Thursday, 31st March 2016

World News

Rivals pounce on Donald Trump after abortion comments (CBS News)

Breaking the brass ceiling: The U.S. militarys top women (CBS News)

Professional surfer mauled by shark off eastern Australia (Fox News)

Why is it any business of politicians what women do with their bodies? Writes KATIE HOPKINS (Daily Mail)

Hugh Hefner May Be Desposed in Bill Cosby Suit (Time Magazine)

Virginia state trooper badly wounded in bus station shooting - police (Reuters)

Government supporters take to streets in Brazil to back Rousseff (Reuters)

WATCH: Woman sent flying when parking rage thug smashes her jaw in (Daily Star)

These women in Turkey saw the need for a different kind of news, despite the danger (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump meets with Republican party leaders campaign live (Guardian)

Obama Stresses a Need for Unity as Nuclear Summit Opens (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Death sentence for Kansas man in quadruple killing (CBS News)

Egypt's abuses, crackdown on critics draw world attention (Washington Post - Paywall)

At least 50 ISIS sympathisers WORK at Brussels airport, police claim (Daily Express)

Trump says women who have abortions should be punished video (Guardian)

Paris attacks' Salah Abdeslam agrees to turn supergrass for French police (Daily Mail)

Police owed more than 1,116 years in rest days - but they would cripple the force (Daily Star)

Nephew of Brussels Suicide Bomber Released, Later Rearrested (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WATCH: Driver pulls off manoeuvre 'from the movies' as car takes corner with two wheels (Daily Star)

Trump makes surprise visit to Republican leadership after dumping loyalty pledge (Reuters)

Man threatens to set Brazilian judge on fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS supporters working as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff at Brussels airport (Daily Mail)

Trump meets with party chairman (CNN)

One of Britain's most wanted criminals Andrew Moran is told he may never be free (Daily Mail)

Philly Apologizes to Jackie Robinson 68 Years Later (NBC News)

Iggy Azalea Makes Airport Security Look Fun in Team' Video (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump's most recent attacks on women point to a history of misogyny (Guardian)

Parisian students clash with police in protests over reforms to extend working week (Daily Mail)

Philadelphia issues official apology to Jackie Robinson, 69 years on (Guardian)

Fla. man pleads not guilty in $4.8M gold truck heist (CBS News)

Trump walks back on abortion (Guardian)

Rwanda: Court sentences former Kagame bodyguard to 21 years (Washington Post - Paywall)

Woman falls down Starbucks lift shaft (BBC)

Wolverhampton video shows young man being kicked to the ground in fight (Daily Mail)

Bomb blast kills police in SE Turkey (BBC)

Sao Paulo man pours fuel over Brazilian judge and threatens to burn her to death (Daily Mail)

Car Bomb Kills 7 Police Officers in Turkey (NBC News)

Colorado avalanche video captures skier being swept away (Daily Mail)

Video captures Cardiff police use CHAINSAW to slash their way into suspect's home (Daily Mail)

The Doctors rate dermatologist's worst ever cases in video (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Cameron Rules Out Nationalization of Britain's Struggling Steel Industry (New York Times - Paywall)

Brussels airport "technically ready" to reopen (CBS News)

Canadian party leader calls Donald Trump a 'fascist' (Guardian)

Macedonian border guards who have vowed to hunt down migrants entering Europe (Daily Mail)

Report: Chicago off to deadliest start in decades (CBS News)

Obama, World Leaders Discuss Keeping Nuclear Weapons from ISIS (NBC News)

Chinese street performer left red-faced after monkey pulls down his trousers in video (Daily Mail)

Irish boxer' whose fighting skills against Turkish shopkeepers made him an online sensation tells a judge he is just a Mike Tyson fan' as he faces nine years in jail (Daily Mail)

Nazi victim: To survive WW2 death camp hell we 'turned to cannibalism' (Daily Star)

Car bomb kills seven police in Turkey's Diyarbakir - officials (Reuters)

