Sunday, 6th March 2016

World News

Accident or crime? VA worker charged over death (CBS News)

Maine man arrested over cold case after telling mom (CBS News)

3/6: Trump, Clinton, Cruz (CBS News)

Lesley Stahl on the death of Nancy Reagan (CBS News)

Nancy Reagan dies at 94 years old (CBS News)

An honest man 'knifed by No 10': Downing Street is accused of 'having a hand' in the ousting of pro-Brexit business chief (Daily Mail)

Sutton Coldfield man charged with attempted murder over stabbed pregnant woman (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz angling for one-on-one Republican race (Reuters)

Egypt Says Muslim Brotherhood, Backed by Hamas, Killed Top Prosecutor (New York Times - Paywall)

Selfies: A matter of life or death (CBS News)

Rubio wins Puerto Rico (CNN)

EU talks tough on migrants from Turkey, uneasy over rights (Reuters)

Boris Johnson savages 'agents of project fear' who oppose Brexit (Daily Mail)

Another Potential Part of Flight MH370 Found on Reunion Island (NBC News)

Man who created email dies (CNN)

Man arrested on suspicion of murder after body found at scooter rally (Daily Mail)

Drunk Driver Plows Into Crowd at Daytona Speedway, Police Say (Time Magazine)

Rubio Wins Puerto Rico GOP Primary, NBC News Projects (NBC News)

Iran Sentences Billionaire to Death for Corruption (New York Times - Paywall)

Marco Rubio Wins Puerto Rico GOP Primary (Time Magazine)

Cyclist, 46, is left fighting for his life in hospital after hit-and-run on a roundabout: Police launch appeal for witnesses after man is found lying in the road (Daily Mail)

Macedonia reveals plans to build 200 mile long fence on its border with Greece protected by guards armed with Tasers ahead of EU summit on how to deal with the migrant crisis (Daily Mail)

Bradford Double Stabbing Sees Woman Charged With Grievous Bodily Harm, West Yorkshire Police Confirm (Huffington Post)

Marco Rubio wins Puerto Rico primary after rivals call for his exit (Guardian)

Corpse Found In Chinese Elevator After Month-Long Shutdown (Time Magazine)

Corpse found in Chinese elevator month after shutdown (CBS News)

Donald Trump's Biggest Fan Dresses As Wall With Mexico At Campaign Rally (Huffington Post)

Sarah, Duchess of York 'devastated' after Manuel Fernandez ditcher her after two years (Daily Mail)

EU looks to refugee-laden Turkey to ease its migrant burden (Washington Post - Paywall)

Norwegian police trawl for goldfish owner (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man charged with illegally boarding plane at Heathrow (Washington Post - Paywall)

Security alert at Heathrow Airport after man charged with 'illegally boarding a plane' (Daily Express)

Man charged with illegally boarding plane at Heathrow Airport (Fox News)

Chinese woman found dead after month trapped in elevator (Daily Mail)

Exhausted Djokovic wins Davis Cup epic (CNN)

Pope calls nuns killed in Yemen modern-day martyrs (CBS News)

Donald Trump made voters swear oath at Orlando rally as Louis C.K. compares him to Hitler (Daily Mail)

Man who found MH370 flight part finds new item on Reunion (Fox News)

Man partially blinded after neighbour allegedly pours chlorine over fence (Guardian)

UK weather forecast predicts snow will start drifting south tomorrow (Daily Mail)

Brexit would damage EU and UK 'politically and economically' (Guardian)

Yale Earns First NCAA Tourney Berth in More Than 50 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: Death toll in migrant boat sinking rises to 25 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nancy Reagan death casts Republican 'civil war' over Trump into high relief (Guardian)

Cache of terrorist weapons found in Northern Ireland countryside (Daily Mail)

The EU is fuelling 'Hitler worshippers', Michael Gove claims amid Brexit battle (Daily Mail)

Schoolboy left scarred for life by POLICE DOG attack (Daily Express)

Five Years on From the Uprising, the UK Is Still Fuelling Oppression in Bahrain (Huffington Post)

Turkish police fire rubber bullets to break up Women's Day rally (Reuters)

'Terrorist hide' found at country park (BBC)

Slovakia election: far right wins first seats (Guardian)

Trump and Cruz fight for Republican crown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Is Enough Never Enough? (Huffington Post)

