Wednesday, 26th August 2015

World News

China's stock market wobbles despite rate cut (Washington Post - Paywall)

The smaller of two panda cubs at National Zoo dies (CBS News)

Social medias role in the fatal shooting of WDBJ news crew (CBS News)

News crew shooting suspect faxed lengthy manifesto (CBS News)

News crew shooting suspect dies from self-inflicted wound (CBS News)

Train shooting victim played dead before gunman was overpowered (CBS News)

Virginia shooting: WDBJ7 journalists memorialized by community on "unimaginable day" - live (Guardian)

Virginia TV journalists killed by suspect with 'powder keg' of anger (Reuters)

'Human Powder Keg': Gunman Says Discrimination Fueled Him (NBC News)

Worker killed at new Minnesota Vikings stadium site (CBS News)

Station GMs emotional reaction to news crew shooting (CBS News)

Virginia Shooting: Piers Morgan Tells America Not To 'Shirk' Away From Its Responsibility, Slams Gun Violence (Huffington Post)

India Stands to Benefit From China Slowdown (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China slide belies consumer market health (Financial Times - Paywall)

Journalist Reporting on Chinese Stock Market Detained in China: CPJ (Newsweek Magazine)

Authors Of Jeremy Corbyn's Women-Only Train Carriages Proposal Say Better Safety Is Needed 'Right Now' (Huffington Post)

Trump evicts reporter and the rule book (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Dear America ' World begs US to sort out its gun laws after tragic Virginia TV shooting (Daily Star)

Donald Trump in Iowa: Unstoppable force is slaying all before him as he looks more like a serious contender for the White House (Independent)

Virginia Gunman Was Escorted Out by Police After Being Fired (Time Magazine)

Mr. Robot Finale Delayed for a Week Due to TV Shooting Similarities (Time Magazine)

Mr. Robot Finale Postponed Because of Scene Similar in Nature to Live TV Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Report: Suspect in deadly on-air attack blamed Charleston shooting (CBS News)

Rescuers Save 3,000 Migrants In One Day Off Coast of Libya (Newsweek Magazine)

The License Plate Surveillance Technology That Caught the Virginia Shooter (Newsweek Magazine)

Bodies of 50 migrants found during rescue of boat off Libya - video (Guardian)

Republicans line up for potshots at China (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S. Stock Market Closes Sharply Higher After 6-Day Slump (Time Magazine)

Civil Rights Legend Amelia Boynton Robinson Dead at 104 (NBC News)

Virginia shooter was quick to take offense from co-workers', says former boss video (Guardian)

Virginia Shooter Bryce Williams Said Charleston Was 'Tipping Point' That Led To Him Buying a Gun (Huffington Post)

Saudi arrested in 1996 Khobar Towers truck bombing that killed 19 US servicemen (Fox News)

Suspect Apparently Posted Video of TV Shooting Online (NBC News)

White House renews call for gun control after Virginia TV shooting (Guardian)

The Dow leaps 619 points after two days of China woes - live (Guardian)

Two Million Pounds of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon Recalled Over Spoilage Scare (Newsweek Magazine)

Ex-ATF official on WDBJ shooting (CBS News)

Virginia gunman was told by TV station to seek medical attention, memos say (Guardian)

Serbia won't close borders to migrants - PM (Reuters)

Dead IndyCar star 'saves six lives' (CNN)

Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos: Who Was Right? (Newsweek Magazine)

Ill man given months to live NINE years ago has been living life of riley splashing cash (Daily Star)

Virginia TV journalists shot dead on air in attack staged by former colleague (Guardian)

Journalists killed during live broadcast (CBS News)

The McWhopper is dead, long live these other (fictional) corporate mashups (Guardian)

Alleged Virginia gunman posted video of shooting on social media (CBS News)

Ex-employee kills two journalists during live show (CNN)

China can ride out this crisis. But we're on course for another crash | Seumas Milne (Guardian)

VIDEO: Virginia shooter was 'disturbed' (BBC)

Another down day in China looms over U.S. markets (CBS News)

Virginia gunman Vester Flanagan said he acted in response to Charleston church shooting (Independent)

Gunman Vester Flanagan said he acted in response to Charleston church shooting (Independent)

Israel frees detained migrants (CNN)

Police: Virginia gunman dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound video (Guardian)

Charleston Church Shooting Put Virginia News Crew Killer Over the Top (Newsweek Magazine)

Virginia TV killer was 'pushed over the edge by Charleston church massacre' (Daily Star)

Britain's worst husband said wife had been dead for FIVE YEARS so he could wed Russian (Daily Express)

Killer dead (CNN)

Gunman Kills Two on Live Morning TV Broadcast (NBC News)

Airport type security checks to be introduced to train stations (Daily Star)

