Saturday, 23rd April 2016

World News

Pictured: Prince was cycling around his $6.7million estate before his death as locals question the future of Paisley Park (Daily Mail)

Russia stokes global war fears with threat to use 'all necessary measures' against US (Daily Star)

ANOTHER US heavyweight has waded into EU referendum debate to warn UK against Brexit... (Daily Express)

UK-US trade deal could take years - Obama (BBC)

VIDEO: Obama: New trade deal could take 10 years (BBC)

Obama Closes Out Tour in U.K. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Boris rage at 'ridiculous weird Obama': Extraordinary statement to MoS mocks President over trade threats (Daily Mail)

Man Utd hasn't done this in 9 years (CNN)

Hull 'suspicious deaths': Two men found in back garden with 'feet sticking out of duvet' (Daily Star)

Trump defends shifting tone (CNN)

12 Dead in 2 Car Bomb Attacks in Baghdad; ISIS Involved (Newsweek Magazine)

Barack Obama and David Cameron enjoy golf round at The Grove (Daily Mail)

EU-Turkey migrant deal is 'working' (BBC)

Phil Spector files for divorce 'because his wife of 10 years is splashing out on cars, jets and homes with his money while he receives a paltry $300 monthly allowance behind bars' (Daily Mail)

ISIS chiefs FREEZE 45 of their own fighters to death after accusing them of cowardice during a battle in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Germans protest Europe trade deal in Hannover before Barack Obama visit (Daily Mail)

UK will have power of "Roman Governor" in EU (Daily Express)

Germany's Merkel, Top EU Leaders Visit Turkey (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Republicans honour Ireland's fallen 100 years after the Easter Rising: Members of Sinn Fein march through the streets of Dublin (Daily Mail)

Prince's Sudden Death Leaves Many Unanswered Questions (NBC News)

Prince - Fly With the Doves As We Cry (Huffington Post)

University professor hacked to death on way to work (CBS News)

ISIS monsters FREEZE 45 of their own men for fleeing army troops (Daily Star)

Barack Obama appeals to the young to reject isolationism' and back Europe (Guardian)

Speculation over Prince's death baffles those who say the artist led a clean life (Guardian)

My moment with Barack Obama (BBC)

Bangladeshi professor hacked to death (CNN)

Ecuador in Crisis as Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 646 (Newsweek Magazine)

At London youth town hall, Obama urges diplomacy over force (CBS News)

'I was robbed' Barack Obama in golf course anguish during clash with David Cameron (Daily Star)

Kate Middleton and Prince William's home at Kensington Palace pictured (Daily Mail)

University Professor Hacked to Death in Bangladesh (Time Magazine)

'Have I Got News For You Takes On The EU Brexit Vote (Huffington Post)

Zoo Says Florida Keeper Killed by Tiger Broke Rules Before Attack (Time Magazine)

Ecuador earthquake death toll rises to nearly 650 (Guardian)

English university professor hacked to death by depraved ISIS fanatics (Daily Express)

University English professor hacked to death in Bangladesh (Daily Mail)

Morning Rounds: Tackling concussions and back pain (CBS News)

Prince Charles tours Shakespeare's town (BBC)

Princes music boosts to chart highs after death (CBS News)

Donald Trump Renews Attacks on Ted Cruz's Presidential Eligibility (Time Magazine)

Eerie ghost town scenes of Chernobyl 30 years on from radioactive nuclear catastrophe (Daily Star)

Man Who Killed 5 Others Was 'Ticking Time Bomb': Family (NBC News)

Barack Obama Q&A crowd falls under the President's spell in London (Daily Mail)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Bangladeshi Professor's Murder (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jeremy Corbyn beams as he leaves private meeting with President Barack Obama (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama Town Hall Event Sees Person Come Out As Transgender On Live TV (Huffington Post)

How did Prince die? Autopsy seeks answers (CNN)

Barack Obama warns Brits not to pull back from the world' after Brexit threat (Daily Mail)

Now the Germans turn on Obama.. campaigners protest over trade deal (Daily Express)

SPAIN TERROR HITLIST: ISIS in chilling vow to reconquer Brit holiday hotspots (Daily Star)

Jeremy Corbyn and Barack Obama enjoy an 'excellent' discussion (Guardian)

Trump aide promises front-runner "is going to change" (CBS News)

Jihadi suicide bombers V caliphate fanatics: ISIS is ripping itself APART from the inside (Daily Express)

Obama pushes UK to stay in the EU during London visit (CBS News)

President Obama Urges Young Brits to Reject Isolationism' and Xenophobia' (Time Magazine)

