Sunday, 21st February 2016

World News

O'Sullivan wins fourth Welsh Open title (BBC)

Boris Johnson joins campaign to leave EU (Guardian)

Campaign live: Trump lords South Carolina win over rivals as Bush drops out of the race (Guardian)

Revealed: how Tory grassroots split over EU could see party implode (Guardian)

Celebrated aviator Eric 'Winkle' Brown who was known as 'the world's greatest test pilot' after flying almost 500 different types of aircraft dies aged 97 (Daily Mail)

Nicola Sturgeon says vote to leave EU will 'almost certainly' trigger a new independence referendum in Scotland (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson defies David Cameron to campaign for UK to LEAVE the EU (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis appeals for global end to capital punishment (Guardian)

Scale of Tory grassroots divide on EU exposed (Guardian)

Cyclone Winston: at least five dead as Fiji begins clean-up after massive storm (Guardian)

Danielle Turner 'beats three-year-old Latrice to death for not eating her food' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Sopel's accent a hit with Trump fans (BBC)

Pope Francis Urges Catholics to Not Allow Executions This Year (Time Magazine)

Fears raised over damage to EU project (Financial Times - Paywall)

Leaving the EU would 'put economy at risk' says David Cameron's partner (Daily Mail)

EU Referendum: How Boris Johnson Has Changed His Tune On Britain Remaining In The European Union (Huffington Post)

Suspect in Kalamazoo shootings that killed six was Uber driver, firm says (Guardian)

EU out of control: BoJo deals blow to Cameron by backing Brexit (Daily Star)

Six killed in Michigan shootings; suspect was Uber driver (Reuters)

Donald Trump claims he's the most popular person in upstate New York (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton is Facing a Campaign That Resembles Wildfire (Huffington Post)

Celebrated pilot 'Winkle' Brown dies (BBC)

Report: Iraq finds stolen radioactive material dumped in south (CBS News)

FTSE-100 bosses to warn leaving EU will put UK economy at risk (Daily Express)

EU not to blame for decline in British industry | Letters (Guardian)

The EU would be better off without us | Letters (Guardian)

Six killed as US cabbie goes on drive-by shooting spree (Daily Express)

Trump wins decisively in South Carolina, Clinton clinches Nevada (Reuters)

Iain Duncan Smith warns staying in the EU makes Paris-style terror attack MORE LIKELY (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson: UK better off outside EU (BBC)

Dozens Killed in Double Car Bombing in Syria's Homs (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Six killed in random shooting spree; Uber driver arrested (CNN)

Russian doping official planned book before sudden death (CBS News)

London Mayor to Campaign for U.K. Exit From EU (Newsweek Magazine)

South African ruling party official accuses US of plot (Washington Post - Paywall)

144 Conservative MPs will defy David Cameron and vote to leave EU (Daily Mail)

Deadly Cyclone Winston rocks Fiji with 177 mph winds (CBS News)

Glenn Beck to Fast for a Ted Cruz Victory in Nevada (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Francis calls for one-year halt to death penalty (CNN)

Tennis 'bad boy' wins first ATP Tour title (CNN)

Boris Johnson to campaign for Brexit in EU referendum (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton needs hope and change. Can she accept that before it's too late? | Jill Abramson (Guardian)

Syrian state TV: Death toll from blasts in Shiite suburb of Damascus climbs to 50, 200 wounded (Washington Post - Paywall)

Clinton gains momentum with Nevada victory (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Stunned and Confused': Six Dead After Cyclone Hits Fiji (NBC News)

Aftermath of twin blasts that killed dozens in Homs video (Guardian)

GOP Faces Divergent Paths After South Carolina (Time Magazine)

Your guide to how the EU referendum will work on June 23rd (Daily Mail)

Pope Calls For Catholic Leaders Not To Allow Any Executions This Year (Huffington Post)

Syria: Dozens killed in twin explosions (CNN)

6 dead in Kashmir standoff between Indian forces and rebels (Washington Post - Paywall)

Gambling addict Ryan Myers who hanged himself was offered free bets after death (Daily Mail)

