Monday, 24th August 2015

World News

Napa Valley wine train kicks off mostly black book club (CBS News)

Pilot who died in crash sent by controller to landing strip that didnt exist (CBS News)

China at "war": Behind the scenes (CBS News)

Echoing Trump, Scott Walker calls on Obama to call off China summit (Guardian)

Washington Wildfire Is Now Largest in State History (NBC News)

Four Britons and one French person dead after plane crash in remote part of Quebec (Independent)

Beach dog attack prompts photo appeal (BBC)

This Graphic Explains Monday's Stock Market Crash (NBC News)

North and South Korea reach pact to ease tensions (CBS News)

New France train hero named (CNN)

Boko Haram sends fighters to help ISIS take Libya - and then launch an attack on EUROPE (Daily Express)

6 dead in plane crash during sightseeing trip in Quebec (Fox News)

Washington wildfires break state record: just how big is the blaze? (Guardian)

Murder probe after pensioner knifed to death and three children injured in attack at flat (Daily Express)

Black Monday in China casts shadow over stock markets around the world (Independent)

Police investigating after images of cloaked figure go viral (CBS News)

China stock market panic: Wall Street suffers biggest fall since 2011 - live (Guardian)

IndyCar driver in coma after crash (CNN)

Washington wildfire becomes largest in state history (CBS News)

North, South Korea reach agreement to ease tensions (Reuters)

Shoreham crash: Airshow spectator who asked for REFUND after deadly tragedy apologises (Daily Star)

Roommate of Louisiana man who shot state trooper found dead (Guardian)

Stock markets plunge on China fears (BBC)

North, South Korea Reach Agreement to End Military Standoff (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Shoreham Airshow Crash: Police Receive 200 Missing Persons Calls Following Tragedy (Huffington Post)

North and South Korea edge away from war with peace deal (Daily Express)

Scott Walker Calls on Obama to Cancel Chinese State Visit (Time Magazine)

South and North Korea reach agreement to ease tensions on Korean peninsula - video (Guardian)

Book club says Napa Valley Wine Train ejected them for #LaughingWhileBlack (Guardian)

Police: Woman fakes death to avoid being killed (CBS News)

Victims of 2012 Colorado shooting say James Holmes deserved the death penalty (Independent)

North, South Korea Reach Agreement to End Standoff (NBC News)

Suspected Islamic militants launch attack in Burkina Faso near border with Mali, official says (Fox News)

After attack, what can be done about train security? Experts say: not much (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shoreham airshow crash: everything we know so far (Guardian)

Osborne plays down fears China stock market slide will derail EU economies (Guardian)

Turkey-Kurdish conflict: State cracks down as Kurds fear return to scorched earth (Independent)

China equity rout sparks EM currency fall (Financial Times - Paywall)

Train heroes highlight a security concern: How to stop the 'lone wolf' attacks (Fox News)

S. Korea agrees to end propaganda as North expresses regret for provocations (Washington Post - Paywall)

One of the Summer's Biggest Box Office Flops Makes a Comeback in China (Time Magazine)

S. Korea getting apology and switching off propaganda blasts (CNN)

Alabama death row inmate says state is ignoring his concerns over conviction (Guardian)

Shoreham plane crash: Airshow stunts banned as FOURTH victim named as ex-paratrooper, 76 (Daily Express)

As the Stock Market Tanks, Trump Blames China (Newsweek Magazine)

Deal agreed to reduce Korea tensions (BBC)

Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Talks Us Through the Series Premiere (Time Magazine)

Oklahoma Politician Stabbed to Death by Son, Police Say (NBC News)

Louisiana trooper shot dead by motorist gave his life' to police video report (Guardian)

Migrants scuffle with police in Italian city, denounce conditions (Reuters)

Tension grows over 'lost' North Korean submarines as South Korea searches for vessels (Independent)

Islamic State attacks kill 51 Syrian soldiers in north - monitor (Reuters)

