Monday, 17th August 2015

World News

Missing Montana hiker found dead (CBS News)

2 arrested in death of off-duty Okla. cop and cousin (CBS News)

Morgan Freemans step-granddaughter killed (CBS News)

Welfare workers visited home before toddlers death (CBS News)

Sons conviction overturned in parents death (CBS News)

America's Oldest Known Veteran Dies at 110 (Time Magazine)

Jimmy Barnes among Australians who narrowly escaped Bangkok bomb blast (Guardian)

Oldest US veteran dies weeks after she met Obama (Guardian)

Bangkok bomb: Thai capital reeling after deadliest attack in years (Guardian)

Bomb rips through tourist hotspot in Bangkok (CNN)

Zachary Hammond lawyer: police may need federal oversight after teen's death (Guardian)

Will New 'SuperTanker' 747 Help Fight Against Wildfires? (NBC News)

VIDEO: 'Thrown to ground' in Bangkok blast (BBC)

Deadly bomb blast hits Bangkok (BBC)

Police Officers Are Killed at Checkpoint in Southern Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Palestinian Man Fatally Shot in Confrontation With Israeli Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Bomb Blast Kills at Least 18 People Near Bangkok Shrine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

White House Recruits Tech Troops to Serve Government Tour of Duty' (Time Magazine)

Federal Government Gives Shell Final Nod to Drill for Oil in Arctic off Alaska (Newsweek Magazine)

Bomb explodes near busy Bangkok crossroads; at least 19 killed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Egypt Widens Government Power With New Anti-Terrorism Law (New York Times - Paywall)

13 men to face charges over boys videotaped beating death (CBS News)

Dashcam footage shows blast (CNN)

The "Route 29 Batman" dies after car breaks down (CBS News)

Police forces probe 12 child sex claims against Ted Heath (Daily Express)

Bangkok bombing: Thailand's junta seeks answers following an attack that targeted tourists 'with cruel precision' (Independent)

Hunt for Chinese Man in U.S. Fuels Political Intrigue (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Latest Attempt to Form Turkish Government Fails (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Businessman held in murder probe after neighbour dies at £2million home (Daily Express)

WATCH: Shocking moment man keys Aston Martin and causes £9,000-worth of damage (Daily Star)

Batman impersonator who visited sick children dies after car hits Batmobile (Guardian)

Bangkok bomb blast: 16 killed in explosion 'inside Erawan shrine' as it happened (Guardian)

Witnesses describe a loud "boom" from explosion in Bangkok (CBS News)

American couple found dead in well in Philippines (CBS News)

Backdrop of Bangkok bombing: A country sliding into dictatorship (Los Angeles Times)

Peru's biggest newspaper deletes columns from cardinal found to plagiarize 2 popes (Fox News)

'Batman' dies in Batmobile crash (CNN)

Group files complaint against judge who ordered man to marry girlfriend (CBS News)

Seven People Gored to Death by Bulls in Spain Since July (Newsweek Magazine)

Airbus finalises $26.6bn plane deal with Indian airline IndiGo (Guardian)

iPhone's Siri made the call that teen says saved his life on Tennessee road (Guardian)

In Tianjin Blasts, a Heavy Toll for Unsuspecting Firefighters (New York Times - Paywall)

At least 18 killed and scores injured in bombing at Bangkok shrine (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Man hunted after 'keying £100k car' (BBC)

These 9 Uncomfortable Tasks Can Change Your Life (Time Magazine)

Death toll from California mid-air collision rises to five (Reuters)

Four more gored to death across Spain as surge in bull-run casualties continues (Guardian)

DARK KNIGHT DEATH: Batman dies in 'Batmobile' accident (Daily Star)

Deadly explosion near shrine in Bangkok (CBS News)

Bangkok bomb: Expectation of bombers will be that this devastation deters prospective visitors (Independent)

Bangkok bomb: Expectation of bombers will be that this devastation will deter prospective visitors (Independent)

Syrian defectors reveal horrors of life under Bashar al-Assad's regime in reminder for West to 'not just focus on fighting Isis' (Independent)

