Wednesday, 5th August 2015

World News

Casualty figures in Afghanistan for first half of year highest since 2009 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Axe-wielding man shot dead in Tennessee movie theater (CBS News)

Debris from missing flight MH370 confirmed (CBS News)

New horror at the movies: Man goes berserk (CBS News)

Full speech: President Obama defends Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Island Wreckage Is From Missing Malaysian Jet: Officials (NBC News)

Cops: Pastor tackles man who pulled gun in church (CBS News)

Court rules police must get a warrant to obtain cellphone location records (Guardian)

Migrant boat capsizes in Mediterranean, at least 25 dead (Reuters)

France, Russia Terminate Warship Contract (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gunman dead in US cinema attack (BBC)

U.S. Launches First Drone Strike Against Islamic State From Turkey (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cops: Pa. man fatally stabbed father with sword (CBS News)

Obama defends Iran nuclear deal as U.S. diplomacy over war (Reuters)

Gunman Dead After Attack in Tennessee Movie Theater (NBC News)

Malaysian leader: Plane debris from missing flight (CBS News)

China Official Says Island-Building Has Stopped in Disputed Seas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Argentina's president defends her Cabinet chief against accusation of link to 3 killings (Fox News)

Conflicting Claims Cloud Iran's Financial Gain in Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

California city investigates incident of officer who drew gun on innocent man (Guardian)

Hatton Garden jewellery raid: two more people charged (Guardian)

Transformers stuntman found dead in his hotel room (Daily Star)

Russia and France agree Mistral deal (BBC)

Accused Taliban says U.S. helicopters killed insurgents 'like insects' (Reuters)

Fears over missing migrants in Med (BBC)

Police charge two more people over Hatton Garden safety box raid (Daily Star)

Dashcam Shows Cops Killing Black Man After Car Accident (NBC News)

Katie Hopkins interviewed by police after 'racist' 'cockroaches' comments (Daily Express)

Man caught romping with his pet dog after leaving pal accidental voicemail (Daily Star)

Man arrested after murder in city (BBC)

MH370 wreckage: The debris is from the missing plane, but there are still unanswered questions (Independent)

Autopsy Shows Escaped Convict Was Drunk When He Was Killed (Time Magazine)

Man detained after shots reported near Mississippi military site (CBS News)

Have you seen this man? Family of missing dad make fresh appeal 11 YEARS on (Daily Star)

At least 25 dead and 400 rescued after migrant boat capsizes off Libya (Guardian)

Two charged over Hatton Garden raid (BBC)

Boat Carrying Hundreds Capsizes Off Libya (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

France Reimburses Russia for Warships as Deal Becomes Casualty of Ukraine Sanctions (New York Times - Paywall)

Police: suspect dead in Tennessee movie theater shooting - video (Guardian)

Obama Urges Critics of Iran Deal to Ignore Drumbeat of War' (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Considers Limiting State Procurement of Foreign Condoms (Newsweek Magazine)

France and Russia settle Mistral dispute (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man throws away, recovers winning lottery tickets (CBS News)

Killing Nuclear Deal Would Accelerate Iran's Path to a Bomb: Obama (Newsweek Magazine)

Chicago Police Detained Thousands in Interrogation Facility (Time Magazine)

Islamic State Egypt affiliate threaten to kill Croatian hostage in 48 hours - video (Reuters)

Prison Escapee Was Drunk When Police Shot Him (NBC News)

War on Isis: Tunisian PM says Britain has a responsibility to protect nation from militants (Independent)

Pa. man sentenced to life in Craigslist murder case (CBS News)

West Bank Football Team To Play in Gaza For First Time in 15 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Hundreds Feared Drowned as Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Libya (Newsweek Magazine)

NATO Halves Size of Baltic Air Police Mission (Newsweek Magazine)

The Grateful Dead Is Resurrected Once More, This Time With John Mayer (Time Magazine)

At least 10 killed by two car bombs in Baghdad - sources (Reuters)

Wing part washed up on beach is from missing MH-370, Malaysia confirms (Reuters)

