Friday, 2nd October 2015

World News

Candidates address gun violence after deadly college shooting (CBS News)

LeBron James speaks out against gun violence (CBS News)

President Obama on Russia airstrikes in Syria (CBS News)

Army veteran hailed as hero in Oregon shooting (CBS News)

Oregon gunman may have killed more if not for hero student (Reuters)

Obama: Russia strikes 'strengthen IS' (BBC)

Victims Identified in Oregon College Shooting (NBC News)

Paris train attack 'hero' was to attend Oregon college on day of shooting (Guardian)

U.S., allies demand Russia halt Syria strikes outside IS areas (Reuters)

Airstrikes "useless" unless coordinated, Syrian FM says (CBS News)

European Leaders Take Up Ukraine Issues as Russia Hits Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

UK policy in Syria 'wishful thinking' (BBC)

Iran Expands Role in Syria in Conjunction With Russia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Britain - No future for Russia bid for U.N. approval of Syria strikes (Reuters)

WATCH: Barack Obama delivers furious statement after Oregon college shooting (Daily Express)

Five shot, one man killed in Baltimore shooting - police (Reuters)

Oregon gunman 'targeted Christians' (BBC)

Two identified Oregon shooting victims were teenage women starting first year (Guardian)

Violence in refugee homes could spiral - German police union chief (Reuters)

Paris Train Hero Missed Oregon Rampage Thanks to Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal (Time Magazine)

Shooting at police HQ in Australia (CNN)

Shot seven times: The hero who threw himself at Oregon college gunman (Daily Express)

Stuff Happens, Jeb Bush Says, Answering Question About Gun Violence: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama and Hollande blast Putin over airstrikes that are HELPING Islamic State' (Daily Express)

Oregon shooting: Jeb Bush says 'stuff happens' as left calls for gun control (Guardian)

Top Syrian Kurdish leader seems to back Russian airstrikes (Washington Post - Paywall)

994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like (Guardian)

Boy stabbed with scissors by TEACHER on his first day of school (Daily Express)

How Big Is America's Gun Business? (NBC News)

Agent: All weapons obtained legally over three years (CNN)

Oregon sheriff vows never to utter shooter's name video (Guardian)

Accused Murderer of 2 College Students Sentenced to Life for Previous Crime (Time Magazine)

Shooting Survivor Awake, Talking After Back Surgery (NBC News)

Drive-by shooting kills 5-month-old girl in Ohio (CBS News)

Russia Hits ISIS Territory in Syria With Airstrikes but Ignores Western Demands (New York Times - Paywall)

New details emerge in probe of Oregon gunman (CBS News)

Oregon college shooting: Roseburg can 'show a bit of light for the nation' as it happened (Guardian)

Obamas evolution on mass shootings (CBS News)

Profiling the Oregon mass shooter (CBS News)

Oregon shooting: 13 legally purchased weapons found in gunman's cache (Guardian)

Oregon governor reacts to mass shooting (CBS News)

Gunman kills 9 at Oregon community college (CBS News)

What We Know About the Victims of the Umpqua Community College Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

How Australia, Britain and Canada Have Responded to Gun Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Witnesses Describe Shooting at Umpqua Community College (Time Magazine)

Oregon gunman discharged from US Army (BBC)

'Love Ya,' Slain Student Told Mom Before Shooting (NBC News)

Oregon shooting: a dozen minutes that brought chaos to the classroom (Guardian)

Heartbroken Mother of Oregon Shooting Victim Says He Was Turning His Life Around (Time Magazine)

Should The Walking Dead s Travis Be Killed Off? (Time Magazine)

US-led coalition warns Russia it is fuelling extremism in Syria (Guardian)

How Obama Has Reacted to Mass Shootings Over the Years (NBC News)

Eye Closer: Mourning Oregon mass shooting victims (CBS News)

Gunmans family reacts to Oregon massacre (CBS News)

The Latest: UN suspends Syria humanitarian intervention (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police spying report delayed by failure to appoint commissioner, IOCCO says (Guardian)

