Tuesday, 1st September 2015

World News

Man may face charges after killing bear cubs going through his trash (CBS News)

Caught on camera: Spanish migrant hiding in car engine (CBS News)

Follow President Obama as He Instagrams His Way Around Alaska (Time Magazine)

China Boosts Efforts to Keep Money at Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chicago-area police officer shot, sparking manhunt (CBS News)

More Clinton emails released, as GOP candidates battle (CBS News)

China should clearly explain policies to markets - U.S. Treasury (Reuters)

Migrants stranded in Hungary train station chant 'Germany, Germany!' video (Guardian)

Man Utd deny De Gea collapse blame (BBC)

China markets turmoil: leaders' refusal to learn lessons makes more volatility a sure bet (Guardian)

U.N. Condemns Destruction of Ancient Palmyra Temple (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton emails give rare glimpse in personality of a guarded politician (Guardian)

Emerson Crayton Jr: full police bodycam video of shooting (Guardian)

Nicholas Thomas: full surveillance video of police shooting (Guardian)

Samuel DuBose: full police dashcam video of shooting (Guardian)

Protests as migrants are trapped at Budapest train station (CNN)

Moldova's police chief detained for 3 hours at Moscow airport; thinks it's linked to his work (Fox News)

Pa. police officer suspected of staging theft kills self (CBS News)

Georgia police shoot man and kill his dog after responding to wrong house (Guardian)

Police cuts could aid public policy balance | Letters (Guardian)

Let's reinvent 'as if the world hadn't existed before' (CNN)

Turk soldier killed on border with Islamic State territory in Syria - officials (Reuters)

Azeri court jails corruption-busting journalist (Reuters)

Migrant chaos at Budapest train station (Reuters)

Migrants stranded amid EU asylum chaos (BBC)

Video shows man lifting hands, then shot by police (CNN)

Video Appears to Show Texas Police Fatally Shooting a Man With His Hands Up (Time Magazine)

Man sentenced to life for pot-related charge walks free (CBS News)

13 Ways Obama Is Ruining America, According to Dick Cheney's New Memoir (Newsweek Magazine)

China stokes tensions with Japan ahead of military parade to mark end of WWII - but many citizens are bored with rhetoric (Independent)

Desperate migrant found hiding next to car engine in attempt to get into Europe (Daily Express)

Hungary Clears Migrants From Train Station (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Manhunt Underway in Far North Chicago Suburb After Police Officer Fatally Shot (Newsweek Magazine)

One Direction Sets 6 New Guinness World Records (Time Magazine)

Fatal Shooting of Illinois Police Officer Prompts Manhunt (Time Magazine)

Chaos at Hungarian train station as migrant crisis in Europe deepens (Los Angeles Times)

Fox Lake: Manhunt launched after police officer shot and killed (Independent)

Jury to Weigh Death for Man in Jewish Site Killings (NBC News)

Obama seeks to close icebreaker gap as Arctic sea traffic competition intensifies (Guardian)

Video Appears to Show San Antonio Police Shooting Man With Raised Hands (Newsweek Magazine)

Man charged over pianist murder (BBC)

Canadian police charge Syrian officer in torture of Canadian engineer mistaken for extremist (Fox News)

Mama Merkel: the compassionate mother' of Syrian refugees (Guardian)

Yvette Cooper's refugees quota would require 10-fold rise in UK intake (Guardian)

China is rattling nerves as it prepares to strut its military might (Los Angeles Times)

Cell phone video shows Texas police fatally shooting man who held his arms in the air (Independent)

Cold War? Obama Calls for Arctic Push to Catch Russia (NBC News)

U.S., allies conduct 19 air strikes against Islamic State - U.S. military (Reuters)

Isis is systematically destroying Palmyra, top antiquities official says (Guardian)

Obama pushes to strengthen Arctic fleet (Financial Times - Paywall)

How ISIS is robbing the world (CNN)

Kurds suspect another chemical attack by Islamic State in Iraq (Reuters)

Migrants barred from Budapest station (Financial Times - Paywall)

Georgia teenager dies after being shot with stun gun by police (Guardian)

Where will President Obama go post-White House? (CBS News)

Labor Leader Urges Clinton to Reject Pacific Trade Agreement (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Utd complete £36m Martial deal (BBC)

Migrant crisis: Austrians show their support for refugees travelling through Vienna en route to Germany (Independent)