'You May Never Be Released', Judge Tells Andrew Moran Who Fled Court And Was On The Run For Four Years (Huffington Post)

U.S. study may point the way on how to beat the Zika virus (Reuters)

Gilles Laurent, a Filmmaker With an Eye for Sounds, Dies in Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Junior games off after 'threat to life' (BBC)

Gulay Bursali jumps to her death to escape men who were trying to gang rape her (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Holds Surprise Meeting with RNC in D.C. (NBC News)

First 500 migrants to be sent back from Greek islands to Turkey on Monday as EU deportation plan FINALLY swings into gear (Daily Mail)

Navy vet helps stop man from jumping onto subway tracks (CBS News)

Video shows moment overpass falls (CNN)

Police arrest two over fatal stabbing in north London (Guardian)

Florida man rescues shark struggling on a shore by cutting it from a fishing net (Daily Mail)

Terrorism, Climate Take Center Stage at Nuclear Security Summit (Time Magazine)

FBI iPhone Technique Unlikely to Help Nation's Police (NBC News)

7 police killed, dozens wounded in bombing (CNN)

Rhode Island Tourism Video Shows Footage from Iceland (Time Magazine)

Monkey meat seized in world record food raids (CNN)

Seven police officers reported dead in southeastern Turkey car bombing (Fox News)

Hong Kong police discover body encased in cement at industrial office block (Daily Mail)

Canadian man faces new child-pornography related charges (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Leaders Meet With Obama to Curb Nuclear Threat (New York Times - Paywall)

Police warned Belgium on airport security (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrians Got Talent: Brussels Hosts Refugee Concert (Newsweek Magazine)

Girl's reaction to the news that her father is transgender caught on video (Daily Mail)

Watership Down would be a PG if it were released today says chief censor (Daily Mail)

Romanian man builds £14,000 wooden car called Julia that can reach 55mph (Daily Mail)

Hooligans jailed after shocking footie violence ahead of Man City Champions League game (Daily Star)

'Hillary Clinton is very intelligent, very funny and she's got a fantastic smile': David Miliband may have lost out to his brother in the UK but but is he now trying to get a job in Clinton's White House? (Daily Mail)

Didsbury video captures commuter who has been missing his tram for 6 MONTHS (Daily Mail)

Driverless cars will compete in 'Roborace' series in cities around the world (Daily Mail)

Rihanna's 'Kiss It Better' Music Video Is Here, And It Just Might Be Her Most Sexy Offering Yet (Huffington Post)

U.K.'s Cameron Pushes Back on Calls to Nationalize Steel Plant (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Belgium Approves Salah Abdeslams Extradition to France After Brussels and Paris Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Pakistani man freed by Taliban tweets details of his story (Guardian)

Why Are Military Families Fending Off Debt Collectors? (NBC News)

Watch a Virtual Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

FIFA 'ignoring World Cup worker abuse' (CNN)

Mars' mile high mounds were created by WIND over billions of years (Daily Mail)

Lebanese police free 75 girls from sex traffickers (Reuters)

Georgia to execute Joshua Bishop convicted in 1994 murder after 20 years on death row (Daily Mail)

Turkish agencies: Bomb in Diyarbakir kills 6 police officers (Washington Post - Paywall)

Chinese police officer beats security guard for asking him to pay parking fee (Daily Mail)

Architects, Artists and Admirers Respond to Zaha Hadid's Death (Time Magazine)

Deadly blast targets police vehicle in southern Turkish city (Guardian)

Pigments in fossils can help reveal skin of reptile that lived 10m years ago (Daily Mail)

Watch Rihanna's Somewhat NSFW Kiss It Better' Video (Time Magazine)

Edgbaston man rams his courtesy car into firm's office because they want it back (Daily Mail)

Chicago police union hires officer accused in teens death (CBS News)

US student will suffer '15 years of hell' in North Korean concentration TORTURE camp (Daily Express)

Missing The Choirboys band member Patrick Aspbury searched for by police (Daily Mail)

Competition for food drove megalodon sharks to extinction 2 million years ago (Daily Mail)

