Thursday, 28th January 2016

World News

10 DUIs land Colorado man in prison under new law (CBS News)

St. Louis teen charged in death during hoverboard robbery (CBS News)

How Belgians responded when Donald Trump called Brussels a "hellhole" (CBS News)

Teen accused of targeting police with bomb-laden kangaroo (CBS News)

"Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch arrives back in Texas (CBS News)

Video shows moments before Calif. mans death in custody (CBS News)

Man arrested with handguns, Quran at Disneyland Paris (CBS News)

Man charged with murder over death of university lecturer who was stabbed to death in a random attack as he walked to work (Daily Mail)

Police Arrest Man With Guns in Luggage at Disneyland Paris (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China charges Canadian with spying, stealing state secrets - Xinhua (Reuters)

Obese woman has NINE surgeries to remove excess skin after weight loss (Daily Mail)

WHO says Zika virus spreads explosively, 4 million cases forecast (Reuters)

Have scientists found a cure for autism? Blocking specific cells during pregnancy can help prevent the disorder developing (Daily Mail)

Holidaymaker stopped by police at the airport over an unpaid TV licence fine (Daily Mail)

'Affluenza' teen back in U.S. (CNN)

Zika Virus has 'explosive pandemic potential' as World Health Organisation urged to act NOW (Daily Mail)

George Osborne still says Google's £130m tax bill is 'a major success' (Daily Mail)

MONEY SCAM: Cops warn fake £50 Scottish notes being used across UK (Daily Star)

Dutch suggest EU send migrants straight back to Turkey as more arrive without case for asylum (Reuters)

Teen gets 30 years for plotting dads stabbing death (CBS News)

Zika Virus Is Spreading 'Explosively,' WHO Chief Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Prime Minister in panic last-ditch EU talks (Daily Express)

Donald Trump is acting like Hitler, says stepsister of Anne Frank (Washington Post - Paywall)

World urged to invest in Jordan to create jobs for Syrians (Washington Post - Paywall)

WATCH: Woman who claims she's a CAT trapped in a human body hisses at dogs and hates water (Daily Express)

Bill O'Reilly fails to convince Donald Trump to attend Fox debate (Daily Mail)

Taiwan president makes waves with South China Sea visit (Los Angeles Times)

Trump widens Republican rift with Fox News fight (Reuters)

Zika virus 'spreading explosively' (CNN)

Woman Wakes to Find a Strange Animal Cuddling Her (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Canada bans Zika zone traveler blood donations (Washington Post - Paywall)

How One Startup Tried to Improve the 911 Emergency Call and Set Off a Firestorm (Newsweek Magazine)

Zika Virus Spreading Explosively' in Americas, W.H.O. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

EU border blunder leaves Briton stranded at airport as travel rule confusion continues (Daily Express)

Zika virus: Colombia warns of spike in patients with related paralysis disorder (Guardian)

Rivals mock Ducking Donald' Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

The world must work together to help solve the refugee crisis | Letters (Guardian)

Ferguson, Missouri, Police Reforms Set (Newsweek Magazine)

Bodies of 31 migrants recovered off coasts of Italy and Greece (Guardian)

French police cordon off hotel at Disneyland Paris video (Guardian)

Fife woman overcomes her fear of telephones to prevent gas explosion (Daily Mail)

Schoolgirl, 12, raped at knifepoint by man posing as police officer (Daily Star)

German Exporters Shudder as China Economy Slows (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Travel companies reveal holidaymakers' most bizarre customer service calls (Daily Mail)

Brazil president declares war on the Zika virus (Washington Post - Paywall)

Buenos Aires woman suffers worm infestation in her eye (Daily Mail)

Woman begs thieves to leave car where it can be found with hilarious LETTER and it works (Daily Star)

Naked woman caught filming sexy video in snow (Daily Star)

David Cameron says no' to allowing 3,000 migrant children into UK (Daily Star)

Italy welcomes back ancient Head of Hades dug up illegally in 1970s (Reuters)

David Cameron closing in on deal for brake on benefits for EU migrants (Guardian)

Armed man arrested at Disneyland Paris (BBC)

Labour wins back panel inspecting arms exports (Guardian)

Trump taps right's anger against Fox (CNN)

A glance on how EU nations are doing to send migrants back (Washington Post - Paywall)

Up to four million Zika cases predicted (BBC)

