Monday, 22nd February 2016

World News

New Study Shows Charlie Sheen's Recent Disclosure May Have Helped Raise HIV Awareness (Newsweek Magazine)

Pompeii is being worn out by sightseeing cruise passengers (Daily Mail)

Death of Treblinka revolt survivor signals post-witness era (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sacha Baron Cohen attends star-studded UK premiere of Grimsby in his PANTS as wife Isla Fisher feeds him chips while he's surrounded by a group of scantily clad women (Daily Mail)

Slovenian army to help police control migrant inflow on border (Reuters)

Rio de Janeiro's metro extension may not be finished before Olympic Games (Guardian)

Kalamazoo Uber Driver Had a 4.73 Rating Before Shooting Rampage (Time Magazine)

U.S., Russia Agree to Implement Syria Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Inside world's first ghetto, 500 years on (CNN)

UK has 'best of both worlds' in Europe: PM (CNN)

Russian cat is killed after being tortured by a gang of teenagers (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson 'to be PM by end of year' Pressure mounts on Cameron over EU split (Daily Star)

Delaware Baby Safe After Being Kidnapped in Car Theft (Time Magazine)

Video shows gang trying to steal Co-op cash machine in Corbridge (Daily Mail)

Cameron: EU exit a 'leap in the dark' (BBC)

Behind every successful man Barrister wives of London Mayor Boris Johnson and former Labour leader Ed Miliband become QCs (Daily Mail)

Officials: U.S. and Russia agree on Syria cease-fire terms (CBS News)

Brazil police target Rousseff campaign chief in corruption probe (Reuters)

If This Is What Being a Caveman Was Like, Sign Me Up (Time Magazine)

Kasich: Women 'left kitchens' to back me (CNN)

Martin Rowson on the reaction to Boris Johnson's EU stance cartoon (Guardian)

Experts identify new cases of Syria chemical attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

US and Russia announce a ceasefire in war-torn Syria this week (Daily Mail)

David Cameron ridicules Boris Johnson's second EU referendum idea (Guardian)

Syria ceasefire to begin on February 27 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Adam Johnson tells court 'I wanted sexual contact with 15-year-old fan' (Daily Express)

UK weather alert: Odds slashed on February to be 'wettest month ever' (Daily Star)

2 years prison for 'sexually explicit' writer (CNN)

Pupils who get a B grade in A-level maths today would have scored an E 50 years ago (Daily Mail)

Tomas Driukas who shook his daughter Deimante to death faces life in prison (Daily Mail)

Mandy Dunford fears sex offender who stalked her could be free to move back in next door (Daily Mail)

U.S., Russia agree Syria truce plan; rebels see flaws (Reuters)

U.S. and Russia Set Date for Cease-Fire in Syria to Begin (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria 'ceasefire' to start at weekend (BBC)

Student dies just 19 days after being struck down with TONSILLITIS (Daily Mail)

Will maverick lead UK out of Europe? (CNN)

ISIS release the last 40 hostages of 230 Assyrian Christians kidnapped in Syria (Daily Mail)

Cabinet rebel Priti Patel says David Cameron's EU deal could be 'ripped up by EU judges' (Daily Mail)

Global sea levels rose faster in 20th century than at any time in past 3,000 years (Daily Mail)

Japheth Wellington who dragged Kayleigh Fisher from her car is jailed for 7 years (Daily Mail)

Police urge mother of baby abandoned on New South Wales doorstep to come forward (Guardian)

Who are the Tory MPs on each side of the EU debate? (Guardian)

The Latest: UN to convene task force on Syria cease-fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

US, Russia agree on Syria cease-fire plan; questions remain (Washington Post - Paywall)

80-year-old driver accidentally 'pressed the accelerator' before hitting five schoolgirls (Daily Express)

Video shows thieves stealing copper wire in Coalburn, South Lanarkshire (Daily Mail)

David Cameron hits back at Boris Johnson over EU referedum (Daily Mail)

