Monday, 14th September 2015

World News

Egypt offers explanation for mistaken attack that killed 12 (CBS News)

Person of interest named in Delta State University shooting (CBS News)

Delta State University victim identified (CBS News)

Unified, open Europe is unraveling in the migrant crisis (CBS News)

Unity eludes EU on migrant relocation (BBC)

Border-free Europe unravels as migrant crisis hits record day (Reuters)

The Growth of Refugee Inc. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jeremy Corbyn Signals Shift In Labour Policy On Wiping The UK Deficit, Party Source Claims (Huffington Post)

EU discord over migrant sharing plan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trapped: Migrants Rush Border as Hungary Shuts Crossings (NBC News)

Former police officer who shot Walter Scott denied bond in murder trial (Guardian)

Police Hunt for Gunman After Professor Killed on Campus (NBC News)

Migrant plan stalls at EU meeting (Financial Times - Paywall)

Shooting at Delta State University leaves at least 1 dead (CBS News)

Refugee Handbook With Tips and Maps Found in Greece (Newsweek Magazine)

Mississippi police name person of interest in Delta State shooting video (Guardian)

Syrian refugee crisis could see ISIS jihadis sneak into Europe, Pope warns (Daily Star)

Corbyn unveils 'unifying' top team (BBC)

Film4 Announces Plans for Zadie Smith Refugee Drama (Newsweek Magazine)

Egyptian forces mistake Mexicans for militants, kill 12 in air raid (Reuters)

More nations tighten borders against refugees (CBS News)

Anti-gay marriage clerk back at work (CNN)

Kentucky Trooper Shooting Suspect Shot and Killed (Time Magazine)

Professor killed in campus shooting at Mississippi university (Guardian)

Shannon Lamb: Delta State social sciences teacher being hunted in connection with two killings (Independent)

Dave does his bit: PM Cam meets refugees in Lebanon who have fled ISIS terror (Daily Star)

Heartwarming pictures as desperate migrants arrive on Greek island of Lesbos from Turkey (Daily Star)

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn Refuses to Answer Questions About New Shadow Cabinet (Newsweek Magazine)

Professor killed in university; link to 2nd murder (CNN)

Pope Francis warns 'incredibly cruel' ISIS could infiltrate Europe disguised as refugees (Daily Express)

EU agonizes over tide of migrants (CNN)

More EU states impose border checks (BBC)

Corbyn Doesn't Rule Out Labour Campaigning To Leave EU Saying He Can't Just Give PM 'A Blank Cheque' (Huffington Post)

U.S.: Russia wrong to back Assad (CNN)

Jeremy Corbyn addresses Labour MPs at Westminster as it happened (Guardian)

Mexican woman's arrest at clinic 'may deter migrants from seeking healthcare' (Guardian)

Refugee answers your questions (CNN)

Tourists in Egypt Were Killed in Bomb Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexico demands inquiry into Egyptian attack that killed 12 tourists in desert (Los Angeles Times)

Refugee crisis: Hungary deploys soldiers to its border as door slams shut on asylum seekers (Independent)

Refugee crisis: Redistribution plan will be finalised by next meeting, say EU ministers (Independent)

Man who shot Kentucky police officer dead is killed after manhunt (Independent)

No top jobs for Jez girls: Corbyn 'snubs' women in Cabinet (Daily Star)

Berlin's disused airport to provide temporary shelter for refugees (Guardian)

Argentina hails Jeremy Corbyn as 'one of ours' as Labour leader promotes Falklands sharing (Daily Express)

E.U. Ministers Fail to Agree on Plan to Require Sharing of Migrants (New York Times - Paywall)

Jeremy Corbyn Tells Labour MPs They Will Not Face Automatic Re-Selection During Tense First Meeting (Huffington Post)

France to conduct airstrikes in Syria to fight the Islamic State group (Fox News)

Tourists mistaken for terrorists: 12 killed (CNN)

Corbyn tries to ease dismay over McDonnell (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sold! Soccer shirts help migrants (CNN)

VIDEO: BBC reporters divided by border fence (BBC)

