Wednesday, 4th May 2016

World News

New Syrian cease-fire deal over Aleppo reached (CBS News)

Police charge man after hijacked bus in DC (CBS News)

Real Madrid 1-0 Manchester City (agg 1-0) (BBC)

I Survived the Wildfire That Killed My Firefighter Brothers (Time Magazine)

John Kasich to suspend campaign, clearing way for Trump politics live (Guardian)

Police 'told to ignore RAPE' in new Cologne sex attack COVER-UP claim (Daily Express)

U.S. agrees Aleppo ceasefire with Russia. Will it stick? (CNN)

Police dig for a baby's body at home of Fred and Rose West friends (Daily Express)

Partial Truce in Syria Is Said to Extend to Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was trying to rescue others (CBS News)

Navy SEAL's Death in Iraq Poses Questions for Defense Secretary (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Black Sea is so important to Russia (CNN)

Sherman Alexie Talks About Why He's One of the Brown Folks for Clinton' (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Who won the police dance-off? (BBC)

Navy SEAL Charles Keating killed in Iraq was part of rescue team (Daily Mail)

YouTube video of young boy coming round from anaesthetic with gangster voice (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump doubles down on non-citizen Muslim ban and talks about Europe (Daily Mail)

Video shows Navy Seal's death was result of intense combat with Isis (Guardian)

Iraq firefight in which US navy seal died reveals intensity of battle video (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton Begins Push for Republicans and Independents Worried About Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Entire Canadian city ordered to evacuate as wildfire creates widespread panic (Fox News)

Fragile cease-fire restored to embattled city of Aleppo, U.S. official says (Fox News)

David Cameron calls for political courage to seal TTIP deal (Guardian)

Last Trump rival 'quits Republican race' (BBC)

Donald Trump mocked for Indiana victory speech promising his supporters they will win 'BIGLY' (Daily Mail)

City evacuated from raging inferno (CNN)

Navy SEAL was killed in two-hour firefight with Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trumps Possible Running Mates: The Odds (Newsweek Magazine)

Northumbria Police Chief 'punched a senior colleague at a barbecue over affair' (Daily Mail)

Alaska Plane Crash That Killed 4 Was Caused By a Bald Eagle (Time Magazine)

Why 5,000-1 soccer underdog won (CNN)

David Cameron reveals ANOTHER delay in Chilcot's Iraq War inquiry (Daily Mail)

Video shows woman using a step ladder to change a light bulb before it slips (Daily Mail)

A Reader's Guide to Donald Trump's Family (Time Magazine)

Why Oil Prices Will Likely Drop Below $40 Soon (Time Magazine)

Kim Jong-un Seeks to Cement Power at First North Korean Congress in 36 Years (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS fighters are making and using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria (Daily Mail)

Triumphant Trump vows to unite Republicans (Financial Times - Paywall)

Top U.S. Intelligence Official: ISIS Has Capacity' for Paris-Style Attack in U.S. (Time Magazine)

Who Will Donald Trump Pick for His Running Mate? (NBC News)

Mother of road rage killer says she spent years trying to get help (Daily Mail)

Deal Reached to Extend Syria Truce to Aleppo (Time Magazine)

'Unlimited' chocolate bar riddle is solved in a mind-bending video (Daily Mail)

Under a Donald Trump Presidency, the Paris Climate Deal Could Unravel (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump victory. So now what? (CNN)

Mystery bus driver who stopped his double decker in the middle of the road to help a pensioner across once saved another passenger's life 15 years ago (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump set for White House fight amid calls for Cameron apology for 'stupid' slur (Daily Star)

Ellie Butler murder trial: Dad accused claims 'Peppa Pig cartoon fall' killed tragic girl (Daily Star)

Cruz, Pals Spent $10 A Vote in Indiana. Trump Won Anyway (NBC News)

Islamists continue to turn on each other as ISIS execute Al-Qaeda commander (Daily Mail)

Video shows passengers wailing in terror as Jakarta plane is hit by extreme turbulence (Daily Mail)

Embryo study shows 'life's first steps' (BBC)

Adorable video show two dogs having a snooze with a contented cat between them (Daily Mail)

The 'scrumptious' navy man who looks like a viking and has sent the internet wild (Daily Express)

Clashes and tear gas as police evict 277 asylum seekers from Paris high school (Daily Express)

