Thursday, 3rd March 2016

World News

Full video: Donald Trump responds to Mitt Romney (CBS News)

Florida overhauls death penalty in bid to resume executions (CBS News)

Horse throws off NYPD officer, runs wild through Times Square (CBS News)

Police called on NFL player who looked into gym (CBS News)

Docs: Hannah Graham refused to get in killers car (CBS News)

Mexican official: Mexico wont pay for Trump wall (CBS News)

A killing in Honduras shows that it may be the world's deadliest country for environmentalists (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS video shows an orphanage full of children being trained (Daily Mail)

Stephen Coops 'stabbed himself to death after trying to kill five-year-old girl' (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz Is Giving Out a Trump University Certificate of Deception' (Time Magazine)

Mitt Romney to GOP: Dont pick Donald Trump (CBS News)

Donald Trump: 'I could have told Mitt Romney to drop to his knees' live (Guardian)

Military Beginning to Recruit Women for Combat Jobs (Time Magazine)

Video shows dog walker covered head-to-toe in mud after he 'fell over TWICE' (Daily Mail)

Twelve new arrests over Cliven Bundy standoff include Trump campaigner (Guardian)

Trump hits back after blistering attack (CNN)

Nasa's New Horizons image shows how icy methane covers Pluto's peaks (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: First-hand view of Russia's Syria 'peace mission' (BBC)

Berta C ceres, Indigenous Activist, Is Killed in Honduras (New York Times - Paywall)

Muslim man jailed for banning daughter from swimming lessons (Daily Star)

Adam Johnson signs autographs for young fans days before child sex trial (Daily Mail)

North Carolina Officer Shot Akiel Denkins During a Struggle, Police Say (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Trump v Romney: Three break-up battles (BBC)

Boris Johnson warns Britain must stop clutching the skirts' of Brussels (Daily Mail)

Republican Romney calls Trump 'a fraud,' urges tactical voting (Reuters)

Man sought over petrol attack on woman sent mother birthday card (Guardian)

WATCH: ISIS fighter captures shocking moment he is KILLED in combat on camera (Daily Express)

Cities face destruction as TWO volcanoes look set to erupt and spew lethal lava (Daily Star)

EU's Tusk Tells Economic Migrants to Stop Coming to Europe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

White Nationalist Records Robocalls for Trump (NBC News)

David Marr on George Pell: He is not a man to put abused children above the church podcast (Guardian)

Christian hamlet in Syria bears scars of fierce fighting (Washington Post - Paywall)

Tupac was NOT murdered in shooting but 'finished off in hospital to stop him grassing' (Daily Star)

Oil billionaires death after indictment sparks questions (CBS News)

Police 'told club about Johnson sex act' (BBC)

Video shows a million-dollar yacht plunge into water after a crane harness snaps (Daily Mail)

World Trade Center transportation hub shows off Oculus structure in pictures (Guardian)

E.U. Leader Sends Economic Migrants a Blunt Warning: Don't Come (New York Times - Paywall)

Mexican will not fund a wall along US border if Donald Trump is president (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump: 'I could have told Mitt Romney to drop to his knees' video (Guardian)

Video shows man fire shotgun straight after cartridge is THROWN into chamber (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Baltimore School Officer Hitting Teen (NBC News)

Power goes out in Syria -- everywhere (CNN)

At least 16 killed in prison fire in Guyana amid riot (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU official asks Albania to improve judiciary to start talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Woman who spent 15 years searching for her birth mother is stunned to discover that she worked alongside her for TWO YEARS without either realizing they were related (Daily Mail)

Devon and Cornwall Police launch search for Arisara 'Zara' Miles (Daily Mail)

US astronaut Scott Kelly grew TWO INCHES because his spine 'elongated' in space (Daily Mail)

Adam Johnson 'considering appealing against his conviction' (Daily Mail)

Momentum unlikely to take part in EU referendum campaign (Guardian)

2 hostages possibly killed as ISIS battles Libyan militias (CBS News)