EU's Schengen buckles under migrant flows (Financial Times - Paywall)

Family sues airline after man with Alzheimers vanishes at airport (CBS News)

Hillary Clinton emails reveal she likes 'The Good Wife' and 'Parks and Recreation' (Independent)

Migrant crisis: Angela Merkel warns Europe its credibility on human rights is about to be 'kaput' (Independent)

Defiant Kentucky clerk summoned to federal court over gay marriage refusal (Guardian)

Barack Obama meets with tribal leaders during Alaska visit video (Guardian)

The picture that shows how desperate refugees are to enter the EU (Independent)

Satellite images confirm major temple destroyed in Syria's Palmyra - U.N. (Reuters)

Migrants Arriving In Munich Receive Very Different Welcome To What Happened In Macedonia (Huffington Post)

Isis in Syria: Khaled al-Asaad the martyr of Palmyra (Independent)

Bill Clinton hovering just off screen in latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails (Guardian)

Treasure hunters claim discovery of Nazi gold train in Poland (CBS News)

BEFORE & AFTER: How ISIS completely obliterated 2,000-year-old temple in ancient Palmyra (Daily Express)

French woman Natalie Amyot makes YouTube video to find man she claims made her pregnant in Australia (Independent)

French woman Natalie Amyot releases YouTube video to find father of her unborn baby but is it just a hoax? (Independent)

Dutch state to appeal landmark climate change court order to slash greenhouse gas emissions (Fox News)

Man Group's China chair in talks with authorities over shares turmoil (Guardian)

Wall Street Opens Sharply Lower After Weak China Data; Major Indexes Down 2 Percent (Newsweek Magazine)

German police forced to ask public to stop bringing donations for refugees arriving by train (Independent)

Blood Moon: ISIS, nuclear bombs and Walmart plumbing woe 'prove' world WILL end in 28 days (Daily Express)

Clinton emails: Gefilte fish? (CNN)

First woman convicted of posting revenge porn images of girlfriend walks free (Daily Express)

China punishes 197 people for spreading stock "rumors" (CBS News)

China steps up online "rumor" campaign crackdown (CBS News)

Kuwait refers 26 to court after weapons bust, alleging 'furtive contacts' to Iran, Hezbollah (Fox News)

Trained monkeys and banned pigeons: China prepares for a parade (BBC)

Migrant Treated For Petrol Inhalation After Being Found Crammed Behind Car Engine (Huffington Post)

New Jersey man digs in yard, finds live cannonball (CBS News)

Spanish police search house of train gunman's family (Reuters)

Thousands Of Icelanders Offer Their Homes To Syrian Refugees Following Author's Facebook Campaign (Huffington Post)

Hillary Clinton emails: The story behind a brief message on a quintessentially Jewish food (Independent)

Obama Pushes for More U.S. Ice-Breaking Might in Arctic (Newsweek Magazine)

The fate of the temple of Bel is a symbol of the tragedy engulfing Syria | Tom Holland (Guardian)

A job centre for jihadists: Evil Islamic State launch BENEFITS system within 'caliphate' (Daily Express)

Things to know about Europe's passport free travel area, under strain from migrant influx (Fox News)

Nazi 'gold train' explained: Is the train real, what is inside it and what are the authorities doing? (Independent)

Keleti Train Station in Budapest Cuts Off Service to Migrants Amid Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim Davis: Court clerk has become a hero of America's Christian right by refusing gay people the right to wed (Independent)

Bangladesh police charge 'Islamist militants' over atheist's murder (Guardian)

Hungary halts trains west to stem flow of refugees (CBS News)

The Woman Who Made History by Answering the Phone (Time Magazine)

Head of UN cultural agency says destruction of Syrian temple by IS 'intolerable crime' (Fox News)

The man who is being deradicalised (BBC)

Washington State University Professors To Mark Students Down If They Use The Term 'Illegal Immigrants' (Huffington Post)

Nearly 7,000 more pages of Clinton emails released (CBS News)

ISIS Karaoke: Twitter mocks Islamic State with song lyrics (Daily Star)

Man With Life Sentence for Pot Charge Walks Free (NBC News)

ISIS Shows Off Its American-Made M16 Rifles (NBC News)

Major Train Station Shut to Stop Migrant Exodus West (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton emails: Cherie Blair lobbied for Qatari crown prince (Guardian)

How police turn American drivers into moving targets (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: Anxious About Military Parade, China Deploys Crack Team of Monkeys (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman 'teleported' inside toilet (BBC)