The Guardian view on the EU response to the refugee crisis: a challenge it has failed to meet | Editorial (Guardian)

Cameron won't take refugees who have reached Europe like there's a humanitarian offside rule (Guardian)

Kentucky police shoot suspect in state trooper killing after manhunt (Guardian)

European Refugee Crisis: How You Can Help (NBC News)

Airport famed as site of Berlin airlift has a new role: refugee camp (Los Angeles Times)

How migrants swam to safety (CNN)

Daunting future for refugees (CNN)

Sign attacking Black Lives Matter activists left at site of police shooting (Guardian)

Crisis in 5 graphics (CNN)

The Dalai Lama commends European refugee response video (Guardian)

Cameron urges support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan (Reuters)

Egyptian tourist shootings: Mexican group was eating picnic when security forces launched 'aerial attack from airplane and helicopters' (Independent)

Egyptian tourist shootings: Mexican group was eating roadside meal when security forces launched 'attack from airplane and helicopters' (Independent)

Thousands of refugees may lose right of asylum under EU plans (Guardian)

Al Qaeda leader to ISIS: You're wrong (CNN)

Free kick: Migrants play football and watch theatre shows in sprawling camp next to EU HQ (Daily Express)

Florida Man Accidentally Texts Police Captain About Buying Drugs (Time Magazine)

Refugee crisis: David Cameron calls for aid spending closer to Syria on whistle-stop tour (Independent)

Germany vows to work with Facebook to tackle racist posts (Reuters)

Britain's New Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Forms Policy Team (New York Times - Paywall)

Professor shot and killed on US campus (BBC)

Vladimir Putin gives Russian state honour to 'anti-gay' politician (Guardian)

How Syrian Super Mario is taking on the refugee crisis (Guardian)

Thousands of Eastern Europeans lead demonstrations against refugees (Independent)

Thousands of Eastern Europeans lead demonstrations against migrants (Independent)

Will Jeremy Corbyn be good for the north of England? (Guardian)

Hungary transports refugees to Austria before border clampdown (Guardian)

University professor shot and killed as gunman opens fire at college (Daily Star)

Ten killed in air strike on Sanaa as fighting starts in central Yemen (Reuters)

Merkel counts cost of refugees welcome (Financial Times - Paywall)

Refugee crisis: EU plans new detention measures live updates (Guardian)

Bangkok shrine bombing suspect in is a Uighur who fled to Turkey, say Thai police (Independent)

Pushed back into the fire: the refugees who feel compelled to return to Syria (Guardian)

Natalie Bennett: Jeremy Corbyn's Victory Helps The Green Party, Not Hurts It (Huffington Post)

Professor Killed in Shooting at Delta State University in Mississippi (Time Magazine)

Life under Corbyn hots up for Labour as fire crews are called to HQ (Daily Express)

Delta State University shooting: Professor killed in his own office, gunman still on the loose (Independent)

Delta State University shooting: Professor killed and gunman still on loose (Independent)

One dead after gunman opens fire at Delta State University (Independent)

Delta State University shooting: Suspect wanted for campus shooting also linked to girlfriend's death (Independent)

At Least One Person Killed in Shooting at Mississippis Delta State University (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour face split over EU referendum as Chuka Umunna says Jeremy Corbyn backs LEAVING EU (Daily Express)

European countries tighten borders, seek solutions to migrant crisis (Los Angeles Times)

'Bring them here': the case for St Louis to welcome Syrian refugees (Guardian)

How Germany rose to the occasion (CNN)

Police officer's affair with escort led to repeated rape, court told (Guardian)

Suspected Killer of Kentucky State Trooper Shot Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

Two car bombs kill at least 26 people in eastern Syrian city - monitor, state media (Reuters)

Follow UK's lead on refugees - Cameron (BBC)

May and Cameron make excuses while Europe tries to rise to refugee crisis (Guardian)

Back to School? Not for Thousands of Children in Syria (Huffington Post)

Security forces kill tourists in Egypt (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mental Health Minister Post Created By Jeremy Corbyn In Shadow Cabinet (Huffington Post)

