Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

World News

Police scanner reveals response to San Bernardino shooting (CBS News)

Who is the man behind ISIS? (CBS News)

Can Chicago police regain trust? (CBS News)

Cops: Man charged with murder after body found in U-Haul (CBS News)

Top Spanish court rejects Catalan independence bid (CBS News)

Leaders clash over Syria air strikes (BBC)

Sunni Fighters Prepare to Battle Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

San Bernardino shooting: police confirm fatalities rolling coverage (Guardian)

Syria airstrikes: Hilary Benn says 'time to do our bit' in rousing speech live (Guardian)

Russia steps up hostility against Turkey with war room briefing in Kremlin (Guardian)

Police narrow down possible causes in Juneau mayors death (CBS News)

San Bernardino police say up to 12 people dead in mass shooting (Guardian)

Impeachment proceedings opened against Brazil's Rousseff (Washington Post - Paywall)

Impeachment Proceedings Opened Against Brazil's President (Time Magazine)

UK's Syria debate: Key quotes and clips (BBC)

California man wins the lottery twice in mere minutes (CBS News)

U.S. forces can capture ISIS terrorists (CNN)

Islamic State releases video claiming to kill Russian spy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Oklahoma police rescue miniature donkey in danger (CBS News)

Australia acting as a 'broker' between blocs at Paris climate talks Greg Hunt (Guardian)

Man held over Tube push incident (BBC)

Brazil opens impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff (Guardian)

Man charged in killing of woman met on Facebook (CBS News)

AP EXPLAINS: Is it IS, ISIS or ISIL, and what's a Daesh? (Washington Post - Paywall)

William Hague breaks with Cameron over use of ground forces in Syria (Guardian)

Fla. man arrested in murder of homeless couple (CBS News)

San Bernardino shooting: police secure scene and treat wounded video (Guardian)

US-backed alliance faces challenges as a force in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Egypt court orders another retrial for former prime minister (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Briefing: France and Germany Move to Block Flow of Money to ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Police 'working to secure scene' (BBC)

U.K. voting to intensify airstrikes against ISIS (CBS News)

Climate talks updates: Gov. Jerry Brown heads to Paris for COP21 (Los Angeles Times)

Man Charged With Burglary After Laptop Stolen During Child's Funeral (Huffington Post)

U.K.'s Cameron Pushes for Support of Syria Strikes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How police respond (CNN)

Russia says it has proof Turkey involved in Islamic State oil trade (Reuters)

Cameron urges parliament to back bombing of Islamic State in Syria (Reuters)

WATCH: RAF blast ISIS hideouts and pick off jihadis on motorbikes (Daily Star)

Syria airstrikes: anti-war protesters stage die-in' outside parliament (Guardian)

UN team investigating chemical attacks to visit Syria soon (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia accuses Turkey of buying ISIS oil (CNN)

Joint airstrikes on Islamic State have helped them recruit more fights, says Assad (Daily Star)

Former Police Commissioner: Firing Chicago Police Chief Puts Us in Danger (Time Magazine)

Russia says Erdogan trading oil with IS (BBC)

NATO Unveils Plans to Grow, Drawing Fury and Threats From Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS beheads Russian, chastises Putin (CNN)

Super bombs to be used to WIPE OUT evil Isis (Daily Star)

Canada's swift resettlement offers hope to Syria refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nato prepares to revive Russia contacts (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police Responding to Active Shooter Situation in San Bernardino (Newsweek Magazine)

Police Respond to Active Shooter at Disability Center in San Bernardino (Time Magazine)

Bombing Islamic State in Syria required to keep Britons safe, Cameron tells Parliament (Los Angeles Times)

2 police officers, 1 bystander killed in Biafra protest (Washington Post - Paywall)

Don't Forget That Climate Change Strengthens ISIS (Time Magazine)

ISIS takes aim at Putin, with videos showing Russian 'spy' beheading, threats to Moscow (Fox News)

David Cameron confident MPs will back Syria airstrikes (Guardian)

BREAKING: ISIS behead Russian spy in sick new video (Daily Star)

What Time Will MPs Vote On Syria, How Will My MP Vote And Will David Cameron Win? (Huffington Post)

Syria vote: ISIS are the NAZIS of our time and UK must stand up to them, says Labour MP (Daily Express)

DJ Fox tells court of 'saucy' behaviour (BBC)

Southern India flooding closes airport, cuts off power (Los Angeles Times)

Catalonia Secession Plan Struck Down in Spanish Court (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS video purportedly shows killing of Russian spy - monitoring group (Reuters)

Anti-war protesters urge MPs to vote against Syria airstrikes video (Guardian)

Russia says Turkish president profits off ISIS oil trade (CBS News)

VIDEO: Highlights of debate on Syria air strikes (BBC)

Syria airstrikes: what happens after the Commons vote (Guardian)

Isis under airstrikes a guide in maps (Guardian)

Russia says Turkish president benefits from ISIS oil trade (Fox News)

UK Parliament to vote on expanded attacks on Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria vote: Case for airstrikes not been made, says former Labour leader Ed Miliband (Daily Express)