Aurora cinema shooter receives nine life sentences - video (Guardian)

Desperate migrants find holes in Hungary's razor-wire fence strategy (Guardian)

World Responds To Virginia Shooting By Asking Americans To 'Please Stop Killing Each Other' (Huffington Post)

Bodies of 50 dead migrants found on boat off Libyan coast (Daily Express)

Iraqi Kurdish forces attack IS positions near oil city of Kirkuk, say 25 militants killed (Fox News)

Gunman filmed killing (CNN)

Virginia TV shooter Vester Lee Flanagan was a 'disturbed' and 'unhappy man' (Guardian)

Virginia shootings: Gunman Vester Flanagan confirmed dead after shooting two journalists live on air (Independent)

Green and mean: Former Green Party councillor posts snaps of animals he killed during hunt (Daily Star)

Gunman kills two Virginia journalists during live TV interview (CBS News)

Virginia shooting shows desperate need for gun control, says White House video (Guardian)

What We Know About the Virginia TV Shooting Suspect (Time Magazine)

Suspect in 1996 attack on U.S. troops in Saudi captured (CBS News)

Virginia TV shooting: Fiancée of murdered cameraman was on final shift in control room (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Police briefing on Virginia shooting (BBC)

Two journalists fatally shot during live on-air segment (CBS News)

Mustard gas 'likely used' in suspected Islamic State attack in Syria (Guardian)

Alison Parker And Adam Ward Killed In Live TV Shooting In Virginia, Suspect Bryce Williams Shoots Himself (Huffington Post)

UK family killed in Canada crash named (BBC)

Trailing in polls, Canada opposition Liberals attack main rivals (Reuters)

Charlotte Church sings in protest at Shell's plans to start Arctic drilling - video (Guardian)

Attack puts railway security into EU arena (Financial Times - Paywall)

What We Know About Virginia Shooting Victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward (Time Magazine)

NYPD Deploys Counterterrorism Units to Guard NYC News Stations Following Virginia Shooting of Journalists (Newsweek Magazine)

Suspected Virginia gunman taken to hospital after police chase video (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton on Virginia Shooting: We Cannot Wait Any Longer to End Gun Violence (Newsweek Magazine)

Virginia TV station WDBJ7 airs career highlights of journalists killed in attack (Guardian)

Kenyan Runners Test Positive for Doping at World Championships (Time Magazine)

Virginia shooting: Ricky Gervais slams US gun laws after two journalists are killed in live broadcast (Independent)

Two U.S. troops killed in apparent insider' attack by Afghan soldier (Washington Post - Paywall)

Foiled France Train Attack Highlights Europes Very Modern Terror Problem (Newsweek Magazine)

European stock markets fall again as China worries bite (Guardian)

Mark Moogalian recounts train attack in French magazine interview (Fox News)

Vester Lee Flanagan, Apparent Killer of Two Virginia Journalists, Claimed Discrimination in 2000 (Newsweek Magazine)

Some 50 Migrants Found Dead in Boat off Libya: Coast Guard (Newsweek Magazine)

Gunman in Afghan uniform kills 2 members of U.S. military (Los Angeles Times)

Islamists kill at least seven in southern Somali attack (Reuters)

This Harry Potter Video Will Either Haunt Your Dreams or Make You Laugh (Time Magazine)

Who was Alison Parker and what drove former colleague to gun her down live on air? (Daily Express)

Gunman in deadly on-air attack dies after manhunt (CBS News)

U.N. chief urges world leaders to speed up climate talks (Reuters)

Virginia TV station at center of fatal shooting is small but crucial (Guardian)

Virginia TV shooting: Boyfriend of murdered reporter speaks of his heartbreak (Daily Star)

Virginia shooting: Why did Vester Lee Flanagan kill two colleagues during live broadcast? (Daily Express)

Train hero's wife feared worst (CNN)

Dylann Roof inspired me to start race war - Virginia shooter's suicide note reveals motive (Daily Express)

Eye Opener at 8: Sacramento to welcome France train attack heroes home (CBS News)

VIDEO: Teen girl left for DEAD after being beaten to pulp by thug boyfriend (Daily Star)

China explainer: How global markets were sent into a tailspin (Financial Times - Paywall)

Migrant crisis: 50 found dead (CNN)

Judge to Condemn Colorado Movie Gunman James Holmes to 12 Life Sentences and More (Newsweek Magazine)

9/11 anniversary: Muslims on Reddit thread tell of hostility following terrorist attack (Independent)

Shares in disarray over China crisis (BBC)

Vester Flanagan: Virginia gunman sent 23-page manifesto to ABC News (Independent)

Here's everything we know about Vester Flanagan the gunman who killed two WDBJ journalists (Independent)

