Saturday, 22nd August 2015

World News

U.S. Military Men Praised for Actions on French Train (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Strike Kills ISIS Second-in-Command (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Let's Go!' How Three Americans Foiled Train Attack (NBC News)

Refugees tear through police lines at Macedonian border (Reuters)

Macedonia police fire stun grenades as thousands of migrants rush border (Guardian)

France train gunman identified as Islamist militant (Reuters)

North, South Korea officials meet at DMZ in bid to ease tension (Reuters)

3 Who Stopped Train Attack Were Boyhood Friends (New York Times - Paywall)

Heroes of the France Train Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrants Rush Across Border in Macedonia (New York Times - Paywall)

A Shot, a Glimpse of an AK-47, and U.S. Servicemen Pounced on Gunman on Train (New York Times - Paywall)

A disturbing pattern is emerging after latest terrorist attack narrowly averted (Guardian)

Bomb attack kills 12, including three Americans, in Afghan capital (Washington Post - Paywall)

Seven killed in jet crash fireball (BBC)

Over 50 people killed in Syrian missile strikes at rebel areas near Damascus (Reuters)

ISIS Ambushes Kill Up to 50 Iraqi Troops (Time Magazine)

Man Who Allegedly Housed Rosie O'Donnell's Missing Daughter Is Arrested (Time Magazine)

Paris Train Gunman: Chris Norman Thought 'I Would Rather Die Trying To Get Him Down' Than Be Shot In The Corner (Huffington Post)

Deadly suicide bomb attack on Nato convoy in Kabul (Guardian)

More than a dozen killed in two car bomb attacks in Somalia (Reuters)

Provincial official: Islamic State militants kill up to 50 Iraqi troops in Anbar ambushes (Fox News)

Police say 7 dead after jet in UK airshow crashes into road (Fox News)

Three Americans Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing (NBC News)

France: Train attacker had a Kalashnikov, pistols, box cutter (CNN)

Jihadi punk rocker mocks police manhunt (Daily Star)

Seven Killed in Fiery Crash at British Airshow (NBC News)

Deadly attack in Kabul (CNN)

3 American friends tackle and hogtie gunman aboard European train (Washington Post - Paywall)

French National Front founder's granddaughter backs him over exclusion (Reuters)

Europe on high alert after French train attack by heavily armed gunman (Guardian)

Profile Emerges of a Suspect in Attack on Train to France (New York Times - Paywall)

French train suspect known to police (BBC)

American Passenger: Train Attack 'Absolutely Terrifying' (NBC News)

US student tells of his attack on French train gunman (Guardian)

Migrants push past Macedonian police (BBC)

U.S. servicemen, others praised for subduing gunman on train in France (Los Angeles Times)

Man found with Rosie O'Donnell's missing teenage daughter arrested (Guardian)

IRA still exists but with 'radically different' purpose - police chief (Reuters)

Quora Question: Whats It Like to Be a Police Officer Who Sees a Kid With What Looks Like a Real Gun? (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Was Staying With Arrested (NBC News)

Sources: ISIS No.2 likely dead, again (CNN)

Venezuela border closing hurts innocent people - Colombian president (Reuters)

U.S.-led coalition stages 27 air strikes on Islamic State - statement (Reuters)

North Carolina man killed after police say he charged at them with a knife (Guardian)

Dresden riots: Protesters in Germany attack refugee buses shouting 'foreigners out' (Independent)

Seeking to ease tensions, North and South Korean officials meet at the border (Los Angeles Times)

Lebanese police unleash tear gas, water cannons on thousands of protesters over trash crisis (Fox News)

Seven killed as air show jet crashes on road (Financial Times - Paywall)

Briton on facing train attacker: 'I'm probably going to die anyway, so let's go' (Los Angeles Times)

5 Things to Know About the Americans Who Stopped the French Train Attack (Time Magazine)

U.S. heroes hogtie gunman (CNN)

Maryland man dies after being shot by officer following struggle, police say (Guardian)

Two US service members and college student overpower train gunman in Belgium (Independent)

France train shooting: Gunman's weapon highlights rise in black market firearms (Independent)

Misery for migrants at Macedonia border (CNN)

TERROR TRAIN: Gunman 'went to Syria and had links to ISIS' (Daily Star)

Riot over refugees in eastern German town leaves 31 police hurt (Reuters)

France train attack: Americans overpower gunman on Paris express (Guardian)

Officials say French train guman may be suspected Islamic jihadist (Fox News)

Officials say French train gunman may be suspected Islamic jihadist (Fox News)

