Thursday, 10th March 2016

World News

Man charged with hitting person being taken from Trump rally (CBS News)

4-year-old shoots mom in the back (CBS News)

Meat-carving waiter loses control of knife, carves woman (CBS News)

Video shows 4-year-olds tearful reaction to Manning retirement (CBS News)

Massachusetts man plans to be buried in "mushroom suit" (CBS News)

Chicago man charged for jamming fellow commuters cellphones (CBS News)

Penguin travels thousands of miles each year to visit man who saved him (CBS News)

Barack Obama compares ISIS to Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight (Daily Mail)

How being a premature baby affects you for LIFE (Daily Mail)

Germany Says It Has Files on Islamic State Members (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump campaign denies assault on conservative journalist politics live (Guardian)

Mum gang-raped on bus by attackers who killed her two-week-old baby as her toddler watched (Daily Express)

More violence at Trump rallies (Guardian)

Golden girl Maxima steals the show as she meets the French culture minister at a state dinner in Paris (Daily Mail)

Trump Campaign Denies Using Force With Breitbart Reporter (Time Magazine)

Germany: Files listing Islamic State fighters are authentic (Washington Post - Paywall)

Is Trump unstoppable? (CNN)

See cowboy punch protester at Trump rally (CNN)

Barack Obama: don't blame me, blame the GOP for the rise of Donald Trump (Guardian)

Stephen Lawrence murder suspect Jamie Acourt wanted by police over 'drugs deal' (Daily Mail)

BBQ killings include pregnant woman (CNN)

Islamic State files 'probably genuine' (BBC)

Black protester detained after being sucker-punched at Trump rally (Guardian)

Lawrence case man hunted over drugs deal (BBC)

Woman arrested over Belfast bomb attack that targeted prison officer (Guardian)

'Hearts are in pieces' five years after tsunami hits Japan (Reuters)

Man arrested in undercover sting involving Legos (CBS News)

Russia says 'multiculturalism has failed' over EU migrant crisis (Daily Mail)

93-Year-Old Woman Receives Diploma She Was Refused 74 Years Earlier (Time Magazine)

Recovered Isis documents may not damage group: security expert explains video (Guardian)

'It was just a freak accident, we won't give up our guns.' Teary mother of Florida pro-gun poster girl shot in the back by her 4-year-old says it will be a long road to recovery but her grandson is doing fine, watching cartoons (Daily Mail)

Netmums debate asks if it's wrong to have sex with your children in the room? (Daily Mail)

US hands over ISIS chemical weapons chief to Iraqi government, Pentagon says (Fox News)

Mencap Carer Suspended After Being Caught Smoking Next To Client Weighed Down By Shopping Bags (Huffington Post)

UN warns Isis is strengthening hold in Libya with 'nationalistic narrative' (Guardian)

Vintage attack planes used in Vietnam brought out of retirement to help US special forces defeat ISIS in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Almost 30 Years Later, America Finally Catches Up with Agn s Varda (Newsweek Magazine)

Shameful carer snapped smoking next to man in wheelchair buried under shopping bags (Daily Star)

Mencap suspends worker after she 'loaded shopping bags onto man in wheelchair' (Daily Mail)

Woman does what with her toes?! (CNN)

Obama: Blame Republicans for Trump (CNN)

Video shows motorist narrowly avoid accident after lorries speed through puddles (Daily Mail)

Next Time We Might Kill Him: Protester Attacked at Trump Rally (NBC News)

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry to visit Saudi Arabia, France (Reuters)

Where's the Beef? Questions Swirl Around Trump Steaks (NBC News)

Why this man is 1 in a billion (CNN)

Israel looking into police shooting of Palestinian attacker (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU lawmakers ask Egypt to help Italy probe student's killing (Washington Post - Paywall)

Robber who stabbed Michael Adegbite to death in Enfield is jailed for 21 years (Daily Mail)

Syria air strikes target Islamic State in ancient Palmyra (Reuters)