Shooting at Tennessee movie theater leaves suspect dead (Guardian)

Obama accuses critics of wanting to go to war against Iran (Los Angeles Times)

Plane debris is from missing MH370 (BBC)

Despite common aims, Russia and U.S. clash on how to fight Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Fancy a holiday in Islamic State controlled countries? Terror group release brochure (Daily Star)

Islamic State Militants Threaten To Behead Croatian Hostage Tomislav Salopek (Huffington Post)

Obama - Blocking Iran deal would accelerate path to nuclear weapon (Reuters)

Shooter Dead After Shots Fired at Tennessee Movie Theater (Time Magazine)

France to reimburse Russia in deal over undelivered warships (Reuters)

Obama accuses Iran deal opponents of luring Congress toward Middle East war (Guardian)

Gunman killed in cinema shootout as cops find mystery 'backpacks' (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Bomb squad at Nashville cinema after gunman shot dead during Max Max film (Daily Express)

Gunman Killed After Shooting at Antioch, Tennessee, Movie Theater (Newsweek Magazine)

Natalia Molchanova: Tributes paid to free-diving superstar after she goes missing off Ibiza (Independent)

Russia and France agree on refund for Mistral warships, cancel the contract (Fox News)

Departing German Prosecutor Defends Treason Inquiry Against Bloggers (New York Times - Paywall)

A year after Ferguson, blacks say police treat them unfairly (CBS News)

Islamic State affiliate threatens to kill Croatian man kidnapped in Egypt (Guardian)

Two Special Ops Airmen Killed During Free-Fall Training (NBC News)

Wing part is from missing airliner, official says (CNN)

AQAP urges attacks against the U.S. for 2nd time in 2 days (CBS News)

Scientists in Iran clone endangered mouflon born to domestic sheep (Guardian)

Cops: Man angry baby wasnt named after him kills 2 (CBS News)

Hundreds Feared Dead in Migrant Boat Capsize Off Libya (NBC News)

French firm CGG confirms subcontractor held by Islamic State (Reuters)

MH370 Found: Debris Confirmed As Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight (Huffington Post)

Money-laundering trial against Bank of China and 297 others in Italy scheduled for March (Fox News)

Many feared dead in Med capsize (CNN)

Pigs feet and paint: Vacation home of man who killed Cecil vandalized (CBS News)

MH370: Malaysian prime minister confirms Réunion debris found belongs to missing flight - video (Guardian)

MH370: Fragment of wing belonged to missing Malaysia Airlines flight, says Malaysian PM (Independent)

Syrian Islamist group says held talks with Iran (Reuters)

MH370 Found: Experts Confirm Debris Is From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight (Huffington Post)

MH370: Malaysian PM confirms Réunion debris is from missing flight (Guardian)

Dozens killed as trains veer off bridge (CNN)

World's best freediver missing (CNN)

No Iran deal is vote for war - Obama (BBC)

BREAKING: Missing flight MH370 found (Daily Star)

Obama: Iran Debate Is Most Important Since Iraq War (NBC News)

BREAKING: MH370 FINALLY found as Reunion debris CONFIRMED from missing plane (Daily Express)

US drone bombs Islamic State target in Syria after taking off from Turkey (Guardian)

MH370 live: Wing flaperon is from missing Malaysia Airlines plane, confirms Prime Minister Najib (Independent)

MH370 live: Debris found on Reunion island is part of the missing plane, Malaysian Prime Minister confirms (Independent)

Islamic State group in Egypt threatens to kill Croat hostage (Fox News)

Man in Custody Over Mississippi Military Shootings (Time Magazine)

Russia anger at UK over visa delays (Financial Times - Paywall)

First U.S. drone strike from Turkey against Islamic State in Syria (Reuters)

Man crushed to death by own car (BBC)

Some Joy in Mudville: Being a Mets Fan May Finally Pay Off (Newsweek Magazine)

Terror Victims' Suit Targets Part of Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Three cows killed on railway line (BBC)

Here's What Each Candidate Needs to Do at the First Republican Debate (Time Magazine)

Special forces airmen killed during parachute training (CBS News)

