Friday, 14th August 2015

World News

Parents arrested in death of Maryland boy, age 2 (CBS News)

ISIS leader repeatedly raped American hostage, U.S. finds (CBS News)

New York resident from Uzbekistan pleads guilty to supporting ISIS (CBS News)

2 young campers killed by tree branch in Yosemite National Park (CBS News)

Tensions flare in Miami after U.S. flag flies in Cuba (CBS News)

Pentagon walks back assertions on ISIS chemical weapons use (CBS News)

Report: ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Raped American Hostage Kayla Mueller Before Her Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Tension in Little Havana after embassy reopening (CBS News)

Greece Gets Green Light for Fresh Bailout to Help Rebuild Economy (Time Magazine)

2-year-old falls to death from Pa. homes attic window (CBS News)

Man who shot NYC firefighter killed after standoff (CBS News)

Warehouse in China Blasts Was Closer to Homes Than Allowed (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eurozone Ministers Back Greece Bailout (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eurozone finance ministers agree to third Greek bailout - live updates (Guardian)

U.S. woman hostage raped by Islamic State leader before death - ABC News (Reuters)

Police: Pa. doctor found stabbed to death in home (CBS News)

Eurogroup agrees new Greek bailout (BBC)

Kayla Mueller forced to have sex with Isis leader before her death, officials say (Guardian)

American Flag Raised at U.S. Embassy in Havana (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Believes ISIS Used Chemical Weapon on Kurds (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS using chemical weapons? (CNN)

Stolen Picasso back after 14 years (CNN)

Union Flag kit is simply the VEST: Calls to boycott new athletics gear with no Union Jack (Daily Star)

High gun ownership linked to high rate of police officer deaths, study shows (Guardian)

Greece's European partners back latest bailout deal (Los Angeles Times)

Greek debt crisis: Deal may mean new election as bailout rejected by Alexis Tsipras' party (Daily Express)

ISIS Leader Sexually Abused American Hostage Kayla Mueller, U.S. Officials Claim (Time Magazine)

Eurozone approves 86bn Greek bailout (Financial Times - Paywall)

South Korea, China disappointed (CNN)

VIDEO: US embassy in Cuba reopens (BBC)

China defends initial response to chemical fires after port blasts (Reuters)

Why Keyser S ze still rules, 20 years later (CNN)

Girl's ISIS rapist: God approves (CNN)

CBS News Highlights: Trumps GOP lead, China explosion, Ferguson anniversary (CBS News)

U.S. reopens embassy in Havana: Now what? (CBS News)

Roller coaster hits, kills man (CNN)

Top U.S., Cuban diplomats spar over human rights after U.S. Embassy in Havana reopens (Los Angeles Times)

Kentucky teenager killed moving heavy football equipment (CBS News)

How Jimmy Carter Paved the Way for Cuba Breakthrough (Newsweek Magazine)

From hostage crisis to nuclear deal: prisoner and captor look back at the Iran-US cold war (Guardian)

War with Isis: US investigating chemical weapons attacks against Kurds in Iraq (Independent)

Euro ministers set to launch Greek bailout, wooing IMF on debt (Reuters)

Shinzo Abe Echoes Japan's Past World War II Apologies but Adds None (New York Times - Paywall)

Kerry urges 'genuine democracy' at U.S. flag ceremony in Cuba (Reuters)

Two children camping at Yosemite killed after tree limb falls on tent (Guardian)

Special Report: U.S. raises flag over embassy in Cuba (CBS News)

Cecil the lion killer's shameless photos with illegally killed black bear (Daily Express)

Cheers as U.S. flag is raised at Havana embassy (CBS News)

Seven in court after UK police seize dozens of automatic weapons (Guardian)

U.S. raises flag in Cuba after 54 years (CNN)

Eurozone Ministers Signal Bailout Deal for Greece Is Close (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton's Lawyer Readies for E-Mail War (Time Magazine)

History in Havana: Flag Raised at U.S. Embassy in Cuba (NBC News)

Meet the Man Who Claims to Be the Kissing Soldier in That Famous V-J Day Photo (Time Magazine)

Man Retrieving Dropped Phone Killed by Roller Coaster (NBC News)

Volkswagen Spent Years Hiding This Huge Security Flaw (Time Magazine)

Kerry hails new era after Cuba cold war (Financial Times - Paywall)

Greece edges towards third bailout amid positive signals from Germany (Guardian)