BREAKING: ISIS releases video showing beheading of Russian spy' (Daily Express)

Activists flood Paris with ads mocking corporate sponsors of climate change talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Poland to end state funding for IVF treatment (Guardian)

NATO Willing to Talk With Russia After Montenegro Invite (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How climate negotiations proceed: just like an action movie (Washington Post - Paywall)

Catalan secession bid ruled unconstitutional by Spanish court (Guardian)

France and Germany seek to step up fight against militant financing (Reuters)

Russia accuses Erdogan of trade with Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Search for man over Tube push incident (BBC)

Russia Says It Can Prove Erdogan And Family Are Involved in ISIS Oil Trade (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria Vote: Foreign Affairs Select Committee Only 'Failed' Cameron's Case For War After Two MPs Fell Sick, Says Chairman Crispin Blunt (Huffington Post)

British PM: Do we wait for ISIS to attack? (CNN)

EU police agency: 23 suspects arrested across Europe in raids targeting migrant smuggling gang (Washington Post - Paywall)

NATO invites Montenegro to join, as Russia plots response (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS Claims It Beheaded Alleged Russian Spy (NBC News)

Five of the best speeches from the Syria airstrikes debate (Guardian)

PCs deny ignoring appeals of man killed in Bristol vigilante attack (Guardian)

China Calls Hacking of U.S. Workers' Data a Crime, Not a State Act (New York Times - Paywall)

Illinois AG asks DOJ to investigate Chicago police (CBS News)

Iranian-American man hanged in Iran for alleged crime in California (Guardian)

Inside the manhunt for ISIS supporters in U.S. (CBS News)

France watches closely as British MPs vote on Syria airstrikes (Guardian)

Israel Tears Down Home of Palestinian Who Killed 2 Police Officers (Time Magazine)

U.K. to vote on expanding air campaign against ISIS (CBS News)

Obama warns Putin over Syria (CNN)

Russia releases video, photos as proof (CNN)

Britain's David Cameron calls opponents of Syria airstrikes 'terrorist sympathizers' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia fumes over Nato's Montenegro invite (Financial Times - Paywall)

New Police Scotland chief constable named as Phil Gormley (Guardian)

Jewish Man Reunited With His Catholic Holocaust Savior (NBC News)

Police talks over college 'fraud' (BBC)

We Must Support Our Neighbours and Be United Against This Terror (Huffington Post)

British Parliament Is Expected to Approve Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Mid-East sceptical on UK role in Syria war (BBC)

Isis Are The 'Fascists Of Our Time' And MPs Should Vote For Airstrikes, Says Dan Jarvis (Huffington Post)

How a Man Gave New Life to His Girlfriend's Mother (NBC News)

Turkey's President 'Involved' in ISIS' Illegal Oil Trade: Russia (NBC News)

Court to Decide if Comparing Someone to Gollum Is an Insult (NBC News)

Belgian Police Detain Two in Paris Attacks' Investigation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Who is linked to the false Chicago police account of Laquan McDonald's death? (Guardian)

Stranded migrants clash with police on Greek-Macedonian border (Reuters)

Oklahoma police give lost donkey Squishy a ride in patrol car (Guardian)

John McCain Calls RAF A 'Token' Force That Will 'Drop A Few Bomb' In Syria Should It Join The Fight (Huffington Post)

U.K. role up for vote as U.S. bolsters fight against ISIS (CBS News)

We Have No Easy Choice on Syria - But There Is No Hope of Negotiating With Daesh (Huffington Post)

Alan Johnson Hits Out At 'Finger Jabbing' Corbynites During Syria Debate As Margaret Beckett Delivers Powerful Speech (Huffington Post)

Suriname high court says president's murder trial to resume (Washington Post - Paywall)

Spanish court rejects Catalan independence resolution (Washington Post - Paywall)

In Erdogan insult case, Turkish court asks: is 'Hobbit' character Gollum evil? (Reuters)

Bake Off gets professional spin-off (BBC)

Horror on Tube as man is seriously injured after being 'DELIBERATELY' pushed under train (Daily Express)

Spanish court rules out Catalan secession (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS Prevents Civilians From Fleeing Ramadi (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russian Official Accuses Turkish President of Benefitting Oil Trade With ISIS (Time Magazine)

Spanish court blocks Catalan independence drive (Reuters)

WATCH: TV host delivers EPIC shut down to man who interrupts live broadcast (Daily Star)

With Regret, I Feel I Have No Other Option But to Abstain on Syria (Huffington Post)

Kentish Town Station: Police Hunt For Man Who 'Deliberately' Pushed Passenger Under Tube Train (Huffington Post)

British Lawmakers Debate Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria (NBC News)

Will Grand Jury Indict Police Officers for This Shooting? (NBC News)

France Shuts Down 3 Mosques Amid State of Emergency (Time Magazine)

'Kylie Jenner, wow, being in a wheelchair is so fun and fashionable!' (BBC)

Islamist leader asks Bangladesh court to commute death sentence (Reuters)

Man 'pushed under' London Tube train (BBC)