Vandals spray paint 'lion killer' on the vacation home of dentist who killed Cecil the lion (Independent)

Russia says no common approach yet with U.S. on fighting Islamic State (Reuters)

Hundreds of Migrants Rescued After Boat Capsizes Off Libya (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama slams critics of Iran nuclear deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Zachary Hammond autopsy challenges police account of fatal shooting (Guardian)

Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility (Guardian)

Puerto Rico Debt: Is Becoming the 51st State the Answer? (Newsweek Magazine)

Vandals Attack Vacation Home of Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion (Time Magazine)

British free-diver Sara Campbell pays tribute to missing Russian athlete Natalia Molchanova (Independent)

Cecil the lion: Hunter Theo Bronkhorst who helped dentist Walter Palmer kill animal in Zimbabwe dismisses 'frivolous' case against him (Independent)

Tragedy of little baseball boy Kaiser killed by bat (Daily Star)

By banning my book, Russia is deluding itself about its past | Antony Beevor (Guardian)

Tsipras: Greece on 'final stretch' of talks with creditors over bailout deal (Guardian)

Florida home of dentist who killed Zimbabwe lion vandalised (Reuters)

State Department Nomination Blocked Over Clinton Email Inquiry (Time Magazine)

EHarmony Discrimiates Against the Blind: Lawsuit (Newsweek Magazine)

Indictment of Cincinnati Campus Cop Raises Fears About Armed Police at Schools (Newsweek Magazine)

Netherlands crane collapse: New footage shows pedestrians running for their lives and one man just inches away from serious injury (Independent)

Obama to Press for Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

A history of the Islamic State group as affiliate threatens to kill Croatian hostage in Egypt (Fox News)

Russian freediver missing after swim near Spain (CBS News)

UK police link Tunisia massacres (BBC)

Sinosphere Blog: Orphan's Essay Sets Off Debate About Poverty in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkey's Push Into War Is Seen as Erdogan's Political Strategy (New York Times - Paywall)

Civilian casualties rise as Afghan war intensifies in 2015 (Reuters)

Iran to present Syria peace plan to United Nations (Reuters)

Obama Pushes Iran Deal In Speech (Time Magazine)

Migrant Boat Carrying 600 Capsizes In The Mediterranean North Of Libya, 400 Rescued, 25 Dead (Huffington Post)

Report: Islamic State Plans to Kill Croatian Hostage Within 48 Hours if Demands Not Met (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrant boat capsizes off Libyan coast (Financial Times - Paywall)

Top freediver disappears off Spanish coast (CBS News)

Judges considering fate of children as young as two amid radicalisation fears (Guardian)

SA police 'find car stolen in 1993' (BBC)

Man Tapes Confrontation With Mom Who Left Baby in Car (NBC News)

Police 'ignore' odd-number burglaries (BBC)

Florida Police Investigate Ritualistic Killing of Three Linked to Blue Moon (Newsweek Magazine)

Nicola Sturgeon told to reveal what she knew of Police Scotland spying claims (Guardian)

Two men arrested after police discover meth lab inside Taco Bell (Independent)

Two Numbers: Humans Have Burned Up Half the World's Biomass (Newsweek Magazine)

Second Shooting in Two Days at Mississippi Military Base (Newsweek Magazine)

Forensic Police Ignore Break-Ins At Odd Numbered Houses In 'Cost-Cutting Strategy' (Huffington Post)

Youth camp reopens on Norwegian island 4 years after fanatic killed 69 in shooting rampage (Fox News)

BREAKING: Hundreds of migrants feared dead as large ship capsizes near Libya (Daily Star)

UK police say evidence shows link between 2 terror attacks in Tunisia (Fox News)

UK police say Bardo and Sousse mass shootings linked (CNN)

Russia destroys tonnes of banned European pork video (Guardian)

Britain's new anti-terror policy tested by move against prominent preacher (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mum talks of heart-stopping moment when daughter, 5, walked off with stranger in park (Daily Star)

War declared on athletics - Coe (BBC)