Donald Trump Hits Back At Mitt Romney Speech With A Blow Job Reference (Huffington Post)

Syria Faces Partition Despite Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rattled by Donald Trump...Hilary Clinton rolls out her celebrity pals (Daily Star)

Former U.S. candidate Romney takes direct aim at Trump (CNN)

Insulting Trump (CNN)

Migrants stitch lips in hunger strike (CNN)

EU mulls large-scale' migrant deportation scheme (Washington Post - Paywall)

Key Republican slams 'dangerous' Trump (BBC)

Egyptian student in hot water after posting Trump threat (CBS News)

Johnson case shows PFA 'must educate' (BBC)

New Suspected MH370 Debris Shows Role of Air Crash Sleuths (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

NY Times Dean Baquet on controversial editorial board meeting with Trump (CBS News)

EU fate at stake on muddy Greek border as migrants trapped (Reuters)

EU referendum: Labour 'complacency' could lead to Brexit, says Caroline Lucas (Guardian)

Russian man could go to prison for saying God does not exist (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police officer sacked for having sex with prostitutes on duty (Guardian)

Christie Says He Wasn't Held Hostage' at Trump Press Conference (Time Magazine)

Trump is elephant in the room at CPAC as Republicans admit they're 'scared' (Guardian)

'Ticking time-bomb' son stabbed dad to death over mobile phone charger (Daily Star)

Texas Man Escapes on Hoverboard After Shooting Driver (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Macedonia calls on Greece to relocate migrants (Washington Post - Paywall)

AP interview: Man finds possible Malaysian plane debris (Washington Post - Paywall)

Macedonia calls on Greece to move migrants away from border (Washington Post - Paywall)

Dow DuPont heads get $80m leaving bonus (BBC)

Donald Trump to Respond to Mitt Romney at Maine Rally (Newsweek Magazine)

Christie Insists He Wasn't 'Held Hostage' at Trump Event (NBC News)

Syrian truce holds on, but the electricity goes off (CBS News)

Burka child beheading' nanny says attack was revenge for Putin 'killing Muslims' in Syria (Daily Express)

Florida Overhauls Death Penalty in Bid to Resume Executions (Time Magazine)

Wine box, £30, that doubles as a HANDBAG big enough for two bottles of plonk (Daily Mail)

Mob of 30 Afghan men chase teenage girls through German shopping mall, sparking huge confrontation with police (Daily Mail)

Pray off your debts: Russian church agrees to settle £8,000 debt to builders by asking God to look out for them (Daily Mail)

EU chief Donald Tusk appeals to migrants fleeing Syria 'Don't come to Europe' (Daily Mail)

EU commissioner lauds Cyprus' commitment to bailout reforms (Fox News)

Spotify Releases Birthing Playlist' With Songs to Help Women in Labor (Time Magazine)

Foreign policy conservatives condemn Donald Trump (CBS News)

Russell Peachey battered to death after argument with his girlfriend in Cardiff (Daily Mail)

Somali journalist Hassan Hanafi who helped al-Shabab attack is sentenced to death (Daily Mail)

François Hollande warns of consequences' if Britain exits the EU video (Guardian)

Colombian footballer James Rodriguez flees Spanish police in his Audi (Daily Mail)

X-Factor's Nathan Fagan-Gayle laundered £20k in scam linked to 'Bank of Terror' in Syria (Daily Mail)

Video shows a thief rob a 65-year-old man on London bus in Wandsworth (Daily Mail)

Aberdeen teenager who killed Bailey Gwynne 'only meant to scare him' (Daily Mail)

EU closes on migrant deal with Turkey (Financial Times - Paywall)

Migrants, EU referendum, top topics at France-UK summit (Washington Post - Paywall)

UN envoy: Syria cease-fire is holding despite some fighting (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mexico government says it won't pay for Trump wall (Washington Post - Paywall)

Chontel Duncan shows off her incredible set of abs at 36 weeks pregnant (Daily Mail)

