Friday, 16th October 2015

World News

After Iran nuke deal, another country shows new interest in uranium (CBS News)

Few signs of improvement for Lamar Odom (CBS News)

Couple prolongs police standoff to have sex "one last time" (CBS News)

Jewish holy site torched as Israel braces for new violence (CBS News)

Italian police find more than 20 tonnes of hashish in cargo ship (Reuters)

U.N. urges EU to speed registration, relocation of refugees (Reuters)

Israel-Palestinian violence flares (BBC)

Man jailed after turning up in court dock with large amount of cocaine (Guardian)

German bid likely used slush fund to buy votes for 2006 World Cup, claims report (Guardian)

Turkey: No deal on EU migrant crisis (BBC)

Obama Drops Afghan Exit Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'How to stab a Jew': Israel at UN condemns Palestinian president for inciting violence (Fox News)

VW defies crisis to pursue global goals (BBC)

$300M jewel heist: Police announce find (CNN)

South Korean Leader Meeting With Obama (New York Times - Paywall)

Security fears over China nuclear deal (BBC)

Taliban defiant over delay to U.S. troop reduction in Afghanistan (Reuters)

Ancient teeth discovered in China (CNN)

Odom case highlights risk of sex pills (CNN)

Israel braces for violence as Hamas calls for another "day of rage" (CBS News)

Why Is China Falling Out With Its Neighbors? (Newsweek Magazine)

UN chief marks World Food Day at Expo 2015 world's fair (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU tries for new Turkey strategy to stem refugee flow (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hatton Garden thief shows police where stolen goods are buried (Guardian)

Palestinian Man In 'Press' Jacket Shot Dead In Hebron After Stabbing Israeli Soldier (Huffington Post)

Bloke arrested after sending ex-girlfriend video of twisted sex act with her PUPPY (Daily Star)

David Cameron's List Of Demands For The EU Negotiations Revealed (Huffington Post)

Hindu mob kills Muslim, injures 4 accused of smuggling cows for slaughter, Indian police say (Fox News)

Woman Finds Man Who Defended Her From Harassment With Viral Campaign (Time Magazine)

Former police officer jailed for illegally claiming benefits (Guardian)

Op-Ed Columnist: On the Afghanistan Troop Reversal (New York Times - Paywall)

Home nations target World Cup semis (BBC)

Amid South China Sea tensions, China hosts meeting with defense ministers from 10-nation ASEAN (Fox News)

West Bank holy site targeted amid Israeli-Palestinian violence (CNN)

US tells China it isn't following its own laws in detentions (Washington Post - Paywall)

Did parallel universe open up? Hundreds see 'floating city' filmed in skies above China (Daily Express)

Israel erupts in violence (CNN)

Miami police chase and fatally shoot 15-year-old (Guardian)

Kurdish militants shoot dead Turkish police officer (Reuters)

China should avoid financial meltdown (Guardian)

Stephen Lawrence: new criminal inquiry into claims police shielded killers (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Week: These Are The Best Images From Around The World (Huffington Post)

Canada election: how Stephen Harper's fossil fuel gamble may have backfired (Guardian)

British PM's letter to EU will have 'a bit more detail' - spokesman (Reuters)

'Tired' Odom Talked About Mom's Death With Brothel Worker (NBC News)

Man Bun Instagram Accounts: 10 Guys You Need To Follow (Huffington Post)

UK man faces U.S. prison term over Islamist militant camp in Oregon (Reuters)

Hatton Garden Robbery Raider Shows Police Loot Buried In North London Cemetry (Huffington Post)

Treehouses in the city: Novel solution to housing crisis (CNN)

China wants naval drills with Southeast Asia in South China Sea (Reuters)

Turkey would welcome EU aid on migration if it materialises - Simsek (Reuters)

Steelworks reopens after two years (BBC)

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man cuts off EARS to look like pet parrot (Daily Star)

Lamar Odom spent $75k at brothel (CNN)

ISIS could wipe out Christianity in Iraq in just FIVE YEARS (Daily Express)

Putin warns of incursion from Afghanistan into Central Asia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Both police and protesters blamed for brutality in Nepal protests (Reuters)