Sunderland FC chief Margaret Byrne 'left UK over Adam Johnson case' (Daily Mail)

Man City's Brandon Barker devastated after thieves nick £20,000 designer trainers (Daily Star)

Trump campaign shows cracks (CNN)

Reading helicopter video shows drug dealer on the run after he stabbed a man (Daily Mail)

Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani sentenced to death for corruption (Daily Mail)

Trump, Cruz score double victories (CNN)

Iran sentences billionaire businessman to death (CBS News)

Islamic State truck bomb kills at least 60 people south of Baghdad (Reuters)

Boris Johnson's 'dramatic change of heart' on EU blasted by DAVID BLUNKETT (Daily Mail)

Is Dad's Army really a load of Old Junk? Daughter finds her father's script written in 1945 that has the same storyline as the hit TV series but was written 23 years earlier (Daily Mail)

Murray wins thriller to give GB victory (BBC)

Iran has sentenced one of its richest oil tycoons to death for corruption (Los Angeles Times)

Tory chairmen divided over EU vote (BBC)

Christine James found dead in her Cardiff Bay flat before Florida holiday (Daily Mail)

One in four of David Cameron's constituency party chairmen back him on EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Egypt says Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood killed chief prosecutor (Washington Post - Paywall)

Johnson attacks EU deal on sovereignty (BBC)

China says 300,000 punished for corruption (CBS News)

Iranian billionaire sentenced to death (CNN)

Bomb-making materials found in Northern Ireland country park - police (Reuters)

'A wonderful future for Britain outside the EU' says Boris Johnson (Daily Express)

Michael Gove: EU is fuelling upsurge in political extremism not seen since the Nazis (Daily Express)

Death of Nancy Reagan casts shadow on 2016 presidential race as it happened (Guardian)

Is air pollution why your favourite football team is not performing? Scientsts reveal footballers' efficiency can be affected (Daily Mail)

Glenn Beck Compares Donald Trump to Hitler (Time Magazine)

Making A Murderer: Teresa Halbach's Death Certificate Throws Doubts On Steven Avery's Conviction (Huffington Post)

Northern Ireland police find bomb parts in rural park (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU Referendum Debate 'Looking Male And Pale,' Yvette Cooper Says In Appeal For 'Far More Women's Voices' (Huffington Post)

With Wins, Cruz Set as Trumps Main Rival (Newsweek Magazine)

Suicide attack kills at least 47 south of Iraqi capital (Washington Post - Paywall)

MOD RALLY MURDER: 'Gentle giant' scooter rider killed at holiday park festival (Daily Star)

Mitt Romney Calls Donald Trump Low Energy' (Time Magazine)

Fisherman's Friend tycoon Doreen Lofthouse wins her battle to keep a 30ft lighthouse (Daily Mail)

Suicide Attack Kills at Least 47 South of Iraqi Capital (New York Times - Paywall)

'There were scratches on walls' Body found in lift a MONTH after it was wrongly turned off (Daily Star)

EU and IMF try to bridge Greek bailout rift (Financial Times - Paywall)

Euro affects UK whether in EU or not - King (BBC)

Fukushima disaster photos show inside the dead zone five years on (Daily Mail)

Closing the Gap? Ted Cruz Strong on Super Saturday (NBC News)

Clinton, Trump Hold Big Leads in Michigan: Poll (NBC News)

Adam Johnson tried to bed Chloe Saxon weeks before his child sex trial kicked off (Daily Mail)

Pope: Nuns killed in attack are martyrs (CNN)

ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 60 South of Baghdad (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Francis Mourns Nuns Killed in Yemen Retirement Home Attack (Time Magazine)

South Korea to CLONE Stone Age cave lions found in Siberian permafrost (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz beats Donald Trump on Super Saturday in Kansas (Daily Mail)

Coast Guard Searches for Man Who Fell From Cruise Ship (NBC News)

At least 47 killed in Baghdad terror attack (Fox News)

FIRST PICTURE: 'Kind hearted' missing woman, 22, found dead in station car park (Daily Express)

Trott wins second world omnium title (BBC)

Why Hillary Clinton Has an Advantage Heading Into the Flint Debate (Time Magazine)

Dunblane massacre survivor Aimie Adam still terrified of balloons bursting 20 years on (Daily Mail)

Adam Johnson's ex Stacey Flounders furious after he's found guilty of child sex crimes (Daily Mail)

