Thursday, 19th May 2016

World News

U.S.officials: EgyptAir flight fell like a "rock" (CBS News)

Trump brings up Bill Clinton rape accusation (CBS News)

Chibok girl who escaped Boko Haram meets Nigerian president (CBS News)

U.S. intelligence source gives new details on EgyptAir crash (CBS News)

Trump is 'not qualified' to be president, says Clinton campaign live (Guardian)

VIDEO: EgyptAir crash: What the evidence tells us (BBC)

'Second Chibok girl rescued' in Nigeria (BBC)

Briton killed in EgyptAir flight 804 crash near Karpathos named as Richard Osman (Daily Mail)

EgyptAir flight mystery investigated (BBC)

EgyptAir flight MS804 crash: plane wreckage found near Greece live (Guardian)

Cameron heads off EU trade deal revolt (BBC)

British cultural stars sign 250-strong letter backing EU (Guardian)

UPDATE: Officials now say debris is not from Flight 804 (CNN)

EgyptAir Jet Crash More Likely Terror Than Malfunction: Official (NBC News)

Auschwitz mug reveals jewellery hidden for more than 70 years (Daily Mail)

Terrorism can't be ruled out in EgyptAir crash, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Cheerleader video blows internet away with impressive sky-high tumbling routines (Daily Mail)

China Denies Dangerous Interception of U.S. Spy Plane (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

LIVE BLOG: What We Know About the EgyptAir Crash (NBC News)

These 5 Facts Explain Why Venezuela Could Be on the Brink of Collapse (Time Magazine)

EgyptAir Flight MS804: What we know so far (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Is Not Qualified to Be President (Time Magazine)

EgyptAir flight veered sharply before crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

IS suspect blows himself up during police raid in Turkey (Fox News)

Search continues for wreckage from EgyptAir flight as officials probe links to terror (Fox News)

Man brags to ex with picture of his new girl but instantly regrets it (Daily Star)

Terrorism 'most likely' cause of EgyptAir flight MS804 crash (Guardian)

Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner see women wanting SMALLER boobs (Daily Mail)

Essex schoolboy swallowed 130 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin during police raid (Daily Mail)

Clinton: Trump 'dangerous,' not qualified to be president (CNN)

Man watches thieves burgle business live on CCTV as police were 'TOO BUSY' to respond (Daily Express)

Auschwitz rusting cup reveals secret jewellery hidden for 70 years (Daily Express)

At Cairo airport, an agonizing wait for news about EgyptAir Flight 804 (Los Angeles Times)

British geologist killed in EgyptAir crash became second time father two weeks ago (Daily Mail)

Trump Delegate Indicted on Child Pornography Charges (NBC News)

Sole Briton on flight MS804 had just become father for second time (Guardian)

Chibok girl meets President (CNN)

Princess Diana's protection officer slams police over Buckingham Palace intruder (Daily Mail)

EgyptAir flight 804: A timeline of what happened (CNN)

'He wanted me to have abs and a huge a**e - like Kim Kardashian': Controlling boyfriend forced his girlfriend to run on a treadmill while he showed her pictures of other women and told her she didn't look as good (Daily Mail)

Boko Haram kidnapped Chibok school girl found in Nigeria after giving birth (Daily Mail)

China demands US military 'stop spying' over South China Sea (Guardian)

Why the EgyptAir crash was "likely" terror related (CBS News)

David Cameron reveals why Jeremy Corbyn gave him the cold shoulder at the Queen's Speech (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump 'Not Qualified' to be President (NBC News)

ISIS 'blew up' EgyptianAir flight MS804 reports (Daily Star)

Police expect 30,000 new child abuse reports from Goddard inquiry (Guardian)

David Cameron's ducking TV EU debate with Boris Johnson because he doesn't want Tory drama (Daily Mail)

Live updates: Searchers find Flight 804 wreckage, official tells CNN (CNN)