Trump Retweets Fake Image of Megyn Kelly With Saudi Prince (Time Magazine)

Marco Rubio's Iowa closing argument: forget Trump I'm 'Defeating Hillary' (Guardian)

Cameron Faces Big Test in EU Negotiations (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man with 2 handguns, partner arrested at Disneyland Paris (Washington Post - Paywall)

Donald Trump Is About to Face His First Real Test (NBC News)

China Indicts Canadian on Espionage Charge (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Disneyland Paris: Armed man arrested (CNN)

Diabetic woman becomes the first in the world to get a pancreas transplant because of her needle phobia (but she still managed to get her belly button pierced!) (Daily Mail)

Man accused of plot 'posed with gun' (BBC)

Screw-Filled Pressure Cookers Found En Route to U.S. Embassy (Time Magazine)

Man arrested with handguns at Disneyland Paris (Reuters)

Big Shots Donald Trump and Marina Litvinenko (Newsweek Magazine)

For the world's most scrutinized body, changes for Barbie (Daily Mail)

Picture which became internet hit as viewers believed it showed clubber openly snorting drugs is in fact a man with a glass says nightcub boss (Daily Mail)

Man Arrested With 2 Guns Near Disneyland Paris: Source (NBC News)

In face of Zika virus, women ponder abortion, childlessness (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ted Cruz looks to Estonia for tax tips (Financial Times - Paywall)

Zika virus spreading 'explosively', says World Health Organisation (Guardian)

Why Latin American Women Can't Follow the Zika Advice to Avoid Prengnacy (Time Magazine)

Europe sets out tax avoidance curbs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Google tax row: What's behind the deal? (BBC)

Los Angeles Police Arrest 198 in Sex Trafficking Operation, Rescue 18 Victims (Newsweek Magazine)

Paedophile plunges to his death hours before being sentenced for sick sex attack on boy (Daily Express)

Man Arrested At Libertines Gig On Suspicion Of Theft After 38 Mobile Phones Found In His Trousers (Huffington Post)

Body found in Greater Manchester canal as fears killer The Pusher is back (Daily Mail)

Zika "spreading explosively," global health experts warn (CBS News)

Man arrested with two guns near Disneyland Paris (Guardian)

Unfortunate moment woman in a burqa walks into a lamppost... but is everything as it seems? (Daily Mail)

Armed Man Arrested at Disneyland Paris (New York Times - Paywall)

Saddleworth moor body: son of missing man tells of anxious wait for answers (Guardian)

Anne Frank's stepsister accuses Donald Trump of behaving like HITLER over migrant comments (Daily Express)

Police: Woman detained at Disneyland Paris after her partner seized with guns and Quran (Washington Post - Paywall)

Report: Canadian in China charged with stealing secrets (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man arrested with 2 handguns at Disneyland Paris; female companion held (Los Angeles Times)

Two arrested at Disneyland Paris after guns, ammo, Koran found in suitcase (Fox News)

The Pottermore Sorting Quiz Is Back to Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In (Time Magazine)

6 dead in apparent murder-suicide after police standoff in Va. (CBS News)

Convicted paedo commits suicide by jumping off bridge on sentencing day (Daily Star)

'His latest wheeze' PM to be given watered-down 'emergency brake' on EU migrants' benefits (Daily Express)

Record year for UK cinemas as Star Wars and James Bond movies help box office hit £1.2bn in 2015 (Daily Mail)

The Land Rover Defender - Britain's most iconic 4x4 goes out of production after 68 years (Daily Express)

Car caught driving BACKWARDS in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China at 60mph (Daily Mail)

Homecoming: 'Affluenza' Teen Back in Texas (NBC News)

Whistleblower's death has Litvinenko parallels' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Google's five UK offices, 5,000 staff and plans for£1bn headquarters (Daily Mail)

'Affluenza' teenager Ethan Couch flown back to Texas to face charges (Guardian)

Dutch discussing plan to ferry refugees back to Turkey - party leader (Reuters)

Zika virus: large parts of world at risk (Financial Times - Paywall)

Judge throws out hospital caesarean death case charge (Daily Express)

EU mulls probe of UK Google tax deal as Italy investigates (Washington Post - Paywall)

How to Watch the Fox News Republican Debate, With or Without Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Man allegedly caught with 38 stolen phones stuffed in trousers (Guardian)