Londons Boris Johnson Sees Brexit as Golden Opportunity (Newsweek Magazine)

Joe Biden Slams Trump at the Annual Gridiron Dinner (Time Magazine)

Weapons cache found in Carnfunnock country park, Co Antrim (Guardian)

Eyewitness: Beijing, China (Guardian)

The Latest: Egypt says Hamas, Brotherhood killed prosecutor (Fox News)

London Mayor Boris Johnson Steps Up Anti-EU Rhetoric (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump's odds sink as Ted Cruz surges (CNN)

Trump and Cruz seek 'one-on-one' battle (BBC)

Myrtle Cothill, 92, will NOT be deported back to South Africa after petition (Daily Mail)

From sunset yoga in front of the Burj Al Arab to desert safaris: Why Dubai is not the glitzy and soulless metropolis it is made out to be (Daily Mail)

Iran sentences tycoon to death for corruption (Washington Post - Paywall)

Slovak PM Fico wins election but faces tough task to form majority (Reuters)

Truck bomb kills, wounds at least 60 in province south of Baghdad (Daily Mail)

Opinion: Clinton, Trump perfect foils (CNN)

Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes claims EU is like Austro-Hungarian empire (Daily Mail)

Iran Sentences Tycoon to Death for Corruption (New York Times - Paywall)

Broncos Announce Peyton Manning's Retirement After 18 Years (NBC News)

Photo highlights of the day: Donald Trump, riot police and fashion (Guardian)

Death of the British trucker? Government plans army of DRIVERLESS lorries (Daily Star)

Bradford man is arrested after girl was molested in Leeds city centre Greggs (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Iraq bombing death toll rises to 47 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Jeremy Corbyn hit by revolt for not backing David Cameron on EU Referendum (Daily Mail)

China Denies Slowdown Stunting Global Growth (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iraqi officials: Death toll from suicide attack south of Baghdad climbs to 47, including 39 civilians (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mother-of-two, 24, tells her fiance to sleep with other women after ten years together (Daily Mail)

China defends forex reserves data (Financial Times - Paywall)

Adam Johnson tells friends of child sex offence shame as he faces jail (Daily Mail)

Johnson must not play again - MP Efford (BBC)

EU referendum: British exit would be 'poison', says German finance minister (Guardian)

Swiss foreign minister sees EU immigration deal near - paper (Reuters)

Man charged over stabbing of pregnant woman in Sutton Coldfield (Guardian)

China says nearly 300,000 punished for corruption in 2015 (Washington Post - Paywall)

2 men killed dismantling old explosive in Lithuania (Washington Post - Paywall)

Male prostitution ring allegations put Colombia's police at center of scandal (Guardian)

MPs in battle to unmask animal rights activists by giving police new powers (Daily Mail)

Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani sentenced to death for embezzlement (Guardian)

MH370 Families 2 Years on: 'The Truth Must Be Told' (NBC News)

Iran says court sentences billionaire to death in graft case (Reuters)

BREAKING: Man charged with two counts of attempted murder after pregnant woman stabbed (Daily Express)

Donald Trump calls for Marco Rubio to pull out of Republican race video (Guardian)

Ted Cruz says he will win Republican nomination after gains in Kansas and Maine video (Guardian)

Iraqi officials: Suicide attack against checkpoint south of Baghdad kills at least 11 people, wounds dozens (Washington Post - Paywall)

Woman Found Dead In Lift 30 Days After It Was Turned Off By Engineers In China (Huffington Post)

Why Britain must remain strong in the EU and Europe by NICHOLAS SOAMES and PETER MANDELSON (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson Denies Brexit Would Force David Cameron To Quit As Prime Minister (Huffington Post)

Woman's body found in elevator (CNN)

John Lewis beds were built by an army of EU slave labourers in the UK (Daily Mail)

China 'not heading for hard landing' (BBC)

FIVE DECADES OF EU FAILURE: Dossier finds 43 UK U-turns over 43 years of Brussels rule (Daily Express)

Chinese woman's body found in elevator after crew improperly cut power (Fox News)

Victorious Trump Calls on Rubio to Quit Race (NBC News)

Gunmen wearing police officer uniforms kill 12 in Honduras pool hall (Fox News)

Full Video: Donald Trump takes questions at Florida press conference (CBS News)