Miracle As Woman Who Was Blind For 21 Years Has Vision Restored After Unrelated Spine Surgery (Huffington Post)

CARE HOME CRISIS: More than one in four could go out of business within THREE years (Daily Express)

Why Trump v Clinton will be an unpopularity contest (Guardian)

Police dig at child rapists' former home (BBC)

'Apocalyptic' Fire Sends Entire City of 80,000 Fleeing (NBC News)

Lazy Labrador REALLY doesn't want to get out of bed in cute video (Daily Mail)

Northumbria police force 'ruined my life', tribunal told (Guardian)

British ISIS jihadi who called for Brussels-style attacks at Gatwick Airport moans about missing Costa Coffee (Daily Mail)

Dunfermline mother reveals son's response after customer asked why he wants to play with a girls toy (Daily Mail)

Aberdeen Police spotted playing on rope during shift (Daily Mail)

John Kasich Dropping Out of Presidential Race, Leaving Donald Trump the Victor (Time Magazine)

John Kasich to quit Republican race, leaving Trump last man standing (Guardian)

Who will be Donald Trump's running mate? Here are five options (Guardian)

North Korea shows off efforts to cope with sanctions (CBS News)

Supporting Donald Trump Is the Worst Thing the GOP Could Do (Time Magazine)

Chinese police patrols in Rome could lead to further collaboration (Guardian)

Navy SEAL Killed by ISIS Was Grandson of Notorious Banker (NBC News)

New details about Navy SEAL killed fighting ISIS in Iraq (CBS News)

Donald Trump's Rise To The Republican Presidential Nomination In Insults (Huffington Post)

David Cameron Refuses To Apologise For Calling Donald Trump 'Divisive, Stupid And Wrong' (Huffington Post)

NYPD Responds To Running Man Dance Battle Request From New Zealand Police (Huffington Post)

Figures charting 40 years of food sales reflect our 'continental' and 'low carb' tastes (Daily Mail)

DNA shows the endangered solenodon's ancestors lived 78 million years ago (Daily Mail)

Why this election will make history (BBC)

A View From the Tower: Donald Trump Emerges Victorious and Gives a Farewell to Ted Cruz (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour Anti-Semitism: Why It Is Harder For Jews to Support Left-Wing Parties (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour Anti-Semitism: Why It Is Harder for Jews to Support Left-Wing Parties (Newsweek Magazine)

David Cameron REJECTS demands to be quizzed on Government's role in fight against ISIS in Libya (Daily Mail)

Facebook video shows golden retrievers clambering all over their breeder on the floor (Daily Mail)

YouTube video shows how owls fly without making a sound (Daily Mail)

Why Lula faces new corruption inquiry (BBC)

Meet Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump nomination divides Republicans (BBC)

Former San Quentin executioner reveals how he killed prisoners with no training (Daily Mail)

In London Mayoral Election, More Than City Hall Is at Stake (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Republican Kasich to Remain in Race Even After Cruz Drops Out (Newsweek Magazine)

Republican Kasich Assesses Future After Cruz Drops Out (Newsweek Magazine)

Poverty driving Syrian men and boys into the arms of Isis (Guardian)

North Korea regime shows off efforts to feed its people (CBS News)

Female Fighters Out for Revenge Against ISIS in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Group: 13 more Peuhls killed in latest attacks in Mali (Fox News)

David Cameron REFUSES to apologise to Donald Trump for saying he was 'divisive, stupid and wrong' to claim Muslims should be banned from entering America (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz accidentally elbows his wife in the face after dropping out of presidential race (Daily Express)

50 years after Moors murderers: Will Ian Brady ever reveal where he buried Keith Bennett? (Daily Express)

Shocking footage shows violent DOGNAPPING carried out in Leeds (Daily Mail)

Facebook video shows gang of thugs bat a man at Leeds bus stop (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: Ten reasons why the Trump Train's given the cocky, lazy, PC-crazed Washington elite the spanking it deserves- and left Hillary shaking in her Goldman-financed boots (Daily Mail)

Entire city evacuated from wildfire's path (CNN)

Real Madrid vs Manchester City: How City Can Reach Champions League Final (Newsweek Magazine)

Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry Report Will Be Published After EU Referendum, Says David Cameron (Huffington Post)

Cute video shows Kentucky 4-year-old turns her mother's favourite phrases on HER (Daily Mail)

