Friday, 22nd January 2016

World News

United Flight slides off runway at OHare Aiport (CBS News)

Police chief: Florida officer shot in "ambush" attack (CBS News)

Post owner makes U.S. return with reporter Rezaian after release by Iran (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man who altered headline to "two-wife" policy pays the price (CBS News)

Police arrest anti-gay demonstrators in Senegal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Charlotte Rampling launches attack on Oscar boycott as anti-white racism (Daily Mail)

More European nations are barring their doors to migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man convicted of 1,068 counts in sex assaults on 2 minors (CBS News)

Spain's Rajoy forces new round of talks to counter left-wing alliance (Reuters)

Horror as gangs of migrants 'assault female swimmers and masturbate in hot tub' (Daily Express)

Islamist Militants Kill at Least 14 in Somali Restaurant Siege (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jason Rezaian en route to US with family and Jeff Bezos after Iran release (Guardian)

What It's Like to Be a Western Tourist in North Korea (Time Magazine)

2 boats sink, 45 migrants drown in Aegean Sea (Washington Post - Paywall)

Michigan Gov. Hires Spin Doctors for Flint Crisis (NBC News)

Chinese nanny Hui Zhang given 20-year jail sentence after double murder (Daily Mail)

US student held in North Korea, little information released (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man marries only witness to triple murder in Missouri (CBS News)

British Man Ordered to Tell Police If He Plans to Have Sex (Time Magazine)

Ernst Bornstein: The man who survived SEVEN Nazi death camps (Daily Express)

North Korea says it is holding U.S. university student for 'hostile act' (Los Angeles Times)

Would Flint water crisis happen in wealthier, whiter community? (CBS News)

Why the EPA is Partly to Blame for the Flint Water Crisis (Time Magazine)

American prisoners in Iran freed (CBS News)

Chinese leader in Iran to discuss economy, regional crisis - state TV (Reuters)

Did ISIS help save 'Warthog' jet? (CNN)

US-led coalition expected to announce more civilian casualties in strikes on Isis (Guardian)

Schengen could be SUSPENDED for two years as EU tries to take control of migrant crisis (Daily Express)

Man BANNED from having sex unless he gives police 24 hours' notice (Daily Star)

Canadian man found not guilty in Twitter harassment case (Guardian)

North Korea Detains U.S. Student for 'Hostile Act' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

What's your beef? Moment young bison gets over enthusiastic and charges at puppy (before being told off by the dog's parents) (Daily Mail)

ISIS on the ropes, Iraq PM says (CNN)

Europe's migration crisis claims another 46 lives in Aegean (Washington Post - Paywall)

Roe Anniversary Kicks off a Pivotal Year for Abortion Rights (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Ministers, Officials Oppose 'National Solutions' to Migrant Problem (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. and Allies Said to Plan Military Action on ISIS in Libya (New York Times - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin kissed Nikita Konkin's stomach sparking pedophile claims (Daily Mail)

At least 43 migrants drown when boats capsize off Greek islands (Reuters)

Syrian opposition sharply divided ahead of peace talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

George Galloway backs 'world's most popular politician' Putin after Litvinenko report (Daily Express)

World Islamic body backs Saudi stance in Iran spat (Reuters)

Twelve US marines declared dead after five-day search off Hawaii (Guardian)

British-based money man chases Kremlin, justice in Davos (Fox News)

Flint water crisis leaves toxic legacy (Financial Times - Paywall)

'US expanding air strip' in north Syria (BBC)

Salford homeless man burns to death when his tent is set on fire 'by kids' (Daily Mail)

Greece faces ringfencing to stop migrants (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU migrant crisis: scramble for solutions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Michael Caine urges Britain to leave the EU due to 'faceless civil servants' (Daily Mail)

Huge arsenal found in teenager murder suspect's bedroom (Daily Express)

Felix Peltier accused of champagne bottle attack on Maria Asmussen (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-un faces UN probe over 'Nazi-style atrocities' in North Korea (Daily Mail)

David Cameron may swap four-year benefits EU ban for 'emergency brake' (Daily Mail)

Qatar Meeting Comes Amid Momentum for Afghan Peace Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ex-KGB 'tea-killer' Andrei Lugovoi dismisses Litvinenko inquiry as 'subtle British humour' (Daily Express)

Egyptian immigrant fights off armed robber in Italian Lidl and given residency (Daily Mail)

