Saturday, 12th March 2016

World News

Iraq: ISIS carries out deadly chemical attacks (CBS News)

CBS News journalist: Donald Trump rallies have grown more hostile (CBS News)

600 injured in ISIS chemical attack as suicide bomber is foiled by Kurds in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Over 60 people with British connections are named in leaked ISIS recruitment documents that also identify three Bataclan attackers (Daily Mail)

New disturbance at Trump rally as crucial Republican contests near (Reuters)

Obama to visit London in bid to keep UK in the EU (Reuters)

How ISIS forces Yazidi sex slaves to take contraceptive pill and have abortions to keep them available for jihadis (Daily Mail)

Leaked ISIS documents name 64 Brit jihadis from terror group (Daily Star)

Bernie calls out Trump as a 'pathological liar' after the Donald blames 'communist' Sanders' supporters for inciting violence at Chicago rally protests (Daily Mail)

Government and opposition far apart over Assad before Syria peace talks (Reuters)

How the Syrian revolt went so horribly, tragically wrong (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS is accused of chemical attack in Iraq that wounds hundreds, kills child (Washington Post - Paywall)

Trump blames Democratic opponents for fueling violent clashes at rallies (Guardian)

Trump left visibly shaken by Ohio rally scare as SS agents race to surround him on stage minutes after he brushed off last night's Chicago racist violence as 'planned attack' by 'professional wiseguys' (Daily Mail)

Trump Blames 'Thugs' for Clashes at Abandoned Rally (NBC News)

South Korean Drills Go Ahead Despite Northern Threats (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman arrested as man found dead of multiple injuries (Daily Star)

Man charged in Belfast bombing (CNN)

Trump Ducks as Protester Causes Disturbance in Ohio (Newsweek Magazine)

Freed terror Briton Babar Ahmad: I just want Scotland Yard to say sorry (Guardian)

Trump supporters in St Louis: how 'midwestern nice' became a sea of rage (Guardian)

Syrian transition can only start with Assad's exit or death - opposition (Reuters)

Secret Service Rushes Stage to Protect Trump at Ohio Rally (NBC News)

Why Protesters Help Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Candidate startled as man tries to rush stage in Ohio (CNN)

Barack Obama praises Nancy Reagan for pursuing cures for illnesses like Alzheimer's (Daily Mail)

How Sanders Supporters Shut Down Trump's Rally in Chicago (NBC News)

Ex-Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Calls Off Divorce (NBC News)

Donald Trump unites Republicans and Democrats in their condemnation: John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio denounce ugly Chicago rally scenes while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders blame it on The Donald's divisive and violent rhetoric (Daily Mail)

Kasich Says GOP Rival Trump Fosters 'Toxic Environment' (NBC News)

A song for the stranded: Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei drags grand white piano to squalid Idomeni camp where Syrian refugee woman serenades rain-soaked migrants (Daily Mail)

Obama warns against US campaign anger (BBC)

Syria foes wrangle ahead of peace talks (BBC)

Sanders calls Trump 'pathological liar' as Chicago rally backlash grows (Guardian)

Man arrested for murder after woman stabbed to death in London (Guardian)

Syria Government Gives Opposition One Day to Turn Up to Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump's Chicago rally called off due to 'credible threat' from protesters (Daily Mail)

Woman found 'stabbed to death' in London as police launch murder probe (Daily Star)

Happy Birthday, Liza! The 70-year-old Hollywood legend is living an 'ordinary' life that includes kicking back with a bucket of KFC and a classic movie on cable but the four-times married star says it's not too late to love again (Daily Mail)

At least five killed as flooding continues in South (CBS News)

Trump supporters v Black Lives Matter: watching a real conversation unfold (Guardian)

Sharapova fights back in doping case (CNN)

VIDEO: Syrian refugee plays piano for Ai Weiwei (BBC)

How Bernie Sanders Supporters Shut Down Donald Trump's Chicago Rally (Time Magazine)

North Korean sub 'missing' after US and South Korea involved in joint military drills (Daily Star)

