Tuesday, 1st December 2015

World News

Woman charged with faking threats against fellow black students (CBS News)

Libya a massive safe haven for ISIS now, U.N. warns (CBS News)

Family of Chicago man killed by police wants shooting video released (CBS News)

Head of Chicago police fired amid controversy (CBS News)

U.S. to send special forces to Syria (CBS News)

Obama stresses climate change threat in Paris (CBS News)

Chicago police chief fired amid Laquan McDonald fallout (CBS News)

Thousands of anti-war protesters gather in Parliament Square ahead of Syria strikes vote (Daily Express)

U.S. Increases Special Operations Forces Fighting ISIS in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Homan Square: Chicago police chief's downfall prompts calls to shutter facility (Guardian)

Bombing ISIS in Syria would INCREASE chance of terror attack on UK streets, expert warns (Daily Express)

Cameron: UK must take stand on Syria (BBC)

ISIS terrorists burned to the bone by Russia's banned chemical weapon (Daily Star)

New Peace Talks on Syria Could Be Held This Month (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton Found Guilty of Killing Transgender Woman in Philippines (Newsweek Magazine)

Al Qaeda Syria wing frees Lebanese in return for jailed Islamists (Reuters)

US to deploy additional special ops forces to Iraq, Syria (CBS News)

US sending special forces troops into Iraq to fight evil ISIS jihadis (Daily Express)

ISIS Preventing Civilians From Fleeing Ramadi (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Climate talks updates: The hard work at COP21 begins today in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

'Stop The War Coalition' Holds An Emergency Protest In London Ahead Of Commons Syria Vote (Huffington Post)

Steve Bell on Labour division over Syria airstrikes cartoon (Guardian)

Best airline in the world is ... (CNN)

Pentagon to Unleash Special Ops Force on ISIS (NBC News)

Police raid home in western Sydney under firearms powers (Guardian)

David Cameron has failed to show that bombing Syria would work | Jeremy Corbyn (Guardian)

German Cabinet OKs military mission against IS in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Leader of Taliban Splinter Group Allied With ISIS Is Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama: parts of Paris climate deal must carry legal force (Guardian)

WATCH: This is the BEST falling over video you will EVER SEE (Daily Star)

Moscow: Turkey protecting ISIS ties (CNN)

Climate change: What you don't know (CNN)

Woman killed with wine bottle after intervening in street row, court told (Guardian)

Chicago Police Take One Illegal Gun Off the Street Every 74 Minutes (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama urges Turkey to reduce tensions with Russia (Reuters)

COP21: A Crucial Step on the Path to Ending Climate Change (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria War Protest: Stop The War Convenor 'Ashamed' Tony Benn's Son Is 'Leading Drive To War' (Huffington Post)

Video Debunks Trump's Claim That Thousands of American Muslims Celebrated 9/11 (Time Magazine)

How will MPs vote on Syria airstrikes? (Guardian)

Island nations urge Turnbull to echo Obama's climate change leadership (Guardian)

Corbyn upbeat on holding off Ukip (Financial Times - Paywall)

'You'll be next' ISIS warn UK of terror attacks if they join France in Syria airstrikes (Daily Express)

Support for ISIS Is Growing in the U.S., Report Finds (Time Magazine)

Corbyn: Syria focus should be peace (BBC)

WATCH: Kids of 9/11 victims make emotional video for the Paris attack survivors (Daily Star)

Tunisian woman working for Red Cross in Yemen kidnapped in capital - local officials (Reuters)

Obama Pledges Support to Island Nations at COP21 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Suspected Islamists in Paris court in first trial since attacks (Reuters)

Obama Defends Presence at Climate Change Talks While Syria War Rages (New York Times - Paywall)

World Aids Day Honored from New Delhi to New York (NBC News)

Woman undergoing surgery after finding kidney donor on Craigslist (CBS News)

Sticking points to Paris climate talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Woman behind viral dog-tape-muzzle photo found, charged (CBS News)

Damage to MSF hospital in Syria after 'double tap' barrel bombing video (Guardian)

US announces 'expeditionary force' to target Isis in Iraq and Syria (Guardian)

French trust in Hollande grows after Paris attacks (Reuters)

Clerics promote climate justice with music, fasting (Washington Post - Paywall)

After leaders' rhetoric, climate negotiators start work on deal (Reuters)

WATCH: Sick jihadis stick go-pro on tank to film brutal attack in Syria (Daily Star)

Police orgs asks NFL to let off-duty cops carry guns at games (CBS News)

David Cameron's proposed airstrikes in Syria will violate just war doctrine | Letters (Guardian)