Russell Brand: Boris Johnson a Jihadi John machine (Daily Star)

Slovak leader says EU agreement may not stem migrant flow from Turkey (Reuters)

Bulgarian prime minister brushes aside death threats (Reuters)

Burberry Will Let Consumers Buy Products Straight off the Runway (Time Magazine)

Cameron Defends EU Deal at Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Edinburgh police hunting for Jasmine Macquaker find body on beach near Forth Bridge (Daily Mail)

Experts identify 2 other possible Syria chemical attacks (Fox News)

Water Bears Revived After Being Frozen for 30 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia's Putin calls the cease-fire agreement on Syria a real step that can stop the bloodshed' (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: French court hands down sentences to migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

BoGo's freedom of conscience trumps anything the EU offers (Guardian)

Criminal in the middle of Belgravia jewellery heist soiled himself when armed police arrived (Daily Mail)

Kerry Hails Deal With Russia for Syria Ceasefire (Time Magazine)

YouTube video shows how dad trains his beagle puppies with the help of his daughter (Daily Mail)

Wave goodbye to the EU and say hello to serfdom | Letters (Guardian)

Scans of tzi the iceman's throat are being used to reconstruct how he sounded (Daily Mail)

Zac Goldsmith reveals £10m earnings in five years and paid £4.5m tax bill as he takes unprecedented step of publishing tax return (Daily Mail)

Drinker on the run for 3 years after shooting mate in pub for 'smoking too much cannabis' (Daily Star)

US sought help from San Bernardino victims' lawyer before Apple clash (Guardian)

US and Russia agree to enforce new Syria ceasefire (Guardian)

A 'Gap Year' Before College Is Doable Here's How (NBC News)

Adam Johnson admits he wanted to sexually touch 15-year-old (Daily Mail)

Precious 10-week early baby saved from death by SANDWICH BAG (Daily Star)

PM in dramatic House of Commons clash with Boris Johnson as MPs attack EU deal (Daily Express)

ROBOT climbs up rope more than 60 feet before coming back down safely (Daily Mail)

Sri Lankan elephant slaps man in the face for taking a video on his selfie stick (Daily Mail)

British Pound Falls on EU Exit Fear (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pound plunges as Cameron makes pro-EU case in UK Parliament (Washington Post - Paywall)

Most people in the UK are not equipped for an apocalyptic event (Daily Mail)

'Absurd' minimum income visa rules forcing UK citizens into exile, court told (Guardian)

New social housing tenants will need to live in an area four years (Guardian)

Final Umberto Eco book publication pushed forward after author's death (Guardian)

Boris Johnson's decision to back a EU exit sends pound towards 11-month low (Daily Mail)

'Who Are You?' Jeremy Corbyn Heckled By Conservative MPs During EU Referendum Statement (Huffington Post)

Supreme Court Holds First Session After Scalia's Death (NBC News)

Scaremongering? UK would be vulnerable to TERROR attacks if we leave EU, safety head warns (Daily Express)

Adam Johnson 'ashamed' by flirty text messages to schoolgirl (Guardian)

Russell Brand posts Facebook rant saying Boris Johnson is 'growing' UK terrorists (Daily Mail)

Under-pressure islamic state likely to lash out with uk attack, warns colonel (Daily Mail)

Uganda 2016: Russia Gives Praise, EU and U.S. Cry Foul (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson Savaged By David Cameron Over His Hint Of A Second EU Referendum If Britain Votes 'Leave' (Huffington Post)

Russell Brand blasted for Facebook rant saying Boris Johnson is creating more Jihadi Johns (Daily Express)

'Who are ya?' Jeremy Corbyn mocked as Cam and Bojo clash in Commons over EU (Daily Star)

Syria truce could go into effect by weekend (CNN)

Germans feel 'ashamed' after video shows mob taunting crying refugees (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bernie Ecclestone Wants Vladimir Putin To 'Run Europe' And Hopes Britain Leaves The EU (Huffington Post)