Turnbull defeats Australian leader Abbott (Financial Times - Paywall)

British dad killed in horror Mecca crane crash had been in Middle East just a few hours (Daily Express)

One-Third Of Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet Nominated Andy Burnham For Leader (Huffington Post)

Fencing goes up to stop migrants from entering Hungary (CBS News)

Police kill suspect after Kentucky trooper fatally shot (Reuters)

British PM urges more aid to Syrian refugees in Middle East (Fox News)

Tourists killed by airstrike in Egypt were in restricted zone (Guardian)

Israeli Forces and Palestinians Clash in Jerusalem for Second Day (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia sends in tanks to Syria to back Assad regime (Daily Express)

David Cameron urges Labour MPs to defy Jeremy Corbyn and support Isis airstrikes (Independent)

Austria, Slovakia Toughen Border Measures (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man Suspected of Gunning Down Trooper Shot, Killed (NBC News)

Stormont Northern Ireland crisis talks explained (Guardian)

Malcolm Turnbull Defeats Tony Abbott to Become Party Leader and Prime Minister of Australia (New York Times - Paywall)

Germany increases migrant forecast to 1m (Financial Times - Paywall)

Australian leader Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull after party vote (Guardian)

Pope Francis fears Isis jihadists 'infiltrating' Europe through refugee crisis (Independent)

20 killed in Syria car bomb explosion (Fox News)

Canadian Red Cross sends refugee aid to Germany (Fox News)

Afghan People Smugglers Profit From Migrant Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

David Cameron meets refugees in Lebanon camp (Channel4)

State of emergency after wildfire destroys hundreds of California homes (CBS News)

Norway's local elections test welcome for Syrian refugees (Reuters)

Alan Kurdi's aunt urges EU leaders to solve refugee crisis video (Guardian)

Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn Backer Demands Explanation For Apparent EU Referendum U-Turn (Huffington Post)

Egyptian forces kill Mexican tourists (BBC)

Egyptian Security Forces Accidentally Shoot Dead Mexican Tourists (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope warns Europe refugee crisis the 'tip of the iceberg,' acknowledges infiltration concerns (Fox News)

David Cameron: EU countries must do more to fund refugee camps (Guardian)

Refugee crisis: Thousands all over Europe show support at pro-immigration rallies (Independent)

Spanish radical leftist leader hails new British Labour Party chief, sees him as ally (Fox News)

Australia Gets 5th Leader in 8 Years After PM Ousted (NBC News)

Cold case murder police search house (BBC)

Migrants take selfies once they reach land (CNN)

Richard Harrington MP Appointed Minister For Syrian Refugees By David Cameron (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Corbyn hails his new 'great team' (BBC)

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Back in Office, but Defiant on Gay Marriage Licenses (Newsweek Magazine)

Number of Mexican tourists killed in Egypt rises to eight (Reuters)

EU on collision course over plans to share out migrants (Reuters)

Jeremy Corbyn's Cabinet Crisis Explained By Hitler (Huffington Post)

Moroccan security forces dismantle cell in contact with IS group, planning attacks (Fox News)

Refugee Crisis: Could New German Border Controls Threaten The Schengen Agreement? (Huffington Post)

Bangkok Bombing Suspect Fled to Turkey, Thai Police Say (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Desperation for refugees in Hungary (CNN)

Why refugees deserve warm welcome (CNN)

Thirty-four refugees including 15 children and babies killed as boat capsizes off Greece (Independent)

Syrian state media: Car bomb explosion kills 20 in northeastern Kurdish city (Fox News)

Police shop for military-style weapons amid protests at Urban Shield Expo (Guardian)

Kentucky trooper reportedly killed in highway shooting (CBS News)

Nintendo Names a New Leader After Sudden Death of CEO (Time Magazine)

Germany resumes train service as refugee crisis intensifies (Fox News)

Why I'm Serving in Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet (Huffington Post)

Photo highlights of the day: New York Fashion and refugees in Europe (Guardian)

Austria and Slovakia Follow Germany in Introducing Stricter Border Controls (New York Times - Paywall)

Car bombs hit east Syrian city, at least 20 killed - state TV (Reuters)