Wooden huts set to become homes for hundreds of migrants in Dunkirk (Daily Mail)

ISIS sex slave burns her face off to become 'too ugly' for death cult rapists (Daily Star)

Trump faces Megyn Kelly in GOP debate for 1st time in months (CBS News)

Moment killer son picks out B&Q knives which he then used to stab his father to death (Daily Mail)

Chris Christie: I Am Not a Full-Time Surrogate for Donald Trump' (Newsweek Magazine)

EXPOSED: Germany's growing problem of migrants who turn to crime - and CAN'T be deported (Daily Express)

Kathryn Smith and Matthew Rigby accused of stamping daughter Ayeeshia Jane to death (Daily Mail)

Video shows Walsall builders John Herbert and McCawley Arrowsmith fly tipping (Daily Mail)

M62 driver swerves across two lanes of traffic to make dangerous exit on to sliproad (Daily Mail)

Left-wing groups delay EU agreement on sharing air passengers' details (Reuters)

EU leaders line up against Brexit (Financial Times - Paywall)

France, Britain seal 1.49 billion pound drone deal, pressure Russia on Syria (Reuters)

Newlywed 'who stabbed her husband to death when he was made redundant' claims she was a 'loving and protective wife' (Daily Mail)

Mother of James Scourfield who died in one-punch shakes hands with man who killed him (Daily Mail)

GOP establishment pushes to stop Donald Trump (CBS News)

Full Transcript: Mitt Romney Speaks Out Against Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine) survey shows what cabin crews REALLY get up to during a flight (Daily Mail)

Mitt Romney's Donald Trump Speech Shows Just How Scared The Republican Party Is (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump's Defense of University' Relies on Shaky Math (Time Magazine)

Mitt Romney to call Donald Trump "a phony, a fraud" (CBS News)

Koch Brothers Will Not Try to Block Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

3 Ways to Get the Most Health Benefits From Olive Oil (Time Magazine)

Is Parity for Women in the City a Pipe Dream? (Huffington Post)

Migrants in Greece handed £550m from EU disaster fund to 'maintain their dignity' (Daily Mail)

U.K. to Lift Ban on Women Fighting on the Frontline (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: African-American woman shoved at Trump rally (BBC)

Mitt Romney Excoriates Donald Trump as 'Phony' and 'Fraud' (NBC News)

Romney Calls on Republican Voters to Stop Trump (Time Magazine)

Armed police haul Brit off easyJet flight after being mistaken for ISIS terrorist (Daily Star)

Wish you were a little bit taller? Nasa astronaut grew TWO inches in space (Daily Express)

Canada Issues A Message To Ask America To Get Its Sh*t Together (Huffington Post)

Hunt for convicted child rapist who fled court moments before jury delivered their guilty verdict after he was allowed to go and get his lunch without supervision (Daily Mail)

PM denies EU 'conspiracy' as French president warns of Brexit 'consequences' (Daily Express)

Christian kicked off easyJet flight after looking at WhatsApp prayer group called ISI (Daily Express)

Coronation Street's Claire King reveals she has an 'obsessive' stalker but says police are powerless to step in (Daily Mail)

Horror CCTV shows vicious thug violently batter betting shop punter over £5 (Daily Star)

Trump and Clinton's Super Tuesday - Politics Weekly podcast (Guardian)

EU referendum: Hollande says Brexit would have 'consequences' which could affect Calais border deal - Politics live (Guardian)

Nanny accused of beheading Moscow child cites revenge for Syria airstrikes (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pensioners share their bread with migrants at Greek border (Reuters)

Hospital death rates reviewed weekly (BBC)

Video shows Sheffield woman beating and kicking her dog in the street (Daily Mail)

McDonald's Happy Meals Get a Virtual Reality Makeover (Newsweek Magazine)

Christian man removed from easyJet flight over WhatsApp 'prayer' group called ISI (Daily Mail)