Family snapped under huge overhang at Dorset cliffs where rockfall killed woman (Daily Mail)

Jimmy John's delivery man hops over moving TRAIN to ensure order arrives on time (Daily Mail)

Video shows woman attacking car before it drives off with her on the roof (Daily Mail)

Hijack 'Selfie' Twist: Co-Pilot Reveals Picture Was Taken To Identify Musafa To Police (Huffington Post)

Ronnie Corbett: The man behind the glasses (BBC)

Avoid late night snacks to prevent breast cancer returning: Women who fast for over 13 hours slash their risk by a THIRD (Daily Mail)

Baby polar bear tries every trick in the book to get mum's attention in video (Daily Mail)

PC faces jail for Tasering abusive man (Daily Express)

Obama nuclear plans raise arms race fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

Starbucks in Solihull sees woman plummet 25ft down a lift shaft (Daily Mail)

Baby gorilla born by caesarian section makes debut at Bristol zoo video (Guardian)

Explosion in Turkey Kills 4 Police Officers (Time Magazine)

Hungary law shielding central bank from scrutiny struck down (Washington Post - Paywall)

Women Trump supporters: A message (CNN)

Cruz on Trump Abortion Remarks: Of Course We Shouldnt Be Talking About Punishing Women (Newsweek Magazine)

AP PHOTOS: European navy ship rescues migrants off Libya (Fox News)

Man Downs Litre Of Vodka In 60 Seconds In 'Life Threatening' Iron Liver Challenge (Huffington Post)

Trump struggles to contain abortion fallout as White House rivals pounce (Reuters)

Nuclear Talks Focus on Terrorism and North Korea (NBC News)

Brussels Attacks Renew Criticism of Security at Europe's Airports (New York Times - Paywall)

Canada's Thomas Mulcair says Donald Trump is a fascist video (Guardian)

Fact Sheet: Which Nations Have Nuclear Weapons? (NBC News)

Car Bomb Kills 4 Turkish Police Officers in Diyarbakir (New York Times - Paywall)

Police called to PROTECT men who repeatedly threw dog down stairs and FILMED sick cruelty (Daily Express)

Women's History Month: The Forgotten Women of Syria (Huffington Post)

Michigan family reunites with victim of Brussels attacks (CBS News)

Ex-wife calls EgyptAir hijacker 'abusive' as video emerges of passenger 'selfie' (Fox News)

Aswan necropolis and shrine may have belonged to a unknown wealthy Egyptians (Daily Mail)

Protester dragged out of meeting for Algonquin pipeline video (Guardian)

Thai Police Use Fishing Net To Capture Knifeman In Unusal Arrest (Huffington Post)

Ex-wife calls EgyptAir hijacker "extremely dangerous" man (CBS News)

Cop Charged With Murder Hired as Police Union Janitor (NBC News)

Farage: Remaining in the EU is a death sentence for Britain's steel industry (Daily Express)

Moment EgyptAir hijacking selfie man Ben Innes is asked for a SECOND selfie (Daily Mail)

Trump changes mind on abortion (CNN)

Postcard images of 'sexy' women from around the world reveals change in 'ideal' pin ups (Daily Mail)

ISIS urges Brussels style attacks on German chancellery and Bonn airport (Daily Mail)

Drunk woman dialled 999 and told police she had been raped to get a lift home (Daily Mail)

British surgeon is killed when he plunges 500ft off a mountain while skiing (Daily Mail)

Changes in the follicles of astronauts on ISS suggest hair may stop growing in orbit (Daily Mail)

Panta Petrovic who has spent ten years living in a tree house misses company (Daily Mail)

Rajendra Pachauri: third woman accuses ex-IPCC chair of sexual advances (Guardian)

Russia's absence means nuclear summit likely to end in anticlimax for Obama (Guardian)

Witty video uses stick figures to help men work out if a woman is attracted to them (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Brussels airport could reopen on the weekend (Washington Post - Paywall)

Brussels airport to partially reopen on Friday evening (Reuters)