Police officer retires; never took a sick day in 35 years (CBS News)

Oregon college shooting survivors recount tragic day on campus (Guardian)

What We Know About the Oregon College Shooter (NBC News)

Putin turns to Syria as Ukraine euphoria fades (Financial Times - Paywall)

Drug lord with $5M bounty killed (CNN)

Police Recover Six Guns at Umpqua Community College, Seven at Gunmans Home (Newsweek Magazine)

As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Build Up Golan Heights (New York Times - Paywall)

AP Exclusive: Afghan Taliban leader claims victory' in city (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S., allies short on options as Russia, Iran flex muscle in Syria (Reuters)

Russia Opens Door to Bombing ISIS in Iraq, If Requested (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria at UN: Airstrikes useless' unless coordinated (Washington Post - Paywall)

Tot gunned down in drive-by shooting is THIRD child to be shot dead in US city (Daily Star)

Watch: Updates Coming in Umpqua Community College Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Russian Planes Strike Islamic State Stronghold (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Renewed Diplomacy Must Not Ignore Justice for War Crimes in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia 'launches 18 attacks' in Syria (CNN)

Taliban hold out in northern Afghan city, district in northeast falls (Reuters)

Soldier: It was flee or see the children killed (CNN)

Airstrikes Will Not Defeat ISIS, Syrian Foreign Minister Says (Time Magazine)

After Kunduz rout, Afghan army and police blame each other (Reuters)

German reunification 25 years on: how different are east and west really (Guardian)

Russia steps up Syrian strikes (BBC)

Just What Syria Needs: More Bombs (Huffington Post)

Who Killed Elsie Frost? (Huffington Post)

Syrian foreign minister tells UN airstrikes must be coordinated with Syrians (Fox News)

McIlroy 'motivated' by Spieth & Day (BBC)

Russian planes pummel Syria as Putin meets Hollande about Assad, Ukraine (Fox News)

Celebrate Mean Girls Day With Real-Life Kalteen Bars (Time Magazine)

U.S. military plane crash kills 11 in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Oregon Sheriff Doesn't Want to Talk About His Anti-Gun Control Letter (Time Magazine)

Yes, Gun Violence Is a Political Issue (Newsweek Magazine)

15 Years of Our Human Rights Act: What Future for Our Human Rights Protections? (Huffington Post)

Syria says it will participate in UN-led working groups toward 3rd round of Geneva talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria's FM: Airstrikes alone not enough if there is no cooperation with the Syrian army (Washington Post - Paywall)

Taliban: We shot down U.S. plane (CNN)

Democratic Lawmakers Urge Gun Control After Oregon Shooting (Time Magazine)

Oregon Shooting: Donald Trump Says 'These Things Happen' After 10 People Killed At Umpqua College (Huffington Post)

Mass shootings appear to increase support for gun ownership in US (Guardian)

Moscow claims new airstrikes in Syria hit ISIS (CBS News)

10 dead including gunman in Oregon college shooting (CBS News)

Oregon hospital staff say 'emotions still raw' after campus shooting - video (Guardian)

Top Colombian drug lord wanted by US killed in combat (Washington Post - Paywall)

Elsie Frost's siblings force police to reopen murder investigation (Guardian)

Oregon Shooting Hero Chris Mintz Shot 7 Times Charging Gunman (Huffington Post)

Young women abandon Germany's rural east 25 years after reunification (Reuters)

Op-Ed Columnist: Russian Airstrikes in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Oregon college shooter appeared ready for gun battle to the end (CBS News)

Oregon Shooting: Gun Rights Advocates Defend Carry Laws, Blame Gun Free Zones (Huffington Post)

Enemy fire not suspected in crash of U.S. plane in Afghanistan, Air Force says (Los Angeles Times)

TV drama depicting Russian invasion premieres in Norway (Guardian)

Stories of heroism emerge amidst Oregon college shooting tragedy (CBS News)

