Tuesday, 28th July 2015

World News

New video released in Texas womans jailhouse death (CBS News)

Police priorities and GPs' warning (BBC)

Famed lion killed in Africa (CBS News)

Warplanes attack air base near Yemen's Aden (Reuters)

NATO Signals Support for Turkey After Terror Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cecil the lion's death prompts calls to ban trophy hunt imports to US (Guardian)

Fighting Between Turkey and Kurds Escalates Amid NATO Tension (Time Magazine)

Denials fly in war of nerves over Greek debt talks (Reuters)

Man charged with posing as nurse in Aurukun faces further legal action (Guardian)

US man 'regrets' killing African lion (BBC)

Migrant Killed in Calais Traffic Accident Was Teargassed by Police, Activists Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkey Investigates Kurdish Opposition Party for Links to Terrorism (Newsweek Magazine)

Man jailed after using explicit images of ex-wife in £2m blackmail bid (Guardian)

Florida Man Arrested in ISIS-Inspired Bomb Plot, FBI Says (NBC News)

Gadhafi's son sentenced to death (CNN)

Star's 'deflategate' ban upheld (CNN)

Man charged with murder after woman's death at west London hostel (Guardian)

Man charged in stabbings at Md. church camp (CBS News)

Gaddafi's son sentenced to death (BBC)

Broken Arrow police will not release 911 call in Bever family stabbings case (Guardian)

Police Count 2,000 Migrant Attempts to Sneak Into Eurotunnel (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dentist who illegally killed Cecil the lion blames local guides for scandal (Independent)

Bungling police officer left voicemail on mother's phone TEN DAYS after she died in crash (Daily Express)

Tesco Ribena Ban Only Applies To Lunchbox-Size Cartons, Big Bottles Will Still Be Available (Huffington Post)

Gadhafi's Son Sentenced to Death (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Isis-inspired Florida man planned to detonate nail bomb on beach, FBI says (Guardian)

Tesco's shock Ribena ban sparks Twitter backlash over 'hypocrisy' (Daily Express)

Kentucky man dies from snake bite at church service (CBS News)

John Kerry warns Congress: back Iran nuclear deal or face dire consequences (Guardian)

Prince Charles admits his labouring efforts are a bit off the wall (Daily Express)

Old Russian Submarine Wreck Is Believed Found Off Sweden (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Missing Vietnam vet found alive under a tree (CBS News)

Obama Promises Better Economic Ties With Africa (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Florida man plotted 'US beach attack' (BBC)

Jack Black, God from Bruce Almighty Favor Iran Nukes Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch 100 Years of German Beauty in Less Than 2 Minutes (Time Magazine)

Maryland Governor Battling Cancer Shows Off Aerodynamic Look' (Time Magazine)

Man Inspired by ISIS Charged With Plotting Florida Backpack Bombing (Time Magazine)

Womans death at Cleveland jail under investigation (CBS News)

On his trip to East Africa, Obama confronts new gains, old stalemates (Washington Post - Paywall)

Chilean woman burned in dictatorship attack says pacts of silence broken, justice being served (Fox News)

US paroles Israeli spy jailed for 30 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rights groups criticize Obama for calling Ethiopia's election 'democratic' (Los Angeles Times)

Obama Takes on Entrenched African Power Structures in Speech (New York Times - Paywall)

Libyans shrug as Kadafi's son gets death sentence (Los Angeles Times)

'My little doppelg nger' Elizabeth Hurley jokes about striking family resemblance with son (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Man charged with planning ISIS terror attack using weapon of mass destruction (Daily Star)

First war monitor injured in Ukraine (CNN)

NATO offers words, not action, to Turkey (CNN)

Shipwreck Hunters Say They've Found Russian Submarine (NBC News)

Qaddafis son Seif al-Islam sentenced to death (CBS News)

U.S. man hunted after allegedly illegally killing Cecil the lion (CNN)

BREAKING: 'ISIS inspired' man charged with trying to use weapon of mass destruction in US (Daily Express)

Husband found guilty of murdering mother-in-law in Pakistan after his wife left him (Independent)

John Kerry Urges Congress to Support Iran Nuclear Deal (Time Magazine)

Turkey-Kurdish conflict: President Erdogan's double-edged war against the PKK and Isis brings accusations of electioneering (Independent)

Family get raw deal on holiday after being served uncooked sausages (Daily Star)

Israeli spy Pollard granted parole 30 years after arrest (CNN)

Turkey v Islamic State v the Kurds (BBC)

Turkey urged at Nato meeting not to abandon Kurdish peace process (Guardian)

Kerry Defends Iran Deal in Heated Hearing Before GOP Lawmakers (Newsweek Magazine)

Man jailed for £2m heiress blackmail (BBC)

US man sentenced to 15 years in jail for trying to join Isis: I am an American' (Guardian)

President Obama Makes History on Africa Trip (NBC News)