Al-Qaeda Leader Calls For Lone-Wolf Attacks on American Homes (Time Magazine)

Kentucky State Trooper Gunned Down; Shooter Hunted (NBC News)

Syrian refugee says he cannot forgive Hungarian camerawoman who tripped him up (Independent)

Refugee crisis: Dalai Lama in plea to put 'interests of humanity' first (Guardian)

Refugee crisis: David Miliband criticises Europe's response during Lesbos visit (Guardian)

Refugees confounded by Merkel's decision to close German borders (Guardian)

Germany Says It Will Take 1 Million Refugees as Europe Closes the Gates (Time Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn Looks Set For A Rocky Relationship With Britain's Mainstream Media After Andrew Marr Snub (Huffington Post)

Bangkok Bombing Suspect Fled to Turkey, Say Thai Police (Time Magazine)

European Union extends Russian asset freeze and travel ban over Ukraine crisis (Fox News)

Egypt: security forces 'accidentally' kill 12 tourists (Channel4)

Jeremy Corbyn Defends Failure To Appoint Women To Top Shadow Cabinet Jobs (Huffington Post)

Anti-Gay-Marriage Clerk Is Going Back to Work (NBC News)

China Unveils Overhaul of Bloated State Sector (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The one chart that shows how Britain won't help refugees who have travelled to Europe (Independent)

Cameron to seek consensus on striking Islamic State in Syria - spokeswoman (Reuters)

Austria deploys troops in border control crackdown on refugee influx (Independent)

European Union to Hold Emergency Meeting on Refugee Quotas (Newsweek Magazine)

Conservative Party Makes Jeremy Corbyn 'Attack' Video With Shades Of Alfred Hitchcock To Scare Voters (Huffington Post)

Thousands protest against Hungarian government's stance on refugee crisis (Independent)

Jeremy Corbyn poses REAL danger to security warns Justice Secretary Michael Gove (Daily Express)

Bernie Sanders under pressure to define stance on US response to refugee crisis (Guardian)

Thai police say key suspect in deadly Bangkok bombing has fled to Turkey (Fox News)

U.K. Leader David Cameron Visits Lebanese Refugee Camp (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn Wants To Abolish The Army, Apparently (Huffington Post)

Op-Ed Contributor: Europe, a Continent of Refugees (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron and Lebanese PM discuss aid for refugees video (Guardian)

Egyptian security forces accidentally kill 12 tourists and guides (Guardian)

Saudi-led forces launch anti-Houthi attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Refugees and mental health: 'These people are stronger than us' (Guardian)

Nigel Farage: New labour leader Jez is FAB for us (Daily Star)

Refugee Crisis: Norwegian Politicians Suggest Sending Asylum Seekers To Arctic Island Svalbard (Huffington Post)

British prime minister visits Syrian refugees in Lebanon who will resettle in Britain (Fox News)

Europe's migrant crisis by the numbers (CNN)

Refugees ask tough questions to Arwa Damon (CNN)

49p an hour? Jeremy Corbyn's T-shirts are slave Labour (Daily Star)

12 Killed When Egypt Opens Fire on Tourist Convoy (NBC News)

Suppositories to sexism: Australia's gaffe-prone leader faces another leadership challenge (Fox News)

Turkish forces clash with militants in southeast city under curfew (Reuters)

Kabul Journal: For $14.50, Afghan Refugees Make a Desperate Bet on a Way Out (New York Times - Paywall)

Clashes across Turkey in response to police deaths (Independent)

Amir Khan to take refugee aid convoy to Greece (Independent)

Syrian Refugee Arrives In Greece With His Beloved Kitten Strapped To His Chest (Huffington Post)

Nepal's Constituent Assembly rejects calls for Hindu state; protesters clash with police (Fox News)

Solidarity With Refugees march: your pictures from across the UK (Guardian)

Refugee crisis: EU crunch talks imminent amid travel chaos at German border (Guardian)

Germany introduces controls on border with Austria video (Guardian)

Would Corbyn balance the books? (BBC)

