Tuesday, 3rd November 2015

World News

Tarantino stands by "murder" remark despite police groups threats (CBS News)

Official: Man charged with killing sheriff escapes (CBS News)

Leaders of Taiwan and China to hold first meeting since 1940s civil war (CBS News)

Woman caring for Bobbi Kristina Brown impersonated nurse, police say (CBS News)

Colorado woman bit by shark while on vacation in Florida (CBS News)

Texas pitbull disappeared during flood, found 2,000 miles away (CBS News)

Indian Uber driver given life in prison for rape (CBS News)

UK turns to diesel to meet power crunch (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S., Russia warplanes conduct communications test over Syria (CBS News)

Taiwan, China leaders to hold historic meeting in Singapore on Saturday (Reuters)

Experts step up efforts to save the world from an apocalyptic SOLAR STORM (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Dogs and owners dance in world champs (BBC)

China Burns Much More Coal Than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

New U.S.-Backed Alliance to Counter ISIS in Syria Falters (New York Times - Paywall)

Leaders of China and Taiwan to Meet for First Time Since 1949 (New York Times - Paywall)

Girlfriend destroys fella's phone after he went to the toilet and she found porn on it (Daily Star)

Plane makes emergency landing in Sweden after unruly passenger tries to kick down cockpit door (Fox News)

Who's Involved in the Metrojet Crash Investigation (New York Times - Paywall)

Scraps of inconclusive evidence surface on Russian airliner crash (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cop Accused of Shooting Man in Back Goes on Trial for Murder (NBC News)

Iraq's Ahmed Chalabi, Former U.S. Ally, Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pit Bull Who Went Missing During Texas Floods Found in California (Time Magazine)

Ahmad Chalabi dies at 71; former Iraqi exile was leading advocate of 2003 war (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. spy satellite may help solve Russian jet crash (CBS News)

Egypt's President Dismisses ISIS Group's Claim It Downed Russian Jet (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian jet in close encounter just FIVE MILES from US warplane during 'test' over Syria (Daily Express)

Investigators Probe Black Boxes From Russian Air Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man gets life In prison for 2011 murder of boy, 4 (CBS News)

WATCH: Gloating video shows ISIS handing out sweets after Russian air crash tragedy (Daily Star)

Cameron warned against Syria vote (BBC)

China Sets 6.5% Growth as New Floor for Economy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ahmed Chalabi, Iraqi exile who helped spur U.S. invasion, dies of heart attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Secret Catacombs Pact' emerges after 50 years, and Pope Francis gives it new life (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mentally disabled man missing since NYC marathon is found (CBS News)

VIDEO: Film of Disney's first creation found (BBC)

Sinai plane crash: co-pilot complained about airbus before flight video (Guardian)

Sexting to blame for deadly crash in California? (CBS News)

Sheriff: Body of missing boy found in Fla. canal (CBS News)

Man abandons granddaughter in desert with loaded gun, cops say (CBS News)

Zimbabwe journalists arrested for linking police with elephant poisonings (Guardian)

Bin lorry crash driver issues apology (BBC)

Man whose claims sparked Iraq war dies (CNN)

Wavering over Syria exposes UK divisions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Historic conference: Presidents of Taiwan and China to meet for first time since split (Fox News)

Man or woman? Use of gender labels is not so clearcut | Letters (Guardian)

Guy wins GB's second World Cup gold (BBC)

Sudanese Muslim reportedly tried to kill Israeli man on flight (Fox News)

Obama defends Syria strategy (CNN)

Russian restaurant mourns 2 who died in Egypt air crash (Washington Post - Paywall)

In a first since 1940s civil war, presidents of China and Taiwan reportedly will meet (Los Angeles Times)

Moscow claims allies among Syria rebels (Financial Times - Paywall)

Investigators start to examine Russian airliner's black boxes (Guardian)

Bulgarian police protest benefit cuts, in challenge to government (Reuters)

Bat-Killing Fungus Found in China for First Time (Newsweek Magazine)

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Woman stoned to death for 'having sex with fiancé' (Daily Star)

Kazakhstan to sell off crown jewels (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ex-England cricketer Graveney dies (BBC)

Syria journalist killed amid violence in Damascus suburb (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russian strikes take toll among Syrian civilians (Washington Post - Paywall)

Presidents of Taiwan, China to meet (CNN)

Government accused of sexism over new UK passport design (Daily Express)

Passenger airplane slides off runway (CNN)

