Friday, 1st April 2016

World News

Florida police kill dog that mauled owner to death (CBS News)

Obama Says Iran Making 'Real Progress' Living Up to Nuclear Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

British businesswoman dies on round the world yacht race after being knocked overboard (Daily Mail)

Denise Robertson dies aged 83 after 'short but determined' battle with cancer (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Obama Speaks at Close of Nuclear Summit (Time Magazine)

Barack Obama flashes the peace sign for nuclear security summit 'team photo' (Daily Mail)

Caerphilly Police quizz man over sex offences dig up patio after claims baby was buried (Daily Mail)

WW3 fears loom as China 'buys nuke rocket launcher that could reach US' (Daily Star)

Russia has DOUBLED their store of nuclear warheads, Pentagon officials claim (Daily Mail)

Prison death being treated as murder (BBC)

Brussels airport could reopen after deal with police over security (Guardian)

Sherlock actor Douglas Wilmer dies (BBC)

David Cameron says ISIS use 'whatever materials they can get their hands on' (Daily Mail)

Prisoner, 25, knifed to death in a chapel 'within the Muslim section' of a Category C prison in brutal lunchtime attack (Daily Mail)

Obama - 'Madmen' must not be allowed to get nuclear material (Reuters)

Obama highlights danger of nuclear terrorism at summit - video (Guardian)

Need a hand? Amazing kids form arrow to help police chopper catch burglars (Daily Star)

Muslim man yells 'Alluha Akbar' repeatedly terrifying Etihad airline passengers (Daily Mail)

Police remind romping lovers outdoor sex in UK city centre is outlawed (Daily Star)

Jacob Zuma Says He'll Repay South Africa for Home Improvements (New York Times - Paywall)

Video captures ROOF being blown off a residential building during a storm in China (Daily Mail)

Curvy twins with derrieres measuring FOUR FEET do 2,000 squats every day (Daily Mail)

Obama: Squeezed ISIS wants nukes (CNN)

Man 'sliced off pal's PENIS and ran down street with it after killing him in drunken row' (Daily Express)

Obama Says Risk of ISIS Obtaining Nuclear Bomb Is Real (Time Magazine)

South African President Sorry for Spending State Cash on Private Home (Time Magazine)

Video shows deadly bridge collapse (CNN)

JAILED: Husband who kept arranged marriage wife as a SLAVE doing chores for 19 hours a DAY (Daily Express)

2,500-year-old slab reveals lost language (CNN)

Tesla reveals its $35,000 car (CNN)

Thousands of civilians trapped between Iraqi army and Isis forces (Guardian)

North Korea to pursue nuclear and missile programmes - envoy (Reuters)

Brussels airport restart delayed after police demands (Reuters)

If looks could kill! Pet cat gives toy moggy a death stare as it slowly emerges from a box (Daily Mail)

Obama hails Iran deal as model for nuclear diplomacy (CBS News)

WATCH: Amazing moment children made human ARROW to show police where criminals were hiding (Daily Express)

Indian Police Detain Workers in Overpass Collapse (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea metro photos offer fascinating glimpse of Pyongyang public transport (Daily Mail)

Reopening of Brussels airport is delayed after terminal police go on strike (Daily Mail)

Meet the man who made Banksy (CNN)

Woman finds video on her phone of man groping and fondling her while she was asleep (Daily Mail)

British woman dies in Clipper Race (BBC)

Video shows man stabbing a cyst on his arm with a tiny SAMURAI SWORD (Daily Mail)

Can rugby unite South Africa again? (CNN)

The Belgian police chief sent home 'in disgrace' after being DRUNK at terror meeting (Daily Mail)

South Africa's Zuma denies dishonesty over spending scandal (Reuters)

Horrific pictures show the Bodmin Moor ponies starving to death (Daily Mail)

Obama at nuclear summit: 'madmen' threaten global security (Guardian)

Obama: ISIS 'Madmen' Would Use Nukes for Mass Murder (NBC News)

