Sunday, 28th February 2016

World News

Violent protests In Salt Lake City after police shooting (CBS News)

Virginia cop shot dead on first day on the job (CBS News)

Trump declines to denounce David Duke and the KKK (CBS News)

Amid squalor, Robert Mugabe throws himself a big party (CBS News)

Police investigating after Salma Hayeks dog found dead (CBS News)

What did Donald Trump say about the KKK? (CBS News)

Salt Lake City man shot by police had broomstick: officials (CBS News)

East Sussex teens arrested after a 52-year-old man was found dead at his home (Daily Mail)

Hillary hits Republicans as lead over Bernie opens up (CNN)

Poles rally at Gdansk shipyard to support Lech Walesa after secret police claim (Daily Mail)

Republicans race to derail Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Teenager shines for resurgent Man Utd (CNN)

Pilot diverts to kick off bachelor party (CNN)

Man City wins first trophy of English season (CNN)

Muzzled ministers, and a New Day (BBC)

Ryanair flight from London to Bratislava lands in Berlin due to British stag party (Daily Mail)

First Iran vote after nuclear deal gives reformists momentum (Washington Post - Paywall)

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama endorses Donald Trump for president (Guardian)

David Cameron could face axe in Tory EU rebellion (Daily Star)

Army staff sergeant assigned to the Pentagon, 32, is arrested for shooting dead Virginia police officer on her first day (Daily Mail)

Airstrikes Resume Amid Shaky Syria Truce (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Melbourne man to be sentenced for attempting to murder a corpse (Guardian)

Rubio and Cruz seek to destroy Trump as Republicans wage all-out war (Guardian)

Utah police battle angry crowd after officer shoots male wielding broomstick (Guardian)

Pictured: Boy, 17, fighting for his life in a coma after being shot four times in the chest and stomach by police for carrying a BROOMSTICK in Salt Lake City (Daily Mail)

Airstrikes reported on day 2 of Syria "truce" (CBS News)

Syria rebels say attacks by army and Russian planes threaten truce (Reuters)

Car boot sale carnage: Man stabbed as 'rival Irish traveller families' clash at dawn (Daily Star)

Trump retweets fascist parody account (BBC)

Trump Blasted By Rivals and Civil Rights Groups For Refusing to Condemn the KKK (Time Magazine)

Lib Dems: A Party Without A Message? (Huffington Post)

Trump wavers on calls to condemn former KKK leader and hate groups (Guardian)

Marathon Man (Huffington Post)

Clinton rides wave of confidence to key contests after South Carolina win (Guardian)

Happy Leap Year Day (CBS News)

Online retail boom helping criminals smuggle guns into UK, says police chief (Guardian)

Sides allege Syria truce breaches (BBC)

Trump won't disavow KKK support (CNN)

The Germans spied on Britain's former EU foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton (Daily Mail)

Olympic medalist Beth Tweddle is seen walking in a neck brace for the first time since she broke her back during reality TV show The Jump (Daily Mail)

Police called after hundreds turned up to Langley house party that spiralled out of control (Daily Mail)

Irish instability looms as rival parties doubt coalition prospects (Reuters)

Donald Trump Retweets a Fascist, Pressured to Disavow White Supremacy Endorsement (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: Ireland's house divided as election results grow (Washington Post - Paywall)

David Cameron will be ousted regardless of EU referendum vote (Daily Mail)

Iain Duncan Smith mocks David Cameron's campaign for Britain to stay in EU (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Inside northern Syria as truce holds (BBC)

The Guardian view on the Irish election: economic pain for no political gain | Editorial (Guardian)

Dolce&Gabbana, Missoni, Ferragamo headline Day 5 in Milan (Washington Post - Paywall)

New Polls Show Trump, Clinton Ahead in Super Tuesday States (NBC News)

Woman has face bitten off in vicious attack in house party horror (Daily Express)

Clinton Shifts Focus to Trump After South Carolina Win (Time Magazine)

Hungary's Orban: EU leaders don't want to stop the migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

Irish PM admits coalition won't return (BBC)

Clinton Scores Her Most Important Win Yet (NBC News)

Donald Trump Retweets Quote Attributed to Benito Mussolini (Time Magazine)

Cruz Hints of Mafia Ties in Trump Taxes (NBC News)

Army staff sergeant arrested in Virginia police officer's death (Guardian)

Indian man stabs 14 family members to death, hangs self (CBS News)

Opposition activists report airstrikes in northern Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iran reformists win all Tehran seats (BBC)