France shuts mosque, arrests man in crackdown after attacks (Reuters)

Fetal abduction: brutal attacks against expectant mothers on the rise in US (Guardian)

Russia accuses Erdogan family of doing business with IS (Channel4)

New Police Scotland chief appointed (BBC)

Man rescued after jumping into polar bear pit in Copenhagen (Washington Post - Paywall)

Spain's Constitutional Court rejects Catalan independence resolution (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kenya court sentences Briton terror suspect to 9 years (Washington Post - Paywall)

The aircraft, bombs and missiles the UK could use against Isis in Syria (Guardian)

Two of Putin's choppers 'disappear over Turkey' as Russia have 'proof' of ISIS oil links (Daily Star)

Police accused of mistrusting murder victim for years (Guardian)

Strikes against Isis are a trap, says journalist formerly held by group video (Guardian)

Syrian state media say rebel shelling of Damascus has killed 2 women, wounded 26 people (Fox News)

Why NATO is set to annoy Russia - again (CNN)

ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State and Daesh? What each terror group name means (Daily Star)

Benjamin Netanyahu Admits That Israeli Forces Operate in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

All-female unit takes on ISIS (CNN)

Sinn F in MP Francie Molloy Says Syria Bombing Is 'Brits Back To What They Do Best, Murder' (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn 'Unfit To Be Prime Minister', Jacob Rees-Mogg Tells Owen Jones Ahead Of Syria Vote (Huffington Post)

Paris Attack Venue Won't Be 'Mausoleum,' Will Reopen (NBC News)

Russia: Turkish president benefits from oil trade with Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Police officer, six others killed in latest Burundi violence (Reuters)

Turkish court to decide if comparing Erdogan to 'Rings' character Gollum a crime (Fox News)

The 12 Days Of Bombing Syria (Huffington Post)

New arrest in deadly Paris attacks linked to apartment raid (Fox News)

Video Sought in Another Fatal Chicago Police Shooting (NBC News)

BREAKING: Man 'pushed' under Tube train at Kentish Town station (Daily Star)

Suriname high court rules trial must resume for president in killings of opponents in 1982 (Fox News)

David Cameron: it is Britain's duty to attack Isis in Syria (Guardian)

ISIS hostage: 'Jihadi John was brutal and he had fun playing with us' (Daily Star)

Russia unlikely to meet Ukraine peace deal deadline, NATO says (Reuters)

NATO invites Montenegro to join alliance, defying Russia (Reuters)

Trump on ISIS Terrorists: 'You Have to Take Out Their Families' (NBC News)

Suspect dies in M1 crash after police chase (BBC)

WATCH: Mexicans mock ISIS with video parody of execution and song about a sea snake (Daily Star)

Charlotte Church Tells MPs To Forget Asking Cameron For An Apology And Get On With Opposing Syria War (Huffington Post)

ISIS terrorists burned to the bone by Russia's banned chemical weapon (Daily Star)

Zero hunger 'impossible' without climate protection - WFP (Reuters)

Labour MPs criticise abuse and deselection threats over Syria vote (Guardian)

Gap with Russia over Assad's future will narrow further - Cameron (Reuters)

Ted Cruz listed as only climate policy 'hero' by Koch brothers-backed group (Guardian)

Britain poised to join air campaign against Islamic State in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Airstrikes: David Cameron Refuses To Apologise For Branding Anti-War MPs 'Terrorist Sympathisers' (Huffington Post)

Syria air strikes: what happens if MPs vote yes? (Channel4)

Divisive vote on Syria is just the start of a bumpy journey for Labour (Guardian)

Cambodian opposition leader's woes increase as court issues summons on defamation charges (Fox News)

Syria debate: the linguistic battle over what to call Islamic State (Guardian)

Stephen Fry Tells MPs Ahead Of Syria Airstrikes Vote: 'Do What Isis Least Want You To Do' (Huffington Post)

U.S. coalition targets Islamic State with 17 strikes - statement (Reuters)

Man injured after entering polar bear enclosure at Copenhagen zoo (Fox News)

Assad blasts West for 'SUPPORTING TERRORISTS' and insists only Russia can defeat ISIS (Daily Express)

What is carbon pricing and why is it so important in battling climate change? (Los Angeles Times)

Double Tap Strike Hits MSF-backed Hospital in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

German backing for fight against IS rises as parliament starts debate (Reuters)

Al Qaeda leader praises terrorist attacks on Paris in new message (Daily Star)

Bataclan concert hall, site of deadly Paris attack, to reopen in 2016 (Fox News)

Amid tensions, NATO chief says he'll explore reviving talks with Russia through joint council (Fox News)

John Kerry: NATO members ready to step up fight against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

David Cameron Will Only Use 'Da'esh' To Refer To Terrorist Group During Syria Bombing Debate (Huffington Post)

Assad: Russia role 'slowing down IS' (BBC)

Sarkozy - no deal with Socialists against far right (Reuters)

Egypt orders retrial in graft case against Mubarak-era prime minister (Reuters)

VIDEO: UK MPs debate Syria air strikes (BBC)