Four arrested as ISIS plot to 'blow up Pope' busted by FBI (Daily Star)

Lebanon Exchanges Prisoners With Qaeda Affiliate in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron set for Commons victory over UK airstrikes in Syria (Daily Express)

Kenya police investigate university drill in which 1 died (Washington Post - Paywall)

For Survivors of Paris Attacks, Mental Scars May Outlast Wounds (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama calls climate change an "imperative" despite terror threat (CBS News)

Juneau, Alaska, Mayor Stephen Fisk Found Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

Chicago mayor on firing of police chief: 'It's time for fresh eyes' video (Guardian)

Wooden boats carrying dead bodies keep washing up in Japan (CBS News)

Syria air strikes: What you need to know (BBC)

Pipe bomb blast near Istanbul metro station during rush hour video (Guardian)

Obama takes climate deal to another level (CNN)

Kenya police tears-gas protest against corruption (Washington Post - Paywall)

One person feared dead in shop blaze (BBC)

Russia is right: fighting Isis is the priority for us all | Giora Eiland (Guardian)

US, China hold talks on cyber espionage (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cameron says government unanimous on Syria strikes (Reuters)

Lebanon to swap prisoners with al Qaeda in Syria (CBS News)

The Latest: Negotiators take heart at Obama comments (Washington Post - Paywall)

Chicago Police Chief Fired Following Laquan McDonald Shooting (Time Magazine)

Penguin found dead and two missing at Dortmund zoo (Guardian)

Government Forced To Defend Claim Syria Has 70,000 Troops As Labour MP Louise Haigh Causes Row Ahead Of Commons Vote (Huffington Post)

Cabinet clears way for Syria vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

Osborne admits Government may wait 2 YEARS before holding EU vote amid 'challenging' talks (Daily Express)

Britain is already an ISIS target even BEFORE launching airstrikes in Syria, says Fallon (Daily Express)

Fire crews fight huge blaze in Newcastle city centre video (Guardian)

Japan investigating mystery boats carrying dead bodies off coast (Fox News)

Syria says deal agreed for insurgents to exit Homs area (Reuters)

Nicola Sturgeon REJECTS armed police on Scotland's streets as she blasts Syria airstrikes (Daily Express)

Obama tries to cool tensions at Paris climate summit (CBS News)

Chicago police chief fired after Laquan McDonald shooting revelations (Guardian)

Netanyahu says Israel acts in Syria from time to time' (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. to Deploy Special Ops Force to Iraq to Pressure ISIS (Time Magazine)

'Clean up on Platform Two': Moment tube worker calls 'human spillage' as woman throws up (Daily Express)

'Trusted' But Controversial: Who Is Obama's ISIS Czar? (NBC News)

'Meteorologist-in-chief': Republicans mock Obama's Paris climate speech (Guardian)

I'll defy my party leader, and vote against Syria airstrikes | John Baron (Guardian)

'One of the dumbest things' Donald Trump blasts Obama over climate change priorities (Daily Express)

Two Palestinian assailants shot dead in West Bank stabbing attempts - Israel (Reuters)

Transgender inmate found dead in cell (BBC)

Chicago Police Chief Fired Amid Controversies (NBC News)

VIDEO: Jurassic footprints found on Skye (BBC)

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Fired (Newsweek Magazine)

Six alternatives to bombing Isis - video (Guardian)

1 penguin dead, 2 missing at German zoo; police investigate (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry in Brussels for talks on threats from Russia and the Middle East (Washington Post - Paywall)

Marco Rubio Offers Comfort To Families Of Paris Attack Victims By Suggesting Deaths Were 'Part Of God's Plan' (Huffington Post)

Supreme Court rules against Berkeley woman suing over injury in Austria (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS chief's ex-wife released (CNN)

No deal on Ukraine-Russia-EU trade, talks to go on (Reuters)

Obama says parts of climate deal must be legally binding (Washington Post - Paywall)

World AIDS Day - Beyond the Headlines, Listening to Women's Voices (Huffington Post)

Lebanese Soldiers, Police Freed in Prisoner Swap (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Colombia declines rebel extradition to U.S. amid FARC peace talks (Reuters)

One Dead in Istanbul Metro Station Explosion (Newsweek Magazine)

Japan probes mystery boats carrying decomposing bodies drifting off its coast (Los Angeles Times)

Iraq's Christians, Yezidi say Kurds failed them in fight against ISIS (Fox News)

Coalition Airstrikes Around Ramadi Prepare for Offensive to Recapture City from ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

World Aids Day in pictures (Guardian)

Giuliani says Trump will 'look really bad' if 9/11 celebration video does not surface (Guardian)