The woman behind Pope Francis U.S. visit (CBS News)

Man drives off with $141K in cash left behind by ATM worker (CBS News)

Body of Brit 'beaten to death by cops' in Ibiza returns home for SECOND post-mortem (Daily Star)

Man Who Threw Banana Peel at Dave Chappelle is Headed to Court (Time Magazine)

Iraqi militias train young teens to face the threat of Islamic State war (Fox News)

Man dies after attempted sea rescue (BBC)

Kerry seeks Iran nuclear deal support (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police left message for M9 victim (BBC)

Police stopped Rihanna from performing a free concert and marching with protesters in Baltimore (Independent)

Stalker who blackmailed billionaire's daughter over nude pics is jailed for 12 years (Daily Express)

Petition to pardon Edward Snowden rejected by Obama administration (Guardian)

Nuclear deal 'not to reform Iran' (BBC)

Mum charged with lying after claiming Primark security guard ripped baby off her (Daily Star)

Vicar on the run hands himself in and is jailed for two years (Daily Express)

Second-term Obama tells Africa's 'Big Men' to quit when time is up (Reuters)

Police left voicemail on Lamara Bell's mobile 10 days after she died (Guardian)

Kerry: Alternative deal 'unicorn fantasy' (CNN)

Gunmen who carried out India's Punjab attack were Muslim - police (Reuters)

Cecil the Lion, Famous Zimbabwean Predator, Reportedly Killed by Hunter Revealed as an American Dentist (Newsweek Magazine)

Punch 4 Punch trial: Man found not guilty of manslaughter after game go wrong (Daily Star)

Tariq Jahan on his son's death in the 2011 riots: Each morning we die again' (Guardian)

Man Grabs Bag With $150,000 in Cash After ATM Workers Leave It Behind (Time Magazine)

Feces find prompts herb ban (CNN)

Ethiopia releases journalists from prison before Obama trip (CBS News)

Man jailed over missing Paige murder (BBC)

Obama Administration Could Expand Pell Grant Eligibility to Prisoners (Time Magazine)

Turkey Wins NATO Support as It Steps Up ISIS Fight in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Myanmar police net '$100m drug haul' (BBC)

Who must be killed to beat ISIS, al Qaeda? (CNN)

Three more police forces go 'soft on dope' as they drop drug funds (Daily Star)

Bikini attack in France had nothing to do with Islam, police confirm (Independent)

France defended bikinis from Muslims following attack that had 'nothing to do with religion' (Independent)

'The Man Called Monkhouse': Star Simon Cartwright Remembers How Bob Monkhouse Always Promised Him A Gig (Huffington Post)

Police Might Not Attend Burglaries Because Of Falling Numbers, Chief Says (Huffington Post)

WorldViews: Israelis scold Huckabee for saying Iran deal sends them to door of the oven' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Libyan court sentences Gaddafi son Saif, eight other ex-officials to death (Reuters)

Kurdish peace 'impossible' - Turkey (BBC)

Russian submarine wreck off Sweden likely dates from WW1 (Reuters)

AP News Guide: Turkish-US deal may have far-reaching effect on Islamic State group, Syrian war (Fox News)

Navy joins search for missing teen boys off Florida coast (CBS News)

Obama urges African leaders to uphold human rights (CBS News)

Poll: Over Half of Americans Are Not Buying the Iran Deal (Time Magazine)

Florida Cop Caught Throwing Peanuts at Homeless Man (Time Magazine)

Syrian Rebels Launch Major Attack on Government-Held Areas Vital to President Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

Man missing from vets home found in most unlikely place (CBS News)

'Sexually Inappropriate' Couple Sought By Police After Incident On London To Essex Train (Huffington Post)

NATO Backs Turkey on Islamic State, Some Urge Peace With Kurds (Newsweek Magazine)

Whale Deaths Off Alaska Remain a Mystery: Scientist (NBC News)

Personal details of hundreds of millions of passengers travelling in and out of EU to be stored by airlines for up to five years (Independent)

NATO backs Turkey on Islamic State, some urge peace with Kurds (Reuters)

Home Ownership at Lowest Level in Nearly 50 Years (NBC News)

Libyan Court Sentences Muammar Gaddafis Son, Saif al-Islam Saif, and Eight Other Ex-Officials to Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Africa Can't Let Old Traditions Stand in the Way of Progress, Warns Obama (Time Magazine)

White House Responds to Petition Urging Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden (Time Magazine)

Obama warns on Africa's strongmen' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man dies from extensive head injuries at waste disposal plant in Burnley (Guardian)

Police Searching for Suspects in Barcelona Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran rolls out red carpet for new visitors after nuclear deal (BBC)

Obama to end Africa trip with nod to allies (CBS News)

Here's Why Converse Redesigned Chucks After 98 Years (Time Magazine)

Worried Brit tourists hope peace deal will stave off Istanbul 'attack' (Daily Star)

