Saturday, 26th March 2016

World News

Tampa police officer, suspects shot near beer brewery (CBS News)

Medical helicopter crew, patient killed in Alabama crash (CBS News)

2 Iowa cops among 4 killed in wrong-way crash (CBS News)

Teacher arrested after video shows child knocked over (CBS News)

American man confirmed killed in Brussels attacks (CBS News)

After bleak week, Pope Francis offers Easter message (Washington Post - Paywall)

Three lives that changed on the day that terror came home to Belgium (Washington Post - Paywall)

Michael D Higgins marks 100 years since Easter Rising by calling for a 'new Ireland' (Daily Mail)

Young girl killed after high winds blow a bouncy castle 150m across a park (Daily Mail)

Adorable video shows a disabled puppy learning how to walk thanks to therapists (Daily Mail)

Belgium charges airport suspect, calls off Brussels 'march against fear' (Reuters)

Medical Helicopter Crew, Patient Killed in Alabama Crash (NBC News)

Captured! Dramatic arrest of the 'man in white' seen at Brussels Airport whose own sister reported him to the police TWO YEARS ago (Daily Mail)

Another First for Cuba: A Concert by the Rolling Stones (New York Times - Paywall)

US man missing after Brussels bombings died in attacks, brother says (Guardian)

Man charged over Brussels terror attack (BBC)

Gayle Woodford: SA man charged with murdering outback health worker (Guardian)

3 suspects arrested after Brussels attacks charged with terrorist offenses (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. Accountant Who Found Adventure in Europe Among Brussels Victims (New York Times - Paywall)

Man Charged With Murder Over Brussels Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tell us the truth did terror ringleader visit Birmingham? asks MP (Guardian)

After sombre week, Pope leads Catholics into Easter stressing hope (Reuters)

100 years on, the Irish lay to rest the ghosts of the Easter Rising (Guardian)

Another American Confirmed Killed in Brussels Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Easter Rising commemoration events held (BBC)

Brussels cancels peace march amid fears ISIS will use it to launch ANOTHER brutal attack as flowers flood the city in memory of those killed in this week's bombings (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Tennessee man is identified as Brussels victim (Washington Post - Paywall)

Battle for Palmyra rages between ISIS and Assad's Syrian army (Daily Mail)

Turkish soldier killed in northern Iraq after Islamic State fires rockets - army (Reuters)

Tributes pour in for Glasgow newsagent killed outside his shop (Guardian)

Family members of Brussels attacks victims open up (CBS News)

The Challenge of Easter (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Muslim shopkeeper Asad Shah's customers pay tribute after he was stabbed to death (Daily Mail)

Suspect Charged in Relation With Brussels Attacks (NBC News)

Islamophobic tirade on London Tube captured on video as passenger rants (Daily Mail)

Would-be Suicide Bomber Says She Is a Kidnapped Nigerian School Girl (Time Magazine)

Brussels attacks rekindle privacy vs. security debate in Europe (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS attacks Iraqi base housing U.S. military personnel (CBS News)

New Brussels Attack Suspect Is Charged, Prosecutors Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Paul Tam Murder In San Francisco: Police Release CCTV Of 'Brutal' Killing (Huffington Post)

Belgium's Donald Trump' warns of extremism problems days BEFORE deadly Brussels attacks (Daily Express)

Garry Shandling's doctor REFUSES to sign death certificate two days after the comedian died from a heart attack (Daily Mail)

Missing American couple's car found at Brussels airport following attacks (Daily Mail)

Knife-wielding racist thugs attack eight-year-old girl with dad (Daily Star)

Belgium charges 3 more attacks suspects for terror offenses (Washington Post - Paywall)

Parisians attend first aid training in case of new attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Turkish soldier killed in Iraq by IS rockets fired at base (Washington Post - Paywall)

San Francisco police release footage of Briton's brutal' murder (Guardian)

Frank Deng, Spirited' Chinese Entrepreneur and Brussels Victim (New York Times - Paywall)

In Beirut, a Gesture of Solidarity With Brussels (Newsweek Magazine)

Faycal Cheffou arrested and charged over Brussels attacks (Daily Mail)