Heroin user leads police on 100mph car chase before running into road naked (Daily Star)

Sasha Obama Met Ryan Reynolds and It Was Adorable (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Syrian refugee plays the piano at Greek border (Washington Post - Paywall)

London base jumper leaps safely off EU's tallest building (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Security scare at Trump event in Ohio (BBC)

Trump presses on with Cincinnati rally after cancelling in Chicago over clashes (Guardian)

SXSW harassment summit kicks off despite threats of violence (Guardian)

Report says ISIS forcing birth control on sex slaves (Fox News)

Teams, venues say goodbye to paper tickets (CBS News)

Trump blames bad dudes' for campaign violence (Financial Times - Paywall)

CBS News journalist detained as Chicago Trump rally turns violent (CBS News)

Protester Tries to Storm Stage at Donald Trump Rally (Time Magazine)

Man shot by police after 'firing crossbow at cops' (Daily Star)

Violence breaks out at Univ. of Illinois as Donald Trump cancels rally (CBS News)

President Obama Highlights Political Absurdity Of 'Steak Seller' Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Nicola Sturgeon goes back on word to demand 2nd once in a lifetime' independence vote (Daily Express)

Maria Sharapova chocolate to go on sale in May despite drug ban (Guardian)

Assad's status not on table at peace talks (CNN)

Obama Argues Against Absolutist' Views Amid Apple-FBI Fight (Time Magazine)

WATCH: Man catches horny couples having sex outside his house...and he is not happy (Daily Star)

Refugee Syrian mother gives birth in Idomeni camp in Greece (Daily Mail)

Rubio, Kasich Suggest They May Not Back Donald Trump as Nominee (Time Magazine)

Black Lives Matter v All Lives Matter: political discourse at a Donald Trump rally - video (Guardian)

CBS News journalist caught in turmoil at canceled Donald Trump rally (CBS News)

Reporter Details Undercover Journey With Syrian Refugees (Newsweek Magazine)

US and South Korean soldiers plan for North Korean landing exercises (Daily Mail)

Chaotic Rallies Show Donald Trump Also Inspires Democratic Turnout (Time Magazine)

Jihadi John biographer withdraws from event at ISIS executioner's former university (Daily Mail)

Warwickshire police summon drivers who photographed HGV M40 crash (Daily Mail)

Terrorism fears as man breaches security to parachute from London's Shard (Daily Express)

Video shows a Syrian refugee boy slammed to the ground by a Turkish street vendor (Daily Mail)

The London Stone has been lain on Cannon Street but will now go on show (Daily Mail)

Trump Blames Chicago Protest on Communist Sanders Supporters (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Mbeki's HIV VIews Have No Place in South Africa (Newsweek Magazine)

Presidential Candidates Say Trump Set Tone for Violence at Rallies (Time Magazine)

Police shoot man following siege (BBC)

John Legend Calls Donald Trump Racist' in Twitter Feud With Candidate's Son (Time Magazine)

Rubio hedges on support for Trump amid 'chaos' and 'anarchy' (Guardian)

Rubio: GOP Will Be Defined By Violence If Trump Is Nominee (NBC News)

Video shows 'daredevil' dog wearing GOGGLES on the back of a motorcycle (Daily Mail)

ISIS leak reveals fighters' preferences (CNN)

Slovak National Party refuses talks on centre-right coalition, deepens deadlock (Reuters)

Rubio Slams Trump for Feeding 'Narrative of Anger' (NBC News)

ISIS Chemical Attacks Wound 600, Iraqi Officials Say (Time Magazine)

1 Colombian man shot dead, 1 wounded in Madrid hair salon (Washington Post - Paywall)

GRAPHIC: Gruesome pics of ISIS suicide attack show realities of war (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Blames Thugs' for Cancelled Chicago Rally (Time Magazine)

2 officers hurt, 5 people arrested at canceled Trump rally (CNN)

Syria opposition to attend Geneva peace talks (Reuters)