Isis destruction of Palmyra antiquities revealed in new pictures (Guardian)

Germany's Longest-Serving Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Two joyriders broke into depot to steal a BUS and lead police cars on 30-mile chase (Daily Mail)

China declares economic WAR on Britain: Now Beijing imposes killer tax on OUR steel (Daily Express)

ISIS leader's ex-wife: He's a family man (CNN)

From Drake to Babymetal: 10 April Albums We Cant Wait to Listen To (Newsweek Magazine)

Video of bikini-clad women fighting leads to arrests (CBS News)

Devoted dad dies in son's arms after he was crushed by tree he was chopping (Daily Star)

FEMAIL reveals our top five FAVORITE make-up, skin and fragrance products (Daily Mail)

Kids form human arrow to help police helicopter catch suspected burglars - video (Guardian)

British Woman, Named As Sarah Young, Dies In Clipper Round The World Yacht Race (Huffington Post)

Heartbroken family and friends say a final farewell to a victim of the Brussels terror attack as hundreds gather at the city's Great Mosque (Daily Mail)

Man behind Google's amazing views (CNN)

BREAKING: UK sailor Sarah Young dies after being swept overboard in The World Yacht Race (Daily Express)

South African president apologizes for scandal (Washington Post - Paywall)

After 10 days, Brussels airport remains closed to passengers (Washington Post - Paywall)

Children form human arrow to help police find burglary suspects (Guardian)

Quick-thinking children on an Easter egg hunt form a human arrow to POINT to where suspected robbers are hiding from police helicopter pilot (Daily Mail)

First husband convicted of keeping his wife in domestic slavery by beating and threatening to kill her and forcing her to do chores for 19 hours a day is jailed for two years (Daily Mail)

Brit sailor dies in Round The World Yacht Race (Daily Star)

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, German foreign minister during reunification, dies at 89 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Palmyra Taken Back From Isis But Striking Photos Reveal The Full Devastation They Caused (Huffington Post)

South African president apologizes for scandal (Fox News)

The Guardian view on the steel crisis: Port Talbot matters more than China | Editorial (Guardian)

Obama Cites Substantial Success' of Nuclear Deal With Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

A divided North Carolina draws national attention in fight over transgender law (Guardian)

Laura Jane Grace and Hari Nef Speak Out About North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Bill (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korea Accuses North Korea of GPS Interference Across Border (Newsweek Magazine)

View From Space Hints at a New Viking Site in North America (New York Times - Paywall)

Week in Review: Hijacked plane lands in Cyprus, Donald Trump backs campaign manager, Tornadoes tear through the South (CBS News)

Have North Korea resorted to using old photographs of Kim Jong-Un? (Daily Mail)

Brussels Airport's Reopening Delayed by Security Dispute (New York Times - Paywall)

Jihadis plotting to behead US serviceman posted 'ISIS in Westminster' video online (Daily Mail)

Mother whose baby died from sepsis following an NHS 111 blunder reveals she is pregnant again and 'can't wait to tell the new arrival about their big brother' (Daily Mail)

Brussels Museums See Drop in Visitors, Add Security After Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Sylvester the lion who fled from South African national park is recaptured (Daily Mail)

April Fools' Day pranks saw Brexit, Boris Johnson, James Bond and Britain's Got Talent (Daily Mail)

Stag party from Scotland arrested by police in Malta after Ryanair flight (Daily Mail)

Paid maternity leave slashes a newborn baby's risk of death (Daily Mail)

Brazilian Police Arrest Former Worker's Party Official (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Inside Denmark's 'three-star prison' where an ISIS fanatic stabbed a POLICEMAN (Daily Mail)

Twisters, floods and hail bombard millions in South (CBS News)

Man jailed for 'enslaving' wife (BBC)

Naughty x-rated couple caught 'having sex' during the day next to a CHILDREN'S playground (Daily Express)

UK man convicted of plotting to attack US troops in Britain (Washington Post - Paywall)