Belgium charges three men with terrorism after Brussels bombs (Reuters)

Najim Laachraoui, 24, Bomb Maker for Paris and Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Headed to U.S. for a Belated Celebration, Jennifer Scintu-Waetzmann Dies in Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Andr Adam, Retired Diplomat and Brussels Victim (New York Times - Paywall)

Police threaten to arrest man over £130 traffic fine after bailiffs attempt to seize car (Daily Mail)

ISIS on the RUN: Russia smashes jihadis with 158 air raids in just 24 HOURS (Daily Express)

Special effects behind the Bond films' death defying stunts revealed (Daily Mail)

Kingswinford couple who swindled disability benefits are caught on video (Daily Mail)

CPS tells Met Police they had NO right to charge Matthew Doyle over Brussels tweet (Daily Mail)

Watch a Pastor, Rabbi and Imam Talk About What Comes After Death (Time Magazine)

Vlad strikes back: Putin snaps and 100 Jihadis killed as ISIS blitzed in Palmyra (Daily Star)

Theresa May tells police to record reasons every time they stop a driver (Daily Mail)

Transgender Kent woman is refused entry to pub's female bathrooms in video (Daily Mail)

Masked men lead Republican Easter Rising anniversary march (Guardian)

Rolling Stones make history with epic concert in Cuban capital of Havana (Daily Star)

Brussels terror suspect shot by police 'had been jailed for seven years' (Daily Mail)

Rolling Stones rock Havana (Financial Times - Paywall)

Gay Jesus actor Ramon Fossati banned from Easter parade for being 'too ostentatious' (Daily Mail)

Man named as Fay al C charged over 'core role' in Brussels bomb attacks (Guardian)

'Mother of Satan' Europe terrorist's signature bomb of death revealed (Daily Star)

Can you find the hidden Easter egg in the toughest brain teaser yet? (Daily Star)

Rolling Stones Cuba concert makes history (CBS News)

Far-right support surges in Belgium as anger grows over Brussels terror attacks (Daily Express)

What was the Easter Rising? video explainer (Guardian)

Putin's one-man warrior wipes out ISIS thugs by calling huge airstrike on HIMSELF (Daily Star)

Brussels attack victims came from Belgium and around world (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video Shows Dramatic Blaze on London Double-Decker Bus (Time Magazine)

Organizers postpone Sunday's march for solidarity in Belgium after police appeal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Vigil for shopkeeper killed hours after wishing Happy Easter to 'beloved Christian nation' (Daily Express)

Can you spot the egg in Easter bunny brainteaser? (Daily Express)

UK weather sees Britain brace itself for 70mph gusts during Easter weekend (Daily Mail)

Asad Shah Death: Shopkeeper Killed In 'Religiously Prejudiced' Attack Remembered As 'Lovely Guy' At Second Vigil (Huffington Post)

How terror is shaping Brussels (CNN)

3 Charged in Brussels Bombing Attacks (Time Magazine)

In Brussels Bombing Plot, a Trail of Dots Not Connected (New York Times - Paywall)

Authorities identify new suspect in Brussels attacks (CBS News)

Brussels attacks: Belgian federal prosecutors charge two men with terrorist activities (Guardian)

Appeal for calm after shopkeeper death (BBC)

Forget The Rolling Stones - It Was the Manics Who Broke Ground in Cuba (Huffington Post)

ISIS filling positions through social media (CBS News)

Hunt on for sick DEER KILLERS as horrified police discover 19 SEVERED heads in field (Daily Express)

Rolling Stones make history in Havana (CNN)

Gary Lineker Apologises For Controversial Brussels Attack Tweet (Huffington Post)

Manchester Airport passengers kicked off plane for being too drunk (Daily Mail)

North Korean propaganda video depicts Washington DC under a nuclear attack (Daily Mail)

'Nightmare': 2 Rookie Cops Among 4 Killed in Iowa Crash (NBC News)

Watch Live: Pope Francis Holds Easter Vigil Prayers at the Vatican (Time Magazine)

Jesus' Radical Easter Politics (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: What does the Easter Rising mean today? (BBC)

Scotland police probe killing of Muslim shopkeeper who posted Facebook Easter message to Christians (Fox News)

