Thursday, 12th November 2015

World News

Third Missouri man charged for threats against college campus (CBS News)

Ohio man charged with soliciting murder of U.S. military members (CBS News)

Man acquitted in 1978 heist retold in "Goodfellas" (CBS News)

Dozens killed in Beirut suicide bombings (CBS News)

Black administrator named interim president at University of Missouri (CBS News)

Florida officer who killed drummer Corey Jones is fired (CBS News)

Kremlin: Leaked video of plans for nuclear torpedo should never have aired (CBS News)

Police assessing alleged threats made against Howard University (CBS News)

Ohio man charged with soliciting killings of U.S. service members (CBS News)

Man arrested for allegedly impersonating military police on Veterans Day (CBS News)

Over 100 women claim birth control was defective (CBS News)

Airstrikes hit ISIS targets as Kurds begin battle for Sinjar (CNN)

Trade deals, protests mark UK visit by India's Modi (Reuters)

Pastor's Pregnant Wife Killed in Indianapolis Home Invasion (Time Magazine)

'Sounds of Impact' Recorded in Fatal Ohio Plane Crash (NBC News)

Students across US march against debt and for tuition-free public college (Guardian)

Officials examine cockpit data from Ohio plane crash (CBS News)

Turkish President Faces Choice: War or Peace With Kurdish Militants (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kurdish Forces Retake Strategic Highway in Iraq's North From ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

New video shows Virginia officers used stun guns on man before his death (Guardian)

Hunt for man behind Kirkcaldy bank raid (Daily Express)

Terminally ill 5-year-old lives dream of being cop for a day (CBS News)

U.S. forces launch airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq (CBS News)

Out Magazine Names President Obama LGBT Ally of the Year' (Time Magazine)

New probe of Minn. dentist who killed Cecil the Lion (CBS News)

Brazil levies initial fines of $66 million against mine for burst dams (Reuters)

Mizzou Names Interim President After Resignations (NBC News)

Kurdish forces claim to have cut off Isis supply line near Sinjar in Iraq (Guardian)

Palestinian doctor: 'Hospitals are supposed to be safe places' - video (Guardian)

Protests as Modi visits UK (CNN)

ISIS claims deadly double bomb (CNN)

Two suicide bombers hit Hezbollah bastion in Lebanon, 43 killed (Reuters)

ISIS video threatens Russia (CNN)

Deal on EU renegotiation 'very tough' (BBC)

ISIS spreads its evil tentacles: Jihads use suicide bombers to target civilians in Lebanon (Daily Express)

National sorority Alpha Phi refuses to back Republicans' Safe Campus Act (Guardian)

Man apologizes for plotting to kill wife 3 times (CBS News)

Plainclothes Cop Fired After Fatally Shooting Armed Man Waiting by Disabled SUV (Time Magazine)

Video Shows Undercover Israeli Commandos in Deadly West Bank Hospital Raid (Newsweek Magazine)

Merkel promises to help Turkey deal with migrants 'step-by-step' - video (Guardian)

The 33 Director: Every Line Is a Fight' for Women in Hollywood (Time Magazine)

Ohio man arrested over alleged Isis-related threats against US military (Guardian)

Russian TV airs secret plans by accident (CNN)

ISIS coming for the Kremlin, new video warns (Fox News)

Ohio Man Tied to ISIS Charged with Soliciting Killings of U.S. Service Members (Time Magazine)

Ohio Man Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Murders of U.S. Military Members (Newsweek Magazine)

Protesters welcome appointment of University of Missouri interim president (Guardian)

Florida officials fire officer who fatally shot armed man waiting for tow truck (Guardian)

EU can't send failed migrants back to Africa: £1bn aid deal is snubbed (Daily Star)

Russian TV 'Accidentally' Reveals Nuclear Torpedo That Would Create Radioactive Tsunamis (Huffington Post)

