Friday, 23rd October 2015

World News

Deadly French bus crash (CBS News)

14 killed in suicide bomb attack on Shiite procession in Pakistan (CBS News)

Dad whose son shot, killed brother due in court (CBS News)

Probe into drummer killed by cops could take months (CBS News)

Gloria Steinem talks "My Life on the Road" and feminism (CBS News)

Hurricane Patricia could increase heavy rains in Texas (CBS News)

Mexico braces for Hurricane Patricia (CBS News)

Mexico Evacuates Tourists Ahead of Hurricane (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Officials ID U.S. Commando Killed in ISIS Hostage Rescue (NBC News)

Trollh ttan school survivors recall the horror of attack video (Guardian)

Fatal Tennessee State University shooting started over dice game, police say (Guardian)

Parachuting beavers soar in historic found footage video (CBS News)

Kerry Announces New International Meeting on Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Africa's Zuma caves in on fees amid violent student protests (Reuters)

Russian airstrikes in Syria welcomed by refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hurricane Patricia takes aim at Mexico (CBS News)

Dozens killed in battle for western Yemeni city of Taiz (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mexico braces for strongest hurricane in Western hemisphere (Washington Post - Paywall)

Historic storm: Why is this hurricane so strong? (CNN)

Chilling video captures woman being helped by 'good Samaritan' moments before being rape (Daily Star)

Xi visit shows China is dominant partner in a purely commercial coupling (Guardian)

Heading for Britain: ISIS sends ASSASSINS into UN refugee camps to murder Christians (Daily Express)

Patricia expected to be 'catastrophic' (CNN)

Killer sought victims by skin colour - Swedish police (Reuters)

Obama's carbon reduction plan under attack from 24 states and Republicans (Guardian)

Strongest hurricane in history to make landfall in Mexico (CNN)

At least 5 reported dead in Benghazi after attack on protest (Fox News)

How mammoth Hurricane Patricia grew so powerful so fast (Los Angeles Times)

Thousands of South African students protest in Pretoria against tuition fees rise (Guardian)

Mexico closes airports, evacuates resorts as Hurricane Patricia approaches (Los Angeles Times)

US, Russia, Saudi, Turkey mull new Syria transition ideas (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Constructive' talks on Syria war could be resumed - Kerry (Reuters)

Swedish police say school attack was racist, as refugee rules tightened (Guardian)

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq rescue operation identified (CBS News)

Clinton: attack on Planned Parenthood another 'partisan witch hunt' video (Guardian)

Plaid Cymru leader opens party conference with attack on Labour (Guardian)

Pensioners killed in French bus crash (BBC)

Mexico braced for massive hurricane (BBC)

Gloria Steinem on "My Life on the Road," feminism (CBS News)

Mexico's water commission director on Hurricane Patricia - video (Guardian)

Scores Killed in French Bus Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ready and willing to END ISIS: Brit pilots secretly train to bomb Islamic State in Syria (Daily Star)

'Great tragedy' as dozens killed in France bus crash (CNN)

43 killed in fiery bus-truck collision in French wine region (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State video features Hebrew-speaking militant for the first time (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Potentially catastrophic' Category 5 Hurricane Patricia threatens Mexico's Pacific coast, Texas (Fox News)

Baby and toddler among crash injured (BBC)

60 Minutes gets rare look at U.S. command center in war against ISIS (CBS News)

'Potentially CATASTROPHIC' Hurricane Patricia with 200mph winds IS strongest EVER recorded (Daily Star)

Police say "racist motive" behind Sweden sword attack (CBS News)

Bus Crash in Southwestern France Kills 43 (New York Times - Paywall)

South African President Jacob Zuma to Halt University Fee Hikes After Protests (Newsweek Magazine)

Frat lads' smirking mugshots after beating student to within an inch of his life (Daily Star)

Exclusive: Did ISIS Create Fake Facebook Page for U.S. Cop? (NBC News)

American Killed in Iraq Prison Raid (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Joshua Wheeler identified as 1st American killed in war against ISIS (CBS News)