Portugese police arrest British man wanted on suspicion of attempted rape (Guardian)

Firefighter rescued after 32 hours trapped in China explosions rubble (CBS News)

Man dresses up in full bear costume to harass bear and her two cubs (Independent)

'Little angel' killed by a disability lift (Daily Star)

Navajo Code Talkers Day celebrates crucial second world war contribution (Guardian)

Kerry Strikes Delicate Balance in Havana Trip for Embassy Flag-Raising (New York Times - Paywall)

Bailout vote widens bitter Syriza split (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kayla Mueller: US hostage 'refused chance to escape from Isis to save Yazidi girls' (Independent)

VIDEO: Man dies trying to fight off raging bull in shocking footage (Daily Star)

Greek mayor hands out aid as Kos sets up floating migrant centre (Reuters)

What I Learned Watching 16 Years of Television for TIME (Time Magazine)

US reopens embassy in Cuba after more than 50 years of hostility (Independent)

Homes Closest to China Chemical Fire Were 2,000 Feet Away (New York Times - Paywall)

No new apology as Japan marks 70 years since end of WWII (CNN)

One man's promise kept after 70 years (CNN)

Hunter who shot Cecil the lion illegally killed black bear in Wisconsin in 2006 (Guardian)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: Isis leader is a figurehead for whom nothing is beyond the pale (Independent)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi exposed as serial rapist of hostages who made women his personal sex slaves (Independent)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi exposed as serial rapist of hostages who turned women into personal sex slaves (Independent)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi repeatedly raped US hostage Kayla Mueller and turned Yazidi girls into personal sex slaves (Independent)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi repeatedly raped US hostage Kayla Mueller and turned children into personal sex slaves (Independent)

The Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi viewed women held captive at a Syrian house as his private property, and raped a number of them, including the US hostage Kayla Mueller. (Independent)

John Kerry begins historic Cuba visit to raise flag over embassy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Japan's Abe Stops Short of Full Apology Over World War II (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

American flag raised as US embassy reopens in Cuba live (Guardian)

Japanese Prime Minister's Non Apology for World War II Atrocities Is Damaging (Time Magazine)

North Korea celebrates new time zone, 'Pyongyang Time,' 70 years after end to Japanese rule (Fox News)

Marco Rubio: US embassy in Cuba is rewarding oppressive regime' video (Guardian)

West Yorkshire Police Slammed After Tweet Shaming A Homeless Couple (Huffington Post)

US flag raised over Cuba embassy (BBC)

Did Nostradamus predict ISIS rise? 16th century warnings of terror reign and what's NEXT (Daily Express)

Jimmy Carter Paved the Way for U.S. and Cuba Relations (Time Magazine)

Schoolgirl Saved From Certain Death As Burqa-Clad Woman Pulls Her From Path Of Oncoming Train (Huffington Post)

Chinese blasts raise questions about having a hazardous site near housing (Los Angeles Times)

Firefighter rescued after being trapped for 32 hours in China explosions rubble (CBS News)

Photos: Americas Stars and Stripes Raised in Cuba (Newsweek Magazine)

US Marines who lowered embassy flag in Havana in 1961 honored as banner rises again in Cuba (Fox News)

US and Cuba no longer 'prisoners of history', says John Kerry video (Guardian)

Congress Should Let Diplomacy Work in Cuba (Time Magazine)

I Fight the War I Have, Not the War I Want (Huffington Post)

Connecticut court ruling spares 11 death row inmates (CBS News)

Japan PM expresses 'utmost grief' over war but no fresh apology (Reuters)

Pakistan protests to India after man accused of train bombing freed (Reuters)

Video shows bridge collapse in China while man is riding over it (Independent)

Shinzo Abe Doesnt Want Japan To Keep Apologizing for World War II (Newsweek Magazine)

This man knows what we'll be wearing in 165 years (CNN)

ISIS militants may have used chemical weapons against Kurds (CBS News)

Cecil the lion hunter Walter Palmer illegally killed this black bear nearly ten years ago (Independent)

US raises flag over embassy in Havana (Financial Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener: U.S. embassy reopening in Cuba (CBS News)

Cilla Black Died From Head Injury, Coroner Records Verdict of Accidental Death (Huffington Post)

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe stops short of new apology in war anniversary speech (Guardian)

US flag raised over American embassy in Cuba in pictures (Guardian)

'That's it!': How a world war ends (CNN)