The Beatles producer George Martin was the man with the GOLDEN ear (Daily Mail)

Docs appear to reveal info on dozens of ISIS recruits (CBS News)

Spirit Airlines passengers brawl over loud music being played on a boom box (Daily Mail)

Islamic State greatly expands control in Libya - U.N. report (Reuters)

Outrage as carer smokes after loading shopping bags onto man in wheelchair' (Daily Express)

The terrible twins: 14-year-old girls named and shamed after six years of terror (Daily Star)

EU Interior Ministers Discuss Thorny Turkey Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

David Cameron rules out inquiry into the Queen's EU comments to Nick Clegg (Daily Mail)

Mum gang-raped on bus in front of daughter, 3, after thugs killed her two-week-old baby (Daily Star)

Mexico City woman posts video of man pulling her knickers down (Daily Mail)

Pentagon says captured Islamic State chemical weapons chief in February (Reuters)

Zephany Nurse's kidnapper who took her from South African hospital 18 years ago is GUILTY (Daily Mail)

Germany Says It Obtained Trove of ISIS Member Data (Time Magazine)

Muslim woman who refused to remove her burka is warned by German judge SHE will be jailed (Daily Mail)

Charges Filed Against Trump Supporter After Video of Protester Being Punched Emerges (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump continues anti-Muslim campaign in Anderson Cooper interview (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Supporter Savagely Lamps African-American Protester From Behind At North Carolina Rally (Huffington Post)

Leaked Isis papers may contain old information but it is valuable (Guardian)

Death and taxes: Is ISIS going broke? (CNN)

China able to project 'substantial offensive power' from Spratlys in months - U.S. (Reuters)

Where have the Isis documents come from? (Guardian)

Pentagon releases footage of swarm drones being launched from fighter jets - and plans to develop 'Avatar' style self flying planes (Daily Mail)

Man held in custody writes online review of '4-star' police cell (Guardian)

You're folding socks WRONG: Woman reveals ingenious hack (Daily Mail)

Colchester woman dies WEEKS after being diagnosed with rare cancer adenocarcinoma (Daily Mail)

Terrifying video shows man feeding snakes at Reptile Gardens in South Dakota (Daily Mail)

PM puts jobs at heart of EU message (BBC)

Swedish police say video shows driver crashed Viola Beach car on purpose (Daily Mail)

Who is Donald Trump's Scottish mother? Where did Mary MacLeod Trump come from? (Daily Express)

Serbia declares state of emergency due to flood threat after heavy rain (Reuters)

VIDEO: Was 'Goldfinger' killed by a hitman? (BBC)

Hailsham woman abused by step-father Bob Lambird forgives mother who stood by him (Daily Mail)

Dozens killed in clashes between rival Taliban factions in Afghanistan (Guardian)

Alf Garnett back as part of BBC sitcom revival (BBC)

A huge leaked list of Islamic State fighters sounds too good to be true. Is it? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pregnant Woman Among 5 Killed in Pennsylvania Ambush (NBC News)

U.S. commandos capture ISIS chemical weapons expert (CBS News)

Mexico orders US man held for trial in girlfriend's death (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why NO woman should have a home birth (Daily Mail)

Germany Obtains List of Foreigners Suspected of Fighting for ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Revolutionary Guards commander says Iran's missile work will not stop - state TV (Reuters)

Al-Shabaab puts African Forces on back foot (Financial Times - Paywall)

Wired explains Trump 'Tiny Hands' error (BBC)

Video shows an exhausted dormouse SNORING and it's really high-pitched! (Daily Mail)

Video shows Australian gang of four schoolgirl bullies attacking helpless classmate (Daily Mail)

Photograph shows Sirius, Orion and stars in Taurus constellation reflected in pond (Daily Mail)

Chinese children get haircuts on traditional head-shaving day for luck (Daily Mail)

North Korea fires short-range missiles and says it will liquidate South Korean assets (Daily Mail)

Watch BMW Float Down The Thames After Being Left On Slipway At Putney Embankment (Huffington Post)