'Do not come to Europe', Donald Tusk warns economic migrants (Guardian)

Johnson sex-case club 'must respond' (BBC)

Republican Ex-IRS Head: Trump Should Release Taxes (NBC News)

EU's Tusk urges migrants to stop coming to Europe (Reuters)

Romney declares Trump not fit' to lead (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK and Thai police search for Devon girl in Bangkok (Guardian)

Adam Johnson guilty pleas were a huge shock, says Sam Allardyce (Daily Mail)

Russian Nanny Accused Of Severing Child's Head Cites Revenge, Saying She Did It For Syria (Huffington Post)

Brazilians stave off taste of recession (Financial Times - Paywall)

Serbia's government asks president to call election two years early (Reuters)

Thai police seize almost 900,000 counterfeit sunglasses (Fox News)

Somali extremist sentenced to death for journalist killings (Washington Post - Paywall)

Istanbul security forces kill 2 women suspected in police attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Paul Mason Sticks Two Mickey Mouse Fingers Up At George Osborne (Huffington Post)

Syria hit with nationwide blackout, state TV reports (Fox News)

The Latest: World leaders to ponder Syria cease-fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

What Mitt Will Say About Trump (Time Magazine)

GoPro footage shows Iraqi militia attacking ISIS in Ramadi (Daily Mail)

Stacey Flounders' father says she'll never take Adam Johnson back (Daily Mail)

Rapist Jason Lawrance who preyed on women on is jailed for at least 12 years (Daily Mail)

Two female Turk militants shot dead in Istanbul after attack on police bus (Reuters)

Two women killed after attacking police bus in Istanbul (Guardian)

Mitt Romney to Call Trump Phony and Fraud in Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

Sajid Javid admits his 'heart' is with Brexit and Cameron didn't get enough from EU (Daily Mail)

Andy Duxbury killed himself by stepping in front of Blackburn train after row with wife (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Jr. Appears with White Supremacist on Radio Show (Newsweek Magazine)

Online video suggests Syria motive in Moscow child murder (Washington Post - Paywall)

Donald Tusk warns migrants: Do not come to Europe' video (Guardian)

Video shows Russian family's efforts to escape car after it fell into Lake Baika (Daily Mail)

Pictures show Russian daredevils dangling off the city's tallest buildings (Daily Mail)

Trump resembles Italian tycoon Berlusconi, says Ruth Ben-Ghiat (CNN)

Video shows pet husky dog too scared of going DOWN stairs (Daily Mail)

Video shows cyclist Lewis Dediare catch London Taxi driver on mobile phone (Daily Mail)

EU referendum 2016: Who is allowed to vote? (Daily Express)

Syria truce offers glimpses of normality (Reuters)

Christie paying price for Trump backing (CNN)

'Fat is fine!' Women of all shapes and sizes strip down to their swimwear to celebrate body diversity and slam hateful shamers in new social media campaign (Daily Mail)

Mother who lost both her legs to meningitis is terrified her children might get the disease because they were too old to be vaccinated (Daily Mail)

Desperate migrants use BABIES as emotional blackmail to get into Europe (Daily Mail)

Police officer sacked for having sex with prostitute on duty (Daily Star)

German official slams police tolerance of hate speech (Washington Post - Paywall)

Somalia sentences al Shabaab media officer to death for killing journalists (Reuters)

Two armed women in Turkey are shot dead in police siege after opening fire in Istanbul (Daily Mail)

Electricity supply gradually returns in Syria - state media (Reuters)

Mission Possible? The Chance to Stop Trump Is Real (NBC News)

Forget Donald Trump, what's the US done to deserve Hillary Clinton, asks RICHARD LITTLEJOHN (Daily Mail)

Inquest to decide if police restraint contributed to hospital patient's death (Guardian)

Video suggests Russian nanny beheaded girl to protest Syria strikes (Fox News)

Syria hit by nationwide blackout (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Hit By Countrywide Electricity Blackout (Newsweek Magazine)