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, With Help From Gmails April Fools Prank (Newsweek Magazine)

No joking? China propagandists take aim at April Fools Day (CBS News)

Everton Are at a Critical Juncture and Roberto Martinez is No Longer the Man for the Job (Huffington Post)

14-month-old Texas girl dies after going to dentist (CBS News)

Cameron: Not a Man of Steel (Huffington Post)

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's ex-wife claims jihadi leader was 'normal family man' (Daily Express)

North Korea threatens attacks 'worse than 9/11' as tensions reach crisis point (Daily Star)

U.S., Japan finalise nuclear material transfer (Reuters)

Tommy Ward's death by robbers sees police launch murder investigation (Daily Mail)

Obama says Iran nuclear deal successful but more work needed (Reuters)

David Bowie's widow Iman's mother dies just two months after her husbands (Daily Mail)

North Korea labels CHINA a detested enemy' and threatens a 'nuclear storm' (Daily Mail)

April Fools' Day: Best and worst jokes (CNN)

Man guilty of planning US airmen attack (BBC)

Google's April Fool's Day Gmail mic drop prank backfires as firm apologises (Daily Mail)

Former German foreign minister Genscher dies at 89 (Washington Post - Paywall)

This Morning from CBS News, April 1, 2016 (CBS News)

Scientists are developing a test to accurately predict your death (Daily Mail)

April Fools' Day 2016: best jokes from around the world (Guardian)

What is it like to be dead? Patient who died' reveals all (Daily Star)

Glasgow Police Tweet Prompts An Absolute Roasting (Huffington Post)

Google's April Fools' 'Mic Drop' Joke Goes Awry (NBC News)

ISIS-Linked British Man Convicted of Plotting Attack Against U.S. Military (Time Magazine)

North Korea now blocking Facebook, Twitter, adult websites (Fox News)

April Fools Day pranks sees father give his children by an empty Apple iPad box (Daily Mail)

Briton Who Plotted U.S. Soldier Beheading Had Deadly Links to ISIS Cyber Chief in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

'Zombie Killer' machete death boy guilty (BBC)

Pictures of Palmyra monuments in 2014 reveal the destruction carried out by ISIS (Daily Mail)

Man Dies in BASE Jump Off a Television Tower in Georgia (Time Magazine)

U.K. to Increase Ranks of Armed Police in Terror Response (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS reportedly hijacks university's chem lab for explosive experiments (Fox News)

Male models channel their inner Gandalf in bizarre China Fashion Week show (Daily Mail)

Chinese news agency tells readers to ignore April Fools' Day (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Have it your way' Man orders Burger King Whopper with 1,000 slices of cheese (Daily Star)

Tesla Reveals the New Model 3, but Buyers Have to Wait (NBC News)

North Korea Fires Missile Into the Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Security row keeps Brussels airport shut (BBC)

Photographer Reunited With Victim of Brussels Terror Blast (NBC News)

New footage of Palmyra reveals ISIS destruction (Fox News)

Police detain 5 people as India collapse toll mounts (CBS News)

Red Arrows video shows cockpit view of jet rocketing above stunning Greek coastline (Daily Mail)

North Korea Jams GPS Signals to Fishing Boats: South (NBC News)

Brussels Attacks: Airport Re-Opening On Hold (Newsweek Magazine)

Alien Invasions and Spaghetti Trees: 10 of the Best April Fools Day Pranks (Newsweek Magazine)

Teen guilty of stabbing another to death with 'Zombie Killer' knife (Fox News)

What It's Like To Have Autism: Video Lets You Experience Sensory Overload For Yourself (Huffington Post)

High-ranking Hungarian communist Bela Biszku dies at 94 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hotter than the South of France... UK set to bake in tropical weather at weekend (Daily Star)

Man who made wife live like slave for two years faces jail (Guardian)

Hans-Dietrich Genscher: former German foreign minister dies aged 89 (Guardian)

