Sunday, 30th August 2015

World News

Ancient Temple of Bel in Syria bombed by ISIS (CBS News)

Houston boy, 14, dies after battle with brain amoeba (CBS News)

ISIS fighters push deeper into Syrian capital Damascus (CBS News)

Off-Duty Philly Police Officer Dies After Hit-and-Run (NBC News)

Migrants 'vanish' from Austria hospital (BBC)

Brilliant physician Oliver Sacks dies aged 82 (Daily Express)

Theresa May demands ban on jobless migrants (Daily Star)

Isis in Syria: Militants 'severely damage' ancient Bel Temple in Palmyra using explosives (Independent)

Suspect, but no motive, found in Houston officers slaying (CBS News)

Fences across Europe: Map shows desperate bid by nations to stem flow of migrants (Daily Express)

Jailed Al Jazeera journalists: Canada is the final hope for Mohamed Fahmy's shocked wife (Independent)

ISIS Severely Damages Ancient Temple in Palmyra, Activists Say (Time Magazine)

ISIS Damages Ancient Temple in Palmyra, Activists Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkey joins coalition fight against ISIS (CNN)

Soldier tries to arrest boy, it goes viral (CNN)

ISIS damages ancient temple in Syria's Palmyra, activists say (Fox News)

Bangkok blast suspect had 'bomb-making material' (CNN)

Migrants Found Dead in Austria Were Crammed Into Truck (Newsweek Magazine)

Police name two more victims of Shoreham air disaster (Guardian)

Automakers Pull Retired Brands Off Scrap Heap (NBC News)

Police under pressure in sex abuse inquiry (Daily Express)

China punishes 197 over stock 'rumours' (BBC)

The Last Five Years (Huffington Post)

Egypt sets October election date, after three years without parliament (Reuters)

Migrants on agenda in Cameron's EU quest (Financial Times - Paywall)

Elderly man who died in boating accident was on family trip (Guardian)

New arrest in death of 71 migrants (CNN)

EU migrants with no job must be barred says Theresa May (Daily Express)

66-year-old man is 12th person to be gored to death during summer festivities in Spain (Fox News)

Isis attack was against Turkey, not just Kurds, and it is a threat to all the world | Letter from Abdurrahman Bilgi Turkish ambassador to the UK (Guardian)

Fan Dies After Falling From Stands at Atlanta Braves Game (NBC News)

VIDEO: Migrants 'pick up litter or face jail' (BBC)

Iran sentences 2 people to jail for 10 years for allegedly spying for US, Israel (Fox News)

Neurologist Oliver Sacks Dies at 82 (Newsweek Magazine)

Oliver Sacks, renowned neurologist and author, dies age 82 (CBS News)

Critically ill' children found in a migrant lorry escape from hospital TWO DAYS LATER (Daily Express)

Man City sign De Bruyne for £55m (BBC)

Swazi police confirm 13 die in crash en route to royal ceremony (Reuters)

Iran jails two unnamed people for 10 years for espionage (Guardian)

What weaponry will China reveal? (CNN)

Thai police continue to search bomb suspect's apartment video (Guardian)

Iran Sentences Two Charged With Spying to 10 Years in Prison (New York Times - Paywall)

Oliver Sacks, renowned neurologist, dies at 82 (CNN)

Thai police hunt more suspects after Bangkok bomb arrest (Reuters)

Oliver Sacks, eminent neurologist and Awakenings author, dies aged 82 (Guardian)

Three children rescued from van near German border resume journey (Guardian)

'Awakenings' Author, Neurologist Oliver Sacks Dies at 82 (NBC News)

Dutch plan tougher asylum policy as migrants flock to Europe (Reuters)

Fan Dies After Fall From Upper Deck at Atlanta Braves Game (Time Magazine)

Theresa May: Time to kick out the jobless migrants no work, no entry to Britain (Daily Express)

Neurologist Oliver Sacks dies aged 82 (BBC)

How a Man With a Stolen Boat Rescued 400 People After Hurricane Katrina (Newsweek Magazine)

Action man Putin's show of strength - on a Sunday bromance date with his right-hand man (Daily Express)

Sudan's Bashir to visit China despite international arrest warrant (Reuters)

Thai police widen bomb hunt after arrest (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Massive gas discovery' off Egypt coast (BBC)

Four civilians, two police officers killed in attacks in southeast Turkey (Reuters)

China turbulence casts shadow on Africa (Financial Times - Paywall)

Steven Cook's Family 'Sure He's Alive' Ten Years After His Disappearance During Crete Holiday (Huffington Post)

Hiker, 62, found alive after 9 days (CNN)

Iran jails two people for 10 years on espionage charges (Reuters)