North Korea Not Interested In Iran-Style Deal As It's A 'Nuclear Weapons State In Name And Reality' (Huffington Post)

Kind-hearted cop buys breakfast for homeless man - then asks to eat with him (Daily Star)

Cop Caught on Tape Throwing Peanuts at Homeless Man (NBC News)

VIDEO: Kerry defends Iran deal to House (BBC)

Barack Obama becomes first US president to address African Union video (Guardian)

The seven graphs that show exactly how badly Barack Obama has done on guns (Independent)

6 charts that show Barack Obama is losing the battle against gun control (Independent)

UK court convicts man of revenge killing in Pakistan (Guardian)

More than 26m stimulant pills seized in Burma, police say (Guardian)

Iran says 'high-level' talks with EU planned following nuclear deal (Fox News)

Muslim girl gang beat woman up for wearing a bikini in public sparking Twitter outcry (Daily Star)

House GOP Panel to Grill John Kerry on Iran Deal (NBC News)

Conley death 'was not suspicious' (BBC)

Sergei Pugachev: 'Putin's banker' now lives in fear of man he put into power (Guardian)

Doctor in Germany charged for declaring woman dead, only for her to wake up in funeral home (Fox News)

Sweden Investigates Mysterious Submarine Found Off Coast (Time Magazine)

Most Americans oppose Iran deal - poll (CNN)

Call for change after child's death (BBC)

Body likely that of missing girl, 8, found in dumpster (CBS News)

Obama on Third Term: 'If I Ran Again, I Could Win' (NBC News)

At War Blog: Lt. Col. Kate Germano on the Marines and Women (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama blames Africa's 'lack of democratic progress' on its presidents-for-life (Guardian)

Obama in warning to African leaders (BBC)

Obama tells African leaders to loosen grips on power, and they cheer him anyway (Los Angeles Times)

Libyan Court Sentences Qaddafi Son to Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama in Africa: US president says he would win third term if he could run (Independent)

Gallery: Trump over the years (CNN)

Obama slams Trump (CNN)

Iran tweets 'gun at head' of Obama (CNN)

VIDEO: Turkey bombs IS and PKK positions (BBC)

At least 25 people killed by militants in Nigeria's northeast (Reuters)

Paige Chivers murder: man jailed for at least 33 years (Guardian)

Obama to African Leaders: 'No One ... Is Above the Law' (NBC News)

'X Factor' Voice Over Man Peter Dickson Leaves Show After 11 Years (Huffington Post)

Hulk Hogan: Why is it okay for President Obama to use the N-word? (Independent)

Woman Sells Belongings On Facebook To Live In Shed On Wheels: 'You Don't Need To Spend Your Money On Stuff' (Huffington Post)

Obama tells Africans to build democracy, create jobs to thrive (Reuters)

Madeleine McCann Cops Eye Body Found in Suitcase (NBC News)

Grinning paedo who killed teen girl Paige Chivers gets 33 years in jail (Daily Star)

French student finds tooth dating back 560,000 years (Guardian)

Big rebel attack in Syria targets area vital to Assad (Reuters)

16 years of fire, art and nudity at Burning Man (CNN)

Scouts found after overnight search (BBC)

French students find human tooth which is at least 550,000 years old (Independent)

Indian court puts off last-minute decision on death-row bomb convict (Reuters)

Gaddafi's son sentenced to death in Libya (Financial Times - Paywall)

LinkedIn Is Making a Big Change People Have Wanted for Years (Time Magazine)

Video shows truck flipping over after two-hour police chase that spanned two US states (Independent)

Congress seeks to lift gun ban at military outposts despite army's concerns (Guardian)

Women on the beat: how to get more female police officers around the world (Guardian)

Myanmar police seize more than 26 million stimulant pills in the country's biggest city (Fox News)

Conley Thompson's death: no suspicious circumstances, say police (Guardian)

Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam sentenced to death in Libya video (Guardian)

Huckabee: Obama marching Israel to 'oven door' (CNN)

UN says civilian death toll in 4 months of Yemen fighting has risen to nearly 1,900 (Fox News)

Two journalists killed in Somalia suicide car bomb attack (Guardian)

Lawyer For U.S. Journalist Jailed in Iran Says He Should Be Freed After Nuclear Deal (Time Magazine)

Escalator Death in China Sets Off Furor Online (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Turkey Sees the Kurdish People as a Bigger Threat than ISIS (Time Magazine)

Duck shot by arrow in cruel attack (Daily Express)

Cat paw print found on Roman tile (BBC)

Lawyer urges Iran prison release for Post journalist in wake of nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

G rard Depardieu set to make film about second world war French fighter pilots (Guardian)

Mom saves son before falling to death (CNN)

Conley Thompson Post Mortem Reveals 'No Suspicious Circumstances' Surrounding His Death (Huffington Post)

