Thursday, 23rd July 2015

World News

Turkey allows U.S. to use key base to strike ISIS (CBS News)

Barack Obama calls for Britain to remain in EU 'to make world more prosperous' (Guardian)

Remains found in car thats been missing for 43 years (CBS News)

560-pound man on cross-country bike trek to lose weight (CBS News)

New York Police Commissioner Plans Exit Even If Mayors Re-Elected (Newsweek Magazine)

Miami Beach officer will not be charged over Taser death of teenage graffiti artist (Guardian)

Why the New Case Against Bill Cosby Is Different (Time Magazine)

U.S., Iran both counter-attack critics of nuclear deal (Reuters)

Turkey to Allow Use of Key Air Bases for U.S. Warplanes to Bomb ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Sandra Bland Death Ruled a Suicide by Hanging (NBC News)

Turkish Soldier Killed in Firefight With ISIS Along the Syrian Border (Newsweek Magazine)

Universal Pictures Was Pirating Jurassic World Itself (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Man dies in police custody as shocking new death toll figures emerge (Daily Star)

Teenager's body found on roof of Eurotunnel train (Guardian)

Melbourne nurse who claims he was forced to join Isis returns to Australia (Guardian)

Professional Video Gamers to Be Tested for Doping (Time Magazine)

U.S. Triumphs Over Iran In Robot Football World Cup (Newsweek Magazine)

2 Sharks Spotted Off NY Beach, Water Evacuated (NBC News)

FBI blames China for 53% spy case surge (Financial Times - Paywall)

Turkey to Allow U.S. Strikes Against ISIS From Its Soil (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Most Americans Think Obamas War Against ISIS Isnt Going Well (Newsweek Magazine)

Ukraine, rebels urged to sign deal extending arms withdrawal (Reuters)

US forces given access to Turkish base in Isis fight (Financial Times - Paywall)

Alert issued as activity increases in undersea volcano off Grenada called Kick 'em Jenny (Fox News)

Kerry: Iran deal real not fantasy (CNN)

Body of teen found on top of Eurotunnel train after 'leaping from bridge' (Daily Star)

Turkish army returns fire on Islamic State after soldier killed - officials (Reuters)

The Death of Sandra Bland: What We Know So Far (NBC News)

Video: How ISIS Seized Ramadi (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kerry Defends Iran Nuclear Deal in Congress (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump at US-Mexico border: Video shows protesters greeting the Republican as he touches down in Texas (Independent)

Up to 40 migrants feared drowned off Libyan coast - U.N. (Reuters)

Dozens of migrants 'drown off Libya' (BBC)

BREAKING: Body of 'migrant trying to reach Britain' found on roof of Eurotunnel train (Daily Express)

Jurors Won't Rule Out Death in Theater Shooting Trial (NBC News)

Aurora shooting jury: James Holmes's crimes satisfy first death penalty criteria (Guardian)

Iran Has Executed Almost 700 People So Far This Year: Amnesty (Newsweek Magazine)

Better Iran deal 'a fantasy' - Kerry (BBC)

Los Angeles police officer gets jail time for assaulting woman who died (Guardian)

EU files antitrust case against U.S. film studios (CBS News)

Remains at Bottom of Lake May Be Man Missing 43 Years (NBC News)

Village in shock as man is questioned over suspected double murder (Daily Express)

Judge sets sex charges bail for ex-Texas police chief (CBS News)

John Kerry testifies before Senate on Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Investigation continues into Sandra Blands death (CBS News)

FBI director: ISIS a greater threat than al-Qaeda (CBS News)

Jurassic World Sequel Coming in 2018 (Time Magazine)

Iran executions: 'Unprecedented spike' in the number of Iranians put to death sees Tehran face renewed calls to address human rights abuses (Independent)

Iran the land where some 700 souls were executed last year (Independent)

U.S.-Trained Iraqi Troops Deployed to Help Retake Ramadi From ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Jurors Deliberate Death Penalty for Colorado Theater Shooter (Time Magazine)

Dangerous Amoeba Found in New Orleans Suburb's Tap Water (Time Magazine)

Turkey border soldier killed by IS (BBC)

Body of man decomposed in car with arsenal at home (CBS News)

Scott Walker's presidency: Iran nuclear deal goes 'on day one', then Obamacare (Guardian)

A 'close cousin to Earth' found by Nasa's Kepler telescope - video (Guardian)

Govt agents search homes in "gym mat death" case (CBS News)

Hassan Rouhani urged to follow nuclear deal success with human rights progress (Guardian)

This Is What the World Biggest Movie Poster Looks Like (Time Magazine)

Mother demands stiff penalties for dealers of diet pills that killed daughter (Guardian)

Reality TV lawyer found murdered (CNN)

French doctors refuse to rule on fate of brain-damaged man (Guardian)

Report: US may now launch ISIS strikes from within Turkey (Fox News)