Three more charged in relation to Merseyside police murder (Guardian)

Russia's Putin warns Central Asian leaders of possible militant incursion from Afghanistan (Fox News)

EU states back Turkey migrants deal (BBC)

Claremont serial killings: unsolved rape may offer vital clues former detective (Guardian)

Italy will re-submit 2016 budget 'as is' if EU rejects it - PM Renzi (Reuters)

Tackling family violence hindered by government structures commission chair (Guardian)

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Manuel Rosales Arrested After Six Years in Exile (Time Magazine)

EU leaders try to build new Turkey strategy to stem refugee flow, but meet reluctance (Fox News)

Tokyo's most historic hotel celebrates 100 years (CNN)

European leaders offer Turkey 'action plan' on migration crisis (Guardian)

NBA star Odom spent $75K at brothel (CNN)

Smuggler helps refugees flee war-torn Afghanistan (CNN)

Chinese police detain 3 for stealing body for ghost wedding (Washington Post - Paywall)

Horizontal waterfalls in Western Australia part of new marine park video (Guardian)

Somali refugee may be sent back to Nauru without abortion (Guardian)

Violence in Israel leads to troop deployment (CBS News)

Sex shop: porn plays over loud speaker at Target in California video (Guardian)

Couple who were pals with serial killers Fred and Rose West raped 10 kids over 15 years (Daily Star)

Weekend crisis looms for leader of Taiwan's floundering ruling party (Reuters)

NI heart operations beamed across world (BBC)

China repeats opposition to force in Syria (Reuters)

Video shows water bubble floating in space (CNN)

Taiwan prepares for turmoil as China watches its elections from afar (Guardian)

Police: Man arrested for living in church attic (CBS News)

Migrant Crisis Leads to Calls for Tighter Borders in Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

World record for biggest feet squashed by Venezuelan man video (Guardian)

Europe and Turkey Have Reached an Agreement on Tackling the Migrant Crisis (Time Magazine)

Turkey's Erdogan and Obama discuss cooperation on Syria (Reuters)

Nuclear security fears, migrant flights and an EU 'U-turn' (BBC)

10/15: Seniors may face higher Medicare premiums; Actress struggle shines light on postpartum depression (CBS News)

What about leaving Afghanistan Obama? (CNN)

China hosts 10-nation ASEAN amid South China Sea tensions (Washington Post - Paywall)

2 terror suspects charged over Sydney police shooting (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israeli Police Begin to Seal Palestinian Areas in East Jerusalem (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Harper faces tough re-election bid after 10 years in power that upended Canada's liberal image (Fox News)

China Q3 GDP: 5 things to watch (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere Blog: American Publishers Take a Stand Against Censorship in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan refugee shot dead by police while trying to enter Bulgaria (Guardian)

Bernie Sanders dons tie and dances onto Ellen show video (Guardian)

Microsoft's Anechoic Chamber Sets Record for Quietest Place in World (Time Magazine)

Christopher Pyne: no plans to apply police control orders to 12-year-olds (Guardian)

Malcolm Turnbull supports US decision to leave troops in Afghanistan (Guardian)

Obama: 5,500 troops will stay in Afghanistan (CBS News)

DA: Teen beaten to death may have tried to leave church (CBS News)

Video mocks Shermon Burgess who quit United Patriots Front leadership video (Guardian)

Teen becomes symbol of Israeli-Palestinian violence (CBS News)

United Patriots Front head Shermon Burgess resigns over video mocking him (Guardian)

Canadian envoy who hid Americans during Iran hostage crisis has died (CBS News)

Authorities Retrace Lamar Odom's Visit to Nevada Brothel (Time Magazine)

Sanity prevails on U.S. troops in Afghanistan (CNN)

News Analysis: Lessons of Iraq Loom Over Obama's Decision to Keep Troops in Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Direct from Cuba: Buena Vista Social Club put on historic gig for Obama (Guardian)

Buena Vista Social Club jam at the White House video (Guardian)

50 years in the making: Cuban culture visits the White House (CBS News)

Ohio man allegedly raped teen while awaiting trial (CBS News)

EU offers Turkey cash, closer ties for migration help (Reuters)