Pakistan, Afghanistan must step up fight against polio - WHO (Reuters)

Australian Couple Wakes Up to Find Naked Man in Bed With Them (Time Magazine)

Tianjin explosions: Were China's part-time firefighters to blame for tragic chain reaction that left at least 114 dead? (Independent)

Bangkok bomb: Watch terrifying moment powerful blast shakes city traffic (Daily Star)

Large explosion rocks central Bangkok (CBS News)

Crews search for victims of Indonesia plane crash (CBS News)

Man who survived apparent suicide pact jailed for killing girlfriend (Guardian)

Former Syrian rebel leader joins exodus to Europe _ fleeing government and jihadis alike (Fox News)

Flipping wreck: Pilot manages to walk away unharmed after plane lands on its roof (Daily Express)

Elite Army skydiver killed in Chicago Accident (CBS News)

Bangkok Bomb at Religious Shrine Kills at Least 16 (New York Times - Paywall)

Batman' Killed in Maryland Roadside Accident (Time Magazine)

Deadly Bangkok blast kills more than 20 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Witness the Aftermath of Bangkok Shrine Explosion (Time Magazine)

Turkey's nationalists reject coalition or minority government - Davutoglu (Reuters)

Fires rage across multiple western states as woman dies while preparing to flee (Guardian)

Tragedy as mid-air plane crash kills four people (Daily Star)

At least 15 killed in Bangkok bomb blast (Fox News)

Scenes of chaos in aftermath of Bangkok bombing - video (Guardian)

Toxic Chemicals Found at China Blast Site (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Indonesian Plane Was Carrying $470,000 When It Crashed (Time Magazine)

Skydiver dies after midair collision (CNN)

At Least 16 Dead in Bangkok Bombing (Time Magazine)

Bangkok bomb: at least 16 killed outside Erawan shrine (Guardian)

Bangkok bomb: blast kills at least 16 (Channel4)

One boat migrant found dead in Mediterranean, 354 rescued (Reuters)

Bangkok explosion: witness reports (Guardian)

China Dismisses Warning About Agents Operating Secretly in U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Search for missing Indonesia plane hampered by bad weather (CBS News)

Bangkok bomb in pictures (Guardian)

Migrant walking along railway tracks in Macedonia killed by freight train (Fox News)

US Army skydiver killed in freak accident at Chicago air show (Independent)

Bangkok Bombing: Footage Of Rush Hour Explosion That Killed 15 (Huffington Post)

Erawan Shrine: The Hindu shrine and tourist hotspot and in the heart of Bangkok (Independent)

VIDEO: Bangkok blast: 'It was total chaos' (BBC)

Capt. Sully' Warns of Drone vs. Plane Collisions (Time Magazine)

Human remains found in search for two missing fishermen in Scotland (Guardian)

China port disaster could be one of world's deadliest for firefighters; families seek answers (Fox News)

Confusion mounts over Tianjin warehouse ownership (Financial Times - Paywall)

Army Parachutist Dies From Injuries in Chicago Stunt Show (Time Magazine)

Bangkok rescuers attempt to reach survivors of Hindu shrine bombing video (Guardian)

Oscar Pistorius prosecutors file appeal against murder acquittal (Guardian)

Fighting in Mali's north between Tuaregs and government-allied militia; government urges calm (Fox News)

VIDEO: Bomb blast at central Bangkok shrine (BBC)

Bangkok bombing: Thai police safely deactivate second bomb after 12 killed (Independent)

Bangkok bombing: Thai police safely deactivate two more bombs after 12 killed (Independent)

Bangkok bombing: Thai police safely deactivate two more bombs after deadly blast (Independent)

Explosion outside Bangkok shrine 'captured on CCTV video' (Guardian)

Hunt for Flight MH370: Two MORE pieces of debris found in MALDIVES to be tested (Daily Express)

WATCH: Terrifying moment bull gores to death FOURTH Spaniard in three days (Daily Star)

American couple found dead in central Philippines; bodies retrieved from 20-foot-deep well (Fox News)