Iran reformists find strength in numbers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria enjoys relative peace of ceasefire (Financial Times - Paywall)

HP chief who helped run Christie campaign attacks Trump endorsement (Guardian)

Rowdy Bachelor Party Causes Pilot to Divert Flight (NBC News)

Staying in the EU could be an 'economic disaster' warns top cabinet minister (Daily Express)

Reformers romp in Tehran as Iran election gauges popularity of nuclear deal (Los Angeles Times)

Boy quizzed by police tracking extremists after looking up UKip's website at school (Daily Mail)

Indian man Hasnin Anwar Warekar kills 14 members of his family with knife (Daily Mail)

Trump becomes Mexican political pi ata (Financial Times - Paywall)

Irish election results show Fine Gael misread public mood (Guardian)

Donald Trump Knows 'Nothing' About The KKK - As Three Are Stabbed At 'White Lives Matter' Protest (Huffington Post)

UK police help in Vietnam deaths probe (BBC)

Opposition Groups Report Airstrikes in Northern Syria (Time Magazine)

Cruz: Trump can't beat Clinton (CNN)

Hundreds of teen revellers smash cars and beat up man after crashing Facebook house party (Daily Express)

Virginia Police Officer Killed During First Day on Job (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran election: Moderates poised to win (CNN)

Cameron could be booted out by Brexit Tories EVEN IF Briton votes for EU stay (Daily Express)

In Iran Elections, Conflicting Forecasts Emerge Along Rival Lines (New York Times - Paywall)

Brexit In or Out but refugees are 100,000 reasons why the EU is broken (Daily Mail)

Meg Whitman Criticizes Christie for Backing Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain doesn't send ANY refugees back to Greece despite EU rules due to 'safety' (Daily Mail)

Theresa May accused of exploiting the EU referendum to sneak snooper's charter (Daily Mail)

Cameron Makes Trade Case for Staying in EU (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

MSF to open first humanitarian-standard refugee camp near Dunkirk (Guardian)

Bristol murder: Tragic boy, 16, 'knifed in neck' as police swoop to arrest two teens (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Drunk woman at party bites HUGE chunk of flesh from pretty mum's face (Daily Star)

Syria airstrikes reported despite truce (CNN)

Virginia Police Officer Shot Dead During Her First Shift (Time Magazine)

Activists Report Airstrikes in Syria Amid 'Cease-Fire' (NBC News)

Donald Trump Refuses to Condemn KKK, Disavow David Duke Endorsement (Time Magazine)

Why Clinton won (CNN)

Syria Government Forces Violate Truce, Opposition Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Police Officer Working Her First Shift Is Fatally Shot (NBC News)

Algerian man jailed for links with Paris attacks planner (Washington Post - Paywall)

Road rage murderer Tracie Andrews who stabbed her first fiancé to death in a country lane is to marry bouncer boyfriend (Daily Mail)

Gordon Ramsay is paid £340,000 a year to be the name of a Las Vegas restaurant as long as he turns up for work ONE day a year (Daily Mail)

Jessica Biel joins Diane Kruger, Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart at pre-Oscars party (Daily Mail)

This Is First Face Astronauts Will See After a Year in Space (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Retweets Mussolini Quote About 'Living One Day As A Lion' (Huffington Post)

Ireland's divided lawmakers mull possible pact, 2nd election (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fine Gael still hopeful as Irish election count continues video (Guardian)

Christie Campaign's Finance Co-Chair: Reject Trump (NBC News)

Donald Trump blasts Marco Rubio but not before cold-shouldering Chris Christie (Daily Mail)

Hammond defends curbs on EU documents (BBC)

Ben Carson on Trump getting elected: voters not 'that dense' (Guardian)

Rhinos flourish in a South African wildlife park (Washington Post - Paywall)

Trump rides high in jumpy Texas (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pope urges united response to refugee 'drama', hopeful for Syria (Reuters)

Irish PM faces fight for political life (Financial Times - Paywall)

Indian man 'kills 14 members of family' (BBC)

Bangladesh police raid suspected militant hideout, find explosives (Reuters)

Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina as Bernie Sanders leaves state early (Daily Mail)

Indian man kills 14 members of own family, then hangs himself (Reuters)

Fragile Syria ceasefire enters second day (Guardian)

EU ambassadors pay respects to slain Russian politician (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fianna F il rules out Fine Gael coalition as Irish election count continues (Guardian)

Leaving EU 'a stride into the light' (BBC)

Rochdale man charged with murder of imam Jalal Uddin (Guardian)

