Wednesday, 24th February 2016

World News

New robot blurs line between man and machine (CBS News)

Model who tried to hire hit man gets 7 years (CBS News)

Probe: "passive" on heading off fraud (CBS News)

Donald Trump wins big at Nevada caucus (CBS News)

Clinton leads Sanders in South Carolina (CBS News)

Man accused of murder in deadly house blast learns his fate (CBS News)

Man admits stealing thousands minutes after "dear friend" died (CBS News)

EU 'beyond reform' says former foreign secretary Lord Owen (Guardian)

Nearly 20% of Trump Fans Think Freeing the Slaves Was a Bad Idea (Time Magazine)

Iran's Moderates Seek to Capitalize on Nuclear Deal for Election Gains (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump hits back at Romney over call to release tax returns campaign live (Guardian)

Archaeologists discover oldest Muslim graves ever found in Europe (Guardian)

General Sir Michael Rose did NOT sign a letter backing David Cameron's EU campaign (Daily Mail)

Police end restaurant hostage standoff (BBC)

A vote for Trump is a vote for bigotry and hate, says Dean Obeidallah (CNN)

Isis video targets Twitter and Facebook CEOs over suspended accounts (Guardian)

Even MORE Brussels red tape: EU ready to enforce new anti-fraud measures (Daily Express)

Church caretaker 'died after he was arrested by seven police officers, bound in handcuffs, leg restraints and a face mask then left in a police cell' (Daily Mail)

Missing Telford baby boy found safe and well after being snatched from his home (Daily Mail)

Tornado threat remains after twisters ravage South (CBS News)

Are you a closet Donald Trump voter? Tell us why (Guardian)

Opinion: Why Trump will win (CNN)

Kim Jong-un declares South Korea's president 'an old, insane bitch' (Daily Mail)

Rotherham child abuse trial: four men and two women found guilty (Guardian)

MINORITY REPORT? Police working on software that PREDICTS crime before it happens (Daily Express)

Man arrested after police seize 'significant' amount of illegal fat-burning slimming drug DNP that 'cooks users from the inside' (Daily Mail)

Man dumped womans body on road after she ODd (CBS News)

Storms Kill 6 in Across East Coast and South (Time Magazine)

Fury after Calais politician promises to scrap migrant checks if Britain leaves EU (Daily Star)

Leicester Square 'Hostage Situation': Man Detained After Standoff At Bella Italia Restaurant (Huffington Post)

Riot police storm Leicester Square after knife-wielding man holds woman hostage (Daily Express)

The 'white squatter camps' of South Africa which are home to hundreds of families enduring terrible poverty which some blame on the fall of Apartheid (Daily Mail)

White House Vetting GOP Nevada Gov. for SCOTUS (NBC News)

Kenyan prosecutor charges pilot with assaulting police (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video catches Pa. police saving overdosed man on bus (CBS News)

Sony World Photography Awards finalists (CBS News)

Drunken racist yob who beat Muslim grandfather, 81, to death as he walked to morning prayers is found guilty of murder (Daily Mail)

Venice Beach Police interrupted filming of Ray Donovan to arrest a man (Daily Mail)

Tusk: EU reforms cannot be reversed (BBC)

Brexit would harm efforts to tackle global poverty, UK aid figures warn (Guardian)

Only inside the European Union can the UK help fight global poverty | Letters (Guardian)

The Day Donald Trump Became the Establishment Candidate (Time Magazine)

Sex scene took 4 months to film (CNN)

VIDEO: Is Cameron's EU pact legally binding? (BBC)

Why the Syrian cease-fire may be dead on arrival (Los Angeles Times)

White Muslim convert who was training to teach maths and 'planned to take her three young children to Syria' is guilty of not telling authorities her supply teacher husband had joined ISIS (Daily Mail)

Iain Duncan Smith: David Cameron's EU deal will do nothing to reduce migration (Guardian)

Boris Johnson's dinner party does not quite qualify as an EU referendum coup (Guardian)

Tories battle over legal status of David Cameron's EU deal (Guardian)