Photo highlights of the day: Brazil protests and Tianjin clear-up (Guardian)

China slowdown weighs on Russia (Financial Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Bangkok explosion kills 'at least 12' (Daily Express)

HK builds pop-up mall for China shoppers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bangkok bomb: Video shows moment deadly blast rocks Thai capital (Independent)

Death toll rises to 5 in California midair collision (CBS News)

Deadly Explosion Rocks Bangkok (Newsweek Magazine)

Tianjin explosion: Millionaire ends up in hospital after trying to help clear up (Daily Star)

Explosion Rocks Central Bangkok (Time Magazine)

Large explosion rocks central Bangkok intersection at rush hour, cause unknown (Fox News)

Bangkok Explosion: Up To 12 People Killed In 'Bomb' Attack (Huffington Post)

Drunk New York Man Has His 10-Year-Old Child Drive Him Home (Time Magazine)

'Don't you die on me!': Policeman saves truck driver's life in dashcam video (Independent)

Reported bomb blast rocks Bankgkok (Fox News)

BREAKING: At least 12 killed and dozens injured in huge Bangkok explosion (Daily Star)

Tributes to Army skydiver killed during performance (CBS News)

Tianjin Explosion: Huge Crater Opens In Apocalyptic Aftermath Of Blast In Chinese Port City (Huffington Post)

Bangkok bomb live: Tourists believed to be among 27 people killed at Erawan shrine (Independent)

Bangkok bomb live: Tourists 'targeted' as 27 people killed at Erawan shrine (Independent)

Bangkok explosion live: At least 12 people dead after blast hits Thai capital (Independent)

Bangkok explosion: Casualties reported after blast hits Thai capital (Independent)

Bangkok bomb live: Explosion kills at least 12 people near Erawan shrine (Independent)

Bangkok bomb live: At least 12 people dead after blast hits Thai capital (Independent)

Bullfighting Row: Ricky Gervais Lashes Out Against Controversial Sport As Another Man Dies (Huffington Post)

Treacherous terrain hampers rescue efforts for crashed Indonesian plane (Reuters)

Protesters demand compensation for China blasts amid chemical clean-up (Reuters)

Tianjin blasts: Communist party insists there will be no cover-up as anger grows (Guardian)

Residents near site of China explosions demand compensation (CBS News)

China orders nationwide safety checks after massive explosions (Fox News)

The side of death we don't see (CNN)

Foreign companies around Tianjin blast site suspend operations amid chemical cleanup (Fox News)

Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Chinese Agents Operating in U.S. (Time Magazine)

Terence Stamp Reveals He Was 'Almost Killed By Horse' On Film Set Of 'Bitter Harvest' (Huffington Post)

Video shows baby bull gore 29-year-old man to death at Spanish summer festival, the fourth fatality in three days (Independent)

China orders nationwide safety inspection after Tianjin explosions (Los Angeles Times)

Residents Evacuated From China Blast Site Demand Compensation as Death Toll Rises (Newsweek Magazine)

Missing Plane in Indonesia Is Found in Remote Area of Papua, Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Glasgow bin lorry crash: Families to press charges against 'blacked out' driver (Daily Star)

Uganda court rules against refund of 'bride price' after divorce (Guardian)

Morgan Freeman's Grand-Daughter Stabbed to Death (NBC News)

Man Tattoos Six Inch Penis To Leg, Wife Kicks Him Out For Good (Huffington Post)

96 Killed by 'Catastrophic' Airstrike on Market: Activists (NBC News)

Tianjin blasts are just China's latest industrial accident (CNN)

Mile Mrksic, former Serb army officer convicted by UN tribunal of Balkan war crimes, dies (Fox News)

Morgan Freeman's granddaughter Edena Hines found stabbed to death (Guardian)

Tianjin victims demand compensation after explosion destroys homes video (Guardian)

Tianjin explosion: Death toll rises to 114 as experts fear 'cyanide rain' (Daily Star)

Greek minister indicates government likely to call confidence vote following bailout dissent (Fox News)