Train attack foiled by American trio (CBS News)

Eye Opener: President Obama declares state of emergency in Washington (CBS News)

Americans hailed as heroes for foiling train attack (CBS News)

Syrian Activists Say 20 killed in Latest Airstrikes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wallyball: Every year the border between America and Mexico hosts the world's most subversive game of volleyball (Independent)

Family grieves machete killing of teen as police say attack was planned (Guardian)

China's traffic police on alert after chemical blasts - Xinhua (Reuters)

Syrians despair amid filth as way to north blocked (Reuters)

France train shooting: gunman 'had been in Syria and was known to intelligence services' (Guardian)

North, South Korea Aim to Ease Tensions (Newsweek Magazine)

Police in Azerbaijan detain 21 protesters angered by man's death in police custody (Fox News)

France train shooting: Famous actor claims staff locked passengers out when gunman opened fire (Independent)

France train shooting: Famous actor claims staff locked passengers out of car when gunman opened fire (Independent)

3 Foreign Contractors Killed in Suicide Attack on Convoy, Says NATO (Time Magazine)

Officials search for answers after fatal attack at New York City federal building (Guardian)

Thousands of Migrants Push Across Macedonias Border (Newsweek Magazine)

Venezuela declares martial law after smugglers attack Colombia border region (Independent)

Thai police say woman not suspect (CNN)

Shoreham Air Show Video Shows Horrific Moment Jet Explodes Into A Fireball, As Police Report Several Casualties (Huffington Post)

Turkish army captain killed in clashes with Kurdish militants (Reuters)

Thousands of Migrants Break Through Border into Macedonia (Time Magazine)

Gunman in France Was Suspected Islamist Militant (Newsweek Magazine)

North and South Korea Hold High Level Talks on Recent Crisis (Time Magazine)

How Members of U.S. Military Thwarted Train Attacker (NBC News)

Boko Haram strengthens ties with Islamic State, Nigeria blocks thousands of suspect extremists (Fox News)

Train heroes: 'My friend yelled, get him!' (CNN)

Egypt gives Muslim Brotherhood leader, already sentenced to death, life term for police attack (Fox News)

Denmark temporarily pulls back fighter jets combatting Islamic State militants to repair them (Fox News)

North Korea: Top US military officer says America is 'committed to defending South Korea' (Independent)

French 'having sex' on a castle die after plunging 40ft into moat (Independent)

French couple 'having sex' on a castle die after plunging 40ft into moat (Independent)

Train gunman may be suspected Islamist identified by Spain , says French minister - video (Guardian)

Reports: Israel planned Iran military attack (CNN)

Iran says it shot down reconnaissance drone near Iraq border after it 'confronted' air defense (Fox News)

North and South Korea hold high-level talks amid military standoff (Guardian)

Macedonia migrant emergency: thousands run across border (Channel4)

GOT HIM: Islamic State 'Number 2' killed in US air strike (Daily Star)

Turkish military: 29 Kurdish rebels killed in new air strikes targeting PKK in northern Iraq (Fox News)

Iran shot down unknown surveillance drone on western border - state news agency (Reuters)

TERROR TRAIN: Brit IT whiz helps take down crazed gunman running amok with AK47 (Daily Star)

American tourists avert French terror attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Macedonia Insists Migrants Were Not Mistreated Despite Firing Stun Grenades And Tear Gas (Huffington Post)

Dad of U.S. Train Hero 'Stunned' But 'Relieved' (NBC News)

France train shooting: Suspected gunman 'had traveled to Syria', Spanish authorities claim (Independent)

Ayoub El Kazhani: Suspected gunman named amid claims he 'had traveled to Syria' (Independent)

2 American Service Members Foil Gunman in Train Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Train shooting: It could have been carnage', say men who overpowered gunman - video (Guardian)

French train shooting: hero passengers overpower gunman (Channel4)

North and South Korean officials meet in bid to ease growing tensions (Washington Post - Paywall)

British IT consultant becomes unlikely hero as he tackles AK-47 gunman on French train (Daily Express)

Paris Train Gunman: British Man Helped To Disarm Attacker (Huffington Post)

US soldiers restrain Paris train attacker video (Guardian)

10 killed as suicide bomber hits military camp in southern Somalia (Fox News)

Iraqi College Kids Spend Summer Learning to Fight ISIS (NBC News)

France train shooting: Video shows mayhem inside train carriage during 'terrorist' take down (Independent)

US 'heroes' rushed France train gunman (BBC)

VIDEO: Men tell of France train shooting drama (BBC)