Belgian police search area near border after suspected militant arrested in Paris (Reuters)

Devoted couple married 75 years despite having the SAME row THOUSANDS of times (Daily Express)

'We go rotten': man granted clemency describes life in the US prison system (Guardian)

Mexico City Orders Cars off the Road 1 Day Per Week to Reduce Smog (Time Magazine)

New U.S. sanctions concession to Iran may be in works: AP (CBS News)

Woman falls 25ft down Starbucks lift shaft (Guardian)

British ISIS fighter says 'Gatwick will be next' for Brussels style attack (Daily Mail)

Trump attack on Geneva Conventions denounced by ex-officers and advocates (Guardian)

Rwandan politician's death in Burundi jail fuels mutual suspicion (Reuters)

Currys PC World upselling expensive HMDI kit worth £15 for £90 (Daily Mail)

Anorexic woman Aroosha Nekonam enters her first bodybuilding competition (Daily Mail)

The Great British escape: Incredible vintage images celebrating 80 years of Butlin's reveal holidaymakers lounging by the pool in beehives and twisting in the ballroom with Red Coats (Daily Mail)

Musician with Alzheimer's plays a guitar 5 YEARS after disease robbed his memory (Daily Mail)

Apple may launch legal action against FBI over San Bernardino killer's iPhone hack (Daily Mail)

Devoted parent accompanies her autistic son to school every day for SEVEN YEARS (Daily Mail)

Could political leaders be next ISIS target? Brussels bombers had PM under surveillance (Daily Express)

Policeman Richard Jordan snapped and Tasered man who was hurling abuse at him (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: 'Irish boxer' facing 9 years in jail after battering Turkish shopkeepers (Daily Star)

His greatest escape yet! Sylvester the lion may avoid being killed after wandering out of South African wildlife park after British charity vows to house him (Daily Mail)

Trump breaks record, says 'excuse me' 20 times (CNN)

The man behind the maps: Google Street View Trekker journeyed 310,685 miles around Thailand capturing its hidden corners on you can enjoy it from the comfort of home (Daily Mail)

Teacher who shaved off his beard bet his own MOTHER would fail to recognise him (Daily Mail)

Tragedy of schoolgirl, 15, who died after being found unconscious at friend's party as police charge boy, 15, with supplying drugs (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: 'Forced labour' at Qatar World Cup site (BBC)

Boy's tongue hacked off in horrific knife attack (Daily Star)

Two thirds of us have genes that could cut up to four years off our lifespans (Daily Mail)

Las Vegas sees rise in violent crimes due to police shortage and California gangs (Guardian)

Fantastic plastic: Architectural wonders of the world -- in Lego (CNN)

Iraq war hero Gordon Robertson is selling off gallantry medals to help his son (Daily Mail)

Cats and robbers: Could police chiefs be about to recruit their first FELINE? (Daily Express)

Horse rider left traumatised after man performs car SEX ACT in front of her (Daily Express)

Cruz jokes about running Trump over (CNN)

Trump Declines to Rule Out Using Nukes Against ISIS (NBC News)

This Rapper Thinks Hip-Hop Can Unite All Women (NBC News)

Model jumps to her death to avoid being raped (Daily Star)

'Stay strong!' Paris victims support Brussels survivors (CNN)

WI beat NZ to reach World T20 final (BBC)

David Beckham quietly steps down as director of wife Victoria's fashion empire (Daily Mail)

Daniel Hannan MEP: 'EU referendum is a once-in-a-generation vote' video interview (Guardian)

Mohawk the lion shot for attacking man (CNN)

Savage Video Shows Youth Beaten Senseless In Teen Fight Club On Residential Wolverhampton Street (Huffington Post)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Escaped lion is shot dead and crumples to ground in heart-rending video (Daily Star)

North Korea warns it is preparing a pre-emptive' nuclear strike against the US (Daily Mail)

Swedish domestic airport terminal closed off after suspicious package (Reuters)

Clinton slams Trump on abortion (CNN)

Cats and robbers: police force considers using felines to fight crime (Guardian)

