Saturday, 30th April 2016

World News

Irish police launch hunt for the bodies of two babies buried in the back garden of a Dublin home who were 'murdered by their grandmother' in the 1970s (Daily Mail)

Protesters Storm Iraqi Parliament (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

We've had massacres all week': Aleppo on fire again as Assad consigns ceasefire to history (Guardian)

Arsenal 1-0 Norwich City (BBC)

Shia protesters storm Iraq parliament (BBC)

Shia protesters invade Baghdad's Green Zone breaking into Iraq's parliament (Daily Mail)

Florida man accused of killing tourist then having sex with her body for hours (Daily Mail)

Indiana is the only place that can save the GOP from a Trump takeover (Guardian)

Oh No Why you must never name your pet Bruno... (Daily Express)

Aleppo is a such a prize for both sides that its suffering just goes on (Guardian)

Protesters overrun green zone (CNN)

Ringing the changes: World's oldest quoits club welcomes women for the first time in 170 years (Daily Mail)

Tailor hacked to death in own shop (CNN)

World watches Leicester as city prepares for its shot at 5,000-1 Premier League glory (Daily Mail)

Air strikes pound Syrian city of Aleppo for a NINTH DAY as death toll rises to 250 (Daily Mail)

Prince passed 8 pharmacies on his way to Walgreens prior to his death to hide his paper trail, family says (Daily Mail)

Syrian Regime Hurls Airstrikes at Aleppo (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Madrid train station video shows moment a boy is thrown off the platform during mass brawl (Daily Mail)

Man in the Mirror Delivers Shocking Anti-DUI Message (NBC News)

Louise O'Brien stabbed to death in her Perth home and her body left rolled up in carpet (Daily Mail)

Former 'star' of ISIS propaganda videos Harry Sarfo reveals why he turned his back on the caliphate (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Man 'groping' lady gets attacked by group of women on packed bus (Daily Star)

Psychological bully' who cut girlfriend off from her friends during relationship is first convicted under new laws (Daily Mail)

Brutal yobs throw punches and hurl chairs and bottles as 'western-style saloon' brawl breaks out in a city bar (Daily Mail)

Stuttgart police arrest 400 left wing protesters at AfD party conference in Germany (Daily Mail)

NHS Million Is Collecting People's Reasons Why They Love The National Health Service (Huffington Post)

Michael Bloomberg Blasts Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in Commencement Speech (Time Magazine)

Syrian City Torn by War Shows Jarring Resolve to Try to Live Normally (New York Times - Paywall)

German Police Detain 400 Protesters at AfD Convention (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Anti-government protesters breach Baghdads Green Zone (CBS News)

Texas police rescue children chained in yard and others left alone in home (Guardian)

Aleppo Bombarded With Strikes Despite Plans for Regime of Calm (Newsweek Magazine)

Not your average pet: Giant milipede walks up owner's arm in creepy crawly video - but if you're not an insect lover its enough to make your skin crawl! (Daily Mail)

Heavyweight tearjerker: Sumo wrestlers attempt to make babies CRY during ancient Japanese festival believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good health (Daily Mail)

Honduras Fires Over Two Dozen Police Commanders (New York Times - Paywall)

Hindu Tailor, Once Jailed for Slurring Prophet, Is Hacked to Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Kenya burns largest stockpile of ivory - video (Guardian)

Colorado Woman Who Cut Baby From Stranger's Womb Gets 100 Years in Prison (Time Magazine)

Justin Bieber Cuts Off His Dreadlocks as Fans Rejoice (Time Magazine)

PICTURED: British grandmother who was brutally battered by a Thai mob alongside her husband and son is seen for the first time since leaving hospital with a black eye (Daily Mail)

Despite latest Syria cease-fire, fighting continues in Aleppo (CBS News)

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd Did a Shot-for-Shot Remake of a Styx Music Video Because Why Not (Time Magazine)

Protesters try to block Trumps entrance at Calif. GOP convention (CBS News)

China Denies U.S. Aircraft Carrier Port Visit in Hong Kong (Time Magazine)

This is why you should look before you cross: Terrifying moment pedestrian wearing headphones comes inches from death after walking into oncoming traffic (Daily Mail)

ISIS releases sick video of gun-toting children pledging death to the West (Daily Express)

Spot the man in this photograph (CNN)

Protesters storm Baghdad parliament building - video (Guardian)

German riot police arrest protesters outside far-right party conference - video (Guardian)

The Handmaid's Tale is coming to Hulu with a white man at the helm (Guardian)

Colorado woman Dynel Lance JAILED for 100 years for cutting baby from Michelle Wilkins' womb (Daily Mail)