Man kills guard in NY federal building (CNN)

U.S. Soldier Helps Subdue Attacker on French Train (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Korea Announces Talks With North to Defuse Border Tensions (New York Times - Paywall)

South, North Korea to hold high-level meeting to defuse war fears (Fox News)

Off War Footing? North, South Korean Officals To Meet (NBC News)

France train shooting: US soldiers speak of the moment they stopped gunman and 'beat him until he was unconscious' (Independent)

VIDEO: US train passenger a 'national hero' (BBC)

Incredible footage shows aftermath of foiled train attack (CNN)

Train attack near Arras in France in pictures (Guardian)

Thousands of migrants still trapped on the border between Greece and Macedonia (Fox News)

U.S. soldier wounded helping to overpower gunman on train in France (Reuters)

European official: France shooting a terrorist attack (CNN)

VIDEO: Three injured in France train attack (BBC)

North Korea and South Korea to hold talks at Panmunjom truce village amid mounting tensions (Independent)

Labour 'turmoil' and train terror (BBC)

North, South Korea ministers agree to meet amid tensions (CNN)

U.S. servicemen 'prevent massacre' on train (CNN)

The Latest on Bangkok: New video surfaces in bomb blast as police seek clues (Fox News)

Greece moves refugees to mainland, crush builds on border (Reuters)

The Latest on Koreas: N. Koreans speak out against South (Fox News)

Gunman opens fire on high-speed European train; subdued by 3 Americans (Fox News)

S. Korea, US brace for N. Korea deadline as uncertainty mounts after border artillery duels (Fox News)

Two Koreas Trade Threats After Military Border Clash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Migrants 'terrified' by border standoff (CNN)

N. Korea official: Peninsula 'inching to brink of war' (CNN)

Maduro extends closure of key Venezuelan border crossing with Colombia (Fox News)

French train attack: 'click-click-click' then 15 seconds of terror on Paris express (Guardian)

Two Americans foil gunmans attack on French train (CBS News)

Hero soldier 'shot in neck while tackling terrorist with AK47 in France train horror' (Daily Express)

Macedonia migrants 'not mistreated' (BBC)

Treasure hunters: We found train full of Nazi gold (CNN)

Venezuela declares state of emergency along Colombia border (Reuters)

Horror as security guard working late at immigration court shot dead by gunman (Daily Express)

Gunman dead, security guard wounded in NYC shooting (CBS News)

North Korea prepared to risk 'all-out war' as Kim Jong-un puts troops on alert (Guardian)

Airstrike Kills a Deputy to ISIS Leader, U.S. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia says it's not qualified because it's not a state (Fox News)

Migrants Clash With Police on Border With Greece (NBC News)

See the Conflict Between Migrants and Police at the Greek Border (Time Magazine)

Man inspires hundreds to spread kindness (CBS News)

Macedonian Police Clash With Migrants on Border With Greece (New York Times - Paywall)

Migrants clash with the Macedonian police in pictures (Guardian)

Labor cautious over Australia joining air operation against Isis in Syria (Guardian)

Autopsy: St. Louis Police Shot Black Teen in the Back (Newsweek Magazine)

London man in critical condition after being shot by police (Guardian)

Photographer Shows Children Caught in Clash at the Greek Border (Time Magazine)

French train shooting: Hero passengers foil gunman's attack on Amsterdam to Paris service (Independent)

Gunman Kills Guard at NYC Federal Building, Then Kills Himself (Newsweek Magazine)

Mistrial for Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Black Man in North Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

American Soldier Wounded as He Stopped Gunman on French Train (Newsweek Magazine)

Armed gangs smuggling migrants to UK for £2,000 (Daily Express)

Train passengers 'FOUR TIMES more likely to be hit by terror attack than fliers' (Daily Express)

China's land reclamation in South China Sea grows - Pentagon report (Reuters)

Officials: Top ISIS commander killed in coalition airstrike (CBS News)

France: Gunman on train overpowered by 2 Americans (CBS News)

White House says airstrike killed Islamic State's second-in-command (Los Angeles Times)

Man Fatally Shoots Guard at NYC Federal Building, Kills Self (NBC News)

Man Shoots Security Guard at Federal Building in Manhattan (Time Magazine)

Islamic State second-in-command killed in U.S. air strike - White House (Reuters)

Migrants rush Macedonian border (BBC)

Coahuila in northern Mexico becomes country's 3rd state to adopt ban on bullfighting (Fox News)

Van Gaal: Man Utd not selling De Gea (BBC)

Teen killed by police shot 'in back' (CNN)