LiveLeak video shows man with cerebral myiasis as maggots feat on his brain (Daily Mail)

Artist Whose Nude Painting of Donald Trump Went Viral, Says She Was Attacked by Trump Supporter (Time Magazine)

Why the Next Pearl Harbor Could Happen in Space (Newsweek Magazine)

David Cameron: UK may take in unaccompanied child refugees video (Guardian)

Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race leaving Donald Trump with clear run (Daily Mail)

Navy SEAL Dies While Fighting Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Boyfriend proposes with wacky broccoli treasure hunt across city (Daily Star)

The National Childbirth Trust's 60 years of advice (BBC)

One of Africa's Most Active Volcanoes Shows Signs of Life (NBC News)

Donald Trump's election would derail Paris climate deal, warns its architect (Guardian)

'Apocalyptic' Fire Sends Entire City of 60,000 Fleeing (NBC News)

Sadiq Khan apologises after video shows him using 'Uncle Toms' slur against moderate Muslims (Daily Mail)

15 Years Later, Robert Blake's Private Eye Speaks Out (NBC News)

Europe's pickpocketing hotspots revealed: Why you'll need to be extra vigilant in Barcelona, Rome and Paris (Daily Mail)

This Is Why You Shouldn't Cry After A Spray Tan (Huffington Post)

You Asked: Why Does My Face Turn Red When I Exercise? (Time Magazine)

Whitehall and gold-plated jobs in the City of London are VERY well-paid (Daily Mail)

Police dance challenge goes viral (CNN)

Video shows moment a tractor CARRIES a car down the road after it blocked a man's driveway (Daily Mail)

It's Donald Trump's GOP After Ted Cruz Drops Out (NBC News)

Trump on road to nomination as Cruz exits Republican race (Guardian)

Trump 'Confident' He Can Unite 'Much' of GOP (NBC News)

Stunning Hubble Video Takes You On A Journey To The Centre Of The Milky Way (Huffington Post)

Malia Obama's gap year: Why delay college (CNN)

Senator: Trump 'built campaign on racism' (CNN)

Cruz halts campaign 'with heavy heart' (CNN)

Thousands evacuated as devastating 'apocalyptic' forest inferno threatens city (Daily Star)

Spanish scientists unveil secret to why our genetic code stopped evolving (Daily Mail)

Clashes in Paris as police try to remove migrants occupying empty school (Guardian)

Why Minneapolis Loved Prince, and He Loved His Hometown (Time Magazine)

Chinas Military Releases Call of Duty-Style Promo Video to Recruit Millennials (Newsweek Magazine)

Kenya Foils Biological Attack by ISIS-Linked Network: Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain ramps up ISIS fight: More troops being sent to Iraq (Daily Star)

Cute video of elephant stomping on over-sized pumpkins at Taronga Zoo (Daily Mail)

Canada wildfire forces mass evacuation of Fort McMurray video (Guardian)

Polish rapist flees UK fearing a vigilante backlash after police tried to keep his crime a secret (Daily Mail)

Shocking clip shows footballer headbutt supporter as fight breaks out at UK football match (Daily Star)

Why We Don't Delete Annoying Facebook Friends (Newsweek Magazine)

Brit terror fears as Spanish cops hit ISIS recruitment cell hours before Man City clash (Daily Star)

Chinese police to patrol Rome streets (CNN)

Why the African Union Wants to Be More Like the EU (Newsweek Magazine)

Ted Cruz admits defeat: Why did Donald Trump's rival drop out? (Daily Express)

Funny video shows North Carolina zoo giraffe poke head inside Danish tour bus (Daily Mail)

Trump's path to nomination clear as Cruz drops out (CNN)

Why I'll Be Supporting the Let The Kids Be Kids Protest on Tuesday (Huffington Post)

How Trump won the nomination (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Lion Trophy Hunting Must End (Huffington Post)

Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Identified as Grandson of Charles Keating Jr. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Egyptian riot police cordon off journalists' union in Cairo (Fox News)

ISIS anthrax attack is foiled by police as three 'who plotted attack in Kenya' are arrested (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump: 'We are going to win bigly. Believe me' video (Guardian)

Why Republican race is really over (CNN)

Terror group releases hostage video (CNN)

Leicester City fan Samuel Garner killed in a hit-and-run crash involving a stolen BMW (Daily Mail)

EU exit 'could take years to complete' (BBC)