Dozens of Migrants Drown as European Refugee Crisis Continues (New York Times - Paywall)

The Latest: Kenya warns Europe on response to migrant crisis (Washington Post - Paywall)

Britain considers naming all banned foreigners in wake of Litvinenko inquiry (Guardian)

Suspect in murder of Russian spy plans to mock Britain with TV show 'Traitors' (Fox News)

Police release pictures of homeless man found dead in burning tent (Guardian)

Germans must ban ALCOHOL to prevent further sex attacks and help migrants integrate (Daily Mail)

Syria opposition rules out talks before end to Russian air raids (Reuters)

Oxford Street ginger extremist faces jail for drumming up ISIS support (Daily Mail)

Man Who Tried to Attack Paris Police Acted Alone, Germany Finds (New York Times - Paywall)

Calais migrants torch 'The Jungle' refugee camp in protests against eviction (Daily Mail)

Truth behind spy's murder (CNN)

Dozens drown as boats sink off Greece (BBC)

North Korea Detains Virginia Student for Hostile Act (Newsweek Magazine)

France extends state of emergency 'until ISIS is defeated' (Daily Mail)

Merkel and Davutoglu seek solutions to migrant crisis (Washington Post - Paywall)

Beauty queen cop calls for toucher sentences on thugs that target police (Daily Star)

Migrant boats sink off Greek islands leaving 44 refugees dead (Daily Mail)

Pentagon Chief Ash Carter: Turkey Could Do More Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS nuts using Justin Bieber in war against the West (Daily Star)

North Korea detains U.S. student on New Year trip for 'hostile act' (Reuters)

Save the Children faces funding gap for Ethiopian drought crisis (Reuters)

Why Al-Shabab is Not Joining ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Police ban first PEGIDA demonstration in Switzerland (Reuters)

Q&A: What the EU is doing about the migrant crisis (Washington Post - Paywall)

Becky Watts's father to write memoir about daughter's murder (Guardian)

Dozens drown off Greek islands in deadliest January for refugees (Guardian)

Armed police met Gulf Air flight from Bahrain after it touched down at Heathrow over fears a terrorist was on board (Daily Mail)

Man must tell police of sex plans (BBC)

Washington Post Reporter Freed from Iran Returns to U.S. (Time Magazine)

Man executed in Alabama: "I hope this brings closure" (CBS News)

Fires still raging at major Libyan oil terminal after attack (Reuters)

EU ministers to discuss extending border checks in free-travel zone (Reuters)

Police officer and PCSO are sacked over failure to stop the murder of Bijan Ebrahimi (Daily Mail)

North Korea Says It's Holding U.S. Student for Hostile Act' (New York Times - Paywall)

Ginger extremist found guilty of trying to sign up Oxford Street shoppers to join ISIS (Daily Express)

Resignation of EPA Official Highlights D.C. Role in Flint Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Accidentally Shoots Theatergoer During 13 Hours Screening (Time Magazine)

Man City sign Sweden striker Asllani (BBC)

Britain's Cameron fails to get backing on EU welfare reforms (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police use teargas against protesters in Indian-controlled Kashmir video (Guardian)

Defiant Somalis condemn al-Shabaab beach attack (Guardian)

U.S. Payment of $1.7 Billion to Iran Raises Questions of Ransom (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bomb us if you dare: Senior ISIS militants are holed up in Syria's largest dam with high-value prisoners knowing air strikes would unleash apocalyptic flood (Daily Mail)

Alexander Litvinenko claimed Vladimir Putin was caught on film having sex with boys (Daily Mail)

Islamist gunmen kill 17 in Somalia beach restaurant attack (Reuters)

George Galloway praises Vladimir Putin over Alexander Litvinenko's murder is 'farce' (Daily Mail)

Atlanta-area police officer charged with felony murder for shooting Anthony Hill (Guardian)

Bijan Ebrahimi case: police officers dismissed for misconduct (Guardian)

Argentine president says debt talks slower than expected (Fox News)

Jason Rezaian's wife, mother describe their tortuous final hours in Iran (Washington Post - Paywall)

North Korea: Virginia student arrested for hostile acts' while on tour (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russias Economic Crisis Spurs Drop in Divorces (Newsweek Magazine)

Heartbroken man tried to kill himself by jumping out of hot air balloon following his childhood sweetheart's death from cancer (Daily Mail)

Another Belgian man charged in Paris attacks investigation (Fox News)