US air strike kills Isis second-in-command (Financial Times - Paywall)

Train attack images (CNN)

North and South Korea on Alert Over Loudspeakers Blaring Propaganda (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State mortar fragments show traces of chemical arms - U.S. general (Reuters)

Gunman wounds French train passengers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police Searching for Drugs Find Trapped Puppy Instead (Time Magazine)

North Korea goes on war footing against South Korea as deadline looms (Reuters)

Man shot by police after London siege (BBC)

France train attack: officials praise bravery' of passengers video (Guardian)

Islamic State second in command killed in U.S. strike, White House says (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mistrial For Officer Who Killed Jonathan Ferrell (NBC News)

American Hurt Stopping Gunman on Paris-Bound Train (NBC News)

Chicago police officers shoot and wound 14-year-old boy after chase (Guardian)

VIDEO: Macedonia fires tear-gas at migrants (BBC)

Two pilots killed when helicopter comes down on Saudi-Yemen border - coalition (Reuters)

White House confirms key Isis leader killed in US air strike (Guardian)

Mistrial in Case of Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Black Man (Time Magazine)

ISIS Second in Command Killed in U.S. Airstrike: White House (NBC News)

Mistrial declared in case of police officer who killed former college football player (Guardian)

Shark attack boy inspires after bite (CNN)

North Korea threatens war with South after artillery fire (CBS News)

Why North Korea and South Korea Are Feuding Over Loudspeakers (Newsweek Magazine)

IS 'deputy' killed in air strike - US (BBC)

Police battle migrants on Macedonia's border with Greece (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un places nation's border in 'semi state of war' (Los Angeles Times)

Teen Girls Plead Not Guilty in Slender Man Stabbing Case (NBC News)

Burning Man Staffer Dies on Site of Annual Festival (NBC News)

Dozens killed amid airstrikes and fighting in key Yemeni city (Los Angeles Times)

Selfies for migrants reaching Europe (CNN)

Arras Train Shooting Leaves Three Wounded, Including A Briton (Huffington Post)

Guinness names new holder of worlds oldest man title (CBS News)

Ellen Page challenges Ted Cruz on LGBT rights at Iowa State Fair (Guardian)

Isis second-in-command killed in US strike in Iraq, White House confirms (Independent)

Isis No 2 killed in US strike in Iraq, White House confirms (Independent)

Channel tunnel train grinds to a halt after migrant spotted on board (Independent)

Shark attacks in Australia: Great whites have been killing and injuring surfers in New South Wales but calls for a cull divide opinion (Independent)

Shark attacks: Great whites have been killing and injuring surfers in New South Wales but calls for a cull divide opinion (Independent)

Islamic State second-in-command died in U.S. air strike - White House (Reuters)

Islamic States No. 2 Reported Killed by Drone Strike in Iraq: CNN (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea steps up tensions with South Korea as it declares 'semi-state of war' (Independent)

UK girl removed from home after parents tried to 'radicalize' her with ISIS propaganda (Fox News)

BREAKING: Gunman disarmed by 'courageous Americans' in France train shooting horror (Daily Express)

Three Wounded in Attack on Amsterdam-Paris Train: Reports (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S.: ISIS used mustard agent (CNN)

Migrant on board halts Channel train (BBC)

French official says 3 people wounded in shooting on high-speed train, suspect apprehended (Fox News)

Washington State Wildfires: Obama Declares State of Emergency, Officials Force New Evacuation Orders (Newsweek Magazine)

Macedonia Police Fire Stun Grenades on Migrants (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Black teen killed by St. Louis police shot in back - autopsy (Reuters)

French train shooting: Three injured after gunman opens fire on Amsterdam to Paris train, and is apprehended by US military members (Independent)

French train shooting: Three injured after gunman opens fire on Amsterdam to Paris train, and is apprehended by US passengers (Independent)

French train shooting: Three injured after 'gunman fires Kalashnikov' on Amsterdam to Paris train (Independent)

Bin Laden's Son Speaks: Attack U.S. and Israeli Targets (Newsweek Magazine)

Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea for Teen Girls in Slender Man Stabbing Case; Trial Set for October (Newsweek Magazine)

Macedonian troops fire stun grenades at migrants on border (CBS News)

VIDEO: Migrants escorted off Eurotunnel tracks (BBC)

Stun grenades fired at Macedonia border (Financial Times - Paywall)

North Korea approves final attack' on South Korea as tensions increase in region (Fox News)