Dozens killed in bus crash in southwest France (CBS News)

Army identifies U.S. soldier killed in Iraq raid (Los Angeles Times)

Hurricane Patricia, Category 5 Storm, Menaces Mexico (New York Times - Paywall)

South Africa Freezes Tuition Fees After Student Protests (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria rebels divided over Russian attacks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police Say Sweden School Attacker Had Racist Motives (Newsweek Magazine)

10M in South Under Flood Threat as Hurricane Looms (NBC News)

Strongest Hurricane Ever Measured Roars Toward Mexico (NBC News)

Coalition identifies US commando killed in Iraqi raid (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bus carrying retirees collides with truck in southwest France; 42 dead (Los Angeles Times)

Raid of sophisticated drug tunnel on Mexico border nets 12 tons of marijuana (Guardian)

At least 43 killed in French bus crash, worst in decades (Reuters)

South African police turn stun grenades on students amid chaotic protest (Fox News)

Life on Mars: Creepy ALIEN face spotted on the Red Planet (Daily Star)

Britain says Cyprus military base will not become new migrant route (Reuters)

43 Dead After Bus Carrying Retirees Collides With Truck (NBC News)

Video Emerges of Crash That Killed 42 in Southwest France (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: Masked man triggers alarm in Sweden after attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Coalition identifies US commando killed in raid in northern Iraq as Joshua L. Wheeler (Washington Post - Paywall)

Xi urges UK to stay in EU (Financial Times - Paywall)

Monster Hurricane Patricia nears Mexicos Pacific coast (CBS News)

Patricia 'very dangerous' (CNN)

Russia, Jordan to create center for coordinating military air campaigns in Syria (Fox News)

Xi Jinping UK visit roundup: red flags, red carpets and Greene King (Guardian)

Police in Sweden: Deadly school attack a racist hate crime (Washington Post - Paywall)

Flash Points: What Assads meeting with Putin means for Syria (CBS News)

The Saturday Profile: Hoping to Save a Way of Life by Rooting Out Greeks Who Farm on Paper (New York Times - Paywall)

South Africa Protests Pose Threat to Ruling Party (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Xi Jinping protesters arrested and homes searched over London demonstrations (Guardian)

UN decries violence in Burundi after 9 civilians killed (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Soldier Killed in ISIS Hostage Rescue Mission Identified as Joshua L. Wheeler (Newsweek Magazine)

Essex police apologises after hackers hijack its Twitter account (Guardian)

China's Xi ends UK state visit with trip to Manchester (Washington Post - Paywall)

Report: Ahmadinejad's former bodyguard killed in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

WATCH: Putin's hardman ally sends message to ISIS by grappling a snake bare-handed (Daily Star)

David Cameron Had A Beer With Xi Jinping Hours After Chinese Activists Released From Arrest (Huffington Post)

Mexico Braces for Hurricane Patricia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Report: Former bodyguard for Iran's Ahmadinejad killed while fighting in Syria (Fox News)

Record-Setting, Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Nears Potentially Catastrophic Landfall in Mexico (Newsweek Magazine)

China's Xi ends state visit to Britain with trip to 'northern powerhouse' Manchester (Fox News)

David Cameron Xi Jinping Selfie Depicts Chinese President And Prime Minister Grinning With City's Ag ero (Huffington Post)

South African tuition protests escalate (CNN)

Did ISIS Sympathizers Create Fake Facebook Page for U.S. Cop? (Time Magazine)

ISIS Labels Deadly U.S. Raid to Save Hostages a Failure (NBC News)

France bus crash: at least 43 dead after collision with truck (Guardian)

Police: Racist motive behind Swedish school attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Is Now the Great Global Crisis of Our Time - If We Want a Lasting Solution We Will Have to Make Some Unpalatable Choices (Huffington Post)

South African police fire stun grenades to disperse students (Reuters)

Slovenia deploys TANKS and RIOT POLICE in desperate bid to control huge migrant influx (Daily Express)