Top Colombian drug lord with $5 million US bounty killed in combat (Fox News)

Russia sets up shop. But where? (CNN)

Russia's Unguided Weapons in Syria Could Ricochet on Moscow (Time Magazine)

Army Veteran Chris Mintz Praised as Hero for Preventing Oregon College Gunman From Entering Second Classroom (Newsweek Magazine)

OSCE says spots deadly Russian rocket system in Ukraine for first time (Reuters)

Online troll threatens Oregon copycat shooting at Edinburgh University (Daily Express)

Syria strikes 'will fuel extremism' (BBC)

Spanish court sentences 11 members of jihad recruiting cell that sent militants to Syria (Fox News)

Russian warplanes strike deep inside Islamic State's heartland (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russian warplanes bomb ISIS targets, activists say (CBS News)

How to Donate to Victims of the Umpqua Community College Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

'People are angry and boiling': Syrians tell of Russian airstrikes (Guardian)

Police Officer Retires After 35 Years Without a Sick Day (Time Magazine)

First Read: Politicizing the Oregon Shootings (NBC News)

MLB Pitcher Calls Shooting in His Oregon Hometown Unimaginable Loss' (Time Magazine)

Mum keeps unexploded WW1 bomb AS A VASE for 30 years (Daily Star)

UK teen in Australia terror plot jailed for at least 5 years (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria: New Russian strikes, talks in Paris on Assad's future (Washington Post - Paywall)

Retired, Off-Duty Medics Rushed to Help Oregon Victims (NBC News)

Yemeni man denied apology from US for drone strike that killed his family (Guardian)

2 people die in shootings near Sydney police headquarters (Washington Post - Paywall)

Oregon Gunman Asked Victims to State Their Religion (NBC News)

Hero emerges from Oregon college shooting (CBS News)

6 U.S. Service Members, 7 Others Killed in Plane Crash (NBC News)

Jerusalem protesters clash with police as Israel searches for West Bank killers video (Guardian)

Hospital That Handled Louisiana Theater Shooting Sends Pizzas to Oregon Hospital After School Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Parramatta police 'not ruling anything out' about shooting video (Guardian)

Presidential Candidates React to Umpqua Mass Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

College shooting town sheriff has strong gun laws stand (CBS News)

Watch Trevor Noah Discuss Oregon Shooting on Daily Show (Time Magazine)

Passenger Plane Vanishes in Eastern Indonesia (New York Times - Paywall)

Oregon college gunmans motive an open question (CBS News)

British Teenager Sentenced in Plot to Kill Police on Anzac Day in Australia (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Deploying Marines to Syria to Guard Base (Newsweek Magazine)

2 people die in shootings near state police headquarters in western Sydney (Fox News)

This Retiring Cop Hasn't Taken a Sick Day in 35 Years (NBC News)

Anzac Day Terror Plot: British Teenager Given Life Sentence For Orchestrating 'Chilling' Australian Attack (Huffington Post)

40 Romanian slaves found by Police crammed into tiny house by crime gang (Daily Express)

Russia targets Isis in Syria air strikes (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sheriff in Rampage Town Is Vocal Opponent of Gun Control (NBC News)

Hunt for clues in Afghan crash that killed 6 U.S. airmen (CBS News)

Afghan forces hunt Taliban in Kunduz as militant leader claims 'symbolic victory' (Los Angeles Times)

Historians still puzzling over East Germany after 25 years (Washington Post - Paywall)

Suspect in Southern China Bombings Died in Blast, Police Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Parramatta shooting: NSW police say gunman 'deliberately targeted' officer (Guardian)

Putin risks Syria quagmire over US duel (Financial Times - Paywall)

Photo highlights of the day (Guardian)

Official: Ethiopia plans to export natural gas in 3 to 5 years (Fox News)

UK teenager sentenced to at least 5 years for plotting terrorist attack on police in Australia (Fox News)

Germany still piecing together the past 25 years after end of communist East (Fox News)