Transgender Inmate Joanne Latham Found Dead In All-Male HMP Woodhill (Huffington Post)

Al Qaeda's Syria wing frees Lebanese captives in return for jailed Islamists (Reuters)

'Paris on its knees' ISIS salutes terrorist 'brothers' in sick new French magazine (Daily Star)

Sen. Markey: A Turning Point on Climate Change (Time Magazine)

Paris climate talks: behind the scenes in pictures (Guardian)

Carter: U.S. Deploying Special Force to Bolster Fight Against ISIS in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Marine Le Pen's Front National makes political gains after Paris attacks (Guardian)

UK's Cameron pledges vigorous debate on Syria strikes (Washington Post - Paywall)

Azerbaijan deploys police to restore order in Islamic suburb (Washington Post - Paywall)

WATCH: Horror as Storm Clodagh winds drag Manchester plane off course just seconds before (Daily Star)

Obama Says He's an Island Boy' in Climate Meeting With Small Island Leaders (Time Magazine)

Republicans are not the 'condom police', says Ted Cruz video (Guardian)

The Three Outcomes That Matter at The Paris UN Climate Talks (Huffington Post)

U.S. Tightens Visa Waiver Program in Wake of Paris Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Smog chokes cities in China - video (Guardian)

Israel and Jordan Reveal $800 Million Joint Canal Project to Save Dead Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Marine convicted of killing Filipino transgender woman (Washington Post - Paywall)

This World AIDS Day, We're Calling for the NHS to Supply Drugs That Could Thousands of Lives (Huffington Post)

ISIS Has 300 Americans on Twitter Looking for Recruits (NBC News)

'Ghost ships' filled with dead bodies found near Japan (CNN)

Diplomats see Yemen's Hadi undermining UN peace talks (Reuters)

Russia Won't Make Quick U-Turn on Syria, Obama Warns (NBC News)

World Aids Day: 'We need to end stigma and change our ideas about manhood' | Edwin Cameron (Guardian)

The Latest: French police detain man in Paris attacks probe (Washington Post - Paywall)

Moscow: Russian plane crash complicates Syria talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

We need Chilcot's lessons from Iraq now before we bomb Syria | Richard Norton-Taylor (Guardian)

Kenya police tear-gas demonstrators protesting against corruption in the country (Fox News)

Climate talks: 4C rise will have dire effect on world hunger, UN warns (Guardian)

British police not equipped to beat ISIS gunmen in event of Paris style attack - marksman (Daily Express)

Missing in action: the soldiers who spent decades presumed dead (Guardian)

Deal reached in Syria for insurgents to leave neighborhood in central city of Homs (Fox News)

Azerbaijan deploys police to restore order in Islamic neighborhood after 7 killed in clashes (Fox News)

Obama Appeals to World Leaders to Reach Agreement on Combating Climate Change (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama says he hopes shooting at Colorado clinic spurs action (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama says Russia may finally come around on Assad's future (Washington Post - Paywall)

UK's Cameron pledges to allow lawmakers to have their say in Syria debate (Fox News)

Chicago Mayor to Launch Police Task Force Amid Backlash (NBC News)

Terrorism trial begins in Paris as authorities hunt attack suspects (Fox News)

ISIS media team behind propaganda beheading videos KILLED in Iraq (Daily Express)

UK bombing of Syria to cost 'in the low tens of millions of pounds' - Osborne (Reuters)

London Bridge terror scare: Charity searched by police dogs as 'suspicious package' found (Daily Express)

Terror alert after 'bomb found in van with Belgian number plates' at major airport (Daily Star)

The Only Moderates Fighting In Syria Are the Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (Huffington Post)

Cabinet approves Syria airstrikes motion (Guardian)

VIDEO: CCTV shows thief steal charity tin (BBC)

Suspected dissident republican arms dump found by Irish police (Guardian)

The County: the story of America's deadliest police (Guardian)

Rail Firms Are Way Off Track On Gender Equality - But What's Next? (Huffington Post)

Explosive device reportedly found in van parked outside Bulgarian airport (Fox News)

Police investigate 'fat-shaming' cards handed out on London tube (Guardian)

AirAsia crash caused by rudder fault and pilot response, say investigators - video (Guardian)

Man feared dead in suicide bid is ALIVE and you won't believe what he's been up to (Daily Star)

South African prison shows former cell of Oscar Pistorius (Washington Post - Paywall)

Paris killer taught to shoot by French police (Daily Express)

Shocking Climate Change Pictures What London And New York Could Look Like In The Future (Huffington Post)

Explosive device found in van at Bulgaria's Sofia airport (Reuters)