The Latest: Greece threatens to block EU summit decisions (Washington Post - Paywall)

Several students injured in South African university protest (Washington Post - Paywall)

Professional mermaids work their tails off (CNN)

Bodies found 'scattered among wreckage' at crash site of Tara airline plane in Nepal (Daily Mail)

Tornadoes slam U.S. Deep South (CNN)

Can you really survive eating nothing but POTATOES for a year? This man is - but at what risk to his health? (Daily Mail)

Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan is fined £4,700 for headbutting and spitting on a police officer after 'air rage incident' during a flight from New York (Daily Mail)

Deepcut soldier 'ordered to have sex with another squaddie before she died' inquest hears (Daily Express)

Obama Weighs GOP Nevada Governor for Supreme Court (Newsweek Magazine)

IMF urges UK to ease austerity should economy slow further (Guardian)

Police and academics developing system to map crime hotspots (Guardian)

Four members of one family are convicted of sex crimes against teenage girls and two women of helping them commit the crimes in landmark Rotherham child abuse case (Daily Mail)

Russian leader pushes Syria truce deal amid skepticism (Washington Post - Paywall)

Greece threatens to block EU summit decisions if refugee burden sharing isn't made obligatory (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Fences will stop no-one': Another ONE MILLION migrants will head to Europe this year, says head of the EU border agency, who warns razor wire won't stop determined refugees (Daily Mail)

ISIS wages war on Facebook and Twitter showing Mark Zuckerberg blasted by hail of bullets (Daily Star)

Prosecutor: NY man likely killed toddler in rural area (CBS News)

Michael Gove claims David Cameron's EU deal is NOT legally binding (Daily Mail)

Manchester United's Cameron Borthwick-Jackson's MUM drops him off at training (Daily Mail)

Jewish teacher who claimed he was attacked by ISIS jihadists arrested (Daily Mail)

Fight the devastating effects of sugar with... SUGAR! Natural form found in mushrooms 'helps prevent fatty liver disease' (Daily Mail)

The Guardian view on the South China Sea: high time for compromise | Editorial (Guardian)

North Wales Police Deliberately Run Over Dog, Prompting Fierce Debate Over Animal Handling (Huffington Post)

David Cameron defends banning Brexit rebels over EU referendum material (Daily Mail)

Footage revealed of man who later died being restrained by police (Guardian)

CCTV shows Thomas Orchard being restrained by police - video (Guardian)

Duchess shows off her tennis skills (BBC)

Ex-NY Times reporter found dead in Dominican Republic (CBS News)

David Cameron launches Tory campaign to stay in the EU (Guardian)

Boris Johnson WILL still be offered a job by David Cameron after the EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Gang of British Muslims face jail for planning to raise their children under evil ISIS (Daily Express)

Brit Awards 2016: Fleur East Looks A Dead Ringer For Rihanna With New Red Afro (Huffington Post)

Weather Blamed in Nepal Plane Crash That Killed 23 (New York Times - Paywall)

Medieval Graves Found in France Suggest Muslim Expats Had Complex Relationship With Local Christians (Newsweek Magazine)

Baby boy taken from home in Telford found safe and well (Guardian)

Missing Didcot Power Station workers are 'unlikely' to be be found alive (Daily Mail)

Marilyn Stefanie Nevalainen rescued from ISIS traveled back through 8 countries (Daily Mail)

Google's tax deal is 'disproportionately small' MPs rule (Daily Mail)

Single mum left jobless after taking THREE DAYS off from job to get over breakup' (Daily Express)

Google's £130m tax settlement deal seems 'disproportionately' small, committee says (Daily Express)

'I can't have sex without dislocating my hip': Student, 19, has bizarre condition where her joints constantly pop out of place (Daily Mail)

Egypt Concedes Russian Plane Was Downed by Terrorists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS beheads 12 cops after seizing key gateway to Europe (Daily Star)

U.S. to boost freedom of navigation moves in South China Sea - admiral (Reuters)

