deal debate is a choice between diplomacy and war (Guardian)

El Chapo' May Have Used Bird to Test Escape Tunnel Air (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama pitches 'best' Iran deal (CNN)

REVEALED: Are YOU at risk? UK hotspots where toxic Giant Hogweed plant is thriving (Daily Express)

Iran nuclear deal: Agreement could increase risk of terrorism in UK, says Saudi official (Independent)

Before Caitlyn: Jenner Forged Olympic Fame 40 Years Ago (NBC News)

On the front line of the war against Isis, joint action by US and Iran has never felt closer (Independent)

Obama defends Iran nuclear deal as battle moves to Congress live updates (Guardian)

Greek Heat Escalates as Protestors Clash with Police at Anti-Austerity March (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama on Bill Cosby scandal: 'This country should have no tolerance for rape' (Independent)

Violence and protests erupt on the streets of Athens ahead of parliamentary vote on the tough bailout measures (Independent)

Iran nuclear deal no breakthrough for Post journalist held in Tehran (Washington Post - Paywall)

Teen, 16, caught bullying schoolgirls in video weeps as she's told she may be locked up (Daily Express)

Watch Live: NASA Reveals the Latest Pluto Images (Time Magazine)

Obama defends Iran deal as step toward 'more secure world' (Los Angeles Times)

Athens ablaze: Angry Greeks throw petrol bombs at riot police as MPs debate new EU bailout (Daily Express)

Greek debt crisis: Alexis Tsipras hopes to win bailout vote as protests turn violent (Guardian)

China: Uniqlo sex video goes viral (CNN)

After Iran Nuclear Deal, Thaw in Foreign Business Opportunities Will Be Slow (New York Times - Paywall)

Engaging With Iran Means Demanding an End to Rights Abuses (Newsweek Magazine)

Pro-choice campaigners picket Derry police station over mother's prosecution (Guardian)

Riot police fire tear gas at Greek demonstrators (Fox News)

Obama: Iran Nuke Deal Makes Our Country, World Safer (NBC News)

Obama says there's no precedent for revoking Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom (Guardian)

Obama Says He Can't Revoke Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal Of Freedom (Time Magazine)

Congress probes 'foetal parts' video (BBC)

More than half of Germans support Merkel's tough stance on Greece (Independent)

More than half of Germans support Angela Merkel's tough stance on Greece (Independent)

'A sugar crash!' Dietitians on the snacks that fuelled the Iranian nuclear deal (Guardian)

3-year-old found in Disney World resort pool dies (CBS News)

Obama says Iran, Russia, Turkey should be part of discussions on Syria (Reuters)

China refuses to hand over Tibetan lamas body (CBS News)

EXCLUSIVE: The picture that shows Pluto could hold LIFE beneath its frozen surface (Daily Express)

Greece debates tough bailout package even as IMF casts doubt on the deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Pluto flyby images news briefing (BBC)

Unarmed Mississippi man died after 20-minute police chokehold, witnesses say (Guardian)

Tear gas v petrol bombs: Clashes mar massive Greek protest against bailout deal (Russia Today)

Greece debt crisis Q&A: What next in the battle to secure a bailout? (Independent)

Obama Urges Congress to Approve Iran Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

British air force closes Cyprus runway after deadly missiles fall off UK jet (Russia Today)

Greek crisis - IMF crisis (BBC)

Water cannons won't be used to control UK rioters, says Home Secretary (Russia Today)

'Just lit the fuse' Warning that Iran nuclear deal could spark Middle East arms race (Daily Express)

Police Commissioner: Feel-Good' Policing Isn't the Answer to Increased Crime (Time Magazine)

Indian Pilgrims Help Bridge Gaps With China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama to Take Questions on Iran Nuclear Deal (NBC News)

With More Cash, Iran Poised to Help Mideast Friends (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek crisis: European commission proposes 7bn emergency loan (Guardian)