Japan probes mystery boats carrying dead bodies off coast (Washington Post - Paywall)

Baby Dies After Shotgun Goes Off in Upstate New York (Time Magazine)

2,000 Raids, 210 Arrested Since Paris Attacks: France PM (NBC News)

No 10 publishes Syria motion - Live (Guardian)

Kenyan university faces criticism after woman dies in terror drill (Guardian)

Police in Italy, Kosovo detain 4 men in terror plot (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama: Climate deal needs legally binding process for transparency, periodic review of targets (Washington Post - Paywall)

Live: President Obama Says What COP21 Has to Deliver to Combat Climate Change (Time Magazine)

Baby Dies as Shotgun Goes Off in Living Room (NBC News)

Prisoner Swap Deal Frees Lebanese Soldiers and ISIS Leaders Ex-Wife (Newsweek Magazine)

MPs can tell whips to get stuffed over Syria airstrikes but there is a price to pay (Guardian)

Syria jihadists release Lebanese troops (BBC)

Paris Restaurant Prepares For Huge Task: Reopening After Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghan president eyes improved ties with Pakistan, Taliban talks (Reuters)

12 best gifts world leaders gave Obamas (CNN)

Jeremy Corbyn has shown strong leadership, says Hilary Benn video (Guardian)

ISIS Chief's Ex-Wife Freed in Swap With Al Qaeda (NBC News)

Does the world need a 1km-tall tower? (CNN)

Islamophobic Hate Crimes Triple In London In Wake Of Paris Attacks (Huffington Post)

The Latest: EU anti-terror coordinator says airstrikes in Syria force IS strategy change (Fox News)

Russia HIV infection bucks trends as World Aids Day marked (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria airstrikes: where do British papers stand? (Guardian)

U.S. Marine found guilty of killing transgender woman in the Philippines (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. Marine jailed in Philippines for killing transgender woman (Reuters)

Japan defies world to kill 300 whales (CNN)

Obama Urges Turkey and Russia to Set Aside Differences and Focus on ISIS (Time Magazine)

Al-Qaida in Syria releases 16 Lebanese prisoners in swap deal (Guardian)

UFO Hunters Believe NASA's Opportunity Rover Has Found An Alien 'Dome' On Mars (Huffington Post)

Moscow: Russian warplane crash complicates Syria talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama Stresses Turkish Ties in Meeting With Erdogan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Marine Guilty in Killing of Transgender Woman in Philippines (New York Times - Paywall)

Italy, Kosovo police arrest four jihadist suspects (Reuters)

Blockbuster video game Battlefield 3 predicted Paris terror attacks' (Daily Star)

Meet the 'homeless man' who flies the world first class (CNN)

Good Morning Britain': Susanna Reid And Piers Morgan Recreate Wham's Last Christmas' Video To Launch ITV's Text Santa Appeal (Huffington Post)

Spanish police find 8 skulls, bones off northeastern beach (Washington Post - Paywall)

Adults In Wales Will Automatically Become Organ Donors After Death Due To Change In Law (Huffington Post)

Stop the War plans Westminster demo on eve of Syria vote (Guardian)

Syria airstrikes: everything you need to know (Guardian)

PM seeks formal cabinet approval for Syria airstrikes before Commons debate (Guardian)

Russia's foreign ministry: Turkey's shooting down of Russian plane puts strain on Syria talks (Fox News)

U.S. security 'not handing over' convicted Marine to Philippine police (Reuters)

Saudi invites 65 Syrian opposition figures to Riyadh ahead of peace talks -paper (Reuters)

Paris climate talks: Prince Charles to call for forest protection (Guardian)

German cabinet approves anti-Isis military mission in Syria (Guardian)

Spanish police find 8 suspected human skulls, other bones in waters off northeastern beach (Fox News)

Rumors Swirl as Alaskan Mayor Found Dead in Home (NBC News)

Marine guilty of killing transgender woman (CNN)

Spain: Police arrest Moroccan for Islamic State group ties (Washington Post - Paywall)

Photographer Annie Leibovitz on the Pirelli calendar video (Guardian)

Italian, Kosovar police detain 4 suspected of threats against pope and US diplomat (Fox News)

Countries hit by global warming press Western leaders for help as climate talks intensify (Fox News)

Overweight Haters Ltd: Police Probe 'Fat Cards' Handed Out On London Underground (Huffington Post)

U.S. Marine Found Guilty of Killing Transgender Filipina (Time Magazine)

Mayor of Juneau found dead, police say (CBS News)

Tehran tightens security amid Isis fear (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.K. Opposition Split Over Syria Airstrikes Ahead of Crunch Vote (Newsweek Magazine)