Funerals shed light on Iran's role in Syria in pictures (Guardian)

Migrant disturbances at UK Cyprus base (BBC)

NYPD: Italian man missing after NYC Marathon (CBS News)

Actor and writer Colin Welland dies (BBC)

Satellite heat flash provides clue that Russian jet may have been destroyed by a bomb (Daily Star)

No proof Russian plane broke up in mid-air - Egyptian authorities (Reuters)

US tells China naval missions will stay (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russian restaurant mourns 2 former employees who died in Sinai plane crash (Fox News)

Outrage as 'unforgivable' Jeremy Corbyn advises Government AGAINST bombing ISIS in Iraq (Daily Express)

WATCH: Dramatic moment plane skids across runway after landing gear falls off (Daily Express)

Trade Union Bill Climb Down: Strikers Will Not Have To Get Police Permission For Tweets (Huffington Post)

Ahmad Chalabi, key Iraq invasion proponent, dies at 71 (CBS News)

Russian airstrikes in Syria kill more civilians than militants, according to activists (Fox News)

Grief, questions for Russian plane crash families (CBS News)

China and Taiwan's presidents to meet for the first time since 1949 (Guardian)

Spirit passengers claim racism after being kicked off flight (CBS News)

UK lawmakers wary of government plan for Syria airstrikes (Washington Post - Paywall)

China rails at hegemony' as U.S. vows to continue sea patrols (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sexism row over new UK passport design (BBC)

Uber Driver in India Sentenced to Life in Prison for Raping Passenger (Newsweek Magazine)

Ukrainian accused of plotting attack against Russian Embassy (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: US officials: Heat detected around Russian jet (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mystery heat flash before Russian jet crash (CBS News)

Katie Hopkins Scoffs At Police As It Emerges She Will Not Face Charges Over THAT Migrants Column (Huffington Post)

Close Up With ISIS Captives: Reporter's Notebook (New York Times - Paywall)

'We want home': Refugees fight ISIS (CNN)

Stronghold for terror: Russian plane crash puts spotlight on lawless Sinai (Fox News)

Kazakh president arrives in UK for two-day visit (Guardian)

Miss. man bombs Walmart over Confederate flag: police (CBS News)

New UK passport design features just two women (Guardian)

Iran arrests U.S.-Lebanese man in espionage probe - state TV, citing sources (Reuters)

Osborne: UK to get best of both worlds (BBC)

Russian exile named EBRD chief economist (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK Passport Sexism Row: Vote For The Women You Think Should Appear (Huffington Post)

South African Prosecutors: Pistorius Should Have Been Found Guilty Of Murder (Newsweek Magazine)

UK should review airstrikes against Isis in Iraq, says Jeremy Corbyn video (Guardian)

Reports Suggest David Cameron Will Scrap Syria Airstrikes Vote (Newsweek Magazine)

Man with IQ of 63 set to become Missouri's seventh execution this year (Guardian)

Number of children seeking asylum in Europe doubles - UNICEF UK (Reuters)

Late Saudi king's secret wife' gets huge UK payout (Washington Post - Paywall)

Strange 'uncharacteristic' sounds recorded in cockpit moments before Russian jet crashed (Daily Express)

CSI Frinton: the genteel seaside town that has its own private police force (Guardian)

Tax Raid on German Football Association Over 2006 World Cup (Newsweek Magazine)

German police search for father of slain Syrian woman (Washington Post - Paywall)

UK prosecutor accuses Ukrainian man of planning attack on Russian Embassy as trial opens (Fox News)

Man With Crohn's Disease Writes Powerful Facebook Post To People Who Challenge Him For Using Disabled Facilities (Huffington Post)

Wingsuit wearers jump from 3,000-metre-high mountainside in China video (Guardian)

Corbyn calls for review of British role in Iraq airstrikes against Isis (Guardian)

U.S. Cut Cash to Iraq on Iran, ISIS Fears (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Indonesian police say deportation of Indian fugitive delayed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police Raid German Soccer Association (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Corbyn says government should reconsider air strikes against Isis in Iraq- Politics live (Guardian)

Arizona Man Leaves 5-Year-Old in the Desert With a Gun (Time Magazine)

Iraq war proponent Chalabi dies at 71 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia steps up push for Syria peace deal, proposes talks (Reuters)

Protests planned for Egyptian president's UK visit (Guardian)

Confederate Flag Supporter Bombs Mississippi Walmart, Police Say (Time Magazine)