Ithaca College Joins Student Protests With Walkout Against College President (Time Magazine)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Beirut Blasts That Killed 37 (NBC News)

ISIS Releases Video Threatening Attack on Russian Soil Very Soon (Newsweek Magazine)

Man arrested 30 times for bus and train thefts just wants to work on the subway (Guardian)

Ohio Man Charged with Urging Killings of U.S. Soldiers (NBC News)

EU leaders race to secure 3bn migrant deal with Turkish president (Guardian)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Blasts in Southern Beirut (New York Times - Paywall)

Isis claims responsibility as suicide bombers kill dozens in Beirut (Guardian)

The Latest: Hungarian PM condemns EU incentives for Turkey (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Huge moment' for UK and India (BBC)

Walk to welcome: the students striding towards a more inclusive community video (Guardian)

Europe's 'race against time' on migrants leads to Turkey (Reuters)

WATCH: Skateboarding dog breaks world record (Daily Express)

UK 'losing speed' warns BoE economist (BBC)

EU free travel in danger as borders tighten, fences go up (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State video threatens attacks in Russia (Reuters)

Scumbag vandals daub soldiers' graves with SWASTIKAS on Armistice Day (Daily Star)

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert Brings Back Mog The Cat With Help From Legendary Author Judith Kerr (Huffington Post)

15 Ways to Stay Focused All Day (Time Magazine)

ISIS vows to ENSLAVE Russian women and children in revenge for Putin's bombing campaign (Daily Express)

EU bonus cap rules broken by eight major banks last year (Guardian)

Narendra Modi addresses British parliament - video (Guardian)

VIDEO: Modi in the UK: Day one in 60 seconds (BBC)

Nephews of Venezuelan first lady indicted in US court (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU to Pay for Turkey's Help in Stemming Migrant Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

At Least 37 Killed and Dozens Wounded in Two Suicide Bomb Blasts in Beirut (Newsweek Magazine)

Leading hedge fund manager backs campaign to stay in EU (Guardian)

Man Says Hot Pockets Saved Him From Deadly Plane Crash (Time Magazine)

Dozens killed in Lebanese Hezbollah area (BBC)

Women Sue Drugmaker Over Alleged Accidental Pregnancies (Newsweek Magazine)

13 arrested from alleged European ISIS recruiting ring (CBS News)

Miike Snow's New Video Is Like Mad Max Meets Britney Spears' Toxic' (Time Magazine)

Europe worries Malta giving Libyans backdoor to EU (Washington Post - Paywall)

Detroit man charged with murder in death of nine-year-old who shot himself (Guardian)

WATCH: RAF jets obliterate ISIS terrorists in deadly Iraq air strikes (Daily Star)

Alabama Mother of Infant Child Allegedly Killed by 8-Year-Old Denies Allegation (Newsweek Magazine)

Top EU official Donald Tusk admits agreeing to Cameron's reforms will be 'very tough' (Daily Express)

$2 billion: EU aid offer to Africa (CNN)

Protesters demonstrate against Cameron's welcoming of Narendra Modi - video (Guardian)

Pomp, Protests Greet India's Premier Modi on Lavish UK Visit (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS on the run: RAF jets pound jihadi fighters as Kurdish troops CAPTURE key supply route (Daily Express)

UK government warned over new counter-terrorism legislation (Guardian)

EU chief warns Britain's reform demands tough to accept (Washington Post - Paywall)

One Direction: We're going to come back (BBC)

Women sue birth control drugmaker over pregnancies (CBS News)

Osborne 'in bid to take control of nuclear subs' amid fears UK could be left with NONE (Daily Express)

This man won't be the next FIFA president (CNN)

Mizzou to Name Interim President After Resignations (NBC News)

British woman who pretended to be man sentenced to 8 years for sexual assault (Fox News)

Trial opens for UK cult leader accused of rape, imprisonment (Washington Post - Paywall)

In pictures: Modi visits the UK (BBC)

