Tuesday, 2nd February 2016

World News

Preliminary cause of death for Va. girl released (CBS News)

Plane goes down in ocean off Florida beach (CBS News)

Hillary Clinton Recruits Eric Holder for New Campaign Ad (Time Magazine)

EU Presents Outlines of Possible Deal With U.K. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Asylum seeker high court case and GST debate to dominate parliament - politics live (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton secures narrow victory in Iowa over Bernie Sanders live (Guardian)

Yahoo Will Lay Off 15% of Workforce (Time Magazine)

Wilko manager Geraldine Newman and 2 children found dead near Leeds (Daily Mail)

Aylesbury police hunt for Sairah Bibi and 4 children who disappeared a day ago (Daily Mail)

First U.S. Zika virus transmission reported, sexual transmission cited (Reuters)

First sexually transmitted case of Zika virus is confirmed in the US, health officials warn (Daily Mail)

Terry Wogan revealed sadness over death of first daughter in later years (Daily Mail)

'Bus stop cat' greeted by hundreds of Hampshire commuters is kicked to death (Daily Mail)

Australia Confirms 2 Cases of Zika Virus (New York Times - Paywall)

'Game-changing' Zika virus is about as scary as it gets, warns expert (Daily Mail)

Poland to seek migrant payment details before accepting UK-EU deal (Reuters)

American Gun Death Rates '10 Times Higher' Than In Other Developed Countries (Huffington Post)

Candidates Split Before Blizzard Slams Iowa (NBC News)

Trump calls Iowa loss wonderful experience' (Guardian)

Britain says Russia trying to carve out mini-state for Assad in Syria (Reuters)

Zika virus infection reported in US (BBC)

Hillary Clinton celebrates Iowa win as she campaigns in New Hampshire (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Brazilian city cancels carnival to fight Zika (Washington Post - Paywall)

How quickly could Britain apply the EU emergency brake on benefits? (Guardian)

Theresa May announces intention to back EU membership (Guardian)

Theresa May backs David Cameron's EU deal after his plan is blasted as a 'con' (Daily Mail)

Passenger falls out of PLANE as explosion tears hole into side soon after take off (Daily Express)

Two cases of Zika virus found in New South Wales travellers (Guardian)

See All the Places Where the Zika Virus Has Spread (Time Magazine)

EU and US reach deal on transatlantic data sharing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria allows aid into rebel-held area as peace talks stall (Washington Post - Paywall)

How the photo of an Afghan boy wearing a plastic bag charmed the world (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syrian army threatens to encircle Aleppo as talks falter (Reuters)

Steve Bell on David Cameron's EU negotiations cartoon (Guardian)

Rio Olympics 2016 WILL go ahead despite the Zika virus (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump blames VOTERS for Iowa loss while Marco Rubio attacks Ted Cruz (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: Trump will probably bounce back from Iowa but win or lose - Barmy' Bernie has given Queen Hillary a hiding. Now she has a real fight on her hands (Daily Mail)

EU deal worth fighting for - Cameron (BBC)

First Case of Zika Virus Transmitted Inside the United States Confirmed in Dallas, Texas (Newsweek Magazine)

First US Zika case reported after virus transmitted sexually (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Head shrinking virus Zika in IRELAND after first US case 'caught through SEX' (Daily Star)

Pat McFadden: The Case for Staying in the EU Goes Beyond the Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Timeline: How Zika virus took hold (BBC)

World Briefing: Airstrikes in Afghanistan Kill 29 Militants Affiliated With ISIS, Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron's ever-shifting view of Britain's place in EU (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton declared winner of Iowa caucuses by razor-thin margin (Guardian)

Brussels proposals to keep Britain in the EU under scrutiny (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rockhampton gets a new federal court judge but there's nowhere to put her (Guardian)

Air rage warning from China airlines (CNN)

Thai elephant gores Scottish tourist to death (CBS News)