How autorities will investigate the EgyptAir crash (CBS News)

How authorities will investigate the EgyptAir crash (CBS News)

Missing EgyptAir jet calls attention to history of flight incidents (CBS News)

Trump reacts to EgyptAir plane crash (CBS News)

Egypt and Greece Mount Search for Missing EgyptAir Plane (New York Times - Paywall)

Song for Maddie McCann: Stars back single sung by missing Brit kids' families (Daily Star)

Briton On Crashed EgyptAir Flight MS804 Named As Richard Osman (Huffington Post)

EgyptAir Flight 804 crash (CBS News)

Egypt aviation official: EgyptAir crash "likely" terror related (CBS News)

Will the U.S. be involved in investigating the EgyptAir tragedy? (CBS News)

Fears over flying to Egypt only increase after crash of flight MS804 (Guardian)

Facebook video of Smudge the cat completely in love with teddy bear (Daily Mail)

Passengers' families await news of missing EgyptAir flight MS804 (Guardian)

EgyptAir Flight MS804: British Man Hours Away From Traveling on Doomed Aircraft (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman caught on video taking bat to truck: "I told you to move" (CBS News)

Despair, Anger and Scant Hope for Relatives of EgyptAir Passengers (New York Times - Paywall)

Airport Workers in the Spotlight After Egyptair Crash (Time Magazine)

China rejects U.S. claim of unsafe plane intercept (CBS News)

TV presenter with same name as Brit EgyptAir victim slams Twitter trolls after tragedy (Daily Star)

EgyptAir Staff Emotional as Flights Continue in Spite of MS804 Crash (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. national poll: Trump edges Clinton (CNN)

EgyptAir Wreckage Found in Sea; Egypt Cites Possible Terrorism (New York Times - Paywall)

Roger Federer To Miss First Grand Slam in 17 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

'Cannibal' mother 'tried to eat friend's face' and bit boyfriend and police officer in drug-fueled rampage (Daily Mail)

Cadburys Dairy Milk Tiffin Back On U.K. Shelves After 13 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Golf club BANNED from hosting Open - after male members said women would 'disrupt lunch' (Daily Express)

What do we know about why EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed? (Guardian)

Freed Chibok girl meets Nigerian leader (BBC)

What investigators are looking for in missing EgyptAir jet case (CBS News)

How common is EgyptAir plane that crashed in Mediterranean? (CBS News)

What the Last 48 Hours of Doomed Flight 804 Reveal (NBC News)

EgyptAir MS804 Disaster: British Passenger Named as Richard Osman (Newsweek Magazine)

EgyptAir Jet Vanishes en Route to Cairo (NBC News)

Boob jobs are shrinking as women opt for more 'athletic gym body' (Daily Star)

Dramatic movements in final moments of EgyptAir jets flight (CBS News)

Loss of EgyptAir flight MS804 is another blow to Egyptian tourism industry (Guardian)

EgyptAir Flight Is Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Polish girl Dagmara Przybysz found dead at Cornwall school after classroom racism complaint (Daily Mail)

French intelligence warned of ISIS attacks before missing EgyptAir Flight MS804 (Daily Mail)

Exclusive Muirfield golf club urged to hold second vote on letting women join after ballot on scrapping 272-year-old rule falls just short (Daily Mail)

Scientists say $10 billion is needed to save Great Barrier Reef over the next 10 years (Daily Mail)

Federer to miss 1st grand slam in 16 years (CNN)

Conservatives Cheer Trump Supreme Court Picks (Newsweek Magazine)

Number of pupils missing school for family holidays has risen by 12% in a year (Daily Mail)

Seven teenagers are found guilty of savage 'pack attack' killing in Stockton-on-Tees (Daily Mail)

Global life expectancy increases to 71.4 years (Guardian)

Capt. Sullenberger on missing EgyptAir Flight 804 (CBS News)

Murdered homeless woman found washed up was wearing a gaffer tape 'mask' (Daily Mail)