VIDEO: TalkTalk attack - what NOT to do (BBC)

'Caribbean Ripper' who killed Brit couple 'will strike again' (Daily Star)

Mexico braces for Patricia, the Western Hemisphere's strongest hurricane ever (Los Angeles Times)

Sweden School Attack: Murderer Unmasked As Police Confirm Attack Was 'Racially Motivated' (Huffington Post)

Beer, protests, make-up woes: Xi in UK (CNN)

Syria war prompts first 'Doomsday Vault' withdrawal (CNN)

UK police criticised over anti-Xi arrests (Financial Times - Paywall)

South Korea's 'forgotten' people (CNN)

Weather warning: First SNOW of winter THIS WEEKEND as Britain is put on storm alert (Daily Express)

Third-Strongest Hurricane on Record Roars Toward Mexico (NBC News)

At least 42 dead in French coach crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Catastrophic' Hurricane Roars Toward Mexican Coast (NBC News)

"Potentially catastrophic" hurricane nears Mexicos Pacific Coast (CBS News)

France bus crash: 43 killed in fireball horror smash (Daily Star)

Hurricane Patricia Strengthens to Category 5 as It Nears Mexico (Newsweek Magazine)

Israeli woman describes close call from knife attack (CBS News)

South Korea GDP rebounds in third quarter (Financial Times - Paywall)

First U.S. soldier killed fighting ISIS (CBS News)

Jewish woman describes narrowly avoiding knife attack (CBS News)

Inside the ISIS hostage rescue that left a U.S. soldier dead (CBS News)

Nato war games keep Syria and Russia in mind (BBC)

Kerry and Russian counterpart huddling on Syria (CBS News)

Report: A monkey led police to El Chapos hideout (CBS News)

U.S. soldier killed during rescue mission in Iraq (CBS News)

American killed during hostage rescue in Iraq; first U.S. combat death in the country since 2011 (Los Angeles Times)

When Britain foresaw Russia's Syria role (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hurricane Patricia IS strongest storm EVER recorded: 200mph winds & 39ft waves set to hit (Daily Express)

'False widow' spider bite on 13-year-old girl's cheek could leave her scarred for life (Daily Express)

With exams just days away, why are South African students protesting instead of studying? (Los Angeles Times)

Albuquerque Police Make Arrest in Road Rage Shooting Death of 4-Year-Old Lilly Garcia (Newsweek Magazine)

NOAA: Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Patricia to Hit Mexico on Friday Afternoon (Newsweek Magazine)

Unidentified Gunmen Attack Refugee Boats in Aegean Sea: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin Accuses Obama of Playing Double Game in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin urges US-Russia fight against Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: David Cameron takes Xi Jinping for a pint (BBC)

Masked man kills teacher, student at Swedish school, then is slain by police (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico captures six suspects in cartel boss' escape from prison (Los Angeles Times)

In Mexico City, a body hanging from a bridge portends a shift in violence (Los Angeles Times)

Marine pilot from San Diego base is killed in crash in Britain (Los Angeles Times)

In pictures: Xi Jinping visit day two (BBC)

2 Chinese diplomats killed at restaurant in Philippines (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico to relaunch search for missing students (Los Angeles Times)

Britain welcomes China's Xi Jinping despite protests and Prince Charles' early exit (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. and Russia solidify air safety agreement over Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Swedish teacher Lavin Eskandar was killed by Darth Vader mask-wearing murderer (Daily Mail)

Pilot killed after US F/A-18 Hornet fighter crashed on British farm was a young father (Daily Mail)

Lorry driver Kevin Rose who killed Lucy Brown after choking is spared jail (Daily Mail)

Becky Watts's stepbrother Nathan Matthews admits he killed teen in video (Daily Mail)

Rowyn Johnson's mom forgave best friend who accidentally killed her toddler (Daily Mail)

Cocaine-fuelled drink-driver who killed student with his Mercedes is jailed (Daily Mail)

British couple murdered at their Caribbean home were killed by the Tobago Ripper (Daily Mail)