Clinton only just beats long-shot candidate Bernie Sanders (CNN)

Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, W.H.O. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton on winning Iowa: 'We are in a fight to the finish' video (Guardian)

How Twitter Predicted the Iowa Caucus Results (Time Magazine)

Onboard Bernie Sanders' campaign bus in Iowa in pictures (Guardian)

'Robust' deal reached to preserve privacy of EU-US data sharing (Guardian)

Enough frustration to go around in Syria peace talks (Los Angeles Times)

Done in 60 Seconds! Club promoter with no driving licence wrote off £130,000 Lamborghini less than a minute after getting behind the wheel to pose for pictures (Daily Mail)

Germany's Ruediger Grube warns migrant crisis could kill off cross-border trains (Daily Mail)

The Voice's Jeff Anderson in court charged with a string of sex offences (Daily Mail)

Scenes from Bernie Sanders' Iowa Caucus Night Party (Time Magazine)

The origin of the Zika virus (CNN)

David Cameron's EU deal on child benefit is set to create 'havoc' for the DWP (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics committee warns athletes to take precautions against Zika virus (Guardian)

German mayor's advice to children sexually harassed by migrants sparks fury (Daily Mail)

Zika virus daunting, says Olympian (BBC)

EU Lays Out Plans to Fight Terrorist Financing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syrian talks stall before they even begin (Financial Times - Paywall)

US lawmakers slam hostile' EU tax climate (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pollsters' numbers don't add up in Iowa (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iowa Votes, and the World Weighs In (New York Times - Paywall)

Do YOU know the answers? Experts reveal the 10 interview question responses you should know off by heart (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Blames 'Unfair Media' For Iowa Defeat After Uncharacteristic 19-Hour Twitter Blackout (Huffington Post)

Comedian Ellie Taylor posts selfies showing the upsides of not having children (Daily Mail)

Tech fan takes Apple to court and WINS (Daily Mail)

Revealed: The cheapest times to travel to some of the most expensive destinations in the world (with savings of up to 86 per cent) (Daily Mail)

Douglas Carswell: David Camerons Deal Shows the EU Will Never Reform (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S.-Led Coalition Aims to Recapture ISIS Caliphate in Iraq, Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Khan faces Alvarez for world title (BBC)

Here's What the World Thinks of the U.S. Presidential Race (NBC News)

AP EXPLAINS: Can EU chief's offers keep UK in the union? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Saudi Court Overturns Death Sentence for Palestinian Poet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Zika Virus Sound-Alike, Zica Car of India, Is to Get a New Name (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman believes she has photographed the face of an angel looking down from the sky on the anniversary of grandmother's death (Daily Mail)

Russian airstrikes threaten Syria peace talks, opposition says (Guardian)

Cameron says 'hand on heart' he has achieved manifesto's EU goals Politics live (Guardian)

Cameron can't hit EU migration emergency brake for 18 months (Guardian)

Dear Syria Conference Delegate... (Huffington Post)

Zika virus overshadows buildup to Rio de Janeiro Olympics (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: EU increases pressure on Greece to secure border (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mos Def's family in court to stop deportation from S. Africa (Washington Post - Paywall)

Clinton wins Iowa but Sanders celebrates (Financial Times - Paywall)

John Wilhelm Photoshops his three children in dangerous scenarios (Daily Mail)

Voting the old-fashioned way: the Iowa caucuses in pictures (Guardian)

Syrian Government Denies Start of Geneva Peace Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in limbo over poor staff at Iowa polling stations (Daily Mail)

EU and US clinch new data-transfer deal (BBC)

Man wins Apple Watch court battle (BBC)

Young Voters Give Bernie Sanders a Lift in Iowa Caucuses (Time Magazine)

China to start work soon on naval base in Djibouti - Guelleh (Reuters)

Colombia says time running out for peace talks with ELN rebels (Reuters)

UK's draft EU document wins muted European support (Guardian)