Migrants bought tickets, trains stopped (CNN)

Alistair Carmichael court hearing over re-election to be broadcast by STV (Guardian)

Iraqi officials say Islamic State suicide attacks kill 12 troops, allied militiamen (Fox News)

Air rage case: diversion to Belfast not my fault, US man tells court (Guardian)

Revenge Porn: Paige Mitchell, First Woman Convicted Of Crime, Is Spared Jail Over Facebook Pictures (Huffington Post)

U.N.: ISIS destroys 1st-century temple (CNN)

125 Clinton Emails Released Contain Now-Classified Info (NBC News)

Man found with 100g of potent form of cannabis called 'shatter' (Independent)

'Shatter': Man found with 100g of potent form of cannabis which looks like broken glass (Independent)

Court acquits Australian, Thai journalists accused of defaming Thai navy over trafficking (Fox News)

Five protesters killed in fresh Nepal violence - police (Reuters)

WATCH: Pregnant woman desperate plea to track down one night stand (Daily Star)

Video seems to show cops shooting man with hands up (CBS News)

Clinton faces fresh email scrutiny (Financial Times - Paywall)

China cracks down on tobacco advertising in drive to stop young people smoking (Independent)

Hungary closes main Budapest station to refugees (Guardian)

Hungary Stops Migrants by Shutting Down Budapest Train Station (Time Magazine)

Who are the refugees risking their lives? (CNN)

The migrants stuck in no-man's land (CNN)

Spanish police search family house of Moroccan detained in France for high-speed train attack (Fox News)

UN: Satellite photos show ISIS levelled ancient temple (CBS News)

Thai police arrest second bomb suspect (Financial Times - Paywall)

Yvette Cooper: UK should take in 10,000 refugees from Middle East (Guardian)

Obama Calls for Expanded Fleet of Arctic Ice Breakers (Time Magazine)

Islamic State Blows Up Palmyra Ruins (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS destroys ancient Palmyra temple (CNN)

Woman pleads guilty to posting revenge porn photos of girlfriend (Guardian)

Angela Merkel: Reintroducing border controls to stop migrants is not the 'Europe we want' (Independent)

Revenge porn: First woman convicted after posting sex snaps of girlfriend (Daily Star)

Nepal police open fire on protesters demanding new state in proposed constitution, killing 5 (Fox News)

IMF chief warns of slower growth after China shockwaves (Guardian)

Britain Needs to Take 10,000 Refugees And Not Give In To Fear And Blame Politics, Says Yvette Cooper (Huffington Post)

Obama slams climate deniers (CNN)

Satellite pictures: Isis destroy Roman-era temple (Channel4)

Maisie Williams Accepts Guinness World Record on Behalf of Game of Thrones (Time Magazine)

Angela Merkel's Immigration Quotes Show Germany's Response To Refugees Is Wildly Different To Britain's (Huffington Post)

Isis destruction of Baal temple confirmed (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama on Climate Change: Act Now or Risk a Nightmare (NBC News)

China turns up heat on market players (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iranian Guard chief says US 'still the Great Satan' as police seize US, Israeli flag attire (Fox News)

Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green questioned by police (Guardian)

Exiled Tibetan gov't warns China not to meddle in Buddhist tradition of Dalai Lama (Fox News)

Hillary Clinton Emails: David Miliband Hinted At Anger Over Losing Labour Leadership (Huffington Post)

Twin Strangers: Woman Comes Face To Face With Her Online Doppelg nger And It's emSo/em Spooky (Huffington Post)

Western Leaders to Stay Away From Chinese World War II Commemorations (Newsweek Magazine)

UN confirms Palmyra temple destroyed (BBC)

China welcomes Sudan's war crime-accused leader as 'old friend' (Reuters)

Islamic State claims Monday bomb attack on ENI joint venture office in Tripoli (Reuters)

Lawyer Who Advised Churches in China Faces Secretive Detention (New York Times - Paywall)

European Court of Human Rights criticizes Italy in case of 3 expelled Tunisian migrants (Fox News)

Indian woman sentenced to rape says she can't return home because 'humiliated' village elders will take revenge on her (Independent)

Hungary halts rail traffic in bid to stop migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

China PMI shrinks, sending global stocks lower (Financial Times - Paywall)

Migrant trains reach Germany as EU asylum system creaks (Reuters)