U.K. Justice Secretary Challenges Legality of Cameron's EU Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK BIG FREEZE: Siberian icy blast to send temperatures plunging to -12C in next 24 hours (Daily Express)

At Nevada GOP Caucuses, Chaos Reigns (Newsweek Magazine)

Shamed paedophile Stuart Hall goes out for a stroll with a female friend a day before report into BBC child sex crimes is released (Daily Mail)

Mississippi Man Indicted in Murder of Teen Who Was Burned Alive (Newsweek Magazine)

9 Times David Cameron's Mum Would Have Told Him Off For Not Wearing A Tie (Huffington Post)

Is Cameron's EU deal legally binding? (BBC)

Hungary Calls Referendum on EU Migrant Relocation Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Creditors suing Argentina over defaulted bonds agree to $5bn deal (Guardian)

Man Indicted in Burning Death of Mississippi Teenager (NBC News)

Police run over, kill dog on purpose (Fox News)

Socialists and Ciudadanos strike deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Boundary review that will spark a race to survive in the Commons as it wipes 32 English constituencies off the map begins (Daily Mail)

Road in Essex deemed 'one of the worst in the world for potholes' is recreated inch by inch by Ford so they can test cars' suspension (Daily Mail)

South African Children Sue TB Joshua Over Nigeria Church Collapse (Newsweek Magazine)

Schoolgirls aged 13 were left stranded and distressed on a station platform 50 miles from their home when they were forced off a train after an innocent ticket mix up (Daily Mail)

Bernie Sanders: police should be obliged to report all officer-involved deaths (Guardian)

Hungary protest prevents unveiling of statue for anti-Jewish World War II politician (Reuters)

Cop terror as hand grenades and dynamite found inside police station (Daily Star)

Donald Tusk: EU deal is 'legally binding and irreversible' - live (Guardian)

Kentucky Man Suffers Burns After E-Cigarette Explodes in Pocket (Time Magazine)

Telford 9-Week-Old Baby 'Snatched' From Home Found 'Safe And Well' (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Nine-week-old baby snatched from Telford home sparking police search (Daily Star)

WATCH: Teen girl exposes life under ISIS in first interview since rescue (Daily Star)

Nepal plane wreckage: 23 feared dead (CNN)

Donald Trump Gets First Congressional Endorsements (Time Magazine)

Fifty shades of PREY: Male nursery web spiders tie their partners up during sex to prevent themselves from being eaten (Daily Mail)

Brexit referendum could destabilise UK recovery, says IMF (Guardian)

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Backs UK Remaining In The EU (Huffington Post)

Child sex abuse in Rotherham: 'I was treated as a criminal never as a victim' (Guardian)

Nine-year-old Syrian boy with learning difficulties who was tied up by his parents outside his home runs off after they finally free him (Daily Mail)

Watchdog referral after police kill dog (BBC)

Deepcut sergeant 'ordered Private Cheryl James, 18, to have sex with another soldier' (Daily Mail)

Google tax deal 'seems small' say MPs (BBC)

Donald Trump wins Nevada caucus as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trail behind (Daily Mail)

Pound falls below $1.39 as HSBC warns 'Brexit' could wipe 20% off sterling's value (Daily Mail)

Life with ISIS is 'really hard,' discovers Swedish teen who joined jihadists (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS storms Libya security office, beheads 12 (CBS News)

German man who killed his lover while using a cucumber as a sex toy goes on trial (Daily Mail)

Bernie Sanders: US should have a national database for police killings video (Guardian)

Fifa opens World Football museum video (Guardian)

Raped and beaten daily. Forced to abort her own child. Left to bathe in her own blood after multiple 'husbands' abused her: Yazidi details her nine months of hell as an ISIS sex slave (Daily Mail)

The Big 2016 Story Out of the Nevada GOP Caucus? Turnout. (NBC News)

Syrian rebels have "major concerns" about truce deal (CBS News)

Woman 'was sacked by DHL after she took three days off work to get over breaking up' (Daily Mail)