Missing EgyptAir jet calls Egypts transportation security into question (CBS News)

High-street travel agents could be a thing of the past in just five years (Daily Mail)

Massive search underway for missing EgyptAir Flight 804 (CBS News)

Met police financial investigator 'pocketed £53k seized from Heathrow passengers' (Daily Mail)

Why photography still matters... (CNN)

BREAKING: Brit passenger on missing EgyptAir MS804 named (Daily Star)

Brit passenger on missing EgyptAir MS804 named as dad-of-two (Daily Star)

Man caught stealing scooter at sports college is beaten by hundreds of students and has to be RESCUED by police (Daily Mail)

Saira Khan's Husband Denies Claims He Can Sleep With Other Women (Huffington Post)

Trump Lobs 'Rape' Allegation at Bill Clinton in FOX Interview (NBC News)

Proposed EU trade treaty threatens progressive laws, say campaigners (Guardian)

Jewelry Hidden in Mug at Auschwitz Discovered After 70 Years (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Kosovo police arrest Turk accused of smuggling (Fox News)

Robin Zebaida who groped girl while kissing her mother can still teach children (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Liverpool fans left stranded in Switzerland due to 'lost' plane (Daily Star)

Polar bear is shot by Alaska hunters as it comes ashore in brutal video footage (Daily Mail)

Life expectancy worldwide has increased by 5 years in less than two decades (Daily Mail)

Why are so many children around the world out of school? podcast (Guardian)

Ukraine International plane tipped BACKWARDS after baggage unloaded from front first (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump calls EgyptAir plane crash 'yet another terrorist attack' (Daily Mail)

Ryanair Announces Brexit Vote To Remain' EU Referendum Bargain Seats (Huffington Post)

Muirfield Golf Club Won't Host British Open After Voting Against Admitting Women (Time Magazine)

'I thought I was going to die' Heroic police officer pulls trapped man from burning truck (Daily Express)

'No One Knows Anything': EgyptAir Families Wait, Wonder (NBC News)

Manny Pacquiao sworn in as senator in Philippines video (Guardian)

Does 'ball of fire' clip show the final moments of doomed EgyptAir MS804 flight crash? (Daily Star)

The cast of cult MOD film Quadrophenia reunite in London 37 years later (Daily Mail)

Saira Khan's husband Steven Hyde says he is NOT allowed to sleep with other women (Daily Mail)

Record 2.2m migrants from the EU working in Britain in blow to David Cameron (Daily Mail)

Christian girl burned alive by ISIS in Iraq told her mother to forgive them (Daily Mail)

Obama takes on Trump over US trade deals (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Identifies 11 Potential Supreme Court Nominees (Newsweek Magazine)

Auschwitz mug reveals jewellery hidden 70 years ago (Guardian)

Wives post hilarious pictures showing why husbands should NEVER be left in charge (Daily Mail)

Newborn baby found in dumpster gagged with toilet paper (Daily Star)

Piers Morgan's Killer Women show leaves viewers in tears (Daily Mail)

British police arrest man who scaled wall at Buckingham Palace (Fox News)

Missing EgyptAir Flight MS804 Crashes Into Mediterranean With 66 People Feared Dead (Huffington Post)

Missing plane made 'sudden swerves' (CNN)

Lost blind man is guided through Worcester by a caring police officer (Daily Mail)

Fossils reveal human farmers migrated BACK to Africa from Europe 3,000 years ago (Daily Mail)

Supply Plane for NATO Crashes in Afghanistan, Killing 7 (New York Times - Paywall)

Small package found on Polish bus explodes, 1 person hurt (Fox News)

Golf club punished for barring women (CNN)

'Yet another terrorist attack,' says Trump (CNN)

EgyptAir Flight MS804: Airbus A320 Aircraft Don't Just Crash' (Newsweek Magazine)