Papua plane crash site found in Indonesia (Financial Times - Paywall)

Spanish bulls gore seven to death (BBC)

Thai court sentences Swiss man to 3 years in jail on charges of blackmailing Saudi oil company (Fox News)

Six Men Sentenced to Death for Abetting Pakistan School Massacre (Newsweek Magazine)

Death toll in suicide bombings that killed Pakistani official who opposed Taliban rises to 18 (Fox News)

More plane trees felled along Canal du Midi in fight against killer fungus (Guardian)

Civilians killed as fighting flares in eastern Ukraine (Reuters)

Man Utd target Ramos signs new deal (BBC)

Tianjin protests demand compensation (BBC)

Tianjin explosion site: video footage shows scale of devastation (Guardian)

North Korea retaliates against South with loudspeaker propaganda (Reuters)

Doomed Plane Was Carrying $470K Cash When It Crashed (NBC News)

Plane crash debris spotted in mountains (CNN)

Death toll in Syria air strike nears 100 - activists (Reuters)

Afghanistan's growing toy gun problem has gotten so bad the government finally acted (Los Angeles Times)

China Scrambles to Reassure Wary Tianjin Residents Over Possible Chemical Exposure (Time Magazine)

Residents whose homes damaged in Tianjin blasts demand compensation; death toll at 114 (Fox News)

Indonesia plane crash: Flight TGN267 was carrying £300,000 cash to be handed out to poor villagers (Independent)

Missing passenger plane FOUND as investigators rush to crash site (Daily Star)

Searchers Spot Wreckage of Indonesian Plane (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Decomposed torso found on beach (BBC)

5 Killed as Small Planes Collide in 'Very Violent Crash' (NBC News)

At least 80 killed in government airstrikes on Syria market, activists say (Fox News)

Searchers locate wreckage of missing Indonesia plane (Fox News)

China Shutters 50 Websites For Inciting Panic' Over the Tianjin Disaster (Time Magazine)

Obama admin issues warning to China on agents operating in U.S. (CBS News)

Tianjin Residents Demand Compensation After Deadly Blasts (Time Magazine)

Cilla Black's Life Story 'To Be Turned Into A West End Musical' (Huffington Post)

Sydney siege: magistrate unaware Man Haron Monis on bail at time of alleged sex assaults (Guardian)

Indonesian police say wreckage of missing plane spotted by search aircraft (Guardian)

Search after man falls overboard (BBC)

Government Airstrikes on Syrian Market Kill More Than 80 (New York Times - Paywall)

Provincial Minister in Pakistan Is Killed in Suicide Bombing (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama admin warns China about agents operating in U.S. (CBS News)

Morgan Freeman Pays Tribute To Step-Granddaughter After She Is Stabbed To Death (Huffington Post)

China protesters demand compensation for homes damaged in Tianjin explosions (Fox News)

Tianjin explosions: fears over pollution as Chinese media lambasts officials (Guardian)

Search plane spots wreckage of Indonesian jet carrying 54 aboard in rugged Papua province (Fox News)

The exploitation of migrants has become our way of life | Felicity Lawrence (Guardian)

Searchers continue to look for missing plane in Indonesia (CBS News)

General strike called to protest new draft of constitution cripples daily life in Nepal (Fox News)

Passenger plane disappears in Indonesia (CBS News)

Civil rights leader Julian Bond dies (CBS News)

China devalues its currency again (CBS News)

Five Nicaraguan police officers killed in attack (Reuters)

Bloggers ridicule Chinese film placing Mao Zedong at key wartime conference (Guardian)

Wreckage of missing Indonesian plane spotted, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Sri Lanka PM pledges continued China ties (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rain Could Bring Lethal Gas Threat as China Toll Rises to 114 (NBC News)

Peru's coca growers complain government post-eradication relief insufficient (Fox News)

VIDEO: Plane wreckage found in Indonesia (BBC)

Wreckage believed to be from downed Indonesian plane found (CNN)

Army parachutist dies after air show collision (CBS News)