Melissa Tennant ticks off her twin's bucket list three years after her death (Daily Mail)

China comes out against April Fool's Day (Fox News)

Ga. man executed for 1994 slaying after drinking, drug use (CBS News)

North Korea fires short-range missile into sea (CBS News)

Top Gear Cenotaph stunt WAS deliberate Tinie Tempah reveals (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama and world leaders on how to keep nuclear weapons from North Korea (Daily Mail)

PornHub's April Fools' Day Prank Is The Best One We've Seen (Huffington Post)

West Yorkshire Police officer investigated over racist comment at Christmas party (Daily Mail)

Turkey feminist group 'Campus Witches' attack man who harassed woman on Twitter (Daily Mail)

Teen guilty of 'Zombie Killer' machete playground gang death (Daily Star)

Trump's nuclear claims spark global outcry - as he even suggests he would bomb BRITAIN (Daily Express)

Death toll from east Damascus air strikes rises to more than 30 (Reuters)

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, an Architect of German Reunification, Dies at 89 (New York Times - Paywall)

SHOCK VID: Man taking selfie shot in face LIVE on Facebook with gunman caught on camera (Daily Star)

UK 'blocked' EU bid to raise China steel tariff that could have protected industry (Daily Mail)

2 rangers killed, 1 hospitalized after forest fire in China (Washington Post - Paywall)

White House Slams Trump's Nuclear Proposal (NBC News)

Shock, outrage over Trump's nuclear comments (CNN)

Almost One-Third of Belgians Avoid Public Spaces After Brussels Attacks: Poll (Newsweek Magazine)

Game of Thrones: Kit Harington Cant Wait to Prove Fans Wrong Over Jon Snows Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Ex-foreign minister Genscher, architect of German reunification, dies at 89 (Reuters)

North Korean regime survivor reveals how prisoners are forced to watch executions (Daily Mail)

Government Unable To Answer 'Basic Questions' On Mental Health, Reveals Labour's Luciana Berger (Huffington Post)

Agony aunt Denise Robertson dies (BBC)

50 ISIS sympathizers working at Brussels airport, warns police union (Fox News)

South Africa: Malema Vows to Physically' Stop Zuma Addressing Parliament (Newsweek Magazine)

China Bans April Fools Day And Warns Nation Not to Spread Rumors (Newsweek Magazine)

Facebook video shows Chicago man being shot on the street (Daily Mail)

Trial of man accused of horrific acid attack on mother-of-six is halted at cost of £10,000 because prison staff didn't wash his clothes (Daily Mail)

Ronnie Corbett Would Have Been Knighted Before Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Cut the risk of bowel cancer by HALF by drinking two cups of coffee a day (Daily Mail)

German mother releases video describing migrant gang' attack on her son (Daily Mail)

U.K. Brexit Campaigns Jump On April Fools Bandwagon (Newsweek Magazine)

Ex-Wife of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Says ISIS Leader Was Normal Family Man (Newsweek Magazine)

JK Rowling's April Fool's Day Tweet Effortlessly Trolls Scottish Independence Campaigners (Huffington Post)

Care worker reveals how Nigerian 'witch child' is much healthier since image (Daily Mail)

Girl's Letter To Police Asking Why They Don't Employ Cats Gets Amazing Reply (Huffington Post)

Police detain 15 in Islamic State raids in western Turkey - media (Reuters)

Seoul: N. Korea fires missile and tries to jam GPS signals (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nigerian 'Witch Child' Hope Makes Miraculous Recovery, Aid Worker Anja Ringgren Lov n Reveals (Huffington Post)

Canterbury man charged with murder of mother of three and her 'lover' (Daily Mail)

Brussels Attacks Put Security in Spotlight of Brexit Debate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Murder inquiry launched as Rotherham man dies months after attack (Guardian)

Did you spot them? April Fools day pranks from around the world (Daily Express)

North Korea and friction in the South China Sea complicate Obama's 'rebalance' toward Asia (Los Angeles Times)