Vester Flanagan: Everything we know about the gunman who killed two WDBJ journalists on-air (Independent)

Here's everything we know about Vester Flanagan the gunman who killed two WDBJ journalists on-air (Independent)

Former news anchor Vester Flanagan commits suicide after killing two WBDJ journalists (Independent)

Police hunt former news anchor Vester Flanagan in the killing of two WBDJ journalists (Independent)

Here's everything we know about Vester Flanagan the suspected killer of two WBDJ journalists (Independent)

Virginia shooting suspect Vester Lee Flanagan 'kills himself' after videos posted online (Independent)

Virginia suspect Vester Lee Flanagan 'shoots himself' after videos posted online (Independent)

Virginia suspect Vester Lee Flanagan dead after shooting himself following killing of two journalists and posting videos online (Independent)

WDBJ7 Virginia shooting cameraman Adam Ward captured his killer on video as he opened fire (Daily Express)

Wall Street Opens Higher but China Jitters Persist (Newsweek Magazine)

Virginia Shooting Suspect Bryce Williams Shoots Himself, According To Reports (Huffington Post)

Polish deputy mayor says 2 men claim alleged Nazi gold train in his city (Fox News)

Sacramento prepares to honor heroes who stopped France train attack (CBS News)

US TV journalists shot dead on air (BBC)

Mystery as rare saiga antelopes drop dead in their thousands (Daily Express)

Virginia gunman believed to be 'disgruntled employee', says governor video (Guardian)

Suspect in France train attack faces terror charges (CBS News)

YouTube's New Video Game Feature Is Finally Launching (Time Magazine)

9/11 'Dust Lady' describes how iconic photo was taken archive video (Guardian)

Serbia gives migrants warmest welcome (CNN)

Virginia shooter taunts police with sick first person video of killing, while on the run (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Four Britons killed in Canada mountainside air crash named by coroner (Daily Express)

Vester Lee Flanagan: shooting suspect in critical condition (Channel4)

World Struggles to Adjust to China's 'New Normal' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UN chief urges world leaders to accelerate negotiations on climate change (Fox News)

Vester Lee Flanagan: Virginia 'shooter' posts video on Twitter and Facebook of moment he kills two WDBJ journalists (Independent)

Vester Lee Flanagan: Virginia 'shooter' appears to post videos on Twitter and Facebook of moment he killed two WDBJ journalists (Independent)

Virginia Shooter Tweets Video Of The Attack On WDBJ 7 News Crew (Huffington Post)

Vester Flanagan: Suspected Gunman in Virginia News Crew Shooting Kills Himself (Newsweek Magazine)

Vester Flanagan: Suspected Gunman in Virginia News Crew Shooting Attempted to Kill Himself (Newsweek Magazine)

Virginia shooting: station manager pays tribute to journalists - video (Guardian)

Virginia Shooting: Ricky Gervais Slams Gun Violence Over WDBJ7 News Crew Killing (Huffington Post)

Virginia journalists shooting: CNN criticised for showing WDBJ footage 'once per hour' (Independent)

Bodies of 50 migrants found in hull of boat rescued off Libyan coast (Guardian)

Teen charged after vicious attack on pregnant woman who lost unborn baby (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Just Got A Drag Makeover (Huffington Post)

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale MP Regrets 'Atmosphere Of Attack On BBC' With Green Paper And Licence Fee Over-75s Deal (Huffington Post)

China's Market Losers Lick Their Wounds as Stocks Plunge (NBC News)

Nazi Treasure Train Hunt: 'Something' Found, But What? (NBC News)

Virginia shooting: Suspected gunman of journalists believed to be disgruntled employee (Independent)

Adam Ward profile: WBDJ TV cameraman who was shot dead on air (Independent)

Train Hero Should Be Called 'Captain America': Commander (NBC News)

Virginia shooting: Cameraman Adam Ward's fiancee was working in control room on last shift (Independent)

Virginia Shooting: Film Captures Face Of Gunman As Governor Says Suspect May Be 'Disgruntled' Ex-Employee (Huffington Post)

Alison Parker profile: WBDJ TV reporter who was shot dead on air (Independent)

Alison Parker profile: WBDJ TV reporter shot dead on air was 'secretly going to marry fellow host' (Independent)

Train attack suspect hit with terror charges (CBS News)

Some 50 migrants found dead in boat off Libya - coast guard (Reuters)

VIDEO: Virginia shooting 'a terrible crime' (BBC)

Video of shooting surfaces (CNN)

Shoreham Airshow crash: jet appears to struggle during take-off video (Guardian)

Dozens of migrants found dead in ship's hold off Libyan coast by Italian coastguard (Independent)

50 people found dead in ship's hold off Libyan coast (Independent)