British Teen Sentenced to Life Over Islamist Plot to Behead Police Officer (Time Magazine)

U.S.: Russia backing Assad 'catastrophic' (CNN)

Israel sends troops after settler couple killed in West Bank (Washington Post - Paywall)

Parramatta shooting: NSW police confirm employee shot dead along with gunman rolling updates (Guardian)

Syria: Russia launches new wave of air strikes (Channel4)

Anzac day terror plot: British teenager given life sentence (Guardian)

Indonesia, Pakistan report more killed in Saudi hajj tragedy (Washington Post - Paywall)

9 Ways to Make Your Day More Successful Before 9 A.M. (Time Magazine)

British boy, 15, gets life sentence for inciting Anzac Day attack in Australia (Reuters)

Ukraine and Russia to Meet in Move That Could Signal End of War (Newsweek Magazine)

Oregon Shooting: US Gun Deaths Compared To UK And Those Killed By Terrorism (Huffington Post)

Indonesia and Pakistan report more dead from Saudi hajj disaster; AP count shows 1,036 killed (Fox News)

Mass Shootings and News Media: A Connection? (Newsweek Magazine)

Passenger plane goes missing in Indonesia (Daily Star)

Maybe Oregon Shooting and Others Aren't About Mental Illness (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia DESTROYS ISIS targets in air strike success as GROUND WAR erupts in Syria (Daily Express)

Parramatta shooting witness: there were seven or eight shots video (Guardian)

Oregon School Gunman Chris Harper-Mercer's Family Describe Shock At Killings (Huffington Post)

Russia and Britain in new round of sabre rattling as Twitter spat breaks out (Daily Express)

Who is buying a new plane every month (CNN)

Police facing hard questions over covert monitoring of Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs (Guardian)

Russia set to intensify airstrikes in Syria as Putin meets Hollande (Guardian)

BREAKING: 'Youngest ever terrorist' jailed for life over Anzac Day plot (Daily Star)

Healthy dogs having to be KILLED by animal shelters struggling to cope with dumped pooches (Daily Express)

Nine dead in US college shooting (BBC)

Taliban claims it shot down US army plane after crash which left 11 dead (Daily Star)

'I worked all day and all night' (BBC)

Hany Al Moliya: meet the blind photographer who fled Syria (Channel4)

Skydive Dubai plane runs off runway; no injuries reported (Washington Post - Paywall)

China serial blasts suspect killed in explosion - Xinhua (Reuters)

Oregon shootings: the gun-toting sheriff at odds with Obama (Guardian)

Parramatta moments after shooting mobile phone video footage (Guardian)

What You Should Know About the War in Syria (NBC News)

Oregon shooting: nine killed in US college massacre (Channel4)

Egypt's Interior Ministry says smugglers have killed police officer near border with Israel (Fox News)

Russian energy minister: two licences needed for TurkStream project (Reuters)

What We Know So Far About the Oregon Shooter (Time Magazine)

Russian Airstrikes Defend Assad Stronghold (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Parramatta shooting aftermath aerial video footage (Guardian)

Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs group trained by CIA (Reuters)

US denies Taliban shot down cargo plane in Afghanistan (Guardian)

Vigils held in Oregon following college shooting video (Guardian)

Afghan Taliban leader tells AP that capture of Kunduz was symbolic victory' for insurgents (Washington Post - Paywall)

Oregon Shooting: Police Investigate If Gunman Posted Warning On 4chan Before Killing 9 (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: How common are US school gun attacks? (BBC)

U.S.: Russia wants Syria airspace (CNN)

AP Exclusive: Taliban leader says capture of Afghan city was 'symbolic victory' for insurgents (Fox News)

'Another mass shooting in America': Oregon killings a grim familiarity for US (Guardian)

US-led coalition asks Russia to concentrate on fighting IS and not attack Syrian opposition (Fox News)

Chris Harper Mercer: first details emerge of Oregon college killer (Guardian)

Asteroid that killed dinosaurs also intensified volcanic eruptions - study (Guardian)