Scientific ignorance about Zika parallels Aids crisis in 1980s, say Brazilian experts (Guardian)

US court clears way for torture lawsuit against alleged Somali war criminal (Guardian)

Joey Barton's killer brother has a year wiped off his murder sentence (Daily Mail)

EU Referendum: Five Reasons Why U.K. Might Be Heading For Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

China Accused of Skirting Law in Cross-Border Apprehensions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Reject this pathetic deal' Nigel Farage slams PM for 'utter surrender' to EU dictatorship (Daily Express)

Middle-aged people are the least happy because of the double burden of caring for children and parents (Daily Mail)

Two charged in Greece with participating in terrorist group - court sources (Reuters)

Cameron in full EU campaigning mode (BBC)

EU unveils plan to curb funding to extremists (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iran's stock exchange hits 1-year high after nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

MAPPED: The countries most likely to spark World War Three (Daily Express)

'Sticker Kid' steals Hillary's thunder: Clinton upstaged during Iowa 'victory' speech by animated college student who dances with face full of campaign stickers (Daily Mail)

Russia Reprimands U.K. Foreign Secretary Over Syria Intervention Comments (Newsweek Magazine)

White Zimbabwean Rankin family driven off their land for black British doctor (Daily Mail)

Films With Smoking Need Adult Rating To 'Protect Children From Tobacco Addiction', Warns WHO (Huffington Post)

Lyon police arrest six planning gun attack before joining ISIS in Syria (Daily Mail)

Strangers Donate £76,000 To Pay Off Mortgage For Cancer Patient And His Family (Huffington Post)

Bodies of two children and woman found in West Yorkshire house (Guardian)

Ted Cruz celebrates Iowa with a kiss as Donald Trump vows to fight in New Hampshire (Daily Mail)

Bill Cosby appears in court to face sexual assault charges video (Guardian)

Self-Criticism Makes a Comeback in Xi's China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Analysis - EU designs permanent outer circle to keep Britain in (Reuters)

Cosby in Court for Hearing on Whether Trial Goes Ahead (NBC News)

New European, U.S. data transfer pact agreed - EU (Reuters)

Wildlife Tourism: The 10 'Cruelest' Animal Attractions, Revealed By World Animal Protection (Huffington Post)

Cameron's draft plan for EU membership (CNN)

Herpes virus closes National Stud (BBC)

How alcohol death rates can DOUBLE depending on where you live (Daily Mail)

The race to stop Zika: Scientists scramble to find the source of the head-shrinking virus to stem the global outbreak as suspicion falls on two tiny Pacific islands (Daily Mail)

Ford Galaxy driver in Basildon Essex nearly forces a van with child off the road (Daily Mail)

'Where are you?' Corbyn attacks Cameron for skipping Parliament during tense EU debate (Daily Express)

The 'Benjamin Button' children with wrinkly skin condition which makes them look old (Daily Mail)

Scottish tourist gored, trampled to death during elephant ride in Thailand, police say (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU executive, U.S. strikes transatlantic data transfer pact (Reuters)

Leave campaign will be buoyed by EU deal that offers precious little (Guardian)

Philip Hammond warns less than HALF of the migrants are fleeing Syria (Daily Mail)

Some Iowa Caucus Precincts Flipped a Coin to Determine the Democratic Winner (Time Magazine)

David Cameron prepares for short EU referendum campaign (Guardian)

All Donald Trump does is win until he doesn't. Now what happens? (Guardian)

Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh's death sentence overturned by Saudi court (Guardian)

Iran signs deal to buy 20 more airplanes (Washington Post - Paywall)

Europe offers Britain a deal to stay in the E.U. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Times Article on Working Women in India Sets Off Debate (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S., allies conduct 20 air strikes in Iraq, six in Syria - U.S. military (Reuters)

Zika virus: pesticides are not a long-term solution says leading entomologist (Guardian)

BREAKING: Manhunt underway as woman and two children found dead in house near Leeds (Daily Express)