Woman charged over Primark breastfeeding claim (Guardian)

Dead Mouse Found In Packet Of Huggies Baby Wipes By Norwich Mother Leanne Phelps (Huffington Post)

Two Bahraini policemen killed in bombing - Interior Ministry (Reuters)

Gadhafi's Son, Ex-PM, Spy Chief All Sentenced to Death (NBC News)

VIDEO: Obama addresses African Union (BBC)

Nato discusses Turkey border crisis (BBC)

When is a woman not woman enough? (BBC)

Turkey blames gas pipeline attack on PKK (Financial Times - Paywall)

Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam sentenced to death by court in Libya (Guardian)

Libya court sentences Qaddafi son to death in absentia for 2011 killings (Fox News)

Boy Scouts of America's lifting of ban on gay adult leaders gets mixed reaction video (Guardian)

El Salvador crime: 700 murders in one month as police become the prey for gangs (Independent)

Police 'may not attend' burglaries (BBC)

Chinese Markets Continue to Fall Following Worst Single-Day Drop in 8 Years (Time Magazine)

Gaddafi's son sentenced to death by Libyan court (Channel4)

Conley Thompson: Tragic death of missing lad, 7, not suspicious police confirm (Daily Star)

Family finds $1m worth of 18th-century gold treasure off Florida coast (Independent)

Family finds $1m worth of 18th century gold treasure off Florida coast (Independent)

Bobbi Kristina Dead: Bobby Brown Breaks His Silence Following The Death Of His Daughter (Huffington Post)

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad Over War Crimes (Huffington Post)

Libyan dictator's son Saif Gaddafi sentenced to death for alleged Arab Spring war crimes (Independent)

Muammar Gaddafi's Son Has Been Sentenced to Death Over 2011 Libya Killings (Time Magazine)

NYPD officers filmed punching and pinning a man to the ground during his arrest for trespassing' at a Brooklyn department store (Independent)

Libyan court sentences Gadhafi's son, Seif al-Islam, to death over killings in 2011 uprising. (Fox News)

Bangladesh police arrest eight in crackdown on Islamist groups (Reuters)

BREAKING: Colonel Gaddafi's UK-educated son sentenced to death for Libya war crimes (Daily Express)

Indian state's ban on cattle slaughter is driving farmers to ruin (Los Angeles Times)

Huckabee's gas chamber reference to Iran deal draws Israeli criticism (Reuters)

The Latest: NATO meets in meeting requested by Turkey in response to Islamic State threat (Fox News)

VIDEO: Oldest Pict fort found on sea stack (BBC)

'Russian submarine wreckage' found in Swedish waters video (Guardian)

Colonel Gaddafi's son sentenced to death (Daily Star)

Man dies in York stabbing (Guardian)

July 28: It was 43 years ago today that thousands of British dockers went on strike (Daily Express)

Victorian government faces factional war as sacked minister claims union plot (Guardian)

2 Bahrain police officers killed in bombing south of capital, 6 others wounded (Fox News)

Polish court orders bank to repay drugged man after he spends £23,400 in lap dance bar (Independent)

Madyson Middleton: Body of missing eight-year-old California girl found in dumpster near home (Independent)

Madyson Middleton: Body of missing 8-year-old California girl found in dumpster near home (Independent)

Attack halts flow in natural gas pipeline from Iran to Turkey (Reuters)

Rescuers find 13 dead migrants on packed boat off Libyan coast (Reuters)

5 Reasons Why Obama Should Steer Clear of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (Time Magazine)

Madeleine McCann Detectives Contact Australian Police Over Suitcase Body (Huffington Post)

Turkey calls Nato meeting to discuss campaign against Isis (Guardian)

$1M in treasure found in Florida shipwreck (CBS News)

Boy Scouts vote to lift ban on gay scout leaders (CBS News)

7.0 magnitude earthquake off of eastern Indonesia (CBS News)

Gay adults now allowed to lead Boy Scouts after century long ban (Daily Star)

4 killed in Wisconsin plane crash (CBS News)

Peru's government brings in sweeping police access to mobile phone metadata (Guardian)

US and Turkey to create Isis-free buffer-zone in Syria as tensions rise over strikes against Kurds (Independent)

Turkey calls for assistance in fight (CNN)

Tyler, The Creator fans threaten activist over petition to ban him from Australia (Guardian)

U.S. military exhumes remains of unidentified victims of Pearl Harbor attack (Reuters)

Turkey Riles U.S. Ally in Fight Against Jihadists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Brit tourists in Turkey at risk from ISIS bombs on trains and buses (Daily Star)

Lorries forced to queue on busy motorway AGAIN by police amid Calais disruption (Daily Express)

Treasure Hunters Find Over $1 Million Worth of Shipwrecked Spanish Gold off the Florida Coast (Time Magazine)

Goals Diverge and Perils Remain as U.S. and Turkey Take on ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