'Our orphans are growing' Chilling ISIS video of white child army gearing for battle (Daily Star)

Baghdad state of emergency declared after protesters storm parliament (Guardian)

West Wing's C.J. Cregg surprises journalists at White House briefing - video (Guardian)

Police hunt serial girl snatcher who jumped out of bushes to abduct teen (Daily Star)

Trump motorcade forced to pull over (CNN)

Marlborough Man replaced by a WOMAN in Imperial Tobacco blu e-Cigs ad campaign (Daily Mail)

Woman Who Cut Baby From Stranger's Womb Sentenced To 100 Years In Prison (Huffington Post)

Hindu man hacked to death in Bangladesh by men on motorcycles after he 'criticised prophet Mohammed' (Daily Mail)

Iraq Protesters Storm Parliament, Demanding End to Corruption (New York Times - Paywall)

Protesters storm Iraqi parliament (Financial Times - Paywall)

Most Qualified Pediatrician' Killed in Airstrike on Aleppo Hospital (Time Magazine)

China bars U.S. aircraft carrier from port (CNN)

Hindu Man Hacked to Death in Bangladesh (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scrap it and start over': the people's verdict on South Yorkshire police (Guardian)

Hope you die' Man has unbelievable meltdown after getting refused second date (Daily Star)

Councils should turn off traffic lights and curb parking restrictions to cut jams (Daily Mail)

Ancient Jewish catacombs in Rome that have been off limits for decades will open to the public (Daily Mail)

Hill's ashes scattered at Coventry City (BBC)

Pensioner, 71, stalked a 10-year-old girl for three years - sending her messages telling her he was drunk and loved her (Daily Mail)

New York City photograph series shows the tumultuous 1970s when unemployment and crime was high (Daily Mail)

Baghdad's Green Zone Breached by Anti-Government Protesters (Time Magazine)

Why people wait 3 hours for this burger (CNN)

Aleppo Battle Blunts Truce Effort (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Anti-government protesters breach Baghdad's Green Zone (Fox News)

Incredible new views of an over-photographed city (CNN)

Woman gets 100 years for cutting out fetus (CNN)

German police arrest 400 protesters outside far-right party meeting (Guardian)

Rescue efforts underway after building collapse in Nairobi - video (Guardian)

SHOCK FOOTAGE: Man drops his trousers and poos on platform at train station (Daily Star)

Bangladesh Hindu man hacked to death, in latest such attack (Fox News)

North Yorkshire Light Aircraft Crash Leaves Two Men Dead (Huffington Post)

Military Disciplines 16 for Errors Leading to 2015 Attack on Afghan Hospital (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Plane horror crash leaves two dead in North Yorkshire (Daily Star)

Lawyer sick of the City self-publishes thrillers and sells 1m copies (Daily Mail)

Woman murdered by 'sick man who continued to have sex with her lifeless body' (Daily Star)

Police detain protesters at party convention in Germany (Fox News)

Air strikes on Aleppo amid calm in other parts of Syria (Fox News)

'Sexsomniac' man cleared in rape case after saying his wife's the real sex sleeper (Daily Star)

Obama speaks of father's influence at White House jazz concert - video (Guardian)

Protesters, Police Face Off Outside Trump Speech in Calif. (NBC News)

Rich Parents of Instagram account shows off private jets, Lamborghinis and champagne (Daily Mail)

The world's poorest 50% are a trillion dollars worse off - what's going on? (Guardian)

Canine cruelty: Shocking moment a man is pulled along a road in a cart by his small pet dog is captured by motorist (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump forced from his motorcade amid chaotic protests at California convention (Guardian)

Springwatch's Chris Packham tells how his dog's death nearly drove him to SUICIDE (Daily Mail)

To North Korea with laureates and a prince (BBC)

'It was life and death for us and it's the same today': Kindertransport children speak (Guardian)

Sheridan Smith's West End show Funny Girl called off after she slurred her lines (Daily Mail)

Police confirm 7 dead in building collapse in Kenyan capital (Fox News)

Derbyshire Police admit they were wrong to try to keep Polish rapist's identity secret (Daily Mail)

China refuses to let US aircraft carrier to make Hong Kong port visit (Fox News)

VIDEO: BBC on rare visit to North Korea (BBC)

China Promotes Vigilance at Home With Anti-Spy Campaign (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China Refuses Hong Kong Port Call to U.S. Aircraft Carrier (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Tiger Woods refused a beer (CNN)

Blowhole murder: bail denied for uncle charged over death of student (Guardian)

EU military police carry out extremely WORRYING' civil unrest crisis training (Daily Express)

