Friday, 4th December 2015

World News

FBI: Mass shooting is a terror investigation (CBS News)

CBS News goes inside San Bernardino shooters home (CBS News)

President Obama on impact of climate change (CBS News)

Inside San Bernardino shooting suspects home (CBS News)

Boston police detonate suitcase ditched near Homeland Security vehicle (CBS News)

President Obama: Republicans climate change denial is "unique" (CBS News)

Official: Female Calif. shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS leader (CBS News)

Terror Network in Paris Attacks Said to Have U.K. Links (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Massacre Wife Pledged Allegiance to ISIS Leader (NBC News)

How Paris attacks could boost support for Marine Le Pen's far-right Front National (Daily Express)

Official: Calif. shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS (CBS News)

Paris talks creep towards agreement in final week, but deal could be 'watered down' (Guardian)

Investigators Piece Together Portrait of Woman in San Bernardino Massacre (Newsweek Magazine)

Truck Drivers Converge on Moscow in Protest Against Road Usage Tax (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

David Cameron: Syria airstrikes will help bring political settlement video (Guardian)

Funeral Held for Police Officer Killed in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Ted Cruz Rolls Out Gun Coalition Group at Shooting Range in Iowa (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris militant group had links to Britain - Wall Street Journal (Reuters)

FBI investigating San Bernardino shooting as act of terrorism as it happened (Guardian)

Exclusive - Investigators piece together portrait of Pakistani woman in shooting massacre (Reuters)

Inquiry Into Paris Terror Attacks Widens to Eastern Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

Source: California attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS (CBS News)

Manhunt underway to find two suspects accused of helping Paris attacks fugitive (Daily Express)

C. African Republic attack kills 8, wounds UN peacekeeper (Washington Post - Paywall)

La Bonne Bi re, Cafe Hit in Paris Attacks, Is Back in Business (New York Times - Paywall)

Germany backs Syria anti-IS mission (BBC)

Literal passing of Argentina presidential baton causes threats against silversmith (Guardian)

Driver headed to UK hangs PORK from lorry to deter Muslim migrants (Daily Star)

Candidates react to San Bernardino shooting (CBS News)

FBI investigating San Bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism (Guardian)

Were Calif. shooting suspects radicalized? (CBS News)

Search for motive in Calif. mass shooting (CBS News)

France tells citizens how to react during terror attack (CBS News)

San Bernardino: 'pledge of allegiance' to Isis is no proof of group's involvement (Guardian)

FBI probing California attack as terror (Financial Times - Paywall)

When is mass killing terrorism? (CNN)

Leonardo DiCaprio Tells Paris COP21 Summit Time Is Running Out To Tackle Climate Change (Huffington Post)

Terror network behind ISIS Paris massacre has 'links to the UK' (Daily Express)

Al Qaeda group says staged Mali hotel attack in joint operation (Reuters)

ISIS Paris attackers had 'links to the UK' (Daily Star)

Arson attack on Cairo nightclub leaves 16 dead (Los Angeles Times)

Florida Islamic Center Vandalized in Wake of San Bernardino Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

San Bernardino being investigated as an 'act of terrorism', says FBI video (Guardian)

Paris attacker travelled to UK to meet terror suspects (Guardian)

Fugitive wanted in biker shooting arrested in La. (CBS News)

RAF wipe out jihadi snipers as Britain ramps up battle against evil ISIS (Daily Star)

Obama, Cameron discuss fight against Islamic State - White House (Reuters)

San Bernardino Neighbors: 'This Is Our Mini-Paris' (NBC News)

See Inside the San Bernardino Shooting Suspects' Home (Time Magazine)

Mayors seek more powers in climate fight (Financial Times - Paywall)

Media Enter San Bernardino Assailants Home; Ethical, Legal Questions Follow (Newsweek Magazine)

Two new suspects sought in Paris attacks (BBC)

Russian killed by Islamic State spurned militant recruiters - family (Reuters)