EU referendum: Leave camp accuse No 10 of dirty tricks - Politics live (Guardian)

Distress signal in vicinity of plane (CNN)

Huge Tsunamis Shaped Face of Mars Billions of Years Ago (Newsweek Magazine)

EgyptAir flight's final moments a mystery (CNN)

Air Malta flight pilot aborts landing just 'a few metres' above the tarmac (Daily Mail)

David Cameron faces the first defeat on a Queen's Speech in 92 years (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Two objects found thought to be debris from missing EgyptAir MS804 (Daily Star)

Sinosphere: Chinese Official Condemns Calls for Greater Autonomy in Hong Kong (New York Times - Paywall)

EU postpones vote on limits of weedkiller use (Fox News)

France and Egypt Seek Answers in Disappearance of Egyptair Jet (Time Magazine)

Egyptair Crash Raises Fears of 'Worst-Case Scenario' (NBC News)

Egypt, Greece begin search for missing plane (CBS News)

Number 10 downplays EU migrant figures (BBC)

EU adds North Korean military brass to its sanction list (Fox News)

EgyptAir Flight MS804: Will Egypt's Economy Survive the Latest Air Crash? (Newsweek Magazine)

IMF announces $5.4B loan over 3 years to Iraq (Fox News)

Former NTSB chair on missing EgyptAir Flight 804 (CBS News)

Baby girl with voluminous hair becomes a viral sensation after Imgur post (Daily Mail)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)

New spiky dinosaur found -- by accident (CNN)

What we know so far about missing EgyptAir flight MS804 (Guardian)

Plane disappeared over Mediterranean (CNN)

China Denies Close Encounter With U.S. Plane and Fires Back With Own Accusation (New York Times - Paywall)

EU: Traffickers targeting migrant children, Nigerian women (Fox News)

Q&A: key questions about missing EgyptAir flight MS804 (Guardian)

Prehistoric bird with 20ft wingspan ruled skies over Antarctica 50 million years ago (Daily Mail)

Accusations of Brutality Cast Harsh Light on Chinese Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Egyptair Flight MS804: Explosive Device Most Likely' Cause of Crash, Say Experts (Newsweek Magazine)

Missing EgyptAir flight: what we know so far video explainer (Guardian)

Who was the captain of missing plane? (CNN)

Plane profiled: A320 a short-range workhorse (CNN)

New York police shoot dead knife-wielding man who threatened officers with 8-inch knife (Daily Mail)

Aftermath of B-52 bomber crash on Guam video (Guardian)

Video shows 100mph car chase after banned driver high on drugs rams police car (Daily Mail)

Why Were Three Air Marshals on Doomed Jetliner? (NBC News)

Egyptair Crash: Airbus' A320 is Workhorse of the Skies (Time Magazine)

1st Chibok girl to escape Boko Haram to be feted in Nigeria (Fox News)

Steve Baker lashes out at David Cameron's EU campaign (Daily Mail)

Major plane crashes worldwide: Timeline (CNN)

Australian federal police raid Labor party offices over alleged NBN leaks (Guardian)

EU exit Tory criticises 'petty smears' (BBC)

Half of women ashamed to talk to doctors about the menopause (Daily Mail)

EgyptAir plane disappears over Mediterranean (CBS News)

How the GOP Can Survive Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese jets intercept US spy plane (Financial Times - Paywall)

Poverty on the Rise in the EU (Newsweek Magazine)

Ebola survivor Pauline Cafferkey: I feared I'd die a horrible death video (Guardian)

EgyptAir flight to Cairo crashes, search underway (CBS News)

Dad of 3 Raped 11-Year-Old Girl He Met Online: Officials (NBC News)

China party faithful hand-copy constitution (Financial Times - Paywall)

Gove denies leaking bombshell letter that revealed PM was plotting anti-Brexit campaign during EU renegotiation bid (Daily Mail)