Man 'had SEX with puppy and filmed it before sending sick clip to ex-girlfriend' (Daily Express)

Poland may sue over claim Poles killed more Jews than Germans during war (Guardian)

In Reversal, Obama Says U.S. Soldiers Will Stay in Afghanistan to 2017 (New York Times - Paywall)

Open Source: Jewish Man Stabbed by Fellow Israeli in Botched Revenge Attack Denounces Ethnic Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Palestinian-Israeli violence leaves both sides fearful (Los Angeles Times)

With Afghanistan decision, Obama abandons goal of ending wars he inherited (Los Angeles Times)

Military Families Worried as Obama Delays Afghanistan Withdrawal (Newsweek Magazine)

EU to bolster border agency as refugee emergency deepens (Washington Post - Paywall)

A remote corner of China wants access to the sea. The obstacle is North Korea. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israel's Chief Rabbi Says Falsehoods Are Fuel for the Latest Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Canadian envoy who hid Americans during hostage crisis dies (Washington Post - Paywall)

Anger in Ukraine Over Geography Textbook That Shows Crimea as Part of Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

Canadian envoy of Iran crisis fame dies (BBC)

Patty, the oldest tree kangaroo on record, celebrated at Miami zoo video (Guardian)

Defense secretary defends decision to keep more troops in Afghanistan (CBS News)

World Briefing: Uganda: Opposition Leader Is Detained (New York Times - Paywall)

Bulgaria president quits EU refugee summit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Homeland Security email points to ongoing racial profiling by local police (Los Angeles Times)

SHOCK CLAIM: World is on brink of 50 year ICE AGE and BRITAIN will bear the brunt (Daily Express)

Man accused of helping Parramatta killer Farhad Jabar will contest charges (Guardian)

Turkey seeks EU cash, visas, for help on refugee crisis (Reuters)

US officials defend extending troop deployment in Afghanistan video (Guardian)

#MoreWomen Shows Lack of Women In Influential Positions (NBC News)

Odom Paid $75,000 for Days of Sex and Companionship (NBC News)

Chad police arrest 62 women for wearing full veils (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Desperation Driving Young Palestinians to Violence (Time Magazine)

Afghan migrant shot dead by border police while trying to enter Bulgaria from Turkey (Daily Express)

EU bungs Turkey £2.2BILLION to keep migrants out of Europe but ALL Turks welcome (Daily Express)

Prison Video Shows 'El Chapo' Had Half-Hour Head Start (NBC News)

Why the World Remembered Instant Hero' Ken Taylor (Time Magazine)

New Video Shows Great White Shark Eat Sea Lion in San Francisco (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama to discuss nuclear security concerns with Pakistan (Reuters)

Insight - After Kunduz falls and violence spreads, more Afghans eye Europe (Reuters)

Month-Long Violence Puts Israelis and Palestinians On Guard (Time Magazine)

Obama outlines plan to keep 5,500 troops in Afghanistan (Washington Post - Paywall)

Arthur Miller: A hundred years young (BBC)

Divide between police and minorities must be addressed, FBI director says (Guardian)

China warns US against maritime challenge (Financial Times - Paywall)

Belfast police discover bomb device under car (Guardian)

Police Union Protests Pumpkin Patch Over Black Lives Matter Sign (Time Magazine)

Turkish poll shows AK Party falling short of majority on Nov. 1 (Reuters)

63 police officers fired over corruption in Kenya reforms (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israelis and Palestinians on guard amid unabated violence (Washington Post - Paywall)

PM to reveal EU demands within weeks (BBC)

Obama slows troop withdrawal from Afghanistan (CBS News)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Friday 16th October 2015 (Huffington Post)

World Bank to help Syria's neighbours (BBC)

Netanyahu Defends Use of Legitimate Force in Response to U.S. Comments on Israel Street Violence (Newsweek Magazine)

As violence continues unabated, jittery Israelis and Palestinians are on guard (Fox News)

Few Signs of Improvement for Lamar Odom After Collapse (Newsweek Magazine)

Chad police arrest 62 women for wearing full veils, enforce anti-extremism bans after attack (Fox News)