Video shows three schoolgirl sisters brutally beat up a 14-year-old girl (Daily Mail)

Adam Johnson signed shirts being sold on eBay amid ex-Sunderland star's trial (Daily Mail)

Trump or Cruz? Republicans shake heads (CNN)

US, China engage in human rights war of words (Fox News)

Scores of children fall ill in Greece's disease-stricken migrant camp where 14,000 are stranded as Balkan states continue to refuse access (Daily Mail)

Police clarify Viola Beach crash comments (BBC)

Migrants are being taught about gay sex, how to make love while pregnant and how to find the female G-spot in illustrated manuals distributed in Germany (Daily Mail)

CO2 levels make largest recorded annual leap, Noaa data shows (Guardian)

Stephen Hawking and Royal Society scientists opose EU Brexit (Daily Mail)

Fukushima Keeps Fighting Radioactive Tide 5 Years After Disaster (New York Times - Paywall)

Morbidly obese 750LB woman has massive fatty lump weighing 43lbs removed from her leg so she can learn to walk again after being bedridden for TWO YEARS (Daily Mail)

China investment to check US voting habits (Financial Times - Paywall)

Harlesden shooting sees a man gunned down in London 'gang fued' (Daily Mail)

Man on trial for murdering pianist wife denies he was jealous of her talent (Guardian)

Leaks show ISIS recruits' blood types, obedience levels (CNN)

Christian magistrate sacked after claiming adopted children were better off with a man and a woman as parents than with a gay couple (Daily Mail)

Name, Age, Fighting Skills: ISIS Personnel Files Leaked (NBC News)

North Korea Fires Missiles, to Liquidate South Korean Assets (Newsweek Magazine)

Nigeria: 30 Killed in Lagos Building Collapse (Newsweek Magazine)

Kenyan man sentenced to death for extremist attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nigeria: 32 killed in pre-election violence in oil state (Washington Post - Paywall)

Viola Beach crash may have been deliberate, Swedish police say (Guardian)

Five years of conflict in Syria share your stories and experiences (Guardian)

8 men sentenced to 3 years in jail for enslaving fishermen (Fox News)

EU keeps close eye on fragile Portugal as it goes for growth (Fox News)

'Goldfinger' police officers disciplined (BBC)

Donald Trump Protester Punched in the Face at North Carolina Rally (Time Magazine)

Let them leave' Annoyed French politicians starting to back Brexit (Daily Express)

Dos Equis Retires 'Most Interesting Man in the World' (NBC News)

'I blink back tears': Moving essay reveals the anguish of flying on a plane as an obese person (Daily Mail)

Two dead in police chase after car hits tipper truck and sends it crashing into shop (Daily Star)

North Korea fires missiles, liquidates Seoul's assets (Reuters)

U.S. leads dozen countries demanding China free activists (Reuters)

VP Biden says defeating Islamic State will take long time' (Washington Post - Paywall)

A Chinese official wants to turn a disputed South China Sea island into an offshore banking hub (Washington Post - Paywall)

At Contested Convention, GOP Rules Favor Trump (NBC News)

Texas executes man for 1997 quintuple fatal shooting (CBS News)

WATCH: Russian brut of a man shows us all how to hammer nails with his bare hands (Daily Star)

Woman killed herself by driving off a cliff after arguing with boyfriend over her missing cat (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Meeks: 'Hot Convict' Whose Police Mugshot Went Viral Signed To White Cross Management (Huffington Post)

Guy using Tinder behind his missus' back discovers why no one is interested in him (Daily Star)

South African soldier killed in Sudan's Darfur region (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kate and William back on royal duties together (Daily Mail)

Activist who was duped into relationship with undercover police spy confronts him 20 YEARS later after tracking him down to Australia (Daily Mail)

ISIS Whistleblower Leaks Identities of 22,000 Jihadi Recruits (Newsweek Magazine)

John 'Goldfinger' Palmer may have been killed by hired gunman (Guardian)