Spartan warriors in Beijing? P.R. stunt brings out police (Los Angeles Times)

United States Will Launch Airstrikes Against ISIS from Turkish Soil (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghanistan's Taliban problem hasn't gone away and now Isis has arrived too (Independent)

Isis in Afghanistan: Country's Taliban problem hasn't gone away and it has new extremists to contend with (Independent)

UN envoy says Israel and Palestinians are further apart than ever from achieving a peace deal (Fox News)

Gerard Depardieu calls in on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko as his world tour of political pariahs continues (Independent)

Naked, Disoriented Woman Found Outside Disney World: Cops (NBC News)

Warnings of war, charges of diplomatic failure fly at Iran hearing (Los Angeles Times)

Man in Milwaukee shoots dog after mistaking it for lion (CBS News)

Man found dead in car with 1,200 weapons at home thought he was a spy (Guardian)

Myanmar Sentencing Strains Relations With China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Missing boy found after major search (BBC)

Man 'not allowed' to review dirty hotel room despite half-eaten PASTY down sofa (Daily Express)

John Kerry Fiercely Defends Iran Nuclear Deal (NBC News)

Man allegedly breaks into home, hides under bed for three days (Independent)

GoPro's Newest Feature Makes it Easier to Livestream Video (Time Magazine)

ISIS 'bigger threat than al Qaeda' (CNN)

Tel Aviv Diary: Why I Am for the Iran Nuke Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

John Kerry pushes back as Republicans attack Iran deal at Senate hearing (Guardian)

'Like it or not': John Kerry defends Iran deal to Senate committee video (Guardian)

FBI Director Comey: ISIS Now Bigger Threat Than Al-Qaeda (Newsweek Magazine)

Body found on Eurotunnel train (BBC)

Counter-extremism workers knew boy who plotted Australian Isis attack (Guardian)

Earth's big brother' 1,400 light years away (Financial Times - Paywall)

AUDIO: Man calls 999 to say badger chased him (BBC)

Weed-smoking teen took legal high before burning to death in train prank (Daily Star)

Islamic State claims Egypt bomb that killed four soldiers (Reuters)

Iran's President Defends Nuclear Deal in Blunt Remarks (New York Times - Paywall)

Hunza Valley: Pakistan's 'real Shangri-La' is a world free from militant Islamists, poverty, pollution and a lacklustre education system (Independent)

No comment on reported air base deal with Turkey - White House (Reuters)

Hillary Clinton: US must 'face hard truths about race' in Sandra Bland case (Guardian)

This Iran nuclear deal could unravel faster in Tehran than in Washington | Ali Ansari (Guardian)

ISIS Said to Attack Turkish Outpost Near Syrian Border (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria sees West easing tough stance after Iran deal - Assad aide (Reuters)

Diver Missing Off Famous Shipwreck by Nantucket (Time Magazine)

Gambian rapper says he fled country after critical song sparked death threats (Guardian)

Two Arrested for Burning Homeless Man With Fireworks (NBC News)

The China Stock Market Crash Threatens Xi's Survival (Newsweek Magazine)

John Kerry Pushes Back Against Critics of Iran Nuclear Deal (Time Magazine)

Third body found at mill blast site (BBC)

Hearing on Iran nuclear deal opens with sharp GOP criticism (Washington Post - Paywall)

Woman keeps promise, adopts 4 kids after childhood friend's death (CBS News)

Funding for Green Deal scheme ended (BBC)

Egypt Is Struggling to Cope With Its ISIS Insurgency (Time Magazine)

'Earth 2.0' found by Nasa telescope (BBC)

Sandra Bland dashcam video raises doubts about officer's basis for arrest (Guardian)

WATCH: Shocking brawl breaks out on plane as passengers take down rowdy man (Daily Star)

FBI chief: ISIS bigger threat to U.S. than al Qaeda (CBS News)

U.S., U.K. Public Do Not Think World Is Ready for Another Global Health Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

Sinosphere Blog: Beijing Police Vanquish Foreigners Clad as Spartans (New York Times - Paywall)

John Kerry Defends Iran Nuclear Deal Before Skeptical Senate (New York Times - Paywall)

EU Charges U.S. Film Studios in Antitrust Case (NBC News)

Man admits fatal dog attack charge (BBC)

Police say teen Kindra Chapman hanged herself in jail cell after cellphone theft arrest (Independent)

British government says deaths in custody undermine public faith in police (Fox News)

Soldier killed in Syria border clash (CNN)

EDL Tell Man To F*** Off To London' If He Wants A Mulitcultural Society (Huffington Post)

Mysterious shipwreck found (CNN)

Court told British man who tried to buy ricin online got the idea from 'Breaking Bad' (Fox News)

Grandad plunges to death 12ft from rotten walkway that should have been repaired 19 times (Daily Express)