Jungle chef who wants to bring his SIX children to Britain: Afghan cook runs busiest restaurant in Calais camp and wants to set up shop in Birmingham (Daily Mail)

Chailly-en-Brie pilot forced to crash land after his engine fails after take off (Daily Mail)

It's a New Deal for Britain in Europe (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Two children and an adult found dead in house near Leeds (Daily Star)

EU to step up checks on Bitcoin, prepaid cards to fight terrorism (Reuters)

Insight - U.S.-led coalition aims to recapture IS 'caliphate' in Iraq, Syria (Reuters)

92-Year-Old WWII Vet Scares Off Ax-Carrying Burglar (NBC News)

Young woman's sudden death from brain damage blamed on contraceptive pill (Daily Star)

EU reform offers UK best of both worlds, says Cameron video (Guardian)

Tycoon Tapie shapes up as Trump of French presidentials (Reuters)

'Snake oil salesman' Cameron tries to defend EU deal as he DENIES breaking benefit pledges (Daily Express)

Syrian father attempts to murder his children at German refugee centre (Daily Mail)

Socialists ready to lead talks to form government in Spain (Reuters)

Why Clinton's Apparent Iowa Win Feels More Like a Loss (NBC News)

BBC agrees new Olympics rights deal (BBC)

Elephant gores tourist to death on Thai resort island (Fox News)

The best looking motorbikes in the world (CNN)

Spain's king wraps up talks on snapping political stalemate (Washington Post - Paywall)

Zica Car Will Get a New Name Because of the Zika Virus (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton pushed to the limit as Cruz beats Trump in Iowa caucuses (Guardian)

Trump dealt blow by Cruz in Iowa vote (BBC)

Opinion: Trump 'badly wounded' by Iowa result (CNN)

Zika virus a public health emergency, sanitation, and El Ni o in Peru (Guardian)

Pope extends new olive branch to China in bid to mend ties (Fox News)

'You Are Polishing Poo' Watch Tory MP's Insult To Government Minister Over EU Deal (Huffington Post)

Caucusing for Clinton at 102 years old (CNN)

Gina Lollobrigida tells court she never had sex with Spanish toy boy (Daily Mail)

Marco Rubio Turns Attention to New Hampshire After Strong Iowa Finish (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton Wins Six Iowa Precincts By Toss Of A Coin (Huffington Post)

Marco Rubio claims third place in Iowa Caucuses as a victory (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: China's Lunar New Year Migration Off to a Crushing Start (New York Times - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton Beats Bernie Sanders in Iowa Caucus Just (Newsweek Magazine)

EU deal key points: what Cameron wanted and what he got (Guardian)

India's Supreme Court says it will reexamine gay-sex ban (Los Angeles Times)

What the Iowa Caucuses Meant (Time Magazine)

Race to understand Zika baby risk (BBC)

Photo highlights of the day: Iowa rallies and a warlike Putin (Guardian)

Katie Price's step-dad expected to enter plea to rape charge after arriving at court (Daily Star)

Iowa caucus results: Sanders and Clinton 'in virtual tie' as Cruz beats Trump - live (Guardian)

Nine migrants, including two babies drowned off Turkish coast - coastguard (Reuters)

Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year Around the World (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump bubble burst by Ted Cruz win in Iowa caucus (Guardian)

David Cameron hails draft EU reforms video (Guardian)

Boris Johnson Torpedoes David Cameron's Bid To Claim Victory Over Brussels In European Union Deal (Huffington Post)

British sailor and Irish woman die when yacht smashes on to rocks off of South Africa (Daily Mail)

Whats In David Cameron And Donald Tusks Draft EU Deal? (Newsweek Magazine)

Tata to rename Zica car over virus woes (BBC)

POMC peptides hormone make it easier for men to keep the pounds off than women (Daily Mail)