Hero F18 pilot killed in crash on British farm after tour of duty in Iraq and Syria was devoted father to one-year-old daughter and 'ejected late to avoid hitting nearby homes' (Daily Mail)

Fife police may be charged over death of Sheku Bayoh restrained in the street (Daily Mail)

Glasgow's Clutha tragedy report calls for black boxes in all police helicopters (Daily Mail)

London police called over Mauren Lipman's shopping mall clash (Daily Mail)

Pair accused of Poppy Day beheading plot 'told police they bought knives for cooking' (Daily Mail)

Cambridgeshire Police shoot dead man on an estate in St Neots after armed stand-off (Daily Mail)

Tobago police reveal alarm did not go off where couple were hacked to death (Daily Mail)

Right-wing plot to attack German refugee shelters foiled by police (Daily Mail)

Richard Davies' mum pays tribute after he was shot by police in St Neots (Daily Mail)

Glasgow Police post a photo of mutilated hand on Twitter to promote firework safety (Daily Mail)

France bus crash near Bordeaux kills at least 42 (Daily Mail)

Phyllida Swift suffered facial injuries and a broken spine in crash in Ghana (Daily Mail)

France bus crash near Bordeaux kills over 40 pensioners as a coach collides with a lorry (Daily Mail)

360-degree video lets you edge along scary Alpine suspension bridge (Daily Mail)

Watch the birth of a LIGHTNING bolt: Slow-motion video reveals the explosive clash of electrically-charged gas channels (Daily Mail)

Adele's releases stunning new music video for comeback single Hello (Daily Mail)

Durex video uncovers what men REALLY think about sex and condoms (Daily Mail)

Alex Booth posts video showing how he became locked inside his friend's porch (Daily Mail)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor Nicholas Brendon caught on video 'slashing his wrists' (Daily Mail)

AsapScience video suggests what humans will look like in 1,000 years (Daily Mail)

Doberman puppy Rogue tries to copy large Labrador's leap into truck in video (Daily Mail)

Astronomers reveal video showing eruptions on a red star OUTSIDE our solar system (Daily Mail)

ISIS vow to eradicate the 'disease' of Judaism from the world in new video (Daily Mail)

1950s video shows beavers parachuting out of planes in relocation project (Daily Mail)

Excruciating video shows mother spending five minutes rolling around in ball pen (Daily Mail)

Would YOU help a child you saw being bullied? Experiment tests if bystanders intervene when two teenagers pick on young girl at bus stop (Daily Mail)

Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife in Manchester on last leg of British visit (Daily Mail)

David Cameron treats China's Xi Jinping to a very British night at the pub (Daily Mail)

China's president Xi Jinping tells David Cameron to keep Britain in the EU (Daily Mail)

Eric Cantona and Thierry Henry join football hall of fame as President Xi arrives in Manchester (Daily Mail)

Child rapist is jailed for life after he is caught on CCTV snatching girl, 6, off the street just days after finishing sex offenders' rehab course (Daily Mail)

Bradford schoolgirl could be scarred for life after being bitten by false widow spider (Daily Mail)

Video reveals hacks to make life easier in the kitchen (Daily Mail)

Nostalgic photos give a peek at life in 20th century New York (Daily Mail)

Is YOUR sex life dead? Forget female Viagra - just TALK to your partner: Leading expert reveals 23 ways to improve your love life... (Daily Mail)

Donna Karan cheated on her husband for YEARS with the married love of her life (Daily Mail)

Agony of teenager orphaned after emigrating from Britain to New Zealand when both her parents died tragically young leaving her with no family to stay with (Daily Mail)

The migrants putting their lives on the Channel Tunnel train line to get to Britain (Daily Mail)

Mark Carney faces backlash after he says Britain was 'leading beneficiary' of Europe (Daily Mail)

Suicidal people are locked into coffins in 'death experience' schools in South Korea (Daily Mail)

University of South Florida golfer shoots ball off of her teammate's rear end (Daily Mail)