Trees "snapped of like twigs" as deadly tornadoes hit South (CBS News)

Dramatic moment plane rocking from side to side aborts landing (Daily Mail)

South African President Zuma postpones Iran trip (Reuters)

Cranberries star fined for police attack (BBC)

Jewish man is shot dead when Israeli soldier fires at Palestinian knife attacker and hits the victim by mistake (Daily Mail)

Hungarian leader seeks referendum on EU migrant quotas (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin goes on diplomatic blitz seeking to bolster Syrian cease-fire deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why Trump Keeps Winning and Winning (Time Magazine)

MH17 report identifies Russian soldiers suspected of downing plane in Ukraine (Guardian)

Indian man died having sex with girlfriend in moving car that crashed (Daily Mail)

Body of a missing British Ademola Owolana is found on top of a Chicago commuter train (Daily Mail)

Egyptian president says Russian plane was deliberately downed (Guardian)

Amnesty: Rights took back seat in EU amid refugee crisis (Washington Post - Paywall)

No survivors as plane goes down in Nepal (CBS News)

How newly engaged stars show off their engagement rings from Beyonce to Kylie (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump sweeps to Nevada victory (BBC)

Salesman 'killed lover with cucumber' in bizarre veggie-filled sex romp (Daily Star)

UK safer inside EU, ex-defence chiefs say (BBC)

Burns victim shares horrific photos of his injuries to put young people off alcohol (Daily Express)

New Delhi police arrest 2 students in sedition case (Washington Post - Paywall)

South African president to withdraw troops from Darfur (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kevin Spacey: Frank Underwood Would Get Behind Trump 'to Shove Him' (NBC News)

Fire chief: 3 missing in British power plant collapse likely dead (Fox News)

General Sir Michael Rose Wrongly Named As Backing EU 'In' Campaign, Downing Street Admits (Huffington Post)

Ex-military chiefs defend EU membership (Financial Times - Paywall)

David Cameron's EU deal sees quarter of UK voters seeing no immigration change (Daily Mail)

China Flew Fighter Jets to South China Sea Island, U.S. Officials Say (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

No 10 apologises to ex-special forces chief for inclusion in EU letter (Guardian)

Kristin Scott Thomas blasts UK women for fake tan and short skirts (Daily Mail)

Hungary to call referendum on EU migrant plan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pope Francis' pregnant receptionist found dead in her apartment (Fox News)

Muslim says Pakistanis 'burying heads in sand' as six found guilty of Rotherham sex abuse (Daily Express)

French special forces reportedly among effort against Isis in Libya (Guardian)

'Missing' backpacker returns to UK (BBC)

Attorney general rejects Gove claim that EU deal is not legally binding (Guardian)

Egypt's Sisi, for first time, says Russian plane was brought down by terrorists (Reuters)

Laverne Cox Urges Action on South Dakota's Transgender Bill (Time Magazine)

Woman dies in cucumber sex romp 'after lover forgot about her to tend to burning meat' (Daily Express)

Legal win for Woman, 60, who wants to use dead daughter's frozen eggs (Daily Mail)

Is the world really warming up? Planet may be no hotter at the end of the century than it is now, claims controversial report (Daily Mail)

Iran's hardliners say UK meddling in poll (Financial Times - Paywall)

Archibald ruled out of world track event (BBC)

Vegas Jackpot: How Donald Trump Won Nevada (NBC News)

Mystery over Scottish rock carving found 5,500 miles away in China (Daily Mail)

Model Rain Dove Has An Epic 'Hippie' Donald Trump Presidency Conspiracy Theory (Huffington Post)

No more Wi-Fi dead spots in the home: $199 Eero signal boosters go on sale (Daily Mail)

David Cameron's EU campaign backed by businessman raking in £94m in handouts (Daily Mail)

UK environment ministers at odds over Brexit impact on farming (Guardian)

Why Marco Rubio Isn't Targeting Donald Trump (NBC News)

Ex-New York Times Reporter Found Dead (NBC News)