Police slammed for 'cruel' tweet about homeless couple (Daily Star)

Berlin signals go-ahead for Greek bailout (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police find 7 bodies dumped on roadside in southern Mexico (Fox News)

American flag raised at US embassy in Cuba video (Guardian)

Robin Williams' Death One Year On: A Reminder That Anyone Can Be Vulnerable (Huffington Post)

Magaluf Police Spend Week Posing On Beaches When There Aren't Enough Resources To Investigate Burglaries (Huffington Post)

Greek Lawmakers Back Bailout After Marathon Debate (NBC News)

US embassy in Cuba formally reopens: 'A day for pushing aside old barriers' (Guardian)

Hurricane Katrina Photos: Getty Photographer Recreates His Iconic Pictures 10 Years After Devastating Natural Disaster (Huffington Post)

Iraqi Kurds say Islamic State attacked them with chemical weapons (Reuters)

Brazil police raid World Cup arena, Odebrecht offices in fraud probe (Reuters)

Our Lives Were Turned to Hell: A Yazidi Recounts Horrors of ISIS Captivity (Newsweek Magazine)

China orders chemicals crackdown (BBC)

U.S. Embassy to reopen in Cuba (CBS News)

Greek Parliament Backs Bailout But Tsipras Faces Biggest Rebellion Yet (Newsweek Magazine)

Hottest Tickets in Washington Are Going Fast for This Man (Time Magazine)

Video Shows Eerie Aftermath of Explosion in Tianjin, China (Newsweek Magazine)

American Flag to Fly Again Over U.S. Embassy in Cuba (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

History in the Making: Flag Raised at U.S. Embassy in Cuba (NBC News)

Chinese firefighters paid high price in blasts that water may have triggered (Los Angeles Times)

Eyewitness: China (Guardian)

Man and woman questioned over killing of Kevin McGuigan in Belfast (Guardian)

Watch Live: U.S. Flag Will Fly Over Embassy in Cuba for First Time in 54 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Potent chemicals in Tianjin blasts (BBC)

Trapped Firefighter Rescued 32 Hours After Tianjin Blasts (Time Magazine)

School attackers get death penalty (CNN)

More Police Are Killed in States With More Guns, Study Finds (NBC News)

James A Young II Killed By 'Raptor' Rollercoaster While Trying To Retrieve Mobile Phone (Huffington Post)

17 killed in Sao Paulo shootings as gunmen apparently target those with criminal past (Fox News)

De Gea shocked at Man Utd omission (BBC)

U.S. secretary of state in Cuba for first time in 70 years (Reuters)

Cops More Likely to Be Killed on the Job in States With Higher Gun Ownership (Time Magazine)

Rights groups: Egypt failed to hold officials accountable 2 years after deadly rally crackdown (Fox News)

VIDEO: 'Dashcam' films China blast shockwave (BBC)

Islamic State and rival group fight for Libyan city, 37 killed - residents (Reuters)

The Latest: US flag to rise over Havana embassy for first time in 54 years (Fox News)

Fidel Castro says the US owes Cuba millions for decades-long embargo (Independent)

Fidel Castro celebrates 89th birthday with leftist buddies - and tells US it owes Cuba millions of dollars (Independent)

Japan PM: new generations shouldn't have to keep apologising for war video (Guardian)

Family devastated after death of four-year-old at Northern Ireland brewery (Guardian)

Big Mac Attack: Man got into a serious beef with his brother in burger row (Daily Star)

Fidel Castro Says U.S. Still Owes Cuba Millions (NBC News)

Tianjin explosions: What we know so far about China disaster that killed at least 50 people (Independent)

Tianjin explosions: What we know so far about disaster that killed at least 50 people (Independent)

Greek MPs approve bailout deal (BBC)

'Like a Nuclear Bomb,' Says Man Behind Stunning Video (NBC News)

Abe shifts context of Japan's war apology (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese Port City Searches for Clues After Devastating Blasts (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police chiefs running covert operations accused of victimising officers (Guardian)

Man Rides Giant Crocodile Like A Horse, As You Do (Huffington Post)

Tianjin blasts: China orders nationwide checks on dangerous chemicals (Guardian)

After 54 Years, Stars and Stripes Will Fly Over Havana Embassy (NBC News)

Fires still burn at China blast site (BBC)

Iraq War Ends for This General, But Not For His Army (Time Magazine)

