Monday, 16th May 2016

World News

Man, 32, who disappeared SIX years ago telling his parents he was visiting a friend in London is found alive in Spain (Daily Mail)

Golden ticket for 'heartbroken' Man U fan (CNN)

Sydney woman claims she is unable to work due to her double-H breasts (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Hits Back at Cameron (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S.: ISIS is 'on the defensive' (CNN)

Puerto Rico police probe dog remains found in 43 bags (Fox News)

Why the French do this best (CNN)

VIDEO: The view from a floating EU voter (BBC)

Why Hong Kong's gluing down sidewalks (CNN)

Clinton mocks Trump in hypothetical debate (CNN)

First Penis Transplant Performed in U.S. on Cancer Patient (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Donald Trump's Surprising Wins in These Wealthy Suburbs Matter (Time Magazine)

Sinead O'Connor FOUND 'in Chicago hotel and hospitalized' after being reported missing (Daily Mail)

ISIS mass grave found in GORGE with thousands of victims thrown off edge (Daily Star)

Philippines' Duterte to Crack Down on Smoking, Drinking, Late Nights (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chinese Newspaper Breaks Silence on Cultural Revolution (New York Times - Paywall)

JAILED: 12 years for hairdresser who glassed man in street (Daily Express)

Horrifying mass grave discovered containing THOUSANDS of civilians slaughtered by ISIS (Daily Express)

'I'm no racist' Tyson Fury explains homophobic 'granny rape' video rant (Daily Star)

Missing Sinead O'Connor found in US (BBC)

Sinead O'Connor found (CNN)

Iran’s Hard-Liners Crack Down on Models Not Wearing Head Scarves (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Sheldon Adelson's Support of Donald Trump Won't Mean a Windfall of Donors (Newsweek Magazine)

British man mocks his neighbours after their parcel is 'stolen by gypsies' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Hits Back at British Officials David Cameron and Sadiq Khan (New York Times - Paywall)

Sinead O'Connor Found After Being Reported Missing: Police (NBC News)

BRUSSELS' DEATHBED: Ex-MI6 chief says EU elite faces POPULIST UPRISING over migrant influx (Daily Express)

Sin ad O'Connor found safe after going missing from Chicago suburb (Guardian)

Earth was hit by massive asteroid more than 3 billion years ago that could have wiped out humanity (Daily Mail)

Ladies only Devastated transgender woman kicked out of toilets after complaints (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Boy, 15, found dead in woods near school (Daily Star)

Is WhatsApp set to launch video calling in bid to topple Snapchat? Feature appears temporarily for test users (Daily Mail)

3 million EU citizens in UK could lose their right to stay if we leave, Downing Street indicates (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump warns border patrol agents that Syrian refugees will bring Islamist terror with them (Daily Mail)

'Racist' senior police officer 'puffed cigarette and shuffled paperwork while ignoring reports a man was being stabbed to death two minutes away' (Daily Mail)

RSPCA to step back from launching prosecutions for hunting (Guardian)

Sadiq Khan claims 'ignorant' Donald Trump will lose White House race (Daily Mail)

New evidence suggests Flight MH17 was shot down by Russian BUK launcher (Daily Mail)

Parents of son who vanished six years ago told he's alive but STILL can't see him (Daily Star)

Tourists put BISON in the back of the car at Yellowstone National Park (Daily Mail)

Angelina Jolie blasts EU over refugee crisis and tells Britain to reject Brexit (Daily Mail)

Fury sorry for online video comments (BBC)

76ers become first NBA team with uniform sponsorship (CBS News)

Obese woman who wore three pairs of Spanx under her bridesmaid dress loses SIX STONE after being shocked by unflattering photos on Facebook (Daily Mail)

U.S. "ready" to arm fractured Libyan govt in ISIS fight (CBS News)

Double suicide tragedy as two 19-year-old girls are found hanged after they were forced to marry against their will in India (Daily Mail)

Cologne New Year's Eve's sex attacks fights back with boxing lessons (Daily Mail)

HEATWAVE ALERT: Hottest Spring weather in 170 YEARS set to BAKE Britain NEXT week (Daily Express)

Neah Tuohy screams the system is f***ed' as she's jailed for glassing man in the face (Daily Mail)