U.S. Admiral, in Beijing, Defends Patrols in South China Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Pentagon official says 'there is no way' Russian airliner was shot down (Fox News)

U.S., Japan push for inclusion of South China Sea in defence forum statement (Reuters)

Life Imprisonment for India Uber Rapist (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kingston Bridge: Hero Cop Pictured Catching Woman Mid-Air As She Attempts Suicide (Huffington Post)

Meet the woman who stopped a nation (CNN)

German police search for father of slain Syrian woman on suspicion of murder (Fox News)

New York City Marathoner Who Vanished Found Safe (NBC News)

Russian Airline Adds to Confusion on Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Schoolboy chained to pole to stop him escaping from home is released and runs off again (Daily Star)

Tearful Relatives Identify Russian Plane Crash Victims (Time Magazine)

UK government denies dropping plans for vote on Syria air strikes (Reuters)

Kabul Journal: Life Pulls Back in Afghan Capital, as Danger Rises and Troops Recede (New York Times - Paywall)

Ahmed Chalabi, Iraqi Politician Involved in Bushs Iraq Invasion, Dies in Baghdad (Newsweek Magazine)

New UK Passport Sparks Sexism Row After Featuring Just Two Women Compared With Seven Men (Huffington Post)

Uber driver in India sentenced to life in prison for raping a passenger (Los Angeles Times)

Egypt aviation minister: Joint committee on Russian plane crash to start examining black boxes (Washington Post - Paywall)

Burundi: Killings persist as president urges police action (Washington Post - Paywall)

Detroit's infamous 'RoboCop' faces trial for beating black man during traffic stop (Guardian)

Smooth-Talking Politician Behind Iraq WMD Claims Dies (NBC News)

Peeping tom caught masturbating in university bathroom watching woman shower (Daily Star)

Police Officer Slams Aldi For 'Irresponsible' Gin Flavoured Crisps, People Respond In Hilariously Sarcastic Way (Huffington Post)

Colin Welland Dead: 'Z Cars' Star, Writer Of 'Chariots Of Fire' Dies Aged 81, After Suffering From Alzheimer's Disease (Huffington Post)

Former Uber Driver in India Gets Life Sentence for Rape (New York Times - Paywall)

Nicole Kidman in Talks to Join Wonder Woman (Time Magazine)

Justin Bieber Tells Fans Off During 'What Do You Mean' Performance... For Not Clapping In Time (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Catastrophic in-flight event on doomed Russian plane: Officials (CNN)

Indian Uber Driver Sentenced to Life for Rape (Time Magazine)

Brit actor and writer Colin Welland dies aged 81 (Daily Star)

Russian Warplanes Bomb ISIS Near Ancient City Of Palmyra (Newsweek Magazine)

Police raid German FA on suspicion of tax evasion over 2006 World Cup (Guardian)

Police chiefs threaten legal action (BBC)

Turkey targets supporters of Erdogan foe in police raids (Reuters)

UK judge orders $23 million payout for woman claiming to be 'secret wife' of late Saudi king (Fox News)

White House Says It Will Continue to Challenge China in South China Sea (Time Magazine)

Angela Merkel backs UK calls for EU reform (Guardian)

US plans push on Isis stronghold Raqqa (Financial Times - Paywall)

George Osborne: what UK wants from new EU deal (Channel4)

3 ISIS Terror Suspects Arrested in Spain (New York Times - Paywall)

'Voice of Radio 4' Peter Donaldson dies (BBC)

India court sentences Uber driver to life in prison for rape (Washington Post - Paywall)

China Aims for 6.5% Economic Growth Over Next 5 Years, Xi Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Town forced to hire private security firm to patrol streets due to police cuts (Daily Star)

Moscow library of Ukrainian literature raided by 'anti-extremist' police (Guardian)

What happened to life on Mars? Historic announcement on fate of Red Planet atmosphere due (Daily Express)

UK taxpayers pay £550,000 a YEAR to help turn Calais migrant camp into mini town (Daily Express)

'I'd given up': Man survived by eating ants (CNN)

SHOCK ALERT: World faces YEAR of CATASTROPHIC weather from most powerful El Nino & La Nina (Daily Express)

Ahmad Chalabi, Iraqi Politician Who Helped Persuade U.S. to Invade, Dies at 71 (New York Times - Paywall)

Clapham Sex Attacks: Police Arrest Fourth Man, 24, Over String Of Nine Attacks In South London (Huffington Post)