Greek parliament approves bailout bill (CBS News)

August 14th: 15 years ago today the Russian Kursk submarine sank killing all on board (Daily Express)

Woman 'felt raped' by police (CNN)

Man killed by rollercoaster as he picked up items he dropped on ride (Daily Star)

Market atrocity: ISIS claims attack (CNN)

VIDEO: Stunned eyewitness films China blasts (BBC)

Katie Hopkins Blasts David Beckham For His Response To Harper Dummy Critics (Huffington Post)

See 19 Vintage Magazine Ads That Capitalized on the End of World War II (Time Magazine)

Air pollution in China killing 4,000 people every day (Independent)

Firefighter Rescued 31 Hours After Huge China Blasts (NBC News)

Japan joins U.S.-Philippine humanitarian drills amid China sea dispute (Reuters)

In 2 minutes: U.S. history with Cuba (CNN)

Shinzo Abe: 'Japan inflicted immeasurable damage and suffering in World War II' (Independent)

Man loses part of his skull after gang launched brutal baseball bat attack (Daily Star)

Man detained in China over fake bank (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man hit and killed by rollercoaster 'as he searched for his phone at theme park' (Independent)

Man fulfills a promise made during WWII (CNN)

The man with an ear on his arm (CNN)

Drone flies over China blast area (CNN)

Marines return to Cuba to raise U.S. flag (CNN)

Japanese leader Shinzo Abe expresses 'profound grief' for all who perished in World War II (Fox News)

Sicko man masturbating on a train tried to rape woman passenger (Daily Star)

Watch the moment a bear cub is attacked and killed by a group of tigers in a Chinese zoo (Independent)

U.K Lodges Formal Protest Over Assange's Continued Stay in Ecuadorian Embassy (Time Magazine)

China ends three days of yuan devaluation (Guardian)

'Migrant' Who Pulled Gun On Ukip MEP Mike Hookem Was 'British Gangster', Police Say (Huffington Post)

As Greek Bailout Deal Passes, Alexis Tsipras Faces Rebellion (New York Times - Paywall)

Searching Questions Asked in the Aftermath of the Tianjin Blasts (Time Magazine)

Cancer patient's Dignitas death plan (BBC)

Greek lawmakers back 3rd bailout after all-night debate (Los Angeles Times)

Cuban dissidents not invited to US embassy ceremonial opening in Havana (Guardian)

Alexis Tsipras hit by Syriza rebellion as Greece approves bailout deal (Guardian)

This place sums up Syria's war (CNN)

Tianjin explosions: New footage from China shows both devastating blasts at terrifyingly close range (Independent)

Tianjin explosions: New footage shows both devastating blasts at terrifyingly close range (Independent)

Man accused of pinching steaks and hiding them in his COLOSTOMY BAG (Daily Star)

Where Childbirth Can Mean Death (Time Magazine)

Greek Parliament Approves Draft of Third Bailout (Time Magazine)

Tianjin explosion: Death toll rises to 55 and thousands homeless after blast rocks China (Daily Star)

North Korea denies role in mine blasts near border that maimed 2 South Korean soldiers (Fox News)

Greek MPs approve 85bn bailout plan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Fiery all-night debate in Greek parliament before bailout vote video (Guardian)

U.S. Suspects ISIS Used Mustard Gas on Kurds: Officials (NBC News)

Pakistan military sentences 7 militants to death for attack on school that killed 150 (Fox News)

Bleak Greek Debt Outlook Raises Pressure on Europe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek lawmakers approve bailout deal (Fox News)

Tianjin explosions: eyewitnesses capture blasts on film, then flee video (Guardian)

Market Turmoil Saps Momentum for China Reform (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek MPs vote on key bailout deal (BBC)

VIDEO: Man City v Chelsea: A new rivalry (BBC)

Confusion clouds China blast site clean-up (Financial Times - Paywall)

Report: ISIS used mustard gas on Kurds (CBS News)

China blasts: thousands seek refuge as Tianjin explosions death toll reaches 55 (Guardian)

South Sudan brewery closure would be no small beer as civil war wreaks havoc (Guardian)

Greek bailout talks go all night as Tsipras battles Syriza dissent (Independent)

Did ISIS use mustard gas? (CNN)

Chemical experts working to discover cause of Tianjin blasts (CNN)

Speech on World War II: 3 words to watch for from Japan's Shinzo Abe (Los Angeles Times)