Dozens of reporters rush into home of San Bernardino shooting suspects (Guardian)

Mystery Gun Buyer Eyed in San Bernardino Massacre (NBC News)

Germany Oks military mission against Islamic State group (Washington Post - Paywall)

Peruvian Paddington' bear cub rescued from highway video (Guardian)

Syria row: No 10 admits '70,000 fighters' figure made up of disparate groups (Guardian)

Massive natural gas storage leak alarms California residents, climate activists (Guardian)

New video emerges of San Francisco police shooting man with knife video (Guardian)

Obama on making climate change part of his legacy (CBS News)

Paris Cafe Attacked by Terrorists Reopens (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam Could Be Anywhere': Prosecutor's Office (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch Police Give Update on Shooting Investigation (NBC News)

ISIS takes flight: Terror group training pilots at airbase in Libya (Fox News)

Russian Claims Against Turkey on Islamic State Oil Unfounded, Experts Say (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. embassy warns of possible 'terrorism' attacks in Nigeria (Reuters)

At halfway, chance of U.N. climate deal higher, but ambition lower, than in 2009 (Reuters)

This Gun Law May Have Let the San Bernardino Attackers Shoot Faster (Time Magazine)

California massacre shooter may be linked to Islamic State - sources (Reuters)

German parliament approves noncombat mission in battle against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

BREAKING: ISIS claim responsibility for San Bernardino massacre (Daily Star)

New York Daily News Continues Its War Against The NRA With Provocative Front Page (Huffington Post)

Extremist's family can STAY in the UK after High Court overrules Home Secretary (Daily Express)

Belgium seeks two new suspects in Paris attacks inquiry (Guardian)

Australian politician calls for U.S. travel warning after California shooting (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Inside US shooting suspects' home (BBC)

San Bernardino shooters stockpiled bombs, cache of ammunition (CBS News)

Obama on threat of terrorism vs. climate change (CBS News)

San Bernardino shooting suspects sister breaks her silence (CBS News)

ISIS link found (CNN)

Syria Airstrikes Vote: Frankie Boyle Attacks MPs Who Voted For Bombings To Fight Isis (Huffington Post)

U.S. 'running out of bombs' for ISIS (CNN)

San Bernardino shooting suspects werent on law enforcements radar (CBS News)

'Ludicrous state of affairs' Traffic queues backs up ELEVEN MILES as UK bridge shut (Daily Express)

This Is What It Takes for Mass Murder to Be Terrorism' (Time Magazine)

Climate Change Threatens Food Production - But British Farmers Have the Answers (Huffington Post)

U.S.-led air strikes hit Islamic State oil production in Syria (Reuters)

Have Your Say on the Future of Surveillance in the UK (Huffington Post)

Female San Bernardino attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS leader during attack, say U.S. officials (CNN)

San Bernardino Killers Had Bomb Factory in Garage (NBC News)

Ex-CIA insider on San Bernardino suspects potential ties to terrorism (CBS News)

Belgium Seeks Two More Suspects in Paris Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Family, friends remember 14 murdered in San Bernardino rampage (CBS News)

San Bernardino shooting suspect in contact with Islamic extremists (CBS News)

The Latest: Belgium seeks 2 new suspects in Paris attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Military says boy trained as suicide bomber against refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police: 3 killed in attack targeting Burundi general (Washington Post - Paywall)

Matter of degree: Temperature goal in climate talks an issue (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State money-making streams take a hit as it loses territory (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sadness and relief as Paris bar where five died in gun attack reopens (Guardian)

Belgian authorities hunt for 2 new suspects in Paris attacks probe (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germany warns UK on rules for migrants (BBC)

New suspects in Paris massacre sought as France releases survival 'guide' (Fox News)

VIDEO: Matthew Price answers climate change questions (BBC)

Cairo restaurant attack kills 16 (BBC)

Belgium seeks public help in search for two Paris suspects (Reuters)

VIDEO: US shooting police news update (BBC)

San Bernardino shooter's sister: I don't know if I'd forgive him - video (Guardian)