American man with dementia who can only remember his name 'could have been dumped in Britain by his own family' (Daily Mail)

Trump calls global currency devaluations 'dangerous' for U.S. (Reuters)

Hollywood star Tom Hardy is blasted for Hyundai advert which shows him tomb-stoning off a 30ft cliff at the same spot where a man died in 2007 (Daily Mail)

Brics Bank Seeks Bond Sale in China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Raymond Burrell's abuse of disabled man he put in a coma shown in pictures (Daily Mail)

West Midlands police host live Facebook Q&A with the community (Daily Mail)

Isis cache identifies 22,000 fighters (Financial Times - Paywall)

Indian Woman Gang Raped And Her Baby Killed On Bus In Uttar Pradesh (Huffington Post)

Video Shows Google Self-Driving Car Hit California Bus (NBC News)

San Francisco mulls state of emergency over homelessness. But will it help? (Guardian)

Video shows a car crushed in Toluca Valley, Mexico as a storm rages (Daily Mail)

EU referendum: Brexit bad for UK, Europe and the world, warns OECD (Guardian)

EU ministers cautious on easing visa rules for Turkey under migration deal (Reuters)

Islamic State defector brings 'goldmine' of details on 22,000 supporters (Reuters)

Turkey detains 10 suspected Islamic State members in raids (Reuters)

Ted Cruz Fights Alongside Donald Trump in Florida to Sink Marco Rubio (Time Magazine)

ISIS Bombings in Iraq Kill 200 Civilians in Two Weeks: Human Rights Watch (Newsweek Magazine)

Video shows an octopus drown a seagull in the Richmond River in NSW (Daily Mail)

Seven Kurdish militants killed in clash in southeast - sources (Reuters)

Survey finds rampant police abuse in area where Freddie Gray was arrested (Guardian)

What would YOU have done? Family spot man being beaten up in Thailand then film themselves discussing whether to intervene or stay out of it as attack continues (Daily Mail)

Video shows a free-runner fall after slipping off wall while watching his friends in action (Daily Mail)

Was Viola Beach bus crash DELIBERATE? Swedish police probe shock line of investigation (Daily Express)

Woman hides child in carry-on bag (CNN)

West Bank teachers' strike leaves 500,000 children at home for weeks (Reuters)

Afghan president reopens case of woman lynched by mob (Washington Post - Paywall)

Grimsby prisoner posts TripAdvisor-style review after night in a police cell (Daily Mail)

See How White House State Dinners Evolved Over a Century (Time Magazine)

Now men are buckling under the strain of juggling careers with being a hands-on dad (Daily Mail)

Star Wars' Daisy Ridley hits back at Instagram body shamer who ridiculed her (Daily Mail)

Duke and Duchess meet inspirational man who saved stranger from taking his life (Daily Express)

Woman who defecated in boss' knickers jailed for just FOUR years after murder (Daily Star)

U.S., allies stage 20 strikes against Islamic State in Iraq, Syria (Reuters)

Details of 22,000 jihadis revealed in huge cache of leaked ISIS HR forms (Daily Mail)

Hubby of porn star killed by botched boob job sues surgery for loss of income (Daily Star)

Video shows a brown bear paddling on Lake Tunaycha in Russia (Daily Mail)

China to reform university programs to emphasize skills (Washington Post - Paywall)

Daria Pletneva named Miss Russian Police in beauty contest for female officers (Daily Mail)

Adele Continues Being A Total Dream To Her Fans On '25' World Tour (Huffington Post)

Uzi-wielding killer guns down man on streets of London in drive-by execution (Daily Express)

ADHD children 'may just be immature' (BBC)

Energy price cap 'will be scrapped' according to City analysts... and any scaling back will be a victory for the 'big six' energy suppliers (Daily Mail)

'I'd come back' Arrested bloke pens hilarious Trip Advisor-style review of police cell (Daily Star)

Police launch appeal to identify man with lost memory (Guardian)

Trudeau and Obama: it's not always this easy being neighbors (Guardian)