U.S. airstrikes back Kurd offensive to reclaim Sinjar from ISIS (CBS News)

Women Sue Birth Control Company Over Unwanted Pregnancies (Time Magazine)

In the intensely competitive world of beer sales, size may not help win the consumer stakes (Fox News)

EU wants migrant summit with Turkey at end-Nov, says Merkel (Reuters)

Man jetpacks around Statue of Liberty (CNN)

2 Said to Be Venezuelan First Lady's Nephews Charged in Drug Plot (New York Times - Paywall)

Students Plan Protests Across U.S. Against Tuition Debt (Time Magazine)

Bubka: IAAF should not punish innocent Russian athletes (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bloody Sunday: ex-soldiers launch legal action against police inquiry (Guardian)

Cousin of Palestinian killed in Israeli undercover raid describes the shooting - video (Guardian)

Thailand flies 14 rescued orangutans back to Indonesia (CBS News)

EU chief warns that Britain's demands for reform will be tough to accommodate this year (Fox News)

ISIS makes chilling video threat to attack Russia 'very soon' (Daily Star)

U.S. Indicts Two Relatives of Venezuelan President on Drug Charges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Latest: Venezuela president doesn't mention drug charges (Washington Post - Paywall)

At least four killed in southern Beirut suburb explosions (Reuters)

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduros Relatives Indicted in U.S. for Cocaine Smuggling (Newsweek Magazine)

Apple iPad Pro Now On Sale In The UK (Huffington Post)

Woman jailed after pretending to be a MAN and sexually assaulting pal with strap-on penis (Daily Star)

Greek Workers Strike Against Austerity (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Covert Israeli forces 'raid' hospital, kill man (CNN)

Germany should give refugee aid to Turkey if EU deal fails - vice chancellor (Reuters)

Putting Value Back Into Price (Huffington Post)

More than 100 women say birth control mix-up led to unplanned pregnancies (CBS News)

Hot Pockets Save Man During Ohio Plane Crash (NBC News)

Russian body 'to admit' some charges (BBC)

Watch: Otto the Bulldog Sets Skateboard World Record (NBC News)

Marikana victims' families sue South Africa's deputy president (Reuters)

Video shows Va. police tasing handcuffed man before his death (CBS News)

VIDEO: Modi on 'important UK relationship' (BBC)

Lebanon's paralysed parliament tackles finance at first session in a year (Reuters)

Utah lesbian couple on losing their foster child video (Guardian)

VIDEO: CCTV films man in Brazil plodding across a track as a train bears down (Daily Star)

Russian track federation will admit' to some charges (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU leaders discuss migration summit with Turkey's Erdogan (Reuters)

Narendra Modi arrives at Downing Street as state visit begins video (Guardian)

Why Russian Doping Claims May Dent Putin's Popularity (NBC News)

Uber drivers protest at fee hike in first London demo (Guardian)

Islamic State Video Threatens Violent Attacks in Russia Very Soon (Newsweek Magazine)

Football world mourns death of goalkeeper (CNN)

PICTURED: The cost of the Russian plane crash - Egypt's attractions DESERTED (Daily Express)

Sex offender lesbian faked being man to bed friend cries 'I'm scared' as she's JAILED (Daily Express)

The Latest: Russian federation to admit' to some things (Washington Post - Paywall)

WATCH: Mum-of-two hiccups 150 times a day for years 'I sound like a DINOSAUR' (Daily Star)

FIFA Announces Candidates to Replace President Sepp Blatter (Time Magazine)

UK negotiations must preserve euro status - ECB's Draghi (Reuters)

Judge Uses Taylor Swift's Lyrics to Dismiss Copyright Suit Against Her (Time Magazine)

Daily Mail Commenters Go Wild Over EU Migrant Employment Figures (Huffington Post)

At least 100 fighters killed in Syria during storming of besieged airbase - monitor (Reuters)

Paris climate deal must be legally binding, EU tells John Kerry (Guardian)

