Wednesday, 4th November 2015

World News

US Intel: ISIS bomb possible in downing of Russian plane (CBS News)

San Diego police in standoff with active shooter (CBS News)

Police officer, suspect shot and wounded in central Ky. (CBS News)

Dallas man charged with killing stepsister (CBS News)

U.S. intel: ISIS may have put bomb in downed Russian plane (CBS News)

U.K.: Bomb may have caused Russian jet crash in Egypt (CBS News)

Russian-made plane crashes in Sudan (CBS News)

Russian airliner crash raises safety questions (CBS News)

Russian plane crash in Egypt may have been result of bomb, US and UK say live updates (Guardian)

Police cars may carry advertising slogans to allow forces to make extra money (Daily Star)

'Significant possibility' explosive device caused Russian plane crash - Hammond (Reuters)

Second mistrial declared for Alabama officer who threw Indian man to ground (Guardian)

Chatter after crash drives bomb theory (CNN)

Illinois police give update on lieutenants suicide (CBS News)

Ultimate Facebook prank: Man leaves profile open and hoaxers take their chance (Daily Star)

U.K.: Russian jet may have been downed by explosive (CBS News)

U.S. official says ISIS bomb most likely reason for plane crash (CNN)

Man with huge 21 size feet told to pay £1,300 for work boots (Daily Star)

California man has tapeworm removed from his brain in life-saving surgery (Guardian)

VIDEO: UK halts flights to and from Sharm (BBC)

U.S. and U.K. Officials Suspect Bomb May Have Brought Down Russian Airliner (Time Magazine)

UK says bomb might have downed Russia jet (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS Bomb May Have Downed Russian Jet, U.S. Official Says (NBC News)

ISIS jihadis threaten to SLICE TONGUE off during brutal electric shock torture (Daily Express)

Superhero Serena Williams chases down phone thief (CNN)

Cargo Plane Crashes in South Sudan, Killing Dozens (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hunger Games world premiere - in pictures (Guardian)

Trudeau gives Canada first cabinet with equal number of men and women (Guardian)

Edward Snowden attacks UK government over investigatory powers bill (Guardian)

Million Mask March 2015: Police Prepare For Bonfire Night Protest In London (Huffington Post)

Fallen 'Hero' Officer Was Really Crooked Cop, Police Say (NBC News)

Egypt flights on hold as UK says bomb may have caused Russian crash (Guardian)

Russian Tourist Agencies See Cancellations and Dropping Sales After Sinai Crash (Newsweek Magazine)

McLoughlin: crashed Russian plane may have been brought down by explosive device video (Guardian)

Six-year-old boy in Louisiana possibly killed by police in the line of fire' (Guardian)

More than half of black millennials know victim of police violence (CBS News)

Innocent Man Freed After 19 Years in Prison for Murder (NBC News)

More than half of black millennials in US know victim of police violence report (Guardian)

UN head: Climate summit success now rests with world leaders (Washington Post - Paywall)

UN chief: Climate summit success now rests with world leaders; Ban urges financing pledges (Fox News)

WW1 forgotten? Half of Brits admit to knowing NOTHING about the First World War (Daily Express)

BREAKING: US says Islamic State bomb blew up Russian plane over Egypt (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Shots fired as SWAT teams face off with active gunman in San Diego (Daily Star)

Robin Williams' widow on his death (CNN)

China Burns Much More Coal Than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain, Concerned About Russian Crash, Halts Flights From Egyptian Resort (New York Times - Paywall)

Taliban justice: Woman stoned to death (CNN)

Baby survives deadly plane crash (CNN)

Off Year Sees Republicans Take Governorships in Mississippi, Kentucky (Newsweek Magazine)

Source: Explosive planted on plane (CNN)

Vladimir Putin Ranked Most Powerful Person In The World By Forbes (Huffington Post)

Brave Alton Towers crash victim Leah Washington meets idols One Direction (Daily Express)

Forces holding Libya oil fields threaten to cut off exports (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police Kill Attacker Who Stabbed Five on California University Campus (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman gives birth after surviving horrific car crash (CBS News)

Nunchucks latest weapon for U.S. police (CNN)

VIDEO: Footage shows rising tension at Cyprus base (BBC)

Malaysia returning remains from site of 1945 US plane crash (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pentagon chief visiting aircraft carrier in South China Sea (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mexico's supreme court takes first step toward legalizing recreational use of marijuana (Fox News)

Man 'found with 21 pieces of female genitalia in freezer' appears in court (Daily Star)

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT: Outrage as CCTV captures man masturbating near primary school (Daily Star)

Sophie Howe: The police chief accused of a 'Sharon Stone' TV moment (Daily Express)

Can China and Taiwan make up? (CNN)

Iran officially marks 36 years of loathing for U.S. (CBS News)