Donald Trump has no regrets over saying he wants to 'knock the crap' out of protesters (Daily Mail)

Obama mocks Trump steaks, wine (CNN)

Obama praises Nancy Reagan for devotion to Alzheimer's research (Guardian)

Obama talks cyber security and government at SXSW - video (Guardian)

WATCH: Bloke catches girlfriend in bed with another man and gets it all on video (Daily Star)

Syrian government calls Bashar al-Assad a 'red line' in peace talks (Guardian)

State of Terror: To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian government to send delegation to Geneva talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: 'I was told to go back to Africa' (BBC)

Afghanistan go through in World T20 (BBC)

Isis launches two chemical attacks in northern Iraq (Guardian)

Man arrested over 'mistaken identity' murder in London (Guardian)

Heirs in line to succeed the Queen include 'miracle worker' who talks to angels (Daily Mail)

Vintage warplane used to bomb ISIS (CNN)

Grimsby: Sacha Baron Cohen 'Should Get Back To Kazakhstan And Die', Former Labour MP Says Over New Movie (Huffington Post)

Liverpool driver blames dying PARROT for cutting off annoyed cyclist (Daily Mail)

What Trump says about protesters at his rallies (BBC)

Fistfights and fury at Trump rally after rowdy' audience forces event evacuation (Daily Star)

Why Is This Basic Cellphone a Favorite for ISIS Fighters? (NBC News)

Donald Trump calls off Chicago rally amid protests and violence (Guardian)

Iraq officials say Islamic State chemical attacks kill child, wound 600 (Fox News)

AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol in third consecutive Go game (Guardian)

US reveals unusual new SECRET WEAPON in fight against ISIS (Daily Express)

Watch: Violence erupts at 2 Trump rallies Friday (CNN)

UK youngsters lack grit' giving CHINA and JAPAN the edge, say experts (Daily Express)

Kerry: Syria talks should go forward; consulting with Lavrov (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S., South Korea stage assault drill; North threatens to wipe out enemies (Reuters)

AlphaGo beats human Go champ for the third straight time, wins best-of-5 contest (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump rally cancellation triggers protests and chaos - video (Guardian)

What happened to Dunblane killer's ashes? His mother said police refused to release them but police say they never had them (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz respond to Chicago rally unrest (CBS News)

Syrian Firms Take Refuge Abroad---and Create Jobs (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rivals Accuse Trump of Encouraging Violence at Rallies (NBC News)

Computer wins series against Go master (BBC)

'I want to go home': Syrian refugees in Lebanon (Guardian)

Whitehall is number of migrants ahead of EU poll, say MPs (Daily Mail)

EDF chief 'confident' Hinkley Point C project will go ahead (Guardian)

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton lead the mourners at Nancy Reagan's funeral whilst Obama attends SXSW (Daily Mail)

Would YOU take the jump?: Learning to overcome 'the black hole of fear' and launch off an Olympic ski jump alongside Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards (at 50 years old) (Daily Mail)

The oldest man in the world survived Auschwitz (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ted Cruz denounces clashes at Donald Trump rally (CBS News)

Trump calls off rally amid protests (BBC)

North Korea warns of pre-emptive strikes against the South (Washington Post - Paywall)

Trump protesters shut down Chicago rally (CBS News)

Spieth hits back at 'garbage' comment (BBC)

How they've grown! Sasha and Malia Obama (CNN)

Trump speaks out after clashes (CNN)

Obama Makes Case for Access to Mobile Device Data (NBC News)

Chicago protesters: "We stopped Trump" (CBS News)

Protester dragged out of Trump rally (Guardian)

Legendary rockstar Keith Emerson could have committed suicide, police say (Daily Star)

Police boss says EU needs to pull together as HALF member states don't share evidence (Daily Express)

Music legend Keith Emerson could have committed suicide, police say (Daily Express)

Uniquely Canadian approach to ISIS (CNN)

Five days of floods in the South (CBS News)

Now man cleared of rape CAN'T sue 'victim' who turned his ordeal into modern art project (Daily Express)