'I'm so sorry, I'm going to faint': Dramatic moment BBC weather presenter passes out on live TV - but not before apologising (Daily Mail)

U.K.s David Cameron and Boris Johnson Clash As Brexit Battle Lines Drawn (Newsweek Magazine)

Suffolk police warn retired surgeon over vandalism after he trimmed neighbour's hedge (Daily Mail)

Police chiefs call for reduction in drink drive limit - weeks after Government says no (Daily Express)

Top firms back pro-EU letter, but supermarkets refuse to sign (Guardian)

'These guys are disgusting' ISIS 'planting bombs in Korans' before fleeing territory (Daily Star)

EU Referendum: The Most Extreme Arguments Made By The 'Stay' And 'Leave' Camps (Huffington Post)

Necrophilia and incest should be legal, says Swedish Liberal party youth wing, but are accused of being 'laughable nitwits' by party senior (Daily Mail)

Taunton man claims two foxes have become so reliant on him he can't leave home (Daily Mail)

El Chapo' Wife: He's Being Slowly Tortured' in Prison (Newsweek Magazine)

Five-year-old girl tumbles to death from 21-storey home as parents gamble in casino (Daily Star)

U.N. Finds Deliberate' Destruction of Hospitals in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

10 'Are You Being Served?' Quotes That Won't Be Repeated In The Remake (Huffington Post)

Conservative MPs dismiss David Cameron's EU renegotiation efforts as a failure (Daily Mail)

Man burns teenage pregnant girlfriend to death to avoid becoming a father (Daily Express)

Sunderland bride gives her dad a kidney so he can walk her down the aisle (Daily Mail)

New blood test 'offers early cancer warning': When the body is 2.2 years 'older than its actual age, there's little chance of surviving the disease' (Daily Mail)

Iran clergy stays above fray before poll (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why are Russian Banks in Ukraine Being Vandalized and Torched? (Newsweek Magazine)

Pound hits seven-year low on EU fears (BBC)

Syria government, IS commit crimes against humanity - U.N.-backed inquiry (Reuters)

Police order arrest of Rousseff's election guru (Washington Post - Paywall)

Botswana police arrest 4 for illegal export of donkey hides (Washington Post - Paywall)

Schoolchildren aged 11 are being given history lessons in how Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes (Daily Mail)

Syria opposition says provisional agreement reached on temporary truce - report (Reuters)

Jason Dalton's Uber passenger jumped out of car in Kalamazoo before driver killed six (Daily Mail)

U.S. and Russia Agree to Syria Ceasefire (Time Magazine)

The man who loved fast food so much be became Mr Bacon Double Cheeseburger (Daily Express)

UK's Cameron: June vote on EU membership is final decision' with no 2nd referendum possible (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Agreed to North Korea Peace Talks Before Nuclear Test (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Derbyshire police investigate flats packed with Eastern European migrants (Daily Mail)

U.S.-Russia Draft Calls for Syria Cease-fire Start Date (Newsweek Magazine)

Russell Brand Labels Boris Johnson 'A Jihadi John Machine' In Facebook Rant Condemned By His Own Fans (Huffington Post)

Gun Maker Seeks Dismissal of Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Newtown Shooting (Time Magazine)

Ugandan Police Detain Main Opposition Leader (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S.-Russia draft calls for Syria ceasefire to start Feb. 27 (Reuters)

EU police agency opens new unit to tackle migrant smuggling (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows a man incinerate a hornets' nest with a FLAMETHROWER (Daily Mail)

German man gets 14 years for burning alive pregnant girlfriend (Fox News)

Video shows Russian daredevil sliding along Sochi streets holding a rope attached to a car (Daily Mail)

Kylie Minogue Getting Married: 15 Female Stars Who Found Love With A Younger Man (Huffington Post)

Meat frozen 35-YEARS-AGO is seized by Romanian police shortly before it was due to go on sale (Daily Mail)

Benefits brake is 'red herring' in EU debate, says Labour (Guardian)