The nail-biting moment a man and his dog struggle to climb out out of a frozen lake and crawl towards dry land (Daily Mail)

SAS has been fighting ISIS in Libya since start of year says King of Jordan (Daily Mail)

Defense Secretary on progress in fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Video: Rolling Stones Rock Havana With Free Outdoor Concert (Newsweek Magazine)

Mormon missionary Mason Wells on Brussels attack (CBS News)

Advanced plans for other terror attacks stopped (CBS News)

Rolling Stones Perform for Massive Cuban Crowd (Time Magazine)

Syria Plans to Restore Palmyra After Its Recapture From ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Man charged in connection with Brussels attacks (CNN)

Belgium Rues Missed Terror Signs (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Belgian minister appeals to people not to rally in solidarity Sunday; police needed elsewhere (Washington Post - Paywall)

A demand for answers after homeless man's death in New Hampshire jail (Guardian)

Man who 'confronted Muslim woman' over Brussels says police acted foolishly (Guardian)

VIDEO: Armed police patrol at Brussels airport (BBC)

Easter traffic NIGHTMARE: UK holidaygoers stuck for HOURS on motorway after coach fire (Daily Express)

Spain police busts gang who used helicopters to fly in drugs (Washington Post - Paywall)

Palmyra ruins shown in video after Assad's Syrian army recaptures city from ISIS (Daily Mail)

Brussels Attacks: 'Terrorist Murder' Charges Over Bombings That Killed 31 (Huffington Post)

How all THREE Brussels suicide bombers were flagged up by Turkish authorities (Daily Mail)

Journalist thought to be 'man in white' in Brussels airport charged with terrorist murder (Daily Star)

Rolling Stones play free Cuba gig in front of half a million fans (Daily Mail)

Obama rejects 'attempt to stigmatize Muslims' in US after Brussels attacks (Guardian)

Melbourne penguin left bloodied and injured in heartless attack (Daily Mail)

Darren Pidgeon tells how his son's hugs helped him recover after acid attack (Daily Mail)

New Brussels Bombing Suspect Arrested (Time Magazine)

Islamic State dealt hefty body blow with death of top aide - officials (Reuters)

Scottish police investigate killing of Muslim shopkeeper (Washington Post - Paywall)

Acid attack victim Carla Whitlock is caught shoplifting at Tesco (Daily Mail)

EXCLUSIVE: Grocer whose lorries have been hit by refugees 30 TIMES fears UK terror attack (Daily Express)

Man charged with murder of Paige Doherty (Guardian)

Belgium charges man in connection with attacks in Brussels (Washington Post - Paywall)

Authorities arrest new suspect in Belgian terror attack (Fox News)

Graphic video shows thug fatally stabbing Brit tourist 'starting new life abroad' (Daily Star)

Instagram make-up artists show off their Easter work (Daily Mail)

Indian nurse, infant son killed in rocket attack in Libya (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows Belgian children's heartfelt reaction to terror attacks (Daily Mail)

JetBlue plane suffers landing gear failure at Nassau, Bahamas, airport (Daily Mail)

Fears of ISIS NUCLEAR terror attack as guard 'shot dead and security pass is stolen' (Daily Express)

CORRECTS: Belgian prosecutors issue arrest warrant for new suspect in Brussels attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man charged with Paige Doherty murder (BBC)

Police not charging UK man with incitement over tweets (Washington Post - Paywall)

Belgian prosecutors identify fugitive Brussels airport bombing suspect (Washington Post - Paywall)

Leading Irish theologian condemns Easter Rising as unchristian (Guardian)

Man arrested after shopkeeper death (BBC)

Islamic extremist GENOCIDE: '28,000 killed worldwide by sick jihadis' since 9/11 attacks (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Two men charged over Brussels terror attack (Daily Express)

North Korean Propaganda Video Depicts Nuclear Strike on Washington (New York Times - Paywall)

'Hola Habana' Rolling Stones rock Cuba as ban on their music lifted (Daily Express)

'Cowardly' ISIS Soccer Game Suicide Attack Kills 26 (NBC News)

Stones rock Havana with landmark gig (BBC)

Police face limits over stop and search on drivers (Guardian)