Man Utd fake bomb 'devastating mistake' (BBC)

Trump warns of 9/11-like attack (CNN)

Donald Trump: London mayor was 'very rude' about me (CNN)

Guardian's first virtual reality project goes on show in London (Guardian)

Shocking footage shows three men assault woman on dancefloor in Jamaica, tear her dress off and humiliate her - but Facebook refused to take it down (Daily Mail)

Christian woman is kidnapped on the streets of Pakistan and forced to marry a Muslim man (Daily Mail)

Merseyside father, 85, and daughter, 47, are both found dead in house after neighbours had not seen them for days (Daily Mail)

Transvestite who taped genitals for three years dies from penis cancer (Daily Star)

Security guard receives penis transplant and hopes to be back romping in weeks (Daily Star)

The moment road rage killer Matthew Daley admits to stabbing Donald Lock (Daily Mail)

Trump Ex-Girlfriend: He Didn't Offend Me (NBC News)

Provoked, Nurse Shark Bites Florida Woman and Won't Let Go (Newsweek Magazine)

50 years later, China hasn't faced the lasting mark the Cultural Revolution left on society (Los Angeles Times)

Man who has taken a selfie every day for EIGHT YEARS grows up in a stunning time-lapse video (Daily Mail)

Syrians returned to Turkey under EU deal 'have had no access to lawyers' (Guardian)

Fears of migrant surge in Greece after less than 400 are sent back to Turkey as part of new deal (Daily Mail)

Security camera captures the shocking moment woman squats down and urinates in a LIFT while travelling between floors (Daily Mail)

ISIS propaganda video shows Hasakeh terror camp where boys learn to fire weapons in Syria (Daily Mail)

BIG ONE FEARS: First earthquake hits after researcher predicts MASSIVE tremor series (Daily Express)

EU faces 'uprising' over migrant crisis (BBC)

WATCH as Ryanair boss DESTROYS 'lie' EU brings cheap flights... but now he OPPOSES Brexit (Daily Express)

Whats the Story Behind Angolas Man Booker International Prize Nominee? (Newsweek Magazine)

Sinead O'Connor Found After Going Missing From Chicago Suburb (Huffington Post)

Furious transgender woman forced to use nightclub's disabled toilets (Daily Star)

Afghan Capital Locked Down for Massive Demonstration (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Counting Down the 50 Craziest Moments of the Election Cycle: Nos. 50 41 (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain post-Brexit would NOT be back of the queue for US trade deal, Trump declares (Daily Express)

The longest takeaway delivery ever? Man is sent his favourite dish 2,263 MILES from Greece to his doorstep in Hull (and it's still fresh enough to eat) (Daily Mail)

China ignores start of Cultural Revolution 50 years ago (Fox News)

Libya: World Powers Ready to Arm Unity Government Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Duterte: I'll bring back death penalty (CNN)

Angelina Jolie's EU lecture at BBC predicts CHAOS and WAR unless we take MORE migrants (Daily Express)

How Edward VIII showed he wasn't cut out to be King 17 YEARS before he took the throne (Daily Mail)

Trump battles media over sexism claims (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump vs. London's mayor (CNN)

Everybody's Kung Fung fighting! Video shows mass brawl breaking out at martial arts contest in Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Swedish Court Sentences Man to Life in Prison for Role in Rwanda Genocide (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran cracks down on models posing without headscarves online (Fox News)

Man found guilty of manslaughter for road rage stabbing of solicitor (Guardian)

Is this Britain's oldest pitch invader? Hunt is on for elderly football fan caught in video on the pitch after Plymouth's victory using his ZIMMER FRAME (Daily Mail)

Refugees refuse to relocate across EU (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brazil's new first lady Marcela Temerattacked over 'Marie Antoinette' spending (Daily Mail)

Why Workplace Dress Codes Have Troubled Women for Decades (Newsweek Magazine)

Bennett to stand down as Green leader (BBC)

Woman Chose To Give Birth Live On Facebook (Huffington Post)

Cancer sufferer receives first successful penis transplant in the US (Daily Mail)

Old Trafford bomb blunder: Security firm boss waiting for guillotine' from Man Utd (Daily Star)