Firefighter rescued from blast zone in China's Tianjin port as death toll reaches 50 (Fox News)

ISIS recruiter Sally Jones 'seen in Britain with suspected jihadis' amid fears of attack (Daily Star)

Police went 4 times to home where Houston family murdered (CBS News)

In another symbol of thawing ties, Kerry to raise U.S. flag at restored Havana embassy (Reuters)

Greece: All-night debate on new bailout as prime minister faces anti-austerity backlash (Fox News)

Now Brits turn their backs on Greek island holidays as refugees pour into tourist hotspots (Daily Express)

Marines from '61 return to U.S. Embassy (CNN)

US officials investigating if ISIS used chemical weapons against Kurdish forces in Iraq (Fox News)

WARNING: 'Mrs Terror' of ISIS 'spotted in Britain' amid fears of imminent atrocity (Daily Express)

Top US diplomat John Kerry flies to Cuba to raise flag in victory lap for new Obama policy lap (Fox News)

Police arrest 2 suspects in Bangladesh blogger's murder case (Fox News)

Six Militants Linked to Peshawar School Massacre Have Been Sentenced to Death (Time Magazine)

Amusement park guest struck, killed by roller coaster (CBS News)

What chemical weapons mean for the fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Flash Points: What chemical weapons mean for the fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Scores Killed in Baghdad Truck Bomb (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sick couple 'used Bible to turn 13-year-old girl into their sex slave', police say (Daily Star)

New relations with Cuba resurfaces old disputes (CBS News)

Cuban Artist on Attending Embassy Ceremony: 'It's an Honor' (NBC News)

Obama Is Set to Discuss Rights Issues With China (New York Times - Paywall)

Death toll climbs from blasts in Tianjin (CBS News)

A Man Wearing a Bear Costume Is Harassing Bears in Alaska (Time Magazine)

Samsung Pay seeks edge in mobile payment war (CBS News)

Man grows third ear on arm (CNN)

Survivors of deadly China explosion "terrified" by ordeal (CBS News)

A Secretive Path to Raising U.S. Flag in Cuba (New York Times - Paywall)

Study Finds Pollution in China Causes 1.6 Million Deaths a Year (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Japan's war apology row - in 90 secs (BBC)

U.S. Investigating Whether ISIS Used Chemical Weapons (Time Magazine)

Texas Deputy Fired After Police Dog Dies in Hot Car (NBC News)

Those who fled Cuba want back what was left behind (CBS News)

U.S. says China must improve human rights to make Xi visit a success (Reuters)

Rebooting the Man from U.N.C.L.E (BBC)

Evil ISIS says rape is part of religion as Koran 'encourages attacking non-Muslim women' (Daily Star)

Police officers declare "His Life Matters" in viral photo (CBS News)

Black bear attacks California man on his porch (CBS News)

China Seeks to Calm Markets as It Devalues Currency for 3rd Consecutive Day (New York Times - Paywall)

Pentagon: ISIS has used chemical weapons (CBS News)

Unarmed black 14-year-old shot 7 times by police officer in New Jersey (Independent)

Report: U.S. Suspects ISIS Used Chemical Weapons in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Suspected IS chemical attack in Iraq (BBC)

Dad of Murdered Family Reacts to Death Penalty Ruling (NBC News)

Sick ISIS makes rape part of its religion as Koran 'encourages attacking non-Muslim women' (Daily Express)

Blasts Rock China City Like 'Earthquake,' Kill at Least 50 (NBC News)

War on Isis: Claims militants used chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in Iraq (Independent)

Man jailed for attempted rape - but police have NO IDEA who he is (Daily Express)

Poisonous gas attack by ISIS leads to fears terrorists are mass producing CHEMICAL WEAPONS (Daily Express)

Seven in court after police seize gangland arsenal in marina raid (Daily Express)

Tigon feat: 65 years on Maude the tiger-lion cross is back on display (Daily Express)

Sold for £1.2m: The council flat worth £130,000 25 years ago (Daily Express)

Yvette Cooper blasts Jeremy Corbyn's left wing policies (Daily Star)

Pentagon believes ISIS used chemical weapons (CBS News)

Meet the Female Enforcers of ISIS (NBC News)

Greek Deal's Legacy May Be a More Political Eurozone (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Journalist, five others killed in Mexico state of Veracruz (Reuters)

Grizzly put down after hiker killed (CNN)