Russian bomber pilots' cheeky July 4 greeting -- 40 miles off California (CNN)

Turkish Soldier Killed in Clash With ISIS on Syria Border (NBC News)

5 found dead in Oklahoma home (CNN)

Fears ISIS may spread to Turkey as soldier is killed in Syria border shootout (Daily Star)

Egypt death toll in boat collision on Nile River rises to 17; captain, his assistant detained (Fox News)

This Video Perfectly Captures What It's Like to Lose Your Mind Over a Video Game (Time Magazine)

US plans 'assault to seize Ramadi' back from Isis by end of summer (Guardian)

Iran eyes $185 billion oil and gas projects after sanctions (Reuters)

Man Mistakes Dog for a Lion and Shoots It (Time Magazine)

FBI chief calls ISIS bigger threat to U.S. than al Qaeda (CBS News)

Mom Who Killed Sons: I'm 'Not the Monster Society Thinks' (NBC News)

First Giant Hogweed court case after boy, 7, left permanently scarred by toxic plant (Daily Express)

'Diet pills' woman sent death text (BBC)

EU opens antitrust case against Disney, other big studios (CBS News)

'Startling' pages found in old Quran (CNN)

China rights activists on trial in Guangzhou amid crackdown (Reuters)

Swedish security police make first arrests of 2 nationals suspected of terror, murder in Syria (Fox News)

Iran execution toll 'staggering' (BBC)

Five stabbed to death in Oklahoma (BBC)

Turkish soldier killed in clashes with Isis across Syrian border (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Ma Xue on Why China Has Embraced Korean TV (New York Times - Paywall)

Zayn photo girl pays tribute to friend stabbed to death in 'Gumtree robbery' (Daily Star)

Swim death girl's family in France (BBC)

Has NASA found second Earth? MAJOR 5pm announcement 'dreamed of for thousands of years' (Daily Express)

Apparent voicemail may shed new light in Sandra Bland case (CBS News)

Twist in French life support case (BBC)

Man accused of killing woman by pushing shampoo bottle up her anus gives evidence (Daily Star)

Police search for sex beast who attacked woman after flagging her car down (Daily Star)

Chancers: The Weird World of Professional Gambling (Huffington Post)

Police officer killed in southeast Turkey amid escalating violence (Reuters)

Traffic police officer killed in new armed attack in southeast Turkey (Fox News)

Tilbury container death: man guilty of smuggling 35 immigrants (Guardian)

Two Teens Detained After 5 Relatives Stabbed to Death (NBC News)

Romania detains ex-minister in corruption case involving businessman (Fox News)

Saudi foreign minister says Iran nuclear deal curtails Tehran's ability to get atomic weapon (Fox News)

Poland's "uniformed forces" like police and firefighters demand higher pay and modernization (Fox News)

Man dies in sewage works accident (BBC)

Fukushima Daisies Go Viral As Nuclear Radiation Is Blamed For Deformities (Huffington Post)

China's '300:' When Spartans met Beijing police (CNN)

Incredible Photos Of Parents With Three Children (Including Twins) Who Live On Boat And Sail Around World (Huffington Post)

Semi-nude Spartans parade through Beijing - video (Guardian)

Eurozone debt crisis: why the Greece deal will work (Guardian)

VIDEO: Investigation into schoolgirl's death (BBC)

Five family members allegedly stabbed to death by teen relatives in Oklahoma (Guardian)

70 years after Hiroshima, nuclear weapons threaten us all (Guardian)

Ai Weiwei: Old China morals 'disappeared' (CNN)

Submarine carrying eight tonnes of cocaine seized by US authorities off coast of El Salvador (Independent)

Submarine carrying seven tonnes of cocaine seized by US authorities off coast of El Salvador (Independent)

Germany rejects criticism of its rush to do business with Iran in wake of nuclear deal (Fox News)

Man found guilty of murdering partner before dumping body in Dorset lake (Guardian)

China returns passport to famed dissident artist (CBS News)

San Francisco bay area police officer shot dead during traffic stop (Guardian)

Burundi: opposition supporter killed in electoral violence (Fox News)

Ash Carter visits Iraq ahead of key battle with ISIS (CBS News)

Beijing police arrest Western men dressed as Spartans after publicity stunt goes wrong (Independent)

Beautiful photos capture windows around the world (CNN)

Death toll rises to 37 after blasts in Nigerian city of Gombe (Reuters)

Glasgow bin man 'terrified' as truck knocked down shoppers (Daily Star)

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman shows off her tan lines in summer dress with plunging back (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Reaction to 'diet pill' death inquest (BBC)

ISIS Is a Bigger Threat Than Al Qaeda, FBI Chief Says (NBC News)

Watch video footage of the moment Binky the polar bear attacked Australian tourist (Independent)

Old Bailey hears man ordered enough ricin to kill 1,400 people (Guardian)

Man banned over festival dog deaths (BBC)