Hungary closes main railway station amid influx of migrants video (Guardian)

John Lewis Rape: Woman Attacked In Cheadle Store Car Park (Huffington Post)

XXXpress: Strictly Come Dancing bosses use steamy choo choo train featured in porn flick (Daily Star)

Woman aged 51 gives birth to her own grandson - and gets an unexpected health boost as a result (Independent)

51-year-old woman gives birth to her own grandson - and may have got an unexpected health boost as a result (Independent)

Panto animals set new world record (BBC)

China says Japan complaints about U.N. Ban's WW2 parade visit 'irritating' (Reuters)

Deadly Explosions Highlight China Workplace Dangers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton intervened in row over Ken Loach's film festival boycott call (Guardian)

What new weaponry will China reveal? (CNN)

Cameron and Clegg 'snobbish and arrogant' emails to Clinton (Guardian)

Czech President Milo Zeman Says Refugees Are Like A 'Tsunami That Will Kill Him' (Huffington Post)

Asked about Trump, China says U.S. people want good ties (Reuters)

Seriously disabled man who can't speak or read must prove he is unfit to work (Daily Star)

Woman dragged from her car and raped in John Lewis car park by Asian 'pockmarked' man (Daily Express)

Enfield police shooting victim named (Guardian)

In China, long-delayed recognition for troops who fought in World War II (Los Angeles Times)

China urges companies to shore up market (Financial Times - Paywall)

Palmyra Temple Of Bel Satellite Image Confirm Site Obliterated By 'Murderous, Tasteless' Isis (Huffington Post)

20,000 march in Vienna to welcome refugees video (Guardian)

Thousands of Clinton emails released (BBC)

Georgia Cop Critical, Dog Dead as Police Go to Wrong Home (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton emails reveal David Miliband's reaction to losing Labour leadership election (Independent)

Gored To Death By A Bull: 12th Man Killed In Spain This Summer (Huffington Post)

Hundreds of migrants stranded in Budapest after police stop trains departing for Germany (Independent)

20th Air Guitar World Championships final - in pictures (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 1st September 2015 (Huffington Post)

Triathlon death man raises £12,500 (BBC)

Migrants cram trains to Germany ... (CNN)

Isis destruction of Palmyra's Temple of Bel revealed in satellite images (Guardian)

Spanish police arrest 15 men for smuggling migrants on the back of jet-skis near Marbella (Independent)

Obama Paints Doomsday Scene of Global Warming in Alaska (Time Magazine)

Woman raped in car park in broad daylight after being dragged from car into bushes (Daily Star)

Woman raped in John Lewis car park near Stockport (Guardian)

U.N. confirms militants have destroyed Temple of Bel (CNN)

David Miliband's heartache at leadership loss revealed in new Hillary Clinton emails (Guardian)

Icelanders call on government to take in more Syrian refugees (Guardian)

Police raise death toll in Spanish fireworks factory blast to 6 after another body found (Fox News)

Turkish police raid conglomerate with close links to cleric Gulen (Reuters)

Hungary lockdown: Budapest station shut as desperate migrants try to board trains to West (Daily Express)

China's military parade draws Russian president, but few other major world leaders (Fox News)

Hungary shuts down rail traffic at main Budapest station to prevent migrants from boarding (Fox News)

Europe Tightens Borders to Stop Flow of Migrants (NBC News)

Trains carrying migrants reach Germany as EU asylum checks are waived (Guardian)

Flight forced to divert after 'drunk' woman passenger becomes 'abusive' (Daily Star)

Police Chiefs Warn 22,000 Jobs Could Be Lost Under Fresh Conservative Cuts (Huffington Post)

Police in Turkey search premises of business and media group close to US-based cleric (Fox News)

Thai police claim blast reward (CNN)

More than 11,000 Icelanders offer to house Syrian refugees to help European crisis (Independent)

Sinosphere Blog: Beijing's World War II Military Parade: What to Expect (New York Times - Paywall)

Thousands of Icelanders Have Volunteered to Take Syrian Refugees Into Their Homes (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Migrants arrive at German rail stations (BBC)

A Man Sent Naked Selfies to the HR Manager of a Company That Offered Him a Job (Time Magazine)

Europe searches vainly for answers as migrant crisis grows (Fox News)

Suicide bomber attacks tribal police in northwest Pakistan, killing 3 and wounding 35 (Fox News)