Supercomputer Race Heats Up as China Bans Exports of High-Performance Machines (Newsweek Magazine)

Officials Warn of Modern Racism Against Roma at Commemorations for Forgotten Holocaust (Newsweek Magazine)

What Drives Dave Burt? Meet The Man Behind The @London Instagram Account (Huffington Post)

For a First Taste of Meditation, Just Start Paying Attention (Newsweek Magazine)

Half of US black people say they have been unfairly treated by the police over their race (Independent)

Explosion, building collapse at chemical plant in western Germany leaves 13 injured, 5 missing (Fox News)

Irish navy says migrant boat carrying hundreds capsizes off Libya, 150 people spotted in sea (Fox News)

Progress in fight against massive California wildfire (CBS News)

Drone Drops Drugs Into Ohio Prison, Sets Off Brawl (NBC News)

UK police link Tunisian beach massacre with Bardo museum attack (Guardian)

Is this 'world's first unstealable bike?' (CNN)

Kerry Urges Beijing to Halt Problematic Actions' in South China Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Natalia Molchanova, World's Greatest Freediving Champion Feared Dead After Going Missing Off Formentera Island (Huffington Post)

Two children drown after Lake Victoria boat collision, Kenyan police say (Guardian)

Witchcraft: Florida woman and sons killed in 'ritualistic killing' linked to blue moon, say police (Independent)

Tunisia attacks: UK police find 'strong' evidence of links between Bardo Museum killings and Sousse beach massacre (Independent)

World free-diving champion feared dead (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Tribute to missing Freedive champion (BBC)

Battle against IS 'soon' - Turkey (BBC)

Severe crackdown on church crosses in China draws backlash from 'alienated' Christians (Independent)

Official killed in Burundi as crisis deepens (Reuters)

STRONG links between deadly Tunisia massacres, UK police reveal (Daily Star)

Sanctions against Iran crumble as America wrangles over the nuclear deal (Guardian)

World's Greatest Freediver Feared Dead in Depths (NBC News)

Iraqi officials: At least 17 government troops killed in clashes with IS in Anbar province (Fox News)

Tunisia beach massacre 'STRONGLY LINKED' with earlier terror attack which killed 22 (Daily Express)

George Osborne's State Asset Sell-Off: 'Greater Privatisation In 12 Months Than Last 20 Years' (Huffington Post)

Baseball's Secret Media Company Signed a Massive New Deal (Time Magazine)

UK authorities to charge 2 with inviting support for Islamic State group (Fox News)

The man who took these photos wasn't trained (CNN)

Turkey Says Extensive' Fight Against ISIS to Start Soon (Time Magazine)

Israeli-based rights group sues to block release of frozen Iranian funds after nuke deal (Fox News)

Russia introduces 'incinerate on site' law for banned EU food products (Guardian)

NYT's Islamic State play cancelled (BBC)

China says has stopped reclamation work in South China Sea (Reuters)

Lake Victoria collision kills two (BBC)

'After a kill, some pray, some smoke': the man who shot the trophy hunters (Guardian)

Syrian Islamist group says had been in talks with Iran (Reuters)

Preacher Anjem Choudary charged with encouraging support for Islamic State (Guardian)

Anjem Choudary Charged By Police With Terror Offences For Supporting Isis (Huffington Post)

Natalia Molchanova: world's 'greatest freediver' feared dead after failing to surface (Guardian)

Idris Elba Lands First Male Maxim' Cover (Time Magazine)

Court Postpones Trial of Zimbabwe Guide Who Led Expedition Where Cecil the Lion Was Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Newborn baby girl found in toilet by police officer (Daily Star)

If debris is part of missing plane, what's next? (CNN)

Four Children Dead After Missouri Condo Fire (NBC News)

India Train Crash Leaves at Least 24 Dead (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

India train crash: dozens die as two express services derail (Guardian)

Investigative journalism is vital for democracy as state surveillance increases | Carly Nyst (Guardian)

Netflix Announces 'Unlimited' Maternity And Paternity Leave During First Year After Birth Or Adoption (Huffington Post)

