Tuesday, 9th February 2016

World News

Man pleads in alleged plot against Milwaukee temple (CBS News)

Video reportedly shows LeSean McCoy nightclub brawl (CBS News)

Man found on fire outside Kensington Palace dies (CBS News)

Ky. officials fired in investigation of girls death (CBS News)

Mother whose toddler son was served whole grapes at play centre party claims staff 'told her it was against the law for them to chop them up' (Daily Mail)

Video from inside crashed German trains shows injured bodies (Daily Mail)

New Hampshire primary: candidates make final push before polls close live (Guardian)

Exonerated Conn. man wins $6 million suit (CBS News)

YouTube video shows worm that Argentian man claims came out of his water TAP (Daily Mail)

North Korea turns to 'old workhorse' rocket to repeat past success (Reuters)

North Korea Ramping Up Nuke Work: Intel Chief (NBC News)

Saudi Arabia's Sharia police arrest DOLL mascot for not wearing Islamic dress' (Daily Express)

First in the Nation: Voters Cast Ballots in New Hampshire Primary (NBC News)

Sanders looks for New Hampshire stunner (Guardian)

ISIS plotting terror attacks in America 'THIS YEAR' after jihadis 'exploit refugee crisis' (Daily Express)

Follow Live: Full Coverage From the New Hampshire Primary (NBC News)

RAF Brimstone missiles destroy ISIS hide-out in Iraq (Daily Mail)

That Wasn't a Meteorite That Killed a Man in India, NASA Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Marco Rubio Supporters Manhandle Man Dressed As A Robot At New Hampshire Rally (Huffington Post)

Sheffield man kicked and stamped victim to death then torched his house (Daily Mail)

Here's What Google Results Hint About the New Hampshire Primary (Time Magazine)

U.S. intel chief offers warning about N. Korea nuclear threat (CBS News)

Recall effort against Mich. gov. allowed to proceed (CBS News)

Police suspect California man set girlfriend on fire (CBS News)

Tories could face police probe after being accused of breaking election laws in fight against Ukip (Daily Mail)

Anti-migrant protesters let off explosive outside Kos police station (Daily Mail)

Evidence Against Serial Subject Adnan Syed Is Overwhelming,' Prosecutor Says (Time Magazine)

West Yorkshire Police seeking burglar who used dating sites to find women to stay with (Daily Mail)

Deepcut inquest: police failed to investigate suspects in soldier's death (Guardian)

N. Korea used a new cagey new trick in rocket launch (CBS News)

German police raid two address in rural village after 'ISIS commander' living as a refugee gives TV interview (Daily Mail)

North Korea May Soon Get Plutonium From Reactor: U.S. (Newsweek Magazine)

Video shows IRA Canary Wharf bomb blast 20 years ago (Daily Mail)

GOTCHA: RAF bombers blow up ISIS stronghold by firing missiles through window (Daily Star)

Man accused of throwing gator through drive-thru window (CBS News)

Hong Kong clashes leave scores injured (Financial Times - Paywall)

Insurgents Trump and Sanders seek lift at New Hampshire primary (Reuters)

Terrorism Is Becoming Less Important to Voters, Poll Shows (Time Magazine)

"My head hurts": Dad listens to daughters shooting death (CBS News)

At Least 10 Killed in German Train Collision (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Christie, Fiorina Might Not Make Next Debate After New Hampshire Results (Time Magazine)

Sikh man blocked by Mexican airline satisfied with apology (Fox News)

Police investigate controversial Shariah police' carnival float (Daily Express)

North Korean shipping firm skirts U.N. sanctions, gets port access (Reuters)

Top spy: ISIS will try to hit U.S. this year (CNN)

United Arab Emirates Want to Top the World in Happiness, Too (New York Times - Paywall)

The Latest: Russia says it has new plan to end Syria war (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.N. fears for hundreds of thousands if Syria troops encircle Aleppo (Reuters)

The former ISIS sex slaves waging war on their abusers (Daily Mail)

Turkey summons U.S. envoy over comments on Kurdish PYD in Syria (Reuters)