British tourists urged to boycott Spanish water park over 'orca cruelty fears' (Daily Express)

Special Report: U.S. markets plunge amid China fears (CBS News)

Toronto Police Investigating Possible Ashley Madison Sucides (Time Magazine)

British Man's SOS Message Sees Him Rescued From The Australian Bush (Huffington Post)

Police prevent 'potential tragedy' at Pokemon World Championships in Boston (Independent)

China issues spark fears but not panic (Financial Times - Paywall)

China stock market panic shows what happens when stimulants wear off (Guardian)

North and South Korea reach deal to end 'semi-state of war' (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. reviews South Korea defense plan (CNN)

Korean tensions ease as South agrees to stop propaganda broadcasts (Guardian)

Yemen conflict: Is there a glimmer of hope for Yemeni civilians as Iran enters a new era? (Independent)

British female diplomat opens new embassy in Iran without head covering and sparks outrage (Independent)

Islamic State doesn't destroy all antiquities -- it saves some to sell on the black market (Los Angeles Times)

BP skips Iran trip amid sanctions worries (Financial Times - Paywall)

Woman with no pilot experience crash lands plane in Spain (CBS News)

U.S.-led coalition stages 20 air strikes on Islamic State - statement (Reuters)

Talks Between North and South Korea End (Time Magazine)

China censoring Black Monday on country's biggest search engine, Baidu, stopping citizens looking for information about financial chaos (Independent)

France Honors Train-Attack Heroes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Unions suspend 2 planned London subway strikes this week to allow talks over dispute (Fox News)

Europeans Fear for the Security of their Rail System After Attempted Terrorist Attack (Time Magazine)

South Carolina woman dead after dog attack (CBS News)

Americans thwart train attack in France (CBS News)

Washington Wildfire Is Largest in State History (Time Magazine)

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson in coma after crash at Pocono (CBS News)

Shoreham Airshow Crash: Death Toll Could Rise to 20 (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic State group claims it killed 30 people for sodomy, gay rights organization tells UN (Fox News)

French-American Professor Was Shot in Effort to Take Down Train Gunman (Time Magazine)

Shoreham air crash coroner: identifying victims will be 'slow and painstaking' latest updates (Guardian)

Concern as China turmoil lifts euro (Financial Times - Paywall)

Report: North and South Korea Reach Agreement to Defuse Tensions (Newsweek Magazine)

China to toughen law on sex with underage girls (CBS News)

U.K. Says Iran Sanctions Could Start to be Lifted in Spring 2016 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea and South Korea 'agree deal to defuse tensions' (Independent)

Paramedic describes scene of Shoreham air crash as 'utter devastation' - video (Guardian)

Ashley Madison hack: police say suicides may be linked to leak video (Guardian)

UN estimates Iran nuclear deal monitoring will cost $10.5 million a year (Fox News)

U.S. Professor 'Rushed' Train Gunman Before Being Shot (NBC News)

Secret Side Bargain Threatens Nuke Deal with Iran (Newsweek Magazine)

Louisiana State Trooper Dies After Being Shot in Head (NBC News)

'Suicides' Over Ashley Madison Leak Investigated As Police Reveal £240K Reward For Information (Huffington Post)

Louisiana Troopers Death Highlights Traffic Stop Dangers (Newsweek Magazine)

Two people may have committed suicide after Ashley Madison hack - police (Reuters)

Eight police officers killed in Nepal constitution protests (Guardian)

Chris Norman describes how he helped overpower French train gunman (Guardian)

Obama Should Confront Xi on the South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

Bill Richardson: U.S. Must Enlist China and Norway To De-Escalate Current Crisis (Time Magazine)

Meet the American Who Went to Iraq to Fight ISIS But Ended Up Taking on Iran (Time Magazine)

The view from North Korea: how state media is reporting escalating tensions (Guardian)

British Girls Are Suffering From Mental Health Issues And Adults Are Failing To Support Them, Says Girlguiding Study (Huffington Post)