£1m pottery hoard amassed for over 40 years and found in bungalow (Daily Express)

British 'Concerned' Bomb Brought Down Russian Jet (NBC News)

The leaders of China and Taiwan to meet, amid widespread skepticism (Washington Post - Paywall)

Britain halts flights to Sharm el-Sheikh amid fears that Russian jet was downed by bomb (Los Angeles Times)

Baylor football players loom large on and off field (CBS News)

Baylors McGowan and Oakman loom large on and off field (CBS News)

German Police Launch Mass Raid on People Smugglers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman accused of adultery stoned to death in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Oklahoma Woman Charged in Parade Crash That Killed 4 People (Time Magazine)

Gunman in Custody After Five Hour Standoff with San Diego Police (Newsweek Magazine)

See Donald Trump on SNL Over the Years (Time Magazine)

Cargo plane full of people crashes on Nile River bank (CBS News)

Police Search for Active Shooter in San Diego (Time Magazine)

South Sudan rivals boosting weapons stockpiles - U.N. experts (Reuters)

In symbolic gesture, US defense chief visiting aircraft carrier in South China Sea (Fox News)

Ex-Walmart CEO survives dramatic plane parachute landing (CBS News)

Uber ban like trying to stop first printing press, says Brussels (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK healthcare 'trails other nations' (BBC)

UK plutonium is 'energy in the bank' (BBC)

China Underreporting Coal Consumption By Up to 17% (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman fights for life after landing 30-feet down alley with car ON TOP of her (Daily Star)

Search crews comb wider area after Russian jet crash (CBS News)

How to Casually Lay Off Dozens of Employees: A Guide (Newsweek Magazine)

Record $500m Auction of Billionaires Private Art Collection Kicks Off (Newsweek Magazine)

Palestinian driver shot dead after ramming Israeli officer - Israeli police (Reuters)

United Kingdom and Ireland Suspend Flights to Sinai Over Concerns Russian Plane was Brought Down by Bomb (Newsweek Magazine)

Report: U.S. Intelligence Suggests Bomb Brought Down Russian Plane Over Sinai (Newsweek Magazine)

Look Inside Amazon's First Physical Store (Time Magazine)

Russian Officials Debate Memorial For Egypt Plane Crash Victims (Newsweek Magazine)

Cargo Plane Crashes Along Nile in South Sudan (New York Times - Paywall)

British legislation would give police greater access to residents' Web visits (Los Angeles Times)

German police bust people smuggling ring (Reuters)

Palestinian Man Rams Israeli Police Officer With his Car (Time Magazine)

Russian Plane Crash: Jet 'Could Have Been Brought Down By Explosive Device', Downing Street Says (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Flights to Egypt SUSPENDED over Russian plane bomb fears (Daily Express)

Ex-athletics world head investigated (BBC)

Serena Williams Chased Down a Man Who Tried to Steal Her Phone (Time Magazine)

France to tackle work hours in 2016 in first step of labour code revamp (Reuters)

What Really Brought Down The Romanian Government? (Newsweek Magazine)

Hundreds Expected to Protest Egyptian Presidents First U.K. Visit (Newsweek Magazine)

Will UK spy bill expose porn habits? (BBC)

Packed plane forced into emergency landing after man 'threatens to kill passengers' (Daily Star)

Long-Lost Animation of the First Ever Disney Cartoon Discovered in London (Newsweek Magazine)

Greece rejects using Olympic site to shelter refugees as countries crack down on smugglers (Fox News)

BREAKING: Plane makes emergency landing after passenger 'threatened to kill people' (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Student protesters break through police lines as chaos hits London's streets (Daily Star)

When Leaders of Taiwan and China Meet, Protocol Will Be a Delicate Dance (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State Offshoot Tells Russian Plane Crash Investigators: 'Prove it Wasn't Us' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Defense Secretary to Join Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China, Taiwan and a Meeting After 66 Years (New York Times - Paywall)

OSU Homecoming Crash Suspect Formally Charged (NBC News)

Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canada's first Generation X prime minister (Los Angeles Times)

South China Sea spat sours summit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Serbia closes down 72-yer-old state Tanjug news agency after failure to privatize (Fox News)

Ex-Wal-Mart CEO crash-lands plane with help of parachute (CBS News)

Search for clues widens after Russian jet crash (CBS News)

Student Protest London: Police Kettle Protesters After Home Office Hit By Smoke Bombs (Huffington Post)

Greece carries out first relocation of refugees to Luxembourg (Reuters)

Cop Whose Death Sparked Manhunt Committed Suicide, Official Says (Time Magazine)

Karim Benzema arrested by police in sex-tape blackmail case (Guardian)

Disabled People Have a Lot Still to Fight for - 20 Years Since the Disability Discrimination Act (Huffington Post)

Inspiring Readers - Bringing a World of Reading Into the Classroom (Huffington Post)