Syria vote: 'Call them Daesh' PM says evil terror group don't deserve to be called ISIS (Daily Express)

U.K. Parliament To Vote On Syrian Airstrikes as Voter Support Falls (Newsweek Magazine)

Critic's Notebook: Street Spared in Paris Attacks Embodies What Terrorists Targeted (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama warns Putin on Syria (CNN)

Are you against UK airstrikes on Syria but don't protest? Tell us why (Guardian)

ISIS 'made women strip to sell them' at sex slave market (Daily Star)

Syria Air Strikes: Sick Labour MP Mike Gapes Targeted By 'Odious Trolls' Over Bombing Stance (Huffington Post)

Syria Bombing Poll Of British Public Shows 'Every Other Person Is A Terrorist Sympathiser' (Huffington Post)

Heavy flooding causes chaos in southern India state (Reuters)

NATO Invites Montenegro to Join Alliance, Defying Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS targets gays with brutal public killings (Fox News)

Foreign Troops Not Needed on the Ground to Fight ISIS, Says Iraq's Prime Minister (Time Magazine)

Sick man kills girlfriend and calls lover's mum to BOAST about murdering her (Daily Star)

Iraq PM: Foreign troops not needed on the ground to fight IS (Washington Post - Paywall)

WATCH: ISIS moron shows why you don't fire rocket launchers indoors (Daily Star)

The Syria motion on airstrikes: full text (Guardian)

Syria vote: responsibility lies with MPs, says Corbyn video (Guardian)

How the Vote on Syrian Air Strikes Has Exposed Corbyn's Dilemma (Huffington Post)

Syria airstrikes: Cameron accuses Corbyn of being 'terrorist sympathiser' (Guardian)

U.K. Lawmakers Prepare to Vote on Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria (Time Magazine)

Ignore Jeremy Corbyn and 'terrorist sympathisers': We must vote to bomb Syria, demands PM (Daily Express)

A Turkish court appointed five 'Lord of the Rings' experts to figure out whether this Gollum meme is offensive (Washington Post - Paywall)

Met Police Firearms Officers Told To 'Walk Over Casualties' As Frightening Pictures Show Mock London Terror Attack (Huffington Post)

Who are Man City's Chinese investors? (CNN)

Being a woman, a man or otherwise is more than just a difference in genitalia (Guardian)

A Turkish Court Is Trying to Figure Out if It's an Insult to Compare the President to Gollum (Time Magazine)

Lady C Forced To Quit The I'm A Celebrity' Jungle On Medical Grounds', Latest Viewer Vote Cancelled (Huffington Post)

Police advertise for people to work as detectives for free and wash police cars (Daily Star)

ISIS chief's ex-wife released (CNN)

UK armed police told to race to stop terrorists and ignore the dying (Guardian)

Jeremy Corbyn: David Cameron has failed to show that bombing Syria would work (Guardian)

China state media says investigation finds U.S. OPM hack was criminal, not state-sponsored (Reuters)

NATO invites Montenegro to join alliance despite opposition from Russia (Fox News)

Climate talks: rich countries should pay to keep tropical forest trees standing | Nancy Birdsall and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (Guardian)

Shami Chakrabarti: How do we keep up the fight for democratic values? With solidarity and storytelling' (Guardian)

Bombing Syria to please our allies is a dangerous game video (Guardian)

United Nations warns of ISIS expansion in Libya (CNN)

Indonesian captain makes US$32,000 deal to return asylum seekers, court hears (Guardian)

Islamic State group targets gays with brutal public killings (Washington Post - Paywall)

Flight attendant accused of plane attacks in court (CBS News)

How to defeat ISIS (CNN)

Russia and Turkey accuse each other of buying oil from the Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. officers ignore tribal court order in custody fight (CBS News)

Climate talks updates: The hard work at COP21 begins today in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

Syria fears and 'terrorist sympathiser' Corbyn (BBC)

Woman fined 1,000 for refusing to be fingerprinted at Paris climate rally (Guardian)

Islamic State group publicly killing gays in Syria and Iraq to show its 'ideological purity' (Fox News)

Man vs. alligator: A tale of two Trumps (CNN)

Iowa State Senator Mark Chelgren Suggests Death Penalty for Some Immigrant Felons (Time Magazine)

India pushes rich countries to boost their climate pledges at Paris (Guardian)

More U.S. special operations troops to fight ISIS (CBS News)

Flooding in southern India forces airport to close, cuts off roads, power supplies (Fox News)

Islamic State Lured Son of Jordan's Elite (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police wrongly said priest didn't offend when he abused girl during confession (Guardian)

Islamic State Sympathizers in U.S. Prefer Twitter (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

To spotlight climate change, 10,000 religious activists go without food (Los Angeles Times)

Panicked ISIS moves headquarters to Libya after Syrian stronghold is slammed by airstrikes (Daily Star)

German Cabinet Approves Military Mission Against ISIS in Syria (Time Magazine)

Marcus Klingberg, master Soviet spy against Israel, dies aged 97 in Paris (Guardian)

There Are Up to 3,000 ISIS Fighters in Libya, U.N. Says (Time Magazine)