Andrei Lugovoi denies killing Alexander Litvinenko and claims MI6 tried to recruit him (Daily Mail)

Czech PM moots 'emergency brake' as solution to Britain's EU migration headache (Reuters)

Migration Crisis: Aegean Sea Death Toll Paints Stark Reminder Of Reality For Migrants Fleeing Conflict (Huffington Post)

Brazen arms dealer poses for raunchy snap with AK-47 before police bust her smuggling gang (Daily Express)

Apple's Tim Cook lobbies EU in to avoid $8bn fines for Irish tax arrangements (Daily Mail)

China punishes man who altered headline to two-wife' policy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why are Brussels bullies forcing us into unworkable migrant quotas NO EU nation wants? (Daily Express)

Denise Richards accuses Charlie Sheen of cutting off her and their children (Daily Mail)

Belgium charges Paris attack suspect (Reuters)

VIDEO: Welsh battalion shows off new soldier (BBC)

Five children hurt in school attack in southeast Turkey blamed on PKK (Reuters)

David Cameron tells the French he's deeply European ahead of EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Cologne police investigating New Year's Eve sexual assaults by migrants (Daily Mail)

Police probe mystery death of man who travelled from London to Manchester to die (Daily Mail)

Russia murdered British citizen Alexander Litvinenko in London says EDWARD LUCAS (Daily Mail)

Reporter freed from Iran returning home to US (Fox News)

Somalia attack led by Al-Shabaab terrorists kill at least 20 at beach restaurant (Daily Mail)

Afghanistan arrests Haqqani network members blamed for TV station attack (Reuters)

Former presidential guard attack armory in Burkina Faso (Washington Post - Paywall)

French PM says Europe CAN'T accept every refugee as he warns migrants will be sent home (Daily Express)

Sex offender ordered to give police 24 hours' notice if he wants to sleep with someone (Daily Mail)

Save the Children: hackathons could help fight child inequality crisis (Guardian)

Czechs propose EU migration 'brake' (BBC)

Body of a man missing for four weeks is found hidden in a TREE on school grounds (Daily Mail)

German police say indefinite border controls are unworkable (Guardian)

Somalia attack turns symbol of resurgence into one of grief (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: Man labeled as terror suspect seeks compensation (Washington Post - Paywall)

Battle for Mosul looms, as ISIS digs in and Iraqis, coalition mass (Fox News)

'Homeless Jesus' statue mistaken for real person, visitors call police (Fox News)

Maison Margiela menswear is a chip off the eastern bloc (Guardian)

41 Migrants Drown After Boats Sink Off Greek Islands (Time Magazine)

China punishes man who altered headline to 'two-wife' policy (Fox News)

ISIS affiliate claims bomb attack near Giza pyramids that killed 6 (Fox News)

A sneak peek at Burj Al Arab's new beachside resort North Deck opening in 2016 (Daily Mail)

Caine 'sort of certain' about EU exit (BBC)

Ian Hammond and David Geldard punch and kick man to the ground in attack (Daily Mail)

BRITAIN had more reason to kill Alexander Litvinenko than the Russians (Daily Mail)

U.S. student arrested in North Korea (CNN)

Putin denies sending spy chief to Syria to ask Assad to step down (Guardian)

Man clings to frozen car roof in his underwear to stop thief (Fox News)

At Least 42 Migrants, Refugees Drown Off Greek Islands (Newsweek Magazine)

Egypt Moves to Head Off Popular Unrest (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS jihadi films his own death as camera captures his final mistake (Daily Star)

Russia's Putin Accused Lenin of Ruining the Soviet Union (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin Asked Assad To Step Down As Syrian President (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Student Arrested in North Korea: State Media (NBC News)

Kremlin rejects media report Putin envoy asked Syria's Assad to step down - Tass (Reuters)

At least 41 refugees die in 2 shipwrecks off Greek islands (Fox News)

French PM Manuel Valls says refugee crisis is destabilising Europe (Guardian)

I'm '101 Percent' Certain Knox Was at Murder Scene: Killer (NBC News)

Shabab Stage Deadly Attack on Beachfront Restaurant in Mogadishu (New York Times - Paywall)

Trident Nuclear Weapons: Red Launch Button, And Man Who Would Press It, Revealed In Rare Photos (Huffington Post)

Germany's Lufthansa, union agree to arbitration talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Donald Trump Releases Attack Ad on Ted Cruz (Time Magazine)