Briton among 13 killed in helicopter crash off Norway (Guardian)

Boom! Prince takes Twitter war with Obamas to next level (CNN)

Nine in 10 say they cannot name local police and crime commissioner (Guardian)

Woman Gets 100 Years for Cutting Open Stranger's Womb (NBC News)

4/29: Protesters delay California Trump appearance; judge spends night in jail with man he sentenced (CBS News)

Overturned truck carrying stones kills 14 in China (Fox News)

Woman arrested in France after she asked police officers to check purity of her cocaine (Daily Mail)

Louisiana prisoner freed after 41 years of controversial sentence (Guardian)

North Korean escapee reveals Kim Jong-un won't let people talk about sex or watch porn' (Daily Star)

Judge spends night in jail with man he sentenced (CBS News)

Pentagon releases report on botching bombing of hospital in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Pentagon releases report on botched bombing of hospital in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Aleppo not included in new partial Syrian cease-fire (CBS News)

Mass devastation warning: Huge earthquake in world's most populated city is IMMINENT' (Daily Express)

North Korean defector reveals CRAZED Kim's regime won't let people talk about sex' (Daily Express)

Celebrities Pan Trump Before White House Correspondents Dinner (Time Magazine)

Colorado woman gets 100 years for cutting baby from womb (CBS News)

China refuses US carrier permission for port call in Hong Kong harbour (Guardian)

Battered Aleppo not included in latest Syria cease fire (CBS News)

Ouch This gruesome video shows Dr Pimple Popper removing DOZENS of skin tags (Daily Express)

Pentagon Details Chain of Errors in Strike on Afghan Hospital (New York Times - Paywall)

Protesters delay Trump speech (BBC)

Trump says he'd bring Beijing into line (CNN)

Wiltshire police warn that the trend for filming while behind wheel is risking lives (Daily Mail)

My crime was wearing a turban': Sikh man arrested on US bus pursues justice (Guardian)

North Korea's rare congress - what is it for? (BBC)

A city gripped by football fever (BBC)

Why this Indian woman is using 'blackface' as solidarity (BBC)

Why the country most poisoned by Chernobyl is going nuclear (BBC)

Protesters force Trump from his car at California Republican convention as it happened (Guardian)

GOP Elites Reaching 'Acceptance' Phase for Trump (NBC News)

Prince William wishes Sir David Attenborough happy 90th birthday: He's a national treasure (Daily Express)

HUGE BREXIT BOOST: More than 100 city executives back campaign to leave damaging' EU (Daily Express)

Match of the big day: Lifelong Leicester fan ties knot as team kicks off at Old Trafford (Daily Star)

That Time When Obama and Seth Meyers Roasted Trump (NBC News)

Obama and Seth Meyers Once Roasted Trump to His Face (NBC News)

Video shows family getting attacked in Thailand (CBS News)

Air Particle Pollution Exposure Linked To Higher Cancer Death Risk (Newsweek Magazine)

Queen's reaction after Obamas lay down gauntlet to Prince Harry over Invictus Games (Daily Mail)

Surveillance footage captures moment missing teen fishermen set off on their doomed trip as pilot claims picture taken two days after boys went missing shows figure laying on debris and waving for help (Daily Mail)

Why the Obamas and Prince Harry Are Feuding' on Twitter (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Trump jumps barrier to avoid protesters (BBC)

Trump's ousting from motorcade 'felt like I was crossing the border' video (Guardian)

Protesters Swarm Donald Trump Event in California as Tensions Rise (Time Magazine)

Colchester double killer James Fairweather jailed for 27 years (Daily Mail)

Cops reveal what man with fake bomb wanted on TV (CBS News)

Birmingham City 2-2 Middlesbrough (BBC)

Bob Knight Explains Why He Endorsed Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Violent scenes as hundreds of anti-Donald Trump protesters kick off in US (Daily Star)

Afghan Hospital Attack That Killed 42 Caused by Human Error, Pentagon Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Japan doesn't want the U.S. to apologize for bombing Hiroshima. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Pentagon modifies training and targeting after deadly U.S. attack on hospital (Los Angeles Times)

Matt McGorry on Why Male Feminism Is So Important (Time Magazine)

Protesters force Trump out of car to get to California GOP convention video (Guardian)

Lake District photo sparks massive police search for dead body floating in water (Daily Mail)

Leicester City Premier League win could see bookies fork out record £50MILLION to punters (Daily Express)

First U.S. Zika death reported (CNN)

Helicopter crashes into sea off Norway (CNN)

Mother who blamed herself for stillbirth shares picture of her son after hospital pays out £40K (Daily Mail)