NK ambassador to China says North Korea not interested in talks for Iran-style nuclear deal (Fox News)

What does the Iran nuclear deal mean for Iraq? (Guardian)

Boy Scouts lift blanket ban on gay adult leaders, employees (Reuters)

Obama Blasts GOP Critics of Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Boy Scouts of America ends ban on gay adult leaders (CBS News)

Turkey and U.S. to set up "safe zone" within Syria (CBS News)

Obama blasts GOP hopefuls negative rhetoric (CBS News)

Obama Presses Ethiopia on Human Rights (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Australian arrested after police say he planned to join Kurds in fight against IS in Iraq (Fox News)

Scout gay leader ban lifted (CNN)

Four-legged snake fossil found (CNN)

Worst Chinese Share Drop in 8 Years Spooks Global Markets (Time Magazine)

Old book, new book - Dr. Seuss story once lost is found (CBS News)

Hours before Obama visit, imprisoned Ethiopian journalists freed (CBS News)

Ohio Woman's Death in Police Custody Being Investigated (NBC News)

Peruvian decree gives police power to track geolocation of cellphone users in real time (Fox News)

For years, former prisoner of war kept the hurt inside (CNN)

US family make million-dollar gold find from Spanish fleet off Florida (Guardian)

US Boy Scouts lift 105-year-old ban on gay scoutmasters but Christians will be exempt (Daily Express)

Church threatens to cut ties with US Boy Scouts after they lift ban on gay scoutmasters (Daily Express)

Lack of Pause in Yemen War Delays Aid (New York Times - Paywall)

Cleveland transit police suspend officer who pepper-sprayed Black Lives crowd (Guardian)

Turkey and the U.S. join forces in fight for 'Islamic State-free zone' in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Mormon Church to Reevaluate' Relationship After Boy Scouts End Gay Ban (Time Magazine)

U.S. and Turkey to set-up "safe zone" for Syrian rebels (CBS News)

Boy Scouts lift ban on gay leaders (BBC)

Mom and daughter linked in death as in life (CNN)

Possible Serial Killer Had List of Six Other Women: Police (NBC News)

Boston Will Be Better Off Without Olympics (Time Magazine)

Melbourne man charged with allegedly trying to join Kurdish fight against Isis (Guardian)

Boy Scouts of America lifts blanket ban on gay adult leaders (Reuters)

Mount Isa caravan gas explosion kills man and two young children (Guardian)

Boy Scouts Officially End on Ban on Gay Leaders (Time Magazine)

Ariz. police ID decapitation victim (CBS News)

37-year-old black woman found dead in police custody (Independent)

Madeleine McCann investigators contact Australian police over body (Guardian)

Turkey conflict: Every regional power has betrayed the Kurds so Turkish bombing is no surprise (Independent)

Police move in to search Lord Sewel's flat over 'cocaine snorting prostitute romp' claims (Daily Express)

Top police chief: An officer WON'T come round to your home if you're burgled (Daily Express)

WARNING: British tourists in Turkey could be hit by ISIS bomb attacks on public transport (Daily Express)

Insanity of war on ISIS: US supports Kurdish forces - at the same time Turkey BOMBS them (Daily Express)

British police REFUSE to rule out link between Maddie McCann and body found in Australia (Daily Express)

Britain accused of 'funding Pakistan death penalty' through MILLIONS given in foreign aid (Daily Express)

Maddie McCann mystery as cops yet to rule out dead child found in suitcase is missing Brit (Daily Star)

Hunt for woman who dumped KNIVES near Parliament after trying to get into restricted area (Daily Express)

War in Yemen has pushed six million to the brink of starvation, Oxfam warns (Independent)

300-year-old treasure from famous shipwreck found in Florida waters (CBS News)

U.S. Prepares to Fly Deeper into Syrian Civil War (Time Magazine)

Family of woman found dead in jail outside of Cleveland asks for answers (Guardian)

Madeleine McCann disappearance: Met police contact Australian authorities over 'human remains of a fair-haired girl' (Independent)

Madeleine McCann case: Met police contact Australian authorities over 'human remains of a fair-haired girl' (Independent)

Maddy police aware of Australia body (BBC)

Investigation underway into wreck of an unidentified submarine found off the coast of Sweden (Independent)

Sweden submarine: Investigation underway into wreck of unidentified warship found off coast (Independent)

Turkey 'planning Syria buffer zone' (BBC)

Obama meets Lucy, 'the grandmother of humanity,' during Ethiopia visit (Guardian)

VIDEO: Why Americans don't use all days off (BBC)

Gunmen hit Punjab police station (CNN)

Russian Liberal Who Aided Post-Soviet Overhaul Comes Under Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Naked man 'decapitated wife and dogs' before poking his own eye out and chopping arm off (Daily Star)

Attack on Indian Police Station Ends (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Gang punch and kick lone wedding guest in 'vicious and cowardly' attack (Daily Star)