Two years on, MH370 families say search for missing jet must continue (Reuters)

Iraq: Suicide attack kills at least 11 south of Baghdad (Fox News)

Delegate math: How to stump Trump (CNN)

China warns Hong Kong not to politicise issues (Reuters)

Donald Trump says he wants Ted Cruz one-on-one (CBS News)

Body found in Chinese switched-off lift (BBC)

Grapes of Wrath: Israels Settlement Wineries Fight Back Against EU Labels (Newsweek Magazine)

Full Video: Ted Cruz gives victory speech after multiple Super Saturday wins (CBS News)

Boris Johnson is the blond spectre lurking behind George Osborne's pension retreat (Daily Mail)

4 nuns killed in 'diabolical' attack (CNN)

Super Saturday: Sanders and Cruz take states but Trump and Clinton hit back (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton wins Louisiana Democratic primary (CBS News)

China Cuts Growth Target to 6.5%-7% Range (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

A bit of all white: Why lolling on the pristine sun-bleached sands of Cuba's Varadero resort is a great way to recharge (Daily Mail)

Chinese woman trapped for a month in an elevator starves to death (Los Angeles Times)

Super Saturday Recap: Cruz, Trump & Sanders Take 2 States Each (NBC News)

Woman found dead in elevator 30 days after power cut off by building workers (Guardian)

Ted Cruz gets early jump on Super Saturday (CBS News)

Bernie Sanders wins Kansas Democratic Caucus (CBS News)

Ruling leftist party wins Slovakia parliamentary election (Washington Post - Paywall)

Texas man fell off cruise ship, is missing (CNN)

Second bookseller detained in China returns to Hong Kong - police (Reuters)

Second 'missing' Hong Kong bookseller returns from China (Guardian)

Donald Trumps campaign pledge of allegiance (CBS News)

Boris Johnson: suspending BCC chief for EU referendum remarks is 'scandalous' (Guardian)

Bowe Bergdahl lawyers seek meeting with Donald Trump (CBS News)

Donald Trump kicks off Super Saturday in Kansas (Daily Mail)

China seeks to balance stimulus and reform (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brazilian Police Question Ex-President Lula da Silva (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Louis C.K.: Trump 'Hitler,' 'insane bigot' (CNN)

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump wins two more key votes (Daily Star)

EU warnings, Sunday hours, and Wetherspoon's roast (BBC)

From Trump to Merkel: how the world is divided between fear and openness | Ulrich Speck (Guardian)

Norway Seeks EU Assurances on Gas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

12 killed when gunmen open fire in Honduran pool hall (Washington Post - Paywall)

El Nino bringing life to Death Valley (CBS News)

Men in Police Garb Kill 10 in Honduras (New York Times - Paywall)

Germanwings pilot who killed 149 'feared he was losing his sight' (Daily Star)

Trump: Cruz won state 'close to Canada' (CNN)

Bowe Bergdahl looks to depose Trump (CNN)

Donald Trump drawing record numbers in GOP primary race (CBS News)

President Trump? Donald takes HUGE step to White House with Louisiana and Kentucky wins (Daily Express)

Why 5.6M people follow her on Instagram (CNN)

Ted Cruz wins GOP Kansas caucus (CBS News)

El Nino rains cause rare explosion of color in Death Valley (CBS News)

Trump and Clinton net big wins but Sanders and Cruz also see gains campaign live (Guardian)

Trump Jokes About How Cruz Won Maine (NBC News)

Malaysia Airlines out of danger 2 years after MH370 disaster (Fox News)

Trail of Tears: Investigating the death of Rhonda Casto (CBS News)

One brother wins $291m, the other $7 (CNN)

Donald Trump fan dresses up as 'The Mexico Wall' at Florida rally (Daily Mail)

Paedo Adam Johnson tried to bed Page 3 girl just weeks before trial' (Daily Star)

Explosive devices found in Belfast (Financial Times - Paywall)

Australian government commits to gay marriage vote this year if it wins election (Reuters)

Republican Cruz Stems Trumps Momentum a Bit (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson under fire as he steps up his Brexit EU campaign (Daily Mail)

Trump and Clinton challengers make ground (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tibetan delegates to China congress wear loyalty pins (Washington Post - Paywall)

Crowds cheer Brazil's Lula after he's grilled by police (Washington Post - Paywall)