U.S. and International Businesses Eye an Iranian Gold Mine' After Nuclear Deal (Time Magazine)

Video shows moment of 'El Chapo' escape (CNN)

What Difference Will the Iran Deal Make? Not Much (Newsweek Magazine)

Foreign Tourists Detained in Northern China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Roya Nobakht: British woman imprisoned in Iran over anti-government Facebook comments being physically tortured, say campaigners (Independent)

Israel wants permanent stand-off' with Tehran - UK Foreign Sec (Russia Today)

Theresa May snubs Boris Johnson over water cannon usage - video (Guardian)

US focus shifts to wider agenda with Iran (Financial Times - Paywall)

Greek deputy finance minister resigns over bailout deal video (Guardian)

As Iranians welcome nuclear deal, the country's hard-liners tread carefully in opposing it (Fox News)

Watch Live: President Obama Speaks on Iran Nuclear Deal (Time Magazine)

Police water cannon use rejected (BBC)

Supporters of Tibetan monk who died in prison demand China release his body (Los Angeles Times)

Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Tell Stephen Colbert Why He's Not Impressed by Pluto (Time Magazine)

These Are the 10 Best Amusement Parks in the World (Time Magazine)

UN envoy urges Islamist-led government that seized Libya's capital to sign peace deal (Fox News)

Michael McIntyre Photo Taken By Met Police Helicopter Investigated By ICO (Huffington Post)

Video Shows Deadly Police Shooting in Los Angeles Suburb (Time Magazine)

Why Serena Williams' Eyebrow Shaping Video Deserves A Second Watch (Huffington Post)

America's bitter war over abortion rights highlighted as sting video 'shows pro-choice doctor offering body parts of dead foetuses' (Independent)

Video shows Chapo' Guzman pacing in cell just before vanishing from prison (Washington Post - Paywall)

Greek bakers rise to reform challenge (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police unusually tolerant as Iran celebrates deal with song and dance (Guardian)

Iran signs oil contracts for 2015, aims at pre-sanctions capacity in Europe (Russia Today)

Politics, rules behind German resistance to writing off Greek debt (Fox News)

Doreen Lawrence calls for undercover police who spied on family to be named (Guardian)

Obama issues call to fix 'broken' criminal justice system at NAACP convention (Guardian)

UK foreign secretary says Israel wants 'permanent standoff,' won't welcome any deal (Fox News)

Marikana women accuse World Bank arm (Financial Times - Paywall)

Six British tourists detained for 'terror links' are expelled from China (Guardian)

Drug Kingpin's Escape Sets Back Mexican Leader (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek lawmakers debate reforms aimed at avoiding bankruptcy (Los Angeles Times)

Gone in seconds: Video shows the escape of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman (Los Angeles Times)

'Can't accuse Iran forever if your information is not good' - former IAEA inspector (Russia Today)

Judge orders release of police video showing Calif. cops killing unarmed man (GRAPHIC) (Russia Today)

Video shows "El Chapos" final moments before prison escape (CBS News)

Obama To Be Protested By '5,000 Naked Prostitutes' In Kenya Over His 'Aggressive Support For Homosexuality' (Huffington Post)

GOP rips Iran nuclear deal as Biden pushes for support (CBS News)

Iran celebrates as ending sanctions opens "new chapter" (CBS News)

Girl filmed attacking two teenagers in viral video detained 'for own safety' (Guardian)

'Slap in face for Britain' Brussels insists taxpayers PAY their part of £5BN Greek loan (Daily Express)

Netanyahu to Lester Holt: Iran Deal Poses Threat to U.S., Too (NBC News)

We Face a New, Dangerous Age of Nuclear Weapons Rivalry (Newsweek Magazine)

Eurozone bailout deal: what do ordinary Greeks think? (Guardian)

Greece crisis: Treasury backs use of UK cash to help kick-start Athens' economy (Russia Today)