What airpower does Russia have in Syria? (CNN)

Chris Harper Mercer's father devastated by Oregon shooting video (Guardian)

The hajj journey of black Americans 50 years after Malcolm X (Washington Post - Paywall)

BREAKING: Two dead and multiple casualties after shootout outside police HQ (Daily Star)

Oregon College Gunman Asked Victims About Religion (NBC News)

Two feared dead after shooting outside police headquarters (Daily Express)

Oregon shooting sharpens US gun debate (Financial Times - Paywall)

What we know about suspected the Oregon shooter (CBS News)

How Obama responds to mass shootings (CNN)

26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer identified as college shooting suspect (CBS News)

President Obama challenges media to compare gun and terror deaths (CBS News)

Russia in Syria: what damage will it do? (Guardian)

U.S. military plane crashes in Afghanistan, kills 11 (Reuters)

Read the Letter the Douglas County Sheriff Wrote About Gun Control Two Years Ago (Time Magazine)

6 U.S. service members among 11 dead in Afghan plane crash (CBS News)

GP bonus row, Russia's motives, and Oregon shooting (BBC)

Refugees 'fight each other in MASS BRAWLS amid power struggle between religions in camps' (Daily Express)

Oregon college shooting: gunman identified as Chris Harper Mercer rolling updates (Guardian)

10/01: 10 killed in mass shooting; Legendary Nazi gold train possibly located (CBS News)

Syria to address UN summit amid tensions between Washington and Moscow over Russian bombing (Fox News)

Eleven dead as US plane crashes at Afghanistan airport (Guardian)

Eleven dead in Afghan Hercules crash (BBC)

White House Slams Indiscriminate' Russian Airstrikes on Anti-Government Rebels in Syria (Time Magazine)

Stark Contrast: Gun Violence Vs. Terrorism (NBC News)

VIDEO: Oregon shooting: 'We heard gunshots' (BBC)

Sandy Hook families react to Oregon shooting (CBS News)

Russian war planes bomb Syria for a second day (CBS News)

Gun violence also a public health issue (CBS News)

Shooting highlights inaction by Congress on gun violence (CBS News)

Over a dozen killed in mass shooting (CBS News)

Afghan Forces Recapture Central Kunduz From Taliban (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Americas History of Mass Shootings (Newsweek Magazine)

Student at Umpqua community college heard 'loud bang' before fleeing video (Guardian)

AG: Feds shouldnt mandate police shooting data (CBS News)

BREAKING: Three dead in second US shooting spree hours after 10 killed in college massacre (Daily Star)

The politics of mass shootings and gun control (CBS News)

Chris Harper-Mercer: Sick Facebook groups brand US college mass murderer a HERO (Daily Express)

Chris Harper-Mercer: Shooter who killed 10 'was Nazi fanatic who supported the IRA' (Daily Star)

Mass shootings and the mental health connection (CBS News)

Despair rushes back for Sandy Hook families after Oregon shooting (CBS News)

Another Mass Shooting: Three Killed in Inglis, Florida (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. complains to Russia about Syria airstrikes (CBS News)

Chris Harper-Mercer: Shooter who killed 10 was BRITISH and an IRA-supporting Nazi fanatic (Daily Express)

Obama in gun plea after Oregon shooting (Financial Times - Paywall)

Afghanistan plane crash kills 11, including 6 American service members (Los Angeles Times)

Why nothing happens on U.S. gun control (CNN)

Umpqua Community College Shooter Who Killed 10 Identified as Chris Harper Mercer (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia defends Syria airstrikes amid claims of blows to U.S.-backed rebels (Washington Post - Paywall)

Former president: No armed security at Oregon college (CBS News)

Barack Obama on Oregon shooting: our prayers are not enough video (Guardian)

Transcript: Read the Full Text of Obama's Statement on the Shooting in Oregon (Time Magazine)

5 Americans Among 12 Dead in Afghanistan Plane Crash (Time Magazine)

FBI profile on Oregon college shooting (CBS News)