Argentine man stolen as baby reunited with mother 38 years later (CBS News)

Cameron Blasts Corbyn A 'Terrorist Sympathiser' Over Refusal To Back Syria Bombings, Twitter Has None Of It (Huffington Post)

U.S. Spies May Be Back in Action Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Man accused of U. of Chicago campus threat released (CBS News)

U.S. Plans to Counter Arms Breach by Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama urges Turkey and Russia to drop row and focus on 'common enemy' Isis (Guardian)

Russia wants UN to tighten crackdown on financing extremists (Washington Post - Paywall)

Did man feed son's body to pigs? (CNN)

California man pleads guilty to attempting to join ISIS (CBS News)

Woman charged with faking threats against fellow black students (CBS News)

Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State, and it is hurting the war (Washington Post - Paywall)

Libya a massive safe haven for ISIS now, U.N. warns (CBS News)

Illinois Attorney General Asks for Federal Investigation of Chicago Police (Time Magazine)

House Votes to Block Obama Climate Rules (Time Magazine)

Al Qaeda Syria wing frees Lebanese in return for jailed Islamists (Reuters)

Steven Seagal wanted by Serbia to train special police forces (CBS News)

Court of protection grants 'impulsive, self-centred' mother permission to die (Guardian)

Court hands victory to Chilean mom restricted from her baby for smoking marijuana (Fox News)

ISIS Promise of Statehood Falling Far Short, Ex-Residents Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Defends Presence at Climate Change Talks While Syria War Rages (New York Times - Paywall)

Family of Chicago man killed by police wants shooting video released (CBS News)

UN experts: Up to 3,000 Islamic State fighters in Libya (Washington Post - Paywall)

Head of Chicago police fired amid controversy (CBS News)

Illinois AG Asks for Feds to Investigate Chicago Police (NBC News)

Paris attacks: The economic impact (BBC)

U.S. deploying new force to Iraq to boost fight against Islamic State (Reuters)

Man held at Guantánamo for 13 years a case of mistaken identity, say officials (Guardian)

VIDEO: How gene editing is help fight disease (BBC)

'There's no hiding place' Defiant Corbyn warns MPs over Syria vote (Daily Star)

U.S. to send about 200 more special operations troops to Iraq to fight Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Northern Ireland police appeal for information on covert British army unit (Guardian)

Post-Paris tactics: Ruthless Brit cops will IGNORE casualties to take out ISIS threats (Daily Star)

VIDEO: How to make sense of Syria vote jargon (BBC)

VIDEO: How is climate change affecting Los Angeles? (BBC)

What London would look like during a terror attack: Armed officers train to tackle ISIS (Daily Express)

EXCLUSIVE: Government accused of covering-up inquiry into jihadi drone strikes in Syria (Daily Express)

Desperate ISIS moves headquarters to Libya after Raqqa stronghold is BLITZED by airstrikes (Daily Express)

Saudi Arabia MOCKED with #SueMeSaudi hashtag amid threats to sue over ISIS comparison (Daily Express)

Catastrophic pain of tinnitus prompted man to jump to his death (Daily Express)

Father Christmas DELAYED: Security alert after Paris halts Santa's visit to Brussels (Daily Express)

Britain's dumbest crook breaks curfew, gets drunk, tries to fight with PC (Daily Express)

BBC race row over Catherine Tate nan as she accuses Muslim of being Islamist bomber (Daily Express)

700,000 motorists admit to being over limit this Christmas (Daily Express)

Lost Jewish cemetery destroyed by Nazis being restored (CBS News)

Obama says parts of climate deal must be legally binding (Washington Post - Paywall)

Chicago police chief fired over killing (CNN)

State of Terror: How the Paris Attackers Honed Their Assault Through Trial and Error (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Deploying New Force to Iraq to Boost Fight Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris diary: Planet COP 21 is a strange place but it has nothing on Planet Oz (Guardian)

Largest police union renews call for NFL to end concealed-carry ban (Guardian)

Cameron: UK must take stand on Syria (BBC)

Ex-wife of ISIS leader and al-Qaeda terrorists freed from jail in prisoner swap (Daily Express)

Cameron attacks Corbyn over Syria vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rio de Janeiro police officers arrested for killings of black and mixed-race youths (Guardian)

75 new candidates in court for day 2 of Freddie Gray jury selection (CBS News)

U.N. helicopters launch strikes against Congo rebels after deadly raid (Reuters)

Women Are the Key to a Successful Climate Strategy (Time Magazine)

Turkish President threatens to resign over ISIS oil trade claims (Daily Express)

Cops: Fla. man tried to electrocute father over will (CBS News)

New arrest in Paris attacks linked to apartment raid (Washington Post - Paywall)

David Cameron Tells MPs Not To Support Labour's 'Terrorist Sympathisers' in Syria Vote (Huffington Post)

Syria reports accord on truce, rebel withdrawal in Homs; activists deny full pullout (Los Angeles Times)

Chicago police chief fired amid Laquan McDonald fallout (CBS News)