Yes, the media cover terrorist attacks in other countries: A few you may have missed, and why (Los Angeles Times)

How much exercise it REALLY takes to burn off a Big Mac (Daily Mail)

Japanese police raid restaurant serving potentially deadly tiger blowfish liver (Guardian)

Glorified fireworks' that were the world's first air-to-air missiles are recreated 100 years after they were first used to protect Britain from German Zeppelin airships (Daily Mail)

Lakers Drama Roils Over Leaked Sexcapade Video (NBC News)

New video shows #hijackselfie being taken (CNN)

Britain braced for ISIS cyber attacks on nuclear power plants as Cameron flies for talks with Obama on how to stop jihadis seizing radioactive material (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Paris attacks kingpin Salah Abdeslam turns SUPERGRASS with offer to help police (Daily Express)

Care home manager took dying woman to see the ballet 'to enjoy a night out' (Daily Mail)

Trump Releases Curious Letter on Tied-Up Tax Returns (NBC News)

Police probe mosque figures' links (BBC)

Japanese hunter-gatherers lived peacefully together for 5,000 years (Daily Mail)

Brit terror nut guilty of posting 40,000 tweets inviting support for death cult ISIS (Daily Star)

EgyptAir passenger Ben Innes gets his photo taken with hijacker video (Guardian)

Ex-boyfriend is jailed for sending his former girlfriend a gun EMOJI after a French judge ruled it could be deemed a death threat (Daily Mail)

Ben Innes Video Footage Captures Moment (In)famous Hijack 'Selfie' Photo Took Place (Huffington Post)

Video what happens when a nuclear weapon is detonated UNDERGROUND (Daily Mail)

London man admits sending tweets encouraging terrorism (Guardian)

The Latest: Brussels airport police say security was poor (Fox News)

Zuma Must Pay Back State Funds for Nkandla Upgrades: SA Court (Newsweek Magazine)

Tornado touches down in Oklahoma video (Guardian)

Kolkata rescuers search for survivors after flyover collapses video (Guardian)

Nuclear terrorism fears loom over Obama's final atomic summit (Reuters)

Police say 1 killed, many trapped in overpass collapse in eastern India (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Africa's Constitutional Court rules that President Jacob Zuma failed to uphold ? the law when he did not pay back some state funds used to upgrade his personal residence (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man on YouTube video gazing into the distance as his wife gyrates in front of him (Daily Mail)

Brussels Airport Grapples With Resuming Flights (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hijack Selfie Man Ben Innes Called 'Stupid' By His Own Mother (Huffington Post)

Pregnant women who have the flu vaccine cuts risk of stillbirth by HALF (Daily Mail)

Paris, Brussels terror: What you didn't know (CNN)

Police in Bosnia arrest 10 people over banking scam (Fox News)

How women lose the most weight at the age 25 but are most likely to put it on five years later (Daily Mail)

Academy to pay back over £100k funding (BBC)

Russian police step up search for missing American (Washington Post - Paywall)

Microsoft Brought Its Racist Chatbot Tay Back Online And Immediately Regretted It (Huffington Post)

'Nasty' warden's harsh parking ticket for cabbie dropping off elderly woman goes viral (Daily Star)

Parrot gets TV journalist into a flap video (Guardian)

Virginia man can't contain his excitement as his wife tells him she's pregnant (Daily Mail)

Parent hack video shows how to make baby wipes (Daily Mail)

A French Minister Has Compared Muslim Women to American Negroes' (Time Magazine)

Trump reverses on abortion amid outcry (BBC)

Mom who 'tandem breastfeeds' BOTH of her daughters at once hits back at critics (Daily Mail)

3rd American Killed In Brussels ID'd as Mother of Four (NBC News)

West Australian woman awarded almost $220,000 after IKEA chair collapsed under her (Daily Mail)

Republicans Fret That Trump Escalates 'War on Women' (NBC News)

Gynaecologist answers the top 5 questions women ask him about their vaginas (Daily Mail)