Maine caucus: Outsider Ted Cruz claims ANOTHER decisive victory over Donald Trump (Daily Express)

Johnson attacks 'scandalous' suspension (BBC)

John Longworth who was suspended for backing Brexit say EU costs us billions (Daily Mail)

The retirement years can be fraught with unforeseen problems in latelife crisis (Daily Mail)

Shamed Adam Johnson wants to come out of jail 'a better person', pal says (Daily Star)

You first: EU and Turkey in stand-off (BBC)

The Indian man who chases fires (BBC)

VIDEO: Why is price of juicy grubs soaring? (BBC)

Kansas caucus: Ted Cruz beats Donald Trump to WIN crucial state in White House race (Daily Express)

Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne divorced, found new partners, then reunited (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson slams scandalous' suspension of anti-EU business boss John Longworth (Daily Express)

Alex Salmond is a laughing stock' fumes Donald Trump (Daily Express)

France to hire FERRIES to send Calais migrants to Britain within HOURS of EU Out vote (Daily Express)

EU to steal our coastline: Brussels to bring in new super-coastguard to overrule UK (Daily Express)

David Cameron under fire as PM continues support for Turkey's EU membership bid (Daily Express)

Police close more than 1,000 terrorist websites and social media accounts every week (Daily Star)

So, what's it like in jail Ched? Adam Johnson gets in touch with rapist player (Daily Star)

Fossilized lizard, 99 million years old, is a clue to 'lost ecosystem' (Reuters)

South Korea Government Accused of Using Defamation Laws to Silence Critics (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkish police fire tear gas at newspaper, EU laments rights record (Reuters)

Belfast police called to second bomb in west of city (Guardian)

Turkey seizes Zaman newspaper as police fire rubber bullets at protesters (Daily Mail)

Kenny wins as Cavendish gets lifeline (BBC)

Why Bowe Bergdahl's Defense Wants a Meeting With Trump (NBC News)

Donald Trump Asks Supporters To Raise Right Hands And Pledge Allegiance (Huffington Post)

Ted Cruz Wins CPAC Straw Poll (NBC News)

EU acting like human trafficker' of refugees, says Austrian minister (Guardian)

Second bomb found during security alert (BBC)

Homeless Man Helps Young Woman Stranded At London's Euston Station (Huffington Post)

'Ghostlike' octopus found in Pacific may belong to new species (Reuters)

Judge Wins $291M Lottery Prize Brother Earns Just $7 (NBC News)

Pope shocked by deadly attack that killed nuns (CBS News)

GOP establishment declares war on Trump (CNN)

Trump flips on torture (CNN)

Why internet banking offers a raw deal (BBC)

Trump Booed at Kansas Caucus Site (NBC News)

Manchester man is charged with murder after 'his sister' was burned to death (Daily Mail)

Why Twitter Is Struggling, According to One Power User (Time Magazine)

Why Japan Is Excited About the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (Newsweek Magazine)

Tatler Tory could face blackmail charges over 'bullying suicide' of Elliott Johnson (Daily Mail)

Husband Arrested in Cold Case Death of Long Island Mom (NBC News)

Ill Hatton Garden heist ringleader Brian Reader guarded by armed police officers (Daily Mail)

Starved to death and left to MUMMIFY in the world's worst zoo in Gaza: Khan Younis (Daily Mail)

Blast near Novatek's oil field kills one man in Russia - Interfax (Reuters)

Rubio Cheered at CPAC as He Takes Dig at Dems, Trump (NBC News)

Sister pays an emotional tribute to missing Jodie Jose, who was found dead in car (Daily Mail)

Man charged over fire death of sister (BBC)

Louis C.K. on Donald Trump: The Guy Is Hitler' (Time Magazine)

Body found in hunt for missing Daniel Horton (Daily Mail)

Business group boss suspended in EU row (BBC)

Donald Trump Named Islamophobe of the Year by Muslim Group (Time Magazine)

Tension mounts in South China Sea as US aircraft carrier strike group patrols disputed waters (Daily Mail)

Victim's family say O.J. Simpson knife discovery has 'parallels' to blade found (Daily Mail)

Handgun' found at scene of crash in South London after moped rider flees the scene (Daily Mail)

Spanish police arrest 4 after hit-and-run killed officer (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man assaulted and killed at 'mod' scooter rally at Sanford Holiday Park, Dorset (Daily Mail)