Toyota halts plants near Tianjin (BBC)

Pakistani Spymaster Hamid Gul, Supporter of Militant Islamist Groups, Dies Aged 78 (Time Magazine)

Indonesian Plane Carrying 54 Is Declared Missing in Papua (New York Times - Paywall)

Imperious Man City humbles Chelsea (CNN)

Villagers say they saw plane crash into mountain (CNN)

Searchers Have Spotted the Wreckage of the Missing Indonesian Plane (Time Magazine)

Life as an adult with ADHD (BBC)

Photo shows scale of Tianjin chemical blast (CNN)

Firefighters racing against wildfires in western states (CBS News)

Wreckage of Plane Carrying 54 People Found in Indonesia (NBC News)

Freeman's step-granddaughter killed (CNN)

Saudi-Allied Fighters Progress Against Yemen Rebels (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mid-air plane collision kills 4 near San Diego (CBS News)

Evangelicals: Fight against gay marriage not over (CNN)

Parachutist Injured in Chicago Air Show Dies (NBC News)

US 'warns China over covert agents' (BBC)

Germany unnerved by scores of xenophobic attacks against refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ambiguity Shrouds the Case of a Missing Israeli of Ethiopian Descent (New York Times - Paywall)

Man charged with murder after cops find woman's body in car boot (Daily Star)

Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines stabbed to death on New York street (Independent)

Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines stabbed to death on street in New York (Independent)

VIDEO: The songs China doesn't want you to hear (BBC)

Man charged with murder after woman's body found in car boot (Daily Express)

VIDEO: The man who will only make 324 more ukuleles (BBC)

Missing American tourist's family is told of body discovery (Daily Express)

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Raging bull gores Spanish fighter to death in EIGHTH summer fatality (Daily Express)

Indonesian plane crashes into mountain (Financial Times - Paywall)

India's Modi Pushes His Efforts to Clean Up Government (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Oklahoma death row inmate defended by Susan Sarandon says he is innocent (Guardian)

China premier visits scene of blasts (BBC)

U.S. warns China on agents pressuring expatriates to return home - New York Times (Reuters)

Blast kills Pakistani provincial minister in PM's political heartland (Reuters)

ITV man in Greek harbour driver drama (BBC)

Plane with 54 on board crashes in remote Indonesian region (Reuters)

100 Days of Dave: Has the Tory Government Been Good for Entrepreneurs? (Huffington Post)

U.S., allies conduct 22 air strikes against Islamic State - U.S. military (Reuters)

Manhunt after handcuffed man escapes police custody (Daily Star)

Civil rights activist Julian Bond dies at age 75 after brief illness (Guardian)

Syria conflict: 80 killed in government airstrike near Damascus (Independent)

Syria conflict: 80 killed in air government airstrike in Damascus (Independent)

Syria conflict: 80 killed in government airstrike in Damascus (Independent)

Blast Kills Pakistani Provincial Minister (NBC News)

Airstrikes by Syrian government kill as many as 100 in Damascus suburb (Washington Post - Paywall)

China does not want 'currency war' with west, says central bank economist (Guardian)

Passage: The death of Uggie the Dog (CBS News)

Civil Rights Activist Julian Bond Dies at 75 (Newsweek Magazine)

Small plane crashes on, shuts down LIRR tracks (CBS News)

Tianjin explosions: sodium cyanide on site may have been 70 times allowed amount (Guardian)

Anti-Taliban Pakistani politician killed in suicide blast (CBS News)

The anguish of Tianjin -- homes lost, loved ones missing (Los Angeles Times)

Civil-Rights Icon Julian Bond Dies at 75 (NBC News)

Toyota Halts Tianjin Operations After Explosions (NBC News)

Queen Mary 2 abandons search for missing crewmember (CBS News)

Heroic ITV news presenter Tom Bradby tries to save suicidal man's life (Daily Star)

Hamid Gul, Pakistan spy chief with anti-American views, dies at 78 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Airbnb safety: Sexual assault allegations against host in Madrid raise questions about website's responsibilities (Independent)