WHO issues first ever guidelines on treating victims of female genital mutilation (Daily Mail)

Father and son conmen who used charity Gift Aid scam to steal £5million from HMRC by claiming tax breaks on non-existent donations are jailed for total of 15 years (Daily Mail)

Jennifer Lawrence Tells 'The Graham Norton Show' She's On The Hunt For Donald Trump So She Can Film A Video (Huffington Post)

Women Aren't Baby-Making Machines, Female Sterilisation Is Our Right (Huffington Post)

$1M for woman who saved 30,000 children (CNN)

Cameron stands by Trump criticisms (BBC)

Florida woman taken to hospital with shark still attached to her arm (Daily Mail)

How The Times covered China's Cultural Revolution (Los Angeles Times)

Caught on video: Man clings to helicopter flying to burial ceremony (Fox News)

SCOTUS Sends Obamacare Contraception Case Back to Lower Courts (NBC News)

Rare bronze statues and coins among Roman artefacts found in Caesarea shipwreck (Daily Mail)

Bridge Models Is The UK's First Plus Size Male Modelling Agency (Huffington Post)

Man guilty of 'road rage' killing (BBC)

UK man convicted of manslaughter for road rage killing (Fox News)

Going to church could save your life: Women who worship once a week are '25 per cent less likely to die early' (Daily Mail)

James O'Brien Takes Down Boris Johnson's EU-Hitler Comparison By Invoking Winston Churchill (Huffington Post)

Man holds plank for 8 hours (CNN)

Boris Johnson has his facts wrong about Hitler and the EU says Ken Livingstone (Daily Mail)

Thai transvestite Sexy Pancake dies from cancer caused by strapping down his penis (Daily Mail)

Angelina Jolie slams Trump remark (CNN)

YouGov polling data reveals 43 is the age when people start to back Brexit (Daily Mail)

Chinese woman breastfeeds a starving abandoned baby found in a cardboard box (Daily Mail)

First Penis Transplant Performed in U.S., Hospital Says (NBC News)

Obama Will Discuss Supreme Court Nomination in First Facebook Live Interview (Newsweek Magazine)

Problems Plague Obama's First Facebook Live Interview (Newsweek Magazine)

Angler is found dead in Wirral lake ends in murder investigation (Daily Mail)

First Read: Obama Makes His Most Forceful Case Yet Against Trump (NBC News)

First U.S. penis transplant performed (CNN)

Duterte vows to kill criminals and bring back hanging in Philippines (Guardian)

Trump warns British detractors he has a long memory (CBS News)

John Oliver Explains Why 911 Isnt as Reliable as You Thought (Newsweek Magazine)

Terror fears grow for Brits as ISIS plan massacre across capital (Daily Star)

An American ISIS Cell: The Story of 3 U.S. Recruits (NBC News)

The $4bn destroyer USS Zumwalt - video profile (Guardian)

Does this video capture a UFO splitting into THREE? (Daily Mail)

Cancer survivor mum dies after falling down well in garden (Daily Express)

Driver spotted stacking two trucks on the back of his pickup in China (Daily Mail)

The Limits of Donald Trump's TV Strategy (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Green leader: Great four years and no regrets (BBC)

Donald Trump Ex-Girlfriend Comes to His Defense: He Was a Gentleman' (Time Magazine)

Jolie-Pitt: Refugee system breaking down (BBC)

Afghan capital locked down for massive demonstration (Fox News)

Donald Trump to British PM David Cameron: 'I'm Not Stupid, OK?' (NBC News)

First man to receive penis transplant in the US hopes for a normal life again (Guardian)

WATCH: Man brutally robbed by fake homeless gang on street (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Trump challenges Khan to IQ test (BBC)

EU referendum: Campaign launched to register 7.5 MILLION people before crucial vote (Daily Express)

The Cultural Revolution: A memory avoided (BBC)

Man Receives First Penis Transplant in U.S. (Time Magazine)

TV weather presenter asked to cover up on air video (Guardian)

Read a Harrowing Memoir From China's Cultural Revolution (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump's rough few days (CNN)

Woman lured ex-boyfriend to home where new partner and pal beat and humiliated him (Daily Star)

One in three people in the UK have experienced poverty once over the last three years (Daily Mail)