Two Preston 14-year-old twin sisters known as The Boom Girls' are given Asbos after tormenting local community for SIX years (Daily Mail)

Video shows a Bolton woman take 7 MINUTES to park outside a dentist (Daily Mail)

New Islamic State leader in Libya says group 'stronger every day' (Reuters)

ADHD May Be 'Overdiagnosed' In Children Who Are Young In Their School Year, Study Suggests (Huffington Post)

Lula: The most hated and loved man in Brazil (BBC)

Isis 'minister of war' was wounded not killed in airstrike, say activists (Guardian)

China outcry at finance minister comments (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Shows Us How To Get Selfie Ready With L'Oreal Paris (Huffington Post)

Exclusive - China urges diplomats and U.N. to boycott Dalai Lama in Geneva (Reuters)

Pro-gun poster girl shot in back by four-year-old son while driving (Daily Star)

Japan still searching for the missing, 5 years after tsunami (Washington Post - Paywall)

China provinces rail against lay-offs plan (Financial Times - Paywall)

'The Sun' Misleads the Nation on Its Front Page About the Queen's Views on the EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

Insight - Ohio's 'dirty little secret': blue-collar Democrats for Trump (Reuters)

Htin Kyaw: the man poised to be Myanmar's new president (Guardian)

Video shows dog reunited with her puppies at The Marin Humane Society in California (Daily Mail)

Trump supporter punches protester in face guess who the police arrested (Daily Star)

South African woman guilty of abducting baby she raised for 17 years (Guardian)

PM's EU deal 'may make things worse' (BBC)

South African woman found guilty of 1997 baby kidnapping (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS prisoner gives U.S. crucial data (CNN)

'Anonymous' author on Man Booker longlist (BBC)

Pittsburgh shooting: five killed and three injured (Guardian)

North Korea fires two short-range missiles (CNN)

Man killed in 'gang-related' shooting in London (Guardian)

Uganda: Mbabazi Accuses Police of Stealing Election Fraud Evidence (Newsweek Magazine)

EU tells Russia to free hunger-striking Ukrainian pilot Savchenko (Reuters)

How Trump and Sanders tapped America's economic rage (CNN)

Mother is gang-raped in front of her three-year-old daughter by attackers who killed her two-week-old son before assaulting the woman on a bus in India (Daily Mail)

AA urges councils to improve roads as 13m cars are damaged by potholes in 2 years (Daily Mail)

Penguin swims 5,000 miles each year to man who saved its life video (Guardian)

Children are still drinking radioactive milk 30 YEARS after the Chernobyl disaster, tests reveal (Daily Mail)

ISIS leader Abu Omar al-Shishani NOT killed says Syrian monitoring group (Daily Mail)

BBC plans to bring back Till Death Us Do Part featuring Alf Garnett (Daily Mail)

'Islam Hates Us': Trump Attacks Muslims ... Again (NBC News)

Decoding the mystery of black athletes who support Donald Trump (Guardian)

China says Taiwan president-elect must prove does not back independence (Reuters)

Five foreign criminals released back on the streets EVERY DAY instead of being deported (Daily Express)

Five criminals a day freed in UK instead of being deported (Daily Mail)

South African peace-keepers ambushed in Darfur, one killed - government (Reuters)

Opinion: U.S. - wake up to Trump threat (CNN)

Pro-gun Putnam County mom Jamie Gilt is stable after being shot by son (Daily Mail)

ISIS General Omar The Chechen Al-Shishani Still Alive After Air Strike: Syrian Observatory (Newsweek Magazine)

Finnish News Team Reports On Donald Trump And The Republican Primaries For 'Funny Or Die' (Huffington Post)

Nearly 500,000 migrants reached Greece in quarter four - EU border agency (Reuters)

Iraq's al-Sadr supporters back PM's move for non-partisan cabinet to fight graft (Reuters)

Republican rivals fear Trump has become 'unstoppable' in race for White House (Daily Express)

Indian guru's festival on Delhi floodplain riles greens, worries police (Reuters)