In Vienna, Trains Packed With Refugees Are Welcomed and Ushered On (New York Times - Paywall)

Migrant Crackdown Sows Chaos in Europe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

This has to be the year the world agrees on climate change, says Obama in Alaska video (Guardian)

Parachutist gets 300 hours' community work for One World Trade Center jump (Guardian)

The 'end of Schengen', police cuts, and NHS sat-navs (BBC)

Lord Janner 'sex abuse' case returns to court but former peer doesn't have to turn up (Daily Express)

8/31: Suspect in Texas police officers slaying appears in court; search for Nazi gold keeps treasure hunters stoked in Poland (CBS News)

Barack Obama in Alaska: global fight against climate change starts here (Guardian)

Obama in plea for climate deal (BBC)

Migrants fleeing Syria face roadblock in Hungary (CBS News)

Syrian refugees face roadblock in Hungary (CBS News)

Thai court acquits Australian, Thai journalist on charges of defaming Thailand's navy (Fox News)

VIDEO: Further Hillary Clinton emails released (BBC)

China unveils high-speed rail line to North Korean border (Los Angeles Times)

Migrant crisis: Asylum seekers using bikes to enter Europe at remote Norway border post (Independent)

Migrant Crisis Tests Core European Value: Open Borders (New York Times - Paywall)

China factory indexes fall to multiyear lows in fresh sign of economic sluggishness (Fox News)

Los Angeles police roll out new body cameras (CBS News)

The Top Five Gems from the Hillary Clinton Email Dump (Newsweek Magazine)

Refugees take German officials by surprise when they arrive on train video (Guardian)

China rebuilds its forgotten 'Auschwitz' to remember Japan's brutality (Guardian)

Obama finds perfect climate change victim in Alaska (CBS News)

U.S. preps China cyber sanctions (CNN)

Seoul's Warming Ties With China Isolate North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Footie ace Darron Gibson to appear in court on drink-driving charge (Daily Star)

China boom town decays (CNN)

Fresh data confirms China slowdown (BBC)

Forgotten ally? China's unsung role in World War II (CNN)

Desperate migrants doing whatever it takes to reach Europe (CBS News)

Obama hopes to bolster green credibility with trip to Alaska (Independent)

Barack Obama hopes to bolster green credibility with trip to Alaska (Independent)

Albright: Why Modi visit is crucial for U.S., India, the world (CNN)

Satellite images show Temple of Bel in Syria 'destroyed,' UN says (Fox News)

Obama Challenges Leaders to Seize Initiative on Climate (NBC News)

UN: Syrian Temple Destroyed After Reports of ISIS Blast (NBC News)

Supreme Court Rules Against Kentucky Clerk in Gay Marriage Case (NBC News)

California Woman Sues Chipotle Over GMO-Free Menu Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Q. And A.: An Escalating Migrant Crisis and an Intensifying Search for Solutions (New York Times - Paywall)

State Department Releases 7,000 Pages of Hillary Clinton's Email (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama says world must reach climate deal in Paris 'while we still can' (Reuters)

New Hillary Clinton Email Release Contains 150 Now Deemed Classified (Time Magazine)

U.N. Confirms Destruction of an Ancient Temple by ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

"Pigs in a blanket" chant at Minn. fair riles police (CBS News)

Suspect in Houston-area shooting of deputy appears in court (Reuters)

World Briefing: Turkey: Journalists Held in Terror Case (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Czech Republic: U.S. Man Is Extradited (New York Times - Paywall)

Was a driver stopped for looking at police officer? (CBS News)

Vienna stages protest welcoming refugees (Guardian)

State Department: 150 More Clinton Emails Contain Classified Information (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama to 'run wild' with Bear Grylls (CNN)

Kansas man sentenced for suicide bomb plot at airport (CBS News)

The destruction of Palmyra's Temple of Bel: before and after in pictures (Guardian)

Hundreds of migrants arrive in Vienna (BBC)

China Allegedly Hacked Top Former FBI Lawyer (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrants find unlikely route - and mode of transport - to Norway (CBS News)

E.U. Says It May Offer Hungary More Help With Migrants (NBC News)

Ice Cream Man Scoops His Way to Guinness World Record (NBC News)

In Germany, intolerance for migrants flares as the nation welcomes refugees (Los Angeles Times)

Satellite images confirm that Isis have destroyed the ancient Temple of Bel in Palmyra (Independent)

UN satellite images confirm Isis has destroyed the ancient Temple of Bel in Palmyra (Independent)