David Cameron is offered an 'emergency brake' by the EU for benefits (Daily Mail)

Samantha Cameron is trolled following her Bake Off win (Daily Mail)

Margrethe Vestager: the woman prepared to take Google to task over tax (Guardian)

UK defends Saudi arms links amid UN allegations over Yemen (Fox News)

Rethinking Social Development in the Contemporary World (Huffington Post)

Workaholic Ukip councillor was so busy attending meetings over a two day period that his worried family reported him missing to police - who found him in yet another committee (Daily Mail)

Morocco suspends contacts with EU delegation over trade row (Reuters)

Disneyland Paris Hotel Arrest: Man Detained With Two Handguns, Ammunition And Copy Of The Koran (Huffington Post)

Man With Two Guns Arrested at Disneyland Paris (Newsweek Magazine)

Twenty-four migrants drown off Greek island (Reuters)

Can a Derbyshire Town Lead a UK Food Waste Revolution (Huffington Post)

WHO: Zika virus 'spreading explosively,' 'level of alarm extremely high' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Jeremy Kyle guest fell in love with the man she used to call 'Dad' (Daily Mail)

Police examine 'confessions' of serial killer Levi Bellfield (Guardian)

Boston in Lincolnshire is most segregated UK town AND has highest rate of killings (Daily Mail)

PM Cameron welcomes proposals to curb EU migration - spokesman (Reuters)

Surveillance Video Shows Cops Beating Man During Arrest (NBC News)

£33m Lotto jackpot winner found (BBC)

6 brokers cleared of market rate-rigging in UK (Fox News)

Disneyland Paris: WRONG woman caught after man brandishing two handguns and Koran arrested (Daily Express)

Disneyland Paris: Cops swoop on man carrying 'two pistols and Koran' with woman ON THE RUN (Daily Star)

Cocky crooks turn security cameras TOWARDS themselves before breaking into house... but family dogs scare them off (Daily Mail)

Lawyer sees possible parallels in deaths of two Russians in UK exile (Reuters)

Austrian police: Autopsy inconclusive in American nanny's death (Fox News)

Psychopath traits are found in successful people (Daily Mail)

U.S. nannys death in Austria could be mystery for weeks (CBS News)

Google and Apple hit back on EU tax deals (Financial Times - Paywall)

What exactly is the Zika virus? (CNN)

Somalia and North Korea named as the most corrupt countries on Earth (Daily Mail)

Europe 'considers' Google tax complaint (BBC)

5 Things You Should Know About Zika Virus (NBC News)

They found him! Boy in plastic 'Messi' jersey located (CNN)

Images of abandoned churches, homes and hospitals across the world (Daily Mail)

UK police seek identity of mystery man found dead on moor (Washington Post - Paywall)

UN health agency warns China, other countries with dengue to be on lookout for Zika infections (Washington Post - Paywall)

The most absurd ISIS-inspired plot yet? Packing a kangaroo with explosives (Washington Post - Paywall)

Dr Susan Lee who charged £12m for breast cancer treatment to be struck off (Daily Mail)

At least 25 people die after refugee boat sinks off Greek coast (Guardian)

Zika Virus is Spreading Explosively' and Could Infect Four Million People, WHO Says (Newsweek Magazine)

TIME TRAVEL: Back to the Future DeLorean car to go back into production (Daily Star)

Poisoned Russian whistleblower: police deny cover-up (Guardian)

UN health agency: 3-4 million cases of Zika infection possible in the Americas over next year (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police end Kids Company abuse inquiry (BBC)

Moment woman is filmed KNITTING while driving in Russia (Daily Mail)

Judge orders jury to find NHS hospital NOT GUILTY over Frances Cappuccini's death (Daily Mail)

24 Die After Iraqi Kurdish Refugees' Boat Sinks Off Greek Island (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Missing £33m Lotto ticket FOUND (Daily Star)

24 migrants drown off Greek island (BBC)

Police say bomb threats that led to evacuation of British schools 'not credible' (Guardian)

UN health chief: Zika virus is spreading explosively' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Is this London's most outrageous dresser? (CNN)

EU plan could call UK VAT exemptions into question (Guardian)

Man dressed as Superman saves woman, foils robbery attempt (Fox News)

EU Says U.K. Can Put Emergency Brake on Migrant Benefits (Newsweek Magazine)