40 people found dead in ship's hold off Libyan coast (Independent)

Alison Parker and Adam Ward shooting: Virginia reporters remembered by touching photo rather than disturbing video footage (Independent)

Alison Parker and Adam Ward shooting: Virginia reporters remembered by friends and WDBJ colleagues (Independent)

Virginia Shooting Leaves Alison Parker's Boyfriend Chris Hurst 'Numb' After Killing Of 'Radiant Woman' (Huffington Post)

2 NATO Soldiers Killed by Attackers in Afghan Uniforms (New York Times - Paywall)

Cipriani left out of World Cup squad (BBC)

U.S. Stock Market Opens Sharply Higher After 6-Day Slump (Time Magazine)

Go Back to Univision: Donald Trump Ejects Reporter From Press Conference (Newsweek Magazine)

Meet the residents of America's booming oil region video (Guardian)

The era of 'ladies only' train compartments (BBC)

Hiker badly burned and two dogs dead as owner leaps into Idaho hot springs to try and save his hounds (Independent)

Hiker badly burned and two dogs dead as owner leaps into hot springs to try and save his hounds (Independent)

Official: Syrian opposition commander killed in bomb attack in Turkey (Fox News)

Photographer and Reporter Killed During Live Broadcast (Time Magazine)

Trump boots out anchor (CNN)

Virginia News Crew Shot, Killed While on Live Report; Shooter At Large (Newsweek Magazine)

Virginia TV shooting: Gunman Vester Lee Flanagan turns gun on himself after on-air murders (Daily Star)

Virginia TV shooting: two journalists killed (Channel4)

Virginia Shooting: WDBJ 7 News Crew 'Shot At Live On Air' in Franklin County (Huffington Post)

Syrian FSA commander dies in attack in southern Turkey - Dogan news agency (Reuters)

Virginia shooting live: Alison Parker and Adam Ward shot dead during live TV broadcast (Independent)

Virginia shooting: Police hunt gunman after shots fired during live TV broadcast (Independent)

Television crew caught up in Virginia shooting in which three people were hurt (Independent)

Virginia shooting live: Manhunt in progress after Alison Parker and Adam Ward shot dead during live TV broadcast (Independent)

Virginia shooting live: Gunman 'faces imminent arrest' after two US TV journalists shot dead live on air (Independent)

Sinosphere Blog: Beijing Smog Gives Way to Military Parade Blue' Before World War II Event (New York Times - Paywall)

Warner Bros moves into China (Guardian)

China probes brokerages amid turmoil (BBC)

'I'm Not a Bully': Trump Defends Booting Latino Anchor (NBC News)

2 NATO troops dead in apparent "insider attack" (CBS News)

Wounded Hero in French Train Attack Played Dead to Survive (Time Magazine)

Train Hero Guardsman to Get Top U.S. Army Medal (NBC News)

New barriers go up as migrants flood to Europe (CNN)

Migrants gassed: Macedonia responds to criticism (CNN)

Women-Only Train Carriages on Trains Are Being Considered by U.K. Opposition Leadership Contender (Time Magazine)

Suicide bombers attack Chad army camp - sources (Reuters)

Gun-wielding schoolboy holds 29 pupils and teacher hostage in classroom stand-off with police in West Virginia (Independent)

How China's economic slowdown could weigh on the rest of the world (Guardian)

Greek coast guard rescues hundreds of refugees, migrants off coasts of eastern Aegean islands (Fox News)

Sinkhole swallows four people in China video (Guardian)

China dismisses top work safety official Yang Dongliang, says he's suspect in corruption probe (Fox News)

La Tomatina tomato fight kicks off in Bu ol, marking 70th year video (Guardian)

The number of Russian troops killed or injured fighting in Ukraine seems to have been accidentally published (Independent)

Girl admits two terror charges (BBC)

21 Reasons This Dog Is the Best Dog in the World (Time Magazine)

Police hunt for two men who fled burning car after crash near Doncaster (Guardian)

Irish 'Boxer' Fights Entire Istanbul Neighbourhood In Amazing Video (Huffington Post)

Migrants face a race against time to enter the EU as Hungary nears completion of razor-wire fence (Independent)

Trump calls Fox host Kelly a 'bimbo' (CNN)

Freeze, it's the police! Lost penguin tries to evade capture video (Guardian)

NATO troops killed in Afghanistan's Helmand, Taliban grab district (Reuters)

China sacks work safety chief after Tianjin blasts (Reuters)

Hungary moves to secure border as migrants stream in (Reuters)

9/11: Woman dubbed 'Dust Lady' after terror attack dies (Daily Star)

China Sink Hole Video Shows Four Pedestrians Being Swallowed Beneath The Pavement At Bus Stop (Huffington Post)