What in the World: China Offers Airport Security for Women, and Their Makeup (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Might Vietnam Let U.S. Military Return? China. (New York Times - Paywall)

Eastern promises: why migrant workers are turning their backs on Russia (Guardian)

Austria presidential hopeful poised to jolt EU (Financial Times - Paywall)

Search underway for missing EgyptAir flight (CBS News)

St Petersburg police raid brothel as 11 prostitutes go NAKED through streets (Daily Mail)

Chinese Intercept U.S. Spy Plane Over South China Sea (NBC News)

Egyptair Flight From Paris to Cairo Vanishes From Radar (NBC News)

EgyptAir Flight 804 Disappears en Route From Paris to Cairo (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Missing EgyptAir flight MS804 and four other plane disasters in five years (Daily Star)

Riot police called in as fighting breaks out between Liverpool and Sevilla fans in the stands prior to the Europa League final (Daily Mail)

EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris to Cairo Missing With 66 Onboard (Newsweek Magazine)

WWII Vet, Holocaust Survivor Reunited After 71 Years (NBC News)

VIDEO: How can a flight disappear from radar? (BBC)

The mystery of Her Majesty's missing Page boy solved writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE (Daily Mail)

Fears for missing EgyptAir flight 804 with 66 people on board (Guardian)

BREAKING: 'I saw flame in the sky' Mystery surrounds missing EgyptAir flight (Daily Star)

EgyptAir flight from Paris missing (BBC)

GOP Senator Apologized to Muslims for Trump on Deathbed (NBC News)

Police sex scandal: Carry On Cops' case ex-chief denies affair with his deputy (Daily Express)

EgyptAir MS804 missing: France ruling 'nothing out' (Daily Express)

EgyptAir Flight MS804: What we know about missing passenger plane (Daily Star)

Is Donald Trump beefing up his foreign policy chops? (CBS News)

Missing flight MS804: EgyptAir crash fears with Brit among 66 on board LIVE UPDATES (Daily Star)

Passersby lift burning car to save man trapped inside video (Guardian)

Donald Trump works to calm critics of his foreign policy (CBS News)

Protesters torch police car during Paris demonstrations (CBS News)

EgyptAir Plane Flight MS804 Disappears From Radar En-Route From Paris To Cairo (Huffington Post)

The Latest: No distress call from missing EgyptAir plane (Fox News)

EU migrant jobs and medical matters (BBC)

Welcome to the age of Trump | Jonathan Freedland (Guardian)

Obama plans MILITARY RESPONSE' after China intercepts US aircraft over South China Sea (Daily Express)

Analyst: Plane off radar 'very rare' (CNN)

Boko Haram girl found with baby (CNN)

Trump vs. Clinton: Nothing off limits (CNN)

Chinese fighters intercept U.S. plane (CNN)

Theranos Has Junked Two Years of Blood Test Results (Time Magazine)

Anti-Government Protesters and Police Clash in Venezuela (Time Magazine)

Sinosphere: Panda Alive and Well, Taiwan Says, Despite Chinese Reports to Contrary (New York Times - Paywall)

EgyptAir Flight MS804 'crash': Jet flying from Paris to Cairo 'plunges into Mediterranean' (Daily Express)

EgyptAir says plane carrying 69 has disappeared from radar (Fox News)

An Egyptian Passenger Plane Has Vanished From Radar on a Flight From Paris to Cairo (Time Magazine)

Egyptair plane heading from Paris to Cairo goes missing (Daily Mail)

EU RIFT: Furious Turkey blasts top EU envoy over humiliating' migrant deal comments (Daily Express)

Locals in Nigeria find girl taken by Boko Haram (CBS News)

Donald Trump resurrects accusations of rape against Bill Clinton on Fox News (Guardian)

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau apologises after physical altercation in parliament video (Guardian)

Donald Trump focuses on foreign policy with Kissinger (CBS News)

Expats desperate to vote in EU referendum offered CHEAP FLIGHTS to Britain (Daily Express)