Galaxy's largest solar system found (CNN)

Apple warned it may have to pay back billions in EU taxes (Daily Mail)

Plastic surgeon Amedeo Usai called patients 'wh*res, b*tches and sl*ts struck off (Daily Mail)

At Least 24 Dead After Migrant Boat Sinks Off Greece (NBC News)

Britain in darkness? Cyber threat to UK power grid real and greater than ever' (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Tragic moment man who forgot keys dies after plunging 30ft from three-storey ledge (Daily Star)

U.N. to decide if Zika virus is a global health emergency (Los Angeles Times)

Teen who feared curved spine would end her dancing career back dancing (Daily Mail)

EU renegotiations: David Cameron to host Donald Tusk at No 10 (Guardian)

Health Officials Say Zika Spreading Explosively ? in the Americas (Time Magazine)

Jeremy Hunt Ordered To Delete 'Highly Inappropriate' Manslaughter Trial Tweet Over Death Of Frances Cappuccini (Huffington Post)

Caesarean mother death trial halted (BBC)

Syrian orphan children who reach Europe WILL be flown to the UK (Daily Mail)

Star Wars fuels record UK box office (BBC)

Gateway to Britain: Economic migrants targeting Spanish colonies as route into EU and UK (Daily Express)

How to steer clear of trouble while on the road abroad: Infographic reveals the most unusual driving laws around the world including fines for dirty cars and lashes for women behind the wheel (Daily Mail)

UK to give sanctuary to child refugees (BBC)

The UK's most unique wedding venue? Couple marry in a picturesque cave (Daily Mail)

UK economy grows 0.5% in fourth quarter (BBC)

Ministers offer unaccompanied child refugees in Europe limited UK help (Guardian)

Zika Is 'Spreading Explosively' Across Americas: WHO (NBC News)

Ecuadorian national falls to death on the Calle del Doctor Buades, Alicante (Daily Mail)

Iranians scrap diplomatic lunch after the French REFUSE to take wine off the menu (Daily Express)

Whisper confessions of the most embarrassing beauty shortcuts (Daily Mail)

EU ready to scrutinise UK Google tax deal in avoidance crackdown (Guardian)

Cyclist smashes into man on a bike in painful head-on collision (Daily Mail)

Taiwan president visits disputed Taiping island in South China Sea (Guardian)

Police drop Kids Company abuse investigation (Guardian)

Man who fled North Korea makes third application for asylum in Russia (Guardian)

UN health agency: Emergency meeting Monday to decide if Zika should be intl health emergency (Washington Post - Paywall)

Marco Rubio: from 'Republican savior' to prophet of gloom and back again (Guardian)

'He is another Hitler': Anne Frank's stepsister who survived Auschwitz compares Donald Trump to Nazi dictator (Daily Mail)

EU acts on 'aggressive tax practices' (BBC)

Have You Visited One of the Most Violent Cities in the World? (Newsweek Magazine)

Eight most important football games (BBC)

20st Woman Depressed By Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain Lost Nine Stone And Rejuvenated Her Sex Life (Huffington Post)

Driverless shuttle bus to take to Dutch public roads in world first (Reuters)

London named the second most visited city in the world by Euromonitor (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Pelted With Tomatoes At Campaign Rally In Iowa (Huffington Post)

'Growing Zika crisis' in Brazilian city (BBC)

Google's DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Beats Human At Go, World's Most Complex Board Game (Huffington Post)

Trump Strong in Early States as Clinton, Sanders Battle: Poll (NBC News)

Pressure piles on George Osborne over Google tax deal as EU prepares to launch probe (Daily Express)

Daughter of Britain's most married man tells his ninth wife-to-be 'Run!!' (Daily Mail)

German police ordered not to prosecute migrants before New Year sex attacks (Daily Mail)

Sixth broker found not guilty in Libor fraud trial (Guardian)

25-Year-Old American Nanny Found Dead in Austria Apartment (Time Magazine)

Woman Given World's First Pancreas Transplant Because of Needle Phobia (Newsweek Magazine)

Austrian police: Autopsy inconclusive in US woman's death (Washington Post - Paywall)

6 Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide After Police Standoff (NBC News)

Brussels Hits Back At Trump For "Hellhole" Comments (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman wakes to find exotic beast on her (CNN)