Foul play ruled out in Princes death investigation (CBS News)

ISIS claims downing of Syrian regime jet (CNN)

Islamic State claims it killed Bangladeshi academic (Guardian)

35,000 Protest Trade Deal Ahead of Obama Germany Visit (NBC News)

VIDEO: Student 'comes out' at Obama event (BBC)

Obama tells young to 'reject cynicism' (BBC)

Angela Merkel to launch EU aid programme for Syrians on Turkey visit (Guardian)

Chemical plant blast: death toll rises to 28 (CNN)

UK official blasts 'part-Kenyan' Obama (CNN)

Barack Obama replaced Winston Churchill bust with Martin Luther King in the Oval Office (Daily Mail)

Bangladesh professor hacked to death (BBC)

Newborn Baby Killed by Family Dog in San Diego (Time Magazine)

Barack Obama tells young people that progress is possible (Guardian)

Merkel in Turkey to boost migrant deal (BBC)

Barack Obama Meets Jeremy Corbyn But Only Discusses The EU 'Very Briefly' (Huffington Post)

Obama meets the little prince (CNN)

Prince's Death 'Probably' Due to Drugs: Expert (NBC News)

Migrants return to the Greek islands making mockery of EU's deal with Turkey (Daily Mail)

Obama Warns Britain Not to Pull Back From the World at London Town Hall (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama faces tough questions in London (CNN)

Germans rally against US-EU trade deal (BBC)

The day Queen gave me English lesson (CNN)

Prince George Meets President Barack Obama Like An Absolute Boss (Huffington Post)

Trump aide: He's 'projecting an image' (CNN)

Prince's greatest hits album Ultimate makes UK Top 10 after his death (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama tells young people they can change the world video (Guardian)

Prince's entourage face police questioning as it is claimed the star was killed by the same painkiller addiction as Michael Jackson (Daily Mail)

Prince George's My 1st Years bathrobe sold out minutes after Barack Obama photos go public (Daily Mail)

D-Day veteran finally collects bravery medals 72 years after he turned them down (Daily Mail)

Obama, in London, Urges Support for New Trade Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama watches Hamlet at Shakespeare's Globe theatre video (Guardian)

British families heading to Balearic Islands slapped with 'tourist tax' of up £70 as holiday bosses cash in on surge in bookings to Spain after ISIS attacks (Daily Mail)

Manhunt After Eight Killed 'Execution-Style'; Baby Survives (NBC News)

Prince George meets Barack Obama in his dressing gown and pyjamas (Daily Mail)

Why Prince Has No Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (NBC News)

FIREBALL: Dramatic moment ISIS shoot down MiG fighter jet and capture pilot (Daily Star)

Barack Obama's EU Intervention Make Brexit Camp Throw Their Rattle Out Of Their Pram (Huffington Post)

Anti-tax avoidance measures approved by EU finance ministers (Guardian)

Barack Obama's visit to the UK, day two - in pictures (Guardian)

Two bodies discovered in back garden (BBC)

British Jihadi dubbed 'the Surgeon' led gang plotting drive-by shootings of police officers and soldiers in the first terror plot to be funded and directed by ISIS from Syria (Daily Mail)

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH says desperation to stay in EU means government failed immigration (Daily Mail)

Celebrities flock to see Barack Obama speak during historic London visit (Daily Express)

Chloe Madeley Hits Back At Body Shamer Who Called Her Six-Pack 'Unfeminine' (Huffington Post)

Restaurants urged to offer tap water to children in fight against obesity (Daily Express)

Eurosceptics pour scorn on Obama's warning against Brexit (Guardian)

Backlash after Obama EU intervention (BBC)

UK jobs report leak reveals civil servants' concern at EU immigration (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Obama speaks at town hall event (BBC)

Princess Diana looks over Prince George in new photos of Kate and William's living room (Daily Express)

What we know about Prince's sudden death at 57 (CNN)

President and the Prince: George Greets Obama in Robe (NBC News)

University professor on his way to work hacked to death in Bangladesh (Fox News)

Three-day-old baby KILLED by family pet 'after it got spooked my mum coughing' (Daily Express)

Tony Blair's £5m deal with Kazakh president accused of human rights abuses (Daily Mail)

Rights group: EU should 'rethink' Turkey refugee deal (Fox News)

Eight killed in Ohio gun rampage (BBC)

Why Shakespeare still matters, 400 years later (CNN)

Norman Lamont on Barack Obama's shameful bid to bully Britain over the EU (Daily Mail)

Professor Hacked to Death Amid Islamist Attacks (NBC News)