Police U-turn over Brussels tweet (BBC)

Belgian nuclear plant guard is murdered and has his security pass stolen two days after Brussels attacks (Daily Mail)

Gary Lineker apologies for controversial 'We all worry about England's defence' tweet following terrorist attacks in Brussels (Daily Mail)

Syrian forces battle Isis fighters in Palmyra (Guardian)

Man charged with double murder of women (BBC)

Brussels nuke bomb plot: Security guard killed and access card stolen (Daily Star)

Matthew P Doyle's Race-Hate Charge Dropped By Metropolitan Police (Huffington Post)

Islamic State suicide bomber kills dozens at a stadium south of Baghdad (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rolling Stones Rock Cuba With Historic Concert (Huffington Post)

ISIS second-in-command Abdul Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli is killed in Syrian raid (Daily Mail)

ISIS Finance Chief Killed in Raid by U.S. Commandos (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police drop race-hate charge against Briton who asked Muslim 'to explain Brussels attacks' (Daily Express)

Two Shot as Belgium Intensifies Terror Sweep (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Moment bird interrupts Bernie Sanders' Oregon rally video (Guardian)

Footage shows nail-biting moment man cuts down branches from 40metre tree while dangling from a harness (Daily Mail)

Boko Haram reportedly using kidnapped Chibok girls as suicide bombers (Fox News)

'Sad' Ben Affleck video goes viral after reacting to Batman v Superman reviews (Daily Mail)

It's Official: You Will Eat a Lot of Candy at Easter (NBC News)

Pleased to meet you: Rolling Stones treat Cuba to spectacular and historic gig (Guardian)

ISIS suicide bomber blows himself up at a FOOTBALL STADIUM near Baghdad (Daily Mail)

'If I'm ever burning to my death I will call you!' Child's card cheers firefighters after her visit to their station (Daily Mail)

Brussels attacks: Why do family members commit extremist acts together? (Newsweek Magazine)

Bomb-Hit Brussels Airport Shut Until At Least Tuesday (NBC News)

Man in White Brussels bomber 'is Paris attack suspect Mohamed Abrini' (Daily Mail)

Rolling Stones kick off first ever show in Cuba with Jumpin' Jack Flash video (Guardian)

Brexit backed by 250 business chiefs over Brussels red tape warning (Daily Mail)

Brussels shows a vast gap between US parties (BBC)

Toll from IS suicide bombing at Iraq stadium climbs to 41 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rolling Stones give historic free concert in Cuba (CBS News)

U.S.: ISIS number 2 killed (CNN)

Rolling Stones Play Historic Free Concert in Cuba (NBC News)

North Korea releases propaganda film showing Washington under nuclear attack (Guardian)

This man might be at heart of attacks (CNN)

VIDEO: Stones sing Jumpin' Jack Flash in Havana (BBC)

Man charged with murders of two women in Redcar (Guardian)

Mariah Carey cancels Brussels concert (CNN)

Dogs may be the best defense against subway attacks (CBS News)

Rolling Stones Play Historic Cuba Concert (NBC News)

Man charged with double Redcar murder (BBC)

Start them up: The Rolling Stones play Cuba (Los Angeles Times)

Abdeslam silent since Brussels attacks (BBC)

Baggage handler helped pull people to safety at Brussels airport (CBS News)

Three terror suspects arrested in Brussels police raids (CBS News)

American victim describes Brussels airport bombing (CBS News)

Pentagon confirms killing of key ISIS leader (CBS News)

Paris terror plot disrupted (CBS News)

Putin sends in troops to help recapture Palmyra Castle from savage ISIS (Daily Star)

The Rolling Stones play to thousands in Cuba in historic concert in pictures (Guardian)

Islamic State under siege in Palmyra, militant leader killed (Reuters)

Belgian ISIS fighters praise Brussels attacks and pledge further terror in Europe (Daily Mail)

Ruthless Vladimir Putin helps Syrian forces SEIZE ancient Palmyra Castle from evil ISIS (Daily Express)

Asad Shah Death Sparks Vigil For Glasgow Shopkeeper Killed In 'Religiously Prejudiced' Attack (Huffington Post)