Thai Billionaire's Investment in Leicester City Pays Off (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Miners search for gold nuggets and YouTube fame in California video (Guardian)

Leicester City owners name Thai PR girl a director (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz drops bid for Republican nomination, clearing path for Trump (Guardian)

Donald Trump: prepare for a nasty and bruising contest (Channel4)

Defending Vibrant City Life: Jane Jacobs at 100 (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump becomes presumptive GOP nominee after 'joke' campaign mocked (Daily Mail)

Video shows man eat 1,000 LIVE earthworms before washing them down with beer (Daily Mail)

Fred And Rose West's Paedophile Friends' Garden Dug Up By Devon Police (Huffington Post)

CCTV shows criminal GRINNING as he strolls into designer watch shop and uses stolen credit card to buy Rolex worth £9,000 (Daily Mail)

5000/1: The Unbelievable City (Huffington Post)

Bodies of missing climbers found 16 years later? (CNN)

Battle lines drawn as Trump faces Clinton (Financial Times - Paywall)

Stephen made £800 by switching banks six times in two years - and here's how you can, too (Daily Mail)

Indonesia is preparing to execute prisoners, police official confirms (Guardian)

Hostages Held by Philippine Militants Make Desperate Video Plea (Time Magazine)

The Leicester City Book Bonanza Has Begun (Newsweek Magazine)

Canadian City Fort McMurray Evacuated As Massive Fire (Huffington Post)

ISIS jihadis using 'fake passports from Bulgaria' to get into Western Europe (Daily Star)

Fort McMurray: Canada wildfires force evacuation of oil sands city (Guardian)

Donald Trump's entourage Ivanka, Lara and Vanessa post gleeful Instagram as Ted Cruz exits (Daily Mail)

Norwegian Navy officer Lasse Matberg, who looks like a 'Viking' has Instagram swooning (Daily Mail)

Huge Wildfire in Canada Causes Mass Evacuation of Entire City (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic State Kills U.S. Navy SEAL in Northern Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Contributor: Why We Need a Foreign Policy Elite (New York Times - Paywall)

Ted Cruz made fun of on the internet for elbowing wife Heidi in the face (Daily Mail)

Trump set for Republican nomination (BBC)

Mummified baby FOUND after grave mysteriously opens 50 YEARS after he died (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Ted Cruz accidentally hits his wife (BBC)

Rich will rule for 20 years - Ranieri (BBC)

Out-of-Control Wildfire Evacuates Canadian City of 60,000 (NBC News)

Cainer and why only fools (and men) mock horoscopes, by SARAH VINE (Daily Mail)

Top Gear: Why the BBC is Right to Motor Ahead With Popular, Profitable Shows (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Affiliate Abu Sayyaf Release New Video of Hostages From Canada, Norway and the Philippines (Newsweek Magazine)

Massive wildfire forces evacuation of Canadian city (CBS News)

'They will be killed if you procrastinate once again': Filipino militants threaten to behead three more hostages a week after executing Canadian when ransom was not met (Daily Mail)

Police hunt after jewellery raid (BBC)

Chinese army tries to tempt young recruits with high octane promo video (Guardian)

Isle of Arron festival act Azure Halo investigated by police after seal killing claims (Daily Mail)

Cruz Accidentally Elbows Wife After Dropping Out (NBC News)

Ted Cruz Hits Wife Heidi In The Face After Dropping Out Of Presidential Race With Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Artist Behind Viral Nude Trump Says She Was Attacked (NBC News)

Dickerson: Trump vs. Clinton "has the potential to be quite dark" (CBS News)

Trump: Ted Cruz "an incredible competitor" (CBS News)

After Trump wins Indiana, Cruz drops out of race (CBS News)

China's military appeals to younger generation with 'kill, kill, kill' video (Guardian)

Armed police storm flats after reports of young gang with gun (Daily Star)

Kenyan Police Say They Have Disrupted an Alleged Plot by ISIS-Linked Medics (Time Magazine)

Dickerson: Trump vs. Clinton "might not be very pretty" (CBS News)

High drama in Indiana: Trump and Sanders win; Cruz bows out - video (Guardian)

Polish families separated by the Holocaust reunited 77 years on (Daily Mail)

Navy Seal killed by ISIS in Iraq (CNN)

Russian Ripper who painted pentagrams with victims' blood' snared by cops after 18 years (Daily Express)