China detains 20 foreign travelers (CBS News)

Mickey and Minnie Mao? Disney's China Plans Unveiled (NBC News)

Oldest Animal Sperm Lasts 50 Million Years in Antarctica (NBC News)

Big Brother' Police spy on comedian Michael McIntyre then bizarrely tweet his photograph (Daily Express)

Police criticised over spy-cam tweet of comedian Michael McIntyre in street (Guardian)

Unlocking the Middle East: Iran deal heralds in new regional narrative (Russia Today)

UK government squelches police plan to use 2nd-hand water cannons purchased after 2011 riots (Fox News)

World Class: UK Higher Education (Huffington Post)

'Finally - finally - Obama has earned his Nobel Peace Prize' (Russia Today)

China Arrests Tourists Suspected of Watching Terror Videos (Newsweek Magazine)

Surveillance video shows drug lord "El Chapos" escape (CBS News)

Auschwitz survivor welcomes sentencing of Oskar Gr ning video (Guardian)

Netanyahu slated in Israel for foreign policy failure over Iran nuclear accord (Guardian)

Sudanese refugee accuses UK of complicity in rights abuses (Guardian)

Six Britons deported from China (BBC)

Video shows "El Chapo" moments before escape (CBS News)

How did notorious drug lord El Chapo' escape from a high security prison? (Independent)

British tourists mysteriously arrested in China will now be deported (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Stephen Hawking on Pluto mission (BBC)

Greece's bailout deal Politics Weekly podcast (Guardian)

PLUTO: UFO chaser's video claims planet is Death Star-like alien space station (Daily Express)

UK hopes to reopen embassy in Iran by end of year, says Philip Hammond (Guardian)

Greek Bailout Is No Cure for Sick Economy (NBC News)

Why Arab allies are worried over Iran deal (CBS News)

Hundreds of Philippine police launch anti-crime raids, kill 7 suspects, arrest 39 others (Fox News)

Legal porn? UK online filters may violate EU law (Russia Today)

Spanish police rescue newborn baby found dumped in underground trash container in backpack (Fox News)

How the 2016 Climate Gives Obama an Advantage on Iran (NBC News)

This Powder Aims To Solve World Hunger (Time Magazine)

Gulf states ambiguous on Iran deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nine British nationals among 20 held in China on suspicion of terror links (Independent)

IMF says Greece needs debt relief, PM faces revolt (CBS News)

Did Greece have a 'madman' strategy? (BBC)

Mexico releases Guzman escape footage (BBC)

Better times in Iran won't come fast despite nuclear deal, experts say (Los Angeles Times)

Google alters disputed China map (CNN)

Photo highlights of the day: sunflowers and Pluto (Guardian)

South African student who had degree withheld by Limpopo University for 'being too poor' has debt settled by anonymous donor - eight years later (Independent)

Tibetans protest to demand release of monk's body in China (Reuters)

Iran Deal Ignites Fierce Debate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dubai fraudsters ripped off bungling UK diplomats for almost £1mn (Russia Today)

Macedonia: Political leaders reach deal resolving political crisis, elections set for April (Fox News)

Banks in Greece to reopen on July 17- Finance Ministry (Russia Today)

Mind-controlled Cars Tested In China (Huffington Post)

Striking Greek civil servants march against bailout reforms - video (Guardian)

Make-or-break moment as Greek MPs prepare to vote on austerity proposals (Guardian)

Met Police Tweet Out 'Creepy' Photo Of Michael McIntyre From Surveillance Helicopter (Huffington Post)

European commission proposes using UK contributions towards Greek bailout (Guardian)

Cameron: UK 'not part' of Greek rescue (BBC)

Vatican keeps up pressure on pope's eco-message, invites world mayors to pope's conference (Fox News)

Auschwitz 'bookkeeper' jailed for 4 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ayatollah justifies nuclear deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear deal: what Britain's national newspapers think (Guardian)