WATCH: Shocking video of child giving Nazi salute and boasting of joining ISIS (Daily Star)

Belgian World War II nurse who helped save US troops dies, to be buried near site of battle (Fox News)

Conservative Sting Video Goes Inside Clinton Campaign Training (Time Magazine)

Branton crash: Fears grow for two men 'covered in blood' who fled crash scene (Daily Star)

Many Chinese investors nonchalant about stock market plunge (Los Angeles Times)

It's Trump vs. the world on Twitter (CNN)

Ex-KKK chief: Trump is 'the best of the lot' (CNN)

Donald Trump feuds with TV reporters (BBC)

China's economic woes extend far beyond its stock market (Guardian)

Prosecutor: Train gunman had terrorist intent (CNN)

Hungary may use army to secure border against migrants (Guardian)

U.S. plans more Asia-Pacific drills to counter China reclamation (Reuters)

China stocks fall again, but "calm" prevails (CBS News)

Donald Trump has journalist removed from press conference video (Guardian)

2,000 migrants enter EU in just ONE DAY to beat Hungary's fence built to keep them out (Daily Express)

Sinosphere Blog: China Shares an Eclectic Guest List for World War II Parade (New York Times - Paywall)

Suspect in shooting of outspoken critic of Uzbek regime extradited to Sweden (Fox News)

Sinkhole swallows four people at China bus stop in CCTV video (Independent)

Second suspect charged over attack on pregnant woman in London (Guardian)

Discovery of WWII Soviet fighter plane wreckage in Polish river video (Guardian)

Train Gunman Is Charged With Terrorism in France (Time Magazine)

China shares fall despite rate cut (BBC)

Hungary government weighs using army to stop flood of migrants (Fox News)

China Is Probing Brokers and Regulators for Possible Stock Crimes (Time Magazine)

Hungary's fence on border with Serbia proving futile in efforts to stem flow of migrants (Fox News)

Asian Shares Seesaw as China Rate Cut Fails to Spark Rally (NBC News)

China probing brokers, 2 employees of securities regulator for possible stock market offenses (Fox News)

Gunman jailed in high-speed train attack charged with terrorism (Fox News)

How worried should we be about China's stock market turmoil? video (Guardian)

American who helped stop train attack returns to U.S. (CBS News)

This Video of a Dog in a Hot Tub Will Solve All Your Problems (Time Magazine)

Kicked off train because of race? (CNN)

Video of Irish 'professional boxer' fighting entire Istanbul neighbourhood goes viral in Turkey (Independent)

Video of Irish 'professional boxer' fighting Istanbul neighbourhood goes viral in Turkey (Independent)

Op-Ed Contributor: False Alarm on a Crisis in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump throws Latino news anchor out of Iowa press conference (Guardian)

Accused train gunman watched jihadi video before attack, prosecutor says (Fox News)

2 NATO Troops Killed by Gunmen in Afghan Uniforms (NBC News)

Fight between two parents at Brisbane school at pick-up time ended in stabbing (Guardian)

Two Foreign Troops in Afghanistan Killed by Men in Afghan Uniforms (Time Magazine)

Honduran family breaks open girl's coffin thinking she was buried alive video (Guardian)

Nato soldiers dead in Afghan attack (BBC)

Men in Afghan uniforms kill 2 NATO soldiers in base attack (Fox News)

Two Nato soldiers shot dead by men in Afghan army uniforms (Guardian)

8/25: Donald Trump launches new Twitter tirade; Family of slain gun instructor launches campaign (CBS News)

Stock market finishes the day sharply lower (CBS News)

Train shooter 'had terrorist intent' (CNN)

Renminbi looms large behind China easing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Extreme flash flooding sees dead RATS wash into the street in posh Kent town (Daily Express)

Trump tosses Univision anchor from news conference (CBS News)

2 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan (CNN)

Stock markets continue to be volatile as investors fear China risk (Guardian)

2 NATO service members, 2 suspected attackers killed in insider attack in southern Afghanistan (Fox News)

Sick Islamic State video shows toddler beheading TEDDY BEAR in front of terror flag (Daily Express)

Two of Australia's three wombat species under threat from killer disease (Guardian)

Car flips on Utah highway during police chase video (Guardian)

Greek island inundated with migrants (CBS News)

American Hero Who Helped Stop Train Attack Arrives Home (NBC News)

World Briefing: China: Legal Ordeals for Brothers of a Journalist (New York Times - Paywall)

Suspects activity before train attack revealed (CBS News)

14-year-old boy holds class hostage at gunpoint at West Virginia high school (Guardian)

Macau arrests 17 in money laundering crackdown as China downturn fears grow (Reuters)

After early gains, stock market ends down (CBS News)