The Latest: EU proposals to keep Britain in the EU released (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: Opposition has no optimism' for peace talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why isn't Zika causing birth defects in Colombia? It may only be a matter of time. (Washington Post - Paywall)

'We feel the pity': mother of two kids with microcephaly talks joy and struggle (Guardian)

India's high court rules on anti-gay law (CNN)

EU renegotiation: UK offered partial concession on migrant worker benefits (Guardian)

EU chief unveils proposals aimed at keeping Britain in the EU (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU referendum: Cameron's 'emergency brake' on migrant benefits DILUTED by Brussels (Daily Express)

EU referendum: Tusk's letter on UK deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ted Cruz tops Republican field; Clinton claims win in Iowa (CNN)

This Week, The World Must Rise to the Challenge on Syria (Huffington Post)

Without a solution to the poaching crisis, the death of conservationists will continue | Ben Fogle (Guardian)

EU referendum: UK's outline deal released (Financial Times - Paywall)

Want to Equip Students for the Creative Industries? Teach Them How to Care About the World and Each Other (Huffington Post)

Sixty-Year-Old UK Tax Deal Is Hurting the World's Poorest Country (Huffington Post)

Thai elephant gores Scottish tourist to death on trek (Washington Post - Paywall)

India's top court to re-examine gay rights (Washington Post - Paywall)

Elephant Gores Tourist to Death in Thailand (NBC News)

Coin-toss gives Hillary Clinton a county delegates win in Iowa video (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton's tough night in Iowa (CNN)

The Latest: Russia says hardliners should attend peace talks (Fox News)

Nine, including two babies, found drowned off west Turkey coast (Guardian)

Sinosphere: Exalting Life as a Single in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Now JORDAN asks UK for aid to deal with Syrian refugees 'overloading' services (Daily Express)

China snow strands 'nearly 100,000' (BBC)

Thai health ministry says don't panic over Zika virus (Reuters)

Cruz Humbles Trump in Iowa; Clinton Ekes Out Victory (NBC News)

Much more needs to be done' Boris Johnson rubbishes David Cameron's EU red card' deal (Daily Express)

Zika Virus: British Pregnant Women Who have Travelled To Infected Countries Advised To Have Ultrasounds (Huffington Post)

India top court refers petition on gay sex to a bigger bench (Reuters)

Republican Cruz bests Trump in Iowa race, Clinton edges out Sanders (Reuters)

Beno t Violier's Death Shines Light on High-Pressure Restaurant World (New York Times - Paywall)

Report: 9 migrants, including 2 children, drown off Turkey (Washington Post - Paywall)

Leanne Stairmand fined for taking children out of school to Butlins (Daily Mail)

EU draft to pave way for Cameron to hold UK referendum in June (Guardian)

Clinton Ekes Out the Narrowest of Wins in Iowa (Time Magazine)

EU envoy appalled by Putin ally's murder threats to Russian opposition figure (Reuters)

Agency notes rise in portion of children among migrants (Fox News)

Goodbye, Iowa -- hello, New Hampshire (CNN)

Britain and EU strike settlement to block unwanted new laws (Newsweek Magazine)

How Ted Cruz pulled off Iowa win (CNN)

A two-minute guide to the Iowa caucuses video report (Guardian)

Bangladesh sentences 2 more to death in 1971 war crimes (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.K. Foreign Secretary: Russia's Intervention in Syria is Strengthening ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Cruz and Clinton score narrow Iowa wins (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iowa caucus polls: what went wrong and what happens next? (Guardian)

Up to 100,000 travellers stranded at train station in China - video (Guardian)

Two men who murdered British Tibetan monk in China sentenced to death (Daily Mail)

Cruz proves more dangerous than Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

BP hit by tumbling world oil prices (BBC)

Inside the Secretive and Fearful World of the Chinese Exile Community in Thailand (Time Magazine)

Why Iowa Shows 'The Establishment' Isn't Dead Yet (NBC News)

David Cameron stitches up deal for Britain 'to block EU laws' (Daily Mail)