France train shooting: Legion d'honneur recipients (BBC)

France honors three Americans who thwarted potential train attack (CBS News)

Toronto police report two suicides associated with Ashley Madison hack (Guardian)

Murder inquiry launched after man stabbed to death in Tower Hamlets (Guardian)

A change of seats for 3 Americans led to saved lives on Paris-bound train (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Black Monday': markets plunge over China fears (Channel4)

Louisiana State Trooper Dies After Being Shot by Stranded Motorist (Time Magazine)

N. Korea Accused of 'Unusual' Military Activity Amid Talks (NBC News)

Chilling CCTV shows moment rapist carries semi-conscious woman across street before attack (Daily Express)

Ashley Madison hack: Canadian police to lead 'worldwide' probe as $500,000 reward offered (Independent)

Korea Conflict Leaves Border Zone Jittery (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

With discarded plastic instead of paint, artist captures color, grit of South African life (Fox News)

U.K. Airshow Disaster Sparks Vintage Aerobatics Ban (NBC News)

Louisiana State Trooper Dies After Being Shot in the Head (Newsweek Magazine)

Two Unconfirmed Suicides Related to Ashley Madison Hack, Toronto Police Say (Newsweek Magazine)

South African currency hits record lows against the US dollar as emerging markets struggle (Fox News)

Black Monday: Damian McBride Gives His Advice On Great Fall Of China (Huffington Post)

France honors American heroes (CBS News)

What do we know about train suspect? (CNN)

Arkansas rejects proposal for statute of Hindu deity Hanuman on grounds of state legislature (Independent)

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Allegedly Stabbed to Death By Son (Newsweek Magazine)

Three Strange Light UFO Orbs Caught Over Le Planestel, France (Huffington Post)

Countries Slow to Pledge Emissions Cuts Before Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Germany and France to push for joint EU immigration and security policies (Guardian)

Isis in Palmyra: British Museum 'deeply distressed' by destruction of Baalshamin Temple (Independent)

Dow Jones: China Black Monday sparks market plunge of 1,000 points in opening trades (Independent)

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Fatally Stabbed by Son in a Restaurant, Police Say (Time Magazine)

Alex Salmond: I've waited for Nick Robinson's recovery from cancer - now I'll attack him (Daily Express)

Air show crash wreckage removed (BBC)

Americans and Briton Who Thwarted Train Attack Receive Top French Honor (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea deploys 'undetectable' submarines and hovercraft invasion forces (Daily Express)

U.S., Turkey to launch 'comprehensive' anti-Islamic State operation (Reuters)

North and South Korea locked in tense standoff (CBS News)

German foreign minister to visit Iran in early October, aims to resume good ties with Tehran (Fox News)

Bahrain arrests former Shiite opposition lawmaker on terrorism charges after trip to Iran (Fox News)

France train gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani's father says he cannot believe his son is a terrorist (Independent)

Shoreham Airshow Crash: Pictures Of The Recovery Operation Reveal Scale Of Disaster (Huffington Post)

Oklahoma police arrest son of politician fatally stabbed at restaurant (Guardian)

Global Stocks Tumble Further Amid Doubts About China (New York Times - Paywall)

Death toll set to climb after U.K. airshow disaster (CBS News)

Tread carefully with Iran - Hammond (BBC)

Up to 20 feared dead after UK jet crash (CNN)

U.S. Train Heroes Awarded France's Highest Honor (NBC News)

6 police officers, 3 protesters seeking statehood killed in violent clash in western Nepal (Fox News)

Shoreham airshow disaster: what we know so far (Guardian)

The heroes of the French train attack have given us all a gift hope | Suzanne Moore (Guardian)

Fatal stunt plane crash at airshow (CNN)

Heroic British grandfather who foiled train terror attack handed France's top honour (Daily Express)

Bangkok bomb: Thai police find and defuse device a week after Erawan Shrine blast killed 20 (Independent)