Uber strikes deal with New York to avoid car cap (Guardian)

Police Custody Deaths Probe 'Could Only Be PR Exercise,' Charity Warns, As Deaths Reach Four Year High (Huffington Post)

Gay couple kicked and pepper sprayed in Kiev, Ukraine - video (Guardian)

Woman beaten by a mob before being arrested by police on suspicion of killing husband in India (Independent)

Iran's Rouhani Defends Nuke Deal as 'New Page in History' (NBC News)

Two teenagers held after five people found dead in Oklahoma (Guardian)

Josh Greenwood Gets Death Threats After Posting Video Showing Seagull Being Fed 'Ketamine' (Huffington Post)

Funnel Clouds Form Over Calgary, Canada And It's Caught In A Beautiful Timelapse Video (Huffington Post)

PSNI assist with Ibiza death probe (BBC)

£390m armoured vehicle deal revealed (BBC)

ISIS is a Bigger Threat Than al-Qaida Says FBI Chief (Time Magazine)

US couple adopt best friend's four daughters after death from cancer (Independent)

University of Alabama student arrested for possession of over 10,000 Xanax pills and 141 grams of marijuana, say police (Independent)

Britons flock to 'safe haven' Spain unaware country is on red alert over Isis terror plots (Daily Express)

Jurassic World thunders past The Avengers to number 3 on all-time box-office list (Guardian)

Deaths in police custody at highest level for five years (Guardian)

Islamic State commanders killed after being blown up by their own bomb (Daily Star)

Half-naked Spartan warriors thwarted by Beijing police (Guardian)

Case of missing Czechs may be related to organised crime - Lebanese minister (Reuters)

We Kurds are the antidote to Isis but we need Britain and Baghdad to help | Karwan Jamal Tahir (Guardian)

Mistakenly Freed Prisoner Posts Images Taunting Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran nuclear talks: Thousands protest against lifting sanctions in Times Square (Independent)

MI5 child abuse warning letter found (BBC)

Watch This KKK March Get Trolled By a Man and His Tuba (Time Magazine)

15-year-old British boy admits terror charge of inciting others to kill police in Australia (Fox News)

Two Teens Are in Custody After Five People Found Dead in Oklahoma (Time Magazine)

Exposing the Global Coalition of Organisations That Support Anti-Gay Laws Around the World (Huffington Post)

China warns Japan against downplaying WWII responsibility in anniversary statement (Fox News)

Police apology over decomposed body (BBC)

Brazil Welcomed 1.7million Tourists During World Cup Months (Huffington Post)

Boy, 15, pleads guilty to encouraging murder of police at Anzac Day parade (Guardian)

Hospital says Palestinian man shot dead by troops; army says troops came under attack (Fox News)

July 23: It was 29 years ago today that Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson (Daily Express)

Islamic State claims Baghdad car blast that killed 20 (Reuters)

Ikea Safety Alert After Two Toddlers Are Killed By Falling Malm Chests Of Drawers (Huffington Post)

Aid in Gaza: We don't have the words to deal with this level of suffering (Guardian)

Man arrested after two found dead (BBC)

Theresa May pledges review into custody deaths after families 'failed' by police (Daily Express)

China may scrap one-child policy to curb demographic time bomb (Independent)

Athens march unable to stop third bailout reforms - video (Guardian)

Greece's Tsipras Popularity Is Undented by Bailout Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. intercepts bombers off Alaska (CNN)

Foreigners Dressed as Spartans Freak Out the Beijing Police and Get Arrested (Time Magazine)

Yukiya Amano: the world's eyes on Iran (Reuters)

'Bring me weed': Online request goes viral after Florida police tweet response (Independent)

'Bring me weed': Woman gets perfect response from police after plea for marijuana (Independent)

Islamic State threat: Isis plotting to use drones to bomb crowds at major British events (Daily Express)

Rope to blame for Brit girl's Spain bungee jump death (Daily Star)

Man arrested following death of two people in Essex (Guardian)

Foxy among the foxgloves: Carol Kirkwood shows off curves in green figure-hugging dress (Daily Express)

Terror chiefs voice fears over ISIS using toy drones to bring 'devastation' to UK (Daily Star)

Not All Is Rosy for Eurozone After Greece Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Many killed in Nile river boat crash (BBC)

Jurassic World Becomes No. 3 Movie of All Time (Time Magazine)

Bill Cosby Playboy case to go ahead (BBC)

China may adopt 'two-child policy' this year as demographic timebomb looms (Guardian)

Sandra Bland: Woman found dead in cell told guard she had attempted suicide but did not say she was depressed, sheriff says (Independent)

Sandra Bland: Black activist found dead in cell 'told guard she had previously tried to kill herself' (Independent)

'Dubious' ISIS will evolve into state (CNN)

U.S. airstrikes blast ISIS walls (CNN)