Pakistan Provincial Minister Killed in Bombing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Libya calls for air strikes against Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

China warns of fresh renminbi volatility (Financial Times - Paywall)

ITV's Tom Bradby Reveals Shocking Moment He Tried To Save Greek Man From Suicide (Huffington Post)

Indonesian Plane Wreckage Found in Papua (Newsweek Magazine)

Man charged with body-in-boot murder (BBC)

Indonesia plane wreckage found (BBC)

Five people killed in Turkey clashes (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pakistani counter-terrorism official killed in suicide blast (Los Angeles Times)

Man City employ 'protection team' to babysit bad-boy Raheem Sterling after £49m move (Daily Star)

Death toll in latest Mediterranean migrant tragedy put at 49 (Reuters)

500-Year-Old Chinese Cave Writings Could Predict Droughts (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese woman avoids jail for 10 years after becoming pregnant 13 times (Independent)

Missing Indonesian Trigana Air Plane Found Crashed In Papua District (Huffington Post)

Colourblind man experiences the sunset using EnChroma glasses for the very first time (Independent)

Civil rights leader dies (CNN)

Hamid Gul, Pakistan's Former Spy Chief, Dies at 78 (New York Times - Paywall)

Rescuers search China blast site (CNN)

Chinese premier visits Tianjin blast zone (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tianjin blasts create political fallout (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tianjin Officials Struggle to Contain Fallout as Angry Relatives Demand Answers (New York Times - Paywall)

Can Sri Lanka's new government break free from China? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Tianjin evacuation zone extended (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cubans hope reopening of U.S. Embassy leads to new life (CBS News)

Rogelio Livieres Plano, ousted bishop in Paraguay, dies at 69 (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: The abs that won the Chinese internet - and more trends of the week (BBC)

Waiting for the ship that could save a man's life (BBC)

40 Migrants Found Dead in Sea Rescue (New York Times - Paywall)

Senate Republican comes out against Iran deal (Los Angeles Times)

Libya Seeks Airstrikes Against ISIS Branch (New York Times - Paywall)

Brooklyn Man Accused of Supporting ISIS Pleads Guilty (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. investigating possible ISIS mustard gas use against Kurds (Los Angeles Times)

China explosions: Tianjin blasts aftermath in pictures (BBC)

New explosions rock site of deadly blasts in China (CBS News)

Amid new explosions and fires at site of Chinese blasts, there is confusion over evacuation order (Los Angeles Times)

China warehouse explosion: New blasts and toxic winds and rising death toll (CBS News)

Potent chemicals in Tianjin blasts (BBC)

Death toll from China port explosions climbs (CBS News)

Chinese companies face culture shock in countries that aren't like China (Washington Post - Paywall)

Chinese blasts raise questions about having a hazardous site near housing (Los Angeles Times)

Chinese firefighters paid high price in blasts that water may have triggered (Los Angeles Times)

IMF set stage for China currency shift (Financial Times - Paywall)

Food fight in Russia as government bulldozes, burns illegal produce, meat imports (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State 'used chemical weapons against Kurds' (Channel4)

Crews assess damage from blasts at Chinese port (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pakistan military OKs death sentences for 6 school attackers (Los Angeles Times)

China explosion: dozens die after huge blasts (Channel4)

Sweden drops some sexual-abuse cases against Julian Assange (Los Angeles Times)

Dozens killed in Baghdad market bombing (Channel4)

Tianjin explosion: Chinese city hit by massive blast (Channel4)

Tianjin warehouse in China where cyanide was stored captured in drone photos (Daily Mail)

Tourist plunges 900 feet to death after his seat broke away from newly opened tightrope ride in China (Daily Mail)

Pilot cheats death after his plane flips on to its roof as it comes into land and he walks away from the wreckage unscathed (Daily Mail)

United Express passenger filmed being kicked off a plane whilst swearing at police (Daily Mail)

Trigana Air Service plane which crashed in Indonesia jungle was carrying $500k (Daily Mail)