France train attack hero 'amazed' at receiving L gion d'honneur video (Guardian)

Death Toll 'Likely' at Least 11 in British Airshow Crash (NBC News)

Philip Hammond declares new chapter with Iran in search for end to Syrian war (Guardian)

Beirut rubbish protesters clash with police amid anger at political paralysis (Guardian)

American heroes honored in France (CBS News)

Bangladesh indicts 10, seeks arrest of 3 others for allegedly beating 13-year-old boy to death (Fox News)

German foreign minister to travel to Iran in October (Reuters)

Black Monday: Five Things You Need To Know About China's Stock Market Crash (Huffington Post)

China to Flood Economy With Cash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

France train shooting: What we know (BBC)

France Train Attack: British Chris Norman Amongst Heroes Awarded French Legion D'honneur (Huffington Post)

Britain says Iran sanctions could be lifted next spring (Reuters)

France honours train heroism (BBC)

French train attack men receive L gion d'honneur for 'preventing massacre' (Guardian)

China share falls: Why it's not 2008 (BBC)

Migrant accused of walking the entire Channel Tunnel from France to Britain appears in court (Fox News)

Death Toll Expected to Rise to 20 After British Air Show Crash (Time Magazine)

'I sped through Shoreham Airshow fireball' Gran relives horror moment she cheated death (Daily Express)

Train gunman 'dumbfounded' by terrorist tag, says was hungry - lawyer (Reuters)

South African team may have solved solar puzzle even Google couldn't crack (Guardian)

Shots fired at Saudi police patrol in Jeddah (Reuters)

Britain's foreign minister says UK must tread carefully in relationship with Iran (Fox News)

North Korea launches landing craft towards border with South as crisis continues to escalate (Independent)

Britain, reopening Tehran embassy, says to tread carefully with Iran (Reuters)

Shoreham crash victims' football club pays tribute video (Guardian)

South Korea talks tough amid heightened tensions with North (Reuters)

Americans awarded France's highest honor after stopping European train attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man tells court: 'I am God' after allegedly attacking police dog (Daily Star)

China plans to boost penalties for sex with girls under 14 by considering it rape in all cases (Fox News)

Shoreham air crash: up to 20 people may have died, police say (Guardian)

Pokemon World Championship Gun Massacre Plot Foiled By Local Police (Huffington Post)

Thai police struggle to track suspect; 'new bomb' false alarm (Reuters)

Red Arrows warned Shoreham Airshow was TOO DANGEROUS and refused to perform aerobatics (Daily Express)

South Korea Vows Not to Back Down in Military Standoff With North (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear deal could become a perennial cliffhanger (Los Angeles Times)

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner stabbed to death (CBS News)

France train attack heroes awarded L gion d'honneur video (Guardian)

Asian, European stock markets down sharply after China loses all 2015 gains (Fox News)

Opinion: The real danger with North Korea (CNN)

India, Pakistan to Proceed With Border Talks Despite Breakdown of Dialogue, Officials Say (Time Magazine)

Mali separatists to suspend participation in peace talks (Reuters)

Why I call myself a 'coconut' to claim my place in post-apartheid South Africa (Guardian)

KOREA CRISIS: 'Apologise and we'll stop broadcasts', South Korea tells Kim Jong-Un (Daily Star)

VIDEO: France honours train attack heroes (BBC)

China Stocks Plunge Triggering Panic Selling Across Asia (NBC News)

Sect's Death Ritual Raises Constitutional Conflict in India (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain's embassy in Iran re-opens with 'Death to England' graffitied above the Queen (Daily Express)

Men Who Thwarted Train Attack Receive France's Top Honor (Time Magazine)

France train attack: Three US heroes were in carriage with gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani because 'the WiFi wasn't so good' elsewhere (Independent)

France train attack: Three US heroes were in carriage with gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani because 'the wifi wasn't so good' elsewhere (Independent)