Woman who pretended to be man to trick friend into sex jailed for eight years (Guardian)

Mother of Becky Watts's killer describes him as a 'monster' video (Guardian)

13 arrested in EU anti-terror sweep (CNN)

Afghan official claims splinter Taliban group leader killed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter leaves Swiss hospital (Washington Post - Paywall)

Petrol bombs and tear gas at Greek protest - video (Guardian)

Egypt tourism teeters after Sinai plane crash (BBC)

Video Captured Jet Crashing Into Apartments (NBC News)

EU launches $2 billion emergency fund for Africa to combat migration (Reuters)

VIDEO: Indian students turning away from UK (BBC)

Kurdish Forces Launch Offensive to Retake Iraqi Town Sinjar From ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch Otto the Bulldog Set Skateboard World Record (NBC News)

3 gunmen open fire on church in Egypt, no one killed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraqi Kurds battle Isis in Sinjar (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man Utd posts 39% increase in revenues (BBC)

Why India is raising its UK investment (BBC)

EU passport-free area under threat as nations take action to slow huge influx of migrants (Fox News)

Sandi Thom Slams Radio 2 In Emotional Video Message After Latest Song Earthquake' Fails To Make The Playlist (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Abigail to hit UK (BBC)

Afghan official says leading figure in breakaway Taliban faction has been killed in battle (Fox News)

British security chiefs gave Sharm airport clean bill of health WEEKS before jet crash (Daily Express)

EU flag burned as thousands join anti-Brussels march in Poland (Daily Express)

U.S. backs new fight to take Iraqi town back from ISIS (CBS News)

Kurds, Backed by U.S. Air Power, Try to Regain Sinjar From ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Cult leader running UK sect brainwashed, imprisoned and raped women' for THIRTY years (Daily Star)

U.S. Arrests Kin of Venezuela President on Drug Charges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Navy SEAL breaks wingsuit flight record for Veterans Day (CBS News)

Alleged gunman killed by police on San Francisco rooftop (CBS News)

Police: Officer wounded, suspect killed in Baltimore shooting (CBS News)

Baby panda takes his first steps at Washington Smithsonian zoo video (Guardian)

Man Who Went Overboard on Royal Caribbean Cruise Did Not Commit Suicide, Lawyer Says (Time Magazine)

Indonesians have never stopped talking about 1965 the world should listen (Guardian)

Thousands of anti-ISIS fighters launch MAJOR assault to CLAW BACK town from evil group (Daily Express)

Alleged gunman killed by police on construction site rooftop in San Francisco (CBS News)

Russian border guards' return to Tajikistan 'not on agenda' - official (Reuters)

Soap Star Nathaniel Marston to Likely Live Out His Life as a Quadriplegic' After Car Crash (Time Magazine)

Kurds and U.S. Open Offensive to Cut ISIS Supply Route (New York Times - Paywall)

Nephews of Venezuelan First Lady Arrested on U.S. Drug Charges (Time Magazine)

U.S. baby panda Bei Bei takes first steps (CNN)

Kurdish fighters launch attack to retake Iraqi town from ISIS (Los Angeles Times)

India sends a message allow talented migrants to come to the UK (BBC)

Crews deal with aftermath of Ohio plane crash (CBS News)

Obama congratulates Myanmar's president for election as count goes on (Guardian)

Russian Proposal on Syria Gains Little Traction (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cameron's EU renegotiations a mere sideshow (BBC)

Syria 'breaks ISIS siege' on airport (CNN)

Nephews of Venezuela first lady arrested on US drug charges to be arraigned in NY court (Fox News)

Massive protest over ISIS beheadings (CNN)

Kerry urges world to condemn rising anti-Semitism and bigotry and unite against extremists (Fox News)

Ambiguity Shrouds Russian Plane-Crash Investigation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The links between the UK and India (BBC)

Foes in battlefield in Burma, WWII veterans from UK and Japan shake hands 70 years later (Fox News)