S Africa raises taxes to stave off downgrade (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Wins Big in Nevada as Super Tuesday Looms (NBC News)

Prem stars 'asked to describe Adam Johnson's pubic hair' at sex trial (Daily Star)

Highlights: Ben Carson addresses supporters after Nevada caucuses (CBS News)

Cologne's police chief admits most of the New Year's Eve sex attackers won't be caught (Daily Mail)

Is David Cameron's EU deal legally binding? It depends | Joshua Rozenberg (Guardian)

South Africa Finance Minister Warns of Nation at a Precipice (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Full Video: Ben Carsons speech after Nevada Republican caucuses (CBS News)

Highlights: Ted Cruz addressing backers after Nevada GOP caucuses (CBS News)

Full Video: Ted Cruz speaks to supporters after Nevada GOP caucuses (CBS News)

Gove says EU deal 'not legally binding' (BBC)

How do the police deal with animals loose on roads? (BBC)

Grace Taylor: Brit Who Went Missing In Thailand Sparking Fears For Her Safety Has Returned To The UK (Huffington Post)

At least six Britons reportedly held in police raid on Shenzhen rave (Guardian)

UK parliamentary committee says Google tax settlement small (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mystery of the plane at the bottom of Lake Harriet on Google Earth is finally solved (Daily Mail)

London mayor race: Khan plays Cameron EU card in bid to squeeze Goldsmith (Guardian)

'Northern powerhouse' could be killed off by bad schools, warns Ofsted chief (Daily Mail)

Does YOUR man prefer porn to you? Tracey Cox reveals what to do (Daily Mail)

A Doctor's Dispatch From Madaya: One Desperate Man Fed his Family Cat Meat' (Newsweek Magazine)

Is this the most bizarre campaign video ever? Nigel Farage's Ukip candidate spoofs Three Lions to sing Britain's Coming Home - because the EU has taken all our fish (Daily Mail)

How Big Pharma greed is killing tens of thousands around the world (Daily Mail)

South Korea Tells China Not to Intervene in Missile-Defense System Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Mom Who Threw Autistic Son Off Bridge Gets Life (NBC News)

North Wales Police DELIBERATELY ran over and killed a dog (Daily Mail)

Deny Husbands Sex Until They Register to Vote, Says Kenyan MP (Newsweek Magazine)

Full Video: Donald Trumps speech after Nevada victory (CBS News)

Is Trump a lock for the nomination after Nevada? (CBS News)

How Donald Trump won Nevada GOP caucuses (CBS News)

Ted Cruz congratulates Donald Trump after defeat in Nevada video (Guardian)

Video captures delivery man using his helmet to fight off Hampstead post office thief (Daily Mail)

'Winning, winning, winning' -- Trump takes Nevada (CNN)

VIDEO: Gove: EU exit is the 'optimist's choice' (BBC)

The Latest: Infantino sure about support from South America (Fox News)

Donald Trump rallies supporters after winning Nevada caucus video (Guardian)

Swedish teenager tells of rescue from Isis in Iraq audio (Guardian)

Heaton baby girl with a 'heavy cold' found dead next to her twin sister (Daily Mail)

Bill Gates: World will deliver 'clean energy breakthrough' within 15 years (Guardian)

Inisight - Where the dead don't count in Europe's migration crisis (Reuters)

Nepal passenger plane crash kills 23 (BBC)

Wreckage of missing plane found in Nepal; all 23 aboard dead (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. training African police to counter new jihadist threats (Reuters)

Cameron's EU deal challenged by Gove (Channel4)

Man mauled by dog in savage attack as he suffered epileptic fit (Daily Star)

Nevada caucus: Donald Trump wins resounding victory over Rubio and Cruz (Guardian)

South Sudan opposition forces allowed back into capital - monitor (Reuters)

Nowhere to Turn: Sunnis Fleeing ISIS Seek Sanctuary (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africa's Zuma announces below inflation salary raises for political office bearers (Reuters)

South Korean lawmakers try first filibuster since 1969 to block anti-terror bill (Los Angeles Times)