France train attack: Three US heroes had swapped carriages because the WiFi was rubbish (Independent)

Police fear air show crash toll could rise to 20 as wreckage from plane is removed from road (Fox News)

American train attack heroes awarded France's highest honor (Fox News)

Militants attack Tunisian customs officers near Algerian border, one killed -source (Reuters)

Americans, Briton who subdued gunman on train receive France's highest honor (Los Angeles Times)

At Least 6 Dead as Runaway Truck Rams Into Train in India (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Bangkok police find another bomb (Daily Star)

Shoreham Airshow Crash: Press Describe 'Fireball' As Police Fear 20 Dead In Tragedy (Huffington Post)

3 Americans, Briton who thwarted train attack receive France's Legion of Honor (Fox News)

Japan's Abe rebuffs China invite (Financial Times - Paywall)

British rights activist charged with defamation in Thailand (Guardian)

Shoreham air crash: Pilot placed in coma as police fear 20 dead (Daily Star)

Did Shoreham Airshow pilot eject: Andy Hill in critical condition - but how did he survive (Daily Express)

Peace or war? North Korea split (CNN)

Hurricane Katrina 10th anniversary: New Orleans is haunted by the death of Vera Smith (Independent)

Thailand's police chief says blast probe hindered by broken security cameras in Bangkok (Fox News)

Jet to be moved after Shoreham crash (BBC)

French train attack heroes to be awarded L gion d'honneur (Guardian)

South Korea president strikes hard line as talks between Koreas stretch into 3rd day (Fox News)

Tube strike: talks scheduled in attempt to avert walkouts (Guardian)

South Says 'No Room to Back Down' on N. Korea Apology (NBC News)

British IndyCar driver in coma (BBC)

South Korea president vows broadcasts will continue until North apologizes for mine attack (Fox News)

Tense talks between Koreas extend into third day (CBS News)

France Seeks Help in Monitoring Suspicious Activity (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jet 'fireball' - death toll rises (BBC)

Japan says prime minister will not attend military parade in China to mark end of World War II (Fox News)

Islamic State Accused of New Chemical Attack in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

S Korea firm on border broadcasts (BBC)

Ancient temple at Palmyra destroyed in ISIS attack (CBS News)

As marathon talks continue, Koreas ready their militaries for conflict (Washington Post - Paywall)

Japan PM Abe to skip visit to China for WW2 anniversary (Reuters)

Koreas resume talks amid tension (CNN)

Police seize firearms, arrest two men who promised to 'kill the competition' at Pok mon World Championship (Independent)

Pokemon World Championship: Police seize firearms and arrest two men who promised to 'kill the competition' (Independent)

Longer leave for workaholic South Koreans (Financial Times - Paywall)

Louisiana state trooper shot in head during traffic stop (CBS News)

Global share markets plunge triggered by jitters over China (Guardian)

South Korea's Park says important for North Korea to apologise (Reuters)

Police Crack Down on Beirut Protests (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man killed during bull run in Spain pushes death toll to 10 so far for year (Guardian)

China chemical safety problems highlighted before Tianjin blasts (Reuters)

Pakistan-India Talks Called Off (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Talks between the rival Koreas stretch into a third day (Fox News)

Police foil Pokemon gun plot (CNN)

The school places police (BBC)

'New chapter' for Britain and Iran (CNN)

Sussex airshow crash: police say more bodies may be found video (Guardian)

Swiss air show crash kills 1 (CNN)

Death toll mounts in China blasts (CNN)

News Analysis: In Pushing for the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama's Rationale Shows Flaws (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State Blows Up Ancient Temple at Syria's Palmyra Ruins (New York Times - Paywall)

British Embassy Reopens in Iran's Capital (New York Times - Paywall)

Nuclear arch-rivals cancel talks (CNN)

Islamic State destroys temple at Palmyra ruins in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Air crash death toll 'rises to 11' (BBC)