Piotr Kupiec found working in a Subway 400 yards from Wiltshire police station (Daily Mail)

Genuine EU reform unlikely - Howard (BBC)

Amazing footage shows 'real UFO' accidentally filmed as man records plane in sky (Daily Express)

North Korea arrests U.S. college student (CBS News)

Afghan Taliban to attend crisis group's conference in Qatar (Washington Post - Paywall)

Farage - PM has cosied up with big mates' from rich banks in order to stitch up EU vote (Daily Express)

Amanda Knox Was at Scene of Murder Says Killer (Time Magazine)

Chinese boy is left blind in one eye after random attack (Daily Mail)

Trump and Cruz Blast Each Other With New Attack Ads (NBC News)

Dozens drown as two migrant smuggling boats sink off Greece (Los Angeles Times)

Aftermath of al-Shabaab attack on restaurant in Mogadishu video (Guardian)

Putin discusses Moldova with security council - RIA cites Kremlin (Reuters)

Litvinenko Isn't the Only Putin Critic Who Ended Up Dead (NBC News)

Kenyans Honor Muslim Man Who Shielded Christians in Attack (Time Magazine)

Putin asked Bashar al-Assad to step down (Financial Times - Paywall)

British homes earmarked for migrants will go to flood victims (Daily Mail)

North Korea leaders should face trial for crimes against humanity - U.N. (Reuters)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Biting head off LIVE RATS becomes sick viral video craze (Daily Star)

2 Algerian migrants suspected of theft in Germany 'used multiple identities' (Daily Mail)

Is this guy a man or a magnet? (CNN)

Migration 'putting EU at grave risk' (BBC)

Watch: Migrants read out the mean online comments locals made about them (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. seeks U.N. humanitarian boost to $13 billion amid refugee crisis (Reuters)

Thousands rally in Chechnya to back Putin ally, condemn Kremlin foes (Reuters)

Meet the man behind Trident with the power to kill millions (Daily Star)

Stance on Migrants Leaves Merkel Isolated at Home and in Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

Home Office Fails At English While Announcing Language Tests For Migrants (Huffington Post)

Militants Kill 20 in Somali Beach Restaurant Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Hungary's Orban defends Poland from groundless' EU measures (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police station, bank, stores attacked in Tunisia unrest (Washington Post - Paywall)

Draghi confident on Europe's migrants crisis (Financial Times - Paywall)

David Cameron attacks Vladimir Putin's murder of Alexander Litvinenko (Daily Mail)

Hungary's PM defends Poland after EU censure of government tightening grip (Reuters)

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington declare state of emergency (Daily Mail)

EU referendum: Michael Howard hints he will vote for Brexit (Guardian)

York Man Banned From Having Sex Unless He Gives Police 24 Hours Notice (Huffington Post)

Another inquiry... bring on the 3 wise monkeys: Savile, Lord Bramall and Poppi. Why is every cock-up by police or social services followed by a cover-up, asks RICHARD LITTLEJOHN (Daily Mail)

Islamic State claims responsibility for Cairo attack that killed nine (Reuters)

Russia shows military might off Syrian coast video (Guardian)

Now ISIS declares war on OTHER MUSLIMS: Sickening threat over 'hidden Shiite war' (Daily Express)

At Least 21 Dead as More Migrant Boats Sink Off Greek Islands (Time Magazine)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man arrested for making 'flirty' girlfriend walk down the street - NAKED (Daily Star)

Mario Draghi rejects global recession fears and says refugee crisis is an opportunity (Guardian)

Kenyans honor Muslim man who shielded Christians in attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

'The EU has forgotten it needs borders' French PM says Europe 'could die very fast' unless 'destabilising' flow of migrants is stopped with guards and passport control (Daily Mail)

20 Killed During Party at Beachfront Restaurant (NBC News)

Hungary's Orban defends Poland from 'groundless' EU measures (Fox News)

North Korea arrests American student over hostile act' as tensions rise (Daily Express)

Bearded vulture lifts spirits in Iran (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU experts meet top Thai official to discuss fishing reforms (Fox News)

WATCH: Man spectacularly discovers dangers of revving engine too hard (Daily Star)

Knives, guns and a crossbow: Cemetery murder trial shown alleged killer's weapons arsenal (Daily Star)

Meet the critics of Putin (CNN)

Aid workers suffer mental health crisis (CNN)

Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh charged with Sadie Hartley's murder (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Hell on Earth as migrants torch Calais Jungle camp (Daily Star)