Latinos in Detroit say prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is 'scary' (Guardian)

Cashier fights off armed robber with bare hands video (Guardian)

'Not even my wife knows': secret Donald Trump voters speak out (Guardian)

Here's How Trump Would Replace Obamacare (NBC News)

Skagit man taking selfies with a gun fatally shoots himself in the face (Daily Mail)

This Picture Shows Army Candidates in India Made to Strip to Take Entrance Exam (Time Magazine)

Man removed from UK flight over 'prayer' message on phone (Guardian)

Man with full face tattoo beat pregnant girlfriend over fears baby wasn't his (Daily Star)

CCTV shows attack on police bus in Turkey video (Guardian)

Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital under investigation for high death rates (Daily Mail)

Nanny decapitated girl's head to avenge Muslims killed by Vladimir Putin's Syria air strikes (Daily Mail)

German police arrest doctor suspected of recruiting suicide bomber for IS (Reuters)

Man Accused of Waterboarding Girlfriend to Get Cheating Confession (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese man spent 25 years playing music for his paralysed wife (Daily Mail)

Adam Johnson was known of his love of porn and had 'hardcore app' on his phone (Daily Mail)

Robber on the run taunts police on their Facebook page but will get a stiffer sentence (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's Boxing Strategy for Winning the Nomination (Time Magazine)

Britain First Leaders Get Around Luton Ban By Controlling Protest From 'Remote Command Centre' Via Skype (Huffington Post)

Number of Iraqi migrants applying to return home from Sweden DOUBLES (Daily Mail)

Women Killed After Assault on Police Station: Reports (NBC News)

The owl man (Guardian)

Romney to Take Aim at Trump in Speech (Time Magazine)

Russia's Putin plans to hold international phone talks on Syria - Interfax (Reuters)

Migrants given envelopes stuffed with EU cash in most bizarre twist to migrant crisis yet (Daily Express)

Match.Com Rapist Jason Lawrance Sentenced To life In Prison For Sex Attacks Against Seven Women (Huffington Post)

Imgur user reveals sister's photo of herself featuring two VERY personal items (Daily Mail)

Death Toll in Ukraine Conflict Hits 9,160, U.N. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows car explode into a dust cloud in Qingdao city after crashing into lamp post (Daily Mail)

Photos of stamp death tot who cried 'stop mummy, stop daddy' shown to court (Daily Star)

The Pony Club rebrands itself in bid to shake off its twee and tweed image (Daily Mail)

MH370 'FOUND on Google Earth' ex US Air Force man claims THIS is the missing plane (Daily Express)

Spanish Al-Qaeda Commander Killed in Mali: Reports (Newsweek Magazine)

Nanny who beheaded Russian girl cites revenge for Putin's Syria strikes (Reuters)

WATCH: Tragedy for mutant lamb with two penises & seven legs after being rejected by flock (Daily Star)

Police continue search for man 'with petrol bomb backpack' in Manchester (Daily Star)

Donald Tusk Tells Economic Migrants To Stay Away From Europe (Newsweek Magazine)

200 small businesses call for Brexit as Tory minister says EU is like Titanic' (Daily Express)

Music Festival Called Off After Organizer Blasts Kesha on Facebook (Newsweek Magazine)

CASH TO KILLERS: Couple behind Becky Watts murder get £400k legal aid and bill will RISE (Daily Express)

UK future may be 'brighter' outside EU (BBC)

Turkish police kill 2 women after attack on police station (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Latest: Syria TV: Nationwide power blackout (Fox News)

Italy: 2 Italians kidnapped in Libya may have been killed (Fox News)

£25,000 Police Drone Can Be Hacked With Just £30 Of Kit Says Hacker (Huffington Post)

David Cameron REFUSES to release figures that 'prove true level' of EU migration to UK (Daily Mail)

Video shows Melbourne man CHOKING a woman on a crowded train (Daily Mail)

BREAKING NEWS: Terror as two armed women open fire and throw grenades in street in Turkey (Daily Express)