'Instinct' foiled France train attack (BBC)

The 'heroes' who tackled France gunman (CNN)

What Terror? Train Gunman Wanted to Rob, Lawyer Says (NBC News)

'Do Something or Die': American Train Heroes Acted on Guts (NBC News)

Now Islamic State militants BLOW UP historic temple at world-famous ruins (Daily Express)

In these times of terror we must do something' French train heroes' advice for the world (Daily Express)

Father of train gunman suspect Ayoub El Khazzani claims his son was a 'good boy' (Daily Express)

What went wrong? What made a 'very experienced' pilot crash on that day in Shoreham... (Daily Express)

Tributes to victims of airshow disaster: Our footie lads will never be forgotten (Daily Star)

Shoreham Airshow crash: Fears grow for young dad in car with trainer Matt Jones who died (Daily Express)

Shoreham Airshow crash: Pilot's best pal meant to be flying INSTEAD - but went on holiday (Daily Express)

Islamic State militants blow up temple in ancient city of Palmyra (Reuters)

North, South Korea hold marathon talks in bid to end standoff (Reuters)

US soldier Spencer Stone on stopping French train gunman: 'I put him in a chokehold' video (Guardian)

Hero American: Train attacker was ready to fight, but "so were we" (CBS News)

VIDEO: France train shooting: US 'heroes' speak out (BBC)

Migrant-boarded train causes delays (BBC)

Americans Resist Hero Label After Foiling Train Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain reopens embassy in Iran ransacked in 2011 (Reuters)

Bride tells how Shoreham crash destroyed her wedding limousine (Daily Express)

Americans recount French train attack: 'He was ready to fight to the end. So were we.' (Los Angeles Times)

Police Stop Gunmen at Pokemon World Championship (Time Magazine)

Pilot Killed in Swiss Airshow Plane Collision (NBC News)

Thwarted attack exposes French vulnerability (Financial Times - Paywall)

At least 1,000 protesters clash with Greek police at gold mine site; 78 arrested (Fox News)

Al Qaeda deploy in Yemen's Aden, British hostage freed (Reuters)

France train attack heroes: 'It feels unreal like a dream' (Guardian)

China to allow pension fund to invest in stock market for first time (Guardian)

British hostage released in Yemen (BBC)

Police Fire Tear Gas at Lebanese Trash Protesters (Time Magazine)

Police to Increase Security in German Town After Anti-Refugee Protests (New York Times - Paywall)

Police Fear Bangkok Bomb Suspect Has Left Thailand (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Union Jack flies in Tehran as Britain reopens Iran embassy (Los Angeles Times)

Shoreham airshow crash: 11 feared dead as police say more victims could emerge (Guardian)

France train gunman was known to intelligence services but he denies terror links (Independent)

Less Smoke Could Mean More Fire in Washington State (Time Magazine)

Unusual troop movements from N. Korea reported as talks with South resume (CBS News)

Israel abuzz over reports that attacks on Iran were planned, abandoned (Los Angeles Times)

U.K. Airshow Crash Death Toll Likely to Rise to 11 (Time Magazine)

Former premier Ehud Barak's comments on nearly striking Iran could shake up Israeli politics (Fox News)

North Korea mobilises its submarines as one million volunteers pledge to defend nation against South Korea (Independent)

Macedonian police stop tear-gassing migrants - and let them cross the border instead (Independent)

British embassy in Tehran reopens (Financial Times - Paywall)

Authorities zero in on train attack suspects radical ties (CBS News)

VIDEO: Man films Shoreham jet crash from A27 (BBC)

If We Want to Tackle Sex Offences, More Institutions Need to Take a Leaf Out of the British Transport Police's Book (Huffington Post)

Britain Reopens Embassy in Iran in Big Step for Relations (NBC News)

North Korea Instagram Pictures Provide Colourful Insight Into State Trapped In A 20th Century Dystopia (Huffington Post)