Star Wars actor found dead in car after heart attack (Daily Star)

China Theme Park Disaster: Horrific Video Shows Man Falling From Ride After Seatbelt Unravels (Huffington Post)

WARNING: Thought El Nino was bad? La Nina to throw UK weather into chaos for a YEAR (Daily Express)

South Africa's Zuma withdraws troops from Sudan's Darfur region (Reuters)

Swedish teenager gives interview following rescue from Isis (Guardian)

How Trump Can End Cruz Campaign Next Week (NBC News)

South Korea household debt pile mounts (Financial Times - Paywall)

Five ways Trump can still be stopped (BBC)

Teen freed from ISIS (CNN)

Blair warns Brexit could tear UK apart - but admits his political judgement is now useless (Daily Express)

David Cameron accuses Boris Johnson of self-interest over Brexit EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Drama teacher jailed for smearing naked teen girl in Nutella during sex romps (Daily Star)

China says media ignores other claimants' weaponry in South China Sea (Reuters)

EU refugee crisis bailout fund could require significant UK cash (Daily Mail)

UK strikes it lucky again as Brit wins £24.6m EuroMillions jackpot (Daily Express)

Asylum centre where migrant 'stabbed Swedish social worker to death' knew the alleged killer was mentally ill but hadn't brought in extra staff to deal with him (Daily Mail)

Head-to-head EU TV debates between Boris Johnson and David Cameron given boost (Daily Express)

Rescuers hunt for 3 missing after UK power plant collapse (Fox News)

Heartbroken stray dog found 'crying' after puppies die by roadside (Daily Star)

WATCH: Horrifying footage of a man being thrown from a theme park ride (Daily Star)

Wreckage of plane carrying 23 people found in Nepal (Guardian)

Nepal plane crash kills all 23 aboard, police say (Reuters)

Chaos as Trump Crashes Caucus Site During Glenn Beck Speech (NBC News)

'I Love the Poorly Educated,' Trump Says (NBC News)

We're letting oil, gas and minerals firms off far too lightly on tax | Rodolfo Bejarano (Guardian)

The pound remains under pressure as EU campaign begins (Fox News)

Telegram Encrypted App Used by ISIS Hits 100 Million Users (Newsweek Magazine)

Suspects In Cologne Sex Attacks On New Year's Eve May Never Be Caught, Says Police Chief (Huffington Post)

ISIS Takes Control of Libyas Sabratha And Beheads 12 Before Retreating (Newsweek Magazine)

The Nevada Republican caucuses in pictures (Guardian)

Man carrying gnome sparks M-way alert (BBC)

An act of bravery: Selfless police officer is left with critical injuries after leaping on an ACTIVE BOMB to save lives in China (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Amnesty International criticized EU on migrants (Fox News)

Matthew Hamlen is found guilty of beating Georgina Edmonds to death (Daily Mail)

Gove's first salvo for Brexit: Cabinet rebel says Euro courts can IGNORE Cameron's deal (Daily Express)

REVEALED: How Monster energy drink fuelling migrants rush to UK to take on Channel Tunnel (Daily Express)

Video of ISIS suicide car being blown up by missile in Syria (Daily Mail)

Indian University Students Accused of Sedition Surrender to Delhi Police (Time Magazine)

Head of EU border agency says a MILLION more refugees will come this year (Daily Express)

Tensions ratchet up in the South China Sea as Beijing sends fighter jets (Daily Mail)

Nepal Plane Crash Kills All 23 Aboard, Police Say (Newsweek Magazine)

EuroMillions: UK Ticketholder Scoops £24.6M Jackpot, The Second British Ticket To Take Top Prize This Year (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Missing plane found crashed all 23 on board dead (Daily Star)

'We're gonna be greedy for America!' Trump exults in Nevada caucuses victory speech live (Guardian)

Didcot power station collapse: one dead and three missing (Guardian)

Woodford: Brexit won't hurt UK economy (BBC)

Google's Newest Robot Looks Ready to Take Over the World (Time Magazine)