Paris terror attack café reopens (Financial Times - Paywall)

Isis wants an insane race war and we've decided to give them one | Frankie Boyle (Guardian)

Targeting of London Muslims triples after Paris attacks (Guardian)

These Were the Victims of the San Bernardino Massacre (NBC News)

Maryland police officer shot in face; suspect at large (CBS News)

Republicans Block Two Gun Control Measures After San Bernardino Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman who fled Islamic extremism among mass shooting victims (CBS News)

Cafe where five died reopens three weeks after Paris terror attacks (Daily Star)

Sadness to anger: the evolution of Obama's response to mass shootings video (Guardian)

The Latest: Germany arrests 5 in arson attacks on shelters (Washington Post - Paywall)

San Bernardino Shooter Pledged Allegiance to ISIS, Official Says (Time Magazine)

San Bernardino Shooting: Female Attacker Tashfeen Malik 'Pledged Allegiance To Isis' (Huffington Post)

Rapist who came to UK with fake ID jailed for 'sadistic' sex attacks (Guardian)

As pressure mounts, ISIS militants hide behind kids (CBS News)

These Are the 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Paris Climate Summit (Time Magazine)

Less than half of Britons think migrants from the EU have the right to work in the UK (Daily Express)

Report: Female San Bernardino Suspect Pledged Allegiance to ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

FBI Now Investigating San Bernardino Shooting as Act of Terrorism' (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama: "You cant build a border wall" to stop climate change (CBS News)

Mount Etna lights Sicily's night sky with red hot lava video (Guardian)

Russian air force hit 1,458 targets in Syria over week - agencies (Reuters)

San Bernardino shooter pledged ISIS support before killing 14, officials say (Daily Star)

Syria strikes will help settlement - PM (BBC)

Russian Media Identifies ISIS Killer As Siberian Jihadi Tolik' (Newsweek Magazine)

Police recording captures Hatton Garden burglars boasting about heist (Guardian)

BREAKING NEWS: ISIS 'claims responsibility' for San Bernardino shootings killing 14 people (Daily Express)

French enjoy symbolic drink at Paris terror attack cafe as first target to reopen (Daily Express)

'Terror attack on UK city imminent' so why have 375 ISIS terrorists been allowed back in? (Daily Express)

Isis Snipers 'Silenced' By RAF Fighter Jets In Iraq Following Syria Airstrikes (Huffington Post)

UN: 16 mass graves found after Iraq's Sinjar freed from IS (Washington Post - Paywall)

La Bonne Biere Cafe Is First Paris Attack Target to Reopen (Time Magazine)

Paris calms delegates with flair and food (Financial Times - Paywall)

Germany Sends Jets to Aid U.S.-Led Strikes Targeting ISIS (NBC News)

Shooting Victim's Partner Didn't Learn He Was Dead for Day (NBC News)

Syria government, rebels could cooperate vs IS before Assad goes - Kerry (Reuters)

German parliament approves military campaign against Islamic State in Syria (Reuters)

Katie Hopkins' Vow To Leave UK If Donald Trump Becomes President Poses Awkward Dilemma (Huffington Post)

In the Heart of the Sea Author Says Story Is a Parable for Climate Change (Time Magazine)

British Muslims oppose airstrikes in Syria and here's why | Miqdaad Versi (Guardian)

San Bernadino, Mass Murder and America's Sunni-Shiite Wars (Newsweek Magazine)

Are Republicans or Democrats to Blame for San Bernardino? (Newsweek Magazine)

Killed after posing for pictures, the five-year-old victim of Russia's airstrikes on Syria (Guardian)

Three killed in failed attack on senior Burundi police officer (Reuters)

Paris climate talks: Africa means business on global warming | Akinwumi Adesina (Guardian)

Two arrested on suspicion of planning suicide attacks in Tunisian capital (Reuters)

Deadly firebomb attack on Cairo nightclub (CBS News)

German MPs vote to join campaign against Isis video (Guardian)