Death rate for preschool children in UK almost double that of Sweden (Guardian)

Study Links Polluted Air in China to 1.6 Million Deaths a Year (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek ruling party heads towards split before bailout vote (Reuters)

Air pollution killing 4,000 in China a day, US study finds (NBC News)

Lewis Fogle: Prisoner freed after spending over 30 years in prison, following DNA test (Independent)

Arkansas buys lethal injection drugs ahead of first execution in 10 years (Guardian)

Crews assess damage from blasts at Chinese port (Washington Post - Paywall)

Greek island bears brunt as people-smugglers take Turkish route (Reuters)

Chemical team sent to China blast site (BBC)

Ferguson's Interim Police Chief Was Suspended 3 Times in the Past (Time Magazine)

Man Utd's De Gea 'not eager to play' (BBC)

North Carolina officer charged with shooting black man testifies in trial (Guardian)

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape (New York Times - Paywall)

DNA Frees Man Who Served 34 Years for Teen's Murder (NBC News)

You've got to be kidding: Man dons hooves and lives as a GOAT (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Aerial tour of the China blast site (BBC)

Challenges await Kerry on Havana visit to reopen U.S. Embassy (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico human rights agency says worker abducted, beaten, robbed, threatened with death (Fox News)

Pentagon: Reports "credible" mustard gas used in ISIS attack (CBS News)

U.S. jets from Turkey target ISIS (CNN)

Cuba celebrates historic moment (CNN)

Bronx Man Who Beat a Puppy to Death Will Be Jailed (Newsweek Magazine)

Castro in birthday message: U.S. owes Cuba millions (CBS News)

Reporter and alleged gang leader among 6 killed in Mexico (CBS News)

Huge blasts at Chinese port kill 50, injure more than 700 (Reuters)

Father and son: Same pose for 30 years (CNN)

Pakistan military OKs death sentences for 6 school attackers (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Deafening sound of China explosions (BBC)

Pakistan military court sentences six to death in school massacre (Reuters)

Croatia: 2 groups involved in ISIS hostage abduction (CBS News)

La Coiffeuse: £9.6m Pablo Picasso painting that vanished 14 years ago finally returned to France (Independent)

Greece debt crisis: Parliament holds emergency session on new austerity measures to secure third bailout (Independent)

Photos Show Aftermath of Explosions in Tianjin, China, at Chemical Storage Area (Newsweek Magazine)

Artist Ai Weiwei Says China at Critical Point (Newsweek Magazine)

US marines who lowered flag at embassy in Havana fifty years ago set for Cuba return (Independent)

UKs Iraq War Inquiry: Publish Report in 2015 or Face Legal Action, Say Soldiers Families (Newsweek Magazine)

Oil Prices Hit Six-Year Low as China Devalues Yuan (Newsweek Magazine)

Berlin Journal: A World War and Clashing Architecture Foil a German Arts District (New York Times - Paywall)

Will new Cuba relations bring fugitive Charlie Hill back to U.S.? (CBS News)

Death Penalty Law Ruled Unconstitutional in Connecticut (Newsweek Magazine)

The Real Meaning of the POW/MIA Flag (Newsweek Magazine)

Xi vows to probe deadly China port blast (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kurdish fighters report being attacked with chemical weapons by Isis (Independent)

Greek Island of Kos, Overwhelmed With Migrants, Tries to Move Them Along (New York Times - Paywall)

Julian Assange to remain in Ecuadorean embassy until 2020? (Channel4)

Brussels backs IMF over Greek debt relief (Financial Times - Paywall)

Japanese plot nearly prevented end of war (Financial Times - Paywall)

War games, migration and climate change (BBC)

Deadly blasts rock Chinese port (Financial Times - Paywall)

China explosion: dozens die after huge blasts (Channel4)

Iraq War families may sue Chilcot (BBC)

Dozens killed in Baghdad market bombing (Channel4)

Police investigate 'cyber-flashing' (BBC)

Isis truck bomb rips through Iraq market (Financial Times - Paywall)

China defends new currency regime (Financial Times - Paywall)

Renminbi forces hard choices on China (Financial Times - Paywall)

NATO and Russian war games could spur real conflict, analysts warn (Los Angeles Times)

Germany criticises Greek bailout (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tensions with China loom larger as Obama prepares to welcome Xi Jinping (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Korean man lights himself on fire during anti-Japan protest in Seoul (Los Angeles Times)