Artist Replicates Sistine Chapel---15 Years and Counting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video shows a mob vs refugees as German police manhandle them off a bus (Daily Mail)

German nationalist leader rejects criticism of rhetoric (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: UK PM addresses MPs on referendum (BBC)

A-level maths standards down on 1960s (BBC)

Afghan Idol Throws Off Her Burqa and Belts Out Domestic Violence Protest Song (Newsweek Magazine)

Brazil Police Search Home of Rousseff's Campaign Strategist (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. condemns Islamic State attacks in Syria - State Dept (Reuters)

Ugandan opposition leader arrested as election outcry grows (Reuters)

Lembit Opik feels confident for the first time in 18 years after 'life-changing' surgery (Daily Mail)

Egyptian author Ahmed Naji is sentenced to two years prison for sexual story (Daily Mail)

Israels Far-Right Lehava Leader Faces Investigation After Calling Christians "Vampires" (Newsweek Magazine)

Adam Johnson trial: 'Ashamed' star knew it was wrong to kiss schoolgirl (Daily Star)

Hairdresser stabbed boyfriend to death over 'gross' selfies and his new Facebook friends (Daily Star)

Video shows a drunk student drop a kebab... and then eat it off the floor (Daily Mail)

EU border agency says bad weather drags migrant arrivals down in January (Reuters)

Upside down house in Taiwan draws a crowd video (Guardian)

EU vote: Is UK safer in or out? (BBC)

Boris Johnson dismisses Brexit scaremongering' as Downing Street pushes Project Fear' (Daily Express)

Man Killed After Trying to Use App to Track Cellphone (NBC News)

Bra tycoon Michelle Mone breaks her foot after falling down a manhole while jogging (Daily Mail)

Benidorm favourite Sticky Vicky retires after 35 years of 'sexy magic show' (Daily Mail)

EU referendum: Who is in and who is out LEAVE versus STAY camp (Daily Express)

Historians claim Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had a micro-penis due to hypospadias (Daily Mail)

Video shows a Flybe plane coming into land SIDEWAYS at Leeds Bradford Airport (Daily Mail)

New UK newspaper to launch despite declining readership (Fox News)

Boris Johnson takes a swipe at David Cameron in EU referendum fight (Daily Mail)

Afghan official: Suicide attack targeting police commander kills 13 (Washington Post - Paywall)

CDC team kicks off Zika study in Brazil focused on Zika (Washington Post - Paywall)

Drunk NHS worker pulls down trousers on plane and URINATES in aisle (Daily Express)

Moody's warns on Brexit risk to UK credit rating (Guardian)

360 Photo Shows HRH Duchess Of Cambridge Meeting Young Minds Matter Journalists (Huffington Post)

FBI Fires Back at Apple: 'Take a Deep Breath' (NBC News)

EU referendum: No 10 rejects idea of second plebiscite if UK votes to leave (Guardian)

Johnson admits 'I wasn't a good person' (BBC)

Starving Dog Discovered In Garden Makes Incredible Recovery Just Weeks After Being Rescued (Huffington Post)

Video shows a fish come back to life after diner gives it a shot of alcohol (Daily Mail)

Leaving EU 'big gamble' for UK security (BBC)

The Latest: Europol chief: UK exit from EU would be risky (Fox News)

Video shows woman going to the TOILET in a photo booth at Paris train station (Daily Mail)

City springs to life 5 years after quake (CNN)

Police arrest man and boy for 'murdering Muslim leader Jalal Uddin' (Daily Mail)

British Airways flight from Seattle declares emergency before landing at Heathrow (Daily Mail)

CCTV near Wembley Stadium shows yobs smash car wing mirrors (Daily Mail)

Uber driver attacked in Kenya, his taxi torched - police (Reuters)

Man Changes His Name To Bacon Double Cheeseburger In Year When A Record 85,000 Brits Chose New Names (Huffington Post)