Shark Attacks Hit Record High in 2015, U.S. Leading World (Newsweek Magazine)

Armed support unit for Dublin police (BBC)

Pennsylvania man on what it was like to raise his severely autistic son (Daily Mail)

German Train Crash Leaves 10 Dead and Scores Injured (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows Hulk the world's biggest pitbull's puppies learning to swim (Daily Mail)

Saudis discuss sending troops into Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

West must condemn Russian action in Syria | Letters (Guardian)

Syria airstrike hits M decins Sans Fronti res-supported hospital (Guardian)

North Korean satellite 'stable' in orbit after launch, US official confirms (Fox News)

Video shows couple dragged away by stormy seas on Porsguen beach, Brittany (Daily Mail)

Jury finds Mich. man guilty in 14-year-old girls death (CBS News)

Turkish soldier killed in operations against PKK militants (Reuters)

Donald Trump for President? Banning Muslims, Bombing ISIS and other key policies (Daily Express)

Army Deserter and Alleged ISIS Supporter Facing Weapons Charges (Newsweek Magazine)

Republican Contenders Avoid Speaking Trump's Name as New Hampshire Votes (Newsweek Magazine)

See What New Hampshire Means for Clinton's Campaign (Time Magazine)

Video shows dolphins performing for fishing boat and playing together (Daily Mail)

North Korea Rocket Launch Shows Few Gains in Capabilities, Seoul Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nigerian Secret Police Arrest ISIS Recruiter' in Kano (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea has restarted its plutonium reactor to create stockpiles (Daily Mail)

Caught on video: British man trips suspect running from police (Fox News)

ISIS leader's wife charged with holding aid worker Kayla Mueller as sex slave (Daily Star)

Train crash in Germany kills at least 10, injures 80 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Candidates Trade Fire as New Hampshire Votes in Pivotal Primary (Time Magazine)

I was next on deranged serial killer Joanna Dennehy's hit list: Police showed mother list of names - and the ones above her were already DEAD (Daily Mail)

Birmingham driver Michael Junior admits killing two sisters aged six and seven in crash (Daily Mail)

All nine Dixville Notch residents vote in first New Hampshire primary polling video (Guardian)

Theresa May's new snooping laws 'make it clear when the police access your data' (Daily Mail)

German trains in deadly head-on crash (BBC)

Ten dead, more than 80 injured in Bavaria train crash (Reuters)

The Latest: Death toll in German train crash up to 10 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two regional trains crash in Bavaria, killing 10 and injuring dozens (Washington Post - Paywall)

Black boxes recovered from site of German train crash that killed 10 (Guardian)

N Korea 'could soon have nuclear bomb' (BBC)

In the Fanciest Restaurants, Hong Kongs Elite Are Their Own Sommeliers (Newsweek Magazine)

Domino's Pizza delivery man in Exeter is sacked for sending creepy texts to graduate (Daily Mail)

Shock study shows smoking marijuana causes irreversible damage to memory (Daily Express)

Train crash in Germany leaves at least 9 dead (CBS News)

Swedish police arrest 14 men for preparing attacks on asylum centre (Daily Express)

Video timelapse shows what lightning storms look like from SPACE (Daily Mail)

Angry commuter is hunted by police after he shoved fellow passenger, 60, down Putney station stairs (Daily Mail)

South African court hears case against president (Washington Post - Paywall)

Is Hong Kong really rioting over fishball stands? (Guardian)

Two commuter trains crash head-on in southern Germany (Los Angeles Times)

'North Korea may have 10 bombs' US fears Kim Jong-un is 'stockpiling' nuclear arms (Daily Star)

Kuwait backs alliances against Islamic State, but no troops (Reuters)

Netanyahu: We Will Surround Israel With Walls To Defend Against Wild Beasts (Newsweek Magazine)

UK failed to spot ISIS rise and will be 'caught off guard' by next threat, warns MoD boss (Daily Express)

Spain shelves case against former ally of Mexican president (Reuters)

Head-on train crash kills 10, injures dozens (CNN)

David Cameron's own mother signs petition against spending cuts (Daily Mail)