Germany Rules Out Cooperation With Assad as Cabinet Meets on ISIS Campaign (Newsweek Magazine)

US marine guilty of killing transgender woman in Philippines (Guardian)

Germany declares war on ISIS with offer to send Tornado jets, naval frigate & 1,200 troops (Daily Express)

US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino (Washington Post - Paywall)

Palestinian Assailant Shot Dead in West Bank Stabbing Attempt: Israeli Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Spain: Police arrest Moroccan they say planned to join Islamic State group in Syria (Fox News)

German Cabinet OKs committing up to 1,200 troops to help anti-IS mission in Syria (Fox News)

Philippine court official says US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cher Isis Twitter Rant Shows The World How Not To Use Emojis (Huffington Post)

Its Not Too Late To Act on Climate Change, Weve Made a Difference Before (Newsweek Magazine)

How coal is fueling India's climate crisis (CNN)

1 dead in officer-involved shooting in Atlanta (CBS News)

The Cost of Being the Bravest Woman in Afghanistan (Newsweek Magazine)

Ghostly ships found full of dead bodies (CNN)

Britain to vote on Syria strikes this week, PM confident of support (Reuters)

Dhaka: the city where climate refugees are already a reality (Guardian)

Paris attacks ringleader in Syria? (CNN)

$500,000 check found in kettle (CNN)

India and France launch international solar power alliance in Paris video (Guardian)

EU Referendum: Is Liz Bilney The Woman Who Could Lead Us Out Of The EU? (Huffington Post)

Bombing Isis is not enough we'll need to talk to them too | Jonathan Powell (Guardian)

Putin and Obama Discuss Syria Political Settlement (Time Magazine)

Syria vote on Wednesday, says PM (BBC)

Missing surfers: Remains found (CNN)

Teen sues Obama over climate (CNN)

Malcolm Turnbull pledges $1bn to help tackle climate change video (Guardian)

British parliament to debate Syria airstrikes Wednesday (Fox News)

ABC's Mark Scott defends Middle East reporter Sophie McNeill video (Guardian)

Welcome to Isis have an avocado! Australian region stands by its name (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton says she wont deploy combat troops to fight ISIS (CBS News)

Is ISIS building a base in Libya? (CNN)

Woman rescued from Oregon mountain after husband plunges to his death (Guardian)

Scientists believe melting polar ice could speed climate change (CBS News)

A Path Beyond the Paris Climate Change Conference (New York Times - Paywall)

President Obama calls out worlds biggest polluters to clean up (CBS News)

VIDEO: Police chase 80mph drunk driver (BBC)

Several world leaders say fighting global warming requires 'big fat price' on carbon pollution (Fox News)

Woman Who Taped Dog's Mouth Charged With Cruelty (NBC News)

World Briefing: Russia: Moscow Delays Enforcing Ban on Turkish Produce to Avoid Inflation (New York Times - Paywall)

Brazil Prosecutors Allege Document Shows BTG Pactual Bribed Official (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World Leaders Vow to Overcome Divisions on Climate Change (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Baltimore police prepare for Freddie Gray trials (CBS News)

French, U.S. Presidents Dine Near Site of Paris Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama presses world polluters during climate change talks (CBS News)

Widodo firefights to damp climate critics (Financial Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Russia: Turkey Returns Pilot's Body (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing | Asia: Taiwan: Old Enemies Exchange Spies (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Kenya: One Dies and Dozens Are Hurt as Campus Drill Is Mistaken for Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Mexico: Charred Bodies in Van May Be Those of Missing Australian Tourists (New York Times - Paywall)

World AIDS Day: The Names That People With HIV Are Still Being Called In 2015 (Huffington Post)

Gen. Sir Robert Ford Is Dead at 91; British Commander on Bloody Sunday' (New York Times - Paywall)

And the World Building of the Year is ... (CNN)

Burnt-out van was registered to missing Australian surfer, says Mexican official video (Guardian)

State of Terror: How the Paris Attackers Honed Their Assault Through Trial and Error (New York Times - Paywall)

White House Strengthens Visa Waiver Program Following Paris Attacks (Time Magazine)

China's Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency (New York Times - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin ramps up war on evil ISIS by sending more jets to Syria (Daily Star)

No more 'business as usual' for Australia as climate change hits economy for $8bn (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 1st December 2015 (Huffington Post)

Pakistani, Afghan Leaders Discuss Resuming Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World leaders kick off climate talks in Paris: 'Our goal must be a transformation' (Los Angeles Times)

See How Climate Change Could Drown Cities Around the World (Time Magazine)