National Guardsman who helped thwart attack on French train to get medal (Reuters)

Wine train issues apology to black book club women booted from train (CBS News)

Asia Shares Seesaw After China Rate Cut (Time Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn Could Champion Women-Only Train Carriages To Curb Sexual 'Assault And Harassment' (Huffington Post)

Prosecutor: Train Gunman Watched Jihadist Video Before Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

White House jumper killed in court (CNN)

Doncaster Car Crash Leaves Two Dead, One Seriously Injured (Huffington Post)

Migrants escaping from Syria aiming for Greece and beyond (CBS News)

VIDEO: Journalist kicked out of Trump event (BBC)

In Beijing's World War II Narrative, Communists Get Starring Role (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Baby and three others shot dead in gunman rampage in France (Daily Star)

World Briefing: Morocco: 14 Arrested in Joint Antiterrorism Raids (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump to Anchor Jorge Ramos: 'Go Back to Univision' (NBC News)

World Briefing: Iran: Official Denies Any Plan to Trade U.S. Reporter (New York Times - Paywall)

Children of gun instructor killed by 9-year-old at range launch campaign (CBS News)

France train attack 'was well prepared' (BBC)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 26th August 2015 (Huffington Post)

Cops: Tourists took photos of San Francisco pier shooting suspect (CBS News)

Now Jeremy Corbyn backs gender segregation as he proposes women-only train carriages (Daily Express)

Donald Trump and Univision's Jorge Ramos Spar On Immigration (Time Magazine)

Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos booted from Donald Trump press conference after tackling him on immigration (Independent)

Donald Trump kicks out journalist Jorge Ramos from press conference: 'Go back to Univision' (Independent)

Donald Trump kicks out journalist Jorge Ramos from press conference: Go back to Univision' (Independent)

Couple makes a splash with underwater wedding in suit and gown video (Guardian)

Donald Trump Has Henchman Forcibly 'Deport' Hispanic News Anchor Jorge Ramos From Iowa Press Conference (Huffington Post)

Four Britons confirmed dead after plane crashes during Quebec sightseeing flight (Guardian)

France's train shooting prompts security row (BBC)

Armed Teen Holds Classroom Hostage at West Virginia High School (Time Magazine)

Migrants follow perilous route to Germany (BBC)

VIDEO: Could you live on $13.50 a month? (BBC)

Black market money dealer says Brazil president knew of kickback scheme at Petrobras (Fox News)

Government warns UK businesses: We'll shut down firms that hire illegal migrants (Daily Star)

Federal judge's order suspends use of two drugs in Mississippi executions (Guardian)

Eight million migrants now live in Britain (Daily Express)

Armed to the teeth: France train gun nutter had 270 bullets & can of petrol (Daily Star)

Two boys attacked for being albino given new prosthetic limbs video (Guardian)

Five Reasons Why China's Woes Are Rocking the World (NBC News)

China 2015: beware the links with 1929 (Guardian)

Police: tourists took photos of murder suspect moments before pier shooting (Guardian)

Toddler Shot Dead Near St. Louis (NBC News)

U.S. Stocks Tumble At Close After Earlier Rebound; China Rate Cut Fails to Calm Nerves (Newsweek Magazine)

Stock Market Rebound Falls Apart as Indexes Reverse Early Gains (New York Times - Paywall)

US markets down at closing bell after midday rally as China woes continue live updates (Guardian)

2 workers for Doctors Without Borders killed in South Sudan (CBS News)

Israel frees hundreds of African migrants from desert detention center (Los Angeles Times)

Economic Scene: Political Risks May Foil Economic Reform in China (New York Times - Paywall)

China cuts rates to boost economy (BBC)

World Briefing: Israel Begins Releasing African Migrants From Detention Center (New York Times - Paywall)

Yobs hunted over sick seagull stamp attack (Daily Star)

Islamic State accused of using mustard gas in Syria attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two dead after car hits garden wall (BBC)

Black Monday: Beijing reels as a nation of market speculators counts the cost (Independent)

ESPN Drops Curt Schilling From Little League World Series Broadcasts for Nazi Meme (Newsweek Magazine)

Man who scaled White House fence shot dead by police in Philadelphia courtroom (Independent)

VIDEO: On the train tracks into Europe (BBC)

Doctors Without Borders: Syrians Likely Exposed to Chemical Agents in Mortar Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Black Monday: Shares rally around the world after China's central bank slashes lending rate (Independent)

Prosecutor: Train suspect watched jihadi video minutes before attack (CBS News)

Violence and barriers won't stem tide of migrants to Europe, U.N. warns (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: World Athletics Highlights (BBC)

French Train Attack Suspect Viewed Jihadist Video, Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

White House Fence-Jumper Killed at Pa. Courthouse: DA (NBC News)