Horror as ISIS sniper kills 'elite' US Navy Seal (Daily Star)

Will Donald Trump's Winning Streak Last Through November? (Time Magazine)

On this day: Four killed in Kent State shooting (CBS News)

Navy SEAL killed in Iraq by ISIS identified (CBS News)

Trump looks to White House as Cruz quits (Financial Times - Paywall)

Armed police storm block of flats following reports of young gang with a gun (Daily Express)

Indiana voters on why they backed Donald Trump - video (Guardian)

Charlie Keating IV: US Navy SEAL killed by depraved Islamic State militants in Iraq (Daily Express)

U.S. Navy SEAL killed in northern Iraq (CBS News)

Why Instagram Paid Out $10,000 to a 10-Year-Old Finnish Kid (Time Magazine)

Wildfire Has Forced the Evacuation of the Entire Canadian City of Fort McMurray (Time Magazine)

50 Cent apologises for Instagram video accusing autistic airport cleaner of being high' (Daily Mail)

US Navy Seal killed by Isis in Iraq named as Charlie Keating IV (Guardian)

Ted Cruz: Trump is "a pathological liar" (CBS News)

Trump wins big in Indiana as Cruz drops out (CNN)

Police launch murder probe after woman's body found in South Wales home (Daily Express)

Trump and Sanders win as Cruz shocks by dropping out Indiana primary, as it happened (Guardian)

Police excavate garden of Fred West's paedophile friends David and Pauline Williams (Daily Express)

ISIS ON THE BRINK: Britain to send MORE TROOPS to finally WIPE OUT evil terror group (Daily Express)

Bernie Sanders interrupted mid-speech with news of Indiana win video (Guardian)

New Zealand police use 'running man' to attract new recruits video (Guardian)

David Cameron urged to APOLOGISE to Donald Trump as furious row over Muslim ban rumbles on (Daily Express)

Navy SEAL killed in combat in Iraq, U.S. officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Small English city celebrates improbable soccer championship (CBS News)

New Zealand police officers do the 'running man' in recruitment video (Guardian)

Why Ted Cruz's Big Gamble Failed (Time Magazine)

Ted Cruz suspends his presidential campaign video (Guardian)

How Donald Trump Crushed the Republican Establishment (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Wins Indiana, Clearing Path to GOP Nomination (NBC News)

BREAKING: Ted Cruz quits US presidential race leaving way clear for Trump (Daily Star)

Polish rapist 'flees Britain to avoid LYNCHING' after police tried to hide his identity (Daily Express)

How Leicester City Gives Hope To American Underdogs (Time Magazine)

Navy SEAL Is Killed in Northern Iraq in Fight With ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Why millennials struggle for success (CNN)

US Navy Seal dies in IS attack in Iraq (BBC)

Shocking video footage shows pedestrian hit by a van crossing road (Daily Mail)

Exclusive photos from Iraqi firefight that killed U.S. Navy SEAL (Fox News)

Ted Cruz Ends 2016 Presidential Campaign (NBC News)

Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Identified as Grandson of Arizona Financier (Time Magazine)

Russia's skies display thousands of starlings forming a series of shapes in YouTube video (Daily Mail)

CRUZ DROPS OUT: Senator quits Republican race after Trump storms to ANOTHER victory (Daily Express)

Why #hungerforjusticeSF Shut Down San Francisco's Busiest Streets (Newsweek Magazine)

Cost of a tank of petrol falls £18 in four years (Daily Mail)

Northumbria police force accused of 'culture of sexism and bollocking' (Daily Mail)

Former N.Y. Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver gets 12 years in prison (CBS News)

US Navy SEAL killed by ISIS in Iraq firefight identified (Fox News)

Inside the Syrian Rebel Assault on Aleppo (Newsweek Magazine)

Hospital Hit as Fighting Flares in Aleppo (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

YouTube video shows method to keep bouquets looking fresher for longer (Daily Mail)

Mexico City extends traffic cuts into Wednesday over smog (Fox News)

Cruz to Quit Race as Trump Crushes Him in Indiana (Newsweek Magazine)

Cruz to Quit Race as Trump Trounces Him in Indiana (Newsweek Magazine)

My Gran's waited 97 years for this: Fan hands over trophy for Gladys (Daily Star)

British dad beaten up 30 times in three years 'for being Jewish' forced to flee home (Daily Express)

Romanian dog sits sat by dead owners home for 5 years (Daily Mail)