University professor hacked to death in Bangladesh (Fox News)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Barack Obama is last man we should heed (Daily Mail)

QUENTIN LETTS watches as Barack Obama turn David Cameron cold over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Prince cause of death investigated as mourning continues worldwide (Guardian)

Cruz Meets a Different Trump Family in Pennsylvania (NBC News)

Zookeeper killed by tiger 'broke rules' (CNN)

Video shows Prince throw Kim Kardashian off stage during New York concert in 2011 (Daily Mail)

Man Who Inspired Film 'Bernie' Sent Back to Prison (NBC News)

Death toll at 28 in Mexico petrochemical plant explosion (Fox News)

Medical examiner: Missing firefighter killed herself (CBS News)

Trump campaign chief promises new, improved Trump (CBS News)

Bodies of two men found in Hull back garden (Daily Star)

President Obama dives into U.K. leaving EU controversy (CBS News)

Eight killed in Ohio "execution-style" shooting (CBS News)

Prince loved Minnesota, and Minnesota loved Prince (CBS News)

New details released in Princes death (CBS News)

Bodies of two men found in Hull back garden unexplained' say police (Daily Express)

The gospel according to Obama: President preaches at the British people and warns them 'the UK will be at the back of the queue' for trade deals with America if it leaves the EU (Daily Mail)

Despite Campaign Vow, Obama Declines to Call Massacre of Armenians ‘Genocide’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Oil Baron Harold Hamm Endorses Trump for President (Newsweek Magazine)

Prince taught us 'how to be free' (CNN)

VIDEO: Eight killed 'execution-style' in Ohio (BBC)

Nigel Farage open to Ukip REBRAND as web movement for people unhappy with EU membership' (Daily Express)

President Obama weighs in on the E.U. "Brexit" debate (CBS News)

New video, timeline released in Texas church death (CBS News)

Babysitter charged in death of toddler dosed with Xanax (CBS News)

Prince once wrote a seductive ballad about Donald Trump for R&B group The Time (Daily Mail)

Brussels bomber identified as ISIS jailer (CNN)

Trump criticizes 'PC' Tubman $20 bill (CNN)

Children who have finally got a family after waiting up to SIX YEARS pictured (Daily Mail)

'Tiger whisperer' killed by tiger (CNN)

See face transplant five years later (CNN)

Climate deal won't stop Great Barrier Reef from getting 'cooked', say Greens (Guardian)

8 killed execution-style in Ohio (CNN)

Driver of Barack Obama's car The Beast executes an expert three-point turn (Daily Mail)

Listen to Middle Ages melody reconstructed using a stolen manuscript lost for 142 years (Daily Mail)

Prince's 'drug overdose' and Obama's EU warning (BBC)

Teacher Lauren Cox who slept with a schoolboy is back living with her parents (Daily Mail)

Prince Found With No Signs of Trauma, No Indications of Suicide (NBC News)

Mike Tyson shares 'Printhe' meme that features mash-up of Prince and boxer (Daily Mail)

In pictures: Chernobyl's eerie exclusion zone 30 years on (BBC)

Brazil President Challenges Her Rivals (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

At U.N., 175 nations sign landmark accord on global warming. 'We are in a race against time' (Los Angeles Times)

Obama urges Britain to remain part of EU (CBS News)

ISIS jihadis FREE to slip into UK because EU cannot agree on foreign fighter' definition (Daily Express)

Outrage as Obama says Britain would be at the 'back of the queue' after Brexit (Daily Express)

Did ISIS Capture a Syrian Pilot Near Damascus? (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Tones Down the Bombast on the Campaign Trail (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: 'I brought Prince and Michael together' (BBC)

Hazara asylum seeker says he is being sent back to Afghanistan (Guardian)

MTV is bringing 'Cribs' back on Snapchat (Daily Mail)

EU to draw up tax haven blacklist (BBC)

'No sign' Prince's death was suicide (BBC)

Obama injects himself into contentious debate over whether Britain should exit the EU (Los Angeles Times)

Prince Autopsy Finds No Obvious Signs of Trauma (Time Magazine)

Fu battles through against McGill (BBC)

Pentagon says U.S. airstrikes killed 20 civilians since last fall (Los Angeles Times)

Prince George Wore a Tiny Robe to Meet President Obama and Now You Can Fall Over From Delight (Time Magazine)

Princes Death Is a Great Reminder Not to Ditch Your Music Collection For Streaming (Newsweek Magazine)

US suicide rate highest in 30 years (BBC)

Sheriff rules out Prince suicide video (Guardian)