Vatican plays down 2 books recounting financial malfeasance and greed, says Pope backs reforms (Fox News)

Jean-Marie Le Pen's home raided by police after allegations of tax evasion (Guardian)

Connecticut Mayor Re-elected After 7 Years in Prison (NBC News)

National Grid energy fears before coldest winter in 50 years (Daily Star)

Afghan Woman Stoned to Death in Ghor Province (Newsweek Magazine)

Robin Williams' Widow: Actor Was to Move to Treatment Center Before Death (Time Magazine)

BrewDog Launch Worlds First 'Transgender Beer', Confusion And Anger Ensues (Huffington Post)

Cameron says UK troops 'wouldn't have a job' under Corbyn after 'crazy socialist' jibe (Daily Express)

Plane makes emergency landing after gas from thousands of sheep on board set off fire alarms (Fox News)

Yitzhak Rabin: An Indispensable Man (Newsweek Magazine)

Death of Illinois Police Officer Sparking Manhunt Was Actually Carefully Staged Suicide (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch: Migrants riot at RAF base in Cyprus as they DEMAND immediate entry to the UK (Daily Express)

Here's Your First Look at Eddie Redmayne in the Harry Potter Spinoff (Time Magazine)

HMRC 'still failing' UK taxpayers (BBC)

Plane crashes shortly after takeoff in South Sudan (Guardian)

Man in court over Clapham sex attacks (Guardian)

Plane crashes in South Sudan, witnesses say dozens killed (Reuters)

Theresa May bans US segregationist from UK for 'neo-Nazi' remarks (Guardian)

London 'Plague Pits' Map Shows Where Black Death Victims Are Buried Across The Capital (Huffington Post)

Man accused of eight sex attacks (BBC)

French police search office, home of National Front founder (Reuters)

WATCH: ISIS thugs hand SWEETS to children as they celebrate Russia plane crash tragedy (Daily Express)

Worst winter for FIVE YEARS: UK facing freezing gales and HEAVY SNOW in just a FORTNIGHT (Daily Express)

Prickly problem: man crowdfunds vet bill after porcupine takes on dogs (Guardian)

The Pistorius appeal has helped restore South Africa's faith in the law (Guardian)

Russian-Built Cargo Plane Crashes in South Sudan, Witnesses Say 41 Killed (Newsweek Magazine)

Sisi says Muslim Brotherhood can play role in Egypt before UK visit (Reuters)

'Dozens killed' in S Sudan plane crash (BBC)

ISIS tells West to DIE from rage as it may NEVER reveal how it caused Russia plane crash (Daily Express)

Bodies of 33 victims identified in Russia in Egypt's plane crash (Fox News)

33 victims of plane crash in Egypt identified as search area expands (Fox News)

South African university unveils sculpture of Mandela shirt (Washington Post - Paywall)

At least 25 dead after Russian cargo plane crashes along Nile River in South Sudan (Fox News)

North Korea blocks South Korean officials from factory park (Washington Post - Paywall)

Taliban Stone Afghan Woman To Death After Accusing Her Of Adultery (Huffington Post)

Volcanic Ash Shuts Down Bali Airport (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK fines prosecutors for data breach in stolen laptops case (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cargo Plane Crash Kills At Least 25 (Time Magazine)

Remains of Nearly 2,750 Korean Wartime Laborers Found in Japan, South Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Moody's says China economy and volatility from US rate hike are 2 big credit risks for 2016 (Fox News)

Cargo plane crashes near international airport in South Sudan, killing at least 25 (Los Angeles Times)

Indian police detain hundreds before Modi visits Kashmir (Washington Post - Paywall)

Army regiment asks Britain First to REMOVE Facebook post praising soldiers (Daily Express)

Wreckage of cargo plane after crash in South Sudan video (Guardian)

Police Endure Tragedy, Violence and Uncertainty Amidst the Hypocrisy and Contempt of May and Cameron (Huffington Post)

Tarantino 'not intimidated' by police (BBC)

Boy With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Is Handcuffed By Police Officer In Michigan, US (Huffington Post)

EasyJet's Logo Could Be On My Police Cars, Bedfordshire Crime Commissioner Says (Huffington Post)

NATO's biggest war games in 12 years test its abilities, and sends signal it's ready to act (Fox News)

Man who threatened to BEHEAD Ukip candidate faces justice as sentencing looms (Daily Express)

Lying lorry driver duped family into thinking he was SAS Iraq War hero for 15 YEARS (Daily Star)

Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 4 Egyptian Police Officers in Sinai (New York Times - Paywall)

66 Years of Silence: Historic China, Taiwan Meeting Looms (NBC News)

ASEAN defence chiefs fail to agree on South China Sea statement (Reuters)

Cellino calls off Leeds fans deal (BBC)