Obama vents on lack of gun control (CNN)

Federal Officials Investigating 4chan Thread for Links to Oregon Shooting, Reports Say (Time Magazine)

Russian strikes in Syria don't appear to be limited to Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

CBS News Special Report: 13 dead in college shooting (CBS News)

VIDEO: Barack Obama calls for new gun laws after Oregon horror shooting (Daily Star)

U.S. Military Plane Crashed in Afghanistan, More than 12 Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

2nd Day Of Russian airstrikes in Syria (CBS News)

Russia criticizes US for seeking ouster of Syria's Assad (Washington Post - Paywall)

Open Source: Young Refugee Who Fled Syria in Wheelchair Thanks Days of Our Lives' Stars Who Reunited for Her (New York Times - Paywall)

Tragic List: The Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History (NBC News)

Attempted murder charge in S.D. principals shooting (CBS News)

Gunman opens fire at Oregon college in mass killing (Reuters)

U.S. military plane crashes in Afghanistan, kills 10 (Reuters)

Shooting at Umpqua Community College, Oregon in pictures (Guardian)

OREGON SHOOTING: Gunman 'demanded victims stated their religion before he shot them' (Daily Star)

4chan user warned people in US 'not to go to school' hours before deadly college shooting (Daily Express)

Russian supply ship docks at space station (Washington Post - Paywall)

Oregon shooting: dispatch audio records police response video (Guardian)

Obama gives fiery speech on Oregon shooting: 'We've become numb' video (Guardian)

Ten People Killed in Crash of U.S. Military Aircraft in Afghanistan: Military (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama calls mass shootings in America 'routine' after 294th of 2015 (Guardian)

Afghan troops puncture Taliban's grip on Kunduz (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fox Lake Police Officer Was Shot With His Own Gun (Time Magazine)

Incredible pictures show Shoreham air pilot looking unscathed after crash that killed 11 (Daily Express)

Russia Entry Adds New Fuel to Syria War (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama Says American Gun Culture 'Doesn't Make Sense' (NBC News)

'We have become numb to this' Obama calls for gun control measures after Oregon shooting (Daily Express)

College gunman asked pupils to 'stand up and give RELIGION' before murdering at least 13 (Daily Express)

Glasgow dad who killed baby faces jail (Daily Express)

Hillary Clinton reacts to Oregon community college shooting video (Guardian)

ISIS nuke alert: Terror group could unleash WMD after Russian bombing campaign (Daily Star)

Obama Is Right, Way More Americans Die in Gun Violence Than in Terrorism (Newsweek Magazine)

Why The Battle Between Afghan Forces and The Taliban For Kunduz City Matters (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama Says Mass Shootings Have Become Routine' in America (Time Magazine)

Umpqua Community College shooting (CBS News)

Israel says 2 killed in West Bank shooting (Washington Post - Paywall)

Afghan troops push into city of Kunduz, Taliban in retreat (Washington Post - Paywall)

Again, the President Addresses Nation After Mass Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

A look at combatants in the air and on the ground in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraqi prime minister says he would welcome' Russian airstrikes in Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

Oregon campus shooting witness describes scene audio (Guardian)

'It's Real': Student Witnesses Describe College Shooting (NBC News)

These Are All the College Campus Shootings in 2015 (Time Magazine)

Oregon governor dismayed and heartbroken over college shooting video (Guardian)

Oregon Hospital Treating Umpqua Community College Shooting Victims Seeks Blood Donations (Newsweek Magazine)

In increasingly complex Syria conflict, a look at who is in the air, who is on the ground (Fox News)

Oregon Shooting Comes After State Tightened Gun Laws (NBC News)

Police use of chemical spray on Alabama schoolchildren violated civil rights (Guardian)

Afghan forces push into Taliban-held Kunduz city amid fierce clashes (Reuters)

Two Israelis killed in car in West Bank after shots fired from passing vehicle (Guardian)