Illegal immigrant smuggled his way into the UK by hiding in a £15 Megabus trip from Brussels to south London even evading sniffer dogs at Calais (Daily Mail)

Indian police say man fatally stabs 14 relatives, hangs self (Washington Post - Paywall)

ICC's first cultural destruction trial to open in The Hague (Guardian)

Man Fatally Stabs 14 Relatives, Hangs Himself: Police (NBC News)

Robert Mugabe marks 92nd birthday with lavish party and giant cake video (Guardian)

Super Tuesday: how the primary calendar's biggest day will unfold (Guardian)

Guns fall mostly silent as delicate Syria truce takes effect (Reuters)

Irish PM faces unpalatable alliance as voters oust coalition (Reuters)

Iran's pragmatic Rouhani cheers election wins, says government stronger (Reuters)

Exclusive - Democratic Party slams GOP candidates on climate change (Reuters)

Man kills 14 family members, hangs self (CNN)

Reformists Set for Strong Showing in Iran Election (NBC News)

LIAM FOX tells EU Referendum In campaigners we need NATO not the EU (Daily Mail)

Salt Lake City police battle rock-throwers after shooting (CBS News)

Afghan police suspected of aiding Taliban killed, detained by army (Reuters)

The Latest: Finance chief says Irish may face 2nd election (Fox News)

Stag Party Brits Force Ryanair Flight To Bratislava To Divert To Berlin After Aggressive Behaviour (Huffington Post)

Protests Erupt in Salt Lake City After Police Shooting (NBC News)

Quitting EU in Brexit is too dangerous says special forces vet JONATHAN SHAW (Daily Mail)

Officer killed second day on the job (CNN)

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini And Liam Payne Enjoyed Secret Romantic Getaway' For Valentine's Day (Huffington Post)

Police on murder of 14 family members in western India video (Guardian)

PKK rocket attack kills Turkish police officer in southeast - sources (Reuters)

Irish alliance of foes in prospect on 2nd day of vote count (Fox News)

Robert Mugabe eats giant cake at birthday party in drought zone (Guardian)

Mass riot with police under attack from missiles as officers shoot teenager in the street (Daily Express)

New Virginia police officer killed in line of duty (CBS News)

Stag party causes Ryanair diversion (BBC)

St David's Day Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of Wales With Our Wonderfully Difficult Quiz (Huffington Post)

The EU is our own Hotel California amid Brexit battle writes PETER HITCHENS (Daily Mail)

Executive chef at The Ritz dishes up some VERY juicy gossip about serving Kate and William, Prince Charles and Bill Clinton (Daily Mail)

Rubio, Trump make fun of each others faces on campaign trail (CBS News)

Clinton has one eye on Trump after huge win in South Carolina (Reuters)

BREAKING: Knife-wielding accountant drugs and murders 14 family members at party (Daily Star)

Trump scolded for remarks about lawsuit judge (CBS News)

Record-breaking South Korea filibuster runs beyond 100 hours (Reuters)

What Led Clinton to Smashing Victory in S.C. (NBC News)

Moderates Gain in Early Iran Election Results (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Indian man hangs himself after killing 14 family members with butcher's knife (Fox News)

Hillary Clinton wins key primary in landslide, reaffirms front-runner status (CNN)

Is Bernie Sanders in trouble after South Carolina loss? (CBS News)

Policewoman shot dead on first shift (BBC)

Man charged with murdering imam in children's playground on way home from prayers (Daily Star)

Indian man kills 14 members of family with knife near Mumbai (Guardian)

Syria skies quiet as truce goes into effect (CNN)

Negative gearing: Malcolm Turnbull to face uneasy Liberals in party room (Guardian)

EU 'Project Fear', Trump 'knockout' and Oscars tips (BBC)

WATCH: Moment £43,000 US-made missile STRIKES a £3.2m Russian battle tank in Syria (Daily Star)

Cruz and Rubio release tax returns and call on Trump to follow suit (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton wins big in South Carolina (CBS News)

WATCH: Moment a £43,000 US-made missile STRIKES a £3.2m Russian battle tank in Syria (Daily Express)

Qantas boss urges Britain to stick with EU (Financial Times - Paywall)

Surprise and hope in Syria on Day 1 of cease-fire (CBS News)

Huge win for Clinton in South Carolina (BBC)

The Libya Gamble: Hillary Clinton, Smart Power' and a Dictator's Fall (New York Times - Paywall)

Sanders Wants To Take On Trump (NBC News)