Labour MP Neil Coyle Talks Of Fears After Being Sent 'Emoji Death Threat' On Twitter Over Syria Vote (Huffington Post)

San Bernardino shooting: US divided over whether attack was terrorism (Guardian)

Maoist cult leader's daughter describes imprisonment video (Guardian)

How foreign media has covered the San Bernardino shooting: 'Another day, another slaughter' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two MPs' Expenses Claims Investigated By The Metropolitan Police After Parliamentary Watchdog Found Irregularities (Huffington Post)

Raghat, a five-year-old who died in a Russian airstrike on Syria video (Guardian)

Syrians with links to Isis 'entered Thailand to attack Russian interests' (Guardian)

WATCH: San Bernardino Gunman Was 'Living American Dream' (NBC News)

Volkswagen sales fall 20% in the UK (BBC)

Molotov attack on nightclub kills 16 (CNN)

Paris bar reopens three weeks after attacks (Reuters)

Photo highlights of the day: San Bernardino vigil and a friendly whale (Guardian)

ISIS Dumping Dead Bodies On Syrian Streets Causes Deadly 'Flesh-Eating' Disease To Spread (Huffington Post)

Paris Climate Talks Delve Into Details (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Carnage' at California shooting scene (BBC)

Pakistan Assists U.S. on San Bernardino Suspect Tashfeen Malik (Time Magazine)

Syrians linked to ISIS in Thailand? (CNN)

San Bernardino Shooter Was Bad Person,' Not Radical Says Brother-in-Law (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Two MPs' expenses claims probed by police (Daily Express)

Israel says too early to try suspects over arson attack on Palestinian home (Reuters)

Two MPs face police expenses probe (BBC)

Innovative finance has a major role to play in tackling climate change | Judith Rodin (Guardian)

German Parliament Votes to Send Military Assistance to Fight ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

German Parliament Approves Action Against ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Germany joins UK to obliterate ISIS with 1,200 troops and war ship (Daily Star)

Climate change is threatening the seabirds of St Kilda (Guardian)

Bundestag backs Merkel on Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

REVEALED: Paris terror attackers made calls to Birmingham' before massacre (Daily Express)

Wounded teacher in Sweden school attack dies (Washington Post - Paywall)

Anti-Islam Hate Crime Triples in London After Paris Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Vote On Syria Has People Reporting David Cameron's Facebook Page For Violence (Huffington Post)

Firebomb Attack on Cairo Nightclub Kills at Least 16 (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel trained against Russian-made air defence system in Greece - sources (Reuters)

Germany Approves Military Campaign Against ISIS in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Denmark Votes Against EU Cross-Border Policing (Newsweek Magazine)

Egypt: 16 killed in firebomb attack at small nightclub (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germany votes to join fight in Syria (CNN)

Brazil's top court rejects appeals against Rousseff impeachment (Reuters)

Suspected head of £7m people-smuggling ring arrested in UK (Guardian)

GRAPHIC WARNING: Rotting ISIS corpses spreading deadly flesh-eating bug among Syrians (Daily Star)

Cairo restaurant ablaze after firebomb attack video (Guardian)

UK opposition Labour Party wins by-election (Washington Post - Paywall)

UK astronaut to run London Marathon (BBC)

BREAKING: Germany vows to obliterate ISIS as Berlin approves huge air and sea deployment (Daily Express)

Russia warns Thailand of possible ISIS attack (Fox News)

Fifa inquiry: US attorney general announces 16 new indictments video (Guardian)

Hate crimes triple after Paris attacks (BBC)

'Hoax' Suicide Vest Found In Sheffield Just One Week After Paris Terror Attacks, Police Reveal (Huffington Post)

Syrians linked to Islamic State in Thailand 'to attack Russian interests' (Reuters)

ISIS jihadi 'rang Birmingham number' before Paris attacks (Daily Star)

French president visiting aircraft carrier deployed off Syria against Islamic State group (Washington Post - Paywall)