Climate Talks: Distinguishing Paris from Copenhagen (NBC News)

Obama and Putin meet at summit (CNN)

Obama tightens visa waiver program after Paris attacks (CBS News)

Chicago police officer accused of Laquan McDonald killing released on bond (Guardian)

Narendra Modi Could Make or Break Obama's Climate Legacy (New York Times - Paywall)

Margaret Thatcher named MOST influential woman of last 200 years (Daily Express)

Scaremongering Labour uses Paris attacks to sell staying in EU (Daily Express)

The end of Schengen? Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam crossed SIX borders to escape to Syria (Daily Express)

Russia sends MORE jets to Syria in bid to wipe out evil ISIS as Putin builds ANOTHER base (Daily Express)

Police force spends £5 MILLION on business and first class flights amid budget crisis (Daily Express)

With Climate at Breaking Point, Leaders Urge Breakthrough in Paris (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam has 'sneaked across Europe to Syria' (Daily Star)

Jeremy Corbyn Challenged By Shadow Cabinet And MPs Over His Handling Of Syria Policy; Dromey Slates Livingstone (Huffington Post)

Philippine Court to Issue Verdict in Case of U.S. Marine Charged With Killing Transgender Woman (Newsweek Magazine)

Meet the Paris Stadium Guard Who Blocked a Suicide Bomber (NBC News)

GHOST ON VIDEO: Bone-chilling footage shows child spectre float across living room (Daily Star)

Citing Urgency, World Leaders Converge on France for Climate Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Climate talks: What's happened and what's next (Washington Post - Paywall)

A Conversation With: Luis Ho Pushes China Into World Astronomy Club (New York Times - Paywall)

How Obama learned from 'a mess' of a climate deal to forge a new agreement in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

Labour MPs to get free vote on Syria (BBC)

UK ready for WAR: Laser-guided missiles and armed RAF pilots to destroy ISIS (Daily Star)

Climate talks 'could be turning point' (BBC)

Junior Doctors Strike Is Off After Last-Minute Acas Talks Reach Agreement (Huffington Post)

The BBC Helps Shape Britain But It Must Change With the Times (Huffington Post)

Terrorism Drill at College in Kenya Sparks Panic; One Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

WATCH: Cars Appear to Levitate Off the Ground in China (Fox News)

David Cameron: Syria air strikes vote to be held in House of Commons on Wednesday (Daily Express)

Chicago Police Officer Charged With Killing Laquan McDonald Posts Bond (Newsweek Magazine)

Torched van of Australian surfers missing in Mexico found (CBS News)

What is COP21? Mysterious acronyms of Paris climate talks (CBS News)

David Cameron Confirms He Will Call Commons Vote On Syria Bombing, Signals He Has Enough Labour Support (Huffington Post)

Obama, Putin discuss Turkey and Syria at climate summit (CBS News)

Junior doctors' strike called off (BBC)

Minneapolis Mayor Calls for End to Black Lives Matter Police Station Encampment (Newsweek Magazine)

France carries out further airstrikes in Iraq after Paris attacks (Fox News)

Woman raped into confessing husband's murder' in Mexico (Fox News)

Kenyan university: 1 dead after stampede over drill help with terrorism response (Fox News)

Puerto Rico governor says officials in talks with creditors on $355M debt payment due Tuesday (Fox News)

American researchers on climate changes front lines (CBS News)

OPEC set to include Indonesian output, hope of non-OPEC talks fade (Reuters)

Jeremy Corbyn Has 'Turned' Public Opinion On Syria Bombing As He Will 'Lead' Divided Labour Party In House Of Commons Vote, Says Aide (Huffington Post)

China smog worsens as climate change talks begin (CBS News)

World leaders kick off Paris climate summit (CBS News)

World leaders seek to reach climate change deal (CBS News)

Unlocking climate change secrets in the frozen north (CBS News)

Labour MPs to have free vote on Syria air strikes (Channel4)

Republicans cast cloud over climate talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Paris climate talks: a beginner's guide (Financial Times - Paywall)

Climate change summit: Canada starts to regain its green glow (Los Angeles Times)

Germany to send troops against Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama pays silent tribute to victims of Paris attacks (Los Angeles Times)

A capital under siege: Paris ramps up security for climate talks (Los Angeles Times)

Robert Gates calls for joint effort to fight ISIS (Los Angeles Times)

More than 200 protesters arrested in Paris clash before climate talks (Los Angeles Times)

Climate march: call for action ahead of COP21 summit (Channel4)

Paris climate summit could bring historic deal on emissions, but likely won't halt climate change (Los Angeles Times)

Six graphics that explain climate change (BBC)