Russian jet not struck from outside - investigator (Reuters)

Horror crash kills 30 as bus flies off mountain with passengers clinging to roof (Daily Star)

Woman wins Australia's most famous race for first time (CNN)

Swedish police evacuate Roma camp deemed unsanitary (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man Builds Canoe With Two Dog Shaped Holes And The Result Is Adorable (Huffington Post)

Indonesia gives UK journalists short jail terms for visa violation (Guardian)

The World Through Ben Carsons Surgical Magnifying Glass (Newsweek Magazine)

US extends passport fast-track scheme to UK citizens (Guardian)

Brixton: Man Shot In Face With Gun During Robbery Needs Surgery To Remove Pellets From Eyes (Huffington Post)

UK boosts India ties ahead of Modi visit (Financial Times - Paywall)

US Embassy in Egypt warns staffers not to travel in Sinai after plane crash (Fox News)

Final Bodies Flown Home to Russia After Jet Crash (NBC News)

Delhi Uber driver given life for rape (BBC)

China promises to make currency freely traded by 2020 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia trying for Syria talks in Moscow (Washington Post - Paywall)

Official says 30 people killed, 35 injured when bus veers off mountain road in Nepal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi who pushed Bush to invade Iraq dies (Reuters)

Pakistani woman set on fire by jilted suitor (Guardian)

Indian court sentences Uber driver to life in prison for raping passenger last year (Fox News)

Married love rat faked kidnapping to cheat on mistress with THIRD woman (Daily Star)

Uber driver gets life sentence for Delhi rape (Reuters)

Infected baby dies at 'super-hospital' (BBC)

Crime commissioners threaten legal action over police cuts (Guardian)

UK journalists convicted in Indonesia (BBC)

Syria airstrikes vote: Cameron haunted by previous defeat (Guardian)

Ministers face legal action over new police cuts - as one town forced to hire OWN security (Daily Express)

Russia's Lavrov and U.N. Syria envoy de Mistura to meet in Moscow on Wednesday - reports (Reuters)

Iraqi politician who pressed for US invasion dies of heart attack (Guardian)

UK Invests In Skylon 'Space Plane' That Could Fly From London To Sydney In 4 Hours (Huffington Post)

Osborne sets out UK economic demands (BBC)

ISIS soldiers rape women 'to make them Muslim' (CNN)

VIDEO: Bin lorry crash families speak out (BBC)

Indonesian police say Indian fugitive on Interpol's most wanted list be deported soon (Fox News)

Half a BILLION pounds of UK aid cash meant for Syria wasted on UN bureaucrats (Daily Express)

Islamic State Claim It Brought Down Russian Airliner In Sinai Branded 'Propaganda' By Egyptian President (Huffington Post)

Tributes paid to dead man whose daughter was found alive beside him (Guardian)

Sinai plane crash terror link is propaganda, says Egypt president (Guardian)

30 people killed, 35 injured when overcrowded bus veers off mountain road in Nepal (Fox News)

Don't get excited, China is not the new aid superpower (Guardian)

Drunk four-year-old fighting for his life in alcoholic COMA (Daily Star)

Ahmad Chalabi, key supporter of Iraq War, dies at age 71 (Fox News)

Woman jumps into tiger pit, gets bitten (CNN)

Margaret Thatcher's clothes to be auctioned off after museum turns them down (Daily Express)

Come and get your Vlad T-shirts: Shop celebrates Putin bombing ISIS (Daily Star)

Brit tourists travelling to Sharm el-Sheikh warned over ISIS air missile attack (Daily Star)

Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi, Leading Voice Behind 2003 War, Dies (Time Magazine)

Iraq state TV: Ahmad Chalabi, leading voice behind 2003 invasion, dies of heart attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi, leading voice behind 2003 war, dies (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cameron drops plans to hold vote on airstrikes on Isis in Syria (Guardian)

Obama: If GOP candidates cant handle moderators, they cant handle China (CBS News)

Police worker loses job after tweeting sick rape jokes after Everton match (Daily Star)

Police Commissioners Threaten To Sue The Government Over Cuts To Services (Huffington Post)

Only the negotiating table can bring peace to Syria for now | Crispin Blunt (Guardian)

Margaret Thatcher's Personal Wardrobe To Be Auctioned Off After Being Rejected By V&A Museum (Huffington Post)

Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi, leading voice behind 2003 US-led invasion, dies of heart attack (Fox News)

China unveils Boeing, Airbus rival (CNN)