Police Locate 3-Year-Old New York City Child After Amber Alert Issued (Newsweek Magazine)

Former wife of Islamic State leader released by Lebanon in prisoner swap (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Increases Special Operations Forces Fighting ISIS in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Homan Square: Chicago police chief's downfall prompts calls to shutter facility (Guardian)

DJ Neil Fox 'Took Secret Phone Calls From A Teenage Girl While On Air,' Court Hears (Huffington Post)

New Peace Talks on Syria Could Be Held This Month (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian airstrikes vote creates heated confrontations within Labour ranks (Guardian)

New arrest in Paris attacks linked to apartment raid that killed suspected planner (Fox News)

Russia hopes to circulate UN resolution soon to tighten crackdown on terrorist financing (Fox News)

U.S. to deploy additional special ops forces to Iraq, Syria (CBS News)

Russian crackdown against Turkey targets soccer players, Ottoman classes and turkey parts (Washington Post - Paywall)

US urges Turkey to seal border with Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Stop The War Coalition' Holds An Emergency Protest In London Ahead Of Commons Syria Vote (Huffington Post)

Steve Bell on Labour division over Syria airstrikes cartoon (Guardian)

Pentagon to Unleash Special Ops Force on ISIS (NBC News)

Police raid home in western Sydney under firearms powers (Guardian)

German Cabinet OKs military mission against IS in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Leader of Taliban Splinter Group Allied With ISIS Is Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama: parts of Paris climate deal must carry legal force (Guardian)

Islamic State in Libya hampered by lack of fighters - U.N. experts (Reuters)

Woman killed with wine bottle after intervening in street row, court told (Guardian)

Chicago Police Take One Illegal Gun Off the Street Every 74 Minutes (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama urges Turkey to reduce tensions with Russia (Reuters)

COP21: A Crucial Step on the Path to Ending Climate Change (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria War Protest: Stop The War Convenor 'Ashamed' Tony Benn's Son Is 'Leading Drive To War' (Huffington Post)

Corbyn upbeat on holding off Ukip (Financial Times - Paywall)

'You'll be next' ISIS warn UK of terror attacks if they join France in Syria airstrikes (Daily Express)

Corbyn: Syria focus should be peace (BBC)

Russia Approves Detailed Sanctions Against Turkey Over Downed Plane (Newsweek Magazine)

WATCH: Kids of 9/11 victims make emotional video for the Paris attack survivors (Daily Star)

Suspected Islamists in Paris court in first trial since attacks (Reuters)

Sticking points to Paris climate talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

French trust in Hollande grows after Paris attacks (Reuters)

Ohio Man Pleads Not Guilty to Kidnapping Son in 2002 (NBC News)

US tells Turkey and Russia to end row (BBC)

After leaders' rhetoric, climate negotiators start work on deal (Reuters)

Lebanon Exchanges Prisoners With Qaeda Affiliate in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

For Survivors of Paris Attacks, Mental Scars May Outlast Wounds (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama calls climate change an "imperative" despite terror threat (CBS News)

Syria air strikes: What you need to know (BBC)

Cameron says government unanimous on Syria strikes (Reuters)

Lebanon to swap prisoners with al Qaeda in Syria (CBS News)

Labour MP Louise Haigh Questions Government Claim Syria Has 70,000 'Moderate' Troops Ahead Of Commons Vote On Bombing (Huffington Post)

Obama tries to cool tensions at Paris climate summit (CBS News)

'Trusted' but Controversial: Who Is Obama's ISIS Czar? (NBC News)

Chicago Police Chief Fired Amid Controversies (NBC News)

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Fired (Newsweek Magazine)

Supreme Court rules against Berkeley woman suing over injury in Austria (Los Angeles Times)

Japan probes mystery boats carrying decomposing bodies drifting off its coast (Los Angeles Times)

Coalition Airstrikes Around Ramadi Prepare for Offensive to Recapture City from ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama: I don't expect Putin to do a '180' to help fight Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Israel's Ban of an Islamic Group Carries Risk (New York Times - Paywall)

What happened after one man compared Saudi Arabia to Islamic State (BBC)

Tehran tightens security amid Isis fear (Financial Times - Paywall)

Small penis humiliation: Meet the Brit lads who love being mocked for their tiny todgers (Daily Star)

Chinese capital being choked by smog (CBS News)

Scientists believe melting polar ice could speed climate change (CBS News)

Obama presses world polluters during climate change talks (CBS News)

Widodo firefights to damp climate critics (Financial Times - Paywall)

World leaders kick off climate talks in Paris: 'Our goal must be a transformation' (Los Angeles Times)

The end of Schengen? Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam crossed SIX borders to escape to Syria (Daily Express)

How Obama learned from 'a mess' of a climate deal to forge a new agreement in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli court convicts two teens in grisly 2014 killing of 16-year-old Palestinian (Los Angeles Times)

Labour MPs to have free vote on Syria air strikes (Channel4)

Climate change summit: Canada starts to regain its green glow (Los Angeles Times)

Obama pays silent tribute to victims of Paris attacks (Los Angeles Times)