STORM DESMOND: Britain faces MONTH'S rain in 48 hours as 100 FLOOD alerts issued across UK (Daily Express)

How a Conservative-Led Australia Ended Mass Killings (New York Times - Paywall)

Sick ISIS hack church website to post BEHEADING VIDEO and warn it will take out POPE (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Horrifying moment brutal police officers shoot dead a man in broad daylight (Daily Star)

Postal or Paris? Why San Bernardino Scares Us So Much (NBC News)

Cafe where 5 died in Nov. 13 Paris attacks reopens (Washington Post - Paywall)

Thailand receives Russian warning of Islamic State threat (Washington Post - Paywall)

UK 'next ISIS target' after Paris (CNN)

Cop describes San Bernardino shooting as "unspeakable" (CBS News)

UK jets target ISIS oilfield (CNN)

Why are some mass killings terrorism and others are not? (CBS News)

Egypt state news agency: 12 killed, 5 hurt in firebomb attack at Cairo nightclub (Washington Post - Paywall)

Officials name San Bernardino shooting victims (CBS News)

Firebomb Attack Kills 12 and Wounds 5 in Egypt Nightclub (Time Magazine)

At least 12 dead, 5 injured in Molotov cocktail attack at Egypt nightclub (Fox News)

Paris cafe where extremists killed 5 in terror attacks reopens (Fox News)

BREAKING: At least 12 dead in Egypt fire bomb attack in Cairo restaurant (Daily Star)

San Bernardino first responder: Carnage was unspeakable (CBS News)

Vigil held for San Bernardino shooting victims video (Guardian)

VIDEO: Details emerge of San Bernardino victims (BBC)

Syrians With Links to ISIS Are in Thailand to Attack Russians, Reports Say (Time Magazine)

'Doctor' jailed for mass HIV outbreak (CNN)

Syrians Linked to ISIS in Thailand To Attack Russian Interests (Newsweek Magazine)

California shooting: Police audio (CNN)

UK train fares to rise by 1.1% next year (Guardian)

Shot at holiday party: San Bernardino victims named (CNN)

Madonna Accused Of Using Fake Police Car' To Cut Through London Traffic After 'Rebel Heart' O2 Gigs (Huffington Post)

Britain's bombing against Isis: 5 questions (Financial Times - Paywall)

San Bernardino Killers Appear to Have Been Radicalized (NBC News)

Hero cop who stopped California attacks describes horror scenes moments after massacre (Daily Star)

When climate change wipes your country off the map (CNN)

Timeline for San Bernardino mass shooting (CNN)

Religious leaders step up pressure for action on climate change (Guardian)

Paris climate talks: what difference will temperature rises really make? (Guardian)

Police hero who stopped California attacks describes horror scenes moments after massacre (Daily Express)

President Obamas 13 mass shooting speeches (CBS News)

Muslims Gather at Mosque to Denounce San Bernardino Shooting (Time Magazine)

How ISIS inadvertently helped climate talks (CNN)

Britain is 'next on evil ISIS terror hit list with a Paris-style attack imminent' (Daily Star)

First Officer at California Shooting Describes Unspeakable Carnage' (Time Magazine)

Video shows San Francisco police fatal shooting of suspect (CBS News)

Climate talks updates: Gov. Jerry Brown heads to Paris for COP21 (Los Angeles Times)

Runaway emu collared by plucky police officer after night at large in WA town (Guardian)

Obama: U.S. safe against attack (CNN)

Now Britain is 'NEXT on ISIS terror hit list with a Paris-style attack imminent' (Daily Express)

Gun Used in Shooting Was Modified to Fire Automatic (NBC News)

Syria troops claim and 'victory for justice' (BBC)

Bail granted to butcher who 'wanted to kill people in Europe' after Paris attacks (Guardian)

CBS News obtains photos of shooting suspects explosive (CBS News)

California shooting: ISIS flag and 6,000 bullets found among arsenal following US massacre (Daily Star)

How to talk to kids about mass shootings (CBS News)