Tinder nightmare: Woman reveals hilarious text exchange with terrifying potential date (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC PICS: Man killed with Uzi in London drive-by shooting over 'rapper jewellery row' (Daily Star)

Will the Croydon Cat Ripper KILL A HUMAN next? London police ask (Daily Mail)

South Korea considers approval of North Korea tuberculosis aid despite sanctions (Reuters)

Woman Caught Smuggling Child In Bag Onto Air France Flight Will Not Face Charges (Huffington Post)

Guardian morning briefing: Isis recruit names leaked, pre-pay energy meter cap and castle refit fury (Guardian)

Carpool Karaoke is Being Sold as a TV Show (Time Magazine)

China expresses alarm at Philippines-Japan aircraft deal (Reuters)

Fukushima's ground zero - No place for man or robot (Reuters)

Now EU wants deal with Russia's Vladimir Putin! (Daily Mail)

Five Killed in U.S. Backyard BBQ Shooting, Police Seek Multiple Gunmen (Newsweek Magazine)

Two missing booksellers return to China hours after re-appearing in HK - report (Reuters)

China set to introduce charity law though some unlikely to benefit (Reuters)

North Korea Will Liquidate' South Korean Assets In The Country (Time Magazine)

ISIS Detainee Tells of Militants' Chemical Weapons Plans (NBC News)

Eating raw meat 2 million years ago separated us from apes by helping our brains grow (Daily Mail)

Garden party massacre leaves fives dead as police hunt at least two gunmen (Daily Express)

Stranded Woman, Nicole Sedgebeer, Raises £5,000 For Homeless Man Who Helped Her (Huffington Post)

Five years after tsunami, Japanese town tries to recover, with few jobs or people (Washington Post - Paywall)

IS Files: Brits Feature Among 'Gold Mine' Of Leaked Islamic State Fighter Registration Forms (Huffington Post)

Cameron: economic shock of EU exit 'not a price worth paying' (Guardian)

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles after nuke scare (Daily Star)

At least five killed, several hurt in shooting near Pittsburgh - police (Reuters)

Venezuela Summons Top Diplomat In U.S. Back to Caracas (Time Magazine)

Clinton, Sanders find common enemy at US presidential debate - Trump (Reuters)

After Fukushima: faces from Japan's tsunami tragedy, five years on (Guardian)

Five years after Japan's tsunami, orphan victims lament their lost parents (Guardian)

US Air Force veteran Tairod Pugh found GUILTY of trying to join evil Islamic State (Daily Express)

How Clinton Shadowboxed Trump at the Democratic Debate (Time Magazine)

North Korea fires missiles into the sea in response to South Korea sanctions (Fox News)

U.S. vet convicted of trying support ISIS (CNN)

ISIS numbers don't tell the whole story (CNN)

Scared EU chiefs turn to Vladimir Putin as migrant crisis rumbles out of control (Daily Star)

Kremlin hits back over Sharapova scandal (CNN)

Now desperate Islamic State deploy DORA THE EXPLORER balloons to spy on enemies (Daily Express)

ISIS registration forms list names, contact info for 22,000 jihadists (Fox News)

Trump leads Kasich and Rubio in their home states (CBS News)

North Korea Fires Test Missiles, Defying U.N. Ban (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS chemical weapons expert captured (CBS News)

Missing Booksellers Return to China After Appearing in Hong Kong: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Marco Rubio Regrets Insulting Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Students urge Malcolm Turnbull to end immigration detention of children (Guardian)

Bodies of a man and a woman found inside a car parked at a Midlands golf club (Daily Mail)

Video shows Google self-driving car hit bus (Daily Mail)

Flybe plane cancels take-off after crew became worried man who was too drunk (Daily Mail)

Texas Executes Man For Killing Five in 1997 (NBC News)

Now EU chiefs BEG Vladimir Putin to solve migrant crisis as Eurocrats admit they face RUIN (Daily Express)

Spotlight on Michael Gove over claim the Queen told Nick Clegg her views on EU (Daily Mail)