9-year-old boy fatally shot in Chicago, police say (CBS News)

Turkey: police detain 44 people, including administrators, linked to US-based Muslim cleric (Fox News)

The Latest: Death toll in Bucharest nightclub rises to 32 after woman dies of burns (Fox News)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 3rd November 2015 (Huffington Post)

Police backlash puts pressure on Tarantinos new movie (CBS News)

World of warfare: the biggest arms fair in the Middle East in pictures (Guardian)

The Latest: 9 bodies of Egypt plane crash victims identified in Russia's St. Petersburg (Fox News)

Flood survivor grasps tree for dear life (CNN)

UK 'won't bomb Syria' (BBC)

Charity bake sale abandoned after sex toy was found in chocolate cake (Daily Star)

School bullying crisis rocks China (CNN)

China to prosecute former head of Xinjiang border guards (Washington Post - Paywall)

Yes, the pope has a police force. Here's how the Vatican lays down the law. (Washington Post - Paywall)

High court hears case of black man sentenced to death by all-white jury (CBS News)

Medicare to pay for end of life care (CBS News)

ISIS jihadis WANT Russia to keep bombing Syria as it's HELPING them, says terror expert (Daily Express)

Probe continues in Russian plane crash (CBS News)

China Sets Growth Target of 'At Least' 6.5% (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama Says He Didn't Break Promise by Sending Ground Troops to Syria (Time Magazine)

Australian Man Who Survived in the Desert by Eating Ants Says He's Lucky' (Time Magazine)

White House advisor says U.S. activity in South China Sea will continue (Reuters)

Satellite detected heat flash at time Russian jetliner went down (CBS News)

Vatican Police Investigate Two Officials (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Justin Bieber Is Officially off Probation (Time Magazine)

Iran May Quit Syria Talks as Spat With Saudi Arabia Worsens (Newsweek Magazine)

Sinosphere Blog: Seen a Spy? With New Hotline, China Invites You to Call It In (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Plans More Regular Patrols in South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

Investigator: Russian Plane Was Not Struck From the Outside (Newsweek Magazine)

World Economic Forum Posts Fourteen-Point 'Success' List For Mornings (Huffington Post)

Iran Says It May Quit Talks on Syria Over Saudis' Role (New York Times - Paywall)

Thomas Blatt, Who Escaped Death Camp During Revolt, Dies at 88 (New York Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Chan Koonchung on Imagining a Non-Communist China (New York Times - Paywall)

Wreckage of Doomed American Ship El Faro Found Near Bahamas (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama says Syria deployment doesn't break no 'boots on ground' pledge (Reuters)

China unveils Boeing rival (CNN)

All Black gives World Cup medal to teen (CNN)

World Briefing: Iran: Two Journalists Are Arrested (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Migrant Crossings of Mediterranean in October Surpass Total for All of 2014 (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Russia: Librarian Is Accused of Allowing Access to Banned Ukrainian Books (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Burundi: A Deadline to Disarm (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Israel: Stabbing Attacks Move Beyond Jerusalem and West Bank (New York Times - Paywall)

Three-legged tiger bites woman who broke into Nebraska zoo to pat it (Guardian)

Relentless Putin obliterates MORE key ISIS targets with airstrikes on ancient Palmyra (Daily Express)

How likely is terrorism in Russian plane crash? (CBS News)

Bodies and black boxes recovered from plane wreckage (CNN)

World Briefing: Yemen: Powerful Storm Strikes Island (New York Times - Paywall)

Cameron Reportedly U-Turns On Syria Bombing, But Downing Street Dismisses Story As 'Nonsense' (Huffington Post)

Satellite Sees Heat Flash When Plane Crashed, But No Missile (NBC News)

Egypt plane crash: David Cameron attends crisis talks in wake of airbus 'terror fears' (Daily Star)

British airstrikes in Syria will only have 'MARGINAL effect' on ISIS, MPs warn Cameron (Daily Express)

Russia obliterate 2,000 ISIS targets as RAF poised to join in air strikes in Syria (Daily Express)

Shroud of chaos to blind UK for 10 DAYS: Plight of girl trapped in car next to dead dad (Daily Star)

Tragic donkey with nails so long he could barely walk found on Greek holiday isle (Daily Express)

Trying to change the world at Junket un-conference where PowerPoint is banned (Guardian)

Police arrest owners of Bucharest fire tragedy nightclub (Guardian)

