Tuesday, 16th February 2016

World News

Pope to Mexican clergy: Dont quit, keep fighting (CBS News)

Paul McCartney is turned away from Tyga's Grammy after-party (Daily Mail)

Minu and Sanjeev Chopra charged with enslaving 28-year-old woman 'au pair' (Daily Mail)

Eagles Of Death Metal return to Paris to finish the Bataclan gig cut short by attacks (Daily Mail)

'The constitution is clear': Obama on supreme court nomination video (Guardian)

Live updates: Mexican youth tell the pope they want to live in peace (Los Angeles Times)

Ted Cruz Twists the Truth in New Anti-Trump Video (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Lead In New South Carolina Poll (Time Magazine)

Shocking video shows youngsters lined up on their knees and 'shot in the head' as part of sickening execution game played by Iraqi children of ISIS jihadis (Daily Mail)

Turkey seeks allies' support for ground operation as Syria war nears border (Reuters)

Parents charged with child cruelty after they leave kid in car to shop for sex toys (Daily Star)

Trump attacks Clinton over barking in speech: She's a joke' video (Guardian)

China slams Ted Cruz bill as 'political farce' (CNN)

The Latest: Syria accuses alliance of striking hospital (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sophie Butler who stabbed Norasab Hussain to death is jailed for six years (Daily Mail)

Why men need to worry about Zika virus (CNN)

Labour MP: Forget sovereignty - I want UK to stay in EU because my BROTHER lives in France (Daily Express)

South China Sea takes centre stage at U.S.-ASEAN summit (Reuters)

This strip of land could change Syria war (CNN)

Russia accused of 'war crimes' in Syria after 50 die in hospital and school bombings (Daily Mail)

David Cameron accused of 'rank hypocrisy' for his attack on universities (Daily Mail)

U.S. planned major cyber attack on Iran if diplomacy failed - NYT (Reuters)

Exclusive: China sends surface-to-air missiles to contested island in provocative move (Fox News)

Police investigating robbery that homeless woman claimed to have foiled leading to thousands being raised for her arrest rough sleeper of the same age (Daily Mail)

Eagles of Death Metal make triumphant return to Bataclan where ISIS murdered 90 fans (Daily Express)

Why Hillary barked like a dog (CNN)

Ted Cruz: Islamism will join other 'totalitarian philosophies' on history's ash heap video (Guardian)

Adorable footage shows a deer mimicking the actions of a woman at a nature center (Daily Mail)

Rochdale Child Sex Gang Ringleader Shabir Ahmed Cites Human Rights Law In Appeal Against Deportation (Huffington Post)

China warns of serious' fallout if D.C. plaza is renamed for jailed dissident (Washington Post - Paywall)

New York woman sends old flames a Valentine's Day text with hilarious results (Daily Mail)

Eagles of Death Metal to Play in Paris Three Months After Bataclan Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pope Urges Mexicans Not to Become Resigned to Country's Woes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jihadis used armored vehicles in Mali UN base attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

JRR Tolkien Poems Found In Obscure Oxfordshire School Magazine From 1936 (Huffington Post)

How Antonin Scalia's Death Will Help Teachers' Unions (Time Magazine)

Sex attack claims ruined my life, says telly star John Leslie (Daily Star)

EU short of 118 billion euros in nuclear decommissioning funds - draft (Reuters)

Rubio Attacks Cruz's Honesty in South Carolina (Time Magazine)

Eagles of Death Metal on Paris stage (BBC)

Prince William gives strong signal he wants Britain to STAY in the EU (Daily Mail)

U.N. envoy's peace mission in Syria is undercut by a defiant President Assad (Los Angeles Times)

UN: 4 new sex abuse allegations in Central African Republic (Washington Post - Paywall)

Europe unhinged: EU summit faces 2 of its biggest crises (Fox News)

Woman charged in connection with parade shooting (CBS News)

Judge's death and 'heart attack gun' conspiracy (CNN)

EU unhinged: Thursday's summit faces 2 of its biggest crises (Washington Post - Paywall)

Francis to Mexico priests: Don't be resigned to status quo (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cameron's EU renegotiation deal is still to be done (BBC)

Kim Dotcom posts video revealing a look inside his multi-million-dollar mansion (Daily Mail)

Facebook user tags EVERY woman he's tried and failed to seduce in post (Daily Mail)

With Pope Francis' border city visit, Texans rediscover Mexico -- and like what they see (Los Angeles Times)

Thug locked up for stabbing mate's dog to death (Daily Star)

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon pays tribute to Boutros Boutros-Ghali video (Guardian)

Premier's fate in hands of EU parliament (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria 'to allow aid to besieged areas' (BBC)

Portsmouth pensioner realises she is a woman in a man's body after fancy dress party (Daily Mail)

REVEALED: The woman who stole the Pope's heart (Daily Express)

YouTube video shows man showcase his amazing trickshot skills (Daily Mail)

Mother demands answers after Georgia teen found dead in Belize (Fox News)

Florence Obadiaru who forced a Nigerian woman to fly to UK to become sex slave is struck off (Daily Mail)

The amazing luxuries found inside a Mexican prison (Washington Post - Paywall)

China Loses Control of the Economic Story Line (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pope Francis Urges Mexican Clergy to Fight Violence and Corruption (Time Magazine)

David Cameron is warned there are 'no guarantees' from MEPs in EU deal (Daily Mail)

Russia rejects war crime claims over bombing of Syria health facilities (Guardian)

John Paul's letters to a woman show courageous' friendship (Washington Post - Paywall)

AP EXPLAINS: Why the fight in northern Syria is pivotal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cambridge University student found murdered in Egypt's family deny he was a British spy (Daily Mail)

South Dakota Could Pass Bathroom Bill' Affecting Transgender Students (Time Magazine)

Rochdale child sex grooming gang ringleader who was convicted of 30 rapes uses European human rights law in fight to avoid being kicked out of UK (Daily Mail)

Avoid despair and 'resignation' in the face of drug violence, pope urges in Michoacan (Los Angeles Times)

Cameron's new EU deal may mean benefits cuts only apply to NEW claimants (Daily Express)

What Eagles of Death Metals Paris Show Means For Bataclan Survivors (Newsweek Magazine)

Anhui Province in east China to offer women 'menstrual leave' during their period (Daily Mail)

Apple Pay to launch in China despite stiff competition in mobile payment (Guardian)

Turkey Says Ground Operation in Syria Is Only Way to Stop War (New York Times - Paywall)

In Mexico gangland, Pope urges Church to combat graft, violence (Reuters)

Have scientists found the cure for cancer? video explainer (Guardian)

Why Russia's crooks and savers love the 500 note (Guardian)

Cowardly Rochdale child sex gang ringleader invokes human rights act to avoid deportation (Daily Express)

Hillary Clinton meets Al Sharpton: My campaign is about breaking every barrier' video (Guardian)

Tragic toddler choked to death on grape at Pizza Hut, inquest hears (Daily Star)

Cameron defends EU deal as lawmakers offer no guarantees (Reuters)

Putin critic Mikhail Kasyanov - I won't flee Russia despite death threats (Reuters)

Trump sees 'unusual' circumstances in Scalia's death amid conspiracy theories (Guardian)

The Duke Of Cambridge Has NOT Waded Into The EU Referendum Debate, Kensington Palace Says (Huffington Post)

China forbids Great Famine author from taking Harvard prize (Fox News)

Weidmann renews attack on OMT (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man accused of plan to attack UK or US troops in Britain (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pop-singing nuns will perform for Pope (CNN)

Video of elephant that gored Gareth Crowe to death shows stressful' conditions (Daily Mail)

London tube passenger slaps man after he is caught 'stealing' a bag in prank video (Daily Mail)

Assad turning the tide in the south (CNN)

EU counters Russian gas supply threats (Financial Times - Paywall)

Businessman, 50, who 'attempted to rape a woman he met on wrote to her saying 'Boo!' 24 hours after the attack' (Daily Mail)

BBC weatherman wrestles with 'violent' woman who attacked nursery (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Pope urges priests: Be inspired, fight injustice (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia pushes back against reports its planes bombed hospital in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

College baseball player, 19, found dead in subzero cold (CBS News)

VIDEO: Why the brain is a marvel of evolution (BBC)

The gene that puts cannabis users at risk of psychosis: Scientists discover why some smokers are more prone to mental illness (Daily Mail)

Prince William appears to signal support for remaining in EU (Guardian)

Investigate Russia for war crimes over Syria hospital bombing, says UK foreign secretary (Daily Express)

Why brains are beautiful (BBC)

Eagles of Death Metal return: 'Much more than a show' (CNN)

Russia denies striking charity's hospital in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

No 10 claims MEPs' backing for EU deal (BBC)

Forty-five people, 56 gallons of paint and A LOT of tape: Amazing time-lapse video shows a commercial airliner getting a brand-new look (Daily Mail)

Muzoon Almellehan: from Syria to Newcastle (Guardian)

Rubio touts political bona fides: I'm the conservative that can win' video (Guardian)

Personal letters of Pope John Paul II reveal intimate bond with woman (CBS News)

EU referendum 2016: Who's who guide to Brexit campaigns (Daily Express)

Surviving ISIS sex slave speaks out (Fox News)

Manny Pacquiao: people in same-sex relationships worse than animals video (Guardian)

Taylor Swift responds to Kanye West's claims while accepting Grammy Awards (Daily Mail)

Groom surprises his new wife with a video starring celebrity well-wishers including Paul Daniels and Lorraine Kelly (after he sent them all two letters a day to take part) (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog at a campaign rally in Nevada video (Guardian)

Man 'planned military attack in UK' (BBC)

Blow to EU army plans as UK Parliament tell Brussels: 'You are not policeman of the world' (Daily Express)

Hackers can attack you even when you're not online: Researchers reveal how to steal offline data in seconds using a mobile (Daily Mail)

Is Prince William signalling that Britain should remain in EU? video (Guardian)

Moroccan Cologne sex attack suspect is arrested after bragging on TV (Daily Mail)

Is South Carolina the establishment's last stand in the Republican civil war? (Guardian)

Surrey woman pens Facebook post about Down's son who dreams of being a model (Daily Mail)

Catholic bishops have moral responsibility' to report sex abuse to police (Daily Mail)

Refugees are becoming Russia's weapon of choice in Syria (Guardian)

Luton man in court over alleged Islamist plot to attack military staff (Guardian)

Scarborough woman uses a PAINT ROLLER to apply fake tan after copying Facebook post (Daily Mail)

Delivery driver 'planned an attack on troops based at US military bases in Britain as was preparing to go to Syria to join ISIS' (Daily Mail)

The Woman Who Schooled the Civil Rights Movement (Time Magazine)

Taylor Swift Takes Dig at Kanye West During Grammy Acceptance Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

How Events Like the Super Bowl Fuel U.S. Sex Trafficking (NBC News)

Bipolar woman reveals how she was left paralysed after she jumped off a balcony (Daily Mail)

John Leslie calls for anonymity for celebrities accused of sex offences (Daily Mail)

Who is Angelique Kidjo, Benin's Grammy Award-Winning Queen? (Newsweek Magazine)

Man accused of strangling wife to death at their village home appears in court (Daily Express)

Mysterious 15,000-year old hobbit creatures found NOT to be related to humans (Daily Express)

The mystery of the murdered Siberian 'queen': Woman found buried with an ancient ruler may have been poisoned as part of macabre burial ritual 2,600 years ago (Daily Mail)

How Scalia's Death Affects the 2016 Race (Time Magazine)

Turkey revives plan for safe zone in Syria to stem flow of refugees (Guardian)

Hertfordshire woman told she could be pregnant learns she has BRAIN CANCER (Daily Mail)

UN announces death of former UN chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Fox News)

Turkey calls on US, allies to launch ground operation in Syria (Fox News)

Philippine rebels kill 6 policemen, wound 8 others in attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris for Concert (New York Times - Paywall)

Stefan's Secret: Why Do People in Iceland Live So Long? (NBC News)

Revealed, the 'drug dealer' bound with tape and whipped with electric cables in ISIS style execution video has been 'disappeared' (Daily Mail)

Russia Denies Bombing MSF-Backed Hospital in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch: Lady Gaga Performs Tribute to David Bowie at Grammy Awards (Newsweek Magazine)

Two rhino trade blows in hour-long battle for territory in South Africa (Daily Mail)

Wildlife park worker is mauled to death by lioness in South Africa (Daily Mail)

David Cameron suffers setback over proposed EU deal (Guardian)

Half-naked 'drug dealer whipped to death' with electric cable in sick ISIS-style video (Daily Star)

South Korea's president vows all-out push to punish North for provocations (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.N. Rights Official Urges China to Release Detained Lawyers (New York Times - Paywall)

Girl's reaction to learning she's having ANOTHER brother caught on video (Daily Mail)

Grimsby baby found in a drain had been left there within the last three years (Daily Mail)

A quarter of men over 85 had sex in the last year (Daily Mail)

It's not my problem: Senior doctor working out his notice 'ignored colleagues' repeated pleas for help as an elderly woman collapsed of a heart attack in hospital foyer' (Daily Mail)

Exclusive - Indonesia plans tougher anti-terrorism laws after Jakarta attack (Reuters)

Wiltshire woman finds out she is pregnant DAYS before she was due to start IVF (Daily Mail)

Why There Is No PTSD in Afghanistan (Huffington Post)

Russia Denies Its Warplanes Hit Hospital in Syria (Time Magazine)

China builds world's largest radio telescope video (Guardian)

Young Cancer Patient Serenades Pope Francis With Ave Maria' (Time Magazine)

After half-billion-dollar week, China's February box office may again top North America's (Los Angeles Times)

Russia rejects Syria war crimes claim (BBC)

White hot meteor caught on video hurtling through sky (Daily Star)

Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Speaks Out Against Gun Control (Newsweek Magazine)

UN rights chief raises concerns with China over crackdown (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kanye West asks 'white' news 'not comment on black music' in Grammy night Twitter rant (Daily Mail)

Johal Singh Social Experiment Video Sees Homeless Man Give Away Food (Huffington Post)

Grammy Awards 2016: Lady Gaga's David Bowie's Tribute Doesn't Seem To Have Gone Down Well With His Son, Duncan Jones (Huffington Post)

Staff and parents tried to save boy, 2, as he choked to death on grape (Daily Mail)

Assad: No one is capable of implementing Syria truce (CNN)

China bank lending hits record in January (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria Ceasefire: A Missed Opportunity (Newsweek Magazine)

Sinosphere: Xinjiang Region of China Bans Glacier Tourism, Citing Risk to Ecosystem (New York Times - Paywall)

Egyptian investigator in Italian's death has prior conviction linked to death of detainee-court documents, sources (Reuters)

Eagles of Death Metal frontman calls for GUN OWNERSHIP as band make emotional Paris return (Daily Express)

Delivery driver who was crushed to death at a millionaire's home died 'when five tonnes of wire mesh fell on him after a chain broke' (Daily Mail)

'Viola Beach For Number One' Campaign Gains Pace, Following Band's Tragic Death (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis heads to Mexico's drug heartland to spread message to youth (Fox News)

Rubio Says Scalia's Death Refocused' 2016 Race (Time Magazine)

Grape-choke death 'tragic accident' (BBC)

Car skids and veers off road as Sussex police issue ice warning video (Guardian)

Russia denies war crimes in Syria after hospital bombings (Channel4)

Justin Bieber Catches a Ride with James Corden in Post Grammy Awards Carpool Karaoke (Newsweek Magazine)

Terse greeting as PM turns up LATE for EU talks where MEPs say: 'No guarantee' over deal (Daily Express)

Sheffield toddler flies into a rage after he's denied a sip of beer as dad captures outburst in hilarious video (Daily Mail)

Balloon floats from coffin towards crying woman at son's wake in the Philippines (Daily Mail)

Pictured: Lord Brittan's wife on her way to ask police chief why her husband was 'hounded in life and death' by the Met (Daily Mail)

Taylor Swift reveal new hairdo at The Grammy Awards 2016 with Selena Gomez (Daily Mail)

Romania premier summoned to explain why TV must quit studios (Fox News)

Not very subtle! Hilarious moment woman sitting across from Taylor Swift at Grammys attempts to take a sneaky picture of star with her phone (Daily Mail)

President Putin's spokesman denies claims Russian warplanes struck hospital in northern Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

The current chaos in Syria may help the Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Hospital Airstrikes Are War Crimes,' Say France and Turkey (Newsweek Magazine)

U.N. rights boss urges China to release lawyers, treat HK booksellers fairly (Reuters)

Paedophile campaigner who called for sex with children to be legalised is suspended from the Labour Party but despite the horror of party officials he can't be kicked out straight away (Daily Mail)

Bride found a cancerous lump in her breast a WEEK before her wedding (Daily Mail)

Drug bust: $1B of meth found in bras (CNN)

Why Argentina Shut Down Its Real-Life 'X-Files' Unit (NBC News)

Video shows heavily pregnant woman goes viral dancing to the song Baby Mama (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributor: Why Poland Needs American Support (New York Times - Paywall)

Giulio Regeni's death reminds us no one is safe from Egypt's brutal police (Guardian)

Lebanon Child Marriage Video Highlights Scale Of Young Brides Across The World (Huffington Post)

Why EU summit is a crunch point for UK (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK children are less happy than those in Algeria, Romania and Poland and only youngsters in Ethiopia, South Korea and Nepal are more miserable in survey of 16 nations (Daily Mail)

Fears of war in South China Sea (CNN)

Syria conflict at 'hinge moment' (BBC)

And the Grammy goes to ... (CNN)

Freshman College Pitcher Found Dead After Party (NBC News)

North Korea will 'collapse' if it pursues nukes, South Korean president says (Los Angeles Times)

Eagles of Death Metal Singer: Everybody Should Have Guns (NBC News)

Eagles Of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes Says Paris Attacks Convinced Him Everyone Should Have Guns (Huffington Post)

Migrant crisis: EU asylum applications more than DOUBLES to 1.2 MILLION over the last year (Daily Express)

George Bush rallies supporters of brother Jeb video (Guardian)

Hubby-to-be caught bonking with mystery woman on ferris wheel hours before wedding (Daily Star)

Russian Fighter Jets Regularly Tail German Air Force in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Scalia's Death Has 'Refocused' Race, Rubio Says (NBC News)

China raps Australia foreign minister ahead of Beijing trip (Reuters)

Adam Johnson's accuser 'tried to cover up giving him oral sex over his career' (Daily Mail)

China Forbids Author of Book About the Great Famine From Taking Harvard Prize (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: India school attack leopard escapes (BBC)

Eagles of Death Metal singer: everybody must have guns video (Guardian)

Europe death maps reveals Scandinavians and Brits die sooner than the Spanish (Daily Mail)

Sudan: competition winner ensures spirit of enterprise takes root video (Guardian)

British adventurer becomes the first person to complete 1,600-mile walk from south to the north of Madagascar after beating malaria and dodging crocodiles during 155-day journey (Daily Mail)

Syria hospital attacks 'war crimes' (BBC)

Adele suffers technical difficulties at the Grammys video (Guardian)

Hedge-funder attack on Rmb fails scrutiny (Financial Times - Paywall)

Grammy Awards 2016: Kendrick Lamar Stuns With Politically-Charged Performance Of The Blacker The Berry' And Alright' (Huffington Post)

Draft EU rules could tighten migration loophole for foreign-born spouses (Guardian)

China warns U.S. of 'serious consequences' over Washington plaza name (Reuters)

Stockport woman steals cash from mantelpiece of neighbour with dementia in video (Daily Mail)

Hookers for Hillary prepares for Nevada caucus: Sex workers who have backed Clinton from day one begin their bid to avoid another crushing defeat (Daily Mail)

In Pictures: Grammy Awards 2016 (BBC)

Texas killer set to be executed after 23 years on death row (Daily Mail)

Cracking down on Pyongyang is difficult. Here's why (Washington Post - Paywall)

Body found on plane after ground crews spot BLOOD dripping from aircraft (Daily Express)

Taylor Swift is consoled by Selena Gomez at Grammy Awards 2016 (Daily Mail)

Tolkien poems found in school annual (BBC)

Lord Brittan's wife Diana to demand Met chief explain sex abuse accusation (Daily Mail)

North Korea Risks Regime Collapse, Warns South Koreas President (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris attack survivors open up ahead of tribute concert (Fox News)

Analysis: Russia presses air blitz in Syria to dictate peace (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mexico seizes load of meth lollipops headed for Nebraska (CBS News)

Stevie Wonder cracks blind joke while on stage at the Grammy Awards 2016 (Daily Mail)

China to help 'left behind' children (CNN)

Australia's marsupial lions 'dropped from trees' to attack prey, study finds (Guardian)

Newborn found in toilet at Subway restaurant in California (CBS News)

South Korea's Leader Warns of North Korea Collapse (New York Times - Paywall)

South Korea's leader warns of North Korea collapse (Fox News)

Organic Milk and meat found to have higher levels of nutrients (Daily Mail)

North Korea 'using wages to buy arms' (CNN)

South Korea's Park, in reversal, vows hard line with North Korea (Reuters)

Why Adele's Grammy Song Sounded 'Out of Tune' (NBC News)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: At least we'll hear both sides of the EU debate (Daily Mail)

Taylor Swift wins top album Grammy (BBC)

Eagles of Death Metal Singer on Guns: Everybody Has to Have Them' (Time Magazine)

SHOCK CLAIM: North Korea to COLLAPSE unless Kim Jong-un abandons nuclear ambitions (Daily Express)

Taylor Knocks Kanye in Album of the Year Grammy Speech (NBC News)

Kendrick Lamars Grammy Performance Was On Fire (Literally) (Newsweek Magazine)

Alice Eve's plane plunge terror as London to South Africa flight drops 2,000ft (Daily Mail)

Why Is Facebook Taking Down Marijuana Dispensary Pages? (Time Magazine)

Child sex abuse survivors seek crowdfunding to fly to Rome for George Pell's evidence (Guardian)

All the Winners from the 2016 Grammy Broadcast (Newsweek Magazine)

Missiles in Syria kill 50 as schools, hospitals hit; Turkey accuses Russia (Reuters)

David Cameron's EU deal is a CON: MEPS can alter the terms even AFTER our referendum (Daily Express)

Woman escapes death sentence after making herself pregnant using man inmate's sperm (Daily Star)

Grammy Awards 2016: Taylor Swift Responds To Kanye West Diss During Acceptance Speech (Huffington Post)

Eagles of Death Metal frontman: 'Everybody has to have guns' (Guardian)

Pope's sex abuse commission says bishops must report abuse (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Korea's Leader Has Warned That the North Korean Regime Could Collapse' (Time Magazine)

Hospitals in Syria Bombed as Fighting Escalates (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Families in Mexico and the U.S. got to meet and kiss each other -- through a chain-link fence (Los Angeles Times)

In a Mass in Chiapas, Pope Francis denounces the exclusion of Mexico's native peoples (Los Angeles Times)

'Regime collapse' awaits North Korea, says South's leader in nuclear warning (Guardian)

Gwen Stefani Debuts New Live Music Video for Make Me Like You' (Time Magazine)

Grammy Awards 2016: Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud' Wins Song Of The Year, And His Acceptance Speech Was As Lovely As Ever (Huffington Post)

South Korea president says rival North has diverted Seoul payments to North Korean workers to Pyongyang leadership; also says Seoul has sent more than $3 billion in government and civilian aid to North since mid-1990s (Washington Post - Paywall)

Watch Lin Manuel Miranda and the Hamilton Cast Own the Grammy Stage (Time Magazine)

Is David Cameron seeking an EU reform too far? (BBC)

As pope passes through Mexico, migrants still do too (CBS News)

South Korea's president warns of North Korean collapse if it doesn't abandon its nuclear program (Washington Post - Paywall)

Winter storm hits U.S. East Coast, tornadoes tear into South (Reuters)

Grammy Awards 2016: Rihanna Cancels 'Kiss It Better' Performance At Last Minute Due To Health Reasons (Huffington Post)

Calls for an investigation after death rate jumps by 5.4% in 2015 (Daily Mail)

Drugs, money, death: Mexico in charts (CNN)

Syrian district destroyed by Russian cluster bombs in Aleppo in video (Daily Mail)

From Malawi jail to Grammy nomination (CNN)

At Mass, Pope Francis Embraces Misunderstood' of Mexico (New York Times - Paywall)

Grammy Awards 2016: Lady Gaga's Red Carpet Look Is A Tribute To David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, And It's Awesome (Huffington Post)

Why Is Facebook Taking Down Pot Dispensary Pages? (NBC News)

John Oliver can't resist New Zealand MP Steven Joyce's 'dildogate' video (Guardian)

NHS 111 probed after mother Melissa Mead demands answers after her son's death (Daily Mail)

Taylor Swift Shimmers in Grammy Awards Opener (NBC News)

EU for beginners (BBC)

New Zealand MP 'Dildo Baggins' cops sex toy in the face and takes ribbing on the chin (Guardian)

Student nurse died after waiting almost five hours for an ambulance following heart attack (Daily Express)

European Parliament can change David Cameron's EU deal AFTER UK has its referendum (Daily Mail)

Grammy Awards 2016: Taylor Swift's 'Out Of The Woods' Performance Gets The Night Off To A Great Start (Huffington Post)

White House says expects China will support new sanctions on North Korea (Reuters)

Pope Francis Reaches Out to Mexico's Indigenous People (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Taylor Swift Opened the Grammy Awards With Out of the Woods' (Time Magazine)

Grammy Awards 2016: Joy Villa Provides This Year's 'WTF?' Moment On The Red Carpet With This Bizarre Outfit (Huffington Post)

University of Wisconsin study reveals why we mimic each other's behaviour (Daily Mail)

In Mexico, pope slams countrys treatment of Indians (CBS News)

North Korea's 'biggest' export - giant statues (BBC)

Horror as body of 93 year-old woman found tied up' in home after burglary (Daily Express)

South Carolina restaurateur charged with murder (CBS News)

More kinky sex please, we're British: How 50 Shades effect means more taboos are being broken down in the bedroom (Daily Mail)

Brazil toddler walks onto window ledge and SURVIVES in shocking video footage (Daily Mail)

Male mice prefer watching violence to sex (unless drugs are involved), study shows (Daily Mail)

'Severe' 6.0 magnitude earthquake hits off New Zealand's south coast (Daily Mail)

Pope visits hospital...then this happens (CNN)

The Latest: Pope warns of ideologies that undermine family (Washington Post - Paywall)

Brussels chief warns of real risk' of Brexit as support for quitting EU surges (Daily Express)

COLD ALERT: Britain braced for ANOTHER week of freezing weather as snow set to sweep south (Daily Express)

Swinney: Cut tax to save our North Sea oil firms (Daily Express)

EU lacks strategy to counter Russian aggression and must toughen up, warns Parliament (Daily Express)

Senior MEPs threaten to wreck Cameron's new EU deal (Daily Express)

Rightwing Q&A panellist rejects offshore 'warehousing' of asylum seekers video (Guardian)

The 2016 Grammy Awards Live Blog (Newsweek Magazine)

China seen boosting defence spending as South China Sea, reforms weigh (Reuters)

Emma Thompson: UK would be 'mad not to' stay in EU (Guardian)

EU future not what it once was with 2 big crises at summit (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pope courts indigenous Mexicans as Catholic fervour fades (Reuters)

Palestinian man knocked out of his wheelchair by Israeli police in video (Daily Mail)

Pope denounces exploitation of Mexico's indigenous people (Washington Post - Paywall)

CIA knew of impending ISIS attack days before Paris terrorists slaughtered 130 people (Daily Mail)

Missing Rose Polge's hoodie is found on Devon beach near her abandoned car (Daily Mail)

The Latest: French condemns attack on Syrian hospital (Washington Post - Paywall)

15 Million-Year-Old Flower Found Perfectly Preserved' in Amber (Time Magazine)

Trump Targets RNC After South Carolina Debate and Cruz Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea Leader Should Be Told He Could Face Trial, U.N. Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Bosnia Applies to Join EU (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Missing Janine Loddo is found safe and well after coming forward (Daily Mail)

Hollande tells Cameron still work to be done on EU deal (Reuters)

Police are banned from using water cannon so WHY are the Met training officers? (Daily Mail)

Germany blames wave of sex assaults mostly on refugees (CBS News)

How Scalia's Death Plays Into Cruz's Stump Speech (NBC News)

Cops: Road rage altercation led to womans death (CBS News)

Supreme Court death changes election: Who's out of order? (CNN)

Pope Francis preaches to marginalized indigenous in a fight to keep Catholics (Washington Post - Paywall)

UN: New sex abuse claims in Central African Republic (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic studies teacher Ayman Shaukat accused of helping two extremists flee to Syria (Daily Mail)

Risk of break-up is real ?, warns European Council president Tusk video (Guardian)

Cash and a body found in U.S. cargo jet in Zimbabwe (CBS News)

Deadly airstrikes hit hospitals, school in northern Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

UN raises death toll in attack on peacekeepers in Mali to 7 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Letters From Pope John Paul II Show Deep Friendship With Woman (New York Times - Paywall)

Norfolk woman who did not know how to drive accidentally ran over her son (Daily Mail)

Construction worker is crushed to death by five tonnes of falling steel at business tycoon's £2million home (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis Courts Mexican Indigenous Community (Newsweek Magazine)

Merkel says supports some kind of no-fly zone in Syria (Reuters)

EU's Mogherini says no Cold War with Russia as Syria truce agreed (Reuters)

Jeb Bush Enlists Brother George W. for Help in South Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

The Most Ridiculous Album of the Year Winners in Grammy History (Newsweek Magazine)

Man 'having sex on Las Vegas Ferris wheel' was to marry DIFFERENT woman that day (Daily Mail)

Why Does The EU Have A Gender Pay Gap? (Newsweek Magazine)

Cardiologist explains why FAT is the best medicine and why it's crucial to health (Daily Mail)

Men leap onto tracks of Russian Metro to save an unconscious woman in video (Daily Mail)

Supreme Court divided by Scalia's death (Financial Times - Paywall)

Slovak prime minister sees need for Plan B to protect EU borders (Reuters)

Russia-Turkey tensions in Syria hit peak (Financial Times - Paywall)

Michael Magee who claims his house has been haunted for years captures creepy video (Daily Mail)

Tourist survives Nepal tiger attack by clinging to tree for hours (Fox News)

Syria airstrike video shows Russian helicopter drops deadly barrel bomb (Daily Mail)

RAF video reveals explosion triggered by a Typhoon strike on an ISIS vehicle (Daily Mail)

Big bust: 190 gallons of liquid meth found in bra inserts (CBS News)

Vast luxuries found in Mexican prison where riot killed 49 (Fox News)

Russia presses air blitz in Syria to dictate peace terms (Fox News)

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