China envoy warns Japan not to backtrack on expressions of WW2 remorse (Reuters)

Death toll in Czech high speed train crash reaches 3 after 1 dies in hospital overnight (Fox News)

Bill Cosby loses latest bid to fend off sexual assault lawsuit (Guardian)

Pharrell Debuts New Music Video for Freedom' (Time Magazine)

Case against Cosby can proceed (CNN)

Police custody deaths under scrutiny (BBC)

U.S. Says Saudis Back Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Could Uniqlo sex video be China's sexual 'rebound'? (CNN)

Tony Abbott: Northern Territory statehood would not mean changing Australian flag video (Guardian)

NYC protesters demand Congress kill Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Chris Brown posts video rant while trapped in Philippines over fraud claim (Guardian)

Thousands Protest The U.S.-Iran Deal in Times Square (Time Magazine)

Executions in Iran could top 1,000 this year, says Amnesty International (Guardian)

Obama administration takes Iran nuclear deal fight public (Reuters)

Blackface fundraiser planned for Freddie Gray case cops (CBS News)

Meet a Man Who Surfs Violent Seas Where Bullets Fly (NBC News)

Bill Shorten's boat turnback plan has 'all the hallmarks of a pretend fight', says Joe Hockey video (Guardian)

We Are Not Prepared For Another Epidemic': World Bank Survey (Time Magazine)

Blasts Have Killed at Least 29 People in Northeastern Nigeria (Time Magazine)

Pakistan Stays Death Sentence of Christian Woman Convicted of Blasphemy (Time Magazine)

Video of Milwaukee mystery 'lion' goes viral (CNN)

California Officer Shot, Killed During Traffic Stop (NBC News)

Obama team attempts to persuade US lawmakers to endorse Iran nuclear deal (Guardian)

Thousands pack New York's Times Square to protest Iran nuclear deal with US (Guardian)

Release of video of dead woman's traffic stop ignites firestorm in U.S. (CNN)

Candidates address video (CNN)

U.S. Republicans, pro-Israel groups step up campaign against Iran deal (Reuters)

Freddie Gray death: blackface fundraiser planned for indicted police officers (Guardian)

Iran pushes nuclear deal as U.S. lawmaker aims to stop it (Reuters)

China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation (Reuters)

Greece clears next hurdle to bailout deal (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Iraq: Explosions Kill at Least 26 (New York Times - Paywall)

Myanmar jails China loggers for life (BBC)

Police officer kills driver in Cincinnati (CNN)

Campaign for Congressional Backing of Iran Nuclear Deal Begins (New York Times - Paywall)

Man builds custom "breast cancer pink" motorcycle to honor his late wife (CBS News)

GOP looks to block Iran deal (CNN)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Thursday 23rd July 2015 (Huffington Post)

6 Reasons Richard Branson Is the Most Popular Entrepreneur in the World (Time Magazine)

So far, no DNA match in Massachusetts "Baby Doe" case (CBS News)

Scientist warns world to 'think twice before replying to alien signals from outer space' (Independent)

Scientist warns the world to 'think twice before replying to alien signals from outer space' (Independent)

Quran Fragments Found in Britain Are Dated to the Birth of Islam (New York Times - Paywall)

Astronauts launch in mission to International Space Station - video (Guardian)

D.A.: Police misconduct unlikely in death of detained man (CBS News)

Bob Smith: The strange case of the CIA agent that never was and his hoard of 1,200 firearms (Independent)

Essay by ecstasy case schoolboy earns him discharge (Daily Express)

Man dies in police custody just HOURS after Home Secretary orders detention death review (Daily Express)

Man accused of killing woman with shampoo bottle claims he tried to be a 'hero' (Daily Express)

Third body found from Bosley mill explosion wreckage as owners say they are 'devastated' (Daily Express)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 WILL 'be found in the next year', vows search official (Daily Express)

Legal high-taking teen burned to death from 250,000V shock after leaping onto moving train (Daily Express)

Black officer responds to viral photo of him assisting man at KKK rally (CBS News)

Chile judge reopens burning case (BBC)

World's Oldest Quran? 1,500-Year-Old Manuscript Found (NBC News)

Miners from general strike-paralyzed highlands city battle police in Bolivia's capital (Fox News)

VIDEO: Soyuz spacecraft blasts off for ISS (BBC)

Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man Called 'Extremely Proactive' (NBC News)

Russian Soyuz rocket lifts off for space station after two-month delay (Guardian)

California police rescue Nicaraguan woman held captive in closet for a year (Guardian)

Sandra Bland's death totally avoidable', says family's lawyer - video (Guardian)

Man who recorded fatal crash scene pleads not guilty (CBS News)

Man praised for saving mother and daughter from house fire (Daily Star)

Man handed parking ticket within 60 seconds after helping disabled mother with shopping (Daily Express)

Saudi leaders seek US reassurance on Iran deal in meeting with Ashton Carter (Guardian)