Man 'hurls alligator' into restaurant (BBC)

World War II Veteran Norwood Thomas Travels To Meet His Wartime Love, Joyce Morris, 70 Years On (Huffington Post)

Train Collision Kills 10, Injures Scores (NBC News)

Fire kills man outside Will, Kate's home (CNN)

Clinton and Rubio do some last-minute campaigning in New Hampshire video (Guardian)

WHO warns against rush to link Zika virus to Guillain-Barr syndrome (Guardian)

PC Kevin Duffy and PCSO Andrew Passmore jailed for misconduct over death of disabled man (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong activists, police clash over holiday food stalls (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man found buried alive after blood spotted on tomb (Fox News)

Suicide bombing at Damascus police club kills several people - interior ministry (Reuters)

7 inventions set to change world (CNN)

Romania to investigate official's use of police escort after outrider dies (Reuters)

Police 'queried Deepcut suicide theory' (BBC)

Voting begins in New Hampshire primary (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Best Historical Moments of the New Hampshire Primary (Newsweek Magazine)

'Legend' Who Tripped Up Fleeing Drug Dealing Suspect Urged To Contact Police (Huffington Post)

Egyptian policeman sentenced to 8 years over a vet death (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ban Ki-moon: Close the gap between the world that is and the world that should be' (Guardian)

Video shows terrifying moment pilot is forced to ABORT landing at London City Airport (Daily Mail)

North Korea 'Restarts It Plutonium Reactor,' Regime Could Have Enriched Uranium 'Within Weeks,' US Warns (Huffington Post)

N. Korea rocket: First images of debris (CNN)

Happy Valley police officer Sarah Lancashire's inspiration says the drama is real (Daily Mail)

North Korea Restarts Yongbyon Plutonium Reactor Used To Fuel Nuclear Weapons (Newsweek Magazine)

Father-of-three ex-soldier who travelled to Kurdistan to fight against Isis tells of 'five months of hell' after he was arrested as a suspected terrorist (Daily Mail)

Decision day in New Hampshire (CNN)

Chechen Volunteers Fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Florida Man Arrested for Throwing Alligator Into Drive-Thru Window (Time Magazine)

Muslim grandfather Mushin Ahmed 'beaten to death by Dale Jones near a mosque' (Daily Mail)

Saudi morality police arrest a sweet shop's MASCOT for 'showing skin' (Daily Mail)

South Korea unveils debris of North's rocket with '7,500 mile range' (Daily Mail)

Man dies of swine flu in Northern Ireland (Guardian)

Natasha Hutchinson's parents left with £35k medical bill after Thailand crash (Daily Mail)

ISIS, in a First, Says It's Behind Attack in Capital of Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

As New Hampshire Wrestles With Opioid Addiction, Candidates Have Few Answers (Newsweek Magazine)

Hong Kong Police Clash With Protesters in Lunar New Year Riots (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Heroin dealers could face murder charges amid crisis in New Hampshire (Guardian)

Iraqi forces make gains against Islamic State east of Ramadi (Reuters)

Video shows base jumpers parachute off a St Petersburg beacon only 120ft high (Daily Mail)

ISIS car bomb in Syrian capital of Damascus kills 10 (Fox News)

Search for survivors after German trains crash head-on (CBS News)

Police Officer Responds To Call From Animal Sanctuary, Falls In Love With His New Best Friend (Huffington Post)

60 ISIS jihadis were in Europe ahead of the Paris attacks (Daily Mail)

Saudi man Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri walks for the first time (Daily Mail)

'The One Show' Host Alex Jones Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker Who Bombarded Her With Lewd Messages (Huffington Post)

Cops jailed for ignoring man who was burnt alive by vigilantes branding him a 'paedo' (Daily Star)

New Hampshire Primary Begins With Voting in Three Tiny Towns (Newsweek Magazine)

Man convicted in Bosnia genocide found dead in his jail cell (Fox News)

Trident compared to World War Two spitfires by Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry (Daily Mail)

Rape victim abused by gang of Asian men was reported missing to police 71 TIMES (Daily Mail)

Indian scientists study chunk that fell from sky, killed man (Daily Mail)