How South Africa Could Become the First African Country to Decriminalize Sex Work (Newsweek Magazine)

Colombia Makes 'Biggest Seizure of Drugs': 8 Tons of Cocaine Found (NBC News)

Dove Campaign Tackles 'Narrow And Restrictive' Beauty Standards Imposed On Indian Women (Huffington Post)

Dashik Freckle has been growing her hair for 13 years and shares snaps on Instagram (Daily Mail)

The Americans: 15 Who Left the United States to Join ISIS (NBC News)

WATCH the Prescott punch: John Prescott punches egg thrower 15 years ago today (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Wrong On Muslim Ban But UK Will 'Talk' To Him, Says George Osborne (Huffington Post)

Relics of China's Cultural Revolution in pictures (Guardian)

Sandra ?vila Beltran, Mexico's former 'Queen of Cocaine', speaks out video (Guardian)

World's largest plane lands in Australia for first time video (Guardian)

EU envoy blasts EU's 'lack of vision' on migration (Fox News)

Fitch warns of possible EU downgrades if UK leaves (Fox News)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Poor turtle bites man on the head after being chopped in half (Daily Express)

BBC's Emily Maitlis exposes Cambridge graduate stalker who tormented her for 25 years (Daily Mail)

Wembley trip for Sierra Leone Man Utd fan (BBC)

Venezuelans are fed up. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Dashcam video shows motorcyclist standing on his seat on ONE LEG (Daily Mail)

Charles Saatchi piles on the pounds back on as he dines out with super slim girlfriend Trinny Woodall (Daily Mail)

Johnson stands by Hitler EU comparison (BBC)

Video captures moment French Bulldog discovers ball pits for the first time (Daily Mail)

Google faces record 3 billion euro EU antitrust fine (Daily Mail)

Lamborghini driver and and man in a wheelchair have stand-off in the road on video (Daily Mail)

Why men earn 57% more from their investments than women (Daily Mail)

Secrets of the skinny women who NEVER diet (Daily Mail)

EU open to migrant blackmail by Turkey thanks to Merkel cock-up (Daily Express)

Man morphs into elephant after ignoring mosquito bite for 20 years (Daily Star)

'We cannot cope' ISIS terror fears spark Brit invasion of overbooked Balearic Islands (Daily Star)

RNC's Reince Priebus on Trump Controversies: 'People Just Don't Care' (NBC News)

Donald Trump Says He Expects Poor Relationship With U.K. Leader (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump rejects criticisms from David Cameron and Sadiq Khan video (Guardian)

Chinese women react to sexual harassment of men (BBC)

Filipino Trump' Duterte Pledges to Bring Back Death Penalty (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump says he expects poor relationship with UK leader (Fox News)

Donald Trump says he might not have good relationship with David Cameron (Guardian)

Yanis Varoufakis To Join EU Left-Wingers In Anti-Brexit Push (Newsweek Magazine)

DOMINIC LAWSON: Why ARE police investigating 286 dead people over historic sex abuse? (Daily Mail)

ISIS Suicide Bomb Kills 47 in Former Al-Qaeda Town in Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

How falling in love with a married woman ruins your life (Daily Mail)

Four Years as Green Party Leader: It's Been a Privilege and an Honour (Huffington Post)

Horrific ISIS propaganda video shows French boys executing prisoners (Daily Express)

50 years on, ex-revolutionary guard 'haunted by guilt' (CNN)

Donald Trump Challenges Sadiq Khan To IQ Test During Good Morning Britain Interview With Piers Morgan (Huffington Post)

Top U.K. Tech Firms Dont Back Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

WATCH: Donald Trump warns of clash with David Cameron over 'stupid' Muslim ban comments (Daily Star)

Trump Warns Over Poor Relationship With David Cameron (Newsweek Magazine)

Manchester United Match Canceled After Fake Bomb Is Found (New York Times - Paywall)

Why China's Not Celebrating Cultural Revolution Anniversary (NBC News)

Why do women still die in childbirth, asks Emily Watson video (Guardian)

Yanis Varoufakis to join tour urging leftwingers to vote to stay in EU (Guardian)

WATCH: Jaw-dropping moment 'military helicopter is shot down by Kurdish militant rocket' (Daily Express)