Putin calls for investigation of Russian doping allegations (CBS News)

World Briefing: Northern Ireland: Ex-Soldier Is Released on Bail in Bloody Sunday Investigation (New York Times - Paywall)

Nephews of Venezuelan first lady arrested on U.S. drug charges (CBS News)

Kerry urges world to condemn anti-Semitism and bigotry (Washington Post - Paywall)

Case against Venezuelan opposition leader 'fabricated' (CNN)

Action needed 'to protect UK coast' (BBC)

EU offers Africa aid, easier travel for migrant help (Reuters)

EU asks African leaders to take back some migrants (CBS News)

Ohio man: Hot Pockets errand saved me from plane crash (CBS News)

Meet the Women Who Aren't Voting for Hillary Clinton (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Deal Is Set for Satellite Tracking of Jets (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: New Accusations About Sexual Abuse in Central African Republic Prompt Inquiry (New York Times - Paywall)

Nephews of Venezuela's First Lady Face Drug Charges (New York Times - Paywall)

EU Label Guidelines Anger Israel (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Family of naked Georgia man shot dead by cops sues (CBS News)

World Food Programme pins hopes on app to nourish 20,000 Syrian children (Guardian)

ISIS branch on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula reportedly threatens to attack Israel in new video (Fox News)

With help from 007's Daniel Craig, how Alibaba turned 11-11 into China's biggest shopping day (Los Angeles Times)

Meet the Man Believed to Be Oldest U.S. Veteran (NBC News)

Weather a Focus in Ohio Plane Crash That Killed Nine (NBC News)

Unarmed Virginia Man Tased, Dies in Police Custody (NBC News)

Jeremy Corbyn More Popular Role Model Than David Cameron, HuffPost UK Poll Finds (Huffington Post)

Russian TV stations broadcast secret nuclear torpedo plans (Guardian)

Shocking figures reveal three out of four British jobs go to EU MIGRANTS in past year (Daily Express)

Happy-slap video of boy's beating posted on Facebook but attacker gets away with it (Daily Express)

Fury as Dutch PM stands in for Cameron at EU meeting - just days after rubbishing Brexit (Daily Express)

Nephews of Venezuela first lady held in Haiti on drug smuggling charges (Guardian)

#YourTaxis Remembrance Day tweet flags fresh outrage in Victoria (Guardian)

Flawless 12 carat Blue Moon Diamond sells for world record $48.4m in Geneva (Guardian)

Watch the National Zoo's New Panda Cub Take Her First Steps (Time Magazine)

Chilean priest punished for sex abuse claims innocence in case filed by victims against church (Fox News)

UNs Ban Ki-Moon Warns Against Proposed Cuts in Development Aid (Newsweek Magazine)

Russian Politicians Dismiss WADA Doping Allegations As Scandal Continues (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghanistan Protesters Storm Presidential Palace After ISIS Beheadings (Newsweek Magazine)

Grinding Granny: Shock vid of dancefloor demon gyrating against men a quarter her age (Daily Star)

Suspended FIFA President Sepp Blatter Recovering in Hospital From Body Breakdown (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin seeks to head off Russian doping ban (Financial Times - Paywall)

One Killed and Five Wounded As Fighting Breaks Out in Eastern Ukraine (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Labelling of Settlement Products Not Enough, Says Palestinian Official (Newsweek Magazine)

EU moves ahead with labelling goods made in Israeli settlements (Reuters)

Nephews of Venezuela first lady arrested in Haiti for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs to US (Fox News)

Iranian president pursuing aviation, auto sector and other deals with France amid thaw in ties (Fox News)

Quora Question: What Are the Biggest Global and National Issues the Next U.S. President Needs to Address? (Newsweek Magazine)

Egyptian President Makes First Visit to Sharm El Sheikh Since Russian Crash (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. peacekeeper, seven civilians killed in Central African camp (Reuters)