Woman Told She Couldn't Have Kids After 50ft Fall While Sleepwalking Gives Birth To 'Little Miracle' (Huffington Post)

Most unlikely tourist attraction ever?! (CNN)

£170m NHS cuts could kill off a QUARTER of our chemists (Daily Mail)

What is the UK doing to help refugees? (BBC)

Hackney police hunt two men after six children sexually assaulted (Daily Mail)

You can never fancy a man who becomes a house husband (Daily Mail)

Lauren Libbert tests eight of the most popular steam cleaners (Daily Mail)

Tinder warning poster shames man who tricked woman into sleeping with him (Daily Mail)

EU unveils new proposals to combat sweet tax deals (Fox News)

14 UK schools evacuated after MORE bomb threats (Daily Star)

Tennis: Serena back to 'unbeatable' best (CNN)

Debate Me: Cruz Goads Trump Over $1.5M Donation to Vets (NBC News)

Samantha Cameron wins first heat of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off by JIM SHELLEY (Daily Mail)

National Geographic reveals Traveller UK photography contest finalists (Daily Mail)

Police reopen murder files after Levi Bellfield admits killing Milly Dowler (Guardian)

Google urged to stump up MORE tax amid anger over £130m sweetheart deal (Daily Express)

Why U.S. should back change in Myanmar (CNN)

Taiwan leader presses claim to South China Sea in isle trip (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU could investigate Google's 'sweetheart' tax deal with UK (Guardian)

Twitter RIDICULES 'worst EVER' police e-fit: 'Was it done on Windows Paint?' (Daily Star)

Ministers urged to spell out details of plan for UK to take in Syrian children (Guardian)

Google tax: Call for EU to investigate UK deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

WEATHER WARNING: 120mph FREEZING gales & SNOW as Storm Gertrude smashes into UK on FRIDAY (Daily Express)

Wotton-under-edge woman says carers won't help father because of ghosts in home (Daily Mail)

Cruz Super PAC Pledges $1.5 Million To Charity If Trump Debates Their Candidate (Time Magazine)

Trump steps up attacks with 'bimbo' tweet before Fox News debate (Reuters)

Refugee Children To Be Brought To The UK But Pledge Is 'Extremely Confused', Charity Warns (Huffington Post)

'Trust Has Been Broken': Flint Sounds Off on Water Crisis (NBC News)

Couples fight for gay marriage in China (CNN)

Transgender woman crowdfunds to pay for £3,000 for breast implants (Daily Mail)

Darlington headmistress asked parents not to wear PJs when dropping off children (Daily Mail)

Medics probing Zika virus confirm SIX cases from 700 children examined (Daily Mail)

Bedroom Tax Victims Like the Rutherfords Aren't Asking for the World - Just Some Security for Their Families (Huffington Post)

Opinion: Why Trump is beating Fox (CNN)

Video shows woman dragged on to the tracks and killed while getting off Mumbai train (Daily Mail)

Texas executes man for fatal shooting of game warden (CBS News)

Lauren Mann found murdered inside her Vienna apartment (Daily Mail)

Tories could increase supermarkets' tax (BBC)

Anna Soubry admits Google tax deal isn't 'a lot of money' (Daily Mail)

Google tax deal row intensifies (BBC)

Death of a troll | Alina Simone (Guardian)

Mosquitoes linked to Zika virus 'are in the UK', expert says (Daily Mail)

China central bank makes further cash injection ahead of lunar new year (Guardian)

Donald Trump uses word BIMBO' in ongoing row with Fox News host Megyn Kelly (Daily Express)

Police kick in 'screaming' singer's door (CNN)

Coroner says brutal death of four-month-old Ebony was preventable (Guardian)

Arrested after falling for another woman (BBC)

Why the United States is so vulnerable to the alarming spread of Zika virus (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police Arrest Five Associates Following California Jail Escape (NBC News)

U.S., China Divided Over North Korea's Nuclear Program (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Health officials battle to contain the Zika virus (CBS News)

Why Trump Will Still Dominate the Republican Debate (Time Magazine)

China Sharpens Efforts to Halt Money Outflow (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police launch probe after saucy porn film recorded in churchyard' (Daily Star)

Sanders, Trump play for angry Americans (BBC)

Missing dog Barney found safe and well after owner, 72, killed in horrific car crash (Daily Express)

Zika 'could become explosive pandemic' (BBC)