Chand wins appeal over hormone ban (BBC)

Possible crash link to house death (BBC)

Saudi top diplomat tells EU official Iran still shows 'hostility' in region, despite nuke deal (Fox News)

Man arrested after roadside shooting (BBC)

Police investigating drug claim peer (BBC)

At least 16 killed in Boko Haram raids on Lake Chad villages (Reuters)

5,000-Pound Tree Falls on House, Pins Sleeping Woman (NBC News)

America and Turkey to create Syria buffer-zone as tensions rise over strikes against Kurds (Independent)

'No Turkey no-fly deal' (CNN)

Brown bath death 'unexplained' (BBC)

F.B.I. Emphasizes Speed as ISIS Exhorts Individuals to Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Nepal police arrest 11 in suspected human sacrifice killing of boy (Fox News)

George Osborne hopeful of securing 'win-win' deal with France to avoid British exit from EU (Independent)

Brexit: George Osborne hopeful of securing 'win-win' deal with France to avoid UK exit from EU (Independent)

Musk, Hawking, Wozniak Join Call for Ban on Killer Robots (NBC News)

Bostons Bid to Host 2024 Olympic Games is Killed (Newsweek Magazine)

South Sudan should face extra pressure if it misses August peace deadline - Obama (Reuters)

Thailand's Low Ranking in Human Trafficking Report Could Hamper Trade Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman guilty in sex abuse ring case (BBC)

Pentagon: No Deal on Turkey 'No-Fly' Zone (NBC News)

Russia considers ban on imports of cut flowers from The Netherlands (Fox News)

Obama Calls Ethiopian Government Democratically Elected' (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama presses Ethiopia on human rights (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese woman dies on escalator, but saves son (CBS News)

North Korea Threatens To Leave No American Alive 'To Sign A Surrender' On Anniversary Of Korean War (Huffington Post)

Cuba, Malaysia taken off U.S. human trafficking blacklist (CBS News)

North Korea threatens to 'leave no Americans alive' as Kim Jong-un boasts of nuclear arsenal, on Korean War armistice anniversary (Independent)

Four New Toothed Frogs Found in West Africa (Newsweek Magazine)

Remains found at mill blast site (BBC)

Austrian police intercept 201 migrants without proper documents on train bound for Munich (Fox News)

Syrian Children Delight In A Subterranean Damascus Playground, Safe From Civil War Shelling (Huffington Post)

Outside Prosecutors to Investigate Sandra Blands Prison Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Fugitive priest turns himself in to British police (Fox News)

Iranian newspapers ordered to be positive about nuclear deal in secret letter (Independent)

Rapper 'hologram' stopped by police (BBC)

Obama knocks Huckabee, Trump for slide in Republican rhetoric (Reuters)

Second post mortem after Ibiza death (BBC)

Hawking, Musk, Wozniak: Ban Artificially Intelligent, Autonomous Weapons in War (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama attacks Huckabee Israel remarks (BBC)

Nine killed in day-long Indian gun battle near Pakistani border (Reuters)

China aghast as woman crushed by escalator at shopping mall (Los Angeles Times)

Obama praises Ethiopia terror fight (BBC)

SA police dispute Marikana report (BBC)

Cecil The Lion, Zimbabwe's Famous Big Cat, Shot And Killed By Hunter Who Bribed Wildlife Guide (Huffington Post)

Tower Bridge Attack: Police Appeal For Witnesses After CCTV Shows Gang's 'Vicious' Assault (Huffington Post)

Obama focuses on terror fight, human rights in Africa visit (CBS News)

Gunmen attack Afghan wedding party, killing 21, wounding 8 (Reuters)

VIDEO: Kenyans, cartoons and satirising Obama (BBC)

MEP Calls For EU Ban On Trophy Lion Imports After Zimbabwe's Cecil The Lion Was Killed (Huffington Post)

Nepali boy killed for human sacrifice (CNN)

Obama: Huckabees Oven Comments on Iran Deal Ridiculous, Sad (Newsweek Magazine)

In Ethiopia, Obama seeks progress on peace, security in East Africa (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama says more political openness would strengthen Ethiopia (Reuters)

Osborne hopeful of 'win-win' EU deal (BBC)

Boy Scouts to Officially End Ban on Openly Gay Leaders (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Marines killed in WWII battle finally headed home (CBS News)

Turkey accused of shelling Kurds in Syria (Channel4)

U.S. and Turkey mulling "safe zone" in northern Syria (CBS News)

21 killed in wedding party shootout (CNN)

21 killed in gun battle at wedding in northern Afghanistan (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S.-Turkey deal aims to create de facto safe zone' in northwest Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama delivers powerful speech to Kenyans (CNN)

Syria's Assad admits setbacks, insists he won't lose civil war (Los Angeles Times)