Sassy little girl dances her socks off while lip-syncing to Beyonce's Sorry (Daily Mail)

Deer skull and antlers which are 4,000 YEARS old are found by walkers on Borth beach (Daily Mail)

Partial Truce Said to Be Restored in Syria, but Not Yet in Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

Pentagon announces punishments in deadly hospital attack (CBS News)

China ambassador says North Korean proposal merits study (Fox News)

Fighting rages in Aleppo (CBS News)

Family of Jack Susianta who drowned in canal say he would be alive if police had done job (Daily Mail)

Bikers and Truckers for Trump Plan Forceful Presence at GOP Convention (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Formula E is so important (CNN)

China blocks US aircraft carrier from HK (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S. man gets 10 years hard labor (CNN)

Prince Harry's Invictus Games 2016 video with the Queen and Obamas wows the web (Daily Star)

Game of Thrones': Here's Why Jon Snow Is Dead, Even If He Lives Again (Newsweek Magazine)

Doors are the reason we forget why we entered rooms (Daily Mail)

Former Olympic wrestling champion Vyacheslav Oliynyk fights off SEVEN police officers (Daily Mail)

U.S. Reports First Zika Virus Death in Puerto Rico (NBC News)

easyJet passengers escorted off flight to Barcelona after suicide bomber joke (Daily Mail)

Police not ready to file charges in death of Del. teen (CBS News)

Yearning for North Korea - the nation they fled (Daily Mail)

Game Of Thrones: Why The White Walkers Will Win (Newsweek Magazine)

Puerto Rico reports first Zika-related death amid outbreak (Daily Mail)

City to 'thrive' after Brexit say bosses (BBC)

Yorkshire-Ripper Obsessed Teenager James Fairweather Sentenced To 27 Years For Murders (Huffington Post)

China Blocks U.S. Navy Flotilla’s Visit to Hong Kong (New York Times - Paywall)

NGOs demand end to Syria atrocities as Aleppo airstrikes continue (Guardian)

Aleppo mourns Syrian paediatrician killed in hospital airstrike (Guardian)

Prince 'had drugs on him' (CNN)

China blocks US Navy aircraft carrier from Hong Kong port (Fox News)

No charges over Afghan hospital air strike (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S. Says Strike on Afghanistan Hospital Wasnt War Crime (Newsweek Magazine)

New fighting rocks Syria's second city (BBC)

Beyonce and Prince dominate UK chart (BBC)

Meet the python skin prince of NBA (CNN)

Florida police officer caught on tape hitting handcuffed woman video (Guardian)

The Queen And Prince Harry's Obama Video Is Provoking Some Strong Reactions (Huffington Post)

Statement at trial by Auschwitz death camp guard (Fox News)

Nuclear plants in the South China Sea? (CNN)

Fading ceasefire brings carnage to Aleppo (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Prince Harry & Queen Elizabeth Vs. The Obamas Video Is The Biggest Twitter Meme Of The Week (Huffington Post)

Reddit photo shows motorist block police van's speed camera before going to pub (Daily Mail)

Facebook prankster sparks fury after cutting off his sleeping girlfriend's hair (Daily Mail)

Auschwitz guard on trial for murdering 170k Jews 'ashamed' for working at Nazi death camp (Daily Mail)

Vulnerable patient choked to death when carers fed him meatballs in the back of their car (Daily Mail)

Kunduz hospital attack: MSF's questions remain as US military seeks no charges (Guardian)

Donald Trump Rally Turns Violent Amid Protests (Newsweek Magazine)

Prince Harry's Invictus Games 2016 Video With The Queen And The Obamas Might Break The Internet (Huffington Post)

Brexit supporters should 'move to North Korea' according to John Major (Daily Mail)

Fatal oil rig copter crash off Norwegian coast (CBS News)

Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky on hunger strike 'for the British public' video (Guardian)

Donald Trump denies woman's claims that she was raped by the tycoon and lawyer says the plaintiff may not be a real person (Daily Mail)

French Police Arrest 27 People After Overnight Rioting in Paris (Newsweek Magazine)

California woman woke from coma unable to move or speak as doctor's predicted her death (Daily Mail)

Former Labour MEP who falsely claimed more than £100k in expenses is jailed for 4 years (Daily Mail)

Expert explains how ibuprofen turns off headaches and antidepressants improve mood (Daily Mail)

Helicopter Crashes Off Norway, Leaving No Signs of Survivors (New York Times - Paywall)

German man smashes his head on a glass table after toppling off a Segway (Daily Mail)