World Bank: Restrictions cost Palestinian telecoms $1B (Washington Post - Paywall)

Coronation Street': Beverley Callard Tweets About Depression After Being Signed Off Work' (Huffington Post)

Clinton and Sanders Tag-Team Trump in MSNBC Event (NBC News)

Man United hotshot Marcus Rashford's cousin murdered lad who 'looked at him funny' (Daily Star)

Amnesty Report Alleges Labor Abuse at Qatar World Cup Venue (Time Magazine)

Trump U-Turns on Abortion Remarks (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain to ship record amount of nuclear waste to U.S. - government source (Reuters)

Should YOU be removing all the hair from your forearms? As an M&S model is pilloried for the light down on her arms, FEMAIL investigates the phenomenon (Daily Mail)

French police move on 1,000 migrants who set up illegal camps in Paris (Daily Mail)

Nuclear waste 'to help in cancer fight' (BBC)

7 Hurt As Tornado Touches Down in Oklahoma (Time Magazine)

Brussels attacks shambles continues as senior police officer was drunk at the time (Daily Mail)

Exclusive: A Nuclear Deal With North Korea? (Newsweek Magazine)

Is this the man who can save British steel? The Indian commodities magnate bucking the trend by investing in struggling plants (Daily Mail)

What makes a bunch of teenagers from Brighton go to Syria? video (Guardian)

Bake Off spin-off leaves fans cold: Viewers furious after BBC show was littered with swearwords from pastry experts (Daily Mail)

Harvard researcher warns ISIS may be on the brink of using nuclear weapons (Daily Mail)

Gail Minglana Martinez, Mother in Air Force Family, Dies in Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump retracts call for women who have abortions to be 'punished' (Guardian)

Amnesty report alleges labor abuse at Qatar World Cup venue (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mexico turning child migrants back to face violence in Central America (Guardian)

3/30: Trump stirs controversy with comments on abortion, punishment and women; L.A.s rock star seismologist heads off to retirement (CBS News)

North Korea in 'top-speed dash' for May congress, Kim's nuclear policy (Reuters)

Rescued woman sorry for trying to scale Ben Nevis armed with a selfie stick (Guardian)

Woman Trades @DietDrPepper for $5K Water Donation to Flint (NBC News)

A brave new world in robot technology (CNN)

ISIS nuke attack feared as world leaders meet to plan for terror catastrophe (Daily Star)

Brexit may have 'big effect' on football (BBC)

Brussels survivor reunited with family (CBS News)

At nuclear summit, world leaders to take closer look at ISIS threat (CBS News)

Analysis of the decision not to charged officers in death of Jamar Clark (CBS News)

Do beautiful women really want beautiful friends? That's what a study claims. Two beauties and one self-confessed ugly duckling give very different views (Daily Mail)

Two Minnesota officers not charged in shooting death of black teen (CBS News)

World leaders tackle threat of nuclear terrorism (CBS News)

Trump abortion controversy, no charges in Minn. teens death: #CBSN10 trending stories (CBS News)

Fearless Islamic State is on the brink of using NUCLEAR WEAPONS, chilling report warns (Daily Express)

Egypt Orders a New Team to Investigate the Death of Italian Student Giulio Regeni (Time Magazine)

Westfield Hornsby stabbing leaves man dead and woman seriously injured (Daily Mail)

Twitter freaks out over photo with a woman looking the WRONG way in the reflection (Daily Mail)

Protests follow decision not to file charges in Minneapolis police shooting (CBS News)

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue's video shows the moment a child earns the trust of a pitbull (Daily Mail)

Third American to die in Brussels attacks identified (CBS News)

US airline aborts flight after passenger opts for yoga over sitting down (Guardian)

Basketball player reunited with family after surviving Brussels attacks (CBS News)

Trump tries to walk back 'punishment' claim for women who get illegal abortions campaign live (Guardian)

Stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting woman after fraternity party (Guardian)

Turkish troops 'are killing refugees': Man and his child are among 16 migrants 'shot dead in the past four months' as they tried to cross the Syrian border into Turkey (Daily Mail)