Cards Against Humanity Sells Out of Donald Trump Bug-Out Bags' (Time Magazine)

Chinese Jets Intercept U.S. Spy Plane Over South China Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chinese Aircraft Flies Within 50 Feet of U.S. Surveillance Plane in South China Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Chinese jets "unsafely" intercept U.S. military plane over South China Sea (CBS News)

Chinese Jets Intercept' U.S. Spy Plane Over South China Sea, Pentagon Says (Time Magazine)

Why do some patients with colon cancer survive longer than others? (CBS News)

French police car set on fire in Republic Plaza during Paris protests (Daily Mail)

Osborne letter pledging to scrap tuition fees surfaces after 13 years (BBC)

Photo of police officer consoling teen goes viral (CNN)

MP expenses soar 40% in five years with some politicians claiming up to £25k a year (Daily Mail)

We spend nine years of our lives glued to the telly (Daily Mail)

Sydney girl pushed onto a train track in shocking video (Daily Mail)

Locals describe National Park's birdsong recording as 'like Chinese water torture' (Daily Mail)

Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapped by Boko Haram Is Found (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

I never had an affair, says Carry On police chief Mike Craik (Daily Mail)

Kali Kanongata'a thought birthing video on Facebook Live was just going out to family (Daily Mail)

Man on a bicycle races around his dog trapped in a plastic bin in video (Daily Mail)

Views of EU from the world's longest pleasure pier (BBC)

Brexit 'will cut £2,000 from house price rises by 2018': Public vote to quit EU expected to slow increase in climbing property values (Daily Mail)

Why are humans (mostly) monogamous? (CNN)

Why sunscreens leave you in the dark (CNN)

Man proposes to girlfriend at graduation party during game of musical chairs in video (Daily Mail)

ADAM LEBOR says if anyone is suffering from political amnesia' it is the EU grandees (Daily Mail)

Video shows little boy getting his groove on in front of a speaker in China (Daily Mail)

Mars aligns with the sun reaching closest distance to Earth in 11 years (Daily Mail)

Las Vegas Police Probing Death Threats Made to Nevada Democrats (Newsweek Magazine)

Nottingham police dog Rebus run over by squad car as he chases after gang of teenagers (Daily Mail)

China Tensions, Sagging Economy Await Taiwan's New Leader (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hillsborough commander David Duckenfield found in San Francisco airport (Daily Mail)

Why are US airport security queues so long? (BBC)

Girl, 16, who died at Pool school named by police as Dagmara Przybysz (Guardian)

Trump heads for summer showdown with Cameron as PM refuses to back down from 'stupid' jab (Daily Express)

EU exit to cost homeowners 'thousands' (BBC)

EU must be JOKING: Spain plots huge tax GIVEAWAY despite TRILLION Euro debt (Daily Express)

REVEALED: French police FLEEING Calais after more than 300 are attacked by migrant mobs (Daily Express)

Chinese jets 'intercept' US spy plane (BBC)

Chinese fighter jets intercept US spy plane 'unsafely' over South China Sea (Guardian)

China and India Burdened by Untreated Mental Disorders (New York Times - Paywall)

Millions of people with mental illnesses in China and India going untreated, study finds (Guardian)

David Cameron told off by Kremlin for using Russia to persuade Britain to stay in the EU (Daily Mail)

CCTV video footage of Manchester carjacker trying to steal car with 3-year-old in the back (Daily Mail)

10-year-old girl tames wild horse after its rescued from Calif. freeway (CBS News)

Letter From China: Apple Case Underscores Pitfalls of Doing Business in China (New York Times - Paywall)

2 Chinese jets 'buzz' US reconnaissance plane in South China Sea (Fox News)

FBI warned Sydney siege gunman was violent threat five years before incident (Guardian)

Terror in Moscow as armed thug takes six people hostage before being shot dead by police (Daily Star)