World Briefing: Malaysia: Agency to Appeal Decision to Clear Premier (New York Times - Paywall)

DeLorean to build 300 new replicas of 1982 model made famous in Back to the Future (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Nigeria: Deadly Explosions Erupt in Northern Market (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: France: Proposal Is Raised for New Penalties on Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Sudan: President Opens Border With South Sudan (New York Times - Paywall)

NSW cafe's 'National Dickhead Day' sign sparks death threats and vandalism (Guardian)

Two thirds of Brexit backers say immigration CANNOT be controlled inside the EU (Daily Express)

Ted Cruz challenges Donald Trump to one-on-one debate campaign live (Guardian)

Evil cat killer takes sickening death toll to almost 50 as two more cats found beheaded (Daily Star)

Fear and loathing will power drama of EU debate (BBC)

World War II Zero fighter flies over Japan (Washington Post - Paywall)

Donald Trump Doesn't Back Down From the Fox Feud On The O'Reilly Factor (Time Magazine)

Gypsy gangmasters, The Connors, forced to pay back £2million (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz challenges Donald Trump to one-on-one debate in Iowa (Guardian)

Mac on... Google's tax bill (Daily Mail)

My daughter had to face the heartbreak of death and I couldn't protect her from sadness (Daily Mail)

Woman claims she can HYPNOTISE people to get them pregnant (Daily Star)

Apple made enough to pay its £11.8m tax bill in just two hours (Daily Mail)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Thursday 28th January 2016 (Huffington Post)

Kerry presses China over North Korea (CNN)

University student Samantha MacDonald jumped to her death over exam results (Daily Mail)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Blind woman horrified as guide dog stabbed in sick park attack (Daily Star)

Video shows a London man hit a bus passenger because he didn't have a LIGHTER (Daily Mail)

Taiwans President Flies to Disputed South China Sea Island (Newsweek Magazine)

Michael Bay's 13 Hours trailer: embraced by Donald Trump and US political right video (Guardian)

Texas Executes Man for Fatally Shooting Game Warden (Time Magazine)

Norway woman says she's a CAT trapped in a human body (Daily Mail)

U.S. Says It Will Step Up Defenses if China Fails to Act Against North Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

Litvinenko widow to meet Theresa May after probe into spy's death sparks diplomatic row (Daily Express)

Ferguson police barred from targeting residents with fines under DoJ deal (Guardian)

Orla Kiely now has the nerve to tell you off for buying so much (Daily Mail)

Global health body under pressure to stop Zika virus (Reuters)

UKIP jubilant as London council BACKS Britain leaving EU ahead of in/out vote (Daily Express)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Blind woman horrified as guide dog STABBED in vicious park attack (Daily Express)

Taiwan president flies to disputed island in South China Sea (Reuters)

Trump Steps Up Attacks Against Fox With Megyn Kelly Bimbo Tweet (Newsweek Magazine)

Ted Cruz will take center stage after Donald Trump storms out of debate (Daily Mail)

99-year-old woman wakes up to exotic animal on her chest (CBS News)

EU gives Greece warning to fix border neglect' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Tinder siren lures man to drive to a sexual encounter despite having drunk several pints (Daily Express)

Police close Kids Company probe as they say child abuse allegations are 'vague' (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Donald Trump v the US TV networks (BBC)

U.S. Air Force confirms sending Lockheed F-35 jets to UK air shows (Reuters)

PIERS MORGAN: Donald Trump can probably even win a showdown with Fox News (Daily Mail)

U.N. says Syria ignored most of its requests to deliver aid (Reuters)

CDC Confirms Zika Virus Infection in Minnesota Woman (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Latin America, Caribbean leaders talk about Zika (Washington Post - Paywall)

France asks EU partners for new sanctions on Iran (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police pick up Santa Claus for driving the wrong way (CBS News)

Parents charged in death of Bronx baby dumped in woods (CBS News)

Cheshire Police issue hilariously bad e-fit of knife attacker (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage warns the EU could run a referendum billboard campaign (Daily Mail)

Police find Colorado woman dead in her Vienna apartment (Washington Post - Paywall)

Four Bodies Found in Kentucky House Explosion (NBC News)

These Zika babies need lifetime of care (CNN)

Anne Franks Stepsister: Donald Trump is acting like Hitler (Newsweek Magazine)

Peru may bar presidential candidate if plagiarism found (Reuters)