San Bernardino shooting survivor describes chaos (CBS News)

San Bernardino shooting: The victims and the wounded (CBS News)

Were there signs of San Bernardino suspects radicalization? (CBS News)

Analysis: San Bernardino suspects were "planning something significant" (CBS News)

Young mother an unlikely suspect in San Bernardino shooting (CBS News)

How to explain mass shootings to kids (CBS News)

Motive still unclear, but terrorism suspected in San Bernardino shooting (CBS News)

San Bernardino suspects had scary arsenal of weapons (CBS News)

President Obama Says the U.S. Is Safe From an ISIS Attack (Time Magazine)

Britain joins Syria air war; Putin vows more sanctions on Turkey (Reuters)

It was unspeakable': one of first police on scene of San Bernardino shooting video (Guardian)

Watch deadly battle against ISIS (CNN)

Chicago Will Release Video of Police Shooting Another African-American Man (Newsweek Magazine)

FBI probing whether San Bernardino shooting suspect was radicalized (CBS News)

Tony Blair warns of Islamic State attacks 'worse than in Paris' video (Guardian)

Police officer Mike Madden tells of 'pure panic' at San Bernardino shooting scene (Guardian)

Who Were the Victims in San Bernardino Shooting? (NBC News)

San Bernardino Killers Could Have Jihadi Connections (NBC News)

We Are Not Crushed: Hundreds Mourn at San Bernardino Vigil (Newsweek Magazine)

San Bernardino shooting survivor recalls horror, chaos (CBS News)

Cops look for person behind video of child pot smoker (CBS News)

Amy Schumer Rallies Fans Against Gun Violence in Wake of San Bernardino Shooting (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton: I won't be silenced on gun control video (Guardian)

San Bernardino shooting victims include father of six (CBS News)

More U.S. police charged with murder or manslaughter in 2015 (CBS News)

Report: Graffiti mention of ISIS closes Bay Area school (CBS News)

UK pays 'low price' for cancer drugs (BBC)

San Bernardino shooters had weapons to kill more, police say (CNN)

Day after San Bernardino, Republicans line up to crush gun control efforts (Guardian)

Anti-Islamic State fighter Ashley Dyball says he is being deported to Australia (Guardian)

Bathroom Trip Spared San Bernardino Survivor (NBC News)

Congressional Memo: Mass Shootings Stoke Ideological Fighting in Congress (New York Times - Paywall)

Support for Isis stretches 'deep into parts of Muslim societies,' says Blair (Guardian)

Open Source: U.S. Media Mocked Abroad for Reporting False Name of California Shooting Suspect (New York Times - Paywall)

I have given no commitments to Ian Macfarlane, says Warren Truss video (Guardian)

U.K. Airstrikes Target Islamic State Oil Assets in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cameron warns of long Syria campaign (BBC)

Activists: Mexico releases alleged victims of police torture (Washington Post - Paywall)

San Bernardino victims include man who followed love to California (Guardian)

San Bernardino shooting: police say guns used were bought legally as it happened (Guardian)

Watch a Timeline of the San Bernardino Shooting (Time Magazine)

Police Release Names of the Victims in San Bernardino Shooting (Time Magazine)

Queensland police minister Jo-Ann Miller resigns from cabinet (Guardian)

UK student numbers surge in Netherlands (BBC)

'Your time is coming' ISIS release sick video threatening terror attacks on Western cities (Daily Express)

How the RAF are trying to prevent civilian casualties in the Syria ISIS airstrikes (Daily Express)

Mercy for grizzly bear after attack on Scottish climber (Daily Express)

Why Black Friday Is No Longer a One-Day Event in the UK (Huffington Post)

TOP GUNS: Air angels bombing ISIS jihadists in Syria (Daily Star)

Police release chilling pictures of weapons cache used by evil couple to massacre 14 in US (Daily Express)

Chicago Will Release Another Video Showing Police Shooting Black Man (Time Magazine)