Satellite images confirm Isis has destroyed the ancient Temple of Bel in Palmyra (Independent)

Isis destruction of Syria's Palmyra confirmed by UN satellite images of Temple of Bel (Independent)

Thieving free-for-all? Police warn they won't respond to shoplifting if cuts worsen (Daily Express)

'Gunman' shot dead by police in Enfield after manhunt is named (Daily Express)

Europe breaking up? EU could scrap free movement in wake of migrant crisis (Daily Express)

Accused killer of Texas police officer has history of mental illness (Guardian)

2,000-year-old temple in Syria destroyed by Islamic State, U.N. says (Los Angeles Times)

Brady returns to court over "Deflategate" suspension (CBS News)

Obama Focuses on Climate During Alaska Trip (Time Magazine)

Driver attempting to take selfie crashes car, police say (CBS News)

Satellite Images Confirm Destruction of Ancient Temple in Palmyra (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: U.N. satellite photos confirm destruction of Palmyra's Temple of Bel (Washington Post - Paywall)

Court considering California death penalty focuses on procedural issues (Guardian)

Hungary's Border Fence Isn't Stopping Desperate Syrian Migrants (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Migrants breach razor wire fence in Hungary (BBC)

Los Angeles police hand out body cameras to first patrol division (Guardian)

Around 150 Hillary Clinton emails upgraded to classified' says State Department video (Guardian)

Bear Grylls To Lead Barack Obama Into The Alaskan Wilderness To Highlight The Impact Of Climate Change (Huffington Post)

Report: Obama Will Return to Columbia University in Some Capacity in 2017 (Newsweek Magazine)

Hillary Clinton Sides With Liberals on Anti-Lobbying Bill (Time Magazine)

Polish authorities seal off area believed to hide lost Nazi gold train (Los Angeles Times)

India's Supreme Court Suspends Ban on Starvation Ritual (New York Times - Paywall)

Poland Says It Will Accept More Refugees (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama to rename tallest U.S. peak (CNN)

Syrian court acquits free-speech campaigner (Reuters)

Suspect kills Houston police officer after shooting 15 times during ambush (Independent)

Train Surfing Ukrainian Pasha Bumchik Posts Video Of Journey On Moving Carriages (Huffington Post)

Turkish court charges Vice News reporters with terrorism links (Reuters)

Police Cells Are No Place for the Vulnerable (Huffington Post)

EU struggles for answers as migrant influx challenges border security, raises tensions (Fox News)

Merkel warns of 'failure' on migrants (BBC)

New Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails to Be Released at 9 P.M. (Newsweek Magazine)

New batch of Hillary Clinton emails to be released at 9 p.m. - State Department (Reuters)

Blast reported at chemical plant in northern China (Reuters)

Iran's Parliament speaker says he supports nuclear deal with world powers (Fox News)

Turkish court files terror charges against 2 British journalists, assistant (Fox News)

Iranian State Media Reports Arrest of Reformist Politician (New York Times - Paywall)

Thai police hunt two bombing suspects after weekend raids (Reuters)

WorldViews: China pins market plunge on financial journalist, airs confession' (Washington Post - Paywall)

China trains monkeys to destroy birds nests ahead of WWII commemoration parade (Independent)

Austria Toughens Controls Amid Migrant Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man Finds $20, Buys Lotto Ticket and Wins a Million (NBC News)

East-west tensions break out over sharing migrants (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama Considering Array of Options for Closing Guantanamo Prison: White House (Newsweek Magazine)

Changing the Channel: The Man Who First Swam From England to France (Newsweek Magazine)

Fears ISIS has razed another priceless treasure (CBS News)

Meeting the refugees in Kos: A first-hand account of the people behind the headlines (Independent)

U.S., allies conduct 12 air strikes against Islamic State - U.S. military (Reuters)

Turkish Court Holds Vice Journalists in Custody for Aiding ISIL (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama to appear on Bear Grylls show (BBC)

E.U. leaders show little unity ahead of emergency conclave on refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Japan seeks biggest defence budget ever amid concerns over growing strength of China (Independent)

Isis shows off new currency with gold dinar coins worth £91 each - in quest for 'world domination' (Independent)

Alleged Nazi "gold train" sparks treasure hunt, police response (CBS News)