Where in the U.S. Have Zika Cases Been Reported? (Newsweek Magazine)

The world's most violent cities revealed with 21 of them in Brazil (Daily Mail)

Still ripped at 54: Frank Bruno back in ring for training session with Ricky Hatton... and he looks fitter than half the fighters of today (Daily Mail)

Fox bashes Trump over debate boycott (BBC)

Couple's Lawsuit Is First Test for Same-Sex Marriage in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Indiana woman gets 50 years in mothers slaying (CBS News)

American nanny found dead in Austria (CBS News)

China backs U.N. move to denounce North Korea over nuclear test (Washington Post - Paywall)

Suspect identified in murder of Ga. woman in Grenada (CBS News)

Google faces tax headaches across Europe (Financial Times - Paywall)

Texas father found not guilty of theft after he took his daughter's cell phone away (Daily Mail)

These are the most - and least - corrupt countries (CBS News)

Germany: Some Asylum Seekers Are Moving Back to War-Torn Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Grenada man charged with murder in death of US tourist (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Inside high-security Zika lab (BBC)

France did not ask European Union to consider new Iran sanctions - EU diplomats (Reuters)

Charity worker dressed as Superman tackles robber who attacked woman in Gloucester (Daily Mail)

Trump Finds New City to Insult: Brussels (New York Times - Paywall)

Sweden's police chief sparks anger by sympathising with Somali boy (Daily Mail)

PM defends Google's £130m tax deal (BBC)

Fed stands back amid market gyrations (Financial Times - Paywall)

DeLoreans to Start Rolling Off Assembly Line Again (NBC News)

Holocaust survivors left in poverty by Israel as world remembers slaughter of six million Jews (Daily Mail)

Space junk isn't just dangerous to astronauts, it could trigger a WORLD WAR (Daily Mail)

IMF, World Bank move to avert oil-led defaults (Financial Times - Paywall)

Woman performs raunchy dance for Russian police officers while reporting a stolen phone (Daily Mail)

Is Somali 'killer' of Swedish social worker really only 15? Court papers show police have NO IDEA of migrant suspect's true identity (Daily Mail)

Zika vaccine 'could be 10 years away' (BBC)

Arianna Huffington Discusses The Rise Of Trump And Angela Merkel's 'Myopia' (Huffington Post)

John Dynes invaded Eastleigh's FA Cup tie with Bolton to win back his ex (Daily Mail)

Google whistleblower Barney Jones slams firm's £130m tax bill (Daily Mail)

Bedroom Tax ruled 'discriminatory' over rape victim's panic room (Daily Mail)

Russian companies back talks with OPEC on oil (Fox News)

U.S., China spar over response to N. Koreas nuke test (CBS News)

Italy strikes bad bank' deal with EU (Financial Times - Paywall)

Homeless ex-pianist Anne Naysmith crushed to death after walking into lorry' (Daily Mail)

Pranksters facing jail in Cairo after duping police into accepting condom balloons in video which has gone viral in Egypt (Daily Mail)

EU threatens to reimpose Greek border checks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Council order pensioner, 89, to cut back 'dangerous' yew hedge he has lovingly tended for 40 years 'because of health and safety' (Daily Mail)

Death Valley fish a 'recent arrival' (BBC)

U.S. and China appear to be at an impasse over North Korea and the South China Sea (Los Angeles Times)

EU aims to crack down on car industry (Financial Times - Paywall)

China and US try to build on summit gains (Financial Times - Paywall)

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland warn against a June 23 EU referendum (Daily Mail)

World health agency expects Zika virus, linked to birth defects, to reach U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Obama calls for urgent action on Zika (BBC)

Britain's most prolific surrogate mother who has given birth to 15 children retires (Daily Mail)

The world of Nigeria's sex-trafficking 'Air Lords' (BBC)

Iraq: Another ISIS mass grave with women and kids found (CBS News)

Death and political jockeying precede Syria peace talks (CBS News)

Did China invent football? (BBC)

Dozens of juvenile offenders face death in Iran, Amnesty International says (CBS News)

EU police warn of more Islamic State attempts at large-scale attacks (Los Angeles Times)

India scales back 'rent-a-womb' services (Los Angeles Times)

The hole in Belgiums police force that could put us all in danger (CBS News)

Which European countries have produced the most ISIS fighters? (CBS News)