Two former Mexican presidents compare Donald Trump to Hitler (Guardian)

Pilot kicks rowdy bachelor party off plane (CBS News)

Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina primary: five things we learned (Guardian)

Clinton clinches South Carolina as Sanders looks to Super Tuesday as it happened (Guardian)

Man plans to throw giant glittery dildo at Donald Trump but is caught by Secret Service (Daily Star)

Ryanair pilot kicks groom and rowdy bachelor party off plane (Guardian)

Sarah Huckabee: Sniping helps Hillary (CNN)

Rubio, Cruz Release Past Tax Returns in Challenge to Trump (NBC News)

Milepost: Leap Year Day (CBS News)

Guns mostly fall silent on first day of Syrian ceasefire (Guardian)

Clinton Wins S.C. Democratic Primary in Overwhelming Victory (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton takes swipe at Donald Trump in South Carolina victory speech video (Guardian)

Early Irish election results suggest foes must become allies (Washington Post - Paywall)

Voting Out in EU Referendum is Project Fear for a reason writes Alistair Darling (Daily Mail)

Southern Republicans Have Gifted Hillary the Candidacy (Newsweek Magazine)

2nd former Mexican president unloads on Donald Trump (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hatton Garden lynchpin Basil will pray police get him before gangsters he crossed (Daily Mail)

Pilot forced to land plane after stag party Brits kick off because they were refused booze (Daily Star)

VIDEO: South Carolina sees 106-year-old voter (BBC)

Lifted by Black Vote, Clinton Easily Wins South Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

Mayor gives details on deadly police shooting in Calif. (CBS News)

Trump says he gets 'unfairly' audited (CNN)

Man Utd priority not England - Van Gaal (BBC)

The man saving Mumbai water one tap at a time (BBC)

Irish election: Enda Kenny plans to form government despite losing voters (Guardian)

EastEnders' Spoiler: Claudette To KILL Gavin? Mother's Day Fight Sees Vincent's Mother Get Physical (Huffington Post)

President Rouhani set for emphatic vote of confidence in Iran elections (Guardian)

David Cameron could be OUSTED as leader even if he wins EU referendum, senior Tories warn (Daily Express)

Hillary Clinton defeats Bernie Sanders to win South Carolina primary (Guardian)

REVEALED: SECRET MAP shows what continent REALLY thinks of 'doomed' EU (Daily Express)

EU farming cash is squandered' on wealthy including David Cameron's wealthy uncle (Daily Express)

Brussels meddling ruined our business' £2m fury as EU officials ignore own regulation (Daily Express)

EU WASTE: Britain has paid more to Europe than it has saved in ENTIRE austerity drive (Daily Express)

George Osborne: World is terrified of EU Brexit 'shaking' global economy (Daily Star)

Prince William told he can't join police helicopter unit because it's too DANGEROUS (Daily Star)

Irish government 'will not be returned' (BBC)

Boris Johnson claims he is like James Bond fighting EU 'baddies' (Daily Mail)

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe celebrates his 92nd birthday with a $1m televised party (Daily Mail)

John Howard says he 'trembles' at thought of Donald Trump becoming US president (Guardian)

Clinton tipped to beat Sanders in South Carolina primary (CNN)

Rubio and Cruz Release Tax Filings in Challenge to Trump (Time Magazine)

Syria Calm as Cease-Fire Largely Holds (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fox: Trump reminds me of Hitler (CNN)

Rochdale Imam Death: Man Charged With Murder Over Jalal Uddin's Death (Huffington Post)

Ryanair pilot kicks rowdy bachelor party off plane (Washington Post - Paywall)

Far-right protest erupts into violence as demonstrators clash with anti-fascists and police are attacked with missiles (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Ireland waits for election result (BBC)

Trump Doubles Down on His Rationale For Not Releasing Tax Returns (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: Irish premier aims to keep power in new alliance (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ireland general election: Irish PM admits his coalition has been rejected live (Guardian)

Man charged over Koran reader death (BBC)

A delicate truce brings relative calm to parts of Syria despite breaches (Los Angeles Times)

SE Asian foreign ministers voice concerns on South China Sea (Fox News)

'Shut Up': Benghazi Protester Lashes Out at Bill Clinton (NBC News)

Algeria jails man suspected of links to Paris attacks ringleader (Reuters)

IRS: Computer breach bigger than first thought (CBS News)

Irish General Election deadlock raises prospects of historic pact between rivals (Daily Mail)

France says detects first sexually transmitted Zika case (Reuters)