Woman police officer with racy Instagram feed is inundated with declarations of love (Daily Mail)

Brazil iron mine Samarco fined billions for disaster that killed 19 people (Guardian)

Venezuela govt says police killed most wanted gang leader (Fox News)

Leicester fans bring city to standstill as players pop out for pizza (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Chilling video reveals horrifying consequences of crossing road between parked cars (Daily Express)

Prince was 'cocaine user who could not control his drug habit' according to police records (Daily Express)

Watch Live: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Rally Supporters for Indiana Primary (Time Magazine)

Kirsting MacRuary is jailed for two years after having sex with two 14-year-old boys (Daily Mail)

Cheating wife wanted husband killed in fake ISIS execution (Daily Mail)

Cruz attacks Trump for linking his father to JFK assassination video (Guardian)

Two Avon and Somerset police officers are sacked after disabled man was kicked to death (Daily Mail)

Anti-Hillary Clinton buttons found at Donald Trump rally detail her 'fat thighs' (Daily Mail)

Muslim police officer Amar Tasaddiq Hussain faces prison for hoax 999 call (Daily Mail)

Lord Patten slams proposal BBC could be banned from broadcasting hit shows at peak times (Daily Mail)

Syrian rebel forces kill 19 in Aleppo after hitting a hospital (Daily Mail)

British Airways resumes flights from Heathrow to Inverness for first time in 20 YEARS (Daily Mail)

Islamic militants in Philippines release video of beheading of Canadian John Ridsdel (Daily Mail)

'Road Rage Murder Saw Donald Lock Stabbed To Death After Minor Crash,' Court Hears (Huffington Post)

Ex-NY Political Leader Sheldon Silver Gets 12 Years in Prison (NBC News)

Teenage Yazidi sex slave Nihad Barakat who escaped from ISIS (Daily Mail)

Trump: Why didn't Cruz help fallen Fiorina? (CNN)

Shocking video captures the terrifying moment tourists were stuck helplessly in safari jeep as a herd of angry elephants charge towards them (Daily Mail)

Another Aleppo Hospital Is Hit, This Time on Government-Held Side (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Branded 'Pathological Liar' For Saying Ted Cruz's Father Rafael Helped Assassinate JFK (Huffington Post)

Allied blitz against ISIS kills 25,000 terrorists in Iraq and Syria (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz Says Rupert Murdoch Picks The British Prime Minister (Huffington Post)

50 Cent video sees rapper mocking a disabled Cincinnati airport cleaner for being high' (Daily Mail)

Why The Premier League Is Worth Watching Post-Leicester (Newsweek Magazine)

Unsurprisingly, Study Shows Promoting Abstinence Doesn't Prevent HIV Transmission (Newsweek Magazine)

Fighting rages in Aleppo as peace effort moves to Moscow (CBS News)

Video shows four kittens chase a mouse on a swingball set (Daily Mail)

Leicester City: Why Nigel Pearson Deserves More Credit For Premier League Title (Newsweek Magazine)

Eight suspected Bangladeshi ISIS members arrested in Singapore (Daily Mail)

'Hundreds more' troops could go to Iraq (BBC)

Russia and UN discuss new Aleppo truce (Guardian)

U.N. Demands End to Hospital Attacks as Aleppo Burns (Newsweek Magazine)

Zac Goldsmith tells LBC he's 'hoping to do a Leicester City and win' London mayoral election (Daily Mail)

Cruz Calls Trump 'Serial Philanderer,' 'Pathological Liar' (NBC News)

Cristiano Ronaldo: Fit Again Real Madrid Star Can Hurt Manchester City (Newsweek Magazine)

Aleppo hospital hit as city faces humanitarian catastrophe (Guardian)

US navy Seal killed in 'direct fire' from Isis, Pentagon says (Guardian)

Denmark Martyrs Exhibition Reported to Police for Glamorizing Brussels and Paris Bombers (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Is Ted Cruz Still Running for President? (Newsweek Magazine)

Italian navy to resume recovery of boat full of migrant dead (Fox News)

Dutch Children as Young as Nine Being Trained in ISIS Camps: Intelligence Chief (Newsweek Magazine)

Former NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison (Newsweek Magazine)

Radiohead Tweets a Disturbing Stop-Motion Music Video to New Song Burn the Witch (Newsweek Magazine)