YouTube video by Tan Nguyen shows snake raiding bird's nest to eat eggs as a mother leaves (Daily Mail)

US man shoots himself in foot while adjusting sock (Guardian)

Police: Philly man threw gas on girlfriend as she smoked, killing her (CBS News)

Foreign ministers hold Vienna talks as Isis threat to Libya grows (Guardian)

WATCH: Conor McGregor reveals why he needs two £400,000 Rolls Royces (Daily Star)

US envoy in ISIS battle says 'perverse caliphate' shrinking (Fox News)

How the Cultural Revolution changed China forever (CNN)

City fat cats only love the EU because of low cost migrant workers, Boris Johnson claims (Daily Express)

Catholic monk arrested for child sex crimes spent five years posing as a widowed author' (Daily Star)

China marks 50 years since Cultural Revolution with silence (Guardian)

50th Anniversary of the Cultural Revolution Met With Silence in China (Time Magazine)

Monday marks 50 years since start of Cultural Revolution (Fox News)

5/15: Trumps approval ratings with women are getting worse; looking back on Morley Safers career (CBS News)

Trump effect: Young Republicans weigh in (BBC)

After Years of Distrust, U.S. Military Reconciles With Nigeria to Fight Boko Haram (New York Times - Paywall)

YouTube video of New Zealand masked man jumping from bushes smashing windscreen with crowbar (Daily Mail)

Man pleads guilty to yanking off hijab (CNN)

Trump breaks with Obama on Brexit (CNN)

Woman taken to Fla. hospital with dead shark attached to arm (CBS News)

No woman should be forced to wear high heels at work as Sajid Javid wades into row (Daily Mail)

Four-year-olds who enjoy 'high quality' play with their fathers found to be better behaved (Daily Mail)

Downed Plane Found in California Forest; One Person Confirmed Dead (NBC News)

California man finds criminal use for potato chip bag (CBS News)

Al Qaeda Turns to Syria, With a Plan to Challenge ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

'SNL' mocks Donald Trump (CNN)

Woman, 58, dies at home as she falls down 50ft well while gardening at her Grade-II listed Cotswolds home (Daily Mail)

PROJECT FEAR: Three million EU citizens in Britain to be KICKED OUT if UK votes Brexit' (Daily Express)

'NO RESPECT': Anger as 'precious' First World War memorial DUMPED in alley (Daily Express)

Thriving Norway is 'perfect example' of how being outside the EU is better than staying in (Daily Express)

'Let the cultural relics talk': collector marks China's Cultural Revolution (Guardian)

GOP leaders: 'People don't care' about Trump's woman problem (Guardian)

Cat attacks after being given the finger in video (Daily Mail)

What a sunrise looks from space revealed in time-lapse video (Daily Mail)

As ISIS territory shrinks, insurgency-style attacks increase (CBS News)

GOP Disunity: The Battle to Stop Trump Isnt Over (Newsweek Magazine)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Why Putin Tolerates Corruption (New York Times - Paywall)

Tesco Apologises After Man Claims Staff Member Called Him 'A Goth' (Huffington Post)

Police in Somerset refuse to close down massive illegal rave despite complaints (Daily Mail)

Fed is Best Why We Must Stamp Out Pressure on Mothers Who Don't Breastfeed (Huffington Post)

Maryland woman seeks to normalize naked breasts by being bare chested in public (Daily Mail)

"Lifelike" explosive device shuts down major English soccer match (CBS News)

Aide: Voice on Publicist Tape Didnt Sound Like Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

What it was like to be a foreign exchange student in Beijing at the end of the Cultural Revolution (Los Angeles Times)

Why are there goats in the trees? (CBS News)

Susan Sarandon blasts Woody Allen and Donald Trump at Cannes (Guardian)

Reince Priebus: 'People don't care' about Trump's treatment of women as it happened (Guardian)

Hedge funds bank on more pragmatic Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

New mums are more worried about snapping back into shape than their relationship (Daily Mail)

EU weighs powers to freeze transfers (Financial Times - Paywall)

White House says Isis 'shrinking' as group launches new attacks in Iraq (Guardian)

Trump tests strong US dollar mantra (Financial Times - Paywall)