Xuzhou man in China accidentally EATS his boss' Corgi thinking it was a stray (Daily Mail)

U.S. targets Islamic State with 19 strikes in Iraq, Syria - statement (Reuters)

IS bombs 'meant to scupper Syria talks' (BBC)

Supreme Court to Meet for First Time Since Scalia's Death (Time Magazine)

Think-tank highlights cost of EU borders (Financial Times - Paywall)

Imam murder: police arrest two in Rochdale (Guardian)

University of Surrey midwifery students get creative in charity bake off (Daily Mail)

DOMINIC LAWSON: Cameron and the cynical lie that's festered for 45 years (Daily Mail)

Bombings in Syria Kill Nearly 130 People (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Foster father raped underage girls for 14 years because police failed to investigate (Daily Mail)

EU experiment waste: Collapse of passport-free Schengen zone to cost TRILLION pounds (Daily Express)

The Latest: Turkey: Ground troops in Syria 'not on agenda' (Fox News)

Putin's Arms Sales Jump by a Third in Five Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Rochdale Imam Murder: 21-Year-Old And 17-Year-Old Arrested Over Jalal Uddin's Death (Huffington Post)

UK Air Shows Under Threat (Huffington Post)

'Are You Being Served?': Jason Watkins And Sherrie Hewson Land Roles, Alongside Jorgie Porter And Mathew Horne (Huffington Post)

EU says Ukraine at 'critical juncture', must stick to reforms (Reuters)

Is it a bird? Light aircraft revolution takes off (CNN)

Video shows swimmers being rescued by Coastguard at Cornish beauty spot (Daily Mail)

EU Referendum: Tracey Crouch, Sports Minister, Gives Brilliant Response To Journalists On 'In Or Out' Debate (Huffington Post)

Two arrested over death near mosque (BBC)

Classified for years -- what was strange lunar music? (CNN)

Kalamazoo Victims Cut Down During Weekend Outings (NBC News)

Russia's Putin, Qatari emir discuss Syria on phone - Interfax (Reuters)

EU executive refuses to campaign in British referendum (Fox News)

The Latest: EU police body launches migrant smuggling unit (Fox News)

British bases police smash gambling equipment in Cyprus (Fox News)

Uganda 2016: Kizza Besigye Detained by Police for Fourth Time in Eight Days (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope calls for worldwide abolition of death penalty (Reuters)

Skiing horror as British woman killed after being hit by a snowboarder (Daily Express)

What is Brexit and why is the EU referendum being held? (Financial Times - Paywall)

Video shows a hippo flop back into the water as bows out of a fierce fight (Daily Mail)

Movie industry of being a 'straight, white, boy's club' days before the Oscars (Daily Mail)

Concerns in Saudi Arabia over signs of more military involvement in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

PM takes battle to MPs after Johnson joins campaign to leave EU (Guardian)

Uganda's opposition leader arrested trying to leave his home (Washington Post - Paywall)

Isis bombs threaten Syria deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria violence rages as Kerry and Lavrov reach provisional ceasefire deal (Reuters)

£1m mansion demolished: Paedo Stuart Hall's home where he abused victims being pulled down (Daily Star)

Heroin addict Rebecca Barker saves 3 by donating organs after her death (Daily Mail)

Video shows the moment a three-year-old girl delivers a lamb all by herself (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Bill Turnbull looks back at where his career began (BBC)

Female viagra changed this woman's life and gave her back sexual desire (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson threatening to END his political career with Brexit bid, says MP's own DAD (Daily Express)

EU Referendum: Vote Leave's John Whittingdale Pressured Into David Cameron Bet By Piers Morgan (Huffington Post)

EU Referendum: Owen Jones Says Boris Johnson Could Run Naked Through London And Still Be Popular (Huffington Post)

Binge Eating Disorder: Symptoms And Treatment For The Illness Affecting More Than 350,000 In The UK (Huffington Post)

US state department rejected North Korea peace talks before nuclear bomb detonation (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Pound drops after UK sets EU referendum vote (Washington Post - Paywall)