VIDEO: What happened at Trump's Chicago rally (BBC)

Europe needs to plug data gaps to track militants - German police head (Reuters)

Donald Trump rally in Chicago postponed due to 'safety reasons' live (Guardian)

Trump cancels rally over violence fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Israeli Airstrike on Hamas Base Kills Boy Nearby, Gaza Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Dickerson: Donald Trump playing "good cop, bad cop" with GOP (CBS News)

Hinkley power station 'will go ahead' (BBC)

Is Rio 2016 under threat from an ISIS attack? Troops prepare for potential terror assault (Daily Star)

Mississippi man pleads guilty in ISIS aid case (CBS News)

Four shot at Canadian cemetery after funeral of 21-year-old man (Guardian)

Trump's Chicago rally called off for safety reasons amid chaos (Reuters)

French police arrest teens suspected of plotting attack (CBS News)

Syria Truce, Despite Flaws, Spurs Resumption of Peace Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

TRUMP RALLY IN CHAOS: Mass brawl after officials cancel event over 'rowdy' crowd (Daily Express)

White House Backs Off From Obama's Critique of Cameron (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain sends more troops to train Iraqis as UK steps up fight against ISIS (Daily Mail)

Could TERRORISTS attack the Olympic Games? Troops prepare for potential ISIS attack in Rio (Daily Express)

Surrey police chief Kevin Hurley 'wanted to break legs' of man who stabbed neighbour (Daily Mail)

Peace Event Hosts Wives of South Sudan Leaders Tied to Rape (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump's Chicago Rally Axed After Protesters Flood Event (Huffington Post)

Croydon bar owner accuses police of banning him from playing Jamaican music (Daily Mail)

Great British Bake Off bosses admit their hit show could be poached by rival (Daily Mail)

Six out of ten say they've had contact with a dead partner (Daily Mail)

Naked man who thinks he's a werewolf in terrifying late night rampage (Daily Star)

South African teen finds possible MH370 plane debris (Washington Post - Paywall)

Trump rally in Chicago abruptly postponed over safety concerns (Guardian)

Afghan interpreters in Britain are likely to be sent back home in new court ruling (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Cancels Chicago Event Amid Protests and Chaos (Time Magazine)

Furious Sharapova hits back at claims she was warned over drugs before test fail (Daily Star)

Threat of Violence Forces Trump to Postpone Event in Chicago (Newsweek Magazine)

Syrians see few prospects for peace from Geneva talks (Reuters)

Police hunt attacker who punched six women and a man on Sydney street (Guardian)

Obama warns over fetishising our phones' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Naked man who thinks he's a WEREWOLF smashes cars and brawls with police in RAMPAGE (Daily Express)

'No Doubt' Escaped Inmates Are Getting Help, Police Say (NBC News)

Emotional Maria Sharapova HITS BACK at claims she was warned over drugs before test fail (Daily Express)

The man who blew up Nelson (BBC)

Muslim Dudley postman fasting for Ramadan fell asleep at the wheel and killed man (Daily Mail)

Goldmine of ISIS jihadi suspects is a fake' (Daily Star)

Guinness names new worlds oldest man (CBS News)

Russian weather girl Larissa Sladkova hits back at 'haters' who say she dresses like a porn star (Daily Mail)

Man versus burger: £20 monster meal boasts more than 6,000 calories (Daily Star)

President Obama Argues for the Need to Concede Privacy at SXSW Keynote (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea lost a submarine, defense officials say (Fox News)

'4ft monster rat' found by gas man on London housing estate is from GAMBIA (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton Walks Back Praise of Reagans' AIDS Response (Time Magazine)

Obama and Canada's Justin Trudeau Promote Ties and Climate Plan (New York Times - Paywall)

The King of Go meets his match in a computer, and a country watches in disbelief (Los Angeles Times)

Rubio 'Releasing' Ohio Supporters to Stop Trump (NBC News)

The terrifying land of gang rape and brutal killings that is South Sudan (Los Angeles Times)