Trump wins in South Carolina, predicts record voter turnout (CNN)

Bernie Sanders Says Low Voter Turnout Led to Loss in Nevada (Time Magazine)

Six Things We Learned From Clinton's Nevada Victory (NBC News)

EU Referendum: Boris Johnson To Campaign For UK To Exit The EU, Defying Last-Ditch Plea From David Cameron (Huffington Post)

Pope Calls for Worldwide Abolition of Death Penalty (NBC News)

Duncan Smith says staying in EU makes UK more vulnerable to terrorist attack - live (Guardian)

Donald Trump Predicts He'll Face Hillary Clinton in the General Election (Time Magazine)

Pope Francis Calls for Capital Punishment Ban Worldwide (Newsweek Magazine)

Iain Duncan Smith Ridiculed By Labour's Alan Johnson After Claiming UK More Prone To 'Paris-Style' Terror Attacks Within EU (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Boris Johnson to campaign to LEAVE the EU in boost for Brexit (Daily Express)

Jeb Bush suspends his campaign after disappointing showing in South Carolina (Daily Mail)

Man dies in police car chase (BBC)

Kalamazoo shootings: six dead in Michigan after 'random' attacks (Guardian)

Jeb Bush ENDS presidential campaign after Donald Trump's South Carolina win (Daily Mail)

Missing radioactive material found dumped in south Iraq (Reuters)

Geoffrey Tristram's portrait of William Shakespeare 400 years after his death (Daily Mail)

Fiji Scrambles to Restore Power After Cyclone Winston Kills 6 (Time Magazine)

At Least 6 Dead After Random' Shootings in Michigan (Time Magazine)

Staying in EU 'increases UK terror risk' (BBC)

Iain Duncan Smith: UK risks Paris-style attacks by staying in the EU (Guardian)

VIDEO: Cyclone wreaks devastation in Fiji (BBC)

If Donald Trump Can't Stop Donald Trump, Who Can? (NBC News)

Missing Radioactive Material Found Dumped in South Iraq (NBC News)

Pope to Catholic leaders: Don't allow executions this year (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Monster' cyclone hits Fiji; six dead (CNN)

Boris Johnson Warned By David Cameron Against 'Linking Arms' With Nigel Farage And George Galloway In EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

Cameron has secured his EU deal, so what happens now? (Guardian)

Pope Francis: You shall not kill Pontiff calls for death penalty ban (Daily Express)

Samuel Willenberg, Last Survivor Of Treblinka Nazi Death Camp, Dies Aged 93 (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Boys aged two and three killed in house fire tragedy (Daily Star)

Fiji super cyclone kills five, raises fears of health crisis (Reuters)

Pope calls for worldwide abolition of death penalty (Reuters)

Six Dead After 'Random' Shootings in Michigan (NBC News)

Israeli military says it shot dead Palestinian attacker (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cyclone Winston batters Fiji video (Guardian)

7 Dead After Apparently Random Shootings in Michigan (NBC News)

David Cameron channels 'Pumped Dave' as he awaits Boris to show his EU cards (Guardian)

Cameron Plans June 23 Vote on EU Membership (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michael Gove met Boris Johnson to discuss defying David Cameron over EU referendum (Daily Mail)

U.K. PM David Cameron Appeals To Ally Boris Johnson To Back EU (Newsweek Magazine)

Egypt puts on trial policeman who shot driver dead in the street (Reuters)

Fiji Declares a State of Natural Disaster After Fierce Cyclone (New York Times - Paywall)

Fiji scrambles to restore power as ferocious cyclone kills 6 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Cyclone Winston leaves 6 dead, thousands without power in Fiji (Fox News)

Super PAC Begins Populist Push to Support Bernie Sanders (Time Magazine)

Fiji cyclone horror: Shocking photos show devastation after huge cyclone (Daily Star)

White House race: Trump wins South Carolina as Clinton claims victory in Nevada (Daily Star)

Who is the real winner? Polish PM brags after Cameron fails to stop EU migrant benefits (Daily Express)

UAE soldier preparing to join comrades in Yemen killed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Several people dead in Kalamazoo shootings (CBS News)