John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn's New Shadow Chancellor, In His Six Most Controversial Quotes (Huffington Post)

Germany Imposes Border Checks Amid Migrant Wave (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Refugees face challenges in life in Europe (CNN)

Egyptian security forces kill 12 tourists (CNN)

Germany halts train traffic in Austria (CNN)

Jeremy Corbyn faces being BANNED from meetings over republican views over Queen (Daily Express)

David Cameron Visits Syrian Refugees In Lebanese Camp But Little Boy Totally Steals The Show (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn Will Campaign To Stay In The EU, Insists Hilary Benn (Huffington Post)

Egypt kills 12 tourists after mistaking them for Islamic State (Daily Star)

Jeremy Corbyn Ignores Shadow Cabinet Women Questions From Sky News In Determined Silence (Huffington Post)

California wildfires destroy hundreds of homes governor Jerry Brown declares state of emergency (Independent)

David Cameron visits refugee camp in Lebanon video (Guardian)

Jeremy Corbyn, welcome to Europe's fight against austerity | Pablo Iglesias (Guardian)

Danger Lurks in Unrelenting Migrant Exodus (NBC News)

Egyptian Security Forces Accidentally Shoot Dead 12 People After Mistakenly Firing On Tourists (Huffington Post)

EU Summit on Refugee Crisis Will Define the Europe We Are Living In (Huffington Post)

Corbyn takes risk with McDonnell job (BBC)

Corbyn picks hard-left shadow chancellor (Financial Times - Paywall)

Egypt says 12 Mexican tourists killed by security forces in accidental shooting (Fox News)

Live: Tony Abbott ousted as leader of the Liberal party by Malcolm Turnbull (Independent)

Germany institutes border controls along Austria frontier in effort to cope with refugee surge (Fox News)

EU holds emergency talks on sharing refugees as Germany wearies of going it alone (Fox News)

David Cameron says British aid has prevented 'hundreds of thousands' of refugees from trying to reach Europe - but aid agencies reject claim (Independent)

David Cameron visits Lebanese refugee camp (Guardian)

Indian Leader Narendra Modi Will Join a Q&A Forum With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Time Magazine)

The Latest: German railway resumes services from Austria after Germany starts border checks (Fox News)

David Cameron Says Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party Is A Threat, Internet Tells Him Where To Go (Huffington Post)

Tourists in Egypt Accidentally Killed by Security Forces (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Egyptian security forces kill 12 people by mistake after opening fire on Mexican tourist convoy (Independent)

Egyptian security forces shoot 12 people including Mexican tourists by mistake (Independent)

Egyptian forces kill tourists and guides 'while chasing terrorists' rolling report (Guardian)

China issues blueprint for state industry overhaul that would retain ruling party dominance (Fox News)

Refugees in Europe then and now (Guardian)

Death toll rises, Germany tightens borders, and migrant crisis worsens (CBS News)

Malaysia police chief says 2 locals, 1 Pakistani detained in connection with Bangkok blast (Fox News)

Report: Egyptian security forces kill 12 in accidental shooting (CBS News)

Egyptian forces mistakenly open fire on tourist convoy (CBS News)

Ending Syria war 'key to migrant crisis' (BBC)

Refugees face three potential changes to Balkan route to EU (Guardian)

Refugee boat sinking: dozens including children drown off Greek island (Guardian)

Corbyn fallout and refugee clampdown (BBC)

Germany adds border controls (CNN)

China's Economic Slump Continues Despite State Interventions (Time Magazine)

Reporters Notebook: An update on Europes migrant crisis (CBS News)

Afghan Taliban storm jail, release hundreds of prisoners - police (Reuters)

Germany Orders Curbs at Border in Migrant Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

Europe's refugee crisis: Father rejects freedom to await missing family (Independent)

Egypt Forces Kill Tourists From Mexico (New York Times - Paywall)

At least 12 Mexican tourists killed in Egyptian desert after armed forces attack (Fox News)

34 Killed as Boat Capsizes off Greek Island (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Britain will REFUSE to accept more refugees as EU leaders call emergency summit (Daily Express)

Europeans divided as crisis worsens (CNN)