New Poll Shows Half of Blacks Have Been Unfairly Treated by Police (Time Magazine)

Two Special Ops Airmen Killed During Free-Fall Training in Florida (Time Magazine)

Indian rail crash: 13 members of the same family killed in disaster (Independent)

Indian rail crash: Ten members of the same family killed in disaster (Independent)

7 killed, 2 missing in flash floods in southern Philippines caused by heavy rain (Fox News)

UN human rights chief alarmed by death sentence in Iran for alternative therapist (Fox News)

Mere sight of a gun makes police and public more aggressive, experts say (Guardian)

China to tighten grip over internet users (Financial Times - Paywall)

Britain's Next Top Model Finalist Is A Martial Arts Champion With Two Kids Who Follow In Her Footsteps (Huffington Post)

Greece will try to get full bailout deal this month, rejects idea of extension to talks (Fox News)

If you're being burgled police WON'T turn up if you live in an odd-numbered home (Daily Express)

Is the China Winter Olympics song too much like Frozen or should we just 'Let It Go'? (Independent)

China + math Olympiad = rare U.S. victory (CNN)

Idris Elba Is The First Man In History On Cover Maxim Magazine (Huffington Post)

Hundreds of Hindu protesters clash with police in Nepal's capital, demanding Hindu state (Fox News)

MH370 Debris: France To Examine Flaperon For Links To Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (Huffington Post)

EU and Vietnam in major trade deal (BBC)

Amnesty slams Rio police killings (CNN)

August 5: It was 53 years ago today that Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her LA home (Daily Express)

Brit diver found dead in Spain near shipwreck of sunken German U-boat (Daily Star)

Syria says fight against Islamic State must include Damascus (Reuters)

Here, Finally, Is the First Deadpool Trailer (Time Magazine)

Entire town evacuated due to Washington state wildfire (CBS News)

Russian police arrest man suspected of killing his 6 children, wife and mother (Fox News)

China, ASEAN agree to speed up consultations on South China Sea Code of Conduct (Reuters)

Former First Lady of South Korea Visits Pyongyang in Good-will Trip (New York Times - Paywall)

Hiroshima 70th anniversary: How the map of the world changed day by day during World War Two (Independent)

Chinese baby stuck down toilet pipe rescued by police in Beijing (Independent)

Muslim Uighurs deported from Thailand to China remain in detention (Fox News)

China detains 'cross row' Christians (BBC)

Turkey says 'extensive' fight against IS to start soon; US drones start arriving at base (Fox News)

Missing woman's body 'found at sea' (BBC)

5 police forces investigate sex abuse allegations against late former leader Edward Heath (Fox News)

Russia bus collision kills at least 16 people, injures more than 50 in far east region (Fox News)

Two Chinese 'left behind' children die in suspected murder (Reuters)

The World's Greatest Free Diver Is Missing and Presumed Dead in Spanish Waters (Time Magazine)

Hundreds killed in Asia floods (CNN)

Crews Say There's Progress in The Battle Against California Wildfires (Time Magazine)

War on Isis: Turkey to launch 'comprehensive battle' against militants, says foreign minister (Independent)

On Réunion Island, Talk Radio Trumps Police (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey will launch 'comprehensive battle' against Isis, foreign minister says (Guardian)

TTIP: what does the transatlantic trade deal mean for renewable energy? (Guardian)

Katie Hopkins Questioned By Police Over Allegations Of Incitement Of Racial Hatred Over Migrants Column (Huffington Post)

Mosquito-eating vampire spider could be recruited for war on malaria (Guardian)

Tony Blair must face trial for war crimes over 'illegal' Iraq invasion, says Jeremy Corbyn (Daily Express)

Police 'hat trick' to beat jaywalkers (CNN)

Free diver Natalia Molchanova remains missing 2 days after dive off Spain's Formentera island (Fox News)

China confirms Uighur repatriation fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

Perrie Edwards 'Livid' With Zayn Malik Over Split, Less Than Two Years After Announcing They Were Engaged (Huffington Post)

Russia submits claim to vast amount of Arctic territories at the UN (Fox News)