Indian police detain hundreds of people to block protests during Modi's visit to Kashmir (Fox News)

French prosecutors: Former IAAF president Diack investigated in Russian doping bribery probe (Fox News)

Murdered for their guns, Venezuela's police are now victims of crime (Guardian)

North Korea blocks South Korean officials from entering jointly run industrial park (Fox News)

Bosnia and Serbia hold first session of their governments; aim to improve their relations (Fox News)

Dozens Dead, 2 Survive as Plane Crashes in S. Sudan (NBC News)

Man, 24, charged with string of sexual assaults in south London (Daily Express)

Police clamp down on feared unrest on Million Mask march (Guardian)

South-east Asian ministers cancel joint accord over South China Sea dispute (Guardian)

UK surveillance powers explained (BBC)

Dispute Over South China Sea Prompts Asian Officials to Cancel Joint Statement (New York Times - Paywall)

China underreporting coal consumption by up to 17%, data suggests (Guardian)

New chief ranger at South Africa's biggest wildlife park faces tough task of protecting rhinos (Fox News)

Helicopters winch Lebanese, Syrian migrants from sea off Cyprus (Reuters)

BREAKING: Russian plane crashes in South Sudan killing 41 people (Daily Star)

3 Things Taiwan Wants From China (Time Magazine)

Sources: Illinois police officers death was suicide (CBS News)

3 police officers killed in Sinai bombing (CNN)

Katie Price fan's lip reaches bursting point after years of botox (Daily Star)

Britain First Use Lee Rigby Image On Facebook Page Despite Family's Calls Not To (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: 40 feared dead as Russian-made plane crashes half a mile from runway (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Teenage girl is STONED TO DEATH by barbaric Taliban fighters (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Naomi Campbell: 'Is UK proud to have me?' (BBC)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 4th November 2015 (Huffington Post)

South West London Sex Attacks: Man Charged With Sexual Assault And Exposure (Huffington Post)

3 Things China Wants From Taiwan (Time Magazine)

Report: Illinois police lieutenants death was suicide (CBS News)

I'm A Celebrity': Joan Collins Reveals She Turned Down Massive Amount Of Money' To Enter The Jungle (Huffington Post)

Plane crashes near international airport in the South Sudanese capital. (Fox News)

Taiwan defined by conflicted identity, diplomatic isolation, complicating weekend China talks (Fox News)

Black Boxes Suggest No Advance Warning in Russian Air Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Egyptian state media says suicide bomber hits police club in restive north Sinai, killing 3 (Fox News)

Car bomb targeting police kills six people in Egypt (Reuters)

Did shoddy repair work cause Russian plane crash? (CNN)

Taiwan and China to hold key summit (BBC)

Colfer to write Marvel Iron Man novel (BBC)

After Manhunt, Cop's Death to Be Ruled Likely Suicide (NBC News)

Cambodian police arrest 3 suspects for attacking lawmakers (Washington Post - Paywall)

Taiwan, China leaders to hold first meeting since end of civil war (Reuters)

Greece relocates its first refugees with selfies and prime ministerial farewells (Guardian)

Taiwan and China to hold historic summit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrians' amazing hospitality, despite years of war (CNN)

David Leyonhjelm's 'all cops are bastards' comments 'appalling' police (Guardian)

China has 'duty to humanity' to curb pollution, premier says (Guardian)

First 30 refugees to be relocated from Greece board plane in Athens bound for Luxembourg (Washington Post - Paywall)

Teenage girl traumatised after horrific' sexual assault, Victoria police allege (Guardian)

Asia defense meeting fails to issue joint declaration as South China Sea tensions spill over (Fox News)

China to push cultural 'blending' in Xinjiang stability push (Reuters)

Presidents of China and Taiwan to meet for first time since sides split in 1949 amid civil war (Fox News)

Cambodian police arrest 3 suspects for beating of 2 Cambodian opposition lawmakers (Fox News)

A look inside the world of coffee (CNN)

China Lowers Expectations for Growth (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Lord Lawson rubbishes Cameron's EU claims and insists UK would get a good deal if we leave (Daily Express)

What Taiwan's Founder Said the Last Time Leaders of China and Taiwan Met (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Plane makes emergency landing on road (BBC)

Police officer stabbed to death in China after driving dispute (Reuters)

China sacks Tianjin port chief after blasts - People's Daily (Reuters)

Leaders' planned talks a first for China and Taiwan since 1949 split (Los Angeles Times)

Quake of magnitude 6.8 strikes off East Timor - USGS (Reuters)

Tarantino stands by "murder" remark despite police groups threats (CBS News)

Ohio Votes Down Legalizing Pot for Medical and Recreational Use (Time Magazine)

Mid-air terror as ranting man tries to smash down cockpit door and open emergency exits (Daily Star)

'I'd given up': Man survived by eating ants (CNN)