China parade will mark victory over Japan and put neighbors in a bind (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia on diplomatic offensive to defeat Islamic State, end Syrian war (Los Angeles Times)

Japan restarts nuclear reactor, 4 years after Fukushima. What's at stake? (Los Angeles Times)

Record numbers of migrants swarming Greek islands to reach Europe (Los Angeles Times)

Nine killed in attacks across Turkey (Channel4)

Ferguson: man critically injured after protest shooting (Channel4)

Call for calm over Isis plot to 'blow up the Queen' (Channel4)

Chinese boy sees his mother killed by an advertising board in China (Daily Mail)

KFC China launches new ROSE chicken leg burgers made with pink buns (Daily Mail)

Stock market map by Merrill Lynch map reveals America swamps China (Daily Mail)

Horrific moment two gay men are thrown off tall building by ISIS then stoned by baying mob including children (Daily Mail)

Colombian man has curtain rings removed from his penis by firefighters (Daily Mail)

Nigerian man divorces his wife of 25 years because she took too long to cook (Daily Mail)

Chris Eubank fails in bid to talk suicidal man out of jumping to death over M23 (Daily Mail)

Bromley Batman sees off muggers who attacked man and his wife in Cornwall (Daily Mail)

Chester man whose wife died at Dignitas 18 months ago will end his own life (Daily Mail)

Mystery man jailed for sex attack on unidentified woman in London (Daily Mail)

British man charged as ringleader of £157m Deutsche Bank tax scam after Las Vegas arrest (Daily Mail)

Sir John Chilcot's six-year failure to publish findings into Iraq War (Daily Mail)

Labour civil war deepens as frontbench Blairite accuses Corbyn of tolerating anti-Semitism (Daily Mail)

Migrants board ships in Kos as part of emergency measures to relieve Greek island (Daily Mail)

Greece's Alexis Tsipras defends new 85bn euro bailout (Daily Mail)

King's Cross station evacuated as armed police swoop on Class B drugs suspect (Daily Mail)

Johannesburg police officer couple shoot intruders trying to smash into home (Daily Mail)

Four out of five burglaries are NEVER solved because police give up (Daily Mail)

Armed police storm street with guns and Tasers over wheelie bin complaint (Daily Mail)

Former supermarket worker probed by police after appealing for 300-strong gang to go with him to Calais and 'burn' the migrants trying to reach the UK (Daily Mail)

Kent binmen call in police after angry residents attacked their lorry (Daily Mail)

'Sozzled. If you can't beat them!' West Midlands police officer sent to Magaluf to tackle British drunks boasts on Facebook about joining in the party (Daily Mail)

Transsexual police worker Helen Doe cleared of murder as she was SLEEPWALKING (Daily Mail)

Ecuador protesters fire ROCKETS at police over President Rafael Correa dictator warnings (Daily Mail)

Nanjing fruit fan calls the police because her watermelon isn't sweet enough (Daily Mail)

Are Britain's police doing ANY crime fighting in Magaluf asks Jane Fryer (Daily Mail)

Torquay care worker jailed for 10 years for filming herself sexually abusing patients (Daily Mail)

Chinese woman gets herself pregnant 14 TIMES in ten years to avoid jail sentence (Daily Mail)

Dog Years features images of dogs from tiny puppies to 'wise old souls' (Daily Mail)

Dachshund-sized carnivore roamed the Earth 225 million years ago (Daily Mail)

French SNCF manager has been paid £3.5k a month to sit at home for 12 YEARS (Daily Mail)

Tianjin explosion may have been cause by chemical fire and firefighters' water (Daily Mail)

Huddersfield lady and dog killed when 100mph winds blew them into oncoming car (Daily Mail)

It WAS humans who killed off mammoths: Spread of mankind coincides with extinction of ice age beasts, claims study (Daily Mail)

Islamic State ruler 'kept 26-year-old American air worker as his personal sex slave' before she was killed in February (Daily Mail)

Pakistan sentences to death six Islamists for Peshawar school attack (Daily Mail)

Bear cub mauled to death by tigers in front of tourists at Chinese zoo (Daily Mail)

UK infant death rate one of worst in Europe according to University of Nottingham (Daily Mail)

NHS doctor Errol Cornish will stand trial in London over Frances Cappuccini death (Daily Mail)

Spectator gored to death in Blanca during a bull run at a Spanish festival (Daily Mail)