San Bernardino Victim's Boyfriend Thought He Survived Until All Our Hopes Were Dashed' (Time Magazine)

The five stages of Republican candidate reactions after mass shootings (Guardian)

To the Islamic State and Back (Huffington Post)

Former EPA Chief: Paris Can Ignite a Clean-Energy Revolution (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Secret video shows life in IS stronghold (BBC)

Timeline: How the Deadly San Bernardino Shooting Unfolded (Newsweek Magazine)

WATCH: UK pastor's DISGUSTING homophobic tirade on school's 'gender bender agenda' (Daily Star)

Allies of Brazil's Rousseff go on attack against impeachment (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Vote: Labour Leadership Condemns 'Abuse And Intimidation' Targeting MPs In Airstrikes Row (Huffington Post)

Metropolitan Police Assessing Threats Against MPs After Syria Vote (Huffington Post)

Letter From Europe: Remembering a Wise Man of Paris (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel announces arrests in arson attack that killed Palestinian toddler and parents (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico finds 64 migrants packed into truck in northern state (Washington Post - Paywall)

French police don't hesitate to use broad new emergency powers (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Star Wars: UK duo ready for opening day (BBC)

Ministers say it could take two years to destroy Isis (Guardian)

NUS Don't Bomb Syria Motion Resoundingly Mocked On Social Media (Huffington Post)

After Paris attacks, GOP rolls out bill to strengthen visa waiver program (CBS News)

Chicago to Release Video in Another Fatal Police Shooting (NBC News)

The Latest: UN chief says leaders' support on climate a plus (Washington Post - Paywall)

Candlelight Vigils Planned for Victims of San Bernardino Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

US-led coalition targets IS oil facilities in eastern Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin makes accusation against U.S. over Syria policy (CBS News)

Mount Etna's Voragine crater erupts triggering lightning strikes video (Guardian)

Sweeping New Indictment Against Top FIFA Officials Unveiled (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin threatens Turkey for shooting down Russian warplane (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israel arrests several suspects in arson attack on Palestinian home (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Vote: Where Jeremy Corbyn And Tony Benn Stood With Each Other On Isis Airstrikes (Huffington Post)

Israel Arrests Young Jews Suspected of Terrorism Against Palestinians (New York Times - Paywall)

Authorities arrest more suspects in Paris attacks (CBS News)

The NRA Twitter Account Completely Ignored the Worst Mass Shooting Since Sandy Hook (Newsweek Magazine)

Egyptian Officials on Defensive Amid Uproar Over Police Brutality Cases (New York Times - Paywall)

Rousseff Marshals Backers Against Impeachment Bid (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Identities of 14 Victims of San Bernardino Shooting Released (Newsweek Magazine)

San Bernardino Suspects Came to U.S. in July 2014: Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Wife in Massacre Joins Short List of Women Mass Killers (NBC News)

VIDEO: 'Planning' behind California shooting - police (BBC)

Here's How the San Bernardino Massacre Unfolded (NBC News)

Developing nations shift emissions stance in climate talks (Fox News)

San Bernardino Shooting: Footage Of Christmas Party 24-Hours Before Attack Surfaces Online (Huffington Post)

Obama: ISIS wins if we react out of fear and start changing how we live (CBS News)

Tapie told to repay 403m to French state (Financial Times - Paywall)

FBI takes over California shooting inquiry (Financial Times - Paywall)

Terror school: ISIS ordering kids to execute prisoners in sick hide-and-seek game (Daily Star)

Hungary: Paris fugitive recruited men amid Budapest refugees (Fox News)

Star Wars: 'No pressure' for UK duo (BBC)

GOP Candidates Say Extremism At Fault for Cali. Shooting (NBC News)

Thousands of Greeks march against cuts (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brady Campaign Warned Senators of Gun Law Gap Hours Before San Bernardino Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Special Report: Police Update on Mass Shooting in California (NBC News)

Ted Cruz Links San Bernardino Shooting to Jihadism (Newsweek Magazine)