Dolphin's selfie death sparks outrage (CNN)

Fiji cyclone: Most powerful storm recorded in southern hemisphere kills 5 (Daily Express)

Fiji hit by its strongest-ever storm (CNN)

Hillary Clinton wins Nevada Democratic caucus beating Bernie Sanders narrowly (Daily Mail)

Couple face manslaughter charges after son Lucian Mykael Shields dies weighing NINE pounds (Daily Mail)

Nicola Sturgeon issues veiled threat: Scotland is better off as 'independent' EU state (Daily Express)

Death toll in Homs bombings reaches 46 - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (Reuters)

Police files may prove Vishal Mehrotra abducted in 1981 WASN'T killed by VIP sex ring (Daily Mail)

What South Carolina and Nevada results mean (CNN)

BREAKING: Driver dead and two women hurt in horror Old Trafford smash after police chase (Daily Star)

BREAKING: 46 dead as double car bomb attack rocks city (Daily Star)

BREAKING Mercedes driver dies after crashing into Mini during police chase in Old Trafford (Daily Express)

Last survivor of Nazi death camp Treblinka dies (CBS News)

Cyclone Winston lashes Fiji sparking evacuations and cancelled flights (Daily Mail)

Huge storm wreaks destruction in Fiji (BBC)

Paracels build-up a pointer to China's broader South China Sea ambitions (Reuters)

At least 14 killed after 2 blasts rock Syrian city (Fox News)

David Cameron launches major push to keep Britain in EU (Fox News)

Fury at Rebecca Hall film about Christine Chubbuck who shot herself to death on live TV (Daily Mail)

Cyclone Winston: Fiji counts deaths and damage from giant storm (Guardian)

Business secretary SAJID JAVID says leaving EU could come at too high a cost (Daily Mail)

Trump Wins South Carolina Primary, Jeb Drops Out (NBC News)

Trump wins in South Carolina; Clinton takes Nevada (CNN)

Is Trump now unbeatable? (CNN)

Bush gone bye: Jeb drops out after South Carolina (CNN)

Hillary Clinton beats Bernie Sanders in Nevada (CNN)

Six killed in 'random' Michigan shootings (BBC)

Stay or go? Date set for UK vote on EU (CNN)

BREAKING: Horror as six killed in string of random shooting attacks including 8-year-old (Daily Star)

Death toll from ferocious Fiji cyclone rises to 3 (Fox News)

BREAKING: Horror as 7 killed in string of random shooting attacks including 8-year-old (Daily Express)

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Victory in Nevada With a Call for Unity (Time Magazine)

Battle lines drawn over EU vote (BBC)

Big donors pour millions into Clinton PAC (CNN)

Police respond to reports of shots fired at South Carolina mall (CBS News)

Last Treblinka death camp survivor Samuel Willenberg dies (Daily Mail)

UKIP's Nigel Farage brands EU a BURNING BUILDING and urges public to RUN for the exit door (Daily Express)

How the Cabinet is currently split over the EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Clinton narrowly clinches Nevada while Trump wins big in South Carolina (Guardian)

What we learned from the South Carolina primary and Nevada caucus (Guardian)

What happened in South Carolina and Nevada (in 60ish seconds) - video (Guardian)

Jeb Bush crashes out of the presidential race after bruising defeat in South Carolina (Daily Express)

Donald Trump marches to S Carolina win (BBC)

'English only' chants at Sanders event (CNN)

Trump wins in South Carolina as Clinton tops Sanders in Nevada as it happened (Guardian)

Donald Trump on South Carolina victory: When you win it's beautiful' video (Guardian)

Uganda President Wins Fresh Term in Chaotic Election (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump wins South Carolina primary, opening clear path to nomination (Guardian)

You now have the opportunity to vote on membership of the EU after 41 years (Daily Mail)

How Hillary beat Bernie in Nevada (CNN)

Yoweri Museveni, Uganda's President, Wins a Widely Criticized Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Jeb Bush Ends Presidential Campaign After Placing Absolutely Nowhere In The South Carolina Primary (Huffington Post)

Trump wins and Bush out in South Carolina (Financial Times - Paywall)