Anger at Al Jazeera journalists' jail time (CNN)

VIDEO: Hiker found after nine days outdoors (BBC)

Theresa May: only migrants with jobs should be let in to UK (Guardian)

Italian energy giant Eni says it's found the largest-ever gas field in Mediterranean off Egypt (Fox News)

Man arrested after woman beaten to death in Manchester (Guardian)

China turmoil divides Fed over inflation (Financial Times - Paywall)

Neurologist and Writer Oliver Sacks Dies at 82 (Time Magazine)

Foreign Man Arrested in Bangkok Blast Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey duped the US, and Isis reaps rewards (Independent)

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, Broadway's first black Jean Valjean, dies after fall (Guardian)

TWISTED village elders who ordered sisters to be RAPED for brother's affair face arrest (Daily Express)

Bangkok bomb: Thai police say arrested man part of people-smuggling group (Guardian)

Hungary detains 5th suspect in trafficking of 71 migrants who died in truck found in Austria (Fox News)

'Les Mis' actor dies after fall (CNN)

Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks dies aged 82 (Channel4)

Pope Francis leads prayers for migrants (Guardian)

Egypt summons UK ambassador over criticism of Al Jazeera trial (Reuters)

China to relocate almost 1,000 chemical plants in wake of Tianjin blasts (Guardian)

ISIS blamed on David Cameron who 'lacked balls' to crush them (Daily Star)

Police say Bangkok bombing suspect appears to be lying, not cooperating with authorities (Fox News)

Italy's Renzi brushes off concerns over Senate reform drive (Reuters)

Pope: Deaths of 71 migrants packed in a truck offends human family; let's stop these crimes (Fox News)

China seizes 620 turtles and tortoises, most endangered, in shipment from Vietnam (Fox News)

'The X Factor' 2015: Ratings Down Two Million On Last Year, With Lowest Viewing Figures For A Launch Show In Nine Years (Huffington Post)

Letter from Hungary: Razor-lined border can't stop migrants from reaching EU's field of dreams (Fox News)

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, First African-American Actor To Play Jean Valjean In 'Les Mis rables' On Broadway, Dies Aged 22 (Huffington Post)

Bangkok bombing: Police charge foreign suspect who 'looks like' man caught on CCTV (Independent)

David Cameron 'Lacked Balls' To Take Military Action In Syria And Stop ISIS Rise, Lord Richards Says (Huffington Post)

Thailand charges man 'linked to bomb' (BBC)

Fan dies after fall at Atlanta Braves game (CBS News)

China trade deal job fears can be addressed by Australia, say unions (Guardian)

VIDEO: Children found in van 'recovering' (BBC)

China investigates former chairman of Wuhan Iron and Steel (Reuters)

Suspect arrested in Bangkok blasts (CNN)

David Cameron lacked 'balls' to head off the rise of Isis, says former defence chief (Guardian)

Help for children in refuges is a postcode lottery, charity warns (Independent)

Russia shows off stealth jet (CNN)

ISIS detains dozens in Iraqi town after rare street protest (Fox News)

Police shut Seinfeld's lemonade stand (CNN)

Migrants find risky moves only way to go through Europe (CBS News)

Baseball fan dies after fall from stand (CNN)

Egyptian court sentences three Al Jazeera journalists to prison (Reuters)

U.S. marks 10 years since Katrina (CNN)

Presidents lay wreaths commemorating ten years Hurricane Katrina (Independent)

Teenage migrant killed in shootout between Greek police and smugglers (Guardian)

How farmers from rural China bet on the stock market and lost (Washington Post - Paywall)

First Black Broadway Actor to Play Valjean in 'Les Mis' Dies (NBC News)

Les Mis Broadway star dies in fall (BBC)

Cameron 'lacked balls' over ISIS ex-Armed Forces chief blames PM for terror group's rise (Daily Express)

Thai police arrest foreign man over Bangkok bombing (Reuters)

Bystander dies after being shot by NYPD undercover officer (CBS News)

Missing 62-Year-Old California Hiker Found Alive (NBC News)

Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fears for children as mother flees to ISIS' (Daily Express)

Coup for UK team: SAS take out ISIS kingpin (Daily Star)

Four Men to Face Charges Over Migrants Deaths (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ben Stein: Dont blame China for stock market woes (CBS News)

Police fear mother heading to Syria' to join Isis with her four children (Independent)

Paul Royle, Who Fled Nazis in a Great Escape,' Dies at 101 (New York Times - Paywall)

Thailand issues arrest warrant for suspect in second blast (Washington Post - Paywall)

Paul Royle, Australian POW who took part in the Great Escape,' dies at 101 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hungary Orders Arrest of Four in Refugee Truck Deaths (NBC News)