Viral video shows woman giving birth via 'natural caesarean' (Daily Mail)

Brexit poll shows Remain campaign racing into record 18-point lead in EU referendum (Daily Mail)

American Chemical Society's video says chewing gum does NOT stay in your body for 7 years (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump Photoshopped by internet pranksters (Daily Mail)

Venezuelan protesters clash with security forces video (Guardian)

Here's Why Game of Thrones Introduction of a New Red Woman May Be Significant (Time Magazine)

Rongcheng zoo keeper and tourist die after 236st walrus drags them underwater in China (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump to meet with Henry Kissinger Wednesday (CBS News)

Moscow police standoff with bank robber who took hostages (Fox News)

Freed Chibok girl reunited with family (BBC)

Ivanka Trump on her dad: 'He's not a groper' (CNN)

Why Hillary Clinton Wont Pick Elizabeth Warren for VP (Newsweek Magazine)

Custodian, 54, Graduates After 8 Years of Cleaning College (NBC News)

Venezuelan police fire teargas at protesters as national crisis intensifies (Guardian)

Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram found alive (CBS News)

Chinese businessman agrees Villa deal (BBC)

#BringBackOurGirls Victim Found 2 Years After Kidnap (NBC News)

Netflix and Amazon face EU quota threat (Financial Times - Paywall)

Schoolgirl snatched by Boko Haram found alive sparking new hope for missing Nigerian kids (Daily Star)

Chibok abductions: first girl found, say Nigerian activists (Guardian)

Stop telling women they're doing feminism wrong (Guardian)

Ivanka Trump: my father is not a 'groper' video (Guardian)

Sri Lanka landslides and rain kill 37 people with over 150 still missing (Guardian)

Spy Chief Worries Trump Camp Not Prepared for Hackers (NBC News)

In 60 cities, French police protest protesters (CBS News)

YouTube video shows man using broken iPhone to lure a 5kg salmon in Australia (Daily Mail)

Trump ally seeks Opec unfair trade probe (Financial Times - Paywall)

Parents of missing British man found alive after 6 years set to meet him for long-awaited reunion (Fox News)

Donald Trump insists he WILL have a good relationship with David Cameron (Daily Mail)

Travellers Remove Themselves From Monarch Airlines Flight After Passengers 'Thought They Looked Like Terrorists' (Huffington Post)

Former Brazil presidential chief of staff sentenced to 23 years for corruption (Guardian)

Chinese official tells Hong Kong not to seek independence (Guardian)

1st of kidnapped schoolgirls found alive, pregnant (CBS News)

EU nationals working in UK hit record (Financial Times - Paywall)

Polish girl Paulina Zubrzycka reveals how father made a life in Britain without benefits (Daily Mail)

Severed head found in Mepal quarry is NOT Natalie Hemming's (Daily Mail)

Nigerian Girl Abducted by Boko Haram From Chibok Is Found (New York Times - Paywall)

EU threatens Poland with nuclear option' on rule of law (Financial Times - Paywall)

China Finds Its Global Ambitions Humbled in Its Own Backyard (New York Times - Paywall)

Andrea Doria shipwreck to be explored in June mission 60 years since it sank (Daily Mail)

Hillsborough police chief's 'no comment' (BBC)

Rare Christopher Columbus letter returned to Italy - video (Guardian)

Armed police raid house looking for guns and find eight tiny KITTENS instead (Daily Mail)

Only 177 Syrian refugees resettled in EU under deal with Turkey (Guardian)

Polish girl Dagmara Przybysz who complained of classroom racism found dead at school (Daily Mail)

Why U.S. can't forget Lebanon (CNN)

Why this plant is worth $50 billion (CNN)

Transgender child, Shane Oliver from Skegness, born a girl returns to school as a boy (Daily Mail)

Missing Matthew Green will be reunited with his parents six years after going missing (Daily Mail)

Gloucestershire Police to be investigated after rape trial of accused men collapsed (Daily Mail)