Britain Gets Another 1,500 Armed Police to Tackle Terror Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

Pornhub reveals the types of porn women are searching for around the world (Daily Mail)

New ISIS video threatens to turn Germany into war zone and murder leader Angela Merkel (Daily Star)

10 stories that look like April Fools but aren't (BBC)

April Fool's Day 2016: News Stories That Aren't Made Up But Sound Like They Should've Been (Huffington Post)

2 dead, many wounded as police disperse Philippine farmers (Washington Post - Paywall)

Indian police detain 5 construction company officials after overpass collapse kills 23 in Kolkata (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Tesla reveals Model 3 electric car (BBC)

Pair arrested on suspicion of murder after man stabbed to death in broad daylight (Daily Express)

'N. Korea exploits comfort women issue' (CNN)

PIRATE migrant hunters who patrol the North Sea in a SPEEDBOAT to stop refugees (Daily Mail)

Google April Fool prank sparks backlash (BBC)

Canadian journalist ordered to reveal Isis text messages to police (Guardian)

Creepy YouTube video shows 'possessed' toddler balancing on the railing of his crib (Daily Mail)

U.S., Allies Focus on North Korea at Nuclear Summit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bank First Direct reveals Savezap electric shock band to stop you spending too much (Daily Mail)

North Korea appears to have fired missile into sea - South Korea military (Reuters)

How YOUR hair will age: Trichologist reveals how stress and hormones transform locks over the decades (Daily Mail)

Federal police investigate Australian companies over foreign bribery allegations (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: Friday 1st April 2016 (Huffington Post)

April Fools' Day 2016 'Paddy Jihadi' Joke From Kildare Now Is Truly, Truly Tasteless (Huffington Post)

The Doctors rate dermatologist's worst ever cases in video (Daily Mail)

North Korea Fires Another Missile as U.S. and China Agree to Cooperate on Nuclear Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

'50 ISIS supporters working at airport' Police make shock claim (Daily Star)

Kuwait arrests man known for profanity-filled online videos (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Instagram Accounts Where Every Day Is April Fools' Day (Time Magazine)

UK urged to give asylum to 100 women who fled Isis captivity in Iraq (Guardian)

Seoul Says North Korea Has Fired a Short-Range Missile Into the Sea (Time Magazine)

Jacob Zuma's very bad day (CNN)

A thousand armed police brought in to protect UK from Paris-style terror attack (Daily Express)

Film reveals stories of men who pay for sex with prostitutes (Daily Mail)

A Wage That Excludes Young Workers Is Worse Than Any April Fool (Huffington Post)

North Korea: UN sanctions on shipping inexcusable' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sinosphere: No April Fools' Pranks Please, We're Chinese (New York Times - Paywall)

The day ALL your bills are going up (...and that's no April fool): Families face price hikes after changes to taxes and charges (Daily Mail)

Indian police file homicide case after flyover collapse kills 23 (Reuters)

Death Toll in India Overpass Collapse Rises to 23, With 90 Rescued (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea: UN sanctions on shipping a 'criminal offense' (Fox News)

Architect Zaha Hadid dies from heart attack (CNN)

Prize-Winning Architect Zaha Hadid Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ronnie Corbett's Wife Reveals The Star Had Been Battling Motor Neurone Disease (Huffington Post)

Sao Paulo man pours fuel over Brazilian judge and threatens to burn her to death (Daily Mail)

North Korea Jamming GPS Signals Across Border, South Korea Says (New York Times - Paywall)

The menstruating Nepalese women confined to a cowshed - video (Guardian)

No joke. April Fools' Day has been banned in China. (Washington Post - Paywall)

British man added to US list of 'global terrorists' after being suspected of raising funds for Al Qaeda (Daily Mail)

3/31: First look inside Palmyra after ISIS flees; Donald Trumps Scottish homeland unamused by his campaign (CBS News)

North Korea launches missile as leaders meet in US to discuss nuclear security (Guardian)