Assad's opponents dismiss Russian ideas for solving Syria crisis (Reuters)

Life After ISIS and Assad: A Journey in a Free Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

EU leaders struggle to save migrant policy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police Arrest Student After Alleged Terrorist Threat Against University of Missouri (Newsweek Magazine)

A look at Israeli settlement growth over the years as EU moves to label products (Fox News)

Russian search team leaves Egypt after plane crash (CBS News)

England heavily beaten in first ODI (BBC)

Investigation Launched After 40 Students Taken Sick at UK School (Newsweek Magazine)

Prehistoric farmers were first beekeepers (BBC)

Myanmar army, president endorse Suu Kyi victory, vow stable transition (Reuters)

Polish nationalists rail against Brussels (Financial Times - Paywall)

Japan's first passenger plane in 50 years makes maiden flight (Reuters)

EU warned of new Dark Age' in bioscience (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU Adopting Guidelines For Labeling Israeli Settlement Products (Newsweek Magazine)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Thursday 12th November 2015 (Huffington Post)

Ten killed in fighting with Kurdish militants, barricades in flashpoint town (Reuters)

Afghans vent rage at ISIS -- and their leaders (CBS News)

In Pictures: Armistice Day (BBC)

Dawn of the day of a new beer behemoth? (CBS News)

The man who refused to vote for his mother (BBC)

Indonesia Won't Slide Back Into Military Rule, Security Minister Says (New York Times - Paywall)

UK jobless rate at lowest since 2008 (BBC)

EU eyes plan to tackle African migrants (Financial Times - Paywall)

WATCH: Unbelievable moment teenage girls TEAR APART Remembrance Day display (Daily Express)

White schoolgirl 'raped by 14 Asian men' was a virgin when first attacked, court hears (Daily Express)

Russian crash requires broad rethinking of air safety, British official says (Los Angeles Times)

Miss World Canada, outspoken on rights, says China has not issued her visa for event (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. officials: Russian crash likely due to ISIS bomb (Los Angeles Times)

'Blood moon' prompts Mormon announcement: This is NOT the end of the world (Independent)

Indian teenager Anoyara Khatun joins Bill and Melinda Gates to help women and children around the world (Independent)

Hajj stampede: Muslim world rounds on Saudi Arabia amid claims Prince's convoy closed roads and led to crush (Independent)

Man died in 'excruciating' pain in jail after staff failed to provide medication, says lawsuit (Independent)

Mystery of missing Russian plane loaded with roubles is solved after 80 years (Independent)

Penny Lancaster was sexually assaulted by a man in a subway when she was 12 (Daily Mail)

Four officers 'failed Bristol disabled man wrongly dubbed a paedophile' (Daily Mail)

Girlfriend of Cheltenham man loses High Court bid for his £500k country estate (Daily Mail)

Translink Belfast bus driver who bought a coat for a homeless man pictured (Daily Mail)

Downton Abbey's Milly Thomas' abortion scene in a London play makes a man FAINT (Daily Mail)

Gayle Newland is jailed after pretending to be a man to have sex with women (Daily Mail)

Old man strolls slowly across a railway track in front of an oncoming train (Daily Mail)

The man who can suck lollipops through his cheeks but soup leaks out! Extreme body artist who has 11 huge 'flesh tunnels' in his face is planning to make them even bigger (Daily Mail)

Beaconsfield man hanged himself because he feared he had terminal cancer (Daily Mail)

Video shows Rochdale man heading home wearing STOCKINGS AND SUSPENDERS (Daily Mail)

Essex man wins right to argue that his 30-year marriage should be nullified (Daily Mail)

Video shows horse refusing to let man stop caressing the base of his neck (Daily Mail)

Funny video shows boxer dog scared by a feather (Daily Mail)

Pitstop Carwash manager gets caught up by rotating scrubber in video (Daily Mail)

Giant brown bear rolls around in paint to create impressive artwork in video (Daily Mail)