Courageous Christian to the end last words of girl burned alive by ISIS: FORGIVE THEM (Daily Express)

Police car set on fire as officers and protesters clash in Paris (Guardian)

Boris Johnson gets the Downfall treatment after he compared Hitler to the EU (Daily Mail)

Why Robert Shapiro Tried on Gloves in O.J. Trial (NBC News)

Dan Brown Is Releasing a Young Adult Da Vinci Code and No Ones Sure Why (Newsweek Magazine)

Shopper causes a stir for wearing raunchy clothing at a Chinese mall (Daily Mail)

US paves way for higher China steel duty (Financial Times - Paywall)

Spain and Portugal win EU fiscal reprieve (Financial Times - Paywall)

Politicians are making peace with Trump, but he's still Trump (Guardian)

Lena Dunham inspires women to Twitter to share their stories of being 19 (Daily Mail)

To talk or not to talk - Trump raises N Korea question (BBC)

Pilot taxis to the runway but has to turn back when he realises FORTY passengers are missing (Daily Mail)

Can the Queen vote in the EU referendum? (BBC)

Brexit warning for Gibraltar: The Rock would be at MERCY OF SPAIN unless UK quits EU (Daily Express)

Boris Johnson's wife targeted by Remain in EU campaigners with false sex claim (Daily Mail)

Chinese couple spend wedding night copying Communist constitution (Guardian)

Human FOOT found in Weston Park East, Bath by dog walker thought to be lost 'training aid' (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: Skeptics Jeer After Chinese Couple Bring Party Into the Bridal Suite (New York Times - Paywall)

Secret EU plan to pay African dictators to stop migrants reaching Europe (Daily Mail)

Number of EU migrants working in UK rises to record level (Guardian)

Drug-crazed banned driver mowed down two women leaving one wheelchair bound in Bolton (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump vs. London's mayor (CNN)

Meteor captured on police dashcam (CNN)

Donald Trump wants to meet Kim Jong Un (CNN)

US business groups balk at backing Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump says he is open to talks with North Korea's Kim Jong-un (Guardian)

The moment Bernie Sanders finds out he's won Oregon primary video (Guardian)

China home price growth fastest in 2 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brexit warning over EU research funding (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump and Republicans in fundraising deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Refugees will repay EU spending almost twice over in five years - report (Guardian)

Megyn Kelly questions Donald Trump over past comments on women - video (Guardian)

French women say 'Non' to everyday sexism (BBC)

Mount Washington summit staff tries to stand up to 109 mph winds video (Guardian)

Op-Ed Contributor: How I Survived Four and a Half Years in Captivity (New York Times - Paywall)

Kenyan police officers beat protester video (Guardian)

Russian rocket blasts off from new Vostochny spaceport onboard camera video footage (Guardian)

Blackouts, looting and murder: Venezuela's state of emergency video explainer (Guardian)

'We can't keep looking at women as body parts or diseases', says Women Deliver CEO (Guardian)

The UK's EU vote: All you need to know (BBC)

Why women die in childbirth and how can Women Deliver without cash? (Guardian)

UK campaign to end violence against women must be bolder, says aid watchdog (Guardian)

50 years later, China hasn't faced the lasting mark the Cultural Revolution left on society (Los Angeles Times)

China box office: 'Captain America' keeps crushing it, totaling $156 million (Los Angeles Times)

Venezuelans are fed up. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Canada wildfire: why a sleeping giant awoke in Alberta and became relentless (Guardian)

Kidnapped Tennessee Girl Returns Home (NBC News)

Why Sadiq Khan's victory matters (CNN)

Latinos don't fear Donald Trump (CNN)

Why make an issue of Melania Trump's beauty? (CNN)

Girls smuggled into China to be sold as child brides (CNN)

ISIS soldiers rape women 'to make them Muslim' (CNN)

Why do victims have criminal records? (CNN)