U.S.-led coalition stages 26 air strikes on Islamic State (Reuters)

Too soon for 'illogical' U.S. to return to Tehran - Iran (Reuters)

Briton arrested in Cambodia for 'violent rape' of British woman at backpackers hotel (Independent)

Sudan's Bashir appoints new defence minister - state news agency (Reuters)

People Sought in Bangkok Bombing May Have Fled Country, Police Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Angry investors seize China exchange chief (Financial Times - Paywall)

Quora Question: What Should I Consider Before Becoming a Police Officer? (Newsweek Magazine)

British hostage rescued from Al Qaeda in Yemen (CBS News)

China uses pension fund to lift stocks (BBC)

British embassy reopens in Tehran (BBC)

Pilot killed in light plane crash at Swiss air show (Reuters)

Swiss planes collide at airshow (BBC)

France train gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani 'dumbfounded' at terror allegations and claims he found AK-47 'by chance' in a park (Independent)

Train gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani is 'dumbfounded' at terror allegations, claims he found AK-47 'by chance' in a park (Independent)

Lawyer: France Train Attack Suspect Only Wanted to Rob Passengers (Newsweek Magazine)

Authorities Probe if Train Attacker Part of 'Broader Framework' (NBC News)

British embassy in Iran reopens complete with graffiti saying 'Death to England' above a picture of the Queen (Independent)

Train attack puts spotlight on Schengen (Financial Times - Paywall)

Attack suspect named (CNN)

North and South Korea to hold second day of talks in bid to ease tensions (Washington Post - Paywall)

UAE army frees British hostage as Al Qaeda expands in Yemen (Los Angeles Times)

Families of the missing say they are stonewalled by Mexico state authorities (Los Angeles Times)

British Foreign Secretary Reopens Embassy in Tehran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

With Force Deployments, North Korea Raises Stakes of Talks With South (New York Times - Paywall)

Seoul rebukes Pyongyang amid crisis talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Shandong blast adds to China safety fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

A train ride, a gunshot and then: 'Let's go!' (Los Angeles Times)

Americans describe how they stopped train attack (CBS News)

3 Who Stopped Train Attack Were Boyhood Friends (New York Times - Paywall)

Pakistan Cancels Talks With India, Citing Restrictions (New York Times - Paywall)

UPDATE 6-Refugees tear through police lines at Macedonian border (Washington Post - Paywall)

Train suspect had been flagged as potential risk (Washington Post - Paywall)

One Killed in Explosion at China Chemical Site (New York Times - Paywall)

Military jet in U.K. airshow crashes into road, killing 7 (CBS News)

Train Attack in Europe Puts Focus on Vulnerability of U.S. Rail (New York Times - Paywall)

Heroes of the France Train Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Jet attempting loop at British air show crashes on roadway; 7 dead (Los Angeles Times)

Jet Crashes at British Air Show, Killing Seven (Newsweek Magazine)

Rival Koreas hold high-level talks to defuse war fears (CBS News)

Bomb attack kills 12, including three Americans, in Afghan capital (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. servicemen, others praised for subduing gunman on train in France (Los Angeles Times)

Quora Question: Whats It Like to Be a Police Officer Who Sees a Kid With What Looks Like a Real Gun? (Newsweek Magazine)

Seeking to ease tensions, North and South Korean officials meet at the border (Los Angeles Times)

Train attack foiled by American trio (CBS News)

Americans hailed as heroes for foiling train attack (CBS News)

French train shooting: hero passengers overpower gunman (Channel4)

Iran unveils upgraded short-range solid fuel missile (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State second in command killed in U.S. strike, White House says (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police battle migrants on Macedonia's border with Greece (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un places nation's border in 'semi state of war' (Los Angeles Times)

Israel hits Syrian targets following rocket fire it says was ordered by Iran (Washington Post - Paywall)

4 killed in Syria as Israeli airstrike responds to rocket attack (Los Angeles Times)