Viedo shows cars 'floating' down the road in Abu Dhabi (Daily Mail)

Man Attempts to Rob Taxi in Front of Sheriff (NBC News)

Ex-priest being extradited in teachers 1960 murder (CBS News)

U.S. forces in Iraq capture ISIS chemical weapons expert (CBS News)

In latest show of defiance, North Korea fires ballistic missiles into sea (Washington Post - Paywall)

WATCH: Crazy moment drunk' woman drives with MASSIVE tree lodged in car's BONNET (Daily Express)

Zika Vaccine Still Years Away, W.H.O. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Amid 'serious' situation, China eyes soil pollution law in 2017 (Reuters)

S. Korea: N. Korea fires short-range missiles amid war games (CBS News)

U.S. Clinging to Two State Solution for Israel and Palestine (Newsweek Magazine)

Tairod Pugh, Ex-U.S. Serviceman, Is Found Guilty of Trying to Aid ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman hides four-year-old child in bag on flight from Istanbul to Paris (Guardian)

Births to over-40s double in past 20 years as women put careers first (Daily Mail)

N Korea 'fires short-range missiles' (BBC)

PC gone mad: RIDICULOUS' primary school BANS games of tag as they might UPSET children (Daily Express)

Cameron's weak EU deal will leave Britain EVEN WORSE off' claims senior Tory (Daily Express)

U.S. Interrogates Top Islamic State Chemical-Arms Expert (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The 'sin' that could get you killed (CNN)

Jury returns verdict on vet accused of trying to join ISIS (CBS News)

Lawmakers celebrate raw milk law -- deny being sickened by drinking it (CBS News)

Leeds primary school bans children from playing 'tag' claiming some get upset (Daily Mail)

Is Donald Trump unbeatable? (CBS News)

ISIS Detainee Tells U.S. of Militants' Plan to Use Mustard Gas (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS data leak 'breakthrough' could destroy evil jihadis (Daily Star)

Fukushima Still Rattles Japan, Five Years After Nuclear Disaster (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dos Equis: We need new most interesting man in the world (CBS News)

Hambledon woman who lived her whole life in the same cottage dies aged 104 (Daily Mail)

Transgender man Laith Ashley finds success as a model just two years after transition (Daily Mail)

Jeb Bush meets Republican field amid Trump momentum as it happened (Guardian)

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles: South Korea (NBC News)

Bloody truth about the 'colonialist' cockerel Cambridge students want sent back to Africa: It's made from melted-down money AFRICANS earned by selling slaves (Daily Mail)

Gene therapy in the womb for ill babies: Plan to give injections to mothers whose unborn children have stopped growing due to failure of the placenta (Daily Mail)

Financial adviser now makes MORE money being paid to write about her global adventure (Daily Mail)

North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into sea (Guardian)

Gun lovin Florida mom says 4-year-old son shot her in the back (CBS News)

Sorry vegetarians! Eating raw meat 2 million years ago separated us from apes by helping our brains to grow and language to develop (Daily Mail)

Newsreader Mary Nightingale says women should start planning for children aged 23 (Daily Mail)

Nickolay Lamm, man behind the 'average' Barbie Lammily creates a male version (Daily Mail)

China investment in Europe hits $23bn high (Financial Times - Paywall)

Scotland the poor man of Europe: Huge financial deficit lays bare Nationalists' lies (Daily Express)

Boy who has been waiting years for transplant urges people to join organ donor register (Daily Mail)

Just Pump It Back to Antarctica Is Not a Viable Response to Sea Level Rise (Newsweek Magazine)

Most EU citizens want UK to remain, study suggests (Guardian)

New terror warning: Britain faces 'very, very serious threat' of Paris-style ISIS attack (Daily Express)

Delays up to 53 minutes for non-emergency calls to 101 police number (Daily Star)

Sunderland will give fans their money back for Adam Johnson shirts (Daily Star)

Mexican farmer builds pyramid after being 'ordered by ALIEN from faraway planet' (Daily Express)