Mechanic fighting for his life after his arm was chopped off by spinning propellers of plane while 'drunk' pilot was in the cockpit (Daily Mail)

Syrians killed and maimed by Assad regime airstrikes on rebel town near Damascus (Daily Mail)

ITV News political editor Tom Bradby tried to save Greek man who killed himself in Rafina (Daily Mail)

Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter stabbed to death in NYC (Daily Mail)

CHRIS DEERIN: Death still has its sting - but family puts even its finality into perspective (Daily Mail)

Strictly Come Dancing stars 'utterly devastated' after sudden death of celebrity hairdresser who collapsed and died at home (Daily Mail)

Three people are gored to death during Spanish bull runs in just 24 hours (Daily Mail)

Parents remember Disney-loving girl, 7, by dressing as her favourite cartoon characters for funeral after her sudden death at school (Daily Mail)

Pictured: 'Vibrant and sociable' woman, 24, who was found strangled to death in the boot of a car (Daily Mail)

Bangkok bomb blast kills at least 12 in Thailand capital (Daily Mail)

Manchester man Lee Nolan charged with murder after a body is found in car boot (Daily Mail)

Cheshire man finds dead spider in his pulled pork sandwich from Greenhalgh's Bakery (Daily Mail)

Single woman loses 8st after man said he couldn't be seen in public with her (Daily Mail)

West Yorkshire man dies after his Land Rover rolled onto him as he tried to fix it (Daily Mail)

ITV's Tom Bradby on Greek man he tried to save after driving into a harbour (Daily Mail)

Shocking dashcam footage catches man with a pushchair apparently running a KEY along the side of an Aston Martin and causing £9,000 worth of damage to the luxury car (Daily Mail)

Spennymoor man lost his leg after he was set on fire 'for a joke' by his friend (Daily Mail)

Woman diver, 60, dies and another is treated for the bends after Bridlington diving accident (Daily Mail)

'Princess mad' 3-year-old girl dies when stone fireplace falls on top of her at her home (Daily Mail)

Emmerdale's first blind actress Kitty McGeever dies (Daily Mail)

New Charlie Hebdo scare in Paris after policeman is shot and wounded while guarding government building (Daily Mail)

Nick Robinson on the first 100 days of the new Conservative government (Daily Mail)

Glasgow bin lorry crash family will launch private prosecution against driver (Daily Mail)

David Miliband warns against Jeremy Corbyn claiming the UK could be a Tory state (Daily Mail)

Gordon Brown walked 1.3 MILES in comeback speech against Jeremy Corbyn (Daily Mail)

Defiant artist makes quirky sculptures from molds of her genitals to fight against Japan's strict obscenity laws and encourage other women to embrace their bodies (Daily Mail)

Mother who was fobbed off by doctors 20 times knew her new baby was ill: Thanks to her a rare heart condition was found and her daughter's life was saved (Daily Mail)

You could be a psychopath if you don't yawn, a study has found (Daily Mail)

Jeff and Mary Clakre found a 13-year-old Karlie Kloss in St Louis and student Ashton Kutcher in an Iowa bar reveal why the Midwest is the perfect spot to find the nation's next top supermodel (Daily Mail)

Thousands of women could be saved by breast cancer vaccine: Jab would target protein found in tumours that cannot be treated (Daily Mail)

Why a splash of milk in your tea keeps teeth white: Protein found in dairy prevents staining - and is BETTER than whitening toothpaste (Daily Mail)

Sex worker's confessions about what life in a legal brothel is REALLY like (Daily Mail)

My arrogance and ego led me to download child pornography, says Chris Langham: Disgraced Thick of It actor admits he ruined his life by viewing 'atrocious footage' - but still insists it was for research (Daily Mail)

Cilla Black's life story to be turned into a stage show with Sheridan Smith tipped for the lead role (Daily Mail)

Mormon bishop, 45, is fighting for life after being attacked by carjackers (Daily Mail)

Panda that proves nature's not always black and white: Extremely rare brown bear's colour linked to unique conditions in Chinese mountains where they are found (Daily Mail)