Woman-beater with 'piercing eyes' gets life for stabbing girlfriend to death with SCISSORS (Daily Star)

Russian, America, Japanese blast off from Kazakhstan for International Space Station (Fox News)

Eyewitness video shows Mississippi man 'hogtied' by police - video (Guardian)

Iran can deny access to military sites, foreign minister says (Los Angeles Times)

Charleston shooting suspect could face death penalty after being indicted for hate crimes (Daily Express)

Florida transgender woman beaten to death is 10th US trans murder in 2015 (Guardian)

Saudi Arabia Welcomes Iran Nuclear Deal, U.S. Defense Chief Says (New York Times - Paywall)

IHMS revelations bolster the legal and political case against the detention of asylum seekers (Guardian)

Suruc bombings: Turkish President accused of not doing enough to help Kurds fight Isis threat across its border in Syria (Independent)

What We Know About Sandra Blands Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Blasphemy death sentence appeal (CNN)

Living the Chipotlife: Man Eats Chipotle For 154 Days (NBC News)

'Showing the truth': Kurdish pop star takes on ISIS with beauty, song (Fox News)

U.S. Backpedals on Blaming China for Massive Government Hack (Newsweek Magazine)

Nuclear Dilemma: Schumer Agonizes Over Obama's Iran Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

U.N. Official in Peacekeeper Sex Abuse Case Resigns (New York Times - Paywall)

The Iran Deal Is About Far More Than Curbing Nukes (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Sandra Bland video jump 'is glitch' (BBC)

World Briefing: Italy Arrests 2 Men Accused of Planning Terrorist Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world (CNN)

The world's most and least peaceful countries in the world revealed through new research (Independent)

Strikes off after CalMac talks deal (BBC)

Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman: With Sinaloa cartel infighting and a police crackdown on his rivals, what will be escaped drug lord's next move? (Independent)

Meet the New Chief of the Ferguson Police Department (NBC News)

Japan offers new evidence in islands row with China (CBS News)

Four years after his passport was taken, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei gets it back (Washington Post - Paywall)

After Four Years Detained, Ai Weiwei Given His Passport Back (Newsweek Magazine)

David Beckham Invests In Periscope Video Streaming Rival App, MyEye (Huffington Post)

Boehner Vows to Stop New Iran Nuclear Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Vodafone's 'Family Time' App Allows Parents To Switch Off Wi-Fi At Dinner And Set An Internet 'Bedtime' (Huffington Post)

Iran deal awaits tough test in Congress (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese woman smashes car into salon while reversing - video (Independent)

Dublin neighbours scrub off racist graffiti painted outside family's home in touching show of solidarity (Independent)

Man put 'revenge porn' on Facebook (BBC)

Will do 'everything possible' to stop Iran deal - U.S. House speaker (Reuters)

China Mounts Crackdown Against Human Rights Lawyers (New York Times - Paywall)

'Oldest' Koran found in Birmingham (BBC)

Park shows off wildcat kittens (BBC)

Turkey makes Twitter remove video of deadly bombing (CBS News)

Isis bombing poses dilemma for Turkey (Financial Times - Paywall)

Christian's death sentence suspended (BBC)

Suicide Bomber in Suruc Is Said to Be a Turk With Possible Ties to ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Provision in Iran Accord Is Challenged by Some Nuclear Experts (New York Times - Paywall)

More mountains found in Pluto heart (BBC)

Why Bland's death caused an outcry (CNN)

WorldViews: How the Iran deal is good for Israel, according to Israelis who know what they're talking about (Washington Post - Paywall)

How to build your status in China (CNN)

War between China and Japan ended 70 years ago, but fighting continues (Washington Post - Paywall)

Artifacts found in shipwreck off North Carolina coast (CBS News)

VIDEO: 'Oldest' Koran found in Birmingham (BBC)

French teenagers HIV in remission after years without treatment (CBS News)

Senior al Qaeda operative killed in drone strike (CBS News)

Pentagon: Leader of Khorasan Group killed in U.S. airstrike (CBS News)

Nazi hunter seeks investigation of 90-year-old Danish man (CBS News)

Pentagon says senior Al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike (Los Angeles Times)

Do Americans support the Iran deal? A lot depends on how they're asked (Los Angeles Times)

Jailed for life: Killer who brutally stabbed girlfriend to death with pair of scissors (Daily Express)

WorldViews: In a world of absurd election results, North Korea is in good company (Washington Post - Paywall)

Disagreement over Iran deal hangs over Netanyahu's meeting with Carter (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. star is cover girl -- and video star (CNN)

Obama: Critics of Iran deal are the same people who rushed to war with Iraq (Los Angeles Times)

Russia sees big potential from Iran deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Here are some of the weird rumors China thinks it needs to censor (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police storm Bucharest sewers in anti-drug raid (Channel4)