N. Korea rocks to 'Sound of Music' (CNN)

U.S., allies target Islamic State with 33 air strikes in Syria, Iraq - statement (Reuters)

Seven Things To Know About North Korea's Artillery Fire (Huffington Post)

Macedonia allows migrants entry from Greece (Channel4)

North Koreas Kim Jong-Un Orders Military to Ready for War (Newsweek Magazine)

4 killed in Syria as Israeli airstrike responds to rocket attack (Los Angeles Times)

N Korea orders troops on to high alert (Financial Times - Paywall)

North Korea threatens action in South Korea over anti-Pyongyang broadcasts (Washington Post - Paywall)

Egypt's grim summer: Islamic State affiliate claims latest bombing (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State claims responsibility for massive car bombing in Cairo (Washington Post - Paywall)

Migrant crisis: Macedonia declares state of emergency (Channel4)

North and South Korea exchange fire at the border (Los Angeles Times)

Migrant crisis: UK police to share command centre in Calais (Channel4)

Korean military tension: North and South exchange fire (Channel4)

St Louis tensions after police shoot armed black teenager (Channel4)

Islamic State executes renowned Syrian antiquities scholar in Palmyra (Los Angeles Times)

Syria says Islamic State militants beheaded a noted archaeologist (Washington Post - Paywall)

Palmyra: archaeologist 'killed by Islamic State' (Channel4)

Bangkok bombing suspect may not have acted alone; 'It's a network,' Thai police say (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State reportedly beheads antiquities scholar, 82, who oversaw Palmyra ruins (Washington Post - Paywall)

British woman among Bangkok bomb attack dead (Channel4)

US marine who prevented Moroccan terrorist's train shooting in France 'in critical condition' (Daily Mail)

12-hour delays at Folkestone after 'several' migrants were found on Eurotunnel train (Daily Mail)

Nazi gold train could be booby-trapped', Polish officials warn treasure hunters (Daily Mail)

Elon Musk's vacuum train could be sped up by crowdfunded test track (Daily Mail)

'You either sit and get shot or you get angry - and do something': Breathtaking bravery of British grandfather who piled in to overpower rampaging jihadi gunman on train (Daily Mail)

Macedonian Police fire tear gas at migrants trying to cross the Greece border (Daily Mail)

Swedish woman Pernilla Ekberg sues after NYPD police horse bit off the tip of her finger (Daily Mail)

West Yorkshire Police fine drivers more than £436k illegally (Daily Mail)

Migrants storm Macedonia police lines and leap over razor wire from Greece (Daily Mail)

The Apprentice's Stuart Baggs' funeral was held today after dying from asthma attack (Daily Mail)

Briton relives the moment passengers foiled terrorist attack (Daily Mail)

Shark attack near Port Macquarie on the NSW coast leaves surfer with life-threatening injuries (Daily Mail)

Putting clock back 'bad for your ticker': Stress and sleep deprivation caused by British Summer Time raises the risk of having a heart attack by eight per cent (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong Un orders North Korean troops on to a war footing against South Korea (Daily Mail)

North and South Korea hold talks in attempt to diffuse tensions over loudspeakers broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda across the border (Daily Mail)

ISIS's No. 2 Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali killed in US airstrike, White House says (Daily Mail)

Rickshaw driver killed by giant tiger statue falling on him as he slept beside it in a busy city centre in Bangladesh (Daily Mail)

A humble wave from a hero: Wounded US airman who took down AK47-wielding terrorist on French train, then treated others before tending to his own stab wounds emerges from hospital with a smile (Daily Mail)

Ambulance chiefs apologise after Nottingham man sent home with a fractured skull (Daily Mail)

Bollywood film about Indian man Dashrath Manjhi who chiselled through a mountain (Daily Mail)

RAF man Andrew Hack who claimed stress made him film up skirts avoids jail term (Daily Mail)

Norwegian man arrested after building an underground child's bedroom (Daily Mail)

Wheelchair-bound man Leon Fraser suffered horrific burns in care home fire (Daily Mail)

'It's like letting a murderer investigate his own murder': The man once in charge of nuclear weapons in Iran could be trusted to do inspections for the UN according to a secret deal (Daily Mail)

Jihadi John - 'I will go back to Britain... and will carry on cutting heads off': In a chilling new video, man said to be hooded butcher who beheaded two British hostages vows to come home... and murder all unbelievers (Daily Mail)

Germany demands Britain urgently takes MORE migrants (Daily Mail)

David Cameron slams Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn for ISIS comments (Daily Mail)

Teen put in care to save her from family home filled with ISIS propaganda (Daily Mail)