World Briefing: Somalia: Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Ohio Votes Down Legal Pot for Medical, Recreational Use (NBC News)

Kentucky elects businessman as second Republican governor in 40 years (Guardian)

Official: Man charged with killing sheriff escapes (CBS News)

Watch the First Teaser Trailer for Warcraft (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Mid-air terror as man tries to smash down cockpit door and open emergency exits (Daily Express)

World Briefing: Britain: Payout for Saudi's Secret Wife' (New York Times - Paywall)

Flash Was Detected as Russian Jet Broke Apart, U.S. Military Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Volunteer army may swell police service ranks (BBC)

China urges U.S. not to threaten its sovereignty (Reuters)

Leaders of Taiwan and China to hold first meeting since 1940s civil war (CBS News)

Woman Dies In 'Honour Killing' After Being 'Set On Fire For Turning Down Marriage Proposal' (Huffington Post)

Woman caring for Bobbi Kristina Brown impersonated nurse, police say (CBS News)

Groupon CEO steps down as daily deals website heavily discounts its outlook (Guardian)

Taiwan, China to Hold Historic Talks in Singapore (Newsweek Magazine)

Police Raid Lil Wayne's Miami Beach Mansion (NBC News)

Florida data shows 10,900 rape kits still untested (CBS News)

Quentin Tarantino Responds to Backlash Over Police Comments: I'm Not a Cop Hater' (Time Magazine)

South China Sea tensions spill over to defense meeting (Washington Post - Paywall)

The man who invented relaxation (BBC)

Man Stabbed to Death for Taking the Last Piece of Chicken (Time Magazine)

Jeremy Hunt Offers Junior Doctors 11 Percent Pay Rise To Fend Off Industrial Action (Huffington Post)

Prince Charles NOSE he's welcome Down Under: Royals begin tour of Australia & New Zealand (Daily Express)

Russian plane tragedy: Investigators probe CATERERS amid evidence of 'explosion inside' (Daily Express)

Man with '21 mutilated vagina pieces stored in freezer' appears in court (Daily Express)

Tory Peer's Claims That Migrants Are Attracted To UK By Benefits Are 'Simply Not True' Say Labour (Huffington Post)

Teenager froze to death after ski resort pub crawl, inquest hears (Guardian)

South China Sea tensions spill over to meeting of Asian defense chiefs, plus U.S (Fox News)

Unruly passenger forces emergency plane landing in Sweden (Washington Post - Paywall)

Arkansas Police Officer Charged With Falsifying Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

UK turns to diesel to meet power crunch (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese and Taiwanese Presidents to Meet for the First Time Since 1949 (Time Magazine)

Experts step up efforts to save the world from an apocalyptic SOLAR STORM (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Dogs and owners dance in world champs (BBC)

Plane makes emergency landing in Sweden after unruly passenger tries to kick down cockpit door (Fox News)

Who's Involved in the Metrojet Crash Investigation (New York Times - Paywall)

Scraps of inconclusive evidence surface on Russian airliner crash (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shooting at Florida Zombie Convention Leads to $5 Million Wrongful Death Suit (Newsweek Magazine)

20 Years After Rabin, Israeli Politics Have Shifted (New York Times - Paywall)

Cop Accused of Shooting Man in Back Goes on Trial for Murder (NBC News)

Pickups can't bring down planes (CNN)

U.S. spy satellite may help solve Russian jet crash (CBS News)

Drunk Brit teen FROZE TO DEATH on ski resort pub crawl (Daily Star)

WATCH: Gloating video shows ISIS handing out sweets after Russian air crash tragedy (Daily Star)

Why the 2016 Election Comes Down to Obama (NBC News)

Taiwan, Chinese presidents to meet for first time since 49 (Washington Post - Paywall)

International Space Station: 15 Years In 50 Pictures (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Film of Disney's first creation found (BBC)

Bin lorry crash driver issues apology (BBC)

Man whose claims sparked Iraq war dies (CNN)

Wavering over Syria exposes UK divisions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Robin Williams' Widow, Susan, Gives First Interview Since Actor's Death, Insists 'Depression Did Not Kill Him' (Huffington Post)

Historic conference: Presidents of Taiwan and China to meet for first time since split (Fox News)

Sudanese Muslim reportedly tried to kill Israeli man on flight (Fox News)

Bulgarian police protest benefit cuts, in challenge to government (Reuters)

College Football Playoff Rankings Primer: First Reveal Tuesday (NBC News)

Bat-Killing Fungus Found in China for First Time (Newsweek Magazine)

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Woman stoned to death for 'having sex with fiancé' (Daily Star)

Kazakhstan to sell off crown jewels (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chalabi death highlights Iraq war legacy (BBC)

No proof Russian plane broke up in mid-air - Egyptian authorities (Reuters)