Cosby Due Back in Court Over Sex Assault Allegation (NBC News)

Zika Virus: Zero Risk Posed to Athletes at Rio Olympic Games (Newsweek Magazine)

Singer Katy Perry shows her support for Hillary Clinton back in October - video (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 2nd February (Huffington Post)

Deadly Zika virus spreads across Americas - in pictures (Guardian)

Winners and losers after Iowa vote (BBC)

A Photographer's View of the Iowa Caucuses (Time Magazine)

EU referendum: Don't wait, vote NOW in our exclusive poll (Daily Express)

Ted Cruz crushes Donald Trump in Iowa with Hillary Clinton tied with Bernie Sanders (Daily Mail)

Former judge pleads guilty to having defendant shocked in court (CBS News)

Refugee dad arrested for attempted murder after children thrown from window in Germany (Daily Express)

Are YOU at risk of the Zika virus which can shrink babies' brains? (Daily Mail)

Watch Donald Trump Admit Defeat in Iowa (Time Magazine)

Zika virus outbreak IS a 'global public health emergency', says WHO (Daily Mail)

Indian Court Rules That Hindu Women Can Now Be the Head of Their Own Families (Time Magazine)

Salim Mehajer intends to plead not guilty to electoral fraud, court told (Guardian)

Bangladesh sentences 2 more to death for 1971 war crimes (Fox News)

Street workers and stray dogs: the film noir world of Fernell Franco in pictures (Guardian)

Carrying bricks, picking potatoes: all in a day's work for Syrian children in Lebanon | Nick Grono (Guardian)

Iowa caucuses at a glance all you need to know (Guardian)

Donald Trump suffers fresh blow as politician blasted by Adele (Daily Star)

Reactions from the Iowa caucuses as Trump loses to Cruz in pictures (Guardian)

Bernie Sanders hails a 'political revolution' in Iowa video (Guardian)

Carpet-bombing ISIS would be un-American, US general says after GOP contenders call for indiscriminate killing in Syria and Iraq (Daily Mail)

Sanofi leads hunt for vaccine to beat Zika (Financial Times - Paywall)

Done deal? EU renegotiation fever mounts (BBC)

Zika now a world emergency (CNN)

Hillary Clinton heaves 'sigh of relief' in Iowa caucus speech video (Guardian)

At least 10,000 migrant children vanish amid sex trade fears (Daily Star)

Sanders Celebrates 'Virtual Tie' with Clinton (NBC News)

Ted Cruz wins Iowa caucus: 'Tonight is a victory for the grassroots' video (Guardian)

Boy could be forced to incriminate brother in terrorism inquiry, court told (Guardian)

EU agency says about 10,000 young migrants unaccounted for (Fox News)

How Ted Cruz Beat Donald Trump in Iowa (Time Magazine)

Ted Cruz Upsets Donald Trump in Iowa, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Are in Virtual Tie (Newsweek Magazine)

Clinton Thanks Iowa, Says She's Breathing 'Sigh of Relief' (NBC News)

What do Iowa results mean? (CNN)

Donald Trump on not winning the Iowa caucuses video (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton scrapes past Bernie Sanders in dramatic Iowa caucus vote (Daily Star)

Ben Carson Accuses Ted Cruz of Dirty Tricks at Iowa Caucuses (Time Magazine)

Watch Live: Bernie Sanders Speaks After Iowa Caucuses (NBC News)

See Pictures From a Week of Campaigning in Iowa (Time Magazine)

A U.K. Tourist's Death During a Thai Elephant Trek Has Prompted Renewed Safety Warnings (Time Magazine)

Watch Live: Hillary Clinton Speaks After Iowa Caucuses (NBC News)

Donald Trump Leaves Iowa a Loser (Time Magazine)

Democratic hopeful Hilary Clinton edges out Bernie Sanders in dramatic Iowa caucus vote (Daily Express)