'Sussex Sasquatch' caught on video by dog walker is actually her partner (Daily Mail)

Victoria Derbyshire creates video diary after chemotherapy for breast cancer (Daily Mail)

Russell Nicholls' parody video of Adele's Hello keeps his Facebook friends laughing (Daily Mail)

Watch koala joey Imogen munch on eucalyptus leaves in new video (Daily Mail)

ISIS releases new video threatening attacks in Russia 'very soon' (Daily Mail)

Jenny Ingram's Facebook video about the school drop-off goes viral (Daily Mail)

Mob of teenage thugs surround boy, 12, as he is thrown to the ground and punched repeatedly in horrific video which they then uploaded to Facebook (Daily Mail)

It's Madness! Iconic terrace home featured in Our House pop video sells for more than £500K (Daily Mail)

Firefighters perform cringeworthy Mary Poppins song for chimney safety video (Daily Mail)

Minnesota factory video shows pigs shaking in pain in Minnesota slaughterhouse (Daily Mail)

Alastair Moffatt smashes record for tightest parallel park in video (Daily Mail)

Camel ends up sitting inside a car in video after bizarre crash in Saudi Arabia (Daily Mail)

Toddler is turned into GODZILLA in William Zilliox's video (Daily Mail)

Kenichi Ito runs 100m on all fours in 15 SECONDS to break a world record in video (Daily Mail)

Austrian ski resort video of live mountain webcam being photobombed (Daily Mail)

Crohn's disease sufferer Gaylyn Henderson recreates Beyonce's 7/11 music video (Daily Mail)

Foreign Office's airport security risk advice in the wake of Russian jet crash (Daily Mail)

Aggressive Russian motorist loses his phone out of the window (Daily Mail)

Bones discovered in Russian mine are those of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife (Daily Mail)

British experts gave Sharm el-Sheikh the all-clear before Russian plane crash (Daily Mail)

Magician impales himself with six-inch nail after Russian trick goes badly wrong (Daily Mail)

Dutch PM Mark Rutte stands in for David Cameron at EU summit (Daily Mail)

Employment in the UK rises for EU migrants 40 times faster than British people (Daily Mail)

Dutch PM Mark Rutte represents David Cameron as he misses EU summit (Daily Mail)

Police open fire as protesters storm Afghan presidential palace over ISIS (Daily Mail)

69,000 more East European migrants working in the UK than in 2014 (Daily Mail)

How the Tony Blair family have built up a £25m property empire across the UK (Daily Mail)

The Queen welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UK (Daily Mail)

Twitter frenzy after Pizza Express offers everyone in the UK FREE dough balls (Daily Mail)

Professional women living like students is a symptom of our property market (Daily Mail)

Why women love bad boys: People with pathological traits have a better chance of finding love, claims study (Daily Mail)

All women really bisexual? What prize twaddle! This writer rejects the extraordinary claim that psychologists are making - that women are never straight (Daily Mail)

Spare a thought for the women getting by on five hours sleep (Daily Mail)

QVC's curvaceous women parading in vests and briefs attracts admirers (Daily Mail)

Nesto Celso left bloodied in Peru after he is attacked by a vigilante mob of WOMEN (Daily Mail)

Pregnancy and why women get morning sickness and 'baby brain' (Daily Mail)

Julia Lawrence on what every mother should tell her son about women (Daily Mail)

NICE says women SHOULD be given HRT to fight menopause (Daily Mail)

Cult leader known as Comrade Bala 'brainwashed and raped young women then kept them prisoners at his Maoist collective for more than 30 years' (Daily Mail)

Men share experiences of being raped by women on secret Whisper app (Daily Mail)

Gender Pay Gap parody advert introduces a spoof discount card for women (Daily Mail)

Adele's Hello prompts 64% of women to get back in touch with their exes (Daily Mail)

Earth-like world with gravity similar to ours spotted 39 light years away (Daily Mail)