First Saturday Cabinet for 50 years sees ministers race to defy David Cameron's EU pledge (Daily Mail)

Nevada caucus in 90 seconds (CNN)

Grassroots Out release 'Go!' tie amid EU referendum talks (Daily Mail)

Will Ferrell now backs Clinton (CNN)

Why Hillary and Bernie both won and lost in Nevada (BBC)

6 dead in protests for caste benefits in northern India (Washington Post - Paywall)

'It Was Relentless': Cyclone Kills 1, Cuts Power in Fiji (NBC News)

Why Donald Trump Won South Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

Fiji Declares a State of Natural Disaster in the Wake of a Fierce Cyclone (New York Times - Paywall)

Clinton on winning Nevada caucuses: This one is for all of my supporters' video (Guardian)

Clinton holds off Sanders in Nevada race (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bernie Sanders addresses supporters after losing Nevada caucuses video (Guardian)

Donald Trump WINS South Carolina: Billionaire marks second victory in race for White House (Daily Express)

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove had SECRET meeting 'to defy' PM over EU vote (Daily Express)

South China Sea: Julie Bishop says missile launchers shouldn't deter flights (Guardian)

South Carolina votes in Republican primary in pictures (Guardian)

EXCLUSIVE: British Government accused of snubbing Commonwealth war heroes for EU migrants (Daily Express)

Hollywood hipsters and 60s rebels lend Bernie Sanders their glamour (Guardian)

The Observer view on David Cameron's EU deal | Observer editorial (Guardian)

Sister of Paris attacks British victim records Eagles of Death Metal tribute song (Daily Star)

Leaving EU is safer option - Villiers (BBC)

EU referendum 2016: Groups at last united in campaign to get Out (Daily Express)

Trump cites bullets dipped in blood (CNN)

Sanders arrest video surfaces (CNN)

Cameron calls EU referendum for June (BBC)

Last Survivor of Nazi Death Camp Treblinka Dies in Israel (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Clinton Holds Off Sanders in Nevada Caucuses (Newsweek Magazine)

Large Majority of South Carolina GOP Voters Favor Temporary Muslim Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Last Treblinka death camp survivor dies (BBC)

Clinton Edges Sanders for Nevada Caucus Win (NBC News)

Ex-PM Touadera wins Central African Republic presidential vote (Reuters)

Former Prime Minister Wins Central African Republic's Presidential Runoff (New York Times - Paywall)

Last survivor of Nazi death camp Treblinka dies in Israel (Washington Post - Paywall)

Clinton Takes Victory in Nevada After Hard-Fought Battle With Sanders (Time Magazine)

At least 14 dead in clashes between army and Islamists in Libya's Benghazi (Reuters)

Standoff at Mississippi house ends in death (CBS News)

Man in South Korea narrowly avoids being hit by a truck by a matter of inches (Daily Mail)

Foreign Hostages Killed in U.S. Raids on ISIS in Libya (NBC News)

Will Ferrell Sides With Clinton Over Sanders in Nevada (Time Magazine)

Huge cyclone leaves trail of destruction in Fiji (Reuters)

Priest who defied pope, Fernando Cardenal, dies at 82 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two Serbs killed in US Libya strikes (BBC)

Clinton's Lead Over Sanders Is Shrinking Rapidly Among Latino Voters, Poll Shows (Time Magazine)

Mississippi Cop, Suspect Dead After Standoff (NBC News)

Migrant film wins Berlin Golden Bear (BBC)

Serbian Hostages Killed in U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Libya (New York Times - Paywall)

Two abducted Serbs killed in U.S. Libya raids on Islamic State (Reuters)

Umberto Eco, Author of 'The Name of the Rose,' Dead at 84 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bernie Sanders Raised $16 Million From the Unemployed, Retired (Time Magazine)

Uganda's Yoweri Museveni wins disputed polls; rival detained (Washington Post - Paywall)

Trump calls for Apple boycott (CNN)

EU deal: Did PM get what he wanted? (BBC)

Serbia: Hostages killed in U.S. airstrikes on ISIS camp (CBS News)