Conservatives 'Badly Letting Down Disabled People', Says Owen Smith (Huffington Post)

'The woman is a victim!': Trump WALKS BACK proposal that Americans who have abortions should face 'some form of punishment' saying it's the DOCTORS he wants to see jailed, not pregnant women (Daily Mail)

Basketball player wounded in Brussels reunites with family (CBS News)

Trump sounds off on abortion; criticism comes from all sides (Reuters)

Belgian Interior Minister Says Police Budget Was Cut 'Too Much' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video confuses Iceland with where?! (CNN)

Trump campaign confirms tax audit (CNN)

Campaign for real ale turns attention to saving pubs after the rise of microbreweries and younger drinkers pull cask beers back from the brink (Daily Mail)

Mexico urges media to ban violent music video by singer Gerardo Ort z (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton Targets Donald Trump (CBS News)

Jury convicts man of hate crime in beating at bar (CBS News)

For Latin American environmentalists, death is a constant companion (Washington Post - Paywall)

Family asks multinational human rights panel for help in taser death at border in San Diego (Los Angeles Times)

FBI: Dallas-area hospice nurses told to overdose patients to speed death (CBS News)

The FBI May Never Tell Apple How it Unlocked the iPhone (Newsweek Magazine)

Man becomes trapped in compost bin in freak gardening accident on video (Daily Mail)

Most scientists want to STAY in EU... even though Brussels meddling is 'harming science' (Daily Express)

Species of human vanished from Indonesia 38,000 years earlier than first thought (Daily Mail)

Shambles! Cameron flies back from holiday and Javid FINALLY aborts Australia trip as ministers are blamed for presiding over the collapse of Britain's steel industry with the loss of 40,000 jobs (Daily Mail)

Times Square characters fight back against proposed rules (CBS News)

Ohio woman calls 911 while being beaten, but no help is ever sent (CBS News)

Full Transcript: Bernie Sanders Sits Down With Rachel Maddow (Newsweek Magazine)

Full Transcript: Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Rachel Maddow (Newsweek Magazine)

French minister compares veiled women to 'negroes who supported slavery' (Daily Mail)

Qatar World Cup Migrant Workers Face Forced Labor: Amnesty (Newsweek Magazine)

Finally, sexy heels you can walk in! Sixties style icons swore by them: Now block heels are back on the catwalk (Daily Mail)

Friends in powerful places? UFO hunters claim they have a video of an alien craft flying over Vladimir Putin's home (Daily Mail)

Trump Walks Back 'Punishment' for Abortion Remarks (NBC News)

$86M DEA plane still grounded, 7 years after purchase (CBS News)

Qatar attacked over World Cup workers (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK and US to simulate cyber attack on nuclear plants to test resilience (Guardian)

I feel like I'm in prison': Qatar's abuse of World Cup workers revealed video (Guardian)

Migrant workers suffer 'appalling treatment' in Qatar World Cup stadiums, says Amnesty (Guardian)

UK preparing for ISIS dirty bomb amid fears hackers could ATTACK nuclear power plants (Daily Express)

Model jumps to her death 'to escape being raped by estate agent' (Daily Express)

Huge shipment of cancer-fighting NUCLEAR WASTE on its way to Britain in landmark deal (Daily Express)

Trump under fire over abortion remarks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Zika Virus Mosquitoes May Spread Farther North Than Thought (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Planets orbiting red dwarfs may be more habitable than thought, says Seti (Daily Mail)

Mexico City orders all cars off the road one day a week to tackle air pollution (Guardian)

YouTube's Dating Beyond Borders chart varied beauty standards around the world (Daily Mail)

Early ultrasounds may not detect microcephaly in mothers with Zika - study (Reuters)

Brussels bomber had plans on prime ministers office, home (CBS News)

'I swallowed it' Drunken yob makes disgusting boast after biting victim's ear off (Daily Star)

Russian driver skids across a rain-soaked road and crashes in video (Daily Mail)