North Korea says it's not interested' in an Iran-style nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iran nuclear deal: Khamenei speech 'troubles' Kerry (Channel4)

Cuba and U.S. reopen embassies after 54 years (Los Angeles Times)

Ashton Carter seeks to reassure Israelis on Iran nuclear deal (Los Angeles Times)

In Chinese corruption case that began with Ferrari crash, former top official faces prosecution (Los Angeles Times)

U.N. Security Council unanimously backs Iran nuclear accord (Los Angeles Times)

Suruc attack: 28 activists killed in Turkey border bomb (Channel4)

President Obama again leaves Nigeria off his Africa trip itinerary (Los Angeles Times)

Surfer Mick Fanning fights off a shark during South Africa competition (Los Angeles Times)

Five guys take same photo for 30 years (CNN)

Celebs show off beach bodies (CNN)

Miami-Dade mayor takes stand in Homestead corruption case (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

Iran vows to buy weapons 'wherever and whenever possible' in blow to nuclear deal (Daily Mail)

Dramatic video of a Manchester boy racer leading police on an 85mph chase (Daily Mail)

How can police turn a blind eye to a drug I know sends people psychotic asks DR MAX PEMBERTON (Daily Mail)

Devon and Cornwall Police release list of items that were used in violent crimes (Daily Mail)

Mac on... police 'turning a blind eye' to cannabis (Daily Mail)

British boy, 15, pleads guilty to inciting terrorism by encouraging murder of police officers during Anzac Day parade in Australia (Daily Mail)

UK police to probe Alan Drennan's death in Ibiza amid claims he was beaten (Daily Mail)

Was British bungee jump victim supervised by an inexperienced instructor who had been DRINKING? New claims as police investigate death of woman, 23, in Spain (Daily Mail)

Did Thai police miss key evidence in killing of Brit backpackers (Daily Mail)

'Celebrity actor' is being probed by Lancashire police over sex offences (Daily Mail)

John Hudspith had £3,500 keyboard seized by police after he disturbed neighbour (Daily Mail)

Somerset man phones 999 to complain a SEAGULL has stolen his sandwich (Daily Mail)

Demi Moore still has not drained her swimming pool 3 days after man drowned in it (Daily Mail)

Black cop Leroy Smith photographed helping man in swastika shirt at KKK rally (Daily Mail)

Queen drops in on bash for her favourite man in tights says SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE (Daily Mail)

Police arrest man at Los Angeles home of Ruby Rose (Daily Mail)

Double murder probe launched after man and woman found dead in picturesque Essex village (Daily Mail)

easyJet staff threaten man with arrest after wrongly putting him on no-fly list (Daily Mail)

Swansea man claims prisoners have nothing on child vandals (Daily Mail)

Guy Ritchie's The Man from U.N.C.L.E. highlights Italy's beauty spots (Daily Mail)

'New Alzheimer's drug has given us a normal life': Family of man given breakthrough treatment say it has slowed the progression of disease (Daily Mail)

Nitra, Slovakia man accidentally left his daughter to die in car on a hot day (Daily Mail)

The HUMAN water bomb: Watch a giant balloon with a man inside burst in spectacular slow motion (Daily Mail)

Inside Out's Sadness toy angers man with phrases like 'I'm in an emotional slump' (Daily Mail)

Glasgow bin man Harry Clarke says better training could have helped stop crash (Daily Mail)

Samantha Woodgate expecting to be sterilised found she's expecting seventh child (Daily Mail)

World's oldest Koran found in University of Birmingham library (Daily Mail)

Third body found at the Cheshire flour mill destroyed in a explosion (Daily Mail)

How autistic Romano Fallace found his voice through pop tunes (Daily Mail)

Mystery of HAIR ICE solved: Strange white frozen growths found on trees are engineered by fungus (Daily Mail)

How RICE may cause cancer: Traces of arsenic are found on grains sold in UK shops - but cooking it in a coffee percolator removes the risk, say scientists (Daily Mail)

Nasa reveals Kepler has found Earth's bigger, older cousin: Kepler-452b is the 'most similar ever planet found' and orbits star similar to our own sun (Daily Mail)

New footage of Chelsea fans rampaging through Paris before PSG clash emerges as supporters found guilty of racially abusing Metro commuter are caught on camera (Daily Mail)

Barnsley Vicar Simon Reynolds found guilty of stealing £24,000 (Daily Mail)

New ISIS video shows French jihadi shooting Syrian soldier and kicking him off a cliff (Daily Mail)

Ezgi Saadet's selfie moments before ISIS bomb in Suruc, Turkey killed her (Daily Mail)

British ISIS jihadi bride did nothing as I was raped says Yazidi sex slave (Daily Mail)

Trail of destruction: The world heritage tourist sites wiped off the map by ISIS in their relentless rampage against history (Daily Mail)

Young ISIS fighter shoots Iraqi 'spy' in the head at point blank range (Daily Mail)