Janina Panasewicz, Seeker of Opportunity in Belgium, Died in Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea reportedly fires projectile into sea (Fox News)

South Korea's Yonhap news agency says North Korea has fired a projectile into the sea. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Key official says South Sudan unity government within reach (Washington Post - Paywall)

Steel future and Corbett death (BBC)

US and China to co-operate over N Korea (BBC)

South Korea says fishing vessels turn back after North disrupts GPS signals (Reuters)

Obama finds common cause with China on North Korea (CBS News)

Report: North Korea fires projectile into sea (Fox News)

China factory activity rebounds (Financial Times - Paywall)

Twisted ISIS 'poised to slaughter every Christian left in Raqqa' (Daily Star)

U.S. and China Agree to Deter North Korea Nuclear Tests (Time Magazine)

Copscotch: Police officer plays hopscotch with homeless girl (CBS News)

Police to hire extra firearms officers (BBC)

ISIS reach sickening new low: Terror group 'plans to murder EVERY Christian left in Raqqa' (Daily Express)

Cameron warns terrorists will use WHATEVER THEY CAN as fears mount over ISIS nuclear bomb (Daily Express)

South prepares for more severe weather (CBS News)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dr Pimple Popper reveals 24-year-old cyst as most disgusting of all time (Daily Star)

Now China and US urge crazed Kim Jong-un to give up nuclear weapons (Daily Star)

#Followmeto photographer Murad Osmann reveals how he took his photos in India (Daily Mail)

Retired Rwanda Politician Dies While Jailed in Burundi as a Spy (New York Times - Paywall)

Policeman Richard Jordan snapped and Tasered man who was hurling abuse at him (Daily Mail)

Man threatens to set judge on fire, officials say (CBS News)

Inside look at the ancient town of Palmyra after ISIS devastation (CBS News)

California diver dies in underwater New Mexico cave (CBS News)

Obama and President Xi of China Vow to Sign Paris Climate Accord Promptly (New York Times - Paywall)

Virginia trooper dies after bus station shooting (Reuters)

As Obama Hosts Summit, China Overshadows Nuclear Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron raises armed police total to 1,000 amid fears of Paris-style attack (Daily Mail)

Video reveals what REALLY happens when you get laser hair removal (Daily Mail)

US confident on Belgian nuclear security (Financial Times - Paywall)

Life on the North Korean Border (Newsweek Magazine)

Jessica Davies' family reveal anguish over death of teen who collapsed during exams (Daily Mail)

Daily Mail Online employees watch a birthing video for the first time (Daily Mail)

Xi says China will defend its South China Sea sovereignty (Reuters)

Trump's Nuclear Policy Would Be Catastrophic,' White House Says (Time Magazine)

Arizona man in high-speed police chase after attempted carjacking video (Guardian)

April Fools' Day: 11 weirdest stories but guess which are genuine? (Daily Star)

Ferguson appoints veteran Miami officer Delrish Moss as new police chief (Guardian)

Obama nuclear plans raise arms race fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

Lecturer jailed for shining laser at police helicopter (Daily Express)

No joke: It's national 'price hike' day (BBC)

Police probe Scots mosque leaders over claims of links with terror group (Daily Express)

EUROPE'S NO-GO ZONES: List of 900 EU areas where police have 'LOST CONTROL' to migrants (Daily Express)

Dopey drug dealer phones police to report muggers who stole his COCAINE (Daily Express)

Wish you war here: British 'danger tourist' gets shot at by ISIS snipers (Daily Star)

Boy charged after 15-year-old girl drug death (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Wild ponies STARVED TO DEATH and left to ROT on British moorland (Daily Express)

Hijack 'selfie' man grabs camera phone from journalist as he returns to the UK video (Guardian)

Zaha Hadid, Groundbreaking Architect, Dies at 65 (New York Times - Paywall)

Architect Zaha Hadid dies at 65 (CNN)

Murder charge after Queensland woman found stabbed to death in driveway (Guardian)