Relatives Begin to Identify Sinai Plane Crash Victims in St. Petersburg (New York Times - Paywall)

Q&A: Australia is 'destroying its life support systems', says ecologist video (Guardian)

G nter Schabowski, East German who announced Berlin Wall opening, dies (Washington Post - Paywall)

Group of British lawmakers warns government against plan for airstrikes against IS in Syria (Fox News)

Russian airline spars with government over cause of crash in Egypt (Washington Post - Paywall)

Woman left with dented head after suffering FIVE brain tumours (Daily Star)

US navy plans more patrols of South China Sea to 'remind' Chinese of rights (Guardian)

ISIS kill activists in Turkey (CNN)

TERROR WARNING: British tourists travelling to Egypt 'at risk' from ISIS missile strike (Daily Express)

Nazi landmark gets new life -- helping refugees (CNN)

The tiny world of big buildings (CNN)

One in hospital after M4 tanker crash (BBC)

Maldives official: IED found near president's residence (Washington Post - Paywall)

Editorial: The Scare Tactics of Turkey's President Erdogan Pay Off (New York Times - Paywall)

UK Mental Health Campaign Gets High-Profile Backing (Newsweek Magazine)

'External influence' caused Sinai crash (BBC)

More VW cars found to be cheating tests (BBC)

Questions remain after Russian airline crash in Egypt (CBS News)

ISIS Is Said to Have Killed 2 Activists in Turkey (New York Times - Paywall)

Why I Hope My Doctor Is Off Having a Cup of Tea (Huffington Post)

Why Crash Diets Don't Work (Huffington Post)

How an Unusual Christmas Present Saved My Life (Huffington Post)

Comeback kings win World Series (CNN)

Erdogan says world must respect Turkish election result (Reuters)

Russian Airline Rules Out Technical Fault as Cause of Crash (Newsweek Magazine)

In Russia, conflicting theories over passenger jet crash in Sinai (Los Angeles Times)

Woman trapped in Subway fridge for 8 hours wrote help me' in tomato sauce (Fox News)

No evidence terrorists brought down Russian jet, U.S. intelligence chief says (Los Angeles Times)

Russian plane crashes in Egypt (CBS News)

VIDEO: Man smuggled sandwich into prison (BBC)

Toddler transfixed by airport window encapsulates tragedy of 224 Russian plane crash victims (Fox News)

Maldives minister says explosive device found near president's official residence (Fox News)

Pit Bull Stranded in Texas Floods Found in California (NBC News)

Texas Police Chief Shot in Head, Suspect in Custody (NBC News)

South African police surrender after caught on camera killing suspect (Reuters)

Police called to human cones road block (BBC)

Why The Kansas City Royals Won The World Series (NBC News)

Iran May Withdraw From Syria Peace Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WATCH: Huge air strike targets terrorist bomb-making facility in Syria (Daily Star)

A denial, but no real answers in Russian plane crash (CBS News)

Police fire on protesters in Nepal clash; Indian demonstrator killed (Los Angeles Times)

Isis claims activist killing in Turkey (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sinai plane crash: Four theories (BBC)

VIDEO: What's it like landing a plane in fog? (BBC)

Metrojet blames crash on external impact (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russian plane crash due to "external activity", airline says (Channel4)

China detains Kamikaze Squad' tycoon (Financial Times - Paywall)

China warning over two-child policy (BBC)

Cause of Russian jetliner crash remains a mystery (CBS News)

Analysis of Russian plane crash in Egypt (CBS News)

China falls in English proficiency ranks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russian plane broke apart high above the Sinai Peninsula, official says (Los Angeles Times)

One girl's life in the Ripper years (BBC)

Ice Age engravings found in Jersey (BBC)

Cameron: Britain shares Russia's pain over air crash (Channel4)

Russian tourist jet's crash in Egypt leaves 224 dead; terrorism claim is disputed (Los Angeles Times)

French doctor who gave comatose woman lethal shot reportedly attempts suicide (Los Angeles Times)

No survivors after Russian passenger plane crashes in Sinai (Channel4)

In policy shift, U.S. will send commandos into Syria to advise rebels (Los Angeles Times)

'Blood moon' prompts Mormon announcement: This is NOT the end of the world (Independent)

Hillary Clinton emails: More emails found that former Secretary of State failed to disclose (Independent)

British tourist dies in kayaking accident in New Zealand (Independent)

Indian teenager Anoyara Khatun joins Bill and Melinda Gates to help women and children around the world (Independent)