Uganda's main opposition leader held (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese driver plummets down 13-foot-tall ridge after reversing her car by mistake (Daily Mail)

US REJECTED North Korea peace talks offer before last nuclear test (Daily Express)

In, out, shake it all about: How Boris' views on EU have flip-flopped over the years (Daily Express)

Clarence Thomas Hasn't Asked a Question For 10 Years (NBC News)

Clarence Thomas Hasn't Asked a Question for 10 Years (NBC News)

Death toll from Fiji cyclone mounts amid health crisis fears (Reuters)

Men who pay for sex while abroad could face prosecution in the UK under new proposals (Daily Mail)

Kerry Says U.S. and Russia Near Syria Truce Deal as 100 Die in Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

What waste Cambodia splash £30,000 on TOILET for just ONE NIGHT before bulldozers arrive (Daily Express)

Are You Being Served? is to return to British screens on BBC for one off special (Daily Mail)

Internet prankster drags model girlfriend down the street with his car (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Helicopter rescue off Cornish coast (BBC)

Bangladesh police raid Dhaka homes, find at least 20 bombs (Washington Post - Paywall)

Schengen collapse could cost EU up to 1.4 trillion euros over decade (Reuters)

Asylum baby 'will be sent back to Nauru' (BBC)

Iain Duncan Smith feels a sense of deja vu about this EU referendum debate (Daily Mail)

Rufus Hound Talks To Richard Bacon About Comedy, Stability And Being '30 Something' (Huffington Post)

Ugandan opposition leader held for fourth time amid election row (Guardian)

Manchester United News: Louis Van Gaal Admits Loss of Fear Factor Before Shrewsbury Town FA Cup Tie (Newsweek Magazine)

Striking assertions of David Cameron with rebuttals of Tories and EU leaders (Daily Mail)

Baby Asha Will Be Sent Back to Nauru Detention Camp, Says Australian Immigration Minister (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson comes out in favour of the campaign for Britain to leave the EU (Daily Mail)

Mother's Facebook post shows how her breast milk transformed to treat her baby (Daily Mail)

Candidates face off in Philippines debate (Financial Times - Paywall)

Naked man arrested in Nashville airport for public indecency (Daily Mail)

Sinking the opposition: Moody image of vessel sunk as an artificial barrier reef off the Cayman Islands among the winners in Underwater Photographer of the Year competition (Daily Mail)

Cyclone Winston death toll reaches 20 (CNN)

British Man 'Stabbed In The Head' By San Francisco Mugger Is Fighting For His Life (Huffington Post)

Kalamazoo suspect picked up Uber fares between shootings, police say (Guardian)

Jude Law leads celebrities to the Calais Jungle in campaign to bring child refugees to the UK (Daily Mail)

Man Pulls Shark From Sea To Pose For Photographs In Florida (Huffington Post)

Roberto Canessa survives plane crash in Andes before freezing trek to save lives (Daily Mail)

Swimmers rescued by helicopter off Cornwall coast after being swept out to sea - video (Guardian)

Boy, 6, gunned down while playing (CNN)

IS claims bomb attacks in Syria (BBC)

Death toll from ferocious Fiji cyclone hits 18 as aid sent to islands (CBS News)

Bolivian leader 'loses' fourth term bid (BBC)

We Don't Want To Break Anyone's Encryption': FBI Fires Back at Apple (Time Magazine)

Johnson decision dominates front pages (BBC)

Australia sending baby back to Nauru (CNN)

Parents who left baby in back seat of car as they jacked-up on heroin' jailed (Daily Star)

London Mayor Splits With Cameron Over EU Exit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sydney man among five arrested over alleged online child exploitation ring (Guardian)

New Zealand city marks 5 years since quake that killed 185 (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Asylum baby to be sent back to Nauru (BBC)

China's arms industry booms as it doubles weapons exports in five years (Daily Star)

Bombs Kill More Than 120 in Syria as Truce Announced (NBC News)