Deal Is Reached to Return the Opposition Leader Riek Machar to South Sudan (New York Times - Paywall)

Clinton Vows Not to Respond to Trump Insults (NBC News)

The Waugh Zone Obama Brexit Special (Huffington Post)

How Many Civilians Has the U.S Killed in the War Against ISIS? (Newsweek Magazine)

No quick post-Brexit trade deal - Obama (BBC)

The Vatican's Gallery of Maps Comes Back to Life (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman who set newborn on fire sentenced to 30 years (CBS News)

Why Running Mates Will Be Crucial for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama Warns Britain on Trade if It Leaves European Union (New York Times - Paywall)

Princes health issues in spotlight after sudden death (CBS News)

Prince dead: New details of pop star's death revealed by cops (Daily Star)

Turkey releases fraudster Asil Nadir after repatriation from UK (Guardian)

Obama Slammed as 'Perverse' by Mayor on London Visit (NBC News)

Barack and Michelle Obama have lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle (Daily Mail)

Harrowing 999 call made 'TWO HOURS after father beat his six-year-old daughter to death in a fit of rage' played in court (Daily Mail)

Photo that jailed child abuser for 110 years (CNN)

Judge: Lawsuit Against CIA Enhanced Interrogation Architects Can Proceed (Newsweek Magazine)

David Cameron orders his advisers to reach out to DONALD TRUMP to repair relations (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Sheriff Holds Press Conference on Prince's Death (Time Magazine)

Barack Obama: Brexit would put UK 'back of the queue' for trade talks (Guardian)

Obama hits back in Johnson row (BBC)

Obama: EU Needs U.K.s Leadership on Refugee Crisis (Newsweek Magazine)

Police release new footage of gang of suspects who kicked a man senseless before repeatedly booting his head against a petrol pump leaving him with a fractured skull' (Daily Mail)

Remembering Taxi Driver 40 Years Later With Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and More (Newsweek Magazine)

The presidential election has Obama explaining it to concerned foreign leaders (Los Angeles Times)

Eye Closer: Prince dead at 57 (CBS News)

Court accepts charges against Brazil banker Joseph Safra (Fox News)

Obama and Queen Elizabeth take a royal road trip around Windsor Castle (Los Angeles Times)

Queen Elizabeth with US presidents past and present in pictures (Guardian)

Barack Obama Slaps Down Boris Johnson's Claim He Doesn't Like Churchill Or Britain (Huffington Post)

Obama gives powerful warning against Brexit (Financial Times - Paywall)

US and UK desperate' to stabilise Libya (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama Tells Brits His Brexit Advice Is 'Not a Threat' (NBC News)

Obama: UK would be 'back of queue' for trade talks if it left EU video (Guardian)

Shakespeares dramatic impact 400 years later (CBS News)

VIDEO: 'We're bound at the hip' - Obama to UK (BBC)

US to buy 32 metric tons of Iranian heavy water to fulfill nuclear deal terms (Guardian)

EU nations support new blacklist for tax havens (Fox News)

Nations ink historic Paris climate deal (BBC)

Star Trek Copyright Battle Pits Paramount and CBS Against Professional Fan Film (Newsweek Magazine)

Olga Polizzi leads battle against neighbour's plans for a superbasement (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama claims Britain would be at back of queue' for post-Brexit trade deal (Daily Express)

South Africa is Losing the War Against Corruption (Newsweek Magazine)

Fact-check: did Obama really remove a Churchill bust from the Oval Office? (Guardian)

Obama Says Brexit Would Put UK At 'Back Of The Queue' For Trade Deal In Huge EU Referendum Intervention (Huffington Post)

Boris and Brexit provide light relief as Obama and Cameron tackle Syria issue (Guardian)

Yazidi girl aged 12 used sleeping pills to escape ISIS captors (Daily Mail)

The Casts of Hamilton' and The Color Purple' Love Prince As Much As You Do (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye Opener at 8: Trump campaign at RNC spring meeting (CBS News)

Trump 'promises to change image' (BBC)

Brussels suicide bomber Najim Laachraoui was ISIS prison guard (Daily Mail)

'Reanimation' firm is looking for ways to bring 'brain-dead' people back to life (Daily Mail)

Volkswagen Reaches Deal in U.S. Over Emissions Scandal (New York Times - Paywall)

Boris Johnson likened to the right-wing Tea Party after his attack on Barack Obama (Daily Mail)

How many EU nationals have been refused entry to the UK? (BBC)

Barack Obama's visit to the UK in pictures (Guardian)