Hajj stampede: Muslim world rounds on Saudi Arabia amid claims Prince's convoy closed roads and led to crush (Independent)

China and the US progress on talks in Washington aimed at combating climate change (Independent)

Man died in 'excruciating' pain in jail after staff failed to provide medication, says lawsuit (Independent)

Mystery of missing Russian plane loaded with roubles is solved after 80 years (Independent)

Michigan woman mocked in coffee shop writes viral Facebook post addressed to her bullies (Independent)

Animals are boiled alive at Russian pet shop after heating pipe bursts (Daily Mail)

After the Russian plane crash, could a British jet flying out of Sharm el-Sheikh be next? (Daily Mail)

Russian plane crash victims sucked out of seats as external impact' blew jet apart (Daily Mail)

Pictured: Father who died in car crash during foggy conditions leaving his injured five-year-old daughter trapped inside the wreckage for 'some time' (Daily Mail)

Jukin Media motorcycle crash video sees rider fall after pulling a wheelie (Daily Mail)

Dead dogs found by traffic cops inside a crashed car in China (Daily Mail)

Failed plastic surgery leads to student claiming over £10,000 in China (Daily Mail)

Mysterious cloud formation shaped like a question mark spotted floating over China (Daily Mail)

Anteaters butchered and shelled by smugglers in China (Daily Mail)

Woman in China sells sex dolls to save leukemia stricken grandson (Daily Mail)

Picture of Queen's sitting room gives rare glimpse into her world (Daily Mail)

Why some think Charles and not Prince Harry should have presented the Rugby World Cup (Daily Mail)

All Blacks fan's epic Rugby World Cup final celebration goes viral (Daily Mail)

Mexican wrestler who 'pole-axed' Lewis Hamilton reveals world of Lucha Libre (Daily Mail)

Rugby world cup freebies for MPs including Boris Johnson and Andy Burnham (Daily Mail)

Libya weaponizes migrants: Nation warns it will send 'hundreds of thousands' to Europe if the world does not recognise its self-appointed Islamist government (Daily Mail)

The All Blacks celebrate their Rugby World Cup victory with a night at London strip club (Daily Mail)

Weather patterns on alien world beyond our solar system seen for first time (Daily Mail)

Mood swings are actually a good thing: Sudden changes in emotion may help us adapt to an ever changing world (Daily Mail)

British boy dies from severe allergic reaction to dairy in Italy near Naples (Daily Mail)

East German official Guenter Schabowski whose gaffe led to fall of Berlin Wall dies (Daily Mail)

Canadian thrillseeker, 43, dies after BASE jumping from notorious Swiss beauty spot nicknamed 'Death Valley' (Daily Mail)

Chariots of Fire writer Colin Welland dies aged 81 after long battle with Alzheimer's (Daily Mail)

Ahmed Chalabi dies aged 71 'of a heart attack' (Daily Mail)

China's C919 passenger plane makes its worldwide debut in Shanghai (Daily Mail)

Flatulence from sheep on Singapore Airlines plane forced aircraft to make emergency landing (Daily Mail)

Benefits from bombing ISIS in Syria 'don't outweigh the risks': Blow for Cameron as committee says airstrikes would have only 'marginal effect' on the terror group (Daily Mail)

David Cameron warns that the EU migrant deal will cost the UK dear (Daily Mail)

Palestinians burn US and UK flags on Balfour Declaration anniversary (Daily Mail)

Former 'ugly duckling' burlesque dancer Lulu Vesper is crowned Miss Pin Up UK (Daily Mail)

The best luxury hotels in the UK revealed (Daily Mail)

We can't afford to crack down on drivers on phone at the wheel, say police chiefs (Daily Mail)

Merseyside police workerwho made joke about rape on Twitter leaves force (Daily Mail)

Amazing picture captures the moment hero police officer risks his life to save woman as she jumps from bridge (Daily Mail)

Video shows Brazilian police officer shooting his wife 11 times and kills her (Daily Mail)

Chaos in Cyprus as migrants threaten suicide, burn tents and clash with police (Daily Mail)

Kim Farry's shoplifted goods worth £2m and lives off benefits paid for by YOU (Daily Mail)

Halo the pooch shows off his skills and sinks balls using his paw in video (Daily Mail)

Computer brain games 'stave off mental decline' (Daily Mail)

Three quarters say pressure of career and family life is putting them off having children (Daily Mail)

Taylor Swift 'being sued for $42million by Jesse Braham over hit song Shake It Off (Daily Mail)