BREAKING: British diver found dead near First World War shipwreck in Spain (Daily Express)

Nepal villagers recover remains of 17 missing people (Reuters)

War between Russia and West could spark 'dystopian future where London ceases to exist' (Daily Express)

Kerry raises South China Sea concerns with China's Wang (Reuters)

Locust plague sweeps south Russia (CNN)

Obama warns of dangers to Israel if Iran deal blocked - U.S. Jewish leader (Reuters)

At least 19 killed as 2 trains derail in central India (CBS News)

Lake Victoria boat capsized: Two dead after passenger boat collides with fishing boat (Independent)

Lake Victoria boat capsized: At least two dead and many missing after vessel carrying 200 people collided with fishing boat (Independent)

Two Dead and Many More Missing After Boat Capsizes in Kenya (Time Magazine)

A look at Egypt's Suez Canal, from first days to current expansion (Fox News)

Watch Millions of Locusts Cause Biblical Devastation in Southern Russia (Time Magazine)

India train crash: Train tracks collapse in horror floods in India leave 20 dead (Daily Star)

Two trains derail in India; at least 24 killed, 300 rescued (Los Angeles Times)

Two Arrested for Running Meth Lab Out of Iowa Taco Bell (NBC News)

Official: At least 2 dead in Kenya after boat with 200 capsizes after collision with boat (Fox News)

Officials say 2 soldiers, 1 rebel killed in an ambush in Indian-Kashmir (Fox News)

Indian train crash: Dozens dead after two derailments within minutes of each other in heavy floods (Independent)

China plans security offices inside internet firms to stop 'illegal behaviour' (Guardian)

India floods derail two trains, killing at least 20; hundreds rescued (Reuters)

UN reports sharp rise in casualties among women, children in Afghanistan's war against Taliban (Fox News)

Norwegian police investigate 'bomb-like' package at Oslo university (Reuters)

Afghanistan sees sharp rise in women and child casualties in first half of 2015 (Guardian)

Manhunt in Rugged Calif. Area After Man Slain, 2 Cops Shot (NBC News)

Sister of boy killed by baseball bat swing throws out first pitch in brother's honour video (Guardian)

Taipei mayor to attend China forum after row fizzles (Reuters)

First Israeli Jailed Without Trial After West Bank Arson (NBC News)

China ordains first Catholic bishop since 2012 amid strained relations with Vatican (Fox News)

Man arrested after shots fired at National Mall (CBS News)

Boater opens fire at Washington state marina (CBS News)

Google Doodle Honors The First Ever Electric Traffic Light (Time Magazine)

Lee Hee-ho, first lady from South Korean 'sunshine' era, visits the North (Guardian)

Kerry urges peaceful resolution to South China Sea disputes between China, smaller neighbors (Fox News)

Alabama Man Says Cop Threatened Him With Murder (NBC News)

Shonda Rhimes Details Why She Killed McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy: That Was the Only Way' (Time Magazine)

China appeals for U.S. help to fight Xinjiang militants (Reuters)

India Floods Derail Two Trains, Killing at Least 20 (New York Times - Paywall)

Gender war erupts over aircon (CNN)

India train crash: At least 20 dead as train tracks collapse in horror floods (Daily Express)

Three Dead in Possible Blue Moon 'Wiccan Ritual Killing' (NBC News)

Fewer Germans going to Syria, Iraq to fight for Islamic State - spy chief (Reuters)

Vietnam trade deal boost for Scotch (BBC)

Fast food picks up speed: Iowa police find meth lab inside Taco Bell restaurant (Guardian)

Experts say pieces of missing Flight 370 may still be afloat, but finding them is tough part (Fox News)

Obama Begins Campaign in Congress for Iran Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Body Believed to Be Missing SF Teacher Found in Forest (NBC News)

Lexus Takes the Wraps Off Its Mysterious Hoverboard (NBC News)

'We've got a grip' Calais fury over Hammond deal (Daily Star)

More child sex claims against Ted Heath as five police forces investigate former PM (Daily Express)