Obama: Troops will stick to "narrow but critical" mission in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Iraqi City and Egyptian Archeological Site Make World Monuments Watch List (Newsweek Magazine)

China Now Has More Dollar Billionaires Than the U.S. (Newsweek Magazine)

David Cameron To Publish List Of EU Reform Demands To 'Quicken' Negotiations (Huffington Post)

WATCH: Porn video blasted out to stunned shoppers over supermarket loudspeaker (Daily Star)

World Briefing: Ukraine and Japan Among Latest Members of U.N. Security Council (New York Times - Paywall)

Four wounded in violence in Central African Republic capital (Reuters)

U.K.'s Cameron to Lay Out Terms for EU Talks in November (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Israel's PM Hopes to Stop Wave of Deadly Violence (NBC News)

EU to Press Turkey on Refugee Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

Police arrest Ugandan opposition presidential candidate before rally (Reuters)

The curry king: Kid started saving money aged 14, buys Indian takeaway four years later (Daily Star)

Eritrean Footballers Seek Asylum in Botswana After World Cup Qualifier (Newsweek Magazine)

First 'new' grammar school in 50 years (BBC)

Brothel Manager Says Lamar Odom Just Wanted to Relax (NBC News)

EU reaches draft Turkish migrant deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Patti Smith Fan Returns Items Stolen From Singer 36 Years Ago (Newsweek Magazine)

Cameron promises EU reform wishlist (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama U-turn on troops in Afghanistan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Big SNP win may not lead to referendum (BBC)

Open Source: Israel Accuses Abbas of Lying About Wounded Boy in Video (New York Times - Paywall)

Belarus feels chill from Russian crisis (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: El Chapo CCTV shows guards' confusion (BBC)

China beats US in dollar billionaire table (Financial Times - Paywall)

Japan index shows inflation amid gloom (Financial Times - Paywall)

Foreigners, Filipino kidnapped by suspected Muslim militants in Philippines, video shows (Los Angeles Times)

Palestinian-Israeli violence raises talk of a new intifada (Los Angeles Times)

Iranian lawmakers OK nuclear accord with six world powers (Los Angeles Times)

Knife assaults on Israelis continue wave of violence in Jerusalem (Los Angeles Times)

'Blood moon' prompts Mormon announcement: This is NOT the end of the world (Independent)

Michelle Obama and Chinese counterpart name Washington Zoo's panda cub (Independent)

Indian teenager Anoyara Khatun joins Bill and Melinda Gates to help women and children around the world (Independent)

Hajj stampede: Muslim world rounds on Saudi Arabia amid claims Prince's convoy closed roads and led to crush (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin 'told Kiev he may accept peacekeeping force in eastern region' (Independent)

China and the US progress on talks in Washington aimed at combating climate change (Independent)

Man died in 'excruciating' pain in jail after staff failed to provide medication, says lawsuit (Independent)

Catalan independence vote may push Spain into crisis (Independent)

Mystery of missing Russian plane loaded with roubles is solved after 80 years (Independent)

Khloe Kardashian hits back at Nevada brothel boss where Lamar Odom was found (Daily Mail)

Lamar Odom poured out his heart about marriage split from Khloe Kardashian and friend's death to Love Ranch madam TJ Moore - in between romps with two blondes and wolfing t-bone steaks (Daily Mail)

Lamar Odom 'pleaded' with Khloe to stop show filming phone conversations before overdose (Daily Mail)

Lamar Odom gets a visit from former LA Lakers teammate Trevor Ariza (Daily Mail)

David Beckham reaches out to Lamar Odom as NBA star 'lies between life and death' (Daily Mail)

CNN under fire after Lamar Odom story features photo of NBA's LaMarcus Aldridge (Daily Mail)

Lamar Odom video shows NBA star popping pills' as Caitlyn joins Khloe at hospital (Daily Mail)

The Kardashians to support Lamar Odom by suspending their subscription apps (Daily Mail)

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian joined by Caitlyn Jenner at hospital (Daily Mail)

20-year-old Venezuelan breaks Guinness World Record for having the largest feet - measuring in at a massive 40.1cm (Daily Mail)

China overtakes the US for the most billionaires in the world (Daily Mail)