David Cameron hits out at 'leave' campaigners for being prepared to sacrifice British jobs (Daily Express)

Female Ukrainian officer Nadezhda Savchenko shows Russian judges the middle finger (Daily Mail)

Jury Finds U.S. Veteran Guilty of Supporting Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman smuggles child in hand luggage (BBC)

China Bars a North Korean Freighter From Its Port (Newsweek Magazine)

Hatton Garden raid gang sentenced to a total of 34 years over £14m gem heist (Daily Mail)

Isis document leak reportedly reveals identities of 22,000 recruits (Guardian)

Donald Trump by the numbers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump presidency could lead to a trade war, says former president of Mexico (Guardian)

Barbie doll exhibition at Museum of Decorative Dolls in Paris shows glamorous designs (Daily Mail)

Yazidi sex slave tells how she escaped from ISIS but had to leave her child behind (Daily Mail)

Dashcam video shows man 'tightrope walking' on a Colwyn Bay bridge (Daily Mail)

North Korea 'fires short-range missiles' (CNN)

Man accused of anti-gay hate crime admits killing victim: I shot him' video (Guardian)

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles Into the Sea (Time Magazine)

New Zealand police shooting siege ends after 22 hours (Guardian)

Islamic State detainee tells U.S. about chemical weapons plans (Los Angeles Times)

Jessica Clark shed 40 kilograms after being bullied at school by Mean Girls (Daily Mail)

Boy who wished for fame in China dies (CNN)

The white shirt that claims to be impossible to stain: Makers say top is impervious to wine, coffee and even mucky children (Daily Mail)

Record number of African rhinos killed in 2015 (Guardian)

Rubio Says He's 'Not Entirely Proud' of Personal Attacks Against Trump (NBC News)

North Korea Fires Short-range Missiles Into Sea: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Dashcam shows truck's crash off bridge (CNN)

Fate of Lawsuit Brought by Trump Model to be Decided This Month (Newsweek Magazine)

Clapham South Horror As Woman Dragged Under Tube Train Caused 'Because Her Coat Wasn't Big Enough' (Huffington Post)

Awash in Empty Homes, China Asks Migrant Workers to Settle Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Liverpool v Man Utd - how much do you know? (BBC)

30 Years After Chernobyl, Locals Are Still Eating Radioactive Food (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Man uses ladder to reach van in floods (BBC)

EU Warns Six Countries Over Spending Plans (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

American commandos capture key ISIS asset (CBS News)

Couple's Double Drowning Gets Fresh Look After 35 Years (NBC News)

Dubai man attempts to push himself through flood water in trolley (Daily Mail)

Cologne Police Detain 2 Suspects in New Year's Eve Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows Birmingham a man climbs ladder to submerged van in torrential floods (Daily Mail)

'Why I want to drop dead healthy and I probably will': Cardiologist says the key to a long life is ditching SUGAR - and claims he'll outlive many of today's children (Daily Mail)

What the world thinks: Foreign leaders react to Trump - Election 2016 (CBS News)

Turkey has 'blackmailed' Britain over the migrant crisis into backing EU membership (Daily Mail)

Paul Smith opens up on his wife, David Bowie, and missing out on having children (Daily Mail)

Canadian dad's parenting hack for carrying two children and keeping one hand free (Daily Mail)

Carriageway roadworks have now been in place for so many years there's even a canteen in the middle of the site (Daily Mail)

David Cameron demands Labour expel a '9/11 and ISIS apologist' for a SECOND time (Daily Mail)

George Osborne and Theresa May blasted for claiming police funding was protected (Daily Mail)

'Foiled ISIS plot to kidnap PM' (CNN)

Video shows spikes inside of loggerhead turtle's throat (Daily Mail)

Lord Janner Alleged To Have Abused Children Over A Period Of 30 Years (Huffington Post)

Man flies to Macedonia migrant camp to bring 18 of his family back to England (Daily Mail)

Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux planned to abduct children for 'underground city' (Daily Mail)

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