State of Emergency Should Remain Until Total ISIS Defeat: French PM Valls (Newsweek Magazine)

Man, Matt Maloney, Bites Head Off Live Rat For Facebook Stunt (Huffington Post)

French PM says refugee crisis threatening idea of EU - BBC (Reuters)

Sudanese man granted asylum after walking through Channel Tunnel now faces trial (Daily Express)

At least 15 migrants drown as boats capsize off Greek islands (Reuters)

Newspapers demand firmer action against Russia over Litvinenko murder (Guardian)

North Korea sparks WW3 fears by arresting US student for 'trying to destroy country' (Daily Star)

France, India to focus talks on defense deal, clean energy (Fox News)

North Korea says it has arrested a US university student for alleged anti-state acts (Washington Post - Paywall)

Litvinenko suspect dismisses report (BBC)

Litvinenko murder suspect dismisses inquiry as 'nonsense' (Guardian)

At least eight migrants drown in sinking off Greek island (Reuters)

North Korea Says It Has Arrested an American University Student for Anti-State Acts' (Time Magazine)

2 separate boat sinkings off Greek islands leave at least 21 migrants dead; dozens survive (Washington Post - Paywall)

Gunmen attack beachfront restaurant (CNN)

Now warped ISIS terror nuts threaten to attack Spain in sick clip (Daily Star)

ISIS claim Egypt 'booby trap' blast (CNN)

North Korea says arrested US university student (Fox News)

More than 20 killed as Somali forces end siege of restaurant (Los Angeles Times)

Melbourne man charged with posing as gynaecologist and raping patients (Guardian)

ISIS TERROR WARNING: Jihadists threaten to attack SPAIN in chilling new propaganda clip (Daily Express)

Focus on Litvinenko murder findings (BBC)

Grand jury indicts Ga. cop who shot unarmed naked man (CBS News)

S. Korea says time to consider nuclear talks without North (Washington Post - Paywall)

Somali police: More than 20 people killed as security forces end deadly siege of a beachfront restaurant in the capital. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Evil ISIS urges terrorists to 'carry out Paris-style attacks that are twice as deadly' (Daily Star)

EU clamps down on corporate tax avoidance (Financial Times - Paywall)

North Korea says it has arrested US college student (Fox News)

Indian Tycoon Gets Life for Murder After He Killed His Guard for Being Too Slow' (Time Magazine)

Vile ISIS urges jihadis to carry out 'Paris-style attacks that are TWICE as deadly' (Daily Express)

British man Ben Asadollahi Zoje jailed for smuggling MDMA into Australia (Daily Mail)

Japan will lift Iran sanctions following nuclear deal (Fox News)

Pakistan University Attack Shatters Dreams, Stokes Fear (Time Magazine)

Japan lifts nuclear sanctions on Iran (Reuters)

Tasmanian bushfires 'worst crisis in decades' for world heritage forests (Guardian)

South Korea's Park seeks 5-party talks on North's nuclear programme (Reuters)

EPAs regional administrator resigns amid outrage over Flint water crisis (CBS News)

At least 20 killed after al-Shabaab attack on Somali restaurant (Fox News)

World Briefing: Somalia: Shabab Militants Claim Attack on Restaurant (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Troops Can Now Target ISIS in Afghanistan (Newsweek Magazine)

'A Very Long Road': Marine Freed By Iran Arrives Home (NBC News)

Flock of sheep helps police end 90 minute car chase in New Zealand (Guardian)

Q. and A.: Assessing the Road to the Syrian Peace Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Second man arrested in connection with murder of university lecturer Daniel Young (Daily Star)

Mexicos Murder Rate Climbs for the First Time in Four Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Grand Jury Indicts Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Naked Man (Time Magazine)

Pakistan Says Campus Attack Orchestrated by Militants in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Flint Water Crisis Documentary in the Works (Time Magazine)

Britain's Place in EU a Big Question Mark in Davos (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin 'Probably' Approved Litvinenko Poisoning, Inquiry Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Americans freed from Iran returning to U.S. (CBS News)

McConnell Clears Path for Debate on Giving Obama Broad Powers to Combat ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

News Analysis: Taliban Attack Shows Limits of Pakistan's Military Crackdown (New York Times - Paywall)

British inquiry finds Putin probably OKd ex-spy Litvinenko's poisoning (Los Angeles Times)