ISIS Leader Is My Ex-Husband, Woman Says, but Doubts Remain (New York Times - Paywall)

Video of alleged rape angers many and raises questions in violent Mexican state (Guardian)

Multiple people shot at bus station in Richmond, Virginia video (Guardian)

Aziz Alwan, a veteran Iraqi journalist, dies at 57 (Washington Post - Paywall)

CBS News gets glimpse inside ancient town devastated by ISIS (CBS News)

Car Bomb Kills 7 Turkish Police Officers in Diyarbakir (New York Times - Paywall)

Irish boxer' who fought Turkish shopkeepers in video faces nine years in jail (Daily Mail)

Just about the only way to escape North Korea is if a relative has already escaped (Washington Post - Paywall)

Veteran scuba diver dies in underwater cave accident in New Mexico (Guardian)

South Africa's Zuma expected to repay money spent on home renovations after court ruling (Los Angeles Times)

Paris attacks' Salah Abdeslam agrees to turn supergrass for French police (Daily Mail)

Nephew of Brussels Suicide Bomber Released, Later Rearrested (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man threatens to set Brazilian judge on fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS supporters working as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff at Brussels airport (Daily Mail)

Zaha Hadid, famed architect, dies at 65 (CBS News)

Zuma Flouted South African Constitution, Court Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Imre Kertesz, Nobel Laureate Who Survived Holocaust, Dies at 86 (New York Times - Paywall)

EU Expands Sanctions Against North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Parisian students clash with police in protests over reforms to extend working week (Daily Mail)

Wolverhampton video shows young man being kicked to the ground in fight (Daily Mail)

Bomb blast kills police in SE Turkey (BBC)

Car Bomb Kills 7 Police Officers in Turkey (NBC News)

Colorado avalanche video captures skier being swept away (Daily Mail)

Video captures Cardiff police use CHAINSAW to slash their way into suspect's home (Daily Mail)

NCAA Mistakenly Told South Carolina They Had Made Tournament (NBC News)

Microsoft reveals CaptionBot' you can try out online (Daily Mail)

Brussels airport "technically ready" to reopen (CBS News)

EU expands sanctions against North Korea to match U.N. move (Reuters)

World Leaders Discuss Keeping Nuclear Weapons from ISIS (NBC News)

Chinese street performer left red-faced after monkey pulls down his trousers in video (Daily Mail)

Car bomb kills seven police in Turkey's Diyarbakir - officials (Reuters)

No Joke: GunTV Will Launch on April Fools' Day (Newsweek Magazine)

Gilles Laurent, a Filmmaker With an Eye for Sounds, Dies in Brussels Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Gulay Bursali jumps to her death to escape men who were trying to gang rape her (Daily Mail)

April Fools Day Pranks That Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong (Huffington Post)

Florida man rescues shark struggling on a shore by cutting it from a fishing net (Daily Mail)

US and China to sign climate treaty (BBC)

FBI iPhone Technique Unlikely to Help Nation's Police (NBC News)

7 police killed, dozens wounded in bombing (CNN)

Seven police officers reported dead in southeastern Turkey car bombing (Fox News)

Hong Kong police discover body encased in cement at industrial office block (Daily Mail)

Entertainer Ronnie Corbett dies aged 85 (BBC)

ISIS blocks Christians from leaving Syrian city of Raqqa, report says (Fox News)

Police warned Belgium on airport security (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrians Got Talent: Brussels Hosts Refugee Concert (Newsweek Magazine)

Girl's reaction to the news that her father is transgender caught on video (Daily Mail)

Romanian man builds £14,000 wooden car called Julia that can reach 55mph (Daily Mail)

Corbett, UK's much-loved comedian, dies (CNN)

South Africa: Opposition Leader Maimane Appeals to ANC to Impeach Zuma (Newsweek Magazine)

Didsbury video captures commuter who has been missing his tram for 6 MONTHS (Daily Mail)