Video shows a dog in Stoke being dragged behind Ford Transit van as it was driven (Daily Mail)

Turkish police kill 2 women after attack at Istanbul police station (Fox News)

Adam Johnson prepares for jail ahead of prison sentence for sex acts with schoolgirl (Daily Mail)

Mummified Man Found On Ghost Yacht Found To Have Suffered Heart Attack 'Around Seven Days Before Body Was Found' (Huffington Post)

Thirteen killed as Turkish forces clash with Kurdish militants (Reuters)

WATCH: Moment female militants showered police with bullets in the street (Daily Star)

Efforts to Dump Trump Gain Momentum and Urgency (NBC News)

Man Mistakes Rare And Aggressive Tumour On Arm For 'Insect Bite' (Graphic Images) (Huffington Post)

Man who possibly found MH370 debris thought part was from small plane (Fox News)

In Associated Press interview, American who found possible Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 debris off Mozambique says he first thought it was part of a much smaller plane (Washington Post - Paywall)

State-run agency: Istanbul police shoot and kill 2 women who earlier attacked police station (Washington Post - Paywall)

Test can reveal if you're likely to get Alzheimer's YEARS before symptoms develope (Daily Mail)

Heartbreak of Stacey Flounders who supported Adam Johnson through child sex trial (Daily Mail)

Why do schools think it's OK to tell parents off too? (Daily Mail)

Upton Park man is attacked on his doorstep by thugs who used 'delivery driver' as decoy (Daily Mail)

Consuming two energy drinks a day said to trigger abnormal heart rhythms (Daily Mail)

David Beckham Adores Harper Wearing Her Manchester United Kit: 'Does That Get Any Cuter?' (Huffington Post)

Two Italian civilians possibly killed in Libya attack - Italy (Reuters)

'I hope this is finished by Friday. It's a bit boring now': How arrogant Adam Johnson joked around during his child sex trial and was even told off by the judge (Daily Mail)

Trump finds some unlikely supporters - the Chinese (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two Women Launch Machine Gun and Grenade Attack on Turkish Police Bus (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson belittles George Osborne as he claims EU won't do trade deal with Britain (Daily Express)

Trump releases health care plan (CNN)

Third arrest over Koran reader's death (BBC)

Met police miss target for recruiting sexual abuse specialists (Guardian)

EU Launches Emergency 700 Million Euro Refugee Aid Scheme for Greece (Newsweek Magazine)

Jihadi Jane Junior: ISIS makes girl, 12, execute five women captives (Daily Star)

Britain's auto industry warns of risk from leaving EU (Fox News)

Australia to test debris found two years after Malaysian jet disappeared (Reuters)

Ayr man with facial birthmark who has suffered a lifetime of abuse speaks out (Daily Mail)

Guardian morning briefing: North Korea fires missiles, France warns on Brexit, and Rio 2016 to get a refugee team (Guardian)

These 'Mrs Average' women are all 11st but they feel VERY differently about it (Daily Mail)

Alabama Cop Charged With Murder of Unarmed Black Man (NBC News)

Adam Johnson threw away his career and lost Stacey Flounders who stood by him (Daily Mail)

PM announces Britain will stump up £17m to help move Calais migrants (Daily Express)

EU plan to boost capital markets hits a snag (Financial Times - Paywall)

Turkey: 2 women hurl hand grenades at police; no one hurt (Fox News)

Zimbabwean police find three dead illegal diamond miners (Reuters)

Trump bandwagon 'a mistake' (CNN)

Texas man Jacob Padua with full-face skull tattoo arrested for beating girlfriend (Daily Mail)

Possible MH370 Jet Part Found Off Mozambique: Sources (NBC News)

VIDEO: Who are Donald Trump's voters? (BBC)

Hillary Clinton focuses on Donald Trump after Super Tuesday (CBS News)

Donald Trump: Im a "unifier" for the Republican Party (CBS News)