Turkey launches air strikes against ISIS for the first time (Daily Mail)

100 Spartans' captured in China in failed Sweetie Salad publicity stunt (Daily Mail)

Craze sweeping China involves balancing pens and their lids on your FACE (Daily Mail)

Constellations in tomb map how stars would have looked in CHINA in 65 BC (Daily Mail)

Moment mother listens to son's heartbeat 23 years on from his death (Daily Mail)

Wingsuit BASE jumper from California plummets to his death during leap caught on video in Turkey (Daily Mail)

Christopher Foley who stabbed Joanne Harrison to death with scissors is jailed for life (Daily Mail)

Fresh inquest to be held into death of Poppi Worthington in Cumbria (Daily Mail)

Kleyo de Abreu's father in shock at tragic death of aspiring student in France (Daily Mail)

Iran sees unprecedented spike in executions with 694 people already put to death this year, claims Amnesty International (Daily Mail)

Moment Wolfreton schoolgirl Jessica Lawson climbed onto diving platform before her death (Daily Mail)

Ashley Matthews who tried to jump onto Walsall train was burnt to death by electricity cable (Daily Mail)

Seagull explodes in ball of feathers after being hit by golfer's drive in video (Daily Mail)

Army vet John Burk's video brands fat people 'repulsive' and 'lazy' in furious rant (Daily Mail)

Taylor Swift accused of copying 2NE1 for Bad Blood video amid Nicki Minaj MTV VMA row (Daily Mail)

Bolton teacher Chris Hill sings Frozen's Let It Go in video for leaving pupils (Daily Mail)

One in five young drivers take selfies at the wheel with others making video calls (Daily Mail)

Leicestershire 12-year-old girl 'beaten unconscious' by schoolmates in video (Daily Mail)

Man chucks girls from boat only for her to fall neck-first onto railings in video (Daily Mail)

Keeper scoops swarm of 15k honey bees off seafront wall in Norfolk in video (Daily Mail)

Doctor Who fan says goodbye to students with video where he 'regenerates' (Daily Mail)

Russian fisherman capture Monstrous GIANT SQUID in video (Daily Mail)

Stunning video showcases the magic of special effects as an old woman is stripped of her wrinkles and eye bags and made to look decades younger in SECONDS (Daily Mail)

Secret files show MI5 let abuse claim MP off hook' (Daily Mail)

Third of homes will be owned outright by 2025 as older people pay off mortgages (Daily Mail)

Perth musician Sever moment he convinces toddler he has cut off his hand (Daily Mail)

Pythons cut off the blood supply of their prey rather than kill them by suffocation (Daily Mail)

US authorities seize 8 tons of cocaine off coast of El Salvador (Daily Mail)

Indian breastfeeding mother fights off marauding LEOPARD who tried to eat her two-month-old baby during 30-minute battle (Daily Mail)

British Airways passenger demands to get off plane and sparks stand-off (Daily Mail)

Moment dolphin tries to revive her calf off Italy coast in vain attempt to keep it alive (Daily Mail)

Did global warming kill off the mammoths? Rapid climate change doomed Ice Age giants rather than humans, study suggests (Daily Mail)

Israeli missile launcher disguised as a TANK finally declassified after 20 years (Daily Mail)

Stance rockets around California on his bike despite being TWO years old (Daily Mail)

British troops killed in training accidents every six weeks for 15 years (Daily Mail)

Moroccan waiter jailed for raping and trying to kill British tourist given another nine years (Daily Mail)

Woman has a 'lunch hour' nose job to look like her idol Michelle Keegan after years of being called 'Big Nose' by bullies (Daily Mail)

Dr. Seuss book What Pet Should I Get? hits stores 23 years after author died (Daily Mail)

Stone 'sickles' suggest we were cultivating crops 23,000 years ago (Daily Mail)

UN's Christiana Figueres warns the world is 'playing with fire' over climate change (Daily Mail)

What £250,000 will buy you around the world revealed (Daily Mail)

Ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson ordered to pay £150k towards trial costs (Daily Mail)

Ikea issues warning over 27M Malm chests and dressers sold around the world (Daily Mail)

Nick Clegg to charge £40,000 to give speeches around the world (Daily Mail)

Noelle Reno attends charity do following coroner's ruling on Scot Young case says SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE (Daily Mail)

Huddersfield's Georgia Littlewood accidentally killed herself with paracetamol (Daily Mail)

Engineer killed in flour mill explosion told his family the site was 'a disaster waiting to happen' (Daily Mail)

REAL Crocodile Dundee Crocodile Mick has killed over 20k in a 37-year career (Daily Mail)

At least 21 people celebrating at an engagement party are killed and six others feared dead after their boat is hit by a cruise ship on the Nile (Daily Mail)

Rhona Greve's grandson admits owning American bulldog that killed her in Cardiff (Daily Mail)