U.K. press blast Obama for "extraordinary" criticism of Cameron (CBS News)

U.S. says Syrian air strikes a violation of truce deal (Reuters)

Has the Trump Campaign Imposed a Gag Order? (NBC News)

Teen Who Beat Sikh Man in Chicago Gets Community Service (NBC News)

FBI say San Bernardino gunman's iPhone DOES hold evidence of the attack (Daily Mail)

Miss. Man Accused of Trying to Join ISIS Pleads Guilty (NBC News)

Full Transcript: Clinton and Sanders Face Off in Florida Debate Ahead of Primary (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi police kill 6 men wanted for murder of officer (Fox News)

South Sudan's Army Allowed To Rape Civilian Women In Lieu Of A Salary (Huffington Post)

Israeli Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal is recognised as world's oldest man at 112 (Daily Mail)

YouTube video shows man pop his girlfriend's pus-filled cyst (Daily Mail)

Man beats wife's 'lover' after bumping into couple during Ip Man 3 screening (Daily Mail)

French police arrest teenagers suspected of plotting attack (Fox News)

Leaked ISIS papers reveal Fasil Towalde fled to Syria and appeared in jihadi videos (Daily Mail)

Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump for president in the 2016 US election (Daily Mail)

Measles outbreak feared in South East (BBC)

Sarah Silverman dresses up as HITLER on Conan O'Brien to criticize Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Obama laments fallout from Libya action (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrian opposition says it will rejoin peace talks (CBS News)

Bombs are dropped in Aleppo as Syrian rebel groups agree to attend peace talks (Daily Mail)

Evangelicals heed the gospel of Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

South African teen may have found part of MH370 (CBS News)

Hot Dog Shop Mocks Donald Trump's Small Hands With 'Footlong' Sandwich (Huffington Post)

Horse way ahead of his nearest rival suddenly runs off in the wrong direction (Daily Mail)

Juba Journal: In South Sudan, City of Hope Is Now City of Fear (New York Times - Paywall)

Sarah Silverman Dresses As Adolf Hitler To Criticise Donald Trump On 'Conan' (Huffington Post)

Reporter Michelle Fields Files Complaint After Alleged Assault by Trump Campaign Manager (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: When Trump called Carson 'pathological' (BBC)

Puerto Rican man is propped up in a chair with a cigarette at his own funeral (Daily Mail)

Hilarious moment cheeky fox steals golfer's wallet from bag and then runs off with it (Daily Mail)

Misunderstandings on Libya Make ISIS The Real Winner (Newsweek Magazine)

Nigerias Police Spent $3 Million Importing Dogs (Newsweek Magazine)

Horrendous' abuses in South Sudan decried (Financial Times - Paywall)

Smugglers Prey on Migrants Desperate to Find Back Doors to Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

Zephany Nurse's family say kidnapped girl has rejected them after their reunion (Daily Mail)

False alarm at U.S. Embassy in Berlin, police say (CBS News)

How Trump Is Using Debate, Carson to Try to Unify Republican Party (Newsweek Magazine)

Mexican female only police unit disbanded for damaging the force's image (Daily Mail)

Christian 'prophet' has his buttocks mauled by a lion during South Africa safari (Daily Mail)

Rutgers University experts say picture-based passwords could boost your phone's security (Daily Mail)

In the shadow of Fukushima, a ghost town struggles back to life (Los Angeles Times)

US Embassy bomb threat in Berlin as suspect overpowered by German Police (Daily Mail)

Swedish police say video shows driver crashed Viola Beach car on purpose (Daily Mail)

Trump calls for Republican party unity (Financial Times - Paywall)

Spiritual guru's festival in India to go ahead despite environmental concerns (Los Angeles Times)

Somalia militant group Shabab keeps bouncing back from attacks (Los Angeles Times)

Human rights groups criticize European Union-Turkish plan to stop Syrian migrants (Los Angeles Times)

In China, the state decides who can come back from the dead (Los Angeles Times)