Why ISIS Vandals Destroy Ancient Temples at Palmyra and Bel (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Countries Agree to Bolster Train Security After Foiled French Terror Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Israeli Politician Says State Should Have Let Palestinian Hunger-Striker Die (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Considers Billion-Euro Fund For African Countries To Take Back Migrants (Newsweek Magazine)

Toll still rising from China industrial disaster (CBS News)

Obama to Chat with Bear (Grylls, That Is) in Alaska (NBC News)

MADNESS: EU to blow 5 million of YOUR cash building ANOTHER camp for Calais migrants (Daily Express)

Man uses a broom to save toddler dangling from fourth-floor window (Independent)

Man uses a broom to save toddler dangling from fourth floor window (Independent)

President Obama to Appear on Running Wild with Bear Grylls Alaska Special (Newsweek Magazine)

Five obstacles to an EU migrants deal (BBC)

Police officer killed in Kiev clashes (Financial Times - Paywall)

Angela Merkel Calls for European Unity to Address Migrant Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

France to build Calais camp for 1,500 migrants (Reuters)

ISIS Blows Up Section of Palmyras Ancient Temple of Bel (Newsweek Magazine)

Hungary builds fence to stem flow of migrants (CBS News)

Thai Police Seize Explosives in Bangkok Bombing Investigation (New York Times - Paywall)

Refugees rush to beat Hungarian border block (CBS News)

Police Officer Is Killed in Kiev During Protests Over East Ukraine Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Thai police reward officers for arrest (BBC)

China Punishes Nearly 200 Over Rumors' About Stocks, Blasts and Parade (New York Times - Paywall)

Mum-of-two who was jailed for loud SEX back in court over 'noise pollution' (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: ISIS killers hang prisoners over a fire and burn them alive (Daily Star)

Thai Police Hunt Two Bangkok Bombing Suspects (New York Times - Paywall)

Dead woman named as concert pianist (BBC)

Marathon man tries to regain lost momentum (Financial Times - Paywall)

At a Macedonian way station, Syrian and other migrants focus on the path ahead (Los Angeles Times)

China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

China reporter admits panicking' market (Financial Times - Paywall)

Thai woman and foreigner become new suspects in Bangkok bombing (Los Angeles Times)

Thai police discover bomb-making materials in 2nd apartment (Los Angeles Times)

Migrants' deaths bring scrutiny to European handling of refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Financially Strapped Greece Struggles With a Flood of Refugees (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Islamic State destroys a treasured Palmyra site (Washington Post - Paywall)

How farmers from rural China bet on the stock market and lost (Washington Post - Paywall)

World digest: Aug. 29, 2015 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web (Washington Post - Paywall)

Turkish warplanes strike Islamic State targets in Syria for first time (Los Angeles Times)

Japan's police on alert in wake of reported yakuza group split (Los Angeles Times)

Egyptian court sentences 3 Al Jazeera journalists to 3 in prison (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police arrest foreigner in Bangkok shrine bombing case (Los Angeles Times)

In Spanish barrio, residents recall train attack suspect charged in France (Los Angeles Times)

Rhetorical abuse over Iran deal is troubling, Obama tells Jewish groups (Los Angeles Times)

Ten suspects held in Sicily in migrant boat deaths (Los Angeles Times)

Excitement mounts over Nazi treasure train as Polish officials buy in (Los Angeles Times)

Four suspects arrested in death of 71 migrants found in abandoned truck (Los Angeles Times)

Children among 71 dead in Austrian truck tragedy as police make arrests (Washington Post - Paywall)

As many as 200 feared dead in latest Libya migrant boat capsizings (Los Angeles Times)

China stocks, currency rise as government shows renewed resolve (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hundreds feared dead in migrant boat tragedy (Channel4)

Death toll of migrants in truck on Austria highway tops 70 (Los Angeles Times)

Refugees found 'suffocated' in parked lorry in Austria (Channel4)

Notting Hill stabbing victim is fighting for his life as carnival arrests reaches 300 and police seize 3,500 'hippy crack' canisters (Daily Mail)

Enfield, London man shot dead by police after 'being in possession of a firearm' (Daily Mail)

Drivers stuck in 12 mile tailbacks after Austrian police border crackdown (Daily Mail)

Grenade explodes outside Ukraine parliament as riot police clash with protesters (Daily Mail)

BBC report attacking police probe into alleged celebrity paedophiles put on hold (Daily Mail)

Spending cuts threaten police and could leave fewest number since the 70s (Daily Mail)