Rihanna's 'Kiss It Better' Music Video Is Here, And It Just Might Be Her Most Sexy Offering Yet (Huffington Post)

Belgium Approves Salah Abdeslams Extradition to France After Brussels and Paris Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Georgia to execute Joshua Bishop convicted in 1994 murder after 20 years on death row (Daily Mail)

Chinese police officer beats security guard for asking him to pay parking fee (Daily Mail)

Architect Hadid dies after heart attack (BBC)

Jacob Zuma's Home Improvements Violated South Africa's Constitution, Court Finds (New York Times - Paywall)

Ronnie Corbett dies aged 85 surrounded by his devoted wife Anne Hart and two daughters (Daily Mail)

Edgbaston man rams his courtesy car into firm's office because they want it back (Daily Mail)

Jimmy John's delivery man hops over moving TRAIN to ensure order arrives on time (Daily Mail)

Hijack 'Selfie' Twist: Co-Pilot Reveals Picture Was Taken To Identify Musafa To Police (Huffington Post)

An apple a day DOES keep the doctor away by slashing risk of dying early by 35% (Daily Mail)

Ronnie Corbett: The man behind the glasses (BBC)

Baby polar bear tries every trick in the book to get mum's attention in video (Daily Mail)

China forces to set up first overseas base (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man Downs Litre Of Vodka In 60 Seconds In 'Life Threatening' Iron Liver Challenge (Huffington Post)

Millionaire banker given the go ahead to build a super basement under his £2million north London home brands critics environmental extremists' even though he is part of their group (Daily Mail)

Brussels Attacks Renew Criticism of Security at Europe's Airports (New York Times - Paywall)

April Fools' Day Pranks Quiz: Can You Tell The Fact From The Fool? (Huffington Post)

Thai Police Use Fishing Net To Capture Knifeman In Unusal Arrest (Huffington Post)

ISIS Turns Saudis Against the Kingdom, and Families Against Their Own (New York Times - Paywall)

Ex-wife calls EgyptAir hijacker "extremely dangerous" man (CBS News)

Moment EgyptAir hijacking selfie man Ben Innes is asked for a SECOND selfie (Daily Mail)

Postcard images of 'sexy' women from around the world reveals change in 'ideal' pin ups (Daily Mail)

ISIS urges Brussels style attacks on German chancellery and Bonn airport (Daily Mail)

Drunk woman dialled 999 and told police she had been raped to get a lift home (Daily Mail)

Witty video uses stick figures to help men work out if a woman is attracted to them (Daily Mail)

The simple trick that reveals if YOUR microwave is leaking radiation (Daily Mail)

British ISIS fighter says 'Gatwick will be next' for Brussels style attack (Daily Mail)

EgyptAir hijacker's Ex-Wife reveals he was a drug addict and marriage was hell (Daily Mail)

China wind groups cry foul on grid curbs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Video what happens when a nuclear weapon is detonated UNDERGROUND (Daily Mail)

Man on YouTube video gazing into the distance as his wife gyrates in front of him (Daily Mail)

China set to deploy longest-range missile (Financial Times - Paywall)

Parent hack video shows how to make baby wipes (Daily Mail)

Nuclear waste 'to help in cancer fight' (BBC)

HK curbs vaccine access after China scandal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Family asks multinational human rights panel for help in taser death at border in San Diego (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea tells its people a new famine may come, they again may need to 'eat the roots of grass' (Los Angeles Times)

Police round up at least 5,221 suspects and kill 5 in a shootout after Lahore bombing (Los Angeles Times)

North Korean propaganda shows imagery of the South's leader being blown up (Los Angeles Times)

South African economy is on the brink of junk status (Los Angeles Times)

Pregnant woman's death spurs a safety debate about China's street fences (Los Angeles Times)

Man arrested in deadly Brussels bombing released; death toll reaches 32 (Los Angeles Times)

The Brussels attack victims were from all over the world. Here are some of their stories (Los Angeles Times)

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