US tells China naval missions will stay (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trade Union Bill Climb Down: Strikers Will Not Have To Get Police Permission For Twitter Use (Huffington Post)

Grief, questions for Russian plane crash families (CBS News)

Louis Theroux Announces Jimmy Savile New Documentary, 15 Years After 'When Louis Met Jimmy' (Huffington Post)

Mystery heat flash before Russian jet crash (CBS News)

Katie Hopkins Scoffs At Police As It Emerges She Will Not Face Charges Over THAT Migrants Column (Huffington Post)

Transgender People On TV Shows Should Be Portrayed As 'Mainstream' And Not 'Exotic' By Playing Doctors And Lawyers, Says Minister Ed Vaizey (Huffington Post)

Iran arrests U.S.-Lebanese man in espionage probe - state TV, citing sources (Reuters)

Osborne: UK to get best of both worlds (BBC)

Russian exile to be EBRD chief economist (Financial Times - Paywall)

Number of children seeking asylum in Europe doubles - UNICEF UK (Reuters)

Strange 'uncharacteristic' sounds recorded in cockpit moments before Russian jet crashed (Daily Express)

Russian plane crash: 'unusual sounds' in cockpit (Channel4)

U.S. Admiral, in Beijing, Defends Patrols in South China Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

George Osborne: what UK wants from new EU deal (Channel4)

SHOCK ALERT: World faces YEAR of CATASTROPHIC weather from most powerful El Nino & La Nina (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Bin lorry crash families speak out (BBC)

In Russia, conflicting theories over passenger jet crash in Sinai (Los Angeles Times)

No evidence terrorists brought down Russian jet, U.S. intelligence chief says (Los Angeles Times)

Police fire on protesters in Nepal clash; Indian demonstrator killed (Los Angeles Times)

Russian plane crash due to "external activity", airline says (Channel4)

Russian plane broke apart high above the Sinai Peninsula, official says (Los Angeles Times)

One girl's life in the Ripper years (BBC)

Cameron: Britain shares Russia's pain over air crash (Channel4)

Russian tourist jet's crash in Egypt leaves 224 dead; terrorism claim is disputed (Los Angeles Times)

No survivors after Russian passenger plane crashes in Sinai (Channel4)

Cyclone Chapala could bring years of rain to Yemen and Oman in days (Channel4)

'Blood moon' prompts Mormon announcement: This is NOT the end of the world (Independent)

Indian teenager Anoyara Khatun joins Bill and Melinda Gates to help women and children around the world (Independent)

Hajj stampede: Muslim world rounds on Saudi Arabia amid claims Prince's convoy closed roads and led to crush (Independent)

China and the US progress on talks in Washington aimed at combating climate change (Independent)

Man died in 'excruciating' pain in jail after staff failed to provide medication, says lawsuit (Independent)

Mystery of missing Russian plane loaded with roubles is solved after 80 years (Independent)

Mac on... police being taken off the beat (Daily Mail)

Chaos in Cyprus as migrants threaten suicide, burn tents and clash with police (Daily Mail)

Video shows Brazilian police officer shooting his wife 11 times and kills her (Daily Mail)

Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion raided by police as they seize assets (Daily Mail)

Logos for brands such as easyJet would create money for police forces (Daily Mail)

Female politician slams police commissioner as a 'cocky little £93k madam crossing her legs Sharon-Stone style' when she sees her on TV (Daily Mail)

Pictures show the moment when police caught road rage thug who had beaten a Good Samaritan senseless with an iron bar (Daily Mail)

BMW chased by unmarked police car leaves trail of destruction ploughing into a bus stop, lamppost, car and cyclist (Daily Mail)

Chinese students invent ingenious booby-traps when their college refused to alert the police after a break in (Daily Mail)

Abingdon shooting sees woman shot in the head as police hunt two suspects (Daily Mail)

Russian plane crash reveals no proof it broke up in mid-air', Egypt claims (Daily Mail)

After the Russian plane crash, could a British jet flying out of Sharm el-Sheikh be next? (Daily Mail)

Russian cargo plane crashes in South Sudan days after Metrojet disaster in Sinai (Daily Mail)

Video of Russian plane crash in Sinai shows the jet's smouldering wreckage (Daily Mail)

Crew of the last Vulcan bomber investigated over footage of the plane performing an 'illegal' barrel roll in its final weeks in the air (Daily Mail)

Should you be afraid of turbulence? Experts reveal what really happens when your plane starts to shake (Daily Mail)

'Well loved' Russian model who was known among her friends for missing plane flights is revealed to be among the 224 killed in Metrojet crash (Daily Mail)

ISIS bomb is most likely' reason behind Russian plane crash say US officials (Daily Mail)

Lamine Diack under investigation over 'corruption linked to covering up Russian doping' in athletics (Daily Mail)

Woman in China sells sex dolls to save leukemia stricken grandson (Daily Mail)