Volunteers Make The World Go Round (Huffington Post)

UK unemployment total up by 15,000 (BBC)

Video of boy's lynching goes viral (CNN)

Greek deputy finance minister resigns over debt deal (Russia Today)

Top Ten Facts you didn't know about PLUTO (Daily Express)

'Revolution': Greeks Are Unhappy With Debt Deal (NBC News)

Huge explosion on roof of construction site in Switzerland - video (Guardian)

GDP data reflect reality, says China (Financial Times - Paywall)

Video shows Mexican drug kingpin escaping maximum security jail (Russia Today)

Videos of Los Angeles police shooting an unarmed man made public (Independent)

Footage of Los Angeles police shooting an unarmed man made public (Independent)

UK post boxes 'to be preserved' (BBC)

China detains foreigners in Inner Mongolia (Financial Times - Paywall)

Finally paying for murder of 300,000 Jews: Bookkeeper of Auschwitz jailed for FOUR YEARS (Daily Express)

China Says Detained Tourists Were Watching Terrorist Videos (New York Times - Paywall)

Japan nuclear watchdog says safety culture not good enough after documents falsified (Reuters)

Bahraini police say man was killed as bomb, which he tried to plant to target police, exploded (Fox News)

100 Years Of Beauty In One Minute Showcases A Century Of Iconic Hairstyles (Huffington Post)

Fracking in UK 'could be safe' (BBC)

Nazi 'bookkeeper' gets 4 years (CNN)

IMF attacks EU over Greek deal terms (BBC)

Leftists ask Putin to aid Greece by lifting embargo on food imports (Russia Today)

IMF criticises Greece bailout deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU offers Greece 7bn bridging loan for July, if Athens adopts reforms media (Russia Today)

Aga sold to US firm Middleby in £129m deal (Guardian)

The IMF position on Greece explained (Guardian)

Fox News nails Iran coverage by announcing historic nuclear deal was signed with ... Iraq (Independent)

Israeli opposition leader to visit Washington to discuss Israeli concerns over Iran nuke deal (Fox News)

Debris from collapsing building in New York injures passersby video (Guardian)

Arab World Worries Nuclear Pact Will Boost Tehran (NBC News)

Newly Released Footage Shows Joaquin El Chapo' Guzm n Moments Before His Escape (Time Magazine)

IMF calls for Greece debt relief ahead of bailout vote (Reuters)

New Horizons Phones Home: Pluto Flyby Went Smoothly (Newsweek Magazine)

Aga firm to be sold in £129m deal (BBC)

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Totally Over Pluto (Time Magazine)

'Offline Dating' By Samuel Abrahams Is The Short Film Taking The Digital World By A Storm (Huffington Post)

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge 'split after four years together' (Daily Express)

China warns Manila over repairs to ship on Spratly reef outpost (Reuters)

China says fleeing Uighurs want to bring holy war home (Reuters)

News Analysis: Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal Pits His Faith in Diplomacy Against Skepticism (New York Times - Paywall)

Birmingham Bullying Video Teenager Charged After Viral Clip Shows Horrific Attack On Two Schoolgirls (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Could Greek vote bring down leadership? (BBC)

Oskar Groening: 'Auschwitz book-keeper' jailed for four years over role in murder of 300,000 people during Holocaust (Independent)

First-hand look at Mexico drug lord's escape tunnel shows dimension of ingenuity, audacity (Fox News)

Woman who starred in viral video highlighting street harassment in New York City sues director (Independent)

Plane makes emergency landing on New Jersey highway video (Guardian)

Video of baby seeing parents clearly for first time goes viral (Independent)

Dad Demonstrates 17 Alternative Ways To Hold A Baby In Comical Video That's Gone Viral (Huffington Post)

El Chapo's prison escape route through tunnel video (Guardian)

Op-Ed Contributor: How Obama Should Sell the Iran Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