Bavaria commuter train crash: at least nine dead in southern Germany (Guardian)

Man trapped under avalanche pulled out 6 days later (Fox News)

BREAKING: Man dies from swine flu after outbreak of infections in the UK (Daily Star)

Man dies from swine flu after outbreak of UK infections (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Man stabbed 'in head' outside McDonald's as shoppers tackle attacker (Daily Express)

Photos Said to Show North Korea's Rocket Debris (NBC News)

Air Mediterranee: Shirtless Man 'Urinated' On Another Passenger During Flight To Paris (Huffington Post)

Nine die in head-on German train crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

The RAF blitz on ISIS has destroyed more than 585 targets across Iraq and Syria (Daily Mail)

Shoppers horrified after man stabbed outside McDonald's in broad daylight (Daily Star)

Shoppers horrified after man stabbed in HEAD outside busy McDonald's (Daily Star)

West 'can't fight Isis in Libya without a unity government' (Guardian)

Samuel L Jackson says he was racially profiled by police during Pulp Fiction filming (Guardian)

Kate Middleton and Prince William's London home witnesses man on fire who died (Daily Mail)

South Korea says working with U.S., Japan on 'strong' North Korea sanctions (Reuters)

Hong Kong riot police fire warning shots in bloody street clashes (Reuters)

Honest estate agents DO exist Man sells flat in 3 days despite VERY candid description (Daily Express)

Beijing's 'hidden homeless' who freeze to death sleeping rough in -18C for YEARS (Daily Mail)

Clinton's struggle with young women in spotlight as New Hampshire votes (Guardian)

New Hampshire votes in key US primary (BBC)

Asylum seeker arrested in death of American nanny in Austria (Fox News)

Kensington Palace: Man Dies Outside Royal Residence After Setting Himself Ablaze (Huffington Post)

Man found on fire outside palace dies (BBC)

S. Korea: North blew up rocket stage to confound analysts (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shooting victim's last breaths are broadcast on TV as police launch £40,000 appeal to find his killer (Daily Mail)

U.S. intelligence chief warns of increased ISIS attacks around the world (Daily Mail)

Man dies after being found on fire outside Kensington Palace (Guardian)

And the Winners of the New Hampshire Midnight Primaries Are (Time Magazine)

University of Salford murder: man stops police to tell them of body (Guardian)

The Primary Election That Put New Hampshire on the Political Map (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Royal safety threat as man sets himself on FIRE yards from Kensington Palace (Daily Express)

German police say all train crash survivors have been rescued from wreckage (Washington Post - Paywall)

BREAKING: Man dies after setting himself on fire outside Kensington Palace (Daily Star)

What the fall of Aleppo would mean for Syria and the world (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police officers jailed over Bijan Ebrahimi murder case (Guardian)

Passengers killed in Germany train crash (Channel4)

Bahrain's UK-funded police watchdog fails to investigate torture claims (Guardian)

The man addicted to eating SAND: Rare condition means Indian labourer consumes a plate of gravel a day (Daily Mail)

ISIS leader's widow had role in U.S. death (CNN)

Demonstrators battle Hong Kong police over Chinese New Year treats (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 9th February 2016 (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: German train crash news conference (BBC)

Man Arrested for Hurling Gator Into Drive-Thru Window (NBC News)

Train crash wreckage in southern Germany video (Guardian)

Why a Trump Win in New Hampshire Would Be a Big Deal (NBC News)

Hong Kong 'riot:' Police fire warning shots (CNN)

Man arrested over double child kidnap attempt in popular Brit holiday hotspot (Daily Star)

Met police riot squad 'disbanded after officers fiddled overtime' (Daily Mail)

This remarkable chart shows how U.S. defense spending dwarfs the rest of the world (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong police clash with demonstrators video (Guardian)

Trump versus Jeb in New Hampshire on day before crucial primary (Reuters)

Search continues for missing RSPCA man (BBC)

Hong Kong protesters supporting food hawkers clash with police (Los Angeles Times)

Lord Bramall's son calls for inquiry into police evidence about his dad (Daily Mail)