Anteaters butchered and shelled by smugglers in China (Daily Mail)

'Poor manbaby!' Man ridiculed after penning 'sexist' rant accusing his wife of 'tricking' him into cleaning, before saying men should be 'off the hook' for domestic duties (Daily Mail)

California man proposes to his girlfriend with a WISDOM TOOTH on Halloween (Daily Mail)

Guernsey man Sidney Ashcroft sent to a Nazi prison camp found after 70 years (Daily Mail)

Transgender man starts crowdfunding campaign to have breasts removed (Daily Mail)

What would YOU do? Man tests public honesty by pretending to be blind and asking people in the street for change from $5 while handing them $50 (Daily Mail)

Chinese man is caught stealing £100,000 worth of gold so he can marry (Daily Mail)

Police arrest man over string of 'linked' sex assaults in south London (Daily Mail)

Waltham Cross man lied to his family for 15 YEARS claiming he was an SAS hero (Daily Mail)

Muslim Ethiopian Airlines passenger tries to kill Jewish man while urging others to lynch him (Daily Mail)

Spooky figure of a helmeted man is photographed in Staffordshire woods steeped in history (Daily Mail)

How the UK is the unhealthy man of Europe: NHS needs 50,000 more nurses and 26,500 doctors costing £5bn to bring it up to standard of Western neighbours (Daily Mail)

Woman who was bullied for years over her facial disfigurement but refused to have surgery walks down the aisle after meeting the man of her dreams online (Daily Mail)

Man, 20, stabbed a 49-year-old man to death over 50 CENTS (Daily Mail)

Putin is declared the most powerful man in the world by Forbes magazine... with Angela Merkel replacing President Obama in second place (Daily Mail)

'Shut my window for me, it's freezing in here': What drunk man in York told passerby after mistaking a grass verge for his bedroom (Daily Mail)

Terrifying moment shop assistant screams as a man tries to rape her after dragging her behind a rack of clothes at Argentinian store (Daily Mail)

Northern Irish man discovers the 'woman' he's been texting was his MATE (Daily Mail)

KFC staff refused to serve Derby man bacon because it is not halal (Daily Mail)

Ukrainian man jumps into icy waters to rescue a kitten (Daily Mail)

Adriana Campos and Carlos Rincon killed in car crash after losing control (Daily Mail)

Helmet with built-in suspension: Motorcycle headgear absorbs energy from a crash to protect your brain as well as your skull (Daily Mail)

Labour let down staudents with 'worthless qualifications' Nicky Morgan warns (Daily Mail)

BBC's The Great Pottery Throw Down contestants vying to be Britain's best POTTER (Daily Mail)

Camilla struggles against high winds while Prince Charles receives a traditional Maori greeting as the royal couple touch down in New Zealand (Daily Mail)

Wizz Air passenger tried to kick down cockpit door on flight from Romania to Norway (Daily Mail)

BBC's The Great Pottery Throw Down gets viewers tittering with clay-related innuendos (Daily Mail)

Rosetta probe to 'crash land' on comet at end of its mission but spacecraft will make a softer touch down on 67P than its ill-fated Philae lander (Daily Mail)

Serena Williams tells story of chasing down thief who stole her phone (Daily Mail)

Pets Who Hate Vets's Jack Russell snarls, claws and fights off the vet (Daily Mail)

Dublin murderer Anthony Locke chopped off Christopher Jackson's penis (Daily Mail)

Indian father Deepak Kol bled to death after chopping off his tongue in sacrifice to gods (Daily Mail)

Computer brain games 'stave off mental decline' (Daily Mail)

Spoof guide tells postmen to whisper 'are you home' at the door before driving off (Daily Mail)

Thieves raid London Gucci store and make off with £100k worth of goods in video (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn says we should call off air strikes on ISIS in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Hungry sea lion feasts on a thresher shark off the California coast (Daily Mail)

Labour's Tom Watson demanded a prosecutor be taken off a sex abuse case (Daily Mail)

Channel 4 could be sold off to raise £1billion David Cameron confirms (Daily Mail)

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer shows off baby bump 2 months after announcing pregnancy (Daily Mail)

Confusing photo shows two dead snakes tangled together in Griffith, New South Wales (Daily Mail)

BREAKING NEWS: Man, 24, charged with series of sexual assaults on young women across south London (Daily Mail)

Algerian national appears in court accused of carrying out a string of sex assaults in less than two weeks against lone women in south London (Daily Mail)

North and South divide sees babies in Kensington live 9 years longer than Blackpool (Daily Mail)

Video shows toddler dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies in her mum's high heels (Daily Mail)

Map shows where 1000s of London's Black Death plague victims were buried (Daily Mail)

CCTV shows gang of robbers spray cash courier with noxious gas in London (Daily Mail)