Obama dines with queen and jumps into Britains EU debate (CBS News)

2 UK men sentenced over IS-inspired drive-by shooting plot (Fox News)

Boris Johnson’s Essay on Obama and Churchill Touches Nerve Online (New York Times - Paywall)

Croatia holds WWII death camp commemoration despite boycott (Fox News)

U.N. Rights Chief Warns Against Thai Military’s Quest for More Authority (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS Ex-Hostages Identify Brussels Suicide Bomber as Captor (New York Times - Paywall)

Michelle Obama wears Oscar De La Renta for lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle (Daily Mail)

Peter Morgan denies murdering Georgina Symonds who was strangled to death (Daily Mail)

Devon Boon who asked who David Cameron was discovers that Prince is not royalty (Daily Mail)

Ministers demand UK Volkswagen drivers get the same compensation handed to Americans (Daily Mail)

Eurozone edges closer to deal over Greece (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama lunches with queen ahead of Britains tough EU vote (CBS News)

EXCLUSIVE: Labour MP accuses Cameron of showing his true colours' over Trump 'U-turn' (Daily Express)

No one slept here for 100 years (CNN)

Troupe keeps Shakespeare "alive" 400 years after death (CBS News)

Brussels bomber identified as jailer of foreign Isis hostages' (Guardian)

Has Obama lost Europe? (CNN)

'Ye fat-guts!' How to bite back (CNN)

Lady Sarah Chatto outshines the Queen in 90th birthday documentary (Daily Mail)

Obama urges UK to stay in European Union (Channel4)

BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty is asked live on air if she slept with Prince (Daily Mail)

Question Time audience boo woman who launches furious rant against junior doctors (Daily Mail)

Pamela Dunn killed herself after finding her mother Audrey's body (Daily Mail)

Turkey threatens to rip-up migrant deal with the EU unless they get visa-free travel (Daily Mail)

Teen smashes his head against the side of a pool as his friend bodyslams him (Daily Mail)

Ian Duncan Smith leads protests against Barack Obama over EU (Daily Mail)

Video shows FOUR-DAY-OLD crying baby having her back cracked by chiropractor (Daily Mail)

Deal to protect second-largest rainforest (Financial Times - Paywall)

Prince: autopsy under way after death of singer at Paisley Park (Guardian)

Uncertainty clouds Paris climate deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Leak blamed as Mexico explosion death toll rises (Guardian)

Australia to follow UK in creating public register of shell companies (Guardian)

Queen Elizabeth celebrates 90th birthday (CBS News)

Mexico's president proposes legalising medical marijuana (Guardian)

Queen Elizabeth II gets royal greeting on 90th birthday (CBS News)

President Idriss Déby of Chad, in Power Since 1990, Wins 5th Term (New York Times - Paywall)

Survivor Tells of Mediterranean Sea Disaster That May Have Killed 500 Migrants (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama, Persian Gulf leaders agree to step up ISIS campaign (CBS News)

Minneapolis mourns its Prince in pictures (Guardian)

Obama Urges Britain to Remain in the E.U. (New York Times - Paywall)

Singer-songwriter Prince dies aged 57 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nigerian army killed 350 and secretly buried the bodies, Amnesty says (Guardian)

US and EU conservation funds failing to protect trees or people, claims report (Guardian)

Obama makes case for UK to stay in EU (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hope for more quake survivors is running out as death toll in Ecuador reaches 577 (Los Angeles Times)

Obama concerned' over Iraqi premier (Financial Times - Paywall)

On her 90th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II tweets her thanks to well-wishers (Los Angeles Times)

South Sudan peace deal in balance amid opposition leader's continued absence (Guardian)

Why is ISIS heading to Libya? (CNN)

Brazil's president plans to take her impeachment fight to the United Nations (Los Angeles Times)

Ecuador quake death toll now 553 and set to rise further (Los Angeles Times)

Death toll in Taliban bombing and gunfight rises to 64; Afghan president calls the attack 'inhuman' (Los Angeles Times)

A mentor in shamelessness: the man who taught Trump the power of publicity (Guardian)

Chernobyl disaster 30 years on: what do you remember? (Guardian)

A police officer killed a man over a cup of tea in Egypt (Los Angeles Times)

Former Taliban fighters flee ISIS brutality (CNN)

Clinton and Trump wins in New York change little on national scale (Guardian)

Who said it: Donald Trump or North Korea? (Guardian)

100 years of unseen fashion photos (CNN)

How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS 'forced pregnant women to have abortions' (CNN)

ISIS soldiers rape women 'to make them Muslim' (CNN)