Three dead in shooting at Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic (Channel4)

Jeremy Corbyn 'should resign' over Syria vote (Channel4)

ROBERT HARDMAN at the Paris World Climate Change Conference (Daily Mail)

Why fiddle with climate change with ISIS on rampage? KATIE HOPKINS asks (Daily Mail)

David Cameron and Prince Charles call on leaders to take action at Paris summit (Daily Mail)

Obama and Francois Hollande eat at a Paris Michelin-starred restaurant (Daily Mail)

Benjamin Netanyahu shakes hands with Mahmoud Abbas in Paris (Daily Mail)

Global warming summit will produce '300,000 TONS of C02' as 50,000 people travel to Paris (Daily Mail)

Children of 9/11 victims send messages of hope to the people of Paris in video (Daily Mail)

Europe's most wanted man Salah Abdeslam 'now in Syria' after Paris attacks (Daily Mail)

Claims that images show Russia using white phosphorus on ISIS in Syria (Daily Mail)

RAF pilots WILL carry guns in case they are shot down by ISIS over Syria (Daily Mail)

David Cameron says UK could bomb ISIS in Syria tomorrow as PMQs is cancelled for airstrikes vote (Daily Mail)

'Let's hope a few more end up like Mike Gapes': Corbyn supporters celebrate as Labour MP who backs bombing in Syria is rushed to hospital with chest pains (Daily Mail)

German Cabinet OKs military mission against IS in Syria (Daily Mail)

Britain prepares for war: Typhoons launch as RAF moves jets towards Syria ahead of ISIS airstrikes vote (Daily Mail)

Cameron under pressure over claim of 70,000 anti-ISIS fighters in Syria as he pushes for MPs to back airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Extra RAF jets will arrive in Cyprus as MPs vote over Syrian ISIS airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Bombing the crap out of ISIS won't win this war on its own writes PIERS MORGAN (Daily Mail)

Turkey shot down Russian fighter to protect its supply of oil from ISIS (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama tells Vladimir Putin to focus Syrian airstrikes on ISIS (Daily Mail)

#SueMeSaudi trends after Saudi Arabia threatens Twitter user over ISIS comparision (Daily Mail)

Ex-wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is released by Lebanon in prisoner swap with Al-Qaeda's Syrian wing as Islamists fighters chant 'Allahu Akbar' (Daily Mail)

Landmark law change in Wales 'makes all adults organ donors' (Daily Mail)

Corrupt police officers who stole £10k in cash during a raid are jailed (Daily Mail)

ISIS Bataclan terrorist who killed 89 people was trained to shoot by FRENCH POLICE at gun club after shaving off his beard to avoid suspicion (Daily Mail)

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Rock facing full-scale police probe in South Africa over girl he and ex-wife raised as their own - but didn't formally adopt (Daily Mail)

Tory MP called police and 'accused Labour rival of assault' after protester tapped her on the shoulder (Daily Mail)

All clear is given after the police evacuated THOUSANDS of people from offices near BBC Broadcasting House and London Bridge (Daily Mail)

Hysterical drunk driver turns up at police station to report severed head that flew into his car - only for officers to find body of pensioner he decapitated in hit and run (Daily Mail)

Design manager working on £150million contract crashed into a parked police car and broke an officer's leg after drink-driving on a closed dual carriageway (Daily Mail)

Caught red handed: Moment police officer is filmed 'texting at the wheel of a force van' (Daily Mail)

Chicago mayor FIRES police chief less than a day after footage emerges showing cops at a computer terminal inside the Burger King where CCTV footage 'malfunctioned' the night Laquan McDonald was killed (Daily Mail)

Brazilian police officers arrested for murdering five youths after 'raking car with gunfire' (Daily Mail)

Council in talks with US space technology firm to fly a SATELLITE over its roads (Daily Mail)

Videos named Teddy Talks show children reveal the secret to being a happy adult (Daily Mail)

Women with breast cancer and depression found to be 45% more likely to die (Daily Mail)

Jenny Fry found hanged after 'developing an allergic reaction to WiFi at school' (Daily Mail)

Mystery DOME found on Mars 'was built by an ancient civilisation' (Daily Mail)

Fur seal found with a HARPOON sticking out of its back after he was stabbed twice (Daily Mail)

Sinead O'Connor is 'stable' in hospital after being found unconscious (Daily Mail)

The key to a happy marriage? A tall husband: Couples with the biggest height differences found to have best relationships (Daily Mail)

Second transgender woman is found dead in her cell at an all-male prison just two weeks after another prisoner hanged herself in men-only jail (Daily Mail)