Oregon shooting: 13 people dead and 20 injured at Umpqua community college - video report (Guardian)

'Don't go to school tomorrow' Chilling social media message hours before Oregon shooting (Daily Star)

Russian Foreign Minister Defends Airstrikes in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. mass shootings (CNN)

Welcome home, 500 years later: Spain offers citizenship to Sephardic Jews (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli couple killed in West Bank shooting - officials (Reuters)

Piers Morgan Attacked For Tweeting About Oregon College Shooting (Huffington Post)

Another: The 45th Mass Shooting in America in 2015 (Newsweek Magazine)

Kremlin: Russian Airstrikes Target Groups in Addition to ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia Carries Out Airstrikes in Syria for 2nd Day (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian Airstrikes Hit Syria For Second Day, Conflicting Reports As To Who Moscow Is Targeting (Huffington Post)

Israel says Palestinian assailant kills 2 civilians in West Bank shooting attack (Fox News)

Russian foreign minister at UN: Moscow is not attacking Syrian opposition groups (Fox News)

Even as Afghan forces reclaim Kunduz, question remains: Why did city fall? (Los Angeles Times)

Umpqua Community College Shooting In Oregon Leaves At Least 13 People Dead, 20 Injured (Huffington Post)

Refugee Crisis in Europe Prompts Western Engagement in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Officers Respond to Shooting Report at Oregon College (NBC News)

Afghan Forces Rally in Fierce Fighting to Retake Kunduz From Taliban (New York Times - Paywall)

Shooting Rampage at Oregon College Leaves 13 Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia's intervention lifts Syria crisis to new level (BBC)

Russias Military Intervention in Syria Makes It a Key Regional Player (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia carries out more strikes in Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria clouds Russia-Ukraine accord (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hugo Cornellier Took Selfies Every Day For 8 Years And Made Them Into An Amazing Video (Huffington Post)

Russian supply ship blasts off for International Space Station (Fox News)

Russia accused of bombing U.S.-armed rebels (CBS News)

Is Russian action a crisis for U.S.? (CNN)

The viral roots of Trump's Syria refugee 'solution' (BBC)

Homicide Investigation Ongoing Into Death of Fox Lake Police Officer After Evidence Shows Signs of Struggle (Newsweek Magazine)

A Look at the Army of Conquest, a Prominent Rebel Alliance in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

15 Years of Protecting Children - Why Aren't We Celebrating? (Huffington Post)

ISIS facing ANNIHILATION as Iran prepares ground invasion and Russian bombings continue (Daily Star)

Afghan forces apparently reclaim city from Taliban (CBS News)

Pirouettes and Princes: Watch World Ballet Day Events Live (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S., Russia open talks to avoid conflict in the skies over Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Russian Military Releases Video of Airstrikes in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

How Russian airstrikes in Syria conflict with U.S. (CBS News)

Activists claim 2nd day of Russian strikes in Syria (CBS News)

Number of Iranians Killed in Hajj Stampede Grows to 464 (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. and Russia back opposite sides in Syria war (CBS News)

Afghan forces hail recapture of Kunduz (Financial Times - Paywall)

Teenage terrorist planner awaits sentencing for Anzac day plot (Channel4)

Russia 'targets CIA-trained militants' in Syria (Channel4)

Kremlin officials accuse U.S. of 'war of disinformation' on Syria airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

'There isn't a day when I don't think about the election' (BBC)

US and Russia to hold talks on Syria air strikes (Channel4)

At least 464 Iranians killed in Saudi hajj disaster, state media says (Los Angeles Times)

Russian hackers tried to breach Hillary Clintons email (CBS News)

Afghan forces retake Kunduz from Taliban, government says (Los Angeles Times)

Russia's Syria strikes test US resolve (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia launches airstrikes in Syria amid U.S. concern about targets (Los Angeles Times)

Flower power, Beijing style: China goes big on blooms for National Day (Los Angeles Times)

Russia carries out air strikes in Syria (Channel4)