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: After 20 years, Fergie's back on Court Circular (Daily Mail)

Mexico's missing students: international investigators say they are being obstructed (Guardian)

U.S. rejected North Korea peace talks offer before last nuclear test - U.S. State Department (Reuters)

REVEALED: China's arms industry BOOMS as it DOUBLES weapons exports in five years (Daily Express)

6 family members found dead in Michigan home, police say (CBS News)

El Chapo a family man being 'slowly tortured' in prison, says wife in first TV interview (Guardian)

Death toll from Fiji cyclone hits 18 as aid sent to islands (Washington Post - Paywall)

New Zealand city marks 5 years since quake which killed 185 (Fox News)

Some police unions calling on officers to boycott Beyonce concerts (CBS News)

Tony Burke: Newspoll shows voters see new side to Malcolm Turnbull video (Guardian)

Nearly 130 people killed in series of bombings in Syria (CBS News)

Emma Thompson: Confronting war and death (BBC)

Ferris Fest to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Time Magazine)

Ugandan Opposition Leader Urges Protests Over His Detention After Election Loss (Time Magazine)

Prasad Somawansa's husband heard her being killed on the phone in Melbourne attack (Daily Mail)

Mayor Boris backs Britain to leave EU (CNN)

EU businesses warn China on overcapacity (Financial Times - Paywall)

New Zealand City Marks 5 Years Since Quake That Killed 185 (Time Magazine)

Egyptian anti-torture group vows to defy government move to shut it down (Guardian)

London Mayor Boris Johnson backs campaign to leave EU (Fox News)

ISIS are blamed for Syria bomb blasts in Homs which kill 119 (Daily Mail)

Two swimmers in Cornwall rescued by helicopter after being swept out to sea (Guardian)

Air India flight to Birmingham sees drunken plane passenger pull down his trousers (Daily Mail)

David Cameron says idea of UK being sovereign outside EU is illusion (Daily Mail)

Gambling addict Ryan Myers who hanged himself was offered free bets after death (Daily Mail)

Heroines fight off heroes in book poll (BBC)

Newly Elected Central African Republic Leader Faces Hard Realities (New York Times - Paywall)

Sanity at last! The LBD's back in style, writes SARAH MOWER (Daily Mail)

Share certificates discovered when sorting through loved one's house after death (Daily Mail)

Small Planet passenger airliner carrying 180 people veers off Birmingham runway (Daily Mail)

The man who made 'the worst video game in history' (BBC)

Iain Duncan Smith warns staying in the EU makes Paris-style terror attack MORE LIKELY (Daily Mail)

US, North Korea agreed to peace talks before latest nuclear test (Fox News)

Energy switching in UK sees 15% rise (BBC)

Vote for real change, Johnson urges UK (BBC)

OAP found knifed to death in his home after mystery tip-off (Daily Express)

'Taking back control for Britain' Boris Johnson to campaign to LEAVE EU in Brexit boost (Daily Express)

Young girl falls to her death after parents leave her alone to gamble at casino (Daily Express)

George Clooney's UK home village Sonning puts a stop to door-to-door salesmen (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson Dubbed 'Vicky Pollard' As He Calls For UK To Vote 'Leave' - In Order To Get A Better EU Deal (Huffington Post)

China weapons exports surge over past five years - report (Reuters)

Nicola Sturgeon says vote to leave EU will trigger Scottish independence referendum (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis calls for death penalty halt (CNN)

Devon house surrounded by armed police for four hours before man is seized (Daily Mail)

Death toll in Syria bombings rises to 146 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Boris Johnson defies David Cameron to campaign for UK to LEAVE the EU (Daily Mail)

Reporter's Notebook: Reporting on Life, Death and Corruption in Southeast Asia (New York Times - Paywall)

Birmingham CCTV images show moment thug head butts man at cashpoint (Daily Mail)

Cambridge University students call for bronze cockerel to be sent back to Africa (Daily Mail)