Early Results Show Reformists and Moderates Drawing Votes in Iran Elections (New York Times - Paywall)

Rouhani, moderates make big gains in Iran polls - early results (Reuters)

Early Tallies Show Irish Voters Rejecting Government (New York Times - Paywall)

Southern Discomfort: Can Clinton Live Up to S.C. Expectations? (NBC News)

Is Clinton Unstoppable Heading Into South Carolina? (NBC News)

Early Iran Election Results Point to Gains by Moderates (Time Magazine)

Rouhani's supporters expected to make gains as votes are counted in Iran's election (Los Angeles Times)

Ireland's Government Parties Suffer Election Blow, Exit Polls Show (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Killing Fields of South Sudan (New York Times - Paywall)

Early election results point to gains by Iranian moderates (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS launches attacks after cease-fire starts in Syria (CBS News)

Sanders' South Carolina Stops Show Shifting Strategy (NBC News)

VIDEO: Relief during temporary truce in Syria (BBC)

See the First Image of the Air Force's New Long Range Bomber (Time Magazine)

Baby Girl Snatched by Armed Kidnappers, Florida Police Say (Time Magazine)

Saudi court sentences a man to jail for ridiculing the Qu'ran on Twitter (Daily Mail)

EVERY man in an Iranian village has been executed for drugs offences (Daily Mail)

First meeting of BBC 'Survivors' Club' (BBC)

Cautious optimism as Syria ceasefire begins (CBS News)

Mugabe's 92nd birthday party criticised (BBC)

Irish voters snub Fine Gael and Labour (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rouhani and Moderates Make Gains in Iran Votes (Newsweek Magazine)

Violence in Syria Abates on Day 1 of Cease-Fire (New York Times - Paywall)

Nigel Farage 'Couldn't Care Less' About Senior Ukipper Telling Activists Not To Mention Him During EU Campaign (Huffington Post)

African Union to send monitors to Burundi - South African president (Reuters)

Shanghai panoramic goes viral after viewers spot nude man on Pudong Shangri-La window seil (Daily Mail)

Swiss agree road map with Iran for boosting ties (Reuters)

Bournemouth woman driver high on cannabis and cocaine 2 days after a party is banned (Daily Mail)

Attacks hit Syria as truce takes hold (BBC)

In Rural South Carolina, Many Minds Made Up for Clinton (Newsweek Magazine)

Fragile Temporary Truce Stops Syria Fighting Almost (NBC News)

How to Follow Democrats' Voting Results in South Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

Death toll in Somali Islamist attack at least 14, police says (Reuters)

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew Says U.K. Should Remain in EU (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Osborne: EU exit "is deadly serious" (BBC)

Boris Johnson on EU vote: 'Out is out' (BBC)

Ceasefire goes into effect in Syria (CBS News)

Operation Elvede probe into press payments to the police is finally wound up (Daily Mail)

Syria cease-fire takes effect (CBS News)

U.N. Security Council Endorses Truce Deal for Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

News Analysis: Syria Truce Comes With Price, but Not for Assad (New York Times - Paywall)

Half of secondary pupils expected to miss out on first choice amid school crisis (Daily Mail)

FDA Approves First Zika Diagnostic Test for Commercial Use (Newsweek Magazine)

In Mexico, Trump takes a beating -- and not just the pi atas (Los Angeles Times)

On the road with Hillary Clinton (BBC)

Irish poll set to be tightest for years (Financial Times - Paywall)

UN agency report shows Iran mostly complying with nuke deal (CBS News)

Day one of the Republican civil war (BBC)

First Case of Zika-Related Microcephaly Reported in U.S. (Newsweek Magazine)

Surprise candidate wins FIFA presidential election (CBS News)

Afghan Police Force Struggling to Maintain Membership (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Week in Review: Donald Trump on a winning streak (CBS News)

Intense fighting hours before Syria truce kicks in (CBS News)

Black voters' faith in Clinton is tested (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rubio rails against con artist' Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria rebels agree to truce, but is it enough? (CBS News)

Alleged ex-IRA man jailed for tax evasion (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU exit 'risks British science' (BBC)

Gay man taking daily HIV prevention pills contracts resistant strain of virus (Daily Mail)

Cold homes cost the NHS £1billion a year: Every health trust wastes £27,000 a day treating patients with preventable illnesses, says charity (Daily Mail)

South Korean lawmakers try first filibuster since 1969 to block anti-terrorism bill (Los Angeles Times)

Hard-line media groups in Iran increase the bounty for killing Salman Rushdie (Los Angeles Times)