Concern about China and Greece roils global markets; U.S. poised for another dip (Los Angeles Times)

3 days of nerves, tears and joy: U.S. expats lead debate nerds in China (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea threatens action in South Korea over anti-Pyongyang broadcasts (Washington Post - Paywall)

Migrant crisis: Macedonia declares state of emergency (Channel4)

Migrant crisis: UK police to share command centre in Calais (Channel4)

Korean military tension: North and South exchange fire (Channel4)

St Louis tensions after police shoot armed black teenager (Channel4)

French train gunman denies terrorism and says he found his guns in children's playground (Daily Mail)

First hero who tackled gunman on French train is U.S. professor Mark Moogalian (Daily Mail)

Eurostar train heading from France to St Pancras in London is delayed by 'migrants in the tunnel' (Daily Mail)

Shark attack victim on NSW coast has 'hero' friend to thank for saving his life (Daily Mail)

New ISIS attack using suicide bombers and mortar shells kill 23 near Ramadi (Daily Mail)

Stress and sleep deprivation caused by British Summer Time raises heart attack risk (Daily Mail)

Afghan translator's pregnant wife lost her baby after brutal attack by Taliban (Daily Mail)

Shoreham Airshow plane crash victims named as police say 11 people have died (Daily Mail)

Bangkok bomber may have left country already say police (Daily Mail)

Man, 21, is held on suspicion of raping woman in her 40s as police arrest 42 at V Festival (Daily Mail)

Shoreham Airshow death toll hits 11 as police fear more victims (Daily Mail)

The first Ashley Madison suicide? Texas police chief takes his own life just days after his email is leaked in cheating website hack (Daily Mail)

Benidorm to follow Ibiza and Magaluf and deploy British police officers (Daily Mail)

Drunk German neo-Nazis yelling 'Heil Hitler' clash with police after mysterious fire destroys house intended for asylum seekers near Dresden (Daily Mail)

Marathon talks between North and South Korea continue past deadline (Daily Mail)

Fifty North Korean submarines vanish' as the nation holds crisis talks with the South (Daily Mail)

Chinese fisherman finds metre-long 'torpedo' in South China Sea (Daily Mail)

Raised in cages to be hunted as trophies like Cecil and so used to humans that they think their killers are bringing them food - the haunting fate of South Africa's 'canned' lions is exposed (Daily Mail)

Great British Bake Off's Sandy Docherty 'had 10-year affair with married headmaster' (Daily Mail)

Foreign Secretary says re-opening British embassy in Iran builds 'confidence and trust' (Daily Mail)

British man is arrested in Cambodia over 'violent rape of British woman' (Daily Mail)

First British child to get a gastric band says the weight loss aids should be BANNED (Daily Mail)

Thai court indicts previously acquitted British activist (Daily Mail)

Justin Gatlin set to boycott British media and BBC to 'maintain his dignity' as drugs cheat slams 'biased' 100m final reporting (Daily Mail)

Canadian wife, 67, is banned from living in the UK with her British husband of 45 years because border officials do not believe their relationship 'is genuine' (Daily Mail)

Lewis Hamilton posts video of him shooting assault rifle after France (Daily Mail)

Cloaked figure 'dropping RAW MEAT on playgrounds' in North Carolina (Daily Mail)

M&S boss Laura Wade-Gery pictured wearing chador as a 21-year-old in Iran (Daily Mail)

Royal designer Bruce Oldfield talks through his new collection (Daily Mail)

Shoreham airshow plane crash disaster: How did pilot 'run out of sky'? (Daily Mail)

Becci Ellis survives motorbike crash at 254mph after she is hit by gust of wind (Daily Mail)

Two Alton Towers workers quizzed over 'human error' in Smiler crash (Daily Mail)

The aftermath of Swiss mid-air plane crash (Daily Mail)

Car crash survivor Rob Camm becomes world's first tetraplegic Tough Mudder (Daily Mail)

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