Climate march: call for action ahead of COP21 summit (Channel4)

Six graphics that explain climate change (BBC)

Vote for your Overseas Sports Personality (BBC)

Jeremy Corbyn 'should resign' over Syria vote (Channel4)

Protester in his pants is led away from Parliament Square by police after thousands join demonstration against air strikes on Syria (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn warns Labour MPs backing ISIS airstrikes in Syria (Daily Mail)

David Cameron under pressure over claim of 70,000 anti-ISIS fighters in Syria (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn supporters celebrate as Labour MP who backs bombing in Syria is rushed to hospital (Daily Mail)

Prime Minister David Cameron urges Tory MPs not to vote against bombing Syria (Daily Mail)

MAC ON... The vote on whether Britain bombs Syria (Daily Mail)

Less than half of voters back Syria airstrikes in shock poll as doubts mount over Cameron's case for war (Daily Mail)

David Cameron pleads with MPs to back Syria airstrikes against ISIS in Commons debate (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour supporters to contact their MPs over Syria airstrikes abuse (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn warns airstrikes against ISIS in Syria will lead to 'mission creep' (Daily Mail)

Assad says there would be peace in Syria in months if coalition airstrikes stopped as former ISIS hostage says bombings drive more people to join the Islamists (Daily Mail)

Britain takes the fight to ISIS ahead of Syria vote: Moment RAF drone destroys a terrorist safehouse during one of 13 deadly British missile strikes in the past six days (Daily Mail)

Parliament Square anti-war protesters block roads ahead of Syria ISIS airstrike vote (Daily Mail)

Is Steve McCabe giving Margaret Beckett the finger during Syria airstrike debate? (Daily Mail)

Ex-wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is released by Lebanon (Daily Mail)

#SueMeSaudi trends after Saudi Arabia threatens Twitter user over ISIS comparision (Daily Mail)

Terror on the streets of Britain: Chilling footage shows just how ISIS attack would play out as police, ambulance and fire crews storm London building in training exercise in wake of Paris atrocity (Daily Mail)

Why Cameron's army of Syrian moderates to defeat ISIS is a deadly fantasy (Daily Mail)

Men with ISIS contacts' arrested in Italy for making threats against Pope Francis (Daily Mail)

Anatoly Antonov accuses Turkish president's FAMILY of being linked to ISIS oil (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump says the US can beat ISIS terrorists (Daily Mail)

David Cameron decides to start referring to ISIS as Daesh' (Daily Mail)

Discarded suicide vests, lines of dead ISIS fighters and buildings smashed apart by airstrikes: Pictures from Syrian front line show reality of the fight Britain could be joining (Daily Mail)

Chicago mayor FIRES police chief less than a day after footage emerges showing cops at a computer terminal inside the Burger King where CCTV footage 'malfunctioned' the night Laquan McDonald was killed (Daily Mail)

Moment Nottinghamshire police officer is filmed 'texting at the wheel of a force van' (Daily Mail)

Elizabeth Porter crashed into parked police car and broke officer's leg on A40 (Daily Mail)

Brazilian police officers arrested for murdering five youths after 'raking car with gunfire' (Daily Mail)

Chris Rock facing police probe in South Africa over girl he and ex-wife raised (Daily Mail)

Wanted: Police advertise for VOLUNTEER detectives to help solve burglaries and wash their dirty squad cars (Daily Mail)

Manchester police dress as Santa and Rudolph for Christmas-themed safety videos (Daily Mail)

Manchester police dog attacks innocent man who stepped outside his house (Daily Mail)

Is that a minibus or a clown car? Extraordinary footage shows Chinese police removing FORTY children (plus teacher and a driver) from a seven-seater van used for a school trip (Daily Mail)

At least TWELVE people killed and eight others wounded in California mass shooting as police search for three suspects (Daily Mail)

Mortgage bills could rise even if interest rate holds: Carney warns lenders will put aside £10bn to protect themselves against another financial crisis (Daily Mail)

Shocking moment bull throws Mexican against a tree before goring him fatally (Daily Mail)

Al Qaeda jihadists release propaganda video of battle against Iranian forces (Daily Mail)

Links between Tories and independent inquiry law firm called in to investigate allegations against Mark Clarke (Daily Mail)

A woman's place is not on the Tube! Male commuter launches bizarre sexist rant against 'women's lib' after failing to get on to a packed train in rush hour (Daily Mail)

Couple sent their neighbour dog faeces, made false sex claims against him and attempted to destroy his career in 18-month campaign of abuse sparked by a row over a tiny patch of land (Daily Mail)

Britain lags behind in the state pensions league: Poll of 34 countries finds only Mexico and Chile offer a worse deal relative to a person's average earnings (Daily Mail)

Police stand-off with man hurling things out of window on to Stoke Newington street (Daily Mail)

Drunk man crashes his Mercedes into a Rolls-Royce TWICE at Doha's Sheraton hotel (Daily Mail)

Netherfield man Roy Rathoor waited over 2 hours for an ambulance after breaking his back (Daily Mail)

Video catches man stealing a mink coat by stuffing it down his crotch (Daily Mail)