'Winning!' Trump Says After Projected Nevada Victory (NBC News)

10-month-old baby among those presumed dead in Fiji cyclone (Washington Post - Paywall)

This ceasefire deal could bring peace closer for Syria | Mary Dejevsky (Guardian)

China Deploys Fighter Jets to Contentious South China Sea Island (Time Magazine)

Major search for three missing after one dead in Didcot Power Station collapse (Daily Express)

Trump wins landslide victory in Nevada (Financial Times - Paywall)

23 dead after small plane crashes into Nepal mountain (Fox News)

World Briefing: Nepal: Plane Carrying 23 Is Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald comes up Trumps in Nevada as he wins another major vote (Daily Star)

Watch Live: Ted Cruz Speaks After Nevada Caucus (NBC News)

Three dead as tornadoes hit southern US (BBC)

Donald Trump Is Projected Winner of Nevada Caucuses (NBC News)

Donald Trump Easily Wins Nevada Caucuses as Rubio, Cruz Trail (Newsweek Magazine)

Conservative super PAC denounces Donald Trump (CBS News)

10 million under tornado watch in the South (CBS News)

Passenger plane feared to have crashed after going missing in Nepal (Daily Express)

Republican Rubio seeks boost in Nevada, but Trump dominates polls (Reuters)

Donald Trump Wins Nevada Republican Caucuses, Thanks The 'Poorly Educated' For His Victory (Huffington Post)

Plane crash feared in Nepal as flight carrying 21 goes missing in mountains (Guardian)

Islamophobic letter found in University of Sydney's Muslim prayer room (Guardian)

Nevada caucus: Donald Trump WINS another key vote to move step closer to White House (Daily Express)

Body of British tourist found in Queensland search after he jumped into Josephine Falls (Daily Mail)

Poodles show off their skills by playing on swings and even riding motor scooters (Daily Mail)

Obama to send missiles to South China Sea' as tensions flare over volatile region (Daily Star)

Small Plane With 21 on Board Missing in Nepal (NBC News)

At least 3 dead as dangerous storms slam Deep South (CBS News)

Official says small plane with 21 people on board is missing in mountains in Nepal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Small plane with 21 people on board missing in Nepal (Fox News)

U.S. probes 14 new Zika sex cases (CNN)

Sanders, Clinton face voters in South Carolina (CNN)

World War 3? Obama to send ARTILLERY to South China Sea' as tensions flare over islands (Daily Express)

Louisiana police cant unlock womans iPhone that could reveal her killer (CBS News)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 24th February 2016 (Huffington Post)

1 Dead and 3 Missing After U.K. Power Plant Collapse (Time Magazine)

WATCH: Donald Trump says he'd 'love to punch' protester at Nevada rally (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Coping with change, South Korean style (BBC)

EU referendum: The view from Colchester (BBC)

WATCH: Explosive moment rocket slams into ISIS suicide car speeding towards Syrian town (Daily Star)

Dog found by the roadside nustling a carrier bag containing her dead puppies (Daily Mail)

US citizen found dead in northern Dominican Republic (Washington Post - Paywall)

British YouTube star James Ware wins World Record for longest selfie stick (Daily Mail)

Leaving EU could spark more ISIS attacks in Europe, military chiefs claim (Daily Star)

Mac on... David Cameron's new EU campaign support team (Daily Mail)

Policy Shifts on Refugees Lead to Clashes Between Migrants and Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Horrific moment man FALLS from theme park ride in China (Daily Mail)

Ashby School is under fire over plans to sell off the VC medal of heroic former pupil (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Brazil: 7 Charged Over Dam Disaster (New York Times - Paywall)

Internet falls in love with elderly man who helped wife find her cosmetics (Daily Mail)

U.S. official claims ISIS is losing foreign fighters (CBS News)

World Briefing: Italy: Court Faults Cleric's Abduction (New York Times - Paywall)

Jeremy Heywood orders civil servants to tell nation why UK must remain in EU (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Britain: Setback for Nurse With Ebola (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Burundi: President to Free Detainees (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Canada: Students Stabbed at School (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Spain: Arrests in ISIS Recruitment Case (New York Times - Paywall)