Turkey duped the US, and ISIS reaps rewards (Independent)

Refugee children, close to death, found in van in Austria (Reuters)

Thai police arrest man in Bangkok bomb case (CBS News)

3 Children Among Migrants Found Crammed in Van Are Hospitalized in Austria (New York Times - Paywall)

Jerry Seinfeld's Lemonade Stand Shut Down by Police (NBC News)

Hurricane Katrina anniversary: Family of black man killed and burned by police still fighting for justice (Independent)

Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to three years in prison (Channel4)

Turkey Launches Its First Airstrikes of ISIS Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

EU migrant crisis: Romanian man arrested after 'severely dehydrated' children found among 26 people in lorry in Austria (Independent)

10 Years Later: Katrina Survivors Remember the Hurricane (Newsweek Magazine)

China unlikely to change BoE rate policy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rate rise on agenda despite China woes (BBC)

Egyptian Court Sentences Al Jazeera Journalists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkish warplanes strike Islamic State targets in Syria for first time (Los Angeles Times)

Video: Israeli soldier's attempted arrest of Palestinian boy (Channel4)

Sir Keir Starmer Urges Assisted Dying Law Change So People Don't Have To 'Traipse Off To Switzerland' (Huffington Post)

Japan's police on alert in wake of reported yakuza group split (Los Angeles Times)

Thai Police Announce Arrest in Bangkok Shrine Bombing (New York Times - Paywall)

Two-headed piglet found near temple in China (Independent)

Al Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison in Egypt (New York Times - Paywall)

Thai police make Bangkok blast arrest (Financial Times - Paywall)

While the world decried three journalists' sentences in Egypt, another man was being quietly jailed in the same court (Independent)

Police Should 'Not Rule Out' Using Psychics In Missing Person Cases, College Of Policing Document Reveals (Huffington Post)

Egyptian court sentences 3 Al Jazeera journalists to 3 in prison (Washington Post - Paywall)

Missing Mother And Four Children Pictured At London Airport As Police Fear They're Headed For Syria (Huffington Post)

Three Al Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to Prison in Egypt (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Jailed For Methylamphetamine Possession For Four Months Before Police Realised It Was Salt (Huffington Post)

How UK Overseas Aid Is Giving Women And Children The Chance To Reach Their Potential (Huffington Post)

Egypt's sentencing of Al Jazeera English reporters to prison draws scorn (Los Angeles Times)

Bangkok Bombing Suspect Arrested By Thai Police (Huffington Post)

Thai police arrest suspect in Bangkok bombing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Egypt jails Al Jazeera journalists (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police arrest foreigner in Bangkok shrine bombing case (Los Angeles Times)

Al Jazeera Journalists Sentenced To Jail In Egypt For 'Spreading False News' (Huffington Post)

Antigovernment Protesters Gather in Malaysia, Defying Police Orders (New York Times - Paywall)

Deaths of migrants in truck underscore crisis (CBS News)

Migrants risking their lives to reach Europe (CBS News)

ISIS destroys yet another ancient ruin (CBS News)

Photos: Hundreds Feared Dead After Migrant Boats Sink Off Libyan Coast (Newsweek Magazine)

For late-starting backpacker, at 76, it's the wander years (Los Angeles Times)

Markets? To Xi Jinping, Another Battle Comes First (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scott Walker: U.S. needs to be tough on China (CBS News)

Highest-ranking Vatican official charged with sex abuse found dead (CBS News)

Four suspects arrested in death of 71 migrants found in abandoned truck (Los Angeles Times)

Children among 71 dead in Austrian truck tragedy as police make arrests (Washington Post - Paywall)

Katrina 10 years on: New Orleans still in recovery (Channel4)

China sceptics taste bittersweet victory (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ex-papal envoy dies at Vatican while awaiting trial on sex-abuse charges (Los Angeles Times)

China stocks, currency rise as government shows renewed resolve (Washington Post - Paywall)

Africa migrants left in legal limbo in Israel (Financial Times - Paywall)

200 migrants thought dead in boat sinking off Libya (Washington Post - Paywall)

Death toll of migrants in truck on Austria highway tops 70 (Los Angeles Times)

Judge Vassiliki Thanou sworn in as Greece's first female prime minister (Los Angeles Times)

Refugees found 'suffocated' in parked lorry in Austria (Channel4)

China detains 11 officials, executives in fatal Tianjin blasts (Los Angeles Times)

China has been showing signs of economic slowdown, trade partners say (Los Angeles Times)

Macedonia border camp helps send migrants on their way (Los Angeles Times)

Migrant crisis: Hungary sends extra police to border (Channel4)

China financial crisis: the key questions (Channel4)