Obama and Putin confront a common foe in Syria as reluctant allies (Los Angeles Times)

Behind the scenes at the Royal College of Music (BBC)

Kunduz: Afghan forces battle Taliban for control (Channel4)

Yemen wedding: scores killed in 'air strike' (Channel4)

Syria tops agenda as Putin attends UN summit (Channel4)

Mystery of missing Russian plane loaded with roubles is solved after 80 years (Independent)

Mother of first Briton killed fighting ISIS in Syria says she is 'never far from grief' (Daily Mail)

Russia's Twitter taunts at Britain as it steps up strikes on Syria (Daily Mail)

Russia strikes ISIS in Syria killing at least 12 jihadis near Raqqa (Daily Mail)

Russia moves warheads that INCINERATE targets into Ukraine amid Syria airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Ex-Royal Marine Emile Ghessen uses video camera to document ISIS atrocities in Syria (Daily Mail)

French police find 31 migrants from Syria and Vietnam bound for Britain hidden inside a refrigerated truck outside Dunkirk (Daily Mail)

Shocking moment footage shows rocket hitting bombed building in Syria while rescue workers try to evacuate terrified children (Daily Mail)

'Our thoughts and prayers are not enough': President Obama calls for tougher gun laws in the wake of the Oregon college shooting (Daily Mail)

Umpqua Community College survivors tell stories from inside the shooting in Oregon (Daily Mail)

Chris Mintz was shot as he charged the Umpqua Community College shooter in Oregon (Daily Mail)

Chris Harper-Mercer's blog reveals how Oregon school shooter was driven to gun rampage (Daily Mail)

Anastasia Boylan tells of Oregon school shooting at Umpqua Community College (Daily Mail)

FBI investigating if Chris Harper-Mercer posted 4chan message before Oregon college shooting (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: There are lots of people to blame for the Oregon Umpqua massacre but only one that thinks it's actually good for business take a bow the deviants at the NRA (Daily Mail)

The hero cop who took down Oregon gunman: One of two officers praised for stopping campus rampage identified as 49-year-old small-town detective (Daily Mail)

Sheriff at the center of Oregon college shooting is an anti-gun control campaigner (Daily Mail)

First victim of the Oregon shooting named as trainee nurse, 19, as it's revealed gunman, 26, 'had Asperger's and went to a special-needs school' and may have written a manifesto (Daily Mail)

'Welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil': Details of twisted letter left behind by Oregon college gunman as it's revealed he had Asperger's and was kicked out of the Army in 2008 (Daily Mail)

Oregon shooting suspect kills 13 after making victims stand up and state religion (Daily Mail)

Two dead after Parramatta shooting outside police headquarters in Sydney (Daily Mail)

Oregon college gunman was armed with an assault rifle and THREE pistols that he could have bought legally (Daily Mail)

Man weeps when wife reveals she is pregnant after trying for a baby for 17 YEARS (Daily Mail)

Number of acid attacks doubles in 10 years as police admit they are powerless (Daily Mail)

Your 20s are the happiest years as middle age is plagued by misery and worry (Daily Mail)

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black engaged after two years of dating (Daily Mail)

Tomislav Perko reveals in a TEDx Talk how he spent 5 years travelling with no money (Daily Mail)

Fossil pushes back emergence of first vertebrates by 20 MILLION years (Daily Mail)

UK productivity rose at its fastest pace for four years over the spring (Daily Mail)

Murder investigation of Elsie Frost reopened after 50 years after police uncover new leads (Daily Mail)

The Martian review: Matt Damon brings Mars mesmerisingly to life in Ridley Scott's best film for years (Daily Mail)

King of Nelson Mandela's South African clan is jailed for 12 years (Daily Mail)

Burnley bus driver to tie knot with passenger after driving her for six years (Daily Mail)

Neelam Gill on how Burberry championed her Indian skintone after years of being called a 'p***' by classmates (Daily Mail)

Woman who fell pregnant after four years of trying reveals the news in Facebook video (Daily Mail)

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