Incredible time-lapse video shows Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico's steam rising (Daily Mail)

ISIS Kills at Least 11 in Attack on Baghdad Gas Plant (Newsweek Magazine)

Man drowned in St Osyth sea and woman arrested for assisting a suicide (Daily Mail)

Record $3.4B EU Antitrust Fine May be Levied Against Google (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Wades Into U.K.'s 'Brexit' Debate (NBC News)

Plus-size Angelica Fenney flaunts her NAKED curves to hit back at body shamers (Daily Mail)

Facebook post about man who got free laundry in Brighton sweeps the web (Daily Mail)

ISIS declares emergency in its 'capital' (CNN)

Trump to Britain: You Wont Go to the Back of the Queue (Newsweek Magazine)

Morley Safer Signing Off After 50 Years at CBS (Newsweek Magazine)

Royal becomes French president's first ally (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brexit EU referendum leaflet on how to register and vote sent to 28m households (Daily Mail)

ISIS execution video shows french boys 'killing two Syrian prisoners' (Daily Mail)

Quora Question: Why Hasnt Bing Become Better Than Google? (Newsweek Magazine)

Canada wildfire: why a sleeping giant awoke in Alberta and became relentless (Guardian)

A typical day for a Sydney dominatrix as Sexpo celebrates 20 years (Daily Mail)

Pig's head found outside German chancellor Angela Merkel's office (Guardian)

How the CIA got Mandela arrested: Agent provided tip-off that led to Nelson's arrest and 27 YEARS in prison because he says the ANC leader was 'a toy of the Soviet Union' (Daily Mail)

5/14: More taxing questions raised about Donald Trump; Hackers get green light to invade Pentagon (CBS News)

Rare whale found on Australian beach believed to be evolutionary throwback (Guardian)

ISIS declares state of emergency amid threat to stronghold (CBS News)

Israel's First Transgender Officer: Army Wants Me to Succeed (NBC News)

Mural depicts Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in liplock (CBS News)

VIDEO: The Trump Effect: The vilified supporter (BBC)

Man falls 38 feet when glass ceiling breaks (CNN)

Thousands mourn top Hezbollah commander killed in Syria video (Guardian)

Fire rages at one of Europe's largest tyre dumps video (Guardian)

Why is the cost of hosting refugees falling on the world's poorest states? (Guardian)

White House issues 'guidance' on transgender bathrooms video (Guardian)

Susannah Mushatt Jones, world's oldest person, dies: 1899-2016 video (Guardian)

Oyinbo Princess: the former BA flight attendant who has taken Nollywood by storm video (Guardian)

Turrialba volcano erupts in Costa Rica video (Guardian)

EU rapid reaction medical force targets yellow fever in Angola (Guardian)

Rare photos of Chinas Cultural Revolution model operas (CBS News)

Why is Russia so desperate to win Eurovision? (BBC)

The man who helps students to cheat (BBC)

Pope Francis to set up panel to consider ordaining women as deacons in Catholic Church (Los Angeles Times)

London's first Muslim mayor calls Trump 'ignorant' and supports Clinton (Los Angeles Times)

Paul Ryan says Donald Trump is a warm and genuine person' video (Guardian)

George Zimmerman on gun auction: I've decided not to cower' video (Guardian)

The UK's EU vote: All you need to know (BBC)

Disputed 'foreign agent' law shot down by Kyrgyzstan's parliament (Guardian)

Meet the women trying to rid Pakistan - and the world - of polio (Los Angeles Times)

Jozi Cats: South Africa's first gay and inclusive rugby club (Guardian)

One small step for Amman: could a viral video shake up Jordan's stifled capital? (Guardian)

Why America needs shorter workdays (CNN)

Why Kim Jong Un is now advertising his arsenal (CNN)

Why Sadiq Khan's victory matters (CNN)

Latinos don't fear Donald Trump (CNN)

Why make an issue of Melania Trump's beauty? (CNN)

Former Taliban fighters flee ISIS brutality (CNN)

ISIS soldiers rape women 'to make them Muslim' (CNN)

NEWSNIGHT: What does the EU do for us? (BBC)

100 years of unseen fashion photos (CNN)

How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze (New York Times - Paywall)

Why do victims have criminal records? (CNN)