Helicopter crashes off Norwegian coast (Financial Times - Paywall)

ScotRail train driver plucks boy off the tracks as he ran after parents (Daily Mail)

Brazil paraglider ploughs into spectators after disastrous attempt to take off (Daily Mail)

Labour leadership summon John Man for confronting Ken Livingstone about Hitler comments (Daily Mail)

Russia, China warn U.S. over perceived Asia meddling (CBS News)

Madeleine McCann's parents were not prosecuted by Portuguese police over 'English custom' (Daily Mail)

Prince's police report into his death released ahead of 'criminal' probe (Daily Mail)

California police clash with protesters outside Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa (Daily Mail)

Helicopter crash site attended by rescuers in Norway video (Guardian)

Shocking video shows moment carer steal money from dementia-suffering widow (Daily Mail)

Major in North Korea Brexit claim (BBC)

North Korea Sentences American to 10 Years of Hard Labor (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

43 years in solitary: 'There are moments I wish I was back there' (Guardian)

Stunning Video Shows 'Mother Ship' Storm Supercell (NBC News)

Trump speech a big hit in Russia (CNN)

China and Japan seek to mend fences (Financial Times - Paywall)

Aleppo airstrikes continue amid renewed violence in Syrian city (Guardian)

Ecuadorean jetliner skids off runway landing in heavy rain (Daily Mail)

Man arrested in Switzerland over Cologne sex attacks (Guardian)

Wife of man who died after setting fire to himself in Nauru slams delay in care (Guardian)

William and Kate 5 years on (CNN)

Researchers capture video of unknown jellyfish (CNN)

North Korea sentences American to 10 years of hard labor on spying charges (Los Angeles Times)

Investigators look into possible Prince overdose on prescription drugs (Guardian)

Anti-Trump protest turns violent in California - video (Guardian)

Duckling rescued from drain in Droitwich video (Guardian)

Eight years for falling asleep in a parked car: welcome to Angola's penal system (Guardian)

Threatened with death for working on TV (BBC)

China will 'never allow war or chaos' on Korean peninsula, says Xi Jinping (Guardian)

North Korea Sentences American to 10 Years for Spying, Reports Say (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea jails US citizen for 10 years on spying charge (Guardian)

Ask a North Korean: does anyone talk about sex? (Guardian)

Australia to block vast land sale to China (Financial Times - Paywall)

French police and protesters clash during rioting over labour reforms video (Guardian)

Refugee who set himself alight on Nauru dies in hospital (Guardian)

Borrower returns library book 67 years late but escapes $24,000 fine (Guardian)

Syrian ceasefire collapses as Assad regime aims to retake Aleppo (CBS News)

Aleppo left in ruins once again as Syrian cease-fire crumbles (CBS News)

Pentagon disciplines 16 for deadly attack on Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Jenner takes up Trump toilet offer (BBC)

Airstrike on Aleppo hospital kills last pediatrician in Syria's largest city (Los Angeles Times)

Why the world's biggest exporter of crude is trying to wean itself off oil (Los Angeles Times)

Ted Cruz reacts to John Boehner calling him Lucifer in the flesh' video (Guardian)

Divided Aleppo Plunges Back Into War as Syrian Hospital Is Hit (New York Times - Paywall)

In Rome, Cheap Public Housing Hid for Years in Plain Sight (New York Times - Paywall)

Schoolchildren attacked by nationalist protesters in Moscow (Guardian)

Sex, God, race, class: Prince told my story (CNN)

Why Brazil's crisis could get worse (CNN)

Why the richest continent is the poorest (CNN)

China is dialing 911 over Taiwanese phone scammers (Los Angeles Times)

Why so many Iranians have come to hate the hijab (Guardian)

Trump moves to middle in his speech on 'America First' approach to foreign policy (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli police shoot and kill siblings they say threatened officers with a knife (Los Angeles Times)

What to expect from North Korea's Party Congress: Millennials, maybe some 'dead' men, but no HBO (Los Angeles Times)

China warns its women: Watch out for sweet-talking foreign men (Los Angeles Times)

North American professors' plea to President Rouhani: the full letter (Guardian)

Why are millions of children still dying from preventable diseases? | Amy Whalley (Guardian)

Acapulco paralyzed by fear after gunfights between police and gang members (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine remembers Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion 30 years later (Los Angeles Times)

Athens under pressure: city races to clear port's refugee camp before tourists arrive (Guardian)

Girls smuggled into China to be sold as child brides (CNN)

100 years of unseen fashion photos (CNN)

Why do victims have criminal records? (CNN)

"Were not killer cops": Officer speaks out about controversial police shootings (CBS News)