Gunman kills four in French travellers' camp (Reuters)

Must-Have for Migrants to Europe: The Smartphone (New York Times - Paywall)

China turmoil boosts UK's allure (Financial Times - Paywall)

Turkey-Kurdish conflict: PKK leader calls on armed followers not to attack security forces (Independent)

Terror suspect played jihad tape on train (Financial Times - Paywall)

French prosecutor says train gunman had terrorist intent' (Reuters)

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Says Donald Trump Owes Megyn Kelly an Apology (Newsweek Magazine)

Reports: Four Dead After Shooting in Roye, France (Newsweek Magazine)

Roye shooting: Four dead at traveller camp in France (Independent)

Roye shooting: Three reported dead at traveller camp in France (Independent)

Shooting in France: Three reported dead at Roma camp (Independent)

What Wall Street Gets Wrong About China (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump is still attacking Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly weeks after the Republican debate (Independent)

Israel Foils Terror Attack on Josephs Tomb (Newsweek Magazine)

Safari Guide Killed in Zimbabwe Park That Was Home to Cecil the Lion (New York Times - Paywall)

Mugabe banks on China for Zimbabwe's economic revival (Reuters)

France opens terrorism investigation after thwarted train attack (Los Angeles Times)

White House Fence Jumper Shot Dead at West Chester, Pennsylvania, Courthouse (Newsweek Magazine)

Li's future questioned amid China turmoil (Financial Times - Paywall)

China financial crisis: the key questions (Channel4)

Paris Prosecutors Office Opens Terror Investigation After Train Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Sacramento plans parade for Americans heroes in Europes train attack (CBS News)

Details emerge on fourth American train attack hero (CBS News)

China's News Media Largely Silent Amid Market Losses (New York Times - Paywall)

How a Volcanic Eruption in 1815 Darkened the World but Colored the Arts (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. Predicts 3,000 Migrants a Day Will Pass Through Balkans (New York Times - Paywall)

New U.S. hero emerges from train attack (CBS News)

Rutherford wins stunning world gold (BBC)

VIDEO: 'Dangerous' whale rescue takes two days (BBC)

China consumers unfazed by market rout (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump trips up Republicans on immigration (Financial Times - Paywall)

Walking Dead spin-off breaks record (BBC)

China parade to showcase military hardware (Financial Times - Paywall)

The six Cs of the China stock slump (BBC)

China's Black Monday' spreads stock market fears worldwide (Washington Post - Paywall)

After attack, what can be done about train security? Experts say: Not much (Washington Post - Paywall)

China equity rout sparks EM currency fall (Financial Times - Paywall)

China issues spark fears but not panic (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamic State doesn't destroy all antiquities -- it saves some to sell on the black market (Los Angeles Times)

A change of seats for 3 Americans led to saved lives on Paris-bound train (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Black Monday': markets plunge over China fears (Channel4)

Migrants or refugees: what's the right word? (Channel4)

Americans awarded France's highest honor after stopping European train attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Americans, Briton who subdued gunman on train receive France's highest honor (Los Angeles Times)

Americans recount French train attack: 'He was ready to fight to the end. So were we.' (Los Angeles Times)

A train ride, a gunshot and then: 'Let's go!' (Los Angeles Times)

More than a dozen killed in two car bomb attacks in Somalia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Train suspect had been flagged as potential risk (Washington Post - Paywall)

Jet attempting loop at British air show crashes on roadway; 7 dead (Los Angeles Times)

Bomb attack kills 12, including three Americans, in Afghan capital (Washington Post - Paywall)

French train shooting: hero passengers overpower gunman (Channel4)

Macedonia allows migrants entry from Greece (Channel4)

China makes big bet on turning desert into wine region (CBS News)

French train gunman Ayoub El Khazzani led into court surrounded by officers (Daily Mail)

Teenager died in front of a train after being abused on Facebook (Daily Mail)

British train users may face airport-style security (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn plans women-only train carriages to curb sex pests (Daily Mail)

Rail passengers face airport-style security checks at major train stations (Daily Mail)

Monika Korra, SMU student gang-raped by 3 men speaks out about attack (Daily Mail)

Grandfather stamped on his head by Simon Crooks during racial attack (Daily Mail)

Irish boxer tourist fights off Turkish shopkeepers' attack (Daily Mail)

Holidaymaking family escape horrifying attack by migrants who launched SEVEN-FOOT metal scaffolding pole at their car as they drove through Calais on their way home to Britain (Daily Mail)

World's largest car transporter Hoegh Target arrives in UK from China (Daily Mail)

UK shares tumble again as fears over China take hold: FTSE opens down 2% wiping out half the recovery from 'Black Monday' (Daily Mail)