Germany temporarily restricts flow of asylum seekers (Los Angeles Times)

Dozens of Migrants Drown as Boat Capsizes in Aegean Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Egyptian Forces Accidentally Kill a Group of Mexican Tourists (Time Magazine)

Germany implements border checks to limit migrants (CBS News)

Egyptian Security Forces Accidentally Killed 12 at Mexican Tourist Convoy (New York Times - Paywall)

Horror as security forces shoot 12 tourists dead after 'mistaking them for jihadists' (Daily Express)

Wisconsin Man Kills 8 Dogs, Sets Home on Fire: Police (NBC News)

Passports, please': first Syrians halted after Germany restarts border control (Guardian)

Max-G. Beauvoir, Leader of Haitian 'Voodoo,' Dies at 79 (NBC News)

Germany to Begin Border Checks to Limit Migrants (NBC News)

20 Palestinians hurt in clashes with Israeli police at Al Aqsa holy site (Los Angeles Times)

Germany to 'reintroduce border controls' with Austria as Munich struggles with refugee arrivals (Independent)

Refugees crisis: Thousands gather at protests in Poland - in pictures (Independent)

PICTURED: Moment refugee father rescues drowning two-month-old baby from jaws of death (Daily Express)

Andy Burnham named Shadow Home Secretary as Labour front-benchers abandon Corbyn (Daily Express)

Amir Khan leads convoy of vital aid to help desperate refugees (Daily Star)

Waste or necessity? David Cameron appoints new minister for Syrian refugees (Daily Express)

Anger as Labour MP tells Government: Let's keep accepting refugees until Britain BREAKS (Daily Express)

Refugee crisis: Giving cash not clothes is the most effective way to help, research says (Independent)

Jeremy Corbyn win sees Labour tear itself apart (Daily Express)

Europe on lockdown: One by one EU nations close borders in face of increasing migrant tide (Daily Express)

Memo From Britain: Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn May Help Tories in Next British Elections (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S.-led coalition conducts 25 air strikes against Islamic State militants (Reuters)

Arizona Police Arrest Three Suspects in Copycat Slingshot Shootings (Newsweek Magazine)

Oklahoma deputy shoots dead man who shot local police chief (Guardian)

Manus Island: refugee assaulted by guard and told to find his own medicine (Guardian)

Europe Is a Distant Dream for Most Syrian Refugees (Huffington Post)

Refugee crisis: Theresa May under pressure to increase number of refugees taken by Britain (Independent)

Colonoscope Helps Thai Police Recover Stolen Diamond (NBC News)

Seven Reasons Why Jeremy Corbyn's Win Is a Promising Fresh Start for Women in the UK (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn Faces Backlash Over Lack Of Women In Top Jobs, John McDonnell Appointed Shadow Chancellor (Huffington Post)

Duran Duran is back with a vengeance (CBS News)

Heng: Shinzo Abe Is Re-elected as Leader of Japan's Liberal Democrats (New York Times - Paywall)

Is Comrade Corbyn really unelectable? | Letters (Guardian)

Migrant influx sparks German clampdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Germany to impose border controls (BBC)

Germany Imposes Border Restrictions Just Weeks After Plans To Take In 800,000 Migrants (Huffington Post)

Germany border crackdown deals blow to Schengen system (Guardian)

Max Beauvoir, leader of Voodoo priests' organization, dies in Haiti (Fox News)

Police say blast outside bus terminal in central Pakistan kills 9, wounds 48 (Fox News)

The US state where road fatalities have plummeted since marijuana was legalised (Independent)

Refugee crisis: Germany reinstates controls at Austrian border (Guardian)

'Islamic State' militants say attacked Pakistan-Afghan border post (Reuters)

Angela Merkel: From debt villain to migrant heroine (CBS News)

Refugee crisis: Germany introduces border checks (Channel4)

Germany Border Controls Temporarily Reintroduced Amid Refugee Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

Thai police use colonoscope to get to bottom of diamond theft (CBS News)

Babies Drown as Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Greek Island (NBC News)

India police hunt for owner of explosives after blast kills 88 (Reuters)