C. African Republic: Ex-PM Touadera wins presidential vote (Washington Post - Paywall)

Glastonbury EU Referendum Clash Means 135,000 People Could Miss Out On Vote (Huffington Post)

Woman dies as 4x4 hits shoppers (BBC)

Uganda's Museveni wins election; opposition cries foul (Reuters)

In the EU but out of the Eurozone? (BBC)

Two Serbians Killed by U.S. Airstrike in Libya (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Spanish Rugby Team Helps Hotel Fight Off Cyclone (NBC News)

Harnessing Labor Vote Essential to Clinton's Chances in Nevada (Newsweek Magazine)

One shopper dead after Land Rover crashes into pedestrians in busy town centre (Daily Star)

Three police killed in Pakistan attack, Islamic State suspected (Reuters)

Museveni wins Uganda election (Financial Times - Paywall)

Senior ISIS leader killed in U.S. strike (CNN)

Why Nevada Could Be the Most Decisive Democratic Contest (NBC News)

Acclaimed Italian Author Umberto Eco Dies at 84 (NBC News)

British Prime Minister Calls June 23 Referendum on EU (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Referendum: Michael Gove Confirms He Will Support 'Out' Vote After 'Difficult Decision' (Huffington Post)

How to Follow Voting Results in Nevada, South Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

A Better Britain Outside the EU (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK 'better off' out of EU - Gove (BBC)

Sanders taps into anti-Obama sentiment (BBC)

David Cameron's Historic Announcement On EU Referendum In Full (Huffington Post)

Four Things To Watch for in South Carolina's GOP Primary (NBC News)

EU Referendum To Take Place On June 23, David Cameron Announces As He Urges Britons To Stay In The European Union (Huffington Post)

What's in the historic agreement on the UK's place in the EU (Fox News)

Umberto Eco, author of "The Name of the Rose," dead at 84 (CBS News)

Italian 'Name of the Rose' author Umberto Eco dies aged 84 after cancer battle (Daily Mail)

Umberto Eco, 84, Best-Selling Academic Who Navigated Two Worlds, Dies (New York Times - Paywall)

Umberto Eco, Italian Writer and Author of The Name of the Rose, Dead at 84 (Newsweek Magazine)

Pressure Mounts on Clinton to Release Transcripts of Goldman Sachs Speeches (Newsweek Magazine)

After Tests in the North, Conservatives in South Korea Call for a Nuclear Program (New York Times - Paywall)

Italian writer Umberto Eco dies at 84 (BBC)

US author Harper Lee dies aged 89 (BBC)

EU deal enshrines UK's special status' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cameron secures EU reform package (Financial Times - Paywall)

Deal: EU Leaders Secure New Settlement For Britain (Newsweek Magazine)

Rugby hero Matt Dawson and wife tell how meningitis took their son to the brink of death (Daily Mail)

Vatican seeks to clarify popes comment that riled Trump (CBS News)

Pope Francis isn't the only religious leader to give a surprising boost to contraception (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: US author Harper Lee dies aged 89 (BBC)

Pope suggests tolerance for contraception in Zika crisis (CBS News)

Baby dolphin apparently dies after beachgoers pull it from water (CBS News)

Pope opens the door to contraception in averting harmful effects of Zika virus (Los Angeles Times)

Trump and Pope face off over border wall (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pope Francis in Mexico updates: Forget the miter -- give the pope a sombrero! (Los Angeles Times)

Pope Francis decries 'human tragedy' that forces migration in landmark Mass at the U.S.-Mexico border (Los Angeles Times)

Letters reveal Pope John Paul II's intensely emotional relationship with a married woman (Los Angeles Times)

Beijing deploys antiaircraft missiles on disputed South China Sea island, Taiwan says (Los Angeles Times)

South China Sea: A look into the rising tensions (Los Angeles Times)

Spaniard, 90, finally finds her father, killed by Franco's forces 77 years ago (Los Angeles Times)

For Los Angeles teens traveling to see Pope Francis, an unexpected reunion (Los Angeles Times)

Families of missing Mexican students ask: Will Pope Francis speak of 'los 43' (Los Angeles Times)