Cory Goldstein attacked for dreadlocks hits back at 'cultural appropriation' claims (Daily Mail)

Zachary Hammond's family settles police shooting lawsuit for $2.15m (Guardian)

$86M anti-drug planes never took off (CNN)

Islamic State Praises Brussels Suicide Bombers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Virginia Beach woman twerking upside down comes crashing down in video (Daily Mail)

Murder probe launched after man ambushed and stabbed to death in shock hotel attack (Daily Star)

WATCH: Delivery man bombs down motorway with packages stacked 20ft high (Daily Star)

Letter Reveals Harper Lee's Snarky Take on the Trump Taj Mahal (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Demands Women 'Suffer Some Form Of Punishment' If They Have An Abortion (Huffington Post)

First man to drive JCB is carried to his funeral in digger (Daily Star)

Two Reading men arrested on suspicion of stabbing man to death in 'murder motel' (Daily Mail)

Sham Cancer Charities That Raked in Millions Shut Down (NBC News)

Straight man in a relationship with a pre-operative transgender woman opens up (Daily Mail)

Woman cries as her soldier son returns home early from Afghanistan in video (Daily Mail)

Brazilian toddler wanders into the middle of an armed robbery in video (Daily Mail)

Scale of Lord Lucan's gambling debts have emerged 42 years after he disappeared (Daily Mail)

Kirsty Keep who begged to go to Dignitas told chemo may have been wrong (Daily Mail)

50 years of military rule over in Myanmar (or Burma) (CBS News)

Laptop found in Brussels terror raid had images of Belgian PM's home, office (Fox News)

Horrifying moment laughing thug headbutted pet bulldog Baby, jumped on it and threw it down the stairs (Daily Mail)

Tata Steel: Jeremy Corbyn Visits Port Talbot Steelworks - As Sajid Javid Hauled Back From Australia (Huffington Post)

World Briefing: South Africa to Fight Parole for Killer of Anti-Apartheid Activist (New York Times - Paywall)

Have Belgian blunders hampered Brussels attacks inquiry? (BBC)

British woman left in critical condition after 65ft plunge from cliffs in Spain (Daily Mail)

Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus posts video shaming driver over parking (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: European Court Backs Britain in 2005 Subway Killing by Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian police officers catch mother trying to sell her baby for £1,500 (Daily Mail)

Britain won't be able to leave the EU for TWO YEARS because of Brussels rules (Daily Mail)

Woman holds a knife to her boyfriend's neck in apology video on Instagram (Daily Mail)

Podemos Leader Pablo Iglesias Steps Back From Coalition Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Bank station tube worker 'refused to help woman who saw man carrying out sex act' (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Teen Being Pepper-Sprayed Outside of Trump Rally (NBC News)

UK population could reach nearly 80m within 25 years as immigration rockets (Daily Mail)

England power into World T20 final (BBC)

Chinese thug falls down lift shaft after smashing open the doors with a karate kick (Daily Mail)

Sorry Tefal, the Romans used non-stick cookware 2,000 years ago (Daily Mail)

John Kasich Says He Would Fire Trump Campaign Manager (NBC News)

The world's most expensive kebab in London will set customers back £925 (Daily Mail)

French Bulldog begs its owner to give back its favourite cuddly toy in video (Daily Mail)

Pontypridd teen bit off ear of innocent middle-aged man passing by (Daily Mail)

Elephant sneaks up behind its parents and splashes them in video (Daily Mail)

11 Women Fighting Sexism In The Music Industry (Huffington Post)

FBI iPhone Hack: The Tech World Cant Ignore Public Fears (Newsweek Magazine)

Seth Doane reflects on three years covering Asia (CBS News)

Young women in mixed sex schools 'feel more pressure to be thin' (Daily Mail)

North Korea tells its people a new famine may come, they again may need to 'eat the roots of grass' (Los Angeles Times)

How it feels to strip down for nude art (BBC)

'President' Donald Trump Would Only Turn To Nuclear Annihilation As A 'Last Resort' (Huffington Post)

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