Pet cat snared in trap before being beaten to death and strung up on park fence (Daily Express)

World markets in turmoil for a second day (Guardian)

Thousands of Academics Sign Letter Calling For Investigation Into Egypt Death of Giulio Regeni (Newsweek Magazine)

Frantic campaigning in New Hampshire (CNN)

British motorcycle champion Sean Emmett cleared over wife's Dubai balcony fall death (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton ties with Bernie Sanders on the eve of New Hampshire primary (Daily Mail)

North Korea's Satellite Is Tumbling in Orbit (Time Magazine)

HRW: Russia and Syria carry out daily cluster bomb attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Over 100 Injured, Several Dead In German Train Crash (Newsweek Magazine)

US, South Korea and Japan set to PUNISH North Korea for rocket launch into space (Daily Express)

North Korea's Controversial Satellite Tumbling in Orbit' (Newsweek Magazine)

Five Takeaways From Past New Hampshire Primaries (NBC News)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Gruesome moment a man gets HUGE tooth pulled with rusty pliers (Daily Star)

People who have experienced death explain what it REALLY feels like (Daily Mail)

4 Killed, Dozens Injured in Train Crash in Southern Germany (Time Magazine)

Germany Train Crash: 'Eight Killed In Head-On Collision At Bad Aibling, Bavaria (Huffington Post)

Rocket Suggests North Korea Made Small Gains in Technology, South Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria Forces Squeeze Rebels (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Families of ISIS Victims Call for Extradition of Jihadi John Accomplice Aine Davis to U.K. (Newsweek Magazine)

Police say several injured in early morning train crash in southern Germany (Washington Post - Paywall)

Travel mad mum takes 10-week-old baby Esm around the world while on maternity leave (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Two killed and several trapped in head-on train crash in Bavaria, Germany (Daily Express)

Scientists study whether meteorite killed man in south India (Fox News)

The Latest: at least 2 dead in train crash in Germany (Fox News)

Zika virus: survey shows many Latin Americans lack faith in handling of crisis (Guardian)

Japan's parliament condemns North Korea rocket launch (Washington Post - Paywall)

Old couple found in house blaze were battered to death before fire was started (Daily Star)

Train crash in southern Germany causes injuries (Fox News)

Florida man arrested for 'throwing a alligator through a Wendy's drive-thru window' (Daily Mail)

Dozens arrested, injured after Hong Kong protesters clash with police (Fox News)

The Queen took a train as Kate Middleton charged taxpayers £3k for a helicopter trip (Daily Mail)

Midnight vote in Dixville Notch puts Sanders and Kasich ahead in New Hampshire (Guardian)

U.S. led the world with shark attacks in 2015 (CBS News)

Passerby casually trips up suspect who was running from police video (Guardian)

At least 2 killed, 100 others injured in Germany train collision (Fox News)

U.N. Probe Details Massive and Systematized Violence' Against Detainees in Syria (Time Magazine)

Video shows reindeer stick his head through the window of a car on a Canadian safari (Daily Mail)

'This is hell': British man held in Myanmar for 14 months without charge pleads for help (Guardian)

Police and vendors clash in Hong Kong (BBC)

North Korea Rocket Launch Could Boost Kim Domestically (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Now David Cameron's MOTHER signs petition against swingeing Tory cuts to public services (Daily Express)

Death of former leader poses potential problems for Nepal (Reuters)

Perth train station murder suspect, 11, to apply for bail (Guardian)

New Hampshire Presidential Primary Is Not About Winning... It's About Candidates Staying In The Race (Huffington Post)

Wife of senior ISIS figure charged in death of American hostage (CBS News)

Army deserter who supported ISIS faces gun charges (CBS News)

Syrian army gains in north and south; two rebel-held towns agree to cease-fire (Los Angeles Times)

Report: Prisoners tortured, beaten to death (CNN)

Trump mocks Cruz at final rally before New Hampshire votes as it happened (Guardian)

Baby survives crash that killed her mother, grandparents (CBS News)

VIDEO: Hong Kong police and food vendors clash (BBC)