Wimbledon Chicken Cottage attacked as masked men set off fireworks (Daily Mail)

Hungarian festival where revellers don grotesque masks to scare off winter (Daily Mail)

Bowlers fenced off from green by landlord SAW through metal barrier (Daily Mail)

Richard Davies who died after being shot in stand off had knives and gun at home (Daily Mail)

Drone captures footage of albino whale calf playing off South African coast (Daily Mail)

Tinned spaghetti hoops, white bread and potatoes are off the menu as British families move out of the culinary 'dark ages' (Daily Mail)

Spoof guide tells postmen to whisper 'are you home' at the door before driving off (Daily Mail)

Indian father Deepak Kol bled to death after chopping off his tongue in sacrifice to gods (Daily Mail)

Brisk walks are BETTER at keeping weight off than going to the gym (Daily Mail)

Dublin murderer Anthony Locke chopped off Christopher Jackson's penis (Daily Mail)

Pets Who Hate Vets's Jack Russell snarls, claws and fights off the vet (Daily Mail)

Palestinian man shot dead by Israeli army after trying to stab a soldier at West Bank checkpoint (Daily Mail)

Chinese man is caught stealing £100,000 worth of gold so he can marry (Daily Mail)

Police arrest man over string of 'linked' sex assaults in south London (Daily Mail)

What would YOU do? Man tests public honesty by pretending to be blind and asking people in the street for change from $5 while handing them $50 (Daily Mail)

Transgender man starts crowdfunding campaign to have breasts removed (Daily Mail)

Woman bullied at school for pulling her hair out finds love with a man who prefers her bald (Daily Mail)

California man proposes to his girlfriend with a WISDOM TOOTH on Halloween (Daily Mail)

Guernsey man Sidney Ashcroft sent to a Nazi prison camp found after 70 years (Daily Mail)

'Poor manbaby!' Man ridiculed after penning 'sexist' rant accusing his wife of 'tricking' him into cleaning, before saying men should be 'off the hook' for domestic duties (Daily Mail)

Two 200ml soft drink found to increase chance of organ failure by more than 20% (Daily Mail)

Gwendoline Harding's ashes found in urn dumped in skip in Norfolk (Daily Mail)

Talking about safe sex with teenagers found to reduce chance of risky behaviour (Daily Mail)

Bolton mother tells how she found her baby girl lying dead in her cot with twin (Daily Mail)

Hereford schoolgirl Mona Stonyer's satchel left behind in class in 1930 is found by teachers (Daily Mail)

Londoner's claim he found cannabis in his Pot Noodle sets Facebook alight (Daily Mail)

Have archaeologists found the lost Acra of Jerusalem under a car park? (Daily Mail)

ISIS suicide bomber found alive after blowing himself in HALF in Yemen (Daily Mail)

Young mother, 35, who was devastated by the violent murder of her own mother has been found dead at her home (Daily Mail)

Prostate PSA blood test during your op can spare a man's love life (Daily Mail)

Cartel enforcer gets life sentence for 9 California killings (Daily Mail)

The baby put into a FREEZER BAG to save his life celebrates his first birthday (Daily Mail)

'Drunk' four-year-old Romanian boy is taken to hospital in an 'alcoholic coma' and left fighting for life (Daily Mail)

Uber driver is jailed for life for raping a young female passenger in India (Daily Mail)

Facebook reveals plans for artificial intelligence software that can run your life and 'help you understand the world' (Daily Mail)

Google Street View camera captures Dutch woman urinating against a wall (Daily Mail)

Brazilian prison inmate makes bid for freedom dressed as visiting old woman (Daily Mail)

'Honey trap' woman is paid £20 a week by paranoid partners to snare love rats (Daily Mail)

Kenyan nurse films horrific abuse she suffers from Finnish woman (Daily Mail)

'Zombie' woman entered Haitian village years after her funeral could prove voodoo is real (Daily Mail)

Warrington woman obsessed with fillers forced husband to spend £43,000 (Daily Mail)

Homeless woman goes from living in a car to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars like Idris Elba and Whitney Houston after chance encounter with real-life Coach Carter led to amazing rags to riches tale (Daily Mail)

Drunk Liverpool woman Kayleigh North assulted her friend with a rusty drain cover (Daily Mail)

Afghan woman stoned to death for 'adultery' (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn threatens to withdraw Labour backing on ISIS bombing in Iraq (Daily Mail)