The Great British Bake Off shows how BBC1 'has lost its edge' (Daily Mail)

CEO killed in crash one day after indictment (CBS News)

Men and women are having divorce cakes made to celebrate end of marriage (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: EU in 10 objects: The mobile phone (BBC)

War of words in EU debate (BBC)

Former Mexican president stands behind comparing Trump to Hitler (CBS News)

Melania Trump claims she and Donald have NEVER had a fight (Daily Mail)

Georgia police chief, cop arrested for false imprisonment (CBS News)

US foreign policy experts round on Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dickerson: Stopping Donald Trump now is "a long shot" (CBS News)

Europeans grappling with the rise of Donald Trump (CBS News)

Iman steps out two months after husband David Bowie's death (Daily Mail)

Missouri man charged with advertising for dependents (CBS News)

Fearful Aleppo Prepares for Return to War in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Brexit would boost pay and that's from ex M&S boss who wants us to STAY in EU (Daily Mail)

No child over the age of one can now get meningitis vaccine in Britain (Daily Mail)

Jason Lawrance who raped five women after meeting them on pictured (Daily Mail)

What's the truth Mr Cameron? Fury as 355,000 migrants go 'missing' from figures (Daily Express)

Cameron's EU DISASTER: New poll says 129,000 still want to quit despite PM's deal (Daily Express)

Mitt Romney launches critique of Trump as he warns 'improvident choices' could dim future (Daily Express)

We need a mini D-Day' truckers beg Army to help tackle violent migrants in Calais (Daily Express)

Policeman stabbed in the neck was attacked by '15-year-old SCHOOLGIRL' say German police (Daily Express)

Heartbreaking: Charred bodies of mother orangutan and her babies killed in forest fire (Daily Express)

Since the New Year one elephant has been killed EVERY hour of every day (Daily Express)

Son stabbed dad to death over mobile phone charging row (Daily Express)

Greece Tries to House Migrants as Other Gates Close (New York Times - Paywall)

Internet dating is the 'darkest alley of them all': After company boss is convicted of raping five women he met online, a stark warning from chief of police force that caught him (Daily Mail)

How extreme is Donald Trump? (BBC)

US Republicans express Trump fears (BBC)

Video of annual drunk fishing competition in Belgium shows why it's bad to mix alcohol and lakes (Daily Mail)

Trump takes aim at Republican establishment (Financial Times - Paywall)

Blunder turns deadly when two Israeli soldiers using Waze drive into a Palestinian camp (Los Angeles Times)

Jesse Matthew to get 4 life sentences for Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington's murders (Daily Mail)

How Adam Johnson was dumped for buying a date with Katie Price (Daily Mail)

Street entertainer Travis Linton Galleymore killed himself after suffering from depression (Daily Mail)

Video shows a pod of dolphins start nudging paddleboarder off Californian coast (Daily Mail)

Trump closes in on Republican nomination (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU to Continue Sanctions on Some Russians, Ukrainians (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Clinton switches her sights to Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Harry Djanogly who pulled a police officer along in his Jaguar says 'his foot slipped' (Daily Mail)

Massive earthquake strikes off Indonesia (CBS News)

Mental health patient Michael Meanza snapped' and killed a care worker in Acton (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Johnson victim: 'Hardest year of my life' (BBC)

LiveLeak video shows grandmother's rotting foot oozing pus (Daily Mail)

Steward Woodland hippies face eviction from commune because they didn't get planning permission (Daily Mail)

New EU laws could send the price of e-cigarettes soaring (Daily Mail)

Thousands of migrants backed up at Greek border as Europe's refugee crisis worsens (Los Angeles Times)

This Oscar-winning movie has Pakistan vowing to protect women against 'honor killings' (Los Angeles Times)

Why Trump and Sanders are praising healthcare in other countries (Los Angeles Times)

There was no Trump on the ballot, but Irish voters still made their anger clear (Los Angeles Times)

A delicate truce brings relative calm to parts of Syria despite breaches (Los Angeles Times)