'Detonator' found as Thai police hunt two new Bangkok bomb suspects (Daily Mail)

Man behind Bangkok bombing arrested, say Thai police (Daily Mail)

French train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani's family home raided by police (Daily Mail)

Criminals escape cash-strapped police force because they can't afford SIRENS on their patrol cars (Daily Mail)

Brussels pledges £3.6m for MORE accommodation for 1,500 migrants in Calais (Daily Mail)

Terrifying footage of migrants being smuggled across the Med from Africa to beaches near Marbella on JETSKIS (Daily Mail)

Budapest train station is forced to evacuate as migrants attempt to board (Daily Mail)

Qiantang Tidal Bore strikes again in China (Daily Mail)

Stock market slides again amid worries over growth in China (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama to trek into Alaska wilderness with Bear Grylls for survival reality show (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska (Daily Mail)

Burning Man 'burners' put a plague of bugs behind them to begin festival (Daily Mail)

Pregnant French woman posts video on Youtube to find 'really cute' Australian man who is father of her baby (Daily Mail)

Severely disabled man Stuart Chester ordered to prove he is unfit for work (Daily Mail)

Bradford man killed by driver who was distracted as she sent texts (Daily Mail)

Liverpool man suffers over 100 mini STROKES in his sleep (Daily Mail)

West Midlands man knocked over by white van man and left for dead (Daily Mail)

Lollipop lady throttled and knocked to the ground by drunk man (Daily Mail)

Afghan man and woman given 100 lashes in public for adultery (Daily Mail)

Chinese man saved toddler who dangled from 4th storey window with just a mop (Daily Mail)

Plane forced to abort landing at last minute to avoid striking man (Daily Mail)

Chinese man risks his life to attach an air con unit to a building (Daily Mail)

Palmyra Temple of Bel is still standing' despite ISIS attempt to blow it up (Daily Mail)

Palmyra's Temple of Bel HAS been destroyed, satellite images show (Daily Mail)

How to train yourself to have SUPERVISION (Daily Mail)

Treasure hunter who spent 40 years searching for Nazi gold train reveals secrets (Daily Mail)

Strictly Come Dancing steam train was also used in porn movie Nympho (Daily Mail)

Father attacks his 3-year-old daughter Jamila Smith's murderer in Detroit court (Daily Mail)

Burger van vendors launch a court bid to overturn ban on them operating at school gates - saying it's everyone's human right to eat fatty food (Daily Mail)

Germany set to turn 'Hitler's airport' into the country's biggest refugee centre as the government prepares to accept 800,000 refugees this year (Daily Mail)

Mac on...The migrant crisis (Daily Mail)

Indian woman sentenced to rape for brother's actions speaks out (Daily Mail)

French woman who claims she is allergic to Wi-Fi is handed monthly disability grants (Daily Mail)

Manchester woman pops to Morrisons and comes home with two KITTENS (Daily Mail)

Oldest known case of LEUKAEMIA unearthed: 7,000-year-old skeleton belonging to a 40-year-old woman bears the scars of blood cancer (Daily Mail)

The pregnant woman whose midwife is a DOLPHIN: Katie Piper meets mum-to-be who will give birth in the sea despite experts warning of dangers (Daily Mail)

Disabled woman Alexandra Kutas to make modelling debut at Ukraine Fashion Week (Daily Mail)

Snap! Woman dislocates her jaw screaming with excitement after she is dealt a good hand while playing cards (Daily Mail)

Size 14 woman branded 'fat' by yoga guru now teaches plus size classes to prove it's not just for 'skinny fit people' (Daily Mail)

Paige Mitchell becomes first woman in UK to be sentenced for revenge porn (Daily Mail)

Twitter mocks ISIS by depicting militants singing karaoke (Daily Mail)

Sick training of a young jihadi: Disturbing images show boy setting teddy bear on fire in front of ISIS flag in mock execution (Daily Mail)

Zahera Tariq and children on way to join ISIS in Syria are detained by Turkish authorities (Daily Mail)

Koran thought to be the oldest in the world could predate Muhammad (Daily Mail)

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger quit jobs to travel around the world and now scrub toilets (Daily Mail)

A rental that kicks the others into touch: Rugby star Lewis Moody lists his four-bedroom house on Airbnb for the World Cup (he'll even give the tenants a lesson in the garden) (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton was warned by top aide not to trust 'superficial' David Cameron (Daily Mail)