Palestinian Youths and Israeli Police Clash at Jerusalem Holy Site (New York Times - Paywall)

Germans rush to help migrants (CNN)

Thousands more migrants on their way into Austria: police (Reuters)

Twenty Eight Refugees Drown Off Greek Island (NBC News)

Refugee crisis: 28 people including babies killed after boat capsizes off Greek coast (Independent)

Kamilah Brock: Woman held in mental health facility because police didn't believe BMW was hers (Independent)

Kamilah Brock: Woman held in mental hospital because police didn't believe BMW was hers (Independent)

Black woman held in mental hospital because police didn't believe BMW was hers (Independent)

Syrian monitoring group says Russian forces expanding major airport in coastal Syrian province (Fox News)

Cop Shouldn't Get Badge Back After Mistaken Arrest: Blake (NBC News)

Norwegian politicians propose putting refugees on Svalbard remote Arctic islands with more polar bears than people (Independent)

Refugee Boat Sinks Near Greek Island, 28 Drown (Newsweek Magazine)

James Blake: Former tennis star calls for the police officer who arrested him to be fired (Independent)

Wildfire Prompts State of Emergency in Northern California (Newsweek Magazine)

Riksbank head warns on crisis policies (Financial Times - Paywall)

Value investors heading back into Brazil (Financial Times - Paywall)

Egypt and Tunisia row back on corruption (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tennis star Blake rips NY police officer (CNN)

Business gives mixed reaction to Corbyn (BBC)

Are terrorists posing as refugees to reach Europe? Probably not (Los Angeles Times)

Pope Francis' annulment reforms may draw divorced Catholics back to the faith (Los Angeles Times)

'Islamic State' Militants Claim Attack at Pakistan-Afghan Border Post (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Corbyn 'could take UK out of Nato' - Gove (BBC)

Italy's 5-Star Movement grows up with youthful new leader (Reuters)

Pressure builds for European leaders to do more for migrants (CBS News)

24 things that Jeremy Corbyn believes (BBC)

Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn swept in as Britain's Labor Party leader (Los Angeles Times)

Migrant crisis: Why is it erupting now? (BBC)

James Blake: Police Treatment of Citizens Frustrating (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrant crisis expands as new problems arise (CBS News)

Corbyn victory: Reaction in quotes (BBC)

Will Germany's embrace of migrants entice others to make the journey? (Los Angeles Times)

Missing Paratrooper Found Dead After Extensive Search in Washington State (Newsweek Magazine)

Eastern Bloc's Resistance to Refugees Highlights Europe's Cultural and Political Divisions (New York Times - Paywall)

Austrian Chancellors Remarks on Refugees Anger Hungary (Newsweek Magazine)

Obamas decision to take in refugees faces criticism (CBS News)

With Jeremy Corbyn Elected as New Leader, Britain's Labour Party Takes a Hard Left Turn (New York Times - Paywall)

Watson elected deputy Labour leader (BBC)

Profile: Tom Watson, Labour deputy leader (BBC)

Iran's supreme leader keeps his distance from nuclear deal (Los Angeles Times)

Brazilian police seek to question Lula (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sentencing of Venezuelan opposition leader could signal end of career (Los Angeles Times)

Refugees or migrants? It's a crucial distinction (Los Angeles Times)

Hungary to clamp down on illegal border crossings (Channel4)

More hardship, more divisions in Europe's refugee crisis (Los Angeles Times)

Human rights groups blast sentencing of Venezuelan opposition leader (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. will accept 10,000 Syrians, fewer than refugee advocates seek (Los Angeles Times)

For Germany, refugees are a demographic blessing as well as a burden (Los Angeles Times)

Refugee crisis: the fifth boat to land on Lesbos this morning alone (Channel4)

Juncker demands 'compulsory' relocation of 120,000 refugees (Channel4)

Hungary halts rail traffic in bid to stop migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

At China's big parade, North Korea's stay-at-home leader will be a no-show (Washington Post - Paywall)

E.U. leaders show little unity ahead of emergency conclave on refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Migrants' deaths bring scrutiny to European handling of refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State destroys a treasured Palmyra site (Washington Post - Paywall)

Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web (Washington Post - Paywall)

As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger refugee crisis looms in the Middle East (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germany reintroduce border controls amid influx of Syrian refugees (Daily Mail)

34 refugees drown after boat sank off Greek island (Daily Mail)

Hungary's treatment of refugees is reminiscent of the Nazis, Werner Faymann says (Daily Mail)

David Miliband criticises UK offer to Syrian refugees (Daily Mail)

British aid 'will stop Syrian refugees risking journey to Europe' says Cameron (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis warns that ISIS could sneak into Europe with refugees (Daily Mail)

Syrian refugee hits back at the Hungarian camerawoman who tripped him and son (Daily Mail)

Dalai Lama responds to refugee crisis saying it's impossible for everyone to come to Europe (Daily Mail)

Syrian refugee brings kitten as he makes journey across the Mediterranean (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn names Labour MP John McDonell shadow chancellor (Daily Mail)

SNP could form an 'alliance' with leftwing Labour to put Jeremy Corbyn in No.10 (Daily Mail)

Yanis Varoufakis offers to help Jeremy Corbyn draw up economic blueprint (Daily Mail)

ANDREW PIERCE: How Corbyn has cost us all £3m... so far (Daily Mail)

Third Mrs Corbyn steps into the spotlight to see her husband win the Labour leadership - but is nowhere to be seen on his first full day in charge (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn is a great leap backwards for Labour, DAILY MAIL COMMENT (Daily Mail)

Paymaster and lackey: Embrace of the Brothers Corbyn and McCluskey as they celebrate victory in a Westminster pub (Daily Mail)

MAX HASTINGS: How can we ever trust Jeremy Corbyn with our security? (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer questions over the lack of women in shadow cabinet jobs (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn told Labour's Chuka Umunna he could back Britain LEAVING the EU (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn boasts of 'unifying' new shadow cabinet with the majority now women (Daily Mail)

With friends like these! After Argentina hails Corbyn as 'one of us' now RUSSIA attacks Cameron for criticising the Labour leader (Daily Mail)

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to pledge loyalty to Queen Elizabeth II (Daily Mail)

Haiti's supreme voodoo leader Max Beauvoir dies aged 79 in what Haitian president calls 'a great loss for the country' (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn's sons bought him a new jacket to become Labour leader (Daily Mail)

Making of Comrade Corbyn: QUENTIN LETTS explains how Labour leader went from prep school boy raised in a manor house to rich-bashing friend of terrorists (Daily Mail)

Egyptian security forces mistakenly kill up to 12 people after targeting jihadists in west of country (Daily Mail)

California's Valley Fire forces state of emergency to be declared (Daily Mail)

Muslims clash with Israeli police at key Jerusalem mosque hours before the start of Jewish New Year (Daily Mail)

Indian crowd demand police hunt man responsible for explosives blast that killed 90 (Daily Mail)

Malaysian police arrest 2 nationals and 1 Pakistani in Bangkok shrine bombing investigation (Daily Mail)

Married police sergeant 'raped female escort, 19, after claiming he could help her get a job in the force' (Daily Mail)

Uber driver 'stopped and called police when gay couple started kissing' (Daily Mail)

Wedding planner fraudster who conned more than 100 brides-to-be out of £120,000 to fund her gambling addition has to pay back just £1 (Daily Mail)

Can a new £50 treatment give you back the hair you had in your 20s? Olaplex could spell an end to bad hair days forever (Daily Mail)

Birmingham man gets Ford Focus logbook back from the DVLA addressed to 'Mr B******' (Daily Mail)

Sheffield fraudster who conned a charity and others out of £500k will pay back £1 (Daily Mail)

Mercedes Casanellas in El Salvador baby swap hits back at claims it is a scam (Daily Mail)

Photographer finds a spider in his back garden so big that even the false widows are running scared of it (Daily Mail)

'Fox of Folkestone' ordered to pay his victims back after fleecing investors (Daily Mail)

Eastern Europeans complain about the new migrants (Daily Mail)

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