Press turns both barrels on the Met Police (BBC)

Protesters and Police Clash at Lunar New Year Festivities in Hong Kong (New York Times - Paywall)

Hong Kong Sees Violent Start to Chinese New Year as Protesters Clash With Police (Time Magazine)

How much does the New Hampshire Primary really matter? (CBS News)

North Korea satellite 'tumbling' in space (CNN)

Hong Kong police fire live rounds into the air during clashes over plan to close street markets (Guardian)

Protests Grow Against Greek Plans to Build Migrant Camps (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korean satellite "tumbling in orbit," U.S. officials say (CBS News)

Isis widow charged for her role in the death of hostage Kayla Mueller (Guardian)

North Korea rocket launch may spur U.S. missile defence buildup in Asia (Reuters)

South Australian police denounce cyclists for disregarding the law (Guardian)

Investigators identify site of possible sarin attack in Syria (CBS News)

Police Chief's Daughter Jailed for Group Attack on Gay Philadelphia Couple (Time Magazine)

Trump Shocks With Vulgar Language in New Hampshire (NBC News)

Feds Charge Widow of ISIS Leader in Kayla Muellers Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Witness in ex-CBC host assault trial says she misled police (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows an electrician get his head stuck in hole in ceiling (Daily Mail)

Hillary to Take Stock' of Campaign Post New Hampshire (Time Magazine)

Michigan man with once-epic commute settles into new life (CBS News)

What Russia really wants in Syria (CNN)

Punish or engage? No easy answer to North Korea's nuclear ambitions (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Canada: Trudeau Pulls Combat Jets From Syria, but Keeps Other Aircraft (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Ireland: Nationalist Tie to Hotel Killing (New York Times - Paywall)

Maylyn Couperthwaite stabbed to death in Bury with her mother Audrey pictured (Daily Mail)

Riot Police Clash with Protesters in Hong Kong (Newsweek Magazine)

Cheryl James did NOT shoot herself dead at Deepcut Barracks evidence shows (Daily Mail)

Soy foods 'protect against chemical in food packaging that can block conception' (Daily Mail)

ISIS Leader's Widow Charged in Kayla Mueller's Kidnapping (NBC News)

U.S. defence intelligence chief predicts increased ISIS attacks (Reuters)

Latest Polls Show Trump and Sanders Leading New Hampshire (Time Magazine)

Shark attacks hit record high in 2015, global tally shows (Guardian)

Why John Kasich Could Ruin Marco Rubios Run in New Hampshire (Newsweek Magazine)

Man City in bid to win over Asian fans with 13 new languages (Daily Star)

Three things to watch for in New Hampshire (BBC)

Train ticket sales rise 3.8% to 1.7bn (BBC)

Does this picture prove there is a MAN on the MOON? (Daily Express)

REVEALED: ISIS mastermind sent 60 jihadis to attack London and most are still at large (Daily Star)

More than 1million people are living under siege in Syria - DOUBLE what UN thinks (Daily Express)

IS widow charged over US hostage death (BBC)

Gwyneth Paltrow testifies against her alleged stalker: 'This has been traumatic' (Guardian)

Syrian Regime Hits Turning Point in War Against Rebels (Time Magazine)

Video shows Dr Pimple Popper Sandra Lee cut open a blackhead to pull out an ingrown hair (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Somali Plane Bomber Being Handed Laptop (NBC News)

Canada to Shift Focus in Fight Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video shows brawl between men in Russian street as woman pretends to take SELFIE (Daily Mail)

ISIS Leader's Widow Charged in Kayla Mueller's Death (Time Magazine)

North Korean Satellite Flew Over Super Bowl 50 (NBC News)

Man shot dead in Dublin 'reprisal' (BBC)

Police to question man over deaths of pensioners found after bungalow fire (Guardian)

Wife of Islamic State leader charged in death of American - U.S. Justice Department (Reuters)

Syria has executed and tortured prisoners since uprising against Assad in 2011, UN report says (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong parade sees in Chinese new year video (Guardian)

Loretta Lynch Will Visit 6 Cities to Highlight Police Achievements (Time Magazine)