WATCH: Does video show clearest footage of a UFO ever caught on camera? (Daily Express)

Iran nuclear deal: Devil's in the detail (CNN)

Pluto on the horizon (CNN)

Iran deal misses the point (CNN)

First photo released from Obama date movie Southside With You (Guardian)

Solicitor speaks about Nama deal (BBC)

Mexico releases surveillance footage of 'El Chapo' moments before escape (Fox News)

China arrests Britons, South Africans for 'terror' videos (Reuters)

Land deal leaves taxpayer £15m short (BBC)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Overregulating Life in Greece (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: How the nuclear deal can keep Iran from cheating,' according to a former U.N. inspector (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iran Deal Worries Mideast Neighbors (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Skeptics, snapbacks & Netanyahu: How Iran nuclear deal could still be derailed (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Footpath survey launched in UK (BBC)

Iran's nuclear pact: Deal of the century? (CNN)

El Chapo: CCTV shows moments before escape from prison - video (Guardian)

VIDEO: CCTV shows drug lord's prison escape (BBC)

This Woman Blamed Obama When She Was Arrested Trying to Spend Fake, Printed Cash (Time Magazine)

Judge orders video of deadly C.A. police shooting released (CBS News)

China's 'face-kini' proves popular for those averse to jellyfish stings and tans video (Guardian)

The Latest: German official says Tsipras' criticism of bailout deal with creditors unhelpful (Fox News)

40 years since Soyuz-Apollo project: Handshakes in space as USSR, US fly together (Russia Today)

Probe phones home after Pluto encounter (Financial Times - Paywall)

In Arab world, worries that nuclear deal will boost Iran in power struggle across region (Fox News)

Greek economy on its knees even if bailout deal relieves worst fears over euro future (Fox News)

Greg Hunt attacks Labor's carbon-tax double whammy' at Caltex press conference video (Guardian)

China calls for Iran-style nuclear talks with North Korea instead of sanctions (Guardian)

Iran nuclear deal: Full transcript of President Obama's remarks (Independent)

Iran nuclear deal: Full transcript of President Obama's speech (Independent)

Pluto flyby: New Horizons probe makes contact with Earth live (Guardian)

World leaders react to the Iran Nuclear deal (CNN)

Pro-choice campaigners to picket police stations in Northern Ireland (Guardian)

Iran deal evokes visions of hope and fears of revolution (Guardian)

Copycat Ammo: Catzooka' video shows laser-cloning of cats get as many as you want (Russia Today)

Preventing Ecocide in South China Sea (Guardian)

Iran deal: A 'safer world', or an 'arms race'? (BBC)

British Embassy in Beijing says 11 UK nationals detained in China, trying to find out why (Fox News)

New Video Shows Exact Moment 'El Chapo' Vanished (NBC News)

Judge: Video of Deadly Police Shooting Should Be Released (NBC News)

Heart, snow, Cthulhu? How social media reacted to Pluto flyby (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

New Horizons Pluto probe makes contact with Earth (Guardian)

Stranded great white shark rescued from Massachusetts beach video (Guardian)

Greek Leader Vies to Keep Support (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China surprises economists with GDP rise of 7% (Guardian)

Dissent in Greece over austerity deal grows ahead of vote, Tsipras vows to fight on (Fox News)

SHOCK: Girl raped for a second time after police 'fail to appear after using her as bait' (Daily Star)

What is in the Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Ricardo Diaz Zeferino: videos of shooting by Los Angeles police made public (Guardian)

Obama calls for reforms in criminal justice system (CBS News)

International leaders react to Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Video released of El Chapo escaping (CNN)

NASA's New Horizons Probe Phones Home After Pluto Flyby (NBC News)

Will nuclear inspectors have full access to Iran? (CBS News)

Tony Abbott welcomes Iran nuclear deal with great caution (Guardian)

Iran nuclear deal faces hurdles in Congress (CBS News)