Live: Ted Cruz Speaks to Supporters After Victory in Iowa (NBC News)

Zika virus won't keep us away from Rio Olympics 2016 say athletes (Daily Mail)

Empathy fades, even as children die trying to reach Europes shores (CBS News)

US firm in China meat scandal disputes court's verdict (Fox News)

Australian virologists to join global fight against Zika virus (Guardian)

Trump: Maybe I'll Buy a Farm in Iowa After Caucus (NBC News)

WHO Declares Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Storm Henry: Scottish drivers warned off roads as north of UK battens down (Guardian)

Donald Trump Loses Iowa Caucuses To Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders In A 'Virtual Tie' (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump warns audience about TOMATO-throwing protesters (Daily Mail)

Deal protects huge swath of central B.C. coast from logging (Fox News)

A Major Environmental Deal Has Been Signed to Protect Canadian Rainforest (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Ted Cruz beats hot favourite Trump to win Iowa caucus with 28 per cent of vote (Daily Star)

Can Trump stage a comeback? (CNN)

Ted Cruz beats hot favourite Donald Trump to win Iowa caucus with 28 per cent of vote (Daily Express)

Donald Trump tries to put donation in the communion plate while wooing evangelicals (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz Upsets Donald Trump in Iowa, Marco Rubio Takes Third (Newsweek Magazine)

Martin O'Malley to Suspend Presidential Campaign After Iowa Caucuses (Time Magazine)

US calls on China to clarify status of missing Hong Kong booksellers (Guardian)

At epicenter of Zika virus, anguished parents seek answers (CBS News)

Jeb Bush Sees Insults and 'Backbenchers' in Iowa (NBC News)

World Briefing: Ivory Coast: Gbago Was a Defender of Democracy, Lawyer Tells Court (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump says if he's President he will build a ballroom at the White House (Daily Mail)

Sgt Thai Lee who had testicles blown off in Afghanistan undergoes treatment (Daily Mail)

Trump to Iowans 'We're Going to Take Our Country Back' (NBC News)

Photos: Close races across Iowa (CNN)

MPs say Cameron SHOULDN'T hold EU referendum in June as it would be 'disrespectful' (Daily Express)

U.S. calls on China to clarify status of booksellers (Reuters)

Here's What Democracy Looks Like in Iowa (NBC News)

Can Trump change the game? (CNN)

Most Clinton Campaign Donors Are Women (Time Magazine)

U.S. arrests Hezbollah members on charges of sending drug money to Syria (Reuters)

World Briefing: France: Castro Finds Advocates in Paris (New York Times - Paywall)

Iowa caucus: Outspoken Donald Trump predicts 'tremendous victory' as voting gets underway (Daily Express)

Adele: Trump can't use my music (CNN)

Ben Carson Plays Down Report That He's Going Home After Iowa (Time Magazine)

Parents face £100 fines if they drop their children at the school gate (Daily Mail)

Tareena Shakil who took toddler to join ISIS in Syria was 'stitched up' says dad (Daily Mail)

Dad of jailed ISIS mother claims she was 'STITCHED UP' by Islamophobic' court ruling (Daily Express)

Syria peace talks inch on (CNN)

'The talks have started': U.N. mediator meets with Syrian opposition (Los Angeles Times)

Syria Talks Are Declared Open as Mediator Begins Shuttle Diplomacy (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Iran: Khomeini's Grandson Receives an Endorsement After Disqualification (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: India: 13 Swimmers Drown in Riptide (New York Times - Paywall)

Global health agency's declaration signals new phase in battle against Zika virus (Los Angeles Times)

Time to Choose: Live Updates From the Iowa Caucuses (NBC News)

Donald Trump uses Melania and family before Iowa Caucus (Daily Mail)

Syria approves UN bid for aid deliveries as starving children eat GRASS to survive (Daily Express)

American Judge Challenges Iran Prisoner Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Six questions Iowa may answer (CNN)