American Muslim Organizations Condemn San Bernardino Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama Suggests Mixed Motives in California Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Report: San Bernardino Shooter Made Social Media Contact with Extremists (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama: FBI Taking Over Shooting Investigation (NBC News)

VIDEO: 'I could hear the shooting going on' (BBC)

President Obama defends his strategy against ISIS (CBS News)

Putin calls for 'one powerful fist' to confront terrorism in state of nation speech (Los Angeles Times)

Belgium arrests 2 more suspects in Paris terror attacks (Fox News)

Op-Ed Contributor: The Key to Crushing ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Girls attack pupil in school raid (BBC)

US-led coalition bombards ISIS oil facilities in eastern Syria (Fox News)

'One powerful fist': Putin calls for broad front in fight against terrorism, hints at sanctions against Turkey (Fox News)

Israel arrests suspects in deadly arson attack on Palestinian home (Fox News)

Services survey fuels hopes for UK growth (Financial Times - Paywall)

San Bernardino shooting: What we know (BBC)

After a mass shooting, politicians 'shamed' for offering prayers (BBC)

VIDEO: The story of the San Bernardino shooting (BBC)

Britain launches airstrikes in Syria hours after Parliament authorizes attacks (Los Angeles Times)

Russia accuses Turkish president of benefiting from oil trade with Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

U.K. launches airstrikes on ISIS in Syria (CBS News)

ISIS claims to behead Russian spy in new video (CBS News)

What is carbon pricing and why is it so important in battling climate change? (Los Angeles Times)

John Kerry: NATO members ready to step up fight against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Climate talks updates: The hard work at COP21 begins today in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

To spotlight climate change, 10,000 religious activists go without food (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. to send about 200 more special operations troops to Iraq to fight Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Syria reports accord on truce, rebel withdrawal in Homs; activists deny full pullout (Los Angeles Times)

Muslim San Bernardino gunman was 'radicalized by known terrorists' before shooting (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino shooting massacre victims revealed (Daily Mail)

The San Bernardino shooting suspects home was full of explosives and bullets (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino shooting survivor saved by his iPhone as another tried to save wounded (Daily Mail)

Neighbors of San Bernardino shooters 'noticed them acting suspiciously' (Daily Mail)

Moment brave San Bernardino cop reassures terrified workers he'll protect them from massacre (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook's brother is a Navy veteran (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook's crude pipe bombs PICTURED (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook stopped going to mosque 3 weeks ago (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS' (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino shooting woman is linked to Pakistan radical cleric Maulana Aziz (Daily Mail)

San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook pictured dead after slaughter of 14 (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: If we treated all mass shootings as Muslim terror attacks, America would have new gun laws faster than those bullets destroyed so many lives in San Bernardino (Daily Mail)

Mac on... the decision to join the war against ISIS (Daily Mail)

Britain's RAF launch a second night of airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria (Daily Mail)

Russian spy KILLED by ISIS was sent to Syria after being caught with drugs (Daily Mail)

Syrian activists react with dismay to UK decision to launch air strikes on ISIS (Daily Mail)

Turkey says RUSSIA is involved in illegal oil trade with ISIS and has proof (Daily Mail)

Tony Blair claims ISIS support runs 'deep into parts of Muslim societies' (Daily Mail)

German MPs approve plans to send troops to Syria to assist fight against ISIS (Daily Mail)

Death by explosive necklace: ISIS ties mortar shells around rebels' necks in just one of a series of sickening execution videos from war torn Yemen (Daily Mail)

Russian airstrike 'kills family in their car' as bombs obliterate ISIS oil convoy (Daily Mail)

Fury as the BBC refuses to call ISIS killers terrorists (Daily Mail)

UK hits ISIS with RAF Typhoon fighters for the first time in Syria (Daily Mail)

Hilary Benn is hit by Left's poison after Syria speech (Daily Mail)

ANDREW PIERCE: Could Hilary Benn now oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader after passionate Syria speech? (Daily Mail)

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