Obama calls for criminal justice reform in system skewed by race and wealth' (Russia Today)

Polish cow Matylda captured after two years on the run (Guardian)

Iran deal could prevent a nuclear-armed foe, but it comes with risks (Los Angeles Times)

Hillary Clinton: Iran will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch (Guardian)

Obama's deal with Iran could hinder his successors, particularly Republicans (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Pluto probe makes contact (BBC)

Huge tornado approaches Kansas town, caught on drone cam video (Guardian)

Pluto the Dog Has Appeared on Pluto the Planet (Time Magazine)

Boston police captains son jailed in bomb plot case (CBS News)

The talking - and arguing - points of the Iran nuclear deal (Los Angeles Times)

Barack Obama pledges reform of US prison and justice system video (Guardian)

Judge releases footage of 2013 police shooting of unarmed man in Los Angeles video (Guardian)

Republican Presidential Contenders Slam Planned Parenthood Over Video (Time Magazine)

IMF: Greek debt unsustainable,' Europe should give relief report (Russia Today)

I.M.F. Demands Greece Debt Relief as Condition for Bailout (New York Times - Paywall)

Agree or go bust': Tsipras explains, defends bad' bailout deal imposed' on Greece (Russia Today)

Could Congress try to block Iran nuclear deal? (CBS News)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 15th July 2015 (Huffington Post)

First Look at 'El Chapo's' State-of-the-Art Escape Tunnel (NBC News)

World Briefing: Ukraine: Blasts Target Police Stations (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Quickly Maneuvers to Capitalize on Iran Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

John Kerry: Iran agreement is "a lifetime deal" (CBS News)

World Briefing: Kuwait: 29 to Be Tried in Mosque Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Thailand: 10 Jailed in L se-Majest Case (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Calls for Major Criminal Justice Reforms (NBC News)

World Briefing: Suriname: Leader Named to New Term (New York Times - Paywall)

Snowden documentary filmmaker sues US over years of harassment (Russia Today)

Police chief investigated for improper contact with girl (CBS News)

Former Israeli PM worried about Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Nasa probe survives Pluto encounter (BBC)

Former Australian PM John Howard tells David Cameron to secure UK borders (Guardian)

NASA Probe Survives Pluto Flyby (Time Magazine)

Congress to Start Review of Iran Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek Crisis Dulls Appetite for Euro in Countries Waiting to Adopt It (New York Times - Paywall)

Mexican drug lords escape tunnel was deep and "high-tech" (CBS News)

Iran's Supreme Leader Is Wild Card in Nuclear Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: LIVE: Pluto flyby news briefing (BBC)

Spoiler alert: How US politics could wreck the Iran deal (Russia Today)

Inside El Chapo's escape tunnel (CNN)

Iran FM: No pathway to bomb (CNN)

Brazil police in Petrobras searches (BBC)

Influential Experts: Iran Nuclear Accord's Complexity Shows Bipartisan Letter's Impact (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: South Africa: Tutu Is Hospitalized (New York Times - Paywall)

Three men held by police over 'plot to stage Al Qaeda terror strike in UK' (Daily Express)

Outrage grips Bangladesh over video of boy beaten to death (Russia Today)

Alexis Tsipras: bailout a bad deal' but the best Greece could get (Guardian)

Middle East Arms Race Will Continue After Iran Deal (NBC News)

Iran nuclear deal: However the great and good represent it, America has now taken the Shia side in the Middle East's sectarian war (Independent)

Iran nuclear deal: America has taken Iran's side to the fury of Israel and Saudi Arabia (Independent)

Iran Deal Highlights: The Good, the Bad, the Complicated (NBC News)

Greece debt crisis: Leaked IMF report heaps fresh pressure on creditors to grant massive relief as part of latest bailout deal (Independent)

Greece debt crisis: Leaked IMF report heaps fresh pressure on creditors to grant massive relief ahead of key vote (Independent)