Ex police chief piles pressure on Met over hounded hero: Former Inspector of Constabulary brands Lord Bramall investigation 'disastrous' (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Nepal: Police Shoot at Protesters, Killing at Least 3 (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS savages publicly EXECUTE three men for 'BLASPHEMY' in front of mob (Daily Express)

New UN arrangements set out to monitor arms embargo on Iran (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russian warships make Soviet-era display of might off coast of Syria (Guardian)

Putin 'probably' approved murder of Litvinenko (Reuters)

EPA Official Quits as Agency Slams Response to Flint Crisis (NBC News)

David Cameron rallies AGAINST controversial EU plans to open Britain to more refugees (Daily Express)

Brutal ISIS executes three men in front of mob for 'blasphemy' (Daily Star)

Scottish's oil rig grave yard sees structures unused off Aberdeen coast (Daily Mail)

George Galloway Dismisses Putin Links To Alexander Litvinenko Murder And Accuses BBC Of Holding 'Show Trial' (Huffington Post)

What Litvinenko report means for UK (BBC)

Paris attacks jihadi Hasna Aitboulahcen's family sues French police over her 'murder' (Daily Mail)

Teaching migrants how to behave (BBC)

Cairo terror attack near Giza Pyramids leaves nine dead and 10 injured (Daily Mail)

Families sue French police over killing of two Paris terrorists' (Daily Express)

The poisoned pot: Deadly afternoon tea in Mayfair that killed spy Litvinenko (Daily Express)

Cameron appoints ex-intelligence chief to lead British forces in fight against ISIS (Daily Express)

Raheem a cut above his mates: Man City ace cuts his teammates hair (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man sparks outrage after biting head off LIVE rat (Daily Express)

Migrants handed English test by Home Office - and find the Government CAN'T SPELL (Daily Express)

EPA Official Resigns Amid Flint Water Crisis (Time Magazine)

Suicide car bomber, gunmen attack restaurant in Somalia capital (CBS News)

Man Utd deny meeting Guardiola (BBC)

British mother accused of taking her toddler son to Syria to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Barbie Bandit Georgia Wawman reveals her ordeal in Argentine police custody (Daily Mail)

Kerry: Sanctions relief for Iran will not threaten its neighbors (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin Probably Approved' Litvinenko Poisoning, British Inquiry Says (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS 'jihotties' to lure brides (CNN)

Now ISIS declares war on Muslims over 'hidden Shiite war' (Daily Mail)

Steve Bell on the progress of David Cameron's EU negotiations cartoon (Guardian)

Daniel Young murder case sees police arrest a second man (Daily Mail)

Restaurant owner obliterates scathing review with brilliant comeback (Daily Star)

This Man Asked People Not to Vote for Trump in His Obituary (Time Magazine)

Villa in crisis - new chairman Hollis (BBC)

Kent State Professor Denies ISIS Ties Amid Probe (Time Magazine)

'Happy to be home': Amir Hekmati lands in Michigan after release from Iran (Guardian)

Pakistan university attack shatters dreams, stokes fear (Washington Post - Paywall)

George Soros: Donald Trump is doing the work of Isis (Guardian)

Bomb kills nine in Cairo suburb as police raid hideout (Reuters)

Morden Tube Station Stabbing: Police Make Second Arrest Over Murder Of Daniel Young (Huffington Post)

Iran clerics criticise mass disqualification of candidates - website (Reuters)

Rick Snyder Expected to Testify at Congressional Hearing on Flint Water Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

VW rebuffs call to compensate EU drivers (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS encourage Paris style' attacks in Morocco and North Africa (Daily Mail)

Diplomats prep for Syria peace talks scheduled in Geneva next week (Los Angeles Times)

Russia displays naval might off Syria's Mediterranean coast (Washington Post - Paywall)

Angela Merkel being sued by migrants over time taken to process asylum claims (Daily Mail)

Kerry: Some Iran sanctions relief could help terrorists (CBS News)

Wreck found off Norfolk coast identified as first world war U-boat (Guardian)

UK judge: Putin probably approved' killing of ex-KGB agent (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry says no direct meetings to start Syria peace talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin 'probably' approved ex-spy murder (BBC)

Iran's Supreme Leader Condemns Mob Attack on Saudi Embassy (New York Times - Paywall)

Israeli police arrest left-wing activist after TV report (Washington Post - Paywall)

Playing chicken before peace talks (CNN)

Gunmen, suicide bomber attack restaurant in Somali capital; at least 3 dead (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Police officer shot, still issues ticket (BBC)