Storm Imogen: Top Gear's James May cheats death after aquaplaning in sports car (Daily Star)

Syria attacks stir humanitarian response as thousands flee (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man aids police chase by tripping fleeing suspect video (Guardian)

Man shot dead in Dublin in apparent revenge killing over boxing murder (Guardian)

Homeless Man Found Dead, Burned in Nashville Park (NBC News)

US steps up pressure against N Korea (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chechens Join Russians in Syria Conflict (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Monica Lewinsky releases emoji app to help teens show solidarity against online harassment (Daily Mail)

North Koreas new satellite flew over Super Bowl site (CBS News)

Investigators identify Syria site of possible sarin attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Photos: Women's birth bags around the world (CNN)

Passerby Hailed A 'Legend' After Tripping Suspected Drug Dealer As He Tried To Flee Police (Huffington Post)

US to help S Korea missile defence (BBC)

Agencies 'knew' 60 ISIS fighters in Europe before Paris attacks (CNN)

Unmasked: The ISIS 'Beatles' in 'Jihadi John' Terror Cell (NBC News)

Shotty Horroh's new music video sees Oldham police arrive on the scene after 'vandalism' reports (Daily Mail)

Widow of ISIS jihadi risks death after she uses letter to complain (Daily Mail)

Merkel Condemns Russian Airstrikes in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

4 crew dead in Russian military helicopter crash (Washington Post - Paywall)

Dutch man admits he came to the UK to rape a British girl, 12, after meeting her on Facebook (Daily Mail)

YouTuber Kaitlin Moore shows how to break a bar of Toblerone using just one finger (Daily Mail)

Brash Trump tested: New Hampshire 2016 (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS plots in 5 European cities? (CNN)

Four killed in crash of Russian military helicopter (Reuters)

Merkel shocked' by Russia strikes on Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Joyce Frimpoma tells how her jealous boyfriend threw acid at her for smiling at a man (Daily Mail)

Bill Clinton Skewers Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire (Newsweek Magazine)

Canada to end bombing mission against ISIS within weeks (Fox News)

Egypt denies police killed Italian student found tortured (Fox News)

Riot police detain forex mortgage protesters in Moscow (Reuters)

Meteorite Suspected in Death of Man in Southern India (NBC News)

The heat is on: Participants from around the world brave the cold to compete in the European SAUNA Marathon in Estonia (Daily Mail)

Share your favorite sunrises from around the world (CBS News)

Cologne sex attackers, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and ISIS mocked in Germany (Daily Mail)

Video shows boy bursts into tears after Marine dad turns up at his party (Daily Mail)

Saudi offer to send troops to Syria comes with uncertainty (Fox News)

Syria 'exterminating detainees' - report (BBC)

The Great Celebrity Death Epidemic of 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

Video Footage Shows Escaped Leopard Attack Man in Indian School (Newsweek Magazine)

Reddit video shows ENTIRE stretched-out loo roll being sucked into plane loo (Daily Mail)

Benjamin Netanyahu Calls on World to Condemn West Bank Synagogue Arson (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraqi man who raped boy in Austria said it was 'a sexual emergency' (Daily Mail)

Video shows moment Brazilian man is discovered alive inside a tomb by family (Daily Mail)

The horrific video that shows why you should NEVER ignore an ingrown toenail (Daily Mail)

GoPro video shows Mexican naval vessel, Uribe 121 deliberately sunk off Baja coast (Daily Mail)

Video shows daredevils race down Val d'Isere slopes with skis and PARACHUTES (Daily Mail)

Will arrests bring 'real progress' in fight against impunity in El Salvador? (Los Angeles Times)

Video shows insect breeder taunt a whip spider and gets bitten multiple times (Daily Mail)

News Analysis: China Struggles for Balance in Response to North Korea's Boldness (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria and Iran warn Saudis against sending troops, who would 'return in wooden boxes' (Los Angeles Times)

Missing Hong Kong booksellers detained in China for 'illegal activities' (Los Angeles Times)

How are Muslims around the world reacting to Obama's visit to a mosque? (Los Angeles Times)