WDBJ7's Alison Parker and Adam Ward shot on live TV by Virginia gunman Bryce Williams (Daily Mail)

Alison Parker's boyfriend pays tribute to the WDBJ reporter after Virginia shooting (Daily Mail)

How the Virginia shooting manhunt for WDBJ7 TV shooter Bryce Williams ended on the side of a highway after a license plate reader found his rental car, he killed himself after a trooper tried to pull him over (Daily Mail)

ISIS set to release a execution video with a 'new killing style' (Daily Mail)

Paul Mahoney ran an internet video piracy scam from his bedroom (Daily Mail)

Helmet camera video shows man pushing Whitechapel cyclist into oncoming cars (Daily Mail)

Fury over video of Angry Bird' made to smoke a marijuana joint (Daily Mail)

The utter agony of eczema: Mother's heartbreaking video shows how her 4-year-old cries in pain as she treats sore, red patches covering his entire body every HOUR (Daily Mail)

Dashcam video captures Northampton biker throwing his gloves in rage after causing crash (Daily Mail)

Shoreham air show video shows Hawker Hunter jet before A27 crash (Daily Mail)

Shocking video of South African police threatening to break a man's leg before carrying out brutal cavity search as his helpless friend stands crying during attack' they say was carried out because we are white' (Daily Mail)

Ilana Kolihnov turns herself into a Siberian husky in weirdest make-over video (Daily Mail)

Boy discovers he is going to be a big brother in hilarious video (Daily Mail)

Univision's Jorge Ramos kicked out of Donald Trump press conference after heckling (Daily Mail)

UN reveal 3,000 migrants are crossing the Greek-Macedonia border EACH DAY (Daily Mail)

Desperate migrants simply CRAWL UNDER Hungary's 110-mile barbed wire fence as the country races to seal its border and considers bringing in the army to stop the surge of illegal arrivals (Daily Mail)

Sports TV host collapses and dies of 'heart attack' live on air in Morocco (Daily Mail)

Their sacrifice saved so many British lives... we owe them: Dozens of veterans join general's call to let Afghan interpreters live in UK (Daily Mail)

You will sleep better if you live by the sea, or a park or woodland (Daily Mail)

Milingimbi man finds WWII bomb and puts it on his ute till police realise it's LIVE (Daily Mail)

The ultimate bucket list: Cancer sufferer given six months to live cashes in his pension and spends the next decade touring the world (Daily Mail)

Chinese toddler hospitalised with parasitic infection after mother forces him to eat live frogs in bid to cure his epilepsy (Daily Mail)

WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and Adam Ward shot on live TV by Moneta gunman (Daily Mail)

The hidden world hiding in your house dust: 'Microbial zoos' in homes reveal where you live and even the gender of family members (Daily Mail)

White House fence jumper killed by sheriff's deputy at Pennsylvania courthouse (Daily Mail)

Shanghai Airport flooded by typhoon that killed at least 26 in the Phillipines (Daily Mail)

ISIS have killed 'at least' 30 people for being gay, UN claims (Daily Mail)

Four Britons killed in Canada plane crash were family with two teenagers on the last day of their holiday (Daily Mail)

Father of millionaire South African mining magnate who killed himself in a silver Mercedes ten years ago is found dead ten years later... having killed himself in a silver Mercedes (Daily Mail)

Two-year-old boy knocked over and killed when he ran out into the road to meet his grandfather (Daily Mail)

British family killed in Canadian light plane crash were on the last day of their sightseeing holiday in Quebec (Daily Mail)

British ISIS computer hacker who masterminded the jihadi group's online war is killed in US drone strike in Syria (Daily Mail)

French Roma camp family shot dead and four others left wounded (Daily Mail)

Doncaster fireball car crash leaves 2 dead as vehicle smashes into garden wall (Daily Mail)

Rugby fans warned over 'fake' World Cup tickets (Daily Mail)

The two million Britons hooked on painkillers: Prescription drugs acquired from friends, dealers and online are used to get high (Daily Mail)

Hippo belly flops its way to safety after being cornered on a riverbank by two lions... and even appears to turn and laugh at them! (Daily Mail)

Car ripped in two in Shropshire smash with Range Rover (Daily Mail)

Any length to get the job done! Workman fixes air con unit from TWO huge ladders... precariously stacked on top of each other (Daily Mail)

Frail 62-year-old is filmed lying in the road with a broken hip as he waits two hours for an ambulance to arrive (Daily Mail)

French artists fills Covent Garden market with 100,000 white helium balloons (Daily Mail)

Pensioner must pay £900 after shooting seagull with his Walther air pistol because the 'flying rats' kept him up at night (Daily Mail)

James Holmes sentenced to life in prison for killing 12 in shooting (Daily Mail)