UN draws Syria rebels into peace talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Now Trump urges fans to beat the c***' out of TOMATO throwing protesters at Iowa caucus (Daily Express)

Adele demands that Donald Trump stop using her songs (Daily Mail)

UN: Syria approves aid deliveries to 3 besieged villages (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. official recalls the devastation he saw on secret trip to Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

NHS Junior doctors will strike next week after Government talks break down (Daily Mail)

U.N. Envoy on Syria Calls for Talks on Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Watch Live: Iowa Caucus Results Are Announced (Time Magazine)

Landmark deal for Canada rainforest (BBC)

Economists Sharply Split Over Trade Deal Effects (New York Times - Paywall)

Tasmania bushfires leave World Heritage Area devastated in pictures (Guardian)

Why Asia should worry about Zika too (BBC)

Italy drops objections to EU migration fund to Turkey (Reuters)

Scots schoolgirl sees dad gored to death by elephant (Daily Express)

Deadlock in tax talks as Swinney demands better deal (Daily Express)

PM blasted over 'SHAM' EU deal: Cameron is 'playing us all for FOOLS' (Daily Express)

David Cameron launches campaign to keep Britain in the EU after renegotiation discussions (Daily Express)

Donald Tusk's draft EU deal - what it says and why it won't satisfy Eurosceptics (Daily Express)

Now ISIS using holiday island CYPRUS to smuggle British jihadis to Syria (Daily Express)

Jailed for life: The newlywed cop who beat his off-sex wife to death (Daily Star)

Cynical old man stole £400,000 from 'confused' elderly aunt, court hears (Daily Express)

Bill Cosby appears in court as lawyers push to have sexual assault case thrown out (Daily Express)

Strategist: Trump is 'dangerous, unstable' (CNN)

Iowa set to test Trump's winning ways (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Latest: Zika virus reporting to be mandatory in Brazil (Washington Post - Paywall)

The BBC tries to explain what Iowa is (Washington Post - Paywall)

What's Motivating the People of Iowa to Cast Their Votes? (NBC News)

Here's Who Dominated Facebook Before the Iowa Caucuses (Time Magazine)

North Sea whale death toll rises to 23 as eight more wash up on German coast (Daily Mail)

This One Trick From the Iowa Caucuses Could Improve Elections (Time Magazine)

Cole Robinson is saved from certain death by Colorado cop Trey Biles (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics 'to go ahead' despite Zika (BBC)

CLARIFICATION: Trump puts cash in Communion plate (Washington Post - Paywall)

Zika virus tied to birth defects is international emergency, WHO says (Reuters)

Iowa caucus day: Palin praises Trump as 'he who will be the next president' campaign live (Guardian)

David Cameron's EU Renegotiation Enters Its 'Endgame', As Donald Tusk Prepares To Publish His List Of Reform Proposals (Huffington Post)

Steve Bell on Cameron and Tusk's latest talks cartoon (Guardian)

Sarah Palin hails Trump as next US president' in last push for Iowa video (Guardian)

How Brazil Uncovered the Possible Connection Between Zika and Microcephaly (Time Magazine)

Australia to Begin Monitoring for Zika Virus (New York Times - Paywall)

World Health Organisation declares Zika virus public health emergency (Guardian)

WHO Declares Zika a Public Health Emergency (NBC News)

Alphabet is Now the Most Valuable Company in the World (Newsweek Magazine)

Cameron told he has two weeks to persuade Poles and allies over EU (Guardian)

Donald Trump reignites Fox News row as he makes final push ahead of Iowa caucus (Daily Express)

Death Toll Climbs From Boko Haram Massacre in Nigeria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. judge orders explanation of Iran prisoner deal (Reuters)

The U.K.s Google Tax Deal is Far From a Major Success (Newsweek Magazine)

Puerto Rico seeks bond swap in proposed restructuring deal (Fox News)

WHO declares global emergency over Zika virus spread (Washington Post - Paywall)

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