'Dinosaur disco' found in Scotland: Jumble of rare footprints reveal 49ft-long sauropods roamed Skye 170 million years ago (Daily Mail)

Hatton Garden jeweller found fire escape door open TWICE over course of heist but failed to notice anything else was untoward (Daily Mail)

YouTube video shows 'UFOs dancing in the sky above Hawaii' (Daily Mail)

Map shows how many DAYS it took to travel abroad in the 1900s (Daily Mail)

Look how far we've come! Graphic shows how phone screens have evolved and reveals the iPhone 6S Plus display is 514 TIMES better than the Nokia 5110's (Daily Mail)

Police dashcam video shows drunk driver Richard Miller missing cars by INCHES (Daily Mail)

YouTube video shows HORRIFIED Korean men watching US pornography (Daily Mail)

Video shows Colombian policeman showing off his Kung Fu Panda-style moves (Daily Mail)

Video shows little girl conquering home-made climbing wall (Daily Mail)

Map shows locations of the 700 Nazi bombs that fell on Southampton during height of Blitz (Daily Mail)

Video shows a crocodile grab a smaller beast by the tail and slams it on to the bank (Daily Mail)

Video shows New Zealand dairy farmers bashing, kicking and throwing calves (Daily Mail)

CCTV shows moment three have-a-go heroes tackle robber to the ground (Daily Mail)

Nearly half of major financial firms now concerned about growing cyber-attack threat, Bank of England report shows (Daily Mail)

Johnny Clifton's shows Australian being hit by gorilla in Rwanda (Daily Mail)

Nigella sparks more mockery on Twitter as she shows off bizarre liquorice TOOLBOX (Daily Mail)

Watch a dying star trigger a blinding hypernova explosion: Simulation shows jets of gamma ray bursting from the centre (Daily Mail)

Video shows moment four-year-old Harry hijacked BBC Breakfast (Daily Mail)

Video shows Alabama man's hoverboard EXPLODED under his feet (Daily Mail)

Video shows footballer Manuel 'El Cholo' Torres in Panama attack his own manager (Daily Mail)

York solicitor who billed to attend a client's funeral is struck off (Daily Mail)

Junior doctors' strike may be called off following an 11th-hour deal (Daily Mail)

Edinburgh driver who parked in a disabled bay at Argos laughs off complaint (Daily Mail)

George Lucas says he's stayed off the Internet for 15 years (Daily Mail)

Puppy who was scalded and thrown off building makes 'miracle' recovery (Daily Mail)

Husband stabbing his wife' is fought off and STONED by crowd as they save the woman in Egypt (Daily Mail)

Buy nice cologne, be confident, not creepy - and keep your eyes off her a**! Gay guys offer straight men their top tips on how to attract women (Daily Mail)

New balls please! Polish sports stars strip off for risqu calendar (Daily Mail)

British climber fights off grizzly bear by prizing its jaws off his leg during terrifying attack while climbing in the Canadian Rockies (Daily Mail)

Beliz woman dies during exorcism' performed in local church (Daily Mail)

Florida woman switched at birth opens up about divorcing her biological parents (Daily Mail)

Margaret Thatcher is voted the most influential woman of all time (Daily Mail)

'Clean up on platform two - we have a human spillage': Photographer captures moment Tube worker called for help after woman passenger had too much festive spirit (Daily Mail)

Irritable stomach? Can't tolerate gluten? The REAL problem could be this woman discovered first-hand (Daily Mail)

Mother 'stabbed in the neck as she tried to proect woman with baby' (Daily Mail)

Hairdresser was stabbed in a house where a woman died 18 months ago (Daily Mail)

Magnetic power of an MRI scanner revealed as it destroys a chair in video (Daily Mail)

YouTube video charts the evolution of men's underwear using a female model (Daily Mail)

Toddler orders her unborn brother to 'come out right now' in video (Daily Mail)

Arndale shopping centre video sees Black Friday brawl between Manchester shoppers (Daily Mail)

Watch knuckles CRACK and produce 'fireworks of light' in video (Daily Mail)

Real life Call of Duty: Jihadists attach go-pro to a tank and a drone to film terrifying propaganda video of battle against Iranian forces (Daily Mail)

Toddler is amazed after seeing automatic doors work for the first time in video (Daily Mail)

Craig Westby made a video as he prepared to kill himself and sent it to his mother (Daily Mail)

Russian dashcam video sees baby falling out of a moving car and landing in the road (Daily Mail)

The heartbreaking moment a mother dog buries her dead puppy (Daily Mail)

Father of British expat feared dead in Mexico pays tribute to 'free-spirited' and 'beautiful' son (Daily Mail)