Isis releases pictures of ancient Palmyra temple destruction (Channel4)

Albanian and Vietnamese migrants intercepted by police en route to Britain (Daily Mail)

British gangsters pretend to be from the United Nations to fleece migrants in Dunkirk camp desperate to reach UK (Daily Mail)

Theresa May says European migrants should be banned from Britain unless they have a job lined up (Daily Mail)

Syrian children rescued from Austrian minivan containing 26 migrants disappear from hospital where they were being treated (Daily Mail)

More than 3,000 migrants get into Hungary despite even bigger fence built along its 110-mile border with Serbia where hundreds of Syrians are now sleeping on the streets (Daily Mail)

You Stink! Protestors take to the streets in Lebanon as they protest against corruption, police brutality...and piles of rotting rubbish (Daily Mail)

Turner Field spectator dies after falling from upper deck at Yankees-Braves game (Daily Mail)

Kyle Jean-Baptiste who played Les Miserables's Jean Valjean on Broadway dies (Daily Mail)

Noted neurologist and author Oliver Sacks dies aged 82 after battle with cancer (Daily Mail)

Uttar Pradesh elders who sentenced sisters to be raped face arrest (Daily Mail)

Vietnam veteran's forgotten photos unveiled after 47 years (Daily Mail)

Families are being pushed to crisis point after waiting years for children's autism diagnoses (Daily Mail)

Katie Piper's acid attacker Stefan Sylvestre could soon be free on parole after six years (Daily Mail)

Day of the Jackal author Frederick Forsyth admits conducting MI6 missions for 20 years including a trip to East Germany to get secret papers from a Russian colonel (Daily Mail)

You can add SEVEN YEARS to your life by taking a brisk 25-minute walk a day (Daily Mail)

X Factor suffers its lowest ratings for a launch show IN TEN YEARS (Daily Mail)

Cricket was invented by the FRENCH 80 years before it was played in England (Daily Mail)

Veterans return for a nostalgic day out more than 50 years after the Mods fought the Rockers on Brighton seafront (Daily Mail)

David Cameron is to blame for ISIS according to General Sir David Richards (Daily Mail)

Amnesty International calls for release of journalists in Turkey after ISIS accusations (Daily Mail)

Satellite images confirms ISIS destroyed Syrian temple of Baal Shamin (Daily Mail)

UK's 10 most exorbitant rail routes are run by First Great Western and Virgin Trains (Daily Mail)

England sevens star Sam Stanley becomes first rugby union player to come out as gay (Daily Mail)

Pensioners try to get to grips with a smartphone for the first time in video (Daily Mail)

How Mudeford Spit in Dorset transformed from first line of defence to a hotspot (Daily Mail)

Barclays to become first UK high street bank to accept bitcoin (Daily Mail)

Zahera Tariq and her children headed for Syria 'to join ISIS' (Daily Mail)

Ukrainian children and their teachers taught to fire and disassemble AK47s (Daily Mail)

How Kate Middleton banished William's ghosts in book about Diana's children (Daily Mail)

Tunisian beach massacre victim's children will never be able to accept her death (Daily Mail)

African tribe who 'raise' voodoo dolls as if they are alive: Effigies of dead children are fed, bathed and even sent to SCHOOL (Daily Mail)

School behaviour tsar says schools should keep children away from iPads (Daily Mail)

West Bromwich man arrested for murder after the body of a woman is found (Daily Mail)

Children found in critical condition on another Austrian refugee lorry (Daily Mail)

The monk who lived in my phone: The traveller who lost his iPod in Laos then discovered that it had been found (and used!) by a selfie-taking holy man (Daily Mail)

Spy found dead in a bag 'had infuriated his MI6 bosses by illegally hacking into secret US data on Bill Clinton' (Daily Mail)

Oil workers 'are fired after video of them having sex was found by man's angry wife who then sent it to all his contacts' (Daily Mail)

South Carolina man claims to have been struck by lightning 11 times (Daily Mail)

Spain lets Russian submarine refuel 19 miles off the coast of Gibraltar (Daily Mail)

Bake Off ' home Redbournbury Mill is building more interest (Daily Mail)

Strictly Come Dancing's Kristina Rihanoff waltzed off with my daughter's husband (Daily Mail)

Bake Off star baker Ian is accused of getting secret coaching from a top chef for his show-winning creme brulee (Daily Mail)

Paedophile Rolf Harris has two home-made didgeridoos taken off him by prison bosses (Daily Mail)

Good news if you like a snooze: Doctors say a mid-day nap lowers blood pressure and can ward off heart attacks (Daily Mail)

Amal Clooney warns Egypt that sentencing of Al Jazeera journalists sends a 'dangerous message' (Daily Mail)