Countries Seek New Ways to Address Budget-Straining Refugee Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Squabbles Persist Over Who Should Be at Syria Peace Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron in 'no hurry' to hold an EU referendum before end of 2017 (Daily Mail)

UK judge: Putin 'probably approved' killing of ex-KGB agent (Fox News)

World Briefing: Nepal Police Fire on Madhesi Protesters, Killing at Least 3 (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel says will seize West Bank land; demolishes EU structures (Reuters)

ISIS razes ancient temple to ground (CNN)

Whipped for drinking alcohol and executed for stealing: The horrific moment three men are shot dead in front of a mob by ISIS barbarians in Libya (Daily Mail)

Grandfather, 70, kicked off the allotment he's tended for 25 years (Daily Mail)

Cash-Strapped ISIS Awards Its Killers a Pay Cut (Newsweek Magazine)

One Of The World's Most Wanted Man Tracked Down To British Subway, Just Yards From Wiltshire Police HQ (Huffington Post)

Turkish PM says no role for 'terrorist groups' in Syria talks (Reuters)

Mom defends young boy who cursed at police in viral video (Fox News)

Kerry lays out how Syria peace talks will begin (CBS News)

UK criticised over Litvinenko response (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamists bomb, storm restaurant in Somali capital (Reuters)

Cameron not in a hurry' to seal EU deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Suspected Somali extremists attack restaurant in the capital (Fox News)

Magnitude 6.9 quake hits off western coast of Mexico - USGS (Reuters)

Islamic State attack sets storage tanks ablaze at Libyan oil terminal (Reuters)

Wanted man Piotr Kupiec is found working in a Subway in Wiltshire (Daily Mail)

Cameron condemns Russia over Litvinenko (BBC)

Could the Litvinenko Murder Verdict See Russia Stripped of the 2018 World Cup? (Newsweek Magazine)

M6.6 quake hits off western Mexico, no tsunami expected (Fox News)

At least 3 killed when attackers storm Somali beach restaurant (Fox News)

Bangladesh police - 14 men deported from Singapore are militants (Reuters)

Irish lottery hit by cyber attack (BBC)

Big Shots - Air Force One, Jakarta Police and More (Newsweek Magazine)

Danish city makes pork mandatory, says not an attack on Muslims (Fox News)

France to ramp up airstrikes against ISIS (Fox News)

London Underground drivers are offered £500 in talks over all-night Tube (Daily Mail)

Dutch PM Mark Rutte says Europe 'cannot cope' with migrant crisis (Daily Mail)

Russian bomber crashes in ball of flames after engine explodes during take off (Daily Mail)

2 of the 3 London teenage ISIS jihadi brides 'are already widows' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Why would Putin want Litvinenko dead? (BBC)

U.K. judge: Putin likely approved ex-Russian spys murder (CBS News)

Pakistan university attack victims remembered with day of national mourning (Daily Mail)

US snowstorm: over a foot of snow for major cities in north east (Channel4)

EU warned it has weeks to save Schengen (Financial Times - Paywall)

British man dies after plunging off his balcony in Tenerife (Daily Mail)

Putin 'probably' approved Litvinenko assassination (Channel4)

Litvinenko report points finger at Putin (Financial Times - Paywall)

Five heartbreaking quotes from the mother of a dead ISIS fighter (CBS News)

U.S.-bound Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica camps (Los Angeles Times)

Kerry, Lavrov try to settle differences over Syrian talks (CBS News)

U.S., allies agree to "do more" in fight against ISIS (CBS News)

VIDEO: Man 'frozen to death' comes back to life (BBC)

What U.S. reporter freed from Iran wants to do next (CBS News)

ISIS destroys 1,400-year-old Christian heritage site (CBS News)

Three pardoned by U.S. in deal with Iran hope to get their lives back on track (Los Angeles Times)

Pakistan: students and police killed in attack on university (Channel4)

After sanctions, politics in Iran are the next hurdle to better ties with U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

EU could 'fail as a political project' because of migrant crisis, leaders say (Los Angeles Times)

Don't think that the U.S. and Iran are done butting heads (Los Angeles Times)

Suicide bomber targeting police in Pakistan kills 11 (Los Angeles Times)

Pentagon report: Iran took SIM cards from detained U.S. sailors' phones (Los Angeles Times)

Paris terror attacks: man arrested in Morocco (Channel4)