In Puerto Rico, US officials seize packages with bladders of endangered fish prized in China (Fox News)

The most efficient government in the world has been announced... and it's Qatar (Independent)

Deal reached to freeze Iran nuclear program (CBS News)

Diving into the world of the dead (BBC)

Greek debt crisis: Tsipras vows not to'abandon ship'; IMF urges massive debt relief - as it happened (Guardian)

UK spare electricity margin to fall (BBC)

Calais migrant crisis: 5,000 are now camped around port, warns UK police chief (Daily Express)

Barack Obama says too many young Black and Latino men are filling America's jails (Independent)

Squats make woman's bum implants BURST on video - leaving her in a coma (Daily Star)

IN PICTURES: Spanish police whip five men off plane after they allegedly abuse crew (Daily Star)

Germany accused of wrecking post-WW2 reputation with role in Greece crisis - by OWN media (Daily Express)

Iranian FM Zarif discusses completed nuclear deal (CBS News)

Greek leader struggles to hold government together after bailout deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama lays out justice reform plan (BBC)

Arab states fear nuclear deal will give Iran a bigger regional role (Washington Post - Paywall)

Papua New Guinea police call for ban on State of Origin broadcasts due to killings (Guardian)

Obama cites 'justice and redemption' in call for comprehensive prison reform (Guardian)

Secretary of State John Kerry on Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

What is the Iran nuclear deal? (CBS News)

Rising Star of Syrian Soccer Tells of Perilous Escape From Civil War (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Calls for Sweeping Criminal Justice Reforms in NAACP Speech (Time Magazine)

Athens to vote as IMF warns Greece needs extra debt relief above bailout (Guardian)

New False Color Photos Set Pluto and Its Moon Apart (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: What some who lived through the Iran hostage crisis think of the Iran nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Amazon Releases List of 'Prime Day' Deal Teases (NBC News)

Pluto flyby photos thrill New Horizons scientists after nine-year Nasa mission (Guardian)

Stephen Hawking, Google, Obama and Others Congratulate NASA on Pluto Flyby (Newsweek Magazine)

Brazil Police Seize Documents From Politicians in Petrobras Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After Video Accuses Planned Parenthood of Selling Body Parts, Bobby Jindal Announces Investigation (Newsweek Magazine)

Some Democrats voice concerns on Iran deal but so far appear ready to support Obama (Los Angeles Times)

Probe carries ashes of man who discovered Pluto (CNN)

Greek PM defends 'harsh' debt deal (BBC)

Israel anger at Iran nuclear deal (CNN)

Iran deal: Arab world's cautious reaction reflects deep fault lines (Los Angeles Times)

Cartoonists Commemorate the Historic Nuclear Deal Between Iran and World Powers (Newsweek Magazine)

Greek leader: 'A captain does not abandon ship' (Los Angeles Times)

NASA makes history at Pluto (CNN)

The 3 Coolest Things We Learned From NASA's Pluto AMA On Reddit (Time Magazine)

Iranians dance in streets over nuclear deal - video (Guardian)

Thousands take to Iran streets to celebrate the historic nuclear deal (Guardian)

No White House high fives over Iran deal (BBC)

Tension mounts over Pluto signal (BBC)

Iran nuclear deal: historic agreement in Vienna live updates (Guardian)

Iran deal: World leaders share mixed reactions (CBS News)

A roadmap for the Middle East after the Iran nuclear deal (Guardian)

Iran deal provides opening for Netanyahu's critics in Israel (Los Angeles Times)

German Media React Angrily to Greek Bailout Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Tinkering With the Market Will Cost China Dearly (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi Arabia warns Iran against abusing funds from nuclear deal to incite regional turmoil (Fox News)

Tsipras Is Seen as Holding Greeks' Approval While Selling Tough Bailout Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

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Iran nuclear deal: Jubilation in Tehran, relief in the White House and dismay in Israel as agreement is finally reached (Independent)

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