Turkey calls Nato meeting over violence (Financial Times - Paywall)

If We Are Truly No Longer Racist, Why the Ban on Immigration? (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama strikes a chord with Kenyan women (Los Angeles Times)

Al Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility for Mogadishu suicide attack (Los Angeles Times)

Obama issues rallying cry for gender equality in Africa (Channel4)

Obama arrives in Ethiopia for talks on terrorism, South Sudan violence (Los Angeles Times)

Israel wants U.S. to release its spy but not as compensation for Iran deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Strong quake hits off Indonesia, but no tsunami warning (Los Angeles Times)

Turkey strikes Kurdish militants in Iraq, ends truce of more than 2 years (Washington Post - Paywall)

In Kenya, Obama stresses corruption's stifling effect on business (Los Angeles Times)

The tense exchange between Obama and Kenya's president on gay rights (Los Angeles Times)

Kenyans bemoan corruption as Obama calls for prosperity through start-ups (Los Angeles Times)

Obama praises Africa's prospects during Kenya 'homecoming' (Channel4)

Obama returns to Kenya, reunites with father's family (Los Angeles Times)

Man killed by shark while diving off Tasmania (Los Angeles Times)

With airstrikes, Turkey joins regional clashes (Los Angeles Times)

Turkey strikes Islamic State targets in Syria for the first time (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama visits a rising Africa, but one still plagued by economic problems (Washington Post - Paywall)

Critics of Iran nuclear deal allege secret side agreements (Los Angeles Times)

Nuclear deal raises tantalizing question: Will McDonald's return to Iran? (Los Angeles Times)

Turkey agrees to allow U.S. military to use its base to attack Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Five guys take same photo for 30 years (CNN)

Celebs show off beach bodies (CNN)

Rick Scott tries to clarify attack ad on Charlie Crist (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

I actually think I'm a pretty good president,' says Obama as he makes claim he would win a THIRD term if legally allowed to run again (Daily Mail)

Syrian refugee boy sparks outpouring of sympathy across Turkey after being beaten (Daily Mail)

The full story of the Syrian refugee tissue seller beaten up in Turkey (Daily Mail)

NATO backs Turkey in its war against 'terrible acts of terror' (Daily Mail)

Derbyshire police appeal to find villains who broke two brooms sweeps internet (Daily Mail)

Derbyshire, Dorset and Surrey police suggest minor dope user may be let off (Daily Mail)

Missing Conley Thompson from Barnsley found on building site by police (Daily Mail)

Why did they not find little Conley earlier? Neighbours told police to search building site where 7-year-old's body was found but officers said they couldn't because it was 'securely locked' (Daily Mail)

Madeleine McCann police contact Australia after girl's body found in suitcase (Daily Mail)

Immoral' bikini row which sparked social media campaign in France had nothing to do with Islam' warn police as they say it was a fight between rival girl gangs (Daily Mail)

Riot police fire tear gas at CHILDREN protesting over South African school closures (Daily Mail)

'Devious' neo-nazi paedophile who murdered Paige Chivers, 15, to stop her going to the police after he abused her is jailed for life (Daily Mail)

Daddy, Putin has poisoned me': Alexander Litvinenko's father told police his son made a deathbed accusation against Russian president, inquiry hears (Daily Mail)

2,000 migrants storm the Channel Tunnel in a bid to reach Britain as riot police battle for six hours in a desperate attempt to keep them out (Daily Mail)

WANTED: American dentist who paid $55,000 to kill Africa's most famous lion goes into hiding as Zimbabwe police demand to speak to him (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabian royals who annexed an entire public beach for their stay on the French Riviera 'ordered local police not to allow female officers near them' (Daily Mail)

Now police won't visit even if your home was burgled because of budget cuts (Daily Mail)

Bobby Brown on Bobbi Kristina's death as autopsy shows no obvious cause of death (Daily Mail)

Danish Nazi volunteer facing mass murder trial for horrors at death camp (Daily Mail)

Colonel Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam sentenced to death for war crimes in Libya (Daily Mail)

British millionaire's son and friend probed over Agnese Klavina's Marbella death (Daily Mail)

Coffee may ward off breast cancer: Women who drink five cups a day 'have lower risk' (Daily Mail)

Payday lender Cash Genie will refund or write off £20million after shocking practices are exposed including charging customers £30 to get their own money back (Daily Mail)

Alton Towers rollercoaster crash to wipe £50m off profits at owner Merlin (Daily Mail)

Would YOU pay extra to be first off the plane? (Daily Mail)

Chicken sausages are flying off the shelves but with less fat (Daily Mail)

British family's four star 'holiday from hell': Tourists are served raw sausages and narrowly escape injury after tiles fell off walls in bathroom at 'luxury' Thomas Cook Spanish resort (Daily Mail)

Great British Bake Off contestant Ugne Bubnaityte is a Lithuanian body builder (Daily Mail)