Dog stares at owner eating but turns its head away every time the man catches him (Daily Mail)

EU pressured to take stance over Turkish media right erosion (Washington Post - Paywall)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un threatens to 'clearly show the end' of South Korean president (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Violated Fox Debate Rules, Report Says (Time Magazine)

Crowds cheer Brazil's Silva after being grilled by police (Washington Post - Paywall)

Riot police raid Turkey's largest newspaper with volleys of tear gas and water cannons (Los Angeles Times)

Why Aaron Carter, Pop Singer and First-Time Voter, Is Supporting Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africa: Ailing miners awarded multimillion settlement (Washington Post - Paywall)

Dad in Hot-Car Death Indicted for Sexual Exploitation (NBC News)

Police commander in Yemen's Aden killed in shootout (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fancy a holiday in Crimea? Russia uses impressive drone footage to promote peninsula's spectacular coast for tourists - just two years after it annexed the region (Daily Mail)

Pro-Brexit business boss John Longworth suspended for speaking against EU (Daily Mail)

Thousands Are Fleeing South Sudan's New Rebellion (Newsweek Magazine)

Pictured: Married police officer who used roadside camera to take close-up photos of a woman's cleavage as she sat in pub beer garden (Daily Mail)

Agriculture ministers claims leaving the EU would mean a better life for farm animals (Daily Mail)

Police colonel, aide killed in attack in Yemen's Aden (Reuters)

China Includes Green Cap in Economic Blueprint (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Family campaigning for justice for gran who doctors left in agony for hours before death (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Isnt Missed at Conservative Conference (Newsweek Magazine)

Patients calling 999 with heart attacks left without help by South East Coast Ambulance Trust (Daily Mail)

War veteran Charles Rodaway celebrates turning 100 over 70 years after he was declared DEAD (Daily Mail)

Dashcam video shows Bolton police chasing drug dealer through town streets (Daily Mail)

Turkish Police Set Up Barricades After Seizing Paper (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pope shocked by murderous attack in Yemen that killed 4 nuns (Fox News)

In New Economic Plan, China Bets That Hard Choices Can Be Avoided (New York Times - Paywall)

Delegates from across China meet to 'hold high the banner of socialism' (Los Angeles Times)

Higher death taxes will hit 2.5m families as probate fees raised from £215 to up to £20k (Daily Mail)

Timbuktu Shrines Trial: Why the Destruction of Cultural Heritage is History Repeating Itself (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Contributor: How Iran's Reformists Found Their Center (New York Times - Paywall)

China cuts growth forecast (Financial Times - Paywall)

Will Republicans Dump Trump Before November? (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korea opts for missile defence (BBC)

Leigh Ann Sabine confessed to murder 18 YEARS after her victim's body was found (Daily Mail)

What would the religious police do? (BBC)

VIDEO: Can Trump ever claim to be '100% clean'? (BBC)

Why Turkish Authorities Seized Control of the Countrys Largest Paper (Newsweek Magazine)

Hubble Captures Farthest Galaxy Ever Seen, 13.4 Billion Light Years Away (Newsweek Magazine)

How China is transforming its military (CBS News)

Trump show too juvenile for Jerry Springer (Financial Times - Paywall)

China says its U.S. stoking tension in the South China Sea (CBS News)

Ukraine To Stay Out of EU and NATO For 20 Years, Says Jean-Claude Juncker (Newsweek Magazine)

Lula detained by police in Petrobras probe (Financial Times - Paywall)

China Investigates Politician Who Helped Set Policy in Rust Belt (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why is Brazil ex-leader Lula caught up in corruption scandal? (BBC)

Why do medals make people happy? (BBC)

China returns fire at U.S. as war-of-words escalates (CBS News)

Bobbi Brown cause of death revealed (BBC)

Why China's party congress matters (BBC)

Staring down an economic reckoning in the Detroit of China (Los Angeles Times)

China slows defence spending growth (Financial Times - Paywall)

Honduran environmental activist killed by gunmen (CBS News)

Aleppo residents "weary, desperate" after five years of war (CBS News)

Canadians ready to welcome Trump refugees (Los Angeles Times)

Trump drives golfing world into dilemma (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.N. approves toughest sanctions on North Korea in 20 years (Los Angeles Times)

China box office tops $1 billion in February, propelled by 'The Mermaid' (Los Angeles Times)