Gary Lineker sparks online fury after tweeting 'insensitive Brussels terror attack joke' (Daily Star)

JetBlue: No injuries after landing gear problem at Bahamas airport (CBS News)

Ancient, historic ruins retaken from ISIS (CNN)

Amazing video shows African bullfrog eating live bugs with its sticky tongue (Daily Mail)

American Muslims describe fear of Brussels backlash (CBS News)

Glasgow Muslim shopkeeper stabbed to death hours after Easter message (Daily Mail)

Turkey release picture of Brussels airport attack terrorist grinning in his mugshot (Daily Mail)

Gunfire in Brussels (CNN)

Woman pictured reeling after Brussels attack identified (CNN)

Survivor of Brussels airport attack recalls smell of 'burnt pig' (Fox News)

A Top ISIS Leader Is Killed in an Airstrike, the Pentagon Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State second in command likely killed - U.S. (Reuters)

More Brussels victims IDed as family and friends mourn (CBS News)

U.S. officials believe they have killed one of the most wanted men in the world (CBS News)

Gary Lineker in Twitter storm after football presenter tweets insensitive Brussels joke' (Daily Express)

Three Suicide Bombers Strike Yemen, Killing More Than 20 (Newsweek Magazine)

Suicide bomber kills 26, wounds 71 south of Baghdad - official (Reuters)

No appeal for man serving life for stealing tool (CBS News)

Pope on Good Friday decries terror profaning God's name (Fox News)

Families hold out hope for U.S. couple missing after Brussels attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Raid that killed an Islamic State leader marks a shift in U.S. strategy (Los Angeles Times)

Al-Qaeda release tribute video to Abu Baseer al-Hindi who was killed in Syria (Daily Mail)

ISIS Suicide Bomber in Iraq Kills Dozens at Soccer Game (New York Times - Paywall)

Surrounded special forces hero blows up ISIS jihadis after calling in airstrike on HIMSELF (Daily Express)

Charges dropped against man in 'explain Brussels' tweet row (Guardian)

Adam Johnson sent sick pics to pal's bride: Perv star killed marriage dream (Daily Star)

Man charged over religiously prejudiced' stabbing of Muslim shopkeeper is also Muslim (Daily Express)

Business leaders want out of EU: 250 top bosses back vote to break free from Brussels (Daily Express)

Teenagers killed in Inverness road smash are named (Daily Express)

NEUTRALISED: Police SHOOT ISIS goon with backpack who was 'plotting France terror attack' (Daily Express)

Suicide bomber kills 26 in huge football stadium bomb blast (Daily Star)

Search for South Australia health worker to continue as police hold grave fears (Guardian)

Rolling Stones Fans in Cuba to Get Some Satisfaction (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

On this day: 146 killed in Triangle factory fire (CBS News)

Extremist cell behind attacks in Brussels and Paris is being 'annihilated' (Los Angeles Times)

The Brussels attack victims were from all over the world. Here are some of their stories (Los Angeles Times)

Travel warning issued as Storm Katie set to hit over Easter weekend (Guardian)

Forest Gate drive-by shooting leaves man fighting for life and further 4 wounded (Daily Mail)

Video shows teacher knocking over special needs student (CBS News)

US teen describes surviving Boston and Belgium attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Suicide bomber hits soccer stadium, killing dozens (CBS News)

Thorntons sells £15 Easter egg that is FIVE times more expensive than identical treat in Aldi (Daily Mail)

Airport bomb survivor tells how he escaped the carnage (CNN)

Brussels police conduct more raids linked to deadly bombings (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mother of Satan: Brussels Bombs Cheap, Easy to Make With Common Items (Newsweek Magazine)

Man nailed to cross in Good Friday ritual prays for Belgium (CBS News)

Wife of Air Force officer among the 2 Americans killed in Belgium, officials say (Fox News)

Brussels attacks survivor Mason Wells talks of airport bombing (Daily Mail)

After Brussels Attacks, a Slow Process to Confirm Families' Worst Fears (New York Times - Paywall)

Muslim man stabbed to death for wishing customers Happy Easter' (Daily Star)

Celebrate Easter With Pop Culture's Favorite Rabbits (Time Magazine)