Man fined for burping in front of police officer (CBS News)

'Magnetoreception' molecule found in the eyes of dogs, bears and orangutans (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Nepal: Blockade and Fuel Rationing End (New York Times - Paywall)

Teacher Sean Powell found with memory sticks of students' cleavages and bottoms keeps job (Daily Mail)

Falling like dominoes: Now Holland wants its OWN referendum on quitting EU (Daily Express)

Migrant army of New Year rapists in Cologne will never be caught, police chief says (Daily Express)

George Cross awarded to Second World War hero sells for £144k (Daily Express)

Another reason to leave EU: Brexit would allow UK to spend £2bn on farming and environment (Daily Express)

Colorado Woman Found Guilty in Womb-Cutting Attack (NBC News)

Magnetic Receptors Possibly Found in Dog and Monkey Eyes (Newsweek Magazine)

Cruz: I Won't Gamble Daughters' Futures With Trump (NBC News)

UK player wins £24.6m lottery jackpot (BBC)

China sends fighter jets to South China Sea island - U.S. sources (Reuters)

C.D.C. Investigating 14 New Reports of Zika Transmission Through Sex (New York Times - Paywall)

Dynel Lane accused of cutting baby out of woman she met on Craigslist found guilty (Daily Mail)

North Wales Police Say Dog Was Killed Deliberately 'Safely So It Would Not Suffer' (Huffington Post)

ISIS Attacks On Rise in Syria Despite Russian Airstrikes (NBC News)

EXCLUSIVE: China sends fighter jets to contested island in South China Sea (Fox News)

Tony Blair warns Brexit could break up UK in his first EU referendum intervention (Daily Mail)

Police charge 7 with homicide over dam burst that killed 17 (Fox News)

Marilyn Stefanie Nevalainen rescued from ISIS by special forces in Iraq (Daily Mail)

BBC plans a massive EU referendum TV debate at WEMBLEY ARENA (Daily Mail)

Pamela Pointer barred from boarding Virgin Atlantic flight after Disney World trip (Daily Mail)

How to Follow Voting Results in Republican Nevada Caucuses (Newsweek Magazine)

Bomb disposal experts seal off a street in North Shields over a suspicious package (Daily Mail)

ALMONDS 'ward off hunger and replace empty calories from junk food' (Daily Mail)

Catholic sex abuse hearing will take place in the dead of night in a hotel in Rome (Los Angeles Times)

Bernard Hogan-Howe refuses to apologise to Lord Brammall for failed sex abuse probe (Daily Mail)

London man given restraining order after online harassment against Andrew de Candole (Daily Mail)

Dog deliberately run over by police (BBC)

Republicans split on US role in the world (Financial Times - Paywall)

David Cameron WILL have to resign as PM if he is beaten in EU referendum says Tory MP (Daily Mail)

Deal agreed for Scottish funding (BBC)

VIDEO: Passengers flee plane after smoke fills cabin (BBC)

Iraqi Kurds rescue Swedish teen from ISIS territory (CBS News)

Ferndown man who suffered a stroke waited over 3 hours for ambulance to respond (Daily Mail)

Site of the 'rematch' to the Battle of Hastings has been found in Devon (Daily Mail)

MPs To Debate Extending Meningitis Vaccine After Largest E-Petition In UK History Urges Action (Huffington Post)

Didcot Power Station 'Collapse' Leaves One Dead And Three Missing After 'Major Incident' (Huffington Post)

Brexit threatens Calais border, UK warned (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU warns of migrant humanitarian crisis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Jeremy Kyle guest is thrown off stage after confronting the host about his failed marriage (Daily Mail)

Latino voter drive poses threat to Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrian regime agrees to truce deal (CBS News)

EU exit would damage economy, say top bosses (Channel4)

In pictures: Sony World Photography Awards shortlist (BBC)

ISIS collects millions in ransom for abducted Christians (CBS News)

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