Ivory Coast court convicts top security officers for ex-leader, first lady with up to 20 years (Fox News)

Baseball tragedy as boy, nine, is killed as player swings bat during warm-up (Daily Express)

War hero, 96, gets his own mini tank in the shape of an all-terrain motorised wheelchair (Daily Express)

Fox News announces presidential candidates for the first 2016 GOP debate (Independent)

Fox News announces presidential candidates for first 2016 GOP debate (Independent)

Russia Stakes New Claim to Expanse in the Arctic (New York Times - Paywall)

John Leslie Munro, the Last of the World War II Dambuster' Pilots, Dies at 96 (New York Times - Paywall)

Sandra Bland's family sues police (BBC)

FOX Releases List of Candidates for First Republican Presidential Debate (Newsweek Magazine)

Island building in disputed sea? China doesn't want to talk about it (Los Angeles Times)

Cop Filmed Throwing Peanuts at Homeless Man Resigns (NBC News)

Guide Who Led Hunt That Killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe Says He Did Nothing Wrong (New York Times - Paywall)

Helicopter accident kills 16 police officers in Colombia (Reuters)

U.S. House to vote on Iran deal disapproval resolution (Reuters)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Confirms Fight Against Andre Berto (Newsweek Magazine)

Irans Ahmadinejad seeks comeback after nuke deal (CBS News)

Russia Claims 463,000 Square Miles of Arctic Territory (Newsweek Magazine)

More Senate Democrats, including Boxer, line up behind Iran nuclear deal (Los Angeles Times)

First Israeli jailed without trial in sweep over West Bank arson (Reuters)

DJ Derek Missing: Police Release Footage Showing First Confirmed Sighting Of Bristol Music Legend (Huffington Post)

Turkish jets hit PKK targets, soldiers killed in southeast (Reuters)

Russia stakes claim to vast Arctic territories at U.N. (CBS News)

CBS News poll: More Americans disapprove than approve of the Iran deal (CBS News)

Russia makes fresh bid for Arctic region which could hold quarter of the Earth's undiscovered fossil fuels (Independent)

Russia claims vast Arctic territory, seeks U.N. recognition (Los Angeles Times)

Sir Edward Heath Child Abuse Claims: Five Police Forces Investigate Allegations Against Former Prime Minister (Huffington Post)

Authorities Searching for Two Suspects After Shots Fired in Camp Shelby, Mississippi (Newsweek Magazine)

Shafqat Hussain executed: Family and rights groups respond to news Pakistan has hung man who maintained his innocence for over 10 years (Independent)

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Announces Support for Iran Nuclear Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Taco Bell employee fired for writing pig' on a police officer's order (Independent)

Here's What You Need to Know About the First GOP Debate (Newsweek Magazine)

New York's Metropolitan Opera drops use of blackface in production of 'Otello' for first since 1891 (Independent)

Mike Huckabee: The Invisible Man (Newsweek Magazine)

Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards Split? Former One Direction Star 'Calls Off Engagement' To Little Mix Fiancée (Huffington Post)

FDA Approves First 3-D-Printed Pill (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese police rescue newborn baby from public toilet (CBS News)

Family of Sandra Bland Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Texas Trooper, Jailers (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Iran deal is good for Israel (CNN)

Police Arrest Suspected Sicilian Mafia Members After Cracking Farming Code (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia renews bid for Arctic regions (BBC)

Man in China gets 12-year term for putting anti-Communist slogans on TV (Los Angeles Times)

First 3D-printed pill approved in US (BBC)

Obama plan 'hope' for Paris deal (BBC)

Iran to retire 'Death to America'? (CNN)

Ronaldo storms off after being asked about FIFA (CNN)

Russia expels Swedish diplomat in latest sign of tension in Baltics (Los Angeles Times)

For the first time, U.S. launches armed flights over Syria from Turkish base (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry secures Gulf support for Iran deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

On Kerry visit, Arab nations express support for Iran nuclear agreement (Washington Post - Paywall)

US transport systems slip off the rails (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia says U.S. support for Syrian rebels portends wider Mideast chaos (Los Angeles Times)