Man arrested after shopkeeper stabbed to death in Glasgow (Guardian)

Suicide attack at soccer stadium kills 25 (CNN)

The Latest: Brussels victim was heading to NY honeymoon (Washington Post - Paywall)

Brussels police shoot man 'carrying a bomb after he takes a woman hostage' (Daily Mail)

Fighting against ISIS rages in ancient Syrian town (CBS News)

VIDEO: The Stones roll into Cuba for concert (BBC)

Brussels suspect's DNA at Paris sites (BBC)

Police rescue woman from burning car in Florida video report (Guardian)

Arrests made in terror raids linked to foiled plot (CBS News)

The Rolling Stones in Cuba: 'It feels like history' video (Guardian)

U.S. companies line up to do business in Cuba (Los Angeles Times)

Siblings Killed in Brussels Planned to Become U.S. Citizens (NBC News)

Brussels attacks stoke fears about security of Belgian nuclear facilities (Washington Post - Paywall)

Italy doubts Egypt's claim that gang linked to student death (Washington Post - Paywall)

Missing Toddler's Body ID'd, Death Ruled Homicide (NBC News)

Brussels bomber's DNA confirms his link to Paris attacks, say prosecutors (Guardian)

ISIS engages in 2-continent fight as US kills several terror leaders (Fox News)

Stevenage man suffers injuries after 'trying to save his pet dogs' after explosion (Daily Mail)

Suicide bomber kills 29 at football match near Baghdad (Guardian)

IS claims suicide bombing on stadium in Iraq that killed 29 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Teacher at Islamic School Torn From Her Family by Cowards' in Brussels (New York Times - Paywall)

Kerry insists U.S. is "winning" ISIS fight despite Brussels attacks (CBS News)

Suicide Bomb Near Baghdad Kills 26 (Newsweek Magazine)

Anti-Muslim tweets after Brussels attacks lead to charges (CBS News)

Family of Elita Borbor Weah, Brussels Victim, Mourns One Loss, Then Another (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: What we know about Brussels terror raids (BBC)

John Kerry: U.S. is winning fight against ISIS (CBS News)

This is how Europe mourns its terrorist attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

As Brussels mourns, Ivorians say they're not afraid after their own terror tragedy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows a New York man ride a leafy BUSH through the streets (Daily Mail)

Pentagon: U.S. takes out key ISIS figure (CBS News)

Belgian police mount raids; prosecutors acknowledge missed opportunities (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ted Cruz: tabloid reports of affairs are 'complete and utter lies' video (Guardian)

Russian soldier wipes out band of ISIS fighters after calling in airstrikes on himself (Daily Mail)

Belgian police shoot man possibly carrying explosive-laden suitcase (Fox News)

US says it has killed senior Isis leader (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man Arrested for Overdue VHS Tape Rental From 2002 (NBC News)

The Guardian view on the Easter Rising centenary: Ireland's history lesson for Britain | Editorial (Guardian)

US announces ISIS paymaster killed as France, Belgium dismantle terror cell (Fox News)

Suicide bomber hits stadium in Iraqi city, killing 29 (Fox News)

Injured Indian flight attendant, a symbol of Brussels attacks, is 'out of danger,' family says (Los Angeles Times)

Suicide blast kills 29 at Iraq football stadium; ISIS claims responsibility (Fox News)

ISIS' Finance Minister Killed in Operation: Officials (NBC News)

Status updated for flight attendant in iconic Brussels image (CBS News)

Briton confirmed dead in Brussels attacks (BBC)

Man Arrested, Wounded in Area Near Bomb Factory (NBC News)

Why can't the date of Easter be fixed? (BBC)

U.S. Teen Recounts Surviving Second Terror Attack (NBC News)

Rolling Stones Arrive In Cuba To Play Historic Free Concert In Havana (Newsweek Magazine)

Suspected Paris Bomb-Maker Confirmed as Brussels Attacker (NBC News)

Georgia teacher resigns after video shows her knocking child over (Daily Mail)

Bound for U.S. and His Georgia Peach,' He Died in Brussels (New York Times - Paywall)

David Dixon was killed in Brussels attack, Foreign Office confirms (Daily Mail)