Jihadi John diary reveals how ISIS executioner dined in Brussels café on way to Syria (Daily Star)

U.S. service member killed fighting ISIS in Iraq (CBS News)

London recruitment consultant who groped a police woman fined £400 (Daily Mail)

This Is Why You Don't Expose Yourself in a Yearbook Photo (NBC News)

ISIS Attack Kills U.S. Navy SEAL in Iraq (NBC News)

Nigel Farage says he would've been killed if it wasn't for his £15,000 a day bodyguards (Daily Mail)

Truro woman pleads guilty for pleasuring herself while sat on a city centre bench (Daily Mail)

'No one will remove us': Aleppo residents defiant after attacks video (Guardian)

U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Iraq battle vs. ISIS (CBS News)

Protests in Paris against labour reforms video (Guardian)

Why "life became a misery" for Afghanistans "Messi boy" (CBS News)

Mexican police hunt killers who threw baby born without legs from a moving car (Daily Mail)

How Britain funds the 'propaganda war' against Isis in Syria (Guardian)

William and Kate 5 years on (CNN)

Chilling footage from inside a 'haunted' hospital shows a ghost figure in a corridor (Daily Mail)

The Muslim vote: balancing faith and politics in a divisive election video (Guardian)

YouTube video shows mother capture the moment her baby rolls over in the womb (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: New Zealand police in 'running man' video (BBC)

New ISIS video features children singing jihadi song in French months after Paris attacks (Daily Mail)

Dashcam footage shows truck causes chaos at roadblock after forcing cars onto pavement (Daily Mail)

Indiana primary: Donald Trump looks poised for a win and the nomination (Guardian)

Ohio professor explains reason why we hate the word 'moist' (Daily Mail)

Dashcam footage shows motorist refuse to budge after driving on the WRONG side of the road (Daily Mail)

Climber returns to Mt. Everest two years after tragedy (CBS News)

Toddler Survives 90-Foot Cliff Fall That Killed Mom (NBC News)

Why an Indian 'freedom' speech has become a viral remix (BBC)

U.S. Navy chief asks Russia to stop buzzing his ships (CBS News)

Chinese police to patrol Rome's streets (Guardian)

Carly Fiorina falls off stage during Ted Cruz event video (Guardian)

Ringling Bros' remaining circus elephants headed to sanctuary video (Guardian)

Indiana don't want you!': Ted Cruz fails to win over Trump fans video (Guardian)

Cruz at a crossroads in Indiana (Financial Times - Paywall)

Talks on Syria Seek to Extend Fragile Truce to Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere: Video of Beatings Amid Demolition in China Leads to Punishments (New York Times - Paywall)

Inside the Aleppo hospital hit by deadly airstrike (CNN)

The pioneering women of the BBC's early years (BBC)

The Donald Trump of Asia? Brash, unrepentant mayor leads Philippine presidential race (Los Angeles Times)

Despite Syrian truce, Aleppo residents live in 'state of terror' (Los Angeles Times)

Indiana is the only place that can save the GOP from a Trump takeover (Guardian)

Aleppo is a such a prize for both sides that its suffering just goes on (Guardian)

Japan doesn't want the U.S. to apologize for bombing Hiroshima. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Joe Biden is spending his last year in office trying to help cure the disease that killed his son (Los Angeles Times)

Urban population growth and demand for food could spark global unrest, study shows (Los Angeles Times)

Researchers capture video of unknown jellyfish (CNN)

North Korea sentences American to 10 years of hard labor on spying charges (Los Angeles Times)

Eight years for falling asleep in a parked car: welcome to Angola's penal system (Guardian)

Biden makes unannounced visit to Iraq to help shore up wobbly government (Los Angeles Times)

Airstrike on Aleppo hospital kills last pediatrician in Syria's largest city (Los Angeles Times)

Why the world's biggest exporter of crude is trying to wean itself off oil (Los Angeles Times)

Former Taliban fighters flee ISIS brutality (CNN)

Why Brazil's crisis could get worse (CNN)

Why the richest continent is the poorest (CNN)

Why so many Iranians have come to hate the hijab (Guardian)

Athens under pressure: city races to clear port's refugee camp before tourists arrive (Guardian)

ISIS soldiers rape women 'to make them Muslim' (CNN)

100 years of unseen fashion photos (CNN)

How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze (New York Times - Paywall)

Why do victims have criminal records? (CNN)