Czech fire brigade called to rescue horse stuck in a man hole (Daily Mail)

ISIS Sharia courts sentence gay man to be thrown to his death (Daily Mail)

London man texted his sister The Who lyrics before killing himself (Daily Mail)

Village blighted by fatal car crashes solves the problem after local man builds device to 'trap invisible radiation rays which were affecting drivers' (Daily Mail)

North Yorkshire man jailed after he kept his dog locked in a cage 24 hours a day (Daily Mail)

CCTV video shows man fleeing after being shot outside a Sydney gay sex club (Daily Mail)

Polar bear at Danish zoo is shot with rubber bullets after 'mentally unstable' man jumps into its enclosure and is attacked (Daily Mail)

Pensioner on mobility scooter ran over grandfather, 68, twice and broke his leg after chasing him because he thought the other man had his money (Daily Mail)

Detective verbally abused man after drinking session with former chief constable (Daily Mail)

Is this more tear-jerking than John Lewis' man on the moon? Elderly man with dementia remembers the moment he met his wife in weepy Christmas advert (Daily Mail)

Former mayor in High Court battle over £500,000 legal costs after declaring himself bankrupt (Daily Mail)

How can a wife be so heartless? After Simon was maimed by a Taliban bomb, his wife walked out, squandered much of his £1million compensation - then took him to court for MORE (Daily Mail)

Turkish court to rule on whether being compared to Lord Of The Rings' Gollum is offensive (Daily Mail)

Hatton Garden heist was an inside job: Security guard who thought alarm going off was a false alert tells court gang must have had 'detailed information' about vault (Daily Mail)

Father and teenage daughter go public about their incestuous relationship after Spanish court takes their newborn girl into care (Daily Mail)

College student, 17, becomes 19th teenager to be murdered in London this year after he was stabbed on a basketball court as he returned from a friend's birthday party (Daily Mail)

Boyfriend of the Good Samaritan mother allegedly murdered when she tried stop another woman being attacked was also knocked out, court hears (Daily Mail)

Could a hi-tech 'doomsday weapon' wipe out America? New report warns military has 'failed to keep pace' with China and Russia in electromagnetic warfare (Daily Mail)

Harvestmen daddy long legs fight like GLADIATORS using 'swords' and 'whips' (Daily Mail)

Hydrogel condom that releases virus-killing antioxidant may revolutionize HIV fight (Daily Mail)

Doncaster woman embroiled in legal fight over sale of pony faces losing home (Daily Mail)

University Islamic Society students 'make death threats' in human rights lecture (Daily Mail)

Britons warned to watch out for RATS invading their homes this winter as odds are slashed on it being the coldest winter in a century (Daily Mail)

Videos named Teddy Talks show children reveal the secret to being a happy adult (Daily Mail)

Photographer Paul Coomber captures Tube woman passenger being sick at station (Daily Mail)

You never forget your mother tongue: Being exposed to a language early in life changes how your brain deals with foreign dialects as an adult (Daily Mail)

Johnny Clifton's shows Australian being hit by gorilla in Rwanda (Daily Mail)

John Lewis worker Hannah Fryer is too afraid to leave her house after being attacked (Daily Mail)

Cuttlefish hold their breath to avoid their electrical field being detected by sharks (Daily Mail)

Women confess the reasons why they FAKED being pregnant on secrets app (Daily Mail)

Lady Colin Campbell 'left the I'm A Celebrity jungle as she felt she was being bullied' (Daily Mail)

Russian DJ Eleonora Verbitskaya loses her job for being 'too sexy' (Daily Mail)

Bananas are being driven to EXTINCTION after deadly fungus found in soil (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-un's aunt sues North Korean defectors after being accused of having plastic surgery (Daily Mail)

Man killed himself after being told there was no cure for his tinnitus (Daily Mail)

Lord Coe denies conflict of interest between his association with Nike and Eugene being awarded 2021 IAAF World Championships (Daily Mail)

British climber fights off grizzly bear by prizing its jaws off his leg during terrifying attack while climbing in the Canadian Rockies (Daily Mail)

Polish sports stars strip off for risqu calendar (Daily Mail)

Hospitals in chaos after junior doctors' strike is called off after 11th hour deal - but 3,000 operations and 17,500 appointments have already been cancelled (Daily Mail)

Egyptian crowd fights off husband stabbing his wife' then stones him (Daily Mail)

Nigella Lawson sparks more mockery on Twitter as she shows off 'liquorice TOOLBOX' (Daily Mail)

Buy nice cologne, be confident, not creepy - and keep your eyes off her a**! Gay guys offer straight men their top tips on how to attract women (Daily Mail)

That's a lot of cash in the attic! Stately home owners make more than £1.1MILLION after auctioning off hundreds of antiques languishing in their Downton Abbey-style mansion (Daily Mail)

Surbiton's Union Convenient Off Licence changes its name to TESOS Express (Daily Mail)

Get scrubbing! Teenage vandal who daubed graffiti all over buildings, bus shelters and phone boxes is forced to clean it all off to avoid jail (Daily Mail)