Court victory for father who refused to pay £120 school fine for taking his daughter, 7, on a Disney World holiday in term time (Daily Mail)

Teenage driver who was catapulted through the windscreen in 92mph chase after taking cocaine was already dying when a police car ran over his body in the road (Daily Mail)

Leicestershire woman who tracked down her stolen Audi on Facebook is handed a £150 bill by police (Daily Mail)

Scottish police want to question Libyan pair over Lockerbie plane bombing (Daily Mail)

Met Police corner man suspected of shooting an officer in Hackney, east London (Daily Mail)

Salford police release image of Christian Hickey who was shot in the legs (Daily Mail)

Guildford police officer Nicola Townsend pleads guilty to drink-driving (Daily Mail)

German police warn parents to stop putting photos of children on social media (Daily Mail)

Britain's FBI launch investigation into claims corrupt police protected Stephen Lawrence's racist murderers (Daily Mail)

Lamar Odom's children Destiny and Lamar Jr. release heartfelt statement (Daily Mail)

Cameron reveals he will lay out long-awaited demands for EU reform in a FORTNIGHT (Daily Mail)

Turkey issues lists of demands to EU over migrants and tightening border controls (Daily Mail)

Nuclear deal with China 'a national security risk' ahead of Li Keqiang visit (Daily Mail)

Antibiotic-resistant bugs may soon make routine operations 'impossible': Research shows 'catastrophic' evidence that use heavy use of medication is making it ineffective (Daily Mail)

Dashcam footage shows white van man intimidating a learner DURING her driving test (Daily Mail)

Elle Magazine's #MoreWomen campaign shows politics with the men Photoshopped out (Daily Mail)

CCTV of El Chapo Guzman's escape shows he used TV to drown out banging (Daily Mail)

Footage shows Hertfordshire prisoners partying, drinking booze and taking drugs (Daily Mail)

Blister video shows swelling that covers man's entire PALM being popped (Daily Mail)

Ales abattoir video shows horses beaten and pigs crammed into 'gas cages' (Daily Mail)

Odense Zoo lion's intestines are removed during public dissection in video (Daily Mail)

Samurai slices a 100MPH baseball in half with milliseconds to react in video (Daily Mail)

Leeds rapist carries victim in video after he accosted her following night out (Daily Mail)

Beckah Shae and Shocklee family film Meghan Trainor parody video to announce pregnancy (Daily Mail)

Newborn baby found ALIVE after it was dumped in a black bin bag in video (Daily Mail)

Climate tipping points' may predict next natural disaster (Daily Mail)

Mystery of the moon's Mafic Mound: Researchers say 'unique' 800m tall and 75km wide lump may have been caused by massive impact and volcanic eruptions (Daily Mail)

Life on Europa may have been sparked by COMETS penetrating crust (Daily Mail)

Gay married couple divorce after a year to include 3rd man in their relationship (Daily Mail)

Chinese man abducted as a four-year-old is finally reunited with his parents (Daily Mail)

Bulwell man had food poisoning after eating a MOULDY McDonald's McMuffin' (Daily Mail)

Rochdale man cleared of murdering father he blamed for deaths of mother and sister (Daily Mail)

Newcastle man pranked into 'balancing' egg on his head which is covered in glue (Daily Mail)

Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated: Terminally-ill man on his way to Swiss clinic has ALREADY announced his assisted suicide on LinkedIn (Daily Mail)

St Annes, Lancashire man put his £190k house on Facebook (Daily Mail)

Texan man complains that photographer Photoshopped wife's wrinkles (Daily Mail)

Cumbria man survives cliff fall which caused 173 fractures and left him in a coma (Daily Mail)

First grammar in 50 years - now there'll be dozens more (Daily Mail)

Qantas celebrate 95 years of flight attendant uniforms with help from Barbie and Ken (Daily Mail)

Prince William at bereavement charity dinner 21 years after Princess Diana attended its launch (Daily Mail)

HBOS bank accounts open to fraud for two years as probe is launched (Daily Mail)

Twin sisters selling the Bondi home they have shared for the last 80 YEARS (Daily Mail)

Bill Leech reunited with wallet he lost in France 55 YEARS ago (Daily Mail)