Refugee Influx in Germany Sets Off a Brooding Cultural Debate (New York Times - Paywall)

Brit tourist fighting for life after being knived in HEAD during mugging (Daily Star)

The Diet Secrets Of Hollywood's Hottest Bodies - From the Man Who Trains Them (Huffington Post)

State Department: US rejected North Korea peace talks before nuclear test (Guardian)

EU declines to send observers for Republic of Congo vote (Washington Post - Paywall)

'You are a crazy b***h' Kim Jong-un makes cutting insult to South Korean leader (Daily Star)

Egyptian rights group asks court to halt official move to shut it down (Reuters)

Crowdfunding Take A Bow: UK Now A Worldbeater For Start-Ups (Huffington Post)

Christchurch quake: Slow recovery, five years on (BBC)

U.S., Russia Reach Provisional Pact on Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Bombings in Syria kill dozens, clouding talks of a cease-fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

IS bombings rock Syria as world powers seek truce (Washington Post - Paywall)

Danielle Turner 'beats three-year-old Latrice to death for not eating her food' (Daily Mail)

Kerry says Syria is close to a ceasefire, but bombings claim dozens of lives (Los Angeles Times)

Birmingham Airport: Small Planet Airlines Plane Carrying 98 Passengers 'Manoeuvres' Off Tarmac (Huffington Post)

Fears raised over Brexit damage to EU project (Financial Times - Paywall)

Video was filmed at Palm Beach in Florida showing a man pull a shark from the sea (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Iran, Russia discuss Syria conflict (Washington Post - Paywall)

London Mayor Boris Johnson Calls for Britain to Leave European Union (Time Magazine)

German police rebuked over refugees (Financial Times - Paywall)

Video shows two polar bears become instant best friends as they go for a swim (Daily Mail)

Video shows a dog chase cat only for the feline to launch an amazing aerial attack (Daily Mail)

Russian doping official planned book before sudden death (CBS News)

London Mayor to Campaign for U.K. Exit From EU (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Highlights: Chelsea 5-1 Man City (BBC)

Profile: Boris Johnson (BBC)

Uganda opposition leader calls for protests (Financial Times - Paywall)

SuperTed is on his way back to UK TV screens with no gay skeleton or fat jokes (Daily Mail)

The Persian Rug Trade Is Back in Business (Newsweek Magazine)

'Fetish model' films the shocking moment she attacked a man who 'slut shamed her online' in aggressive exchange that ended with her spraying MACE in his face (Daily Mail)

Moderates could gain influence over choice of next leader in Iran vote (Reuters)

10 years on, Iraq scarred from attack on Shiite shrine (Fox News)

Turkey says it has right to launch strikes in Syria (Fox News)

Pope Calls for Worldwide Abolition of Death Penalty (NBC News)

HMP Frankland worker suspended for being friendly with Neil McMillan (Daily Mail)

U.S. Calls for Release of Uganda's Opposition Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

Clintons sells birthday cards featuring footballers who left clubs 3 YEARS ago (Daily Mail)

Video shows the moment a bird hassles Indian street vendor for ice cream (Daily Mail)

Network Rail to sell off train stations including Waterloo, Reading and Leeds (Daily Mail)

Video shows suspect in the grip of GHB high as he is filmed by Russian police (Daily Mail)

Assad Says Hes Ready for Ceasefire in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Geoffrey Tristram's portrait of William Shakespeare 400 years after his death (Daily Mail)

Video shows a man try to push a tractor tyre with his four wheel drive (Daily Mail)

Staying in EU 'increases UK terror risk' (BBC)

Uganda's opposition leader urges protests over detention (Fox News)

U.K.s Cameron Appeals to Ally Boris Johnson to Back EU (Newsweek Magazine)

Last survivor of Nazi death camp Treblinka dies (CBS News)

Ticket touting laws being flouted (BBC)

Fury at Rebecca Hall film about Christine Chubbuck who shot herself to death on live TV (Daily Mail)

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