Russia vows tit-for-tat action over Yukos (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rep. Adam Schiff, an influential Democrat, backs nuclear deal with Iran (Los Angeles Times)

How a group of grannies got their first holiday (BBC)

Empire State hosts wildlife display (BBC)

A divided Taliban clings to war in wake of leader's death (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bin Laden family members killed in Hampshire plane crash (Channel4)

'Turkey has hijacked the fight against IS' (Channel4)

West Bank toddler killed in suspected Israeli arson attack (Channel4)

Girl from Vietnam War photo: Where is she? (CNN)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

Sir Edward Heath sees MORE sex abuse victims come forward to police (Daily Mail)

Friends loyal to Sir Edward Heath blast police for only making allegations public after his death saying: It's easy to smear people not around' (Daily Mail)

Warfield police find body which could have lain in shallow grave for 15 years (Daily Mail)

Now police refuse to attend burglaries if victims live in ODD-NUMBERED houses in bizarre cost-cutting move (Daily Mail)

Student invents rape alarm that tells police the victim's exact location after neighbour's 'terrifying' assault in her block of flats (Daily Mail)

Croydon drink-driver who had highest alcohol reading police had ever seen jailed (Daily Mail)

Katie Hopkins questioned by police over allegations of inciting racial hatred (Daily Mail)

Dozens come forward to police investigating Sir Edward Heath (Daily Mail)

Skoda's annual global sales in the million mark for the first time (Daily Mail)

Denise Bidot 'would die' to be the first plus-size VS Angel (Daily Mail)

Food prices soar for first time this year but shoppers benefit from 27th month of deflation (Daily Mail)

Were the ancient Irish the first to record an ECLIPSE? 5,000-year-old drawings in mysterious cairn depict celestial event (Daily Mail)

Your first child really CAN put you off having more: Dip in happiness after birth 'is greater for some than after divorce or death... and lowers chance of siblings' (Daily Mail)

Emotional moment dead bat boy's little sister throws ceremonial pitch at baseball team's first game since nine-year-old died from strike to the head by a practice swing (Daily Mail)

The world's first 'unstealable bike' goes into production: Chilean engineers create radical bicycle with a self-locking frame (Daily Mail)

The Queen looking forward to The Great British Bake Off says EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE (Daily Mail)

Perrie Edwards 'devastated after Zayn Malik calls off engagement' (Daily Mail)

Church can stave off depression with religious communities having better mental health (Daily Mail)

China accused of ripping off Frozen's Let It Go for Winter Olympics theme (Daily Mail)

Esme De Silva forced to take 6 months off work because of her excessive SWEATING (Daily Mail)

Where are the Great British Bake Off winners now? (Daily Mail)

Are you wearing your earrings wrong? Debate about studs sweeps Facebook as user claims you should be taking the plastic backs OFF (Daily Mail)

Can you knock off a decade with just THREE products? Five women aged between 44 and 74 put it to the test (with a little help from Strictly's make-up artist) (Daily Mail)

The illegal three-bed flat found by a council inspector in an off licence's filthy basement (Daily Mail)

Irish navy: Migrant boat carrying 100s capsizes off Libya (Daily Mail)

Masked traffic vigilante is patrolling the streets of Tunbridge Wells ticking off bad drivers while riding an electric unicycle and wearing a cape (Daily Mail)

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Disabled Nick Bennett 'helpless' after his wife Janet was killed in Bulgaria (Daily Mail)

Boat pilots who killed a British woman after playing chicken while she enjoyed a river cruise during 50th birthday celebrations in Brazil are jailed for manslaughter (Daily Mail)

'Brilliant' heart doctor killed as he cycled through Yorkshire Dales when his bike hit a bridge plunging him 50 feet into rocky stream at notorious accident blackspot (Daily Mail)

Russian crane driver is killed when his vehicle bursts into flames (Daily Mail)

Dalston man cheats death as Range Rover destroys bus stop (Daily Mail)

London commuters face rush hour chaos after man died when he fell from bridge (Daily Mail)

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