Belgian Suicide Attacker Made Paris Bombs, Authorities Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Two New York Siblings Confirmed Dead in Brussels Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Fighting against ISIS rages in Syrian town of Palmyra (Fox News)

Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski, Siblings on Way to New York, Killed at Brussels Airport (New York Times - Paywall)

Brother of suspected Brussels suicide bomber 'saddened' over terror attacks (Fox News)

Egyptian army says it has killed 60 militants in Sinai (Fox News)

Fox Hunts - Someone's Going to Get Killed (Huffington Post)

Leeds drivers at twice the limit when they killed a pedestrian are jailed (Daily Mail)

Dozens of students hurt in stampede after screams mistaken for terror attack (Fox News)

Branton man who left friends to 'burn alive' when he crashed car is jailed (Daily Mail)

US teen survived attacks in both Boston and Belgium (Fox News)

Mystery over death of Devon father thought to have drowned in a Tunisian pool (Daily Mail)

Teesside man 'stabbed mother-of-three to death in front of her children' (Daily Mail)

Brussels attack victim in photograph is in a COMA after suffering burns (Daily Mail)

ISIS Deputy Abdul Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli Killed by U.S. Troops (Newsweek Magazine)

US man arrested over old video rental (BBC)

VIDEO: 'Lucky to have escaped' Brussels attack (BBC)

Brussels Attacks: Belgian Police Arrest Three in Raids Linked to Foiled France Plot (Newsweek Magazine)

Belgian police knew of Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam's hideout for THREE MONTHS (Daily Mail)

The Saturday Profile: Ebola, Ruthless to Families, Leaves Liberian Man Alive and Alone (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS Releases Photos of Executions and Floggings in Libya's Sirte (Newsweek Magazine)

Dog whose mouth had been tied shut is taunted with food bowls in video (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Terror suspect shot and dragged from tram stop in Brussels as child screams (Daily Star)

Rolling Stones make history as they touch down for first ever gig in Cuba after Barack Obama's visit (Daily Mail)

Even After Brussels, U.S. Airport Security Overhauls Could Prove Difficult (Newsweek Magazine)

David Dixon, Despite a Reassuring Text Message, Dies in Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

John Kerry, in Brussels, Says ISIS Is Faltering in Mideast (New York Times - Paywall)

France minibus crash leaves 12 passengers travelling home for Easter dead (Daily Mail)

Science teacher's experiment sees fireball erupt in student's hands in video (Daily Mail)

Timelapse video contrasts day and night scenes in London (Daily Mail)

Did Brussels Airport bombers Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui work there as cleaners? (Daily Mail)

Americans Confirmed Killed in Brussels Attacks: Kerry (Newsweek Magazine)

Too Calderone twerking in video has been watched more than 3.5m times (Daily Mail)

Louise James in Buncrana drowning will be forever grateful' to man who saved baby (Daily Mail)

ISIS Brussels Attacks Cell Plotted Radioactive Bomb Blast: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Video shows woman TEARING UP Israeli flag at Brussels attack memorial (Daily Mail)

France Plot Suspect Was Convicted With Paris Attacks Ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud in 2015 (Newsweek Magazine)

John Leathem is arrested by police investigating murder of Paige Doherty (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Ireland's Easter Rising - 100 years on (BBC)

EASTER TRAVEL CHAOS: Eurostar passengers face long delays on busiest day of Bank Holiday (Daily Express)

France foils advanced' terror plot (Financial Times - Paywall)

6 detained in raids in Brussels; man accused of plotting attack captured in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

'Mistakes were probably made,' Belgian official acknowledges after Brussels attacks (Los Angeles Times)

The three-year genesis of a terror cell (Financial Times - Paywall)

Graphic video appears to show Israeli soldier shooting Palestinian man in the head (Los Angeles Times)

Brussels attacks: Molenbeek's gangster jihadists (BBC)

Brussels suicide bombers fit familiar profile; links to Paris terrorist attacks seen (Los Angeles Times)

Brussels attacks also shatter confidence in Europe's open borders (Los Angeles Times)

Terror battle needs more urgency - May (BBC)

Police 'did not act on abuse claims' (BBC)