Otto the dog SKATES through the legs of 30 people to set world record (Daily Mail)

Bree Kirk-Burnnand breaks hula hoop world record by spinning 181 at once (Daily Mail)

Indian restaurant set to become the first in the world to deliver takeaways by DRONE (Daily Mail)

How to survive a nuclear fallout: Experts reveal the basics of living in a world riddled with radiation and the simple way to tell if you've been exposed (Daily Mail)

Patsy Blakeborough who killed Scott Gibson is banned from driving for a year (Daily Mail)

Frankie Cushion, killed herself by accident as she tried to scare her parents (Daily Mail)

A DJ sparked a nightclub crush which killed two students when he announced all coaches were about to leave the venue for a joke (Daily Mail)

Edward Perring stabbed his Gloria wife to death then killed himself (Daily Mail)

Alison Kelly killed in car crash caused by a nail in the road (Daily Mail)

ISIS claims responsibility for Beirut bombing that killed at least 43 people (Daily Mail)

Downton Abbey's Lady Mary brought back sad memories for Janet Street-Porter (Daily Mail)

Gordon Brown takes a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn, warning Labour must be 'popular, electable, credible' to win back power (Daily Mail)

Scientists trace Mars fascination back to mistake in 1877 (Daily Mail)

British grandfather Karl Andree sentenced to flogging in Saudi Arabia is back in UK (Daily Mail)

Rock climber Rannveig Aamodt leans back off a stunning Greek cliff face (Daily Mail)

Refugee summit chaos as African countries REFUSE to take back failed asylum seekers (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-Un is revealed to have sent key aide back to SCHOOL (Daily Mail)

Prince Harry calls a double-amputee a 'lunatic' a 2nd time on Armistice Day 2015 (Daily Mail)

Vanessa Redgrave uses Armistice Day to accuse Tories of 'monopolising patriotism' (Daily Mail)

Armistice Day sees the nation fall silent for two minutes to remember the fallen (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn observes Remembrance Day silence at a pre-school visit (Daily Mail)

Remembrance Day display popp ripped off by vandals caught on CCTV (Daily Mail)

Poppy the dog howls along to the bugle salute after Remembrance Day silence (Daily Mail)

Bride Shandess Griffin four pooches take centre stage on her wedding day (Daily Mail)

The sneaky food swaps that will help you cut 500 calories a DAY (Daily Mail)

Chaddesden vandals scrawl swastikas and 'LOL' on GRAVES in Armistice Day attack (Daily Mail)

Stay-home mothers number falls below two million for the first time (Daily Mail)

PICTURED: Gwen Stefani manages a smile as 'cheating' Gavin Rossdale steps out for first time since claims he had three year affair with 'copycat' nanny (Daily Mail)

The 'lighthouse' from another galaxy: Brightest ever gamma-ray pulsar is the first to be spotted OUTSIDE the Milky Way (Daily Mail)

Hatsune Miku announces first US tour but would you pay to watch a HOLOGRAM? (Daily Mail)

Video captures moment Speckles the cat sees her reflection for the first time (Daily Mail)

CCTV captures Welcome Stores Premier staff use sweets against armed robber (Daily Mail)

Migrant crisis triggers 'race against time' to rescue Europe's border-free travel zone (Daily Mail)

Another Hatton Garden raid suspect has charges against him dropped (Daily Mail)

Essex woman breastfeeding baby told to leave Jobcentre as 'it was against policy' (Daily Mail)

Muntjac fawn survives against the odds after being cut from its mother (Daily Mail)

Russia President Vladimir Putin orders internal investigation into doping allegations and demands full cooperation with international anti-doping bodies (Daily Mail)

Egyptian president Sisi vows Sharm el-Sheikh tourism industry will survive jet crash (Daily Mail)

THIRD mystery 'Death Star' black orb to crash into Spanish village sparks terror (Daily Mail)

Marriage Tips from the First First Couple (Time Magazine)