Brooklyn Blue 'kicked off X Factor' over her porn film roles (Daily Mail)

Divorced 63-year-old man making £1,000 a week renting out rooms is thrown off Airbnb after woman visitor who gave him a 'long massage' lodges complaint (Daily Mail)

Motorist who drove shouting 'I can't see' when a fire extinguisher was let off in his car is jailed (Daily Mail)

Aston Martin like one in 007 film Goldfinger ruined in crash off M56 (Daily Mail)

Asian gang of men launch vicious Tower Bridge attack on a lone 29-year-old man (Daily Mail)

ISIS thugs behead blindfolded man and crucify his corpse in barbaric new images (Daily Mail)

Glamour magazine under fire on Twitter over 'misogynistic' list revealing 13 things to make a man fall in love with you (Daily Mail)

How Britain's fattest man Carl Thompson refused to listen to the nutrition experts (Daily Mail)

Essex man left blind in one eye after flying his toy helicopter into face (Daily Mail)

Policemen wrestled a man to the ground because of his Welsh accent (Daily Mail)

China stock market has biggest fall in 8 years Shanghai Composite Index sinks (Daily Mail)

Daimler say self-driving trucks are just TWO years away (Daily Mail)

Breaking Bad crystal meth gang jailed for more than 80 years (Daily Mail)

Inside Chernobyl's no-go zone 30 years after the radiation disaster (Daily Mail)

Mental health review after Germanwings crash finds 350 British pilots grounded in 5 years (Daily Mail)

Maureen Curoe banned from mentioning ex on Facebook or faces five years in jail (Daily Mail)

We help them get their lives back': Japan's own suicide-catcher saves 500 lives in 11 years after dedicating his life to saving people (Daily Mail)

Wife's shock at seeing her husband without a beard for the first time in 14 years (Daily Mail)

Teenager at risk of paralysis can stand up straight for the first time in 10 years after severe scoliosis caused her spine to bend at 70 angle (Daily Mail)

Marie Black faces jail after being found guilty of running paedophile ring (Daily Mail)

The remains of a child found in a suitcase in SA unlikely to be Madeleine McCann (Daily Mail)

Owner of a curry house called Spicy Affair' is found guilty of sex assaults after slapping waitresses' bottoms and telling them they were paid to flirt with him (Daily Mail)

'Smoking gun' found in Warner/Chappell copyright battle over Happy Birthday' song (Daily Mail)

Paul Massey aka Salford's Mr Big' is shot dead in targeted attack (Daily Mail)

Acid attack victim Monica Singh has realised dream of going to NY fashion school (Daily Mail)

Ivana once claimed Donald Trump 'violated' her in violent sex attack amid argument over bald patch treatments (Daily Mail)

Disabled woman dumps her £120 sofa on the front lawn (Daily Mail)

Peterborough woman opens a Morrisons roast chicken and finds WORMS (Daily Mail)

ISIS leader al-Baghdadi sanctioned woman to be beheaded as a WEDDING PRESENT (Daily Mail)

Enough to make your skin crawl! Woman horrified after doctors removed more than 20 lice that were living in her EYE (Daily Mail)

Colorado woman gives away possessions on Facebook to live in tiny house (Daily Mail)

'Honest' Tinder profiles by woman for the men she has dated on the app (Daily Mail)

The 10 embarrassing health symptoms NO woman should ignore... (Daily Mail)

Lister Hospital blunders left disabled woman dead after nurses bleeped wrong pager (Daily Mail)

German doctor is charged after declaring a 92-year-old woman dead only for her to wake up inside a coffin at a funeral home hours later (Daily Mail)

Chinese woman 'pretends to get run over' by climbing under car (Daily Mail)

Belton woman discovers her mother has eaten her pizza and cries (Daily Mail)

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk call for ban on automated smart weapons (Daily Mail)

Instagram lifts ban on hashtag #curvy after backlash from plus-size women (Daily Mail)

We must ban 'hippy crack', says Scotland Yard boss Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe (Daily Mail)

Poll blow to Barack Obama's Iran deal as John Kerry stumbles before Congress (Daily Mail)

London Fire Brigade mistakenly declares war on COBALT in carbon monoxide campaign (Daily Mail)

The second life of a Nazi war criminal: German documentary reveals how 'butcher of Lyon' Klaus Barbie became a fixer for drug lords when he went on the run in South America (Daily Mail)

Heartbreaking images reveal the human face of hunger in Yemen: SIX MILLION people are on the brink of starvation as war ravages the desperate country (Daily Mail)

Sweden believes Russian submarine is Tsarist World War I vessel (Daily Mail)

Hunter who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe 'paid gamekeepers £36,000' (Daily Mail)

Staff at Chinese mall knew escalator that killed a mother was broken (Daily Mail)

Army veteran who survived two tours of duty in Iraq killed after crashing into a tree while mountain biking (Daily Mail)