Video shows drunk trying to book a taxi but can't remember his address (Daily Mail)

Venezuelan video shows child being stabbed in the bum with syringe 'as punishment' (Daily Mail)

Land Rover video shows near miss when overtaking on busy road in north Wales (Daily Mail)

Video footage shows the 'ghost' of Victorian child roaming through an airport (Daily Mail)

Video shows youths aim ROCKETS at emergency services in the line of duty (Daily Mail)

WallyFound Instagram account shows Wally travel the world in photos (Daily Mail)

Video shows moose hunter jump into ice-cold lake in Sweden to save his family dog (Daily Mail)

How to make two-ingredient mousse: Video shows how to make the delicious dessert using just chocolate and WATER (Daily Mail)

Facebook video shows dad ranting about Christmas decorations going up early (Daily Mail)

Video shows ISIS suicide bomber found alive after blowing himself in HALF in Yemen (Daily Mail)

Video shows Sandra Vergara Cisternas fall to her death from Chile bus (Daily Mail)

Video shows shootout in a Brazilian pizza parlour in Sao Paulo (Daily Mail)

Video shows Labrador dog being saved from drowning in Gulf of Naples (Daily Mail)

Don't forget your trunks! Hysterical video shows baby elephant have the time of its young life in the bath... before mum pulls the tub out from under him (Daily Mail)

Video shows centipede devouring a cockroach alive (Daily Mail)

Peckham bungalow that's been empty for 13 years sells for nearly £1m (Daily Mail)

Swiss football fan Rolf Bantle slept rough for 10 YEARS after getting lost after the game (Daily Mail)

Baktiar Mahmoud finally jailed after 14 YEARS for sex attack on woman in a park (Daily Mail)

Amazing £1m collection of ceramic art including work 'better than the V&A's' found in humble £100,000 three-room bungalow had been built up over 40 years by probation officer and his wife spending every spare penny they had on art (Daily Mail)

Beautiful ancient Syrian mosaic discovered: Roman-era flooring to shed light on life in the area 2,000 years ago as other sites are permanently lost thanks to ISIS (Daily Mail)

Remembrance parade that has been going for 50 years is cancelled because health and safety rules make it too expensive (Daily Mail)

Weather patterns on alien world beyond our solar system seen for first time (Daily Mail)

Mood swings are actually a good thing: Sudden changes in emotion may help us adapt to an ever changing world (Daily Mail)

The All Blacks celebrate their Rugby World Cup win at London strip club (Daily Mail)

All Blacks receive haka from Auckland Airport as they arrive with the Rugby World Cup (Daily Mail)

Is this further proof Britain does not need to fear leaving the EU? Norway is ranked the most prosperous country in the world despite being OUTSIDE the European Union (Daily Mail)

Prince Charles jokes he's relieved New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup so he doesn't have to visit 'a nation in total gloom' - and he hope Australia will be 'over' it by the time he arrives (Daily Mail)

Afghan woman is stoned to death for alleged adultery in video (Daily Mail)

Bethany Bond discovered she was pregnant on day of brother's death (Daily Mail)

Mother-of-one drank herself to death with PEPSI MAX after downing up to eight litres a day caused 'excess' levels of caffeine (Daily Mail)

EXCLUSIVE Baby faced trained killers: Shock video of Spain's sword wielding 'child matadors', 14, stabbing bull to death (Daily Mail)

Internet troll sets up Instagram account to MOCK Olivia Diamond's death (Daily Mail)

Student, 26, was just 30 minutes from death after a tapeworm burrowed into his BRAIN (Daily Mail)

The best luxury hotels in the UK revealed (Daily Mail)

Parking ticket blow for UK motorists as Supreme Court rejects Barry Beavis's appeal (Daily Mail)

'This is no home for a little girl': Father of four-year-old Afghan reveals horrors of squalid Calais 'Jungle' led him to beg ex-soldier to smuggle her into the UK (Daily Mail)

Divorcee is scammed out of £4,000 by Nigerian 'fiancé' who proposed one month after they met online - telling her he needed the cash so he could be with her in the UK (Daily Mail)

Average cost of a UK property exceeds 10 times average wage (Daily Mail)

McDonald's thickest-ever patties are launched in UK restaurants (Daily Mail)

Detector finds its first GHOST PARTICLE and can help understanding of neutrinos (Daily Mail)

Amazon opens first ever physical bookstore in Seattle (Daily Mail)

The baby put into a FREEZER BAG to save his life celebrates his first birthday (Daily Mail)

Video group of owls see themselves on camera for the first time (Daily Mail)

Former anorexic who ate just TWO roast potatoes at Christmas reveals she is looking forward to her first big turkey dinner after 10-year battle with the disease (Daily Mail)

National Grid pays factories NOT to use electricity after 'multiple breakdowns' at power stations leads to first winter shortage (Daily Mail)