Wednesday, 17th February 2016

World News

Man pleads guilty, faces death penalty in teen slaying (CBS News)

Syria cease-fire likely to be delayed as timeline for U.S.-Russia talks bogs down (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rubio endorsed by South Carolina's Nikki Haley ahead of state primary live (Guardian)

South China Sea dispute: US military will continue operations in region (Guardian)

EU summit: How did Cameron end up here? (BBC)

Video shows moment a woman was set alight while fire walking in India (Daily Mail)

Two teenage girls 'battered woman to death then asked police for lift home', court hears (Daily Express)

Kurds' advance in Syria divides U.S. and Turkey as Russia bombs (Reuters)

Boy, 11, who faces 'brutal and agonising death' if he doesn't have urgent surgery for jaw cancer is back in UK after he was found in Poland with his mother (Daily Mail)

Former Italy PM Monti chides incumbent Renzi for criticising EU (Reuters)

Beijing deploys antiaircraft missiles on disputed South China Sea island, Taiwan says (Los Angeles Times)

Czech driver risks death transporting two white lions in a BMW Touring (Daily Mail)

'There is no guarantee of a deal,' says EU chief running talks (Daily Mail)

Inverclyde man arrested over Facebook posts about Syrian refugees (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis in Mexico updates: Thousands stream into Ciudad Juarez fairgrounds for pontiff's Mass (Los Angeles Times)

Met Police worker Tony Hanley died after shooting himself following stand-off (Daily Mail)

Brighton police release footage of man buying lighter fluid after hit and run case (Daily Mail)

Haley backs Rubio in South Carolina (Guardian)

Pat McFadden reports leading Brexit campaigner Steve Baker to police (Daily Mail)

U.N. Delivers Aid in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jeb Bush's Gun Tweet Backfires Ahead of South Carolina Primary (Newsweek Magazine)

Climber dies after avalanche in Scottish Highlands (Daily Express)

In Mexican border city, Pope criticizes business 'slave drivers' (Reuters)

Nikki Haley to Endorse Marco Rubio for President (Newsweek Magazine)

Man convicted of fatally stabbing, beating N.C. mom (CBS News)

"The Walking Dead" bring police to Montana familys home (CBS News)

US accuses China amid signs of missiles on disputed island (Washington Post - Paywall)

Suspected Chinese missiles deployed on disputed South China Sea island (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pope seen as taking unusually tough tone during Mexico visit (Fox News)

Mohamed Heikal, Nasser confidant and influential Arab journalist, dies at 92 (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Korea tells citizens to abstain from Kims cuisine (CBS News)

EU Diplomats Warn of Disagreements on U.K. Demands (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syria aid trucks enter four of five besieged areas (Reuters)

Germany revives calls for no-fly zone in northern Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama: Trump won't be President (CNN)

China Puts Missiles on Disputed Island in South China Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russian spy plane now in Syria (CNN)

One man dies after Highlands avalanche (BBC)

Woman charged with murder of son found in trunk (CBS News)

NYC Man Receives Contents of Lost Wallet with Hilariously Honest Note (Time Magazine)

Pope concludes Mexico trip with visits to prison, US border (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kurdish militants test alliances over Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Young dolphin dies on a beach in Argentina after being dumped by people taking photos (Daily Mail)

Murdered mum was secret escort girl: Tragic Jess's UK 'sex tour' (Daily Star)

Saudi Air Force engineer cadets training in UK are arrested over rape claims (Daily Mail)

RAF fighters intercept two Russian bombers nearing UK airspace (Guardian)

The Latest: Pope says God will judge exploiters of workers (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: UN says aid is first step' for Syria cease-fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

This EU referendum doesn't matter. But the next one will | Simon Jenkins (Guardian)

Hiker pals battle for their lives after mountain rescue: Police confirm one fatality (Daily Star)

Pope scolds person in crowd (CNN)

May the police force be with you: armed officers apprehend man with lightsaber (Guardian)

China says Australia should consider Japan's war history before submarine contract (Guardian)

Police raid ICBC offices in Madrid (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK weather alert: Britons brace themselves for snow mayhem (Daily Star)

Video shows German Shepherd pounding the TREADMILL (Daily Mail)

Kilsyth woman confronts convicted paedophile in Facebook video (Daily Mail)

Brexit could benefit UK economy, says £8bn fund manager (Guardian)

Russian club faces sanction after player shows Putin shirt (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. expects 'very serious' talks with China after missile reports (Reuters)

One man dead and four injured on Scottish hills and mountains (Guardian)

Pope Francis in Ciudad Juarez urges prisoners to 'put an end to this cycle of violence and exclusion' (Los Angeles Times)

Russia dismisses new call for a Syria no-fly zone (CBS News)

RAF Typhoons scrambled to intercept Russian bombers heading for UK airspace (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Cyclist calls woman driver f****** idiot' in vile rant after she pulled out on him (Daily Star)

South Carolina Governor to Endorse Rubio (Time Magazine)

Helmet-cam video shows a cyclist sandwiched between a London bus and a car (Daily Mail)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Endorses Rubio (NBC News)

Pope Visits Turbulent Mexican Border City (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Outrage after teen accused of gang rape in Austria welcomed to live in UK (Daily Star)

Pope Francis will finish his Mexico tour looking straight at the U.S. border (Washington Post - Paywall)

UK and US interests not necessarily aligned | Letters (Guardian)

Note to Giles Fraser: staying in the EU helps to level the field | Letters (Guardian)

EU is now a profoundly anti-democratic institution | Letters (Guardian)

A prime objective of the EU is a fairer society | Letters (Guardian)

Pope Francis finds himself in US immigration debate after Mexico visit (Guardian)

London Underground worker 'refused' to help woman carry pushchair down the stairs (Daily Mail)

Lorna Moore who 'fled to Syria to join her Jihadi husband' claims she hates him (Daily Mail)

Wolverhampton thief leaves note to police on his door telling them 'call me' (Daily Mail)

Baltimore drug kingpin Nathan Barksdale dies aged 54 (CBS News)

Ankara governor raises death toll in explosion to 18, says at least 45 others wounded (Washington Post - Paywall)

Texas Man Arrested Over Unpaid Student Loans Felt Threatened by Undercover Deputies (Time Magazine)

Man allegedly planned Lee Rigby-style attacks on soldiers in UK (Daily Star)

Hartlepool teen girls beat Angela Wrightson to death with a stick' (Daily Mail)

China: Focus on light houses, not anti-aircraft missiles (CBS News)

Horrific footage shows a man being stabbed and stamped on during a mass brawl outside a nightclub (Daily Mail)

Merkel: Cameron's EU demands are 'justified and necessary' live (Guardian)

Mother and twin daughters accused of racially abusing Muslim woman and pulling hijab off (Daily Express)

Emma Thompson: Britain leaving the EU would be odd' decision video (Guardian)

Homeless London man launches charity that delivers food to people sleeping rough (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump clashes with Pope Francis over migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

Emma Marie Camilleri and her daughters accused of racially abusing Muslim woman (Daily Mail)

Man Utd 'wait and see' on Rooney injury (BBC)

Aid trucks reach besieged Syria town (BBC)

One of three elderly hillwalkers found after going missing in Scottish hills dies (Daily Express)

Incredible footage shows HUGE explosion at Chinese firework stall (Daily Mail)

UK unemployment drops by 60,000 (BBC)

Hundreds mourn Briton who was gored to death by an elephant in front of his teenage stepdaughter on Thai paradise island (Daily Mail)

Cruz and Rubio Fight Turns Personal in South Carolina (Time Magazine)

EU has no choice over reforms - Tusk (BBC)

Spine-chilling moment bikini-clad woman base jumps into -11C water with hooks attached to her own SKIN (Daily Mail)

Did Jesus time travel? Insane claim THIS picture shows Messiah holding Sputnik satellite (Daily Express)

Girls aged 13 and 14 beat woman to death in her home, court hears (Guardian)

Sanders Surrogate says A Uterus Doesnt Qualify You to Be President of the United States (Newsweek Magazine)

Police raid Madrid office of China's biggest bank in money laundering investigation (Reuters)

The Latest: French PM says UK exit from EU would shock world (Washington Post - Paywall)

Death toll climbs to 25 in suspected Russian strike on Syria hospital (Fox News)

People feared trapped after huge UK avalanche (Daily Star)

China Has Deployed Missiles on Disputed Island, Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows North American boy getting battered by inflatable obstacle course (Daily Mail)

Move over Corbyn...the REAL risk to the Falkland Islands is an EU army, claims Ukip (Daily Express)

Restaurant Gives Kind Couple Free Meal After They Offer To Help Woman With Special Needs (Huffington Post)

The six who will decide Britain's EU fate: who are they and what do they want? (Guardian)

Man Arrested for Unpaid Student Loan Debt From 1987 (NBC News)

Chinese Missiles Deployed on Contested South China Sea Island (Newsweek Magazine)

Gustavo Garcia set to be executed in Texas after 23 years on death row (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson won't say where he stands on the EU after David Cameron talks (Daily Mail)

One of three rescued hillwalkers dies (BBC)

Turkey's Shelling of Kurds in Syria Will Continue, Erdogan Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Oxford Lush Burglary: Fundraising For Homeless Woman Lottie Suspended After Arrest Of Woman Of No Fixed Abode (Huffington Post)

Three gravitational wave projects unveiled in China (Daily Mail)

Teen girls 'brutally murdered woman with household objects and uploaded Snapchat selfies' (Daily Star)

Video shows woman being rescued from icy lake in east China (Daily Mail)

Ash Carter: Russians strategy in Syria will "come back and get them" (CBS News)

Just Call Me, Says 'Wanted Thief' In Note To West Midlands Police (Huffington Post)

Papal jet attacked by laser as Pope Francis approached Mexico City Airport (Daily Mail)

British fighter jets scrambled as Russian bombers near UK airspace (Fox News)

RAF Typhoons Scrambled To Intercept Russian Jets Heading Towards UK Airspace (Huffington Post)

Spanish police raid Chinese bank in money laundering probe (Washington Post - Paywall)

Texas executes inmate who had tried to escape death row (CBS News)

Pope Francis' Plane Hit By Laser Light: Airline (NBC News)

BREAKING: RAF jets intercept Russian bombers 'heading for UK airspace' (Daily Star)

Duchess Of Cambridge Gets Down To Work As Guest Editor Of HuffPost UK For #YoungMindsMatter (Huffington Post)

Tony Blair insists migration of two MILLION EU workers to Britain has been GOOD for UK (Daily Mail)

Polish magazine cover of 'white woman of Europe' being assaulted sparks fury (Daily Mail)

Racist thug in Kent who abused a woman and her two children is jailed (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: RAF jets scrambled to intercept two Russian bombers heading towards UK airspace (Daily Express)

Customer praises a 'generous' restaurant manager's random act of kindness after he buys dinner for a woman with special needs when her card is declined (Daily Mail)

Rubio Uses Humor to Needle Trump in South Carolina (Time Magazine)

Video shows a cannibalistic seal eating a rival's pup (Daily Mail)

EU wedded to UK's reluctant bride status (Financial Times - Paywall)

Surrey woman drags herself across fields to get help after horse shatters her pelvis (Daily Mail)

Birmingham motorist who killed pregnant woman will serve SIX MONTHS in jail (Daily Mail)

Satellite images 'show China has set up surface-to-air missiles on its man-made island' (Daily Mail)

China deploys missiles to disputed island (CNN)

Colombia's police chief resigns amid male sex ring probe (Reuters)

Leeds woman left BAREFOOT after returning boots to Meadowhall centre (Daily Mail)

Sick thug who held woman captive jailed after judge calls case 'worst of its kind' (Daily Express)

Paint the Bern: the man who put Sanders on his roof and other art for Bernie (Guardian)

Boris Johnson tells Cameron he must do more to win his support on EU (Guardian)

Watch: Chelsea Fans Threatened with Tear Gas by Police at PSG Champions League Game (Newsweek Magazine)

Merkel: German national interest' for UK to remain in EU (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mayor who blamed victim's 'vulgar' behaviour for her death resigns (BBC)

Angela Merkel: Britain must remain a strong, active member of EU video (Guardian)

Police Appeal For Sex Trafficker Florin Radu, Two Years After He Failed To Show At Court (Huffington Post)

UFO sighting over UK captured in incredible new photos (Daily Star)

Lion kills wildlife park employee in South Africa (Fox News)

US stealth fighters fly over South Korea in dramatic show of force (Fox News)

Prolific Egyptian political writer and insider, Heikal, dies (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Women Journey to Mexico With Message for Pope Francis (NBC News)

What's happening in the South China Sea? video (Guardian)

U.N.: Syria truce simply has to happen (CNN)

Czech Republic woman travels the world in her WEDDING DRESS (Daily Mail)

UK staying in EU is in Germany's national interest, says Merkel (Guardian)

Mohamed Heikal, Prolific Egyptian Political Writer and Insider, Dies at 92 (New York Times - Paywall)

Ghost caught on camera: CCTV shows 'poltergeist' trashing haunted bar (Daily Star)

A deal on Britain's EU future: four possible outcomes (Guardian)

Colombia's police chief resigns amid sexual misconduct probe (Washington Post - Paywall)

US Air Force flexes muscles amid North Korea tensions by flying four F-22 stealth fighters over South just miles from border (Daily Mail)

Fury as Brussels' top bureaucrat declares: Britain needs' the EU and WILL vote to stay (Daily Express)

Actor dies after piercing himself with samurai sword (Fox News)

Britain justified in many of its EU demands - Merkel (Reuters)

Actor George Gaynes Dies at Age 98 (Time Magazine)

South China Sea dispute: China 'deploys missiles' (Channel4)

China Deploys Missiles to Contested Island, Taiwan Says (NBC News)

Pope Francis Chastises Follower Who Nearly Pulled Him Down (Time Magazine)

Photo highlights of the day: the Pope in Mexico and a close encounter with a whale (Guardian)

WATCH: Chelsea fans threatened with pepper spray by riot police during PSG match (Daily Star)

Transgender woman forced to share cell with four men in all-male prison (Daily Star)

Mother murdered by her husband died of blunt force trauma to her head while her children bled to death after being stabbed, coroner told (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Pope concludes Mexico trip, to visit US border (Fox News)

Merkel says it's in Germany's national interest' for Britain to remain active member' of EU (Washington Post - Paywall)

South China Sea: A look into the rising tensions (Los Angeles Times)

Francis' Fury: Pope Gets Angry With Mexican Crowd (NBC News)

Man allegedly planned Lee Rigby-style attacks on US soldiers in UK (Guardian)

Greater Manchester Police Tells People Not To Give Money To 'Beggar' Near Tesco, People Respond With Offers Of Help (Huffington Post)

Eagles of Death Metal 'resume' Paris gig (BBC)

Terrifying moment female surfer paddles out to sea unaware she is being circled by FIVE sharks off the coast of South Africa (Daily Mail)

Seventeen stone woman who spent years in isolation after being bullied over her size becomes an online sensation after shedding HALF her body weight (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis caught on video shouting at Mexico crowd for making him fall (Daily Mail)

Video shows bear cub Rose using her NOSE as a crutch after she lost her paw to a trap (Daily Mail)

Kenyan President Promises New Prison for Violent Extremists (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkish police fire teargas on gold mine protesters (Guardian)

Eagles Of Death Metal return to Paris to finish Bataclan gig cut short by attacks (Daily Mail)

Video shows lorry driver near Fife REVERSES back up A90 road (Daily Mail)

For Eagles of Death Metal, a Defiant Return to Paris (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nurse Amin Abdullah set himself on fire and burned to death outside Kensington Palace (Daily Mail)

EU Referendum Chart Shows How Many Europeans Want Britain To Leave The EU (Huffington Post)

Gangster Who Inspired 'The Wire' Dies in Prison (NBC News)

Female Vietnam prisoner on death row gets herself pregnant by fellow inmate (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Merkel: EU must work with Turkey on migrants (Fox News)

Merkel: German 'national interest' for UK to remain in EU (Fox News)

Police investigating robbery that homeless woman claimed to have foiled leading to thousands being raised for her arrest rough sleeper of the same age (Daily Mail)

BBC Series Gives War and Peace First UK Bestseller Spot (Newsweek Magazine)

Beijing places missile launchers on disputed South China Sea island (Guardian)

The man with the 15st leg: Indian man's limb now weighs the same as a baby ELEPHANT due to rare genetic disorder (Daily Mail)

Five stone woman ate digestive biscuits because she was petrified of being sick (Daily Mail)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Woman arrested after walking down street completely naked (Daily Star)

China says missing bookseller doesn't want his case hyped up (Reuters)

Police search far-right party headquarters in fraud probe (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Mayor tight-lipped over EU deal (BBC)

Police are investigating after a girl was groped by a man at Hamleys toy shop (Daily Mail)

UK government to prevent public sector boycotts of Israeli suppliers (Reuters)

Stranger On The Bridge: What The Man Behind #FindMike Did Next (Huffington Post)

Idaho man flies out of his pickup truck after it flips over during a high speed police chase (Daily Mail)

Mother posts heartbreaking image of dying meningitis tot to show failings of UK jab policy (Daily Express)

Bride who ordered her dream wedding dress online is left horrified after she is sent a 'cheap knock-off' from China (Daily Mail)

China cautions Australia over defence cooperation with Japan (Reuters)

Pope Francis Wades Into U.S. Immigration Morass With Border Trip (New York Times - Paywall)

US flies F-22 stealth fighters over South Korea in show of force against nuclear North (Daily Express)

Leading Arab journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal dies at 92 (Reuters)

EU referendum: Leaked document reveals European nations worried over 'contagion' of reform (Daily Express)

UK criminal convictions for EU migrants leap by 40% in five years (Daily Mail)

Pope warns young Mexicans not to be lured into drug trade (CBS News)

Putin critic Mikhail Kasyanov - I won't flee Russia despite death threats (Reuters)

China Deployed Missiles on Disputed Island, U.S. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Unemployment in the UK stays at ten-year low as earnings edge up by 1.9% (Daily Mail)

Anti-mine protesters clash with police in Turkey (Washington Post - Paywall)

Scary moment as fans grab Pope (CNN)

Former U.N. Chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police in India Conduct Raids to Identify Students Who Shouted Anti-National' Slogans (Time Magazine)

George Gaynes dies at 98, star of Punky Brewster and Police Academy movies (Daily Mail)

China downplays reports of anti-aircraft missile deployment on contested island (Fox News)

Police Hunting Man After 11-Year-Old Girl Indecently Assaulted At Hamley's Magic Show (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis Tells Crowd Not To Be 'Selfish' After Being Pushed Onto Man In Wheelchair (Huffington Post)

A Vietnamese Prisoner Inseminated Herself and Got Pregnant to Escape the Death Penalty (Time Magazine)

Police Academy star George Gaynes dies (BBC)

I was targeted by laser more than 20 times, reveals helicopter pilot as police launch crackdown to bring yobs with deadly gadgets to justice (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Stoner gives hilarious explanation for leading 30 police cars on 100mph chase (Daily Star)

Watch: Eagles of Death Metal's Triumphant Return to Paris After Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

No 'Red Flags' Over Scalia's Death Inquest by Phone (NBC News)

Pope Francis pulled into crowd by shirt sleeves in Mexico video (Guardian)

China ministries rush to get on-message (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pope loses his cool with person who almost knocked him down (Reuters)

US flies F-22 jets over South Korea in show of force against the North (Guardian)

Russia calls Turkey strikes on Syria 'absolute lawlessness' - RIA (Reuters)

Sinosphere: Alien Telescope Project to Displace 9,000 Villagers in China (New York Times - Paywall)

China Deploys Missiles to Contested Island: Taiwan (NBC News)

Top EU politician applauds Merkel's migrant stance (Washington Post - Paywall)

Barack Obama: Don't Panic, Donald Trump Won't Be President (Newsweek Magazine)

Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris for first time since Bataclan video (Guardian)

China Hates That the Road By Its U.S. Embassy Could Be Named After a Top Dissident (Time Magazine)

Even Pope Francis gets angry: Catholic head filmed SHOUTING at Mexico crowd (Daily Express)

The disease that stopped the UK in its tracks (BBC)

Ex-French President Sarkozy Investigated Over 2012 Re-Election Financing (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Urges Young Mexicans to Resist Crime's Lure (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Girl, 11, groped during magic show at Hamleys as police launch manhunt (Daily Star)

Veto Likely to Block Renaming of China Embassy's Street After Liu Xiaobo (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Mexican crowd prompts Pope rebuke (BBC)

Jesus does not want you to be hit men, pope tells Mexican youth (Reuters)

Obama to veto bill to rename Washington plaza after jailed China dissident (Washington Post - Paywall)

China preparing to charge Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo with blackmail report (Guardian)

China downplays missile deployment to disputed island (Fox News)

Are loyalty schemes worth bothering with any more? How the meddling EU cut up YOUR credit card perks (Daily Mail)

Young people on Ugandan elections: 'It is time for President Museveni to move on' | Alon Mwesigwa (Guardian)

U.N. human rights chief condemns China (CNN)

South China Sea dispute: Beijing places missile launchers on island live (Guardian)

Baltimore gangster Nathan Barksdale dies in jail, The Wire inspiration (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris (BBC)

Siege warfare in Syria revives debate over ancient tactic (Washington Post - Paywall)

China deploys sixteen terrifying missiles to island just weeks after US destroyer sails by (Daily Star)

China 'has missiles on disputed island' (BBC)

U.S. flies F-22 fighters over South Korea after North's rocket launch (Reuters)

China deploys missiles on disputed island (Financial Times - Paywall)

Drivers terrified as 25ft DINOSAUR appears on UK street (Daily Star)

EU plan faces 'Eastern bloc' (BBC)

Falkland Islands dispute may thaw, says UK defence secretary on historic visit (Guardian)

Beijing's missile move in South China Sea could make US think twice about getting too close (Guardian)

China Has Sent Missiles to a Contested Island in the South China Sea, Reports Say (Time Magazine)

Vietnamese gather to commemorate border war with China (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police say teen suspect in Ariz. double fatality got gun from classmate (CBS News)

China deploys SIXTEEN chilling new missiles to contested island weeks after US destroyer (Daily Express)

Jesus Does Not Want You to Be Hit Men, Pope Says (Newsweek Magazine)

China Says Missing Bookseller Doesnt Want Publicity (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Loses His Cool When Someone Almost Knocks Him Over (Newsweek Magazine)

Hundreds of thousands of Catholics to cross US border to see Pope Francis (Guardian)

Mexican inmate chosen to share message with Pope Francis (CBS News)

China Sends Missiles to Contested South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Flies F-22 Fighters Over South Korea After Norths Rocket Launch (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria siege victims await aid convoys (BBC)

Obama warns China over militarization (CNN)

'Police Academy' Actor George Gaynes Dies at 98 (NBC News)

Four U.S. F-22 stealth fighters fly over South Korea amid growing tensions after North Korea's rocket launch. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush try to woo conservatives in South Carolina campaign live (Guardian)

U.N. to Deliver Humanitarian Aid To Besieged Parts of Syria (Time Magazine)

Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris for Emotional Concert (NBC News)

Apple must help police unlock San Bernardino killer's phone TWO MONTHS after massacre (Daily Express)

DNA, Firearms Link Man to 'Grim Sleeper' Killings: Prosecutor (NBC News)

Special prosecutor sought in fatal Chicago police shooting (CBS News)

For migrants traveling to see Pope Francis, an unexpected reunion (Los Angeles Times)

Turkey Pushes Case For Ground Operations in Syria as Kurds Advance (Time Magazine)

Former U.N. Secretary-General dies (CNN)

Ted Cruz v Marco Rubio: campaign fight is getting ugly in South Carolina (Guardian)

Families of missing Mexican students ask: Will Pope Francis speak of 'los 43' (Los Angeles Times)

This strip of land could change Syria war (CNN)

Eagles of Death Metal Perform in Paris for Bataclan Attack Survivors (Time Magazine)

Prince's protege Vanity dies at 57 (CNN)

U.S. official - 'apparent deployment' of missiles by China on island (Reuters)

Pope urges Mexicans to 'dare to dream' (BBC)

Police called over 'Walking Dead' noise (CNN)

Ted Cruz touts his national security experience in hawkish South Carolina (Guardian)

Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris for Concert (New York Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama Steadily Explains Why Donald Trump Will Never Be President (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis Entreats Mexico's Youth to Resist Call of Drug Cartels (New York Times - Paywall)

A flash of anger from Pope Francis as he is jostled by enthusiastic crowds (Los Angeles Times)

Boutros Boutros-Ghali dies at 93; former United Nations secretary-general (Los Angeles Times)

Obama, ASEAN discuss South China Sea tensions, but no joint mention of China (Reuters)

U.N. Says Aid Delivery Near in Syria for 5 Towns (New York Times - Paywall)

Eastern Europeans threaten David Cameron with veto over EU child benefit (Daily Mail)

Video shows youngsters 'shot in the head' in Iraqi children of ISIS jihadis' game (Daily Mail)

Eagles of Death Metal deliver rock'n'roll catharsis in Paris (Guardian)

Kimberley man spends £10k turning his cottage into a Victorian home (Daily Mail)

Avoid despair and 'resignation' in the face of drug violence, pope urges in Michoacan (Los Angeles Times)

Ex-French president questioned in campaign fraud case (CBS News)

Obama Vows Help to Counter China in Southeast Asia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Bernie Sanders Is Struggling With Black Voters in South Carolina (Time Magazine)

The man who frees people chained for being ill (BBC)

China warns Australia over challenge to South China Sea activities (Guardian)

Pope to Mexican clergy: Dont quit, keep fighting (CBS News)

Kent police hunt 11 men after violence between fair right and anti-fascists (Daily Mail)

Adorable footage shows a deer mimicking the actions of a woman at a nature center (Daily Mail)

Four EU states reject Cameron's migrant benefits plan (Guardian)

EU DEAL SHAMBLES: Businesses 'unlikely to change how they vote' by Cameron renegotiation (Daily Express)

Commonwealth business leaders urge David Cameron to let UK leave EU (Daily Express)

WATCH: Horror as middle-aged man brazenly poses in public with 'child bride' (Daily Express)

Russia could be guilty of war crimes for bombing hospitals and school in Syria (Daily Mail)

South Dakota Senate Passes Controversial Bathroom Bill' (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Pope urges Mexico's youth to resist drug money (Washington Post - Paywall)

President Obama: Mr. Trump Will Not Be President' (Time Magazine)

How Scalia's death reshapes four US cases (BBC)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Lead In New South Carolina Poll (Time Magazine)

Japanese Himawari-8 satellite 'Black Earth' animation shows Earth from 22k miles away (Daily Mail)

Turkey seeks allies' support for ground operation as Syria war nears border (Reuters)

China slams Ted Cruz bill as 'political farce' (CNN)

The Latest: Syria accuses alliance of striking hospital (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sophie Butler who stabbed Norasab Hussain to death is jailed for six years (Daily Mail)

Jeb Bush Tweets Picture Of An Inscribed Handgun As Failing Presidential Run Enters Death Throes (Huffington Post)

Video shows a dad flatten his kid after throwing a massive snowball at him (Daily Mail)

Lord Brittan's widow accepts apology from Met police chief Sir Bernard Hogan Howe (Daily Mail)

Exclusive: China sends surface-to-air missiles to contested island in provocative move (Fox News)

German Police Raid Property of Group Linked to ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Senegal's president says will stick to seven-year mandate (Reuters)

Senegal president says he will serve full 7-year term (Washington Post - Paywall)

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, U.N. secretary general who clashed with U.S., dies (Washington Post - Paywall)

New York woman sends old flames a Valentine's Day text with hilarious results (Daily Mail)

Woman details her Valentine's Day date with a STICK MAN on Snapchat (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis ventures into heartlands of Mexico's bloody drugs war (Daily Mail)

EU short of 118 billion euros in nuclear decommissioning funds - draft (Reuters)

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, ex-U.N. chief, dies aged 93 (CBS News)

U.N. envoy's peace mission in Syria is undercut by a defiant President Assad (Los Angeles Times)

Former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali dies aged 93 (Daily Mail)

Peru still unclear on whether Guzman can run for president (Reuters)

Europe unhinged: EU summit faces 2 of its biggest crises (Fox News)

Woman charged in connection with parade shooting (CBS News)

Cameron's EU renegotiation deal is still to be done (BBC)

With Pope Francis' border city visit, Texans rediscover Mexico -- and like what they see (Los Angeles Times)

Premier's fate in hands of EU parliament (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria 'to allow aid to besieged areas' (BBC)

YouTube video shows man showcase his amazing trickshot skills (Daily Mail)

Florence Obadiaru who forced a Nigerian woman to fly to UK to become sex slave is struck off (Daily Mail)

China Loses Control of the Economic Story Line (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Imperial College RAG magazine 'trolled' union president Lucinda Sandon-Allum (Daily Mail)

What Eagles of Death Metals Paris Show Means for Bataclan Survivors (Newsweek Magazine)

Anhui Province in east China to offer women 'menstrual leave' during their period (Daily Mail)

Video shows a Boeing 737 getting a brand-new look (Daily Mail)

Ex-UN secretary-general Boutros-Ghali dies (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Duke Of Cambridge Has NOT Waded Into The EU Referendum Debate, Kensington Palace Says (Huffington Post)

China forbids Great Famine author from taking Harvard prize (Fox News)

CCTV shows Lewis Baalham taking pictures up Boots customer's skirt (Daily Mail)

Anti-terror police 'visited Junead Ahmed Khan's home as he plotted UK attack' (Daily Mail)

BBC weatherman wrestles with 'violent' woman who attacked nursery (Daily Mail)

Daigo Kashino dies when he is stabbed in the stomach while rehearsing at theatre (Daily Mail)

Hebron man who used smokescreen device on his car to shake